Dish Best Served Cold 751-755


Chapter 751

Before Nan Chen could finish his sentence, Master Ye hammered home his decision.

    As he had expected, this Nan Chen really fell in love with his grandson at first sight.

    Hearing the old man's words, Chen Nan's pretty face lowered even deeper, her nervous heart almost beating out.

    There was guilt in her heart, and even more trepidation and torment.

    However, her beautiful longing for love gave Nan Chen tremendous courage again.

    "Bastard, what are you waiting for?"

    "Why don't you pour a glass of wine for your future wife!"

    Master Ye was also happy, seeing that Ye Jian was still gawking here, he was so angry that he kicked him.

    The second aunt was also overjoyed, "That's right, don't just stand there dumbfounded, quickly pour a glass of wine for my future daughter-in-law?"

    Second aunt was filled with joy, she didn't expect that today would go so smoothly.

    Chen Nan was actually going to become their daughter-in-law.

    If his son married such a rich and beautiful woman, he would be the envy of everyone else in the future.

    The more auntie thought about it, the more proud she became, wishing she could marry Chen Nan into the family tonight.

    Even they were like that, let alone Ye Jian.

    Ye Jian only felt that happiness had come so suddenly that his hand that was pouring wine was trembling.

    "Nan Nan, thank you for giving me the opportunity to take care of you, I, Ye Jian, will never fail you in the future!"

    Ye Jian patted his chest and said, how proud he was of himself.He even flaunted a glance at Ye Fan, that way, it was a living show off.

    But Nan Chen was stunned.

    She looked at the Ye Jian in front of her, a pair of beautiful eyes, staring huge.

    How...How, is it him?

    Only until this moment did Nan Chen realize that she had misunderstood.

    She had, after all, been extravagantly hoping.

    Thinking of this, Nan Chen shook her head and smiled, and the uncertainty and tangle she had just experienced dissipated.

    "Nan Nan, drinking, huh?"

    "What's the matter, don't you like the drink?"

    "That's right, it's normal for a girl not to drink."

    "Then just substitute tea for wine."

    Master Ye saw that Nan Chen was a bit hesitant, thinking that she didn't know how to drink, so he asked Ye Jian to give her another cup of tea.

    However, Nan Chen shook her head, and she suddenly got up, rushed at Master Ye, and bowed deeply.

    "Nan Nan, what are you?"Master Ye was stunned.

    Second Aunt and the others were also full of confusion.

    But Nan Chen apologized and said, "Grandmaster, I'm sorry."

    "Just now, I was unable to express myself, so you misunderstood."

    "In my heart, there's already someone."

    "And that person in my heart is my brother Xiaofan."

    Nan Chen smiled shallowly, her words plain and beautiful.

    It was as if a nightingale was crowing.

    There was no avoidance, no concealment, and it was said openly in front of everyone like this.

    However, these words of Nan Chen, however, were only like boulders entering the sea, setting off huge waves in this hall.

    "You...You like, Ye Fan?"

    Master Ye was flabbergasted.

    Ye Ximei was also filled with consternation.

    The second aunt was even more struck by lightning and her eyes were almost staring out.

    As for Ye Jian, Jiang Yulang and Jiang Yuzheng, who were of the same generation as Ye Fan, they were even more incredulous.

    In particular, Ye Jian and Jiang Yulang were both jealous and hateful.

    How could they have never imagined that the person that Nan Chen liked was this loser from their Ye family!

    At this time, even Jiang Yuqing, for the first time, began to seriously look at this cousin of hers.

    She was genuinely curious as to what kind of charm was there in Ye Fan that could attract a woman like Chen Nan?

    "Miss Chen, you have a crush on him?"

    "You're kidding, right?"

    "Not to mention that this great nephew of mine has accomplished nothing, is unknown, and there is no place in his body that is worthy of a place.What's more, he's already married and joined someone's family as a son-in-law."

    "So, it's impossible for you guys to work out."

    Ye Fan's great uncle Ye Tian said evenly.

    The old face was filled with trepidation, as if he had seen something horrifying.

    "Yes, Nan Nan, are you mistaken?"

    "As far as Ye Fan is concerned, which point of him is worthy of your liking."

    "My son Ye Jian is well-groomed and hard-working, and even more business-minded, he is designated to be a multi-millionaire in the future, and can be said to be a thousand times better than Ye Fan."

    "Obviously my son is a better match for you~"

    The second aunt anxiously advised.

    However, she hadn't finished speaking, but Nan Chen, as if she was a kitten whose tail had been stepped on, burst into anger, "Shut up!"

    "I forbid you to belittle my brother Fanny!"

    "In my heart, my brother Xiaofan is a man who stands up to the sky and is a great hero who dares to do something."

    "Compared to my brother Xiaofan, you all, even together, cannot compare to his little glory!"

    Nan Chen said in a furious voice, the words resounding and powerful.The stern words were like swords, but they pierced deeply into everyone's heart.

    For a time, the hall was silent.

    Ye Tian and the others looked at each other, their old faces ugly, none of them said.

    Even Old Master Ye, at the moment, obviously didn't know what to say.

    He also didn't expect that Ye Fan had such an important position in this girl's heart.

    Seeing that the meal couldn't end, it was Ye Fan who finally got up and slowly said, "Grandmaster, we've had enough, Nan Nan and I, we'll go out first."

    "Good...Good, you guys go."

    Grandmaster Ye forced a smile and nodded his head.

    After that, Ye Fan Fang walked towards Nan Chen and smiled helplessly, "Alright, I'll see you off."

    Just like that, the crowd watched as the two slowly left.

    Until a long time after they left, Ye Tian, Ye Ya and the others still felt unimaginable.

    "A daughter of a thousand gold, but she actually looks at a door-to-door son-in-law?"

    "Oh my god~"

    "What kind of dog plot is this?"

    Ye Xilan was overcome with emotion.



    In the small town, the wind and sun were gorgeous.

    Ye Fan walked slowly with his hands in his pockets, facing the sun.

    Footsteps stepped on the earth, leaving a rustling sound.

    Behind him, Nan Chen lowered her head, like a child who had done something wrong, quietly following and not daring to speak.

    It was only after a long time that Nan Chen gathered his courage.

    "Brother Fan, I'm sorry, I didn't control my temper just now and rammed into your elder."

    "It was me being headstrong."Nan Chen bowed his head and apologized.

    Ye Fan smiled casually, "Nan Nan, why do you need to apologize?"

    "I should have thanked you instead."

    "The only person at that table full of people who defended me was just you."

    "Sometimes I feel that so-called relatives are actually worse than an outsider."

    Listening to Ye Fan's words, Nan Chen's originally low mood was like lifting the clouds and seeing the blue sky.

    Then, she smiled heedlessly, "Hmph, of course."

    "I won't allow anyone, to belittle my brother Xiaofan."

    "Right, brother Xiaofan, you won't be angry if I say I like you just now, will you?"

    "I was also forced to use you as a shield because of the situation."

    "If Sister Autumn knows about this, you must help me explain to her."

    "I don't want to be the culprit that affects your emotional relationship."


Nan Chen looked at Ye Fan and said slowly.

    On her pretty face, a faint smile filled her face, very calmly speaking to Ye Fan about the previous incident.

    Ye Fan returned and said, "I know."

    "Don't worry, your sister Qiu is also a reasonable person."

    "In the future, even if she knows, she won't take it to heart."

    "Well, I'm relieved then."Nan Chen nodded his head with a smile.


    At this time, at the end of the road, a car sounded.

    The car picking up Chen Nan had arrived.

    "Miss, it's time to go back."

    "You've been out for a few days now, Madam's side is worried about you."

    An old man, dressed in a suit, stepped down from the car, and upon seeing Nan Chen, he bowed slightly and said respectfully.

    When Nan Chen heard this, he became a bit upset.

    "Hmph, you only know how to sue all day long."

    "I'm with my Little Brother Fan, what do you have to worry about?"

    Perhaps it was because he was about to part with Ye Fan soon, but Nan Chen was in a bit of a bad mood and said impatiently.

    Faced with Nan Chen's reproach, the old man remained silent, just lowered his head and did not speak.

    "Alright, Nan Nan."

    "Don't blame him."

    "He's also taking orders to do something."

    "Go back."

    "It's going to be New Year's soon, and your parents and the others are probably waiting for you at home?"

    Ye Fan advised from the side.

    Only when she heard Ye Fan's words did Nan Chen nod her head nicely, "Alright, brother Fan."

    "Then Nan Nan will be leaving."

    "When I have time, I will definitely come back to look for you again."

    Nan Chen said lovingly, and then he also got into the car.

    The old man, however, was not in a hurry to get into the car, but raised his head and sized up the young man in front of him with great interest.

    Plainly dressed, from the countryside, with no bright spots to be seen all over his body.

    But this is such an ordinary and unexceptional person, but it made the lady so intimate to him.Especially the title "Brother Xiaofan", which was even more intimate.

    He had served in the Chen family for more than ten years and had practically grown up watching Nan Chen.

    But after such a long time, this was the first time he had seen Miss treat a person this way.

    This old man was also old and shrewd, and quickly tasted that Ye Fan and Chen Nan were afraid that there was an unusual relationship between the two.

    As the steward of the Chen family, there were some things that he could not ignore.

    Therefore, after Nan Chen got into the car, the old man looked at Ye Fan and asked in a deep voice, "What is your relationship with my Miss?"

    "What, do you even want to get involved in Nan's personal relationships?"Evan smiled back.

    "Shut up!!!"

    "My lady's jade body and golden body, how can the name of Nan Nan be shouted by a country bumpkin like you?"

    Ye Fan's words were like touching this old man's backbone.

    In the next moment, he became furious and coldly rebuked Ye Fan.

    Ye Fan listened and laughed, "Interesting."

    "Nan Nan hasn't reprimanded me like this yet, but you, a servant, are foxing and lecturing at me?"

    "Aren't you afraid that if Nan Nan finds out, you'll lose your job?"

    Ye Fan didn't get angry at the old man's rebuke, just smiled faintly.

    The old man's face, however, grew darker and darker: "Kid, don't think that just because you've fooled my lady with flowery words, you really think you're a member of the Chen family."

    "Let me warn you, don't dream."

    "There are some people who are not ones you can covet!"

    "My lady comes from a noble family, she is talented and beautiful, and her future husband of choice should also be a world renowned hero."

    "And not you, a countryside villager."

    "By the way, my Miss should not have told you her identity yet, right?"

    "Now, you listen up."

    "Miss she, is the daughter of the Chen family of Jianghai, the only daughter of King Chen Ao of Jiangdong!"

    "Now, do you understand the huge gap between you and the lady?"

    "If you are sensible, take the initiative to keep your distance from my lady, otherwise, you won't be able to bear the consequences."

    The old man was expressionless and said coldly.

    The words were full of threats, as well as contempt for Ye Fan.

    "Young man, it's better to be down-to-earth."

    "If you want to climb the ranks of the rich and powerful and take shortcuts, then you have to see if you are worthy or not?"

    The old man's eyebrows were gloomy, and he solemnly warned at Ye Fan.

    Ye Fan remained calm, standing there with his hands in his pockets, unafraid of the old man's awe-inspiring gaze, and smiled faintly, "Yes?"

    "However, I don't think that Nan Nan has told you my identity."

    "What identity can you have if you're not just a poor kid in this Yeyang town?"The old man snorted coldly and said contemptuously.

    In his opinion, Ye Fan was nothing more than a poor boy from the township in front of him.

    He certainly didn't care about Ye Fan's words.

    Ye Fan ignored his words and still spoke to himself.

    "You're right, my surname is Ye and my name is Fan.It is indeed just a poor boy from this Ye Yang Town."

    "But Lei Laosan of Jingzhou and Chen Ao of Jianghai like to call me, Mr. Chu."


    Ye Fan's words startled the old man with a jolt, his pupils crinkling and his old eyes all widening then.

    "You are, Mr. Chu?"

    The old man lost his voice and asked.

    But then, one of the old man's old faces darkened, "Bastard, how dare you dog?"

    "How dare you impersonate Mr. Chu?"

    "You think I'd believe you if you told me?"

    The old man suppressed his inner anger and scolded harshly.

    Although he had never met Mr. Chu, but he had been in the Chen family for many years, and with his ears and eyes, he had naturally heard many of Mr. Chu's deeds from Chen Ao.

    In his opinion, Mr. Chu was a heavenly figure, how could he be this poor kid in front of him?

    Ye Fan smiled lightly, "What, don't believe it?"

    "Since that's the case, let's ask your lady."

    In between words, Ye Fan whirled around and waved at Nan Chen who was not far away, "Nan Nan, come here for a moment."


    "What's the matter, Brother Fanny?"

    Seeing Ye Fan calling out, Nan Chen quickly stepped out of the car and ran over.

    "It's nothing major."

    "It's just that this old housekeeper of your family, insisted that I was pestering you and coveting your family's property."


    "And this?"

    Nan Chen was shocked, while staring furiously at the old man in front of him, "Old Man Wei, what my brother Xiaofan said, is it true?"

    "Miss Chen, the human heart is sinister and has to be guarded against.This son's contact with you is clearly an ulterior motive!"The old man said righteously.


    "My brother Xiaofan is the kingpin of Jiangdong, with one word, even my father would respectfully come to pay his respects."

    "The whole of Jiangdong is under Brother Xiaofan's feet, so how could he have ulterior motives for me and covet my Chu family's property?"

    "Wei Lao, I think you're really old and confused.Even my father wouldn't dare to offend brother Xiaofan, and you dare to speak such nonsense?"

    "If my father found out, you'd be nine lives away from being killed!"

    Nan Chen was so furious that her pretty face turned red and angrily rebuked at the old man in front of her.

    And when the old man heard it, his entire body almost went blank, his brain blank.

    His body trembled, "He...He really is, Chu...Mr. Chu?"

    Oh, God.

    What did he...What did he just do?

    At that moment, Wei Lao Hun's face was pale, and his entire body was near a stand of fear.

    He turned around, only to see the, splendid smile on the face of the innocent young man in front of him!

    It's just that, how can you look at it, it's so horrifying?


It was just an old housekeeper of the Chen family, and Ye Fan didn't make it difficult for him.

    He just ordered him a few words and let him go.

    "Brother Fan, goodbye~"

    The vehicle started slowly, and in the car, Nan Chen waved at Ye Fan to say goodbye.

    Ye Fan just stood like that, with a smile always on his lips, just like that at the intersection of the town, seeing Nan Chen leave.

    "Miss, I...Am I in big trouble?"

    "Am I getting by these days?"

    On the way back, the old housekeeper of the Chen family was in a state of shock and said in fear.

    The old man was naturally horrified that he had offended such a great person.

    If Ye Fan had punished him just now, he would have been able to feel more at ease.

    But now, Ye Fan didn't even hold him accountable for the offense at all, which undoubtedly made this old housekeeper feel terrified to settle the score after the fall.

    He was really afraid that after returning to Jianghai, Ye Fan would let Chen Ao do something to him!

    "Well, deserved!"

    "Who told you to talk nonsense and offend my little brother Fan?"

    "Wait, there's something for you to suffer back there."

    "My father has borne Brother Fan's kindnesses, and if he knew of your offense today, he would never forgive you lightly!"

    Nan Chen spoke with fangs and claws, and his vicious appearance seemed as if he was deliberately trying to scare that old man.

    Sure enough, upon hearing these words from Nan Chen, this old butler's soul was nearly scattered, and his old face was as pale as paper!

    "Miss, you have to save me~"

    "I really didn't mean it, you must help me plead for my lord~"

    The old butler was undoubtedly terrified and his speech was trembling.


    At this time, silver bell-like laughter suddenly rang out in the car.

    I saw the graceful and stunning girl in front of me giggle and tremble with flowers.

    "Wei Lao, I'm scaring you."

    "Don't worry, my brother Xiaofan is very nice.Besides, you're just a little housekeeper, he won't hold a grudge against you~"

    "As for my parents, I'll keep it a secret from them as well."

    "You just need to relax."

    Nan Chen seemed to see that this old man was scared, so he stopped teasing him and smiled in a generous manner.

    Only then did Old Man Wei breathed a long sigh of relief, the feeling was only as if he had passed through the gates of hell.

    "Miss, you really scared me to death just now~"

    "The heart attack is coming out of you."

    Wei complained.

    "But Miss, seriously, you can get together with Mr. Chu, if Master and the others knew, they would be very pleased too."

    "Since ancient times, a hero matches a beautiful woman, and before Mr. Chu appeared, I always felt that although this Jiangdong is big, no one could match my Miss."

    "But now, Mr. Chu's comet has risen, and his hero is young."

    "He and Miss are definitely a match made in heaven."

    "Hey~ Time flies so fast, I never thought that the little girl who would even fall over when she was walking back then would have found the man who was enough to protect her for the rest of her life."

    Wei Lao said slowly, and his words were filled with both relief and emotion.

    However, Nan Chen shook his head, "It's still too late after all."

    "Brother Xiaofan, he's already married."

    "And, sister Autumn she, too, is beautiful and excellent."Nan Chen said in a low voice.

    As he said these words, Nan Chen turned his head in a lonely manner and looked out the window of the car, where the endless fallen trees were retreating madly, and the bitter cold wind was whistling in his ears.

    It was as if all the troubles and losses of life were thrown behind him.

    In between losing his mind, Nan Chen once again recalled the scene at the Ye family's banquet today.

    When she heard the words of Master Ye, Nan Chen really thought that the person that Master Ye was talking about was Ye Fan.

    But it turned out that she was ultimately disappointed.

    Before she left, she told Ye Fan that the speech at the wine table was just a mere act.

    But was it really so?

    Perhaps the answer would only be clear to Nan Chen herself.



    By the time Evan got home, lunch had all broken up as well.

    "Little Fan, come over here."

    When they saw Ye Fan, the second aunt and the others just looked at him coldly, but they didn't even pay attention to him.

    After all, the daughter-in-law who was about to arrive in the eye was just blowing it.

    It was a wonder that Second Aunt didn't hate Ye Fan!

    Instead, Ye Xi Mei, her pretty face containing worry, called her son into the room.

    "Little Fan, what's going on with you and that Miss Chen?"

    "You wouldn't really have-"

    "That's not true."

    "Fanny, you're already a family man.Even if the person you marry isn't good enough, she's still your wife.You can't be screwing around behind her back?"

    "Mom, don't worry."Evan smiled helplessly as he listened to his mother's words.

    "Don't you laugh!"

    "It's a serious matter."

    "You must treat it solemnly!"Ye Xi Mei was serious.

    Ye Fan reassured, "Mom, I know everything you've said."

    "Don't worry, Mu Orange is good to me, and I won't do anything wrong to Mu Orange."

    "As for me and Nan Nan, we're just friends."

    "Just now when Nan Nan said that she likes me, it was just an act to fool my second aunt and the others."

    "Speaking of which, you have to talk about my grandmother, my second aunt's toad is just as good as a swan's meat, but my grandmother is even involved in this."

    "Isn't that messing with the family?"

    "Nan Nan's family is high up in the family, not to mention that they're not in the right family, but with Ye Jian's behavior, if Nan Nan really married him, how could she be happy?"

    "Don't tell me that Nan Nan won't agree to this!"

    Ye Fan said somewhat indignantly.

    Originally he had invited Nan Chen to his home as a guest, but now it's good that this kind of moth has come out, Ye Fan felt humiliated.

    But when Ye Xie Mei heard it, she puffed out a laugh.

    "You, this guy, still don't think much of your cousin?"

    "Although this kid Ye Jian doesn't have much of a positive shape, his mind is better than yours."

    "Especially doing business with a raw face, last year your second uncle that food factory, half of the orders were run down by your brother."

    But as Ye Fan listened, he didn't really care.

    These achievements might not be bad in front of ordinary people.But in Ye Fan's eyes, what was the difference between them and children playing house.

    "Alright, since there's nothing wrong with you and Nan Nan, I'm relieved."

    "Right, in a few days it will be the 30th day of the New Year, didn't you say that Mu Orange is coming for New Year's Eve, when exactly will she come?"

    "Your grandmother and the others, they'd like to see it too."

    "After three years of marriage, it's time to bring them back for a visit."

    "An ugly daughter-in-law has to meet her in-laws as well."

    Ye Xie Mei seemed to have remembered something and asked Ye Fan.

    Ye Fan nodded, "Well, Mom, don't worry, Mu Orange is designated to come back to see you this year."

    "As for which day, it hasn't been specified yet, I'll call and ask in the evening."

    "Mm."Ye Xi Mei nodded and hmmed, then reminded, "And also, this time, less knitting your second aunt's brows."

    "At the noon wine table, Nan Chen said in public that the person she likes is you, you've made a fool of yourself, your second uncle and his family can be humiliated."

    "Right now, they hate you."


Listening to his own mother's narrative, Ye Fan but helplessly smiled.

    That girl Chen Nan, netting herself hatred.

    "But let's hate it."

    "Anyway, it's not a day or two that they don't like the way I look at them."

    Ye Fan said with a light-hearted look.

    After mother and son talked and played, Ye Fan accompanied Jing Jing to play.

    At this time, it was the 26th day of the first month of the lunar calendar, and only the last four days were left until New Year's Eve.

    These days were also the most crowded period of New Year's Eve.

    Almost every day, Ye Fan took Lu Wenjing to the market in a nearby township to acquire New Year's goods and spring couplets.

    Of course, it was also inevitable to buy some snacks for Lu Wenjing.

    After coming to Ye Yang Town for only a few days, Lu Wenjing was raised by Ye Fan, and her little face grew a whole lot bigger.

    This little girl also seemed to like this kind of life, several times her parents called and asked her to come home, but Lu Wenjing refused to go back, saying that she wanted to spend the New Year here with brother Xiaofan.

    Lu Mingze and his wife were very helpless about this.

    As for Ye Fan's mother and son, naturally they wouldn't mind if Lu Wenjing stayed longer.

    Especially Ye Ximei, who had been alone for so many years, and now that Ye Fan was back, coupled with this chirpy, lively and cute little girl, suddenly felt the New Year's flavor was much stronger.

    The home is also lively, no longer like the previous year, cold and quiet.

    Sometimes, when Ye Xi Mei saw Ye Fan teasing Jing Jing playing and laughing, she would leave tears behind.

    They were tears of joy, tears of happiness.

    In the past, Ye Xie Mei was most afraid of the New Year.

    In other people's homes, the husband and wife are in harmony, the children and grandchildren, the family is happy and joyful.

    The actual actual actuality is that you'll be able to get a lot more than just a few of these as well as you'll be able to get a lot more than just a few of these as well as you'll be able to get a lot more than just a few of these as well as you'll be able to get a lot more than just a few of these as well as you'll be able to get a lot more than just a few of these as well as you'll be able to get a lot more than just a few of these as well as you'll be able to get a lot more than just a few of these as well as you'll be able to get a lot more than just a few of these as well as you'll be able to get a lot more than just a few of these as well as you'll be able to get a lot more than just a few of these as well as you'll be able to get a lot more than just a few of these as well as you'll be able to get a lot more than just a few of these as well.

    There is no one to stand with her at dusk, no one to ask her if her porridge is warm.

    People, only at the time of the holidays, will really feel lonely.

    A person, that is not called home.


    Time, as if fingertip flowing water, can't stop flowing.

    With New Year's Eve approaching, the town's New Year's flavor is becoming more and more intense.

    On the road, often see children in groups of three to five, put all kinds of firecrackers.

    Some use cannons to blow up cans, some use cannons to blow up ice.

    There were even bears, who put the cannon on shit, and when someone passed by, they would set the cannon on fire and run away.

    Eventually, with a bang, followed by the "heartbreaking" angry curses of passers-by.

    Ye Fan's second aunt was blown up once before, and finally ran home with a stench of "shit" all over her body.

    The wretched appearance made Lu Wenjing, who happened to see it, laugh so hard that she couldn't stand it.

    As for the bears, they were laughing so hard that they were tossed over.

    Of course, after the second aunt changed her clothes, she went from house to house, and the bears couldn't avoid a beating.

    Apart from this little incident, the past few days were quite peaceful.

    Second aunt and the others were busy with their aunts, so they didn't care about Ye Fan.

    Ye Fan's aunt Ye Xilan was spending New Year's Eve in her hometown, and neither Jiang Yulang nor his siblings had returned, so all three of them, mother and son, were staying in Ye Yang Town as well.

    Jiang Yulang lived with Ye Jian, while Ye Xilan and her daughter, Jiang Yuzheng, were staying at Ye Fan's great uncle's house.

    Where Ye Fan didn't get to live in the first place, Auntie and her family lived in it.

    It was impossible not to be angry when Ye Xie Mei knew.

    This is also a relative, but not the same treatment, anyone would be angry.

    But, what's the use of being angry?

    After all, the house is someone else's, they want to let whoever live, do not want to let whoever live, are other people's freedom, Ye Xiemei even angry, can only break teeth into the stomach.

    But Ye Fan is very calm about it.

    He often advised his own mother to just relax.

    "How others treat us, we just treat others."

    "Why bother getting upset and angry over such things?"

    Listening to her own son's consolation, but Ye Xie Mei's heart was not feeling good.

    Rather than being angry, what was more in Ye Xie Mei's heart was still self-blame.

    "Little Fan, it's all mom's fault."

    "Mom is incapable, and she also let you be looked down upon."

    Ye Xie Mei knew very well that all these years, the grievances that their mother and son had suffered in the Ye family were, in the end, actually still because of their mediocrity and incompetence.

    Their mother and son's miserable encounters in the first half of their lives were destined to be glared at and looked down upon wherever they went.

    "Auntie Ye, don't blame yourself."

    "You're not at fault, and neither is brother Xiaofan."

    "It's them who are wrong, looking down on people."

    "But Auntie Ye, just wait and see, sooner or later, they will all regret it."

    "Brother Xiaofan, he's very powerful~"

    In her ears, the tender and good voice of Lu Wenjing suddenly came out.

    Only to see this little girl, waving her pink show fist, comforting Ye Xie Mei.

    When Ye Xie Mei saw it, she laughed softly, while dotingly rubbing the little girl's head.

    For Lu Wenjing's words, Ye Xie Mei only thought that she was comforting herself.

    How could she take the little girl's words seriously.

    The day passed quickly.

    When a ray of morning light dawned, a new day, dawned!

    This year was the last day of the lunar calendar, which was the 30th day of the Lunar New Year.

    After breakfast, Ye Fan and Lu Wenjing put up the Spring Festival couplets together, and cleaned the house and furniture.

    The new year, new atmosphere, not only people to straighten up a new look, but also the home objects are replaced with new ones.

    In addition, in order to add a lively atmosphere, Lu Wenjing also took out a stereo from home, connected to the mobile phone Bluetooth, playing a song in the courtyard.

    The song is melodious, mixed with Lu Wenjing's cheerful laughter, but it is extraordinarily lively and warm.

    Even Master Ye, who was infected by this little girl, grinned out happily.

    "Still children are good~"

    "Free and carefree."

    Looking at the little girl who was cleaning and working vigorously following Ye Fan, Master Ye smiled happily.


    "That's a pretty strong job."

    "I could hear you guys playing songs in the front yard."

    "And I'm not afraid of disturbing the public."

    At this time, Ye Tian and Ye Ya brothers had nothing to do, so they came over to visit the old man to discuss the afternoon's visit to the ancestors in the upper mausoleum.

    Seeing that the two of them were cleaning up, Ye Fan, Ye Ya instructed, "Just in time, Little Fan, after doing work for your grandmother, go to the front yard and help your aunt clean up as well."

    "And also, put up the spring couplets from your uncle and second uncle's house."


    Master Ye heard, but frowned: "Xiao Jian and Yulang and the others?Let them help with the housework too."

    "They drove to the city early in the morning to go skiing for fun and weren't home.Besides, how can they do all this chore work?"

    "It's not like you don't know, that grandson of yours has never done any housework since he was a child."

    "As for Yulang and Yu Qing, they're both Wen Qu Xing, where can you hold a broom with a pencil hand."

    "Ye Fan has nowhere to use all his strength anyway, it's better to let him do this kind of work just fine."Ye Ya said slowly, acting as if he was at ease and rightfully so.


Hearing those words of Ye Ya, Lu Wenjing was almost angry to death.

    Heavens, is there still such an impudent person in the world?

    Your own child, not willing to let him do such chores, but instead instructing your own little brother Fan to do it?

    How can this be true in the world?

    However, before Lu Wenjing could speak, Ye Fan smiled lightly, "Uncle, Uncle, I'm afraid I'm sorry."

    "I'm going to go to Fatty's house later to help out, so I don't think I'll be back for a while."

    "So you guys better figure it out yourselves, right?"


    "Fatty's house?"

    "Just that fox friend of yours?"

    "Tell him to wait."

    "Finish cleaning your two uncles' houses first."

    "A mere outsider, can't he be closer than your two uncles?"Ye Ya said in a deep voice.

    Ye Fan smiled back, "Hey, Second Uncle, you're really right."

    "I came home this time, and the fatty was specially at home to host a banquet to welcome me."

    "For that alone, Second Uncle, you're no match for it."

    "Alright, let's stop talking, we have to hurry up."

    It seemed as if Ye Fan was deliberately angry with the two Ye Ya, and after saying a few words, he greeted Lu Wenjing and headed towards the fat man's house.

    "Big nephew?"


    "Don't go, big nephew?"



    Ye Ya was still shouting from behind, but Ye Fan was ignoring it.

    This ignoring was so angry that Ye Ya gnashed his teeth.

    "Hmph, old man, look at this good grandson you've raised!"

    "It's simply a white wolf~"

    "This uncle of mine calls out to him to help out, but he doesn't go, and he goes to work for an outsider!"

    "What does this mean?"

    "Isn't that a deliberate attempt to embarrass us?"

    "Big sister, you son of a bitch, you're just going to look at him and not lecture him a little?"

    Ye Ya was furious, and after getting angry at the old man, he looked at Ye Ximei.

    Ye Ximei said indifferently, "I think Little Fan did a good job."

    "Besides, that's the kind of temperament he has."

    "He treats others the way they treat him."

    "Rather, you as an uncle, don't you reflect on yourself, why are you inferior to an outsider in your nephew's heart?"

    "You~"Having just been disowned by Ye Fan, and now Ye Ya was blocked by his own sister from speaking, Ye Ya's face was unusually ugly.

    "Okay, sis, since you've said that."

    "Then in the future, when Ye Fan gets married, don't expect me to give you guys any help!!!"

    "Didn't you say that we are not as good as an outsider, so you can just go get help from an outsider then."

    Ye Ya said with a cold snort as he laughed in anger.


    "Shut up, will you?"

    "Spoken as if you helped?"

    "When Van got married three years ago, don't say you contributed, did you follow a dime?"

    "Now you have the nerve to threaten your sister with that?"

    Master Ye was suddenly furious, and a few words scolded Ye Ya in a dog's blood.

    Ye Ya just realized that Ye Fan was already married.

    In a fit of anger just now, he forgot about the fact that Ye Fan was already married as a son-in-law.

    Now that he was counted to the old man's face, Ye Ya's old face was also a bit ugly, explaining, "Dad, I can't be blamed for this, who made Ye Fan a son-in-law at the door?"

    "Who would attend such a humiliating event?"

    Ye Ya tried his best to defend himself.

    "Alright, Dad, let's not talk about this stale matter."

    "Isn't it still going to the mausoleum to pay respects to the ancestors in the afternoon, when are you going?"

    Ye Tian saw the situation, but he made a sound to stagger the topic and discussed business with the old man.

    As for Ye Fan, he brought Lu Wenjing to the fatty's house to play.

    This year was the first year after Fatty and Du Wenya's wedding, and when Ye Fan arrived, Du Wenya was also there.

    This couple was naturally overjoyed to see Ye Fan.


    "Van, I was just coming to get you."

    "Is everything okay today?"

    "Let's go to the market later and buy some fireworks and firecrackers."

    "You don't have to leave at noon, let's brothers have a good drink."

    Fatty hugged Ye Fan's shoulder and laughed.

    Ever since graduating from school back then, it was the first time that the fatty had been so happy for the New Year.

    To think about it, it's no wonder that the fatty wasn't happy when he got his wish to hold a beauty.

    To this, Ye Fan naturally did not spoil his fun and readily agreed.

    To Fatty, it was just the first year after the wedding.

    But to Ye Fan, this may be the last year of his life.

    During this time, Ye Fan tried his best to make himself calm and frankly accompany his relatives and friends to walk through this New Year.

    But is Ye Fan's heart really calm?

    Ten years of planning have come to a close.

    I'm afraid that anyone would not be at peace.

    Even Ye Fan.

    The biggest worry in his heart right now was whether the jade prepared by Li Er and the others tomorrow would be delivered safely or not.


    Time, continued to pass by.

    At noon, Ye Fan didn't go home and stayed at the fat man's house to have a meal together.

    In the afternoon, when there was nothing to do, he rubbed mahjong together in one piece.

    By four o'clock in the afternoon, the fat man was also going to go to the grave with his father to pay respects to his ancestors.

    Ye Fan also took Lu Wenjing home with him.

    On the way back, but Lu Wenjing asked to Ye Fan, "Brother Fan, why don't you follow grandma and the others to the grave to pay respect to your ancestors?"

    Ye Fan returned, "Ye Yang Town is not my ancestral land, so why do I need to worship it?"

    "Although my surname is Ye, but in the eyes of my two uncles, I, Ye Fan, am still a person with a foreign surname after all."

    Ye Fan said slowly, his words filled with calmness.

    Lu Wenjing became even more curious, "Then brother Fan's ancestral land, where is it?"

    "Aren't you going to go back to the ancestors' rituals?"

    "I heard my mother say that at New Year's Eve boys go to the mausoleum to pay respects to their ancestors, burn some paper money for those who have died, and bring them back for New Year's Eve.And when they die, they have to be buried on their ancestral graves."

    "My ancestral tomb?"

    These words of Lu Wenjing, however, brought back many memories for Ye Fan.

    But after a long time, he eventually shook his head and laughed at himself.

    "I'm just an abandoned son of the Chu family, so how can I talk about the land of my ancestors?"

    "It's just a lonely ghost after all."

    "As for what happens after I die, just find a place to bury me."

    "Why do I need a place to bury my bones? Where else in life can I call home?"

    Ye Fan's faint voice was like a breeze sweeping, but it was slowly sounding in this world.



    And meanwhile.

    A hundred miles apart, Maple Sea City, Green Mountain Town.

    Dozens of luxury cars, each one of which was worth a fortune and stretched for thousands of meters, drove in slowly.

    Only if, a hundred rivers converged on the sea!

    The low roar gathered into a stream, trembling this world.

    And with the entry of these vehicles, the town's year-long calm was finally broken.

    Until, a Rolls-Royce Phantom, the leader, slowly stopped in front of an old mansion.

    The car door opened, a middle-aged man, a suit.

    Between the dragon and tiger walk, full of authority.

    The hands and feet are raised with a kind of supremacy of the domineering momentum.

    At a glance, it was someone who had been in a high position for a long time.

    After the middle-aged man got off the car, he stood in front of it and looked up at the front.

    There, an ancient and simple mansion was located here.It was as if a flood beast was watching over this world.


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