Dish Best Served Cold 756-760


Chapter 756

The gate of the old house is closed, the stone steps in front of the door are also potholed, and the old locust tree in the courtyard towers into the clouds.

    As far as the eye can see, almost every part of this old house is filled with the vicissitudes and heaviness of time.

    Of course, the most eye-catching thing about this old mansion is the huge plaque in front of the door.

    The two dragon and phoenix dancing characters on it were so strong that they could penetrate through paper.

    Even standing in front of the door, one could feel a great oppression.

    Heck, it was: the Chu Mansion.

    Yes, the mansion in front of one's eyes was the Chu Clan's old mansion.

    In front of the courtyard, the middle-aged man stood for a long time.

    Finally, bending his legs, he abruptly knelt down in front of the door.

    "Grandmother, grandson Zhenghong, with his Chu Clan sons and grandsons, returns to his hometown to pay homage to his ancestors!"

    "In the meantime, come and visit Grandma."

    "May Grandmother, be in good health and long life!"

    The man's majestic, centered voice resounded across the world.

    And as the man kneeled, behind him, the people who had come with him all knelt their heads and paid their respects.

    "Great-grandson Chu Tianqi, I have come to visit my grandmother!"

    "May Grandma and Grandpa, have good health and a long life~"


    "Wishing grandma and grandpa good health and longevity~"


    Before the old mansion, dozens of people knelt down in unison.

    The voices of reverence and respectful words, however, gathered into a stream that swept through this world .

    The inhabitants of the small town were also all disturbed by it and came to watch .

    After seeing the scene in front of them, they all trembled and lost their voices.

    However, the people worshipped for a long time, but no one responded in the old house.

    It was only after an unknown amount of time had passed that the low and vicarious voice of an old man came from within the door of the room.


    "I remember you, you're the guy who left his wife and kids behind."

    "Where's your dad, that miserable grandson, not here this year?"

    "Are you ashamed to see me, or are you ashamed to see the Chu family's ancestors?"

    The old woman asked in a deep voice, but her words carried a bit of resentment and displeasure.

    "Grandmother, my father he is old and frail and has difficulty moving, so I'm afraid he won't be able to come this year."

    "Before I returned to my hometown, my father specifically instructed me to pay my respects and greetings to your old man on his behalf."

    The man still kneeled and dressed again, returning respectfully.

    There was no grumbling at the old man's accusation.


    "He's quite filial, though!"

    "Go back and tell him that he won't be using this Chu ancestral land for the rest of his life."

    "Even if he dies, I won't allow him to be buried here."

    "Ten years ago, when he expelled my little Fan from the Chu family, I no longer recognized him as a beast!"

    "And you, you can't even protect your own wife and son, and you're just like that for the Chu Family Head?"

    "If you don't clean a house, how can you clean the world?"

    "Little Fan is the only heavenly descendant of my Chu family, an heir that was revealed and admired by my ancestor."

    "You unworthy sons and grandsons, yet you disobeyed your ancestor's wishes and expelled my grandson, Xiaofan, from the Chu family?""I'm telling you, one day that you don't get my little Fan back, you won't be allowed to enter the Chu family's old house, and you won't be eligible to return to your hometown to pay homage to your ancestors."

    "Get lost from where you came from~"

    The old man said in a cold voice, and there was majesty and indignation in his words.

    It was as if the sound of gravel crushing echoed through this world.

    Faced with the old man's angry rebuke, Chu Zhenghong bowed his head and kneeled in worship, remaining silent for a long time.

    In his heart, there were inexplicable emotions sweeping.

    It had been ten years, Chu Zhenghong did not expect that his grandmother, the old lady with the largest generation in the Chu family, would not even miss her son in the slightest.

    On the contrary, it was new through the ages!

    However, while Chu Zhenghong was silent, a man who was kneeling behind Chu Zhenghong, but then looked up and respectfully said, "Grandmother, grandson Zhengliang, with his son Tianqi, has come to pay his respects to you."

    "You don't want to see us, but it's fine if you open the door and let your great-grandson, Tian Qi, go and kowtow to you."

    "It's also a token of the next generation's filial piety,"

    Chu Zhengliang said as he winked at his own son, Chu Qi Tian, telling him to quickly say something nice to the old lady.

    And at this moment, the sound of a sneer suddenly came from the old mansion.

    "Heh, Tian Qi?"

    "How dare you!"

    "Is the Chu Family's Heavenly Generation something that a junior like you can privately set?"

    "Before the ancestors were sainted, you dare to call yourselves "Heavenly" Qi?"

    "Aren't you afraid that your son's life won't be able to bear this word "heaven"?"

    "It's nonsense!"

    The old man was suddenly furious, and his erect voice was like a thunderclap.

    His words were even more aggressive, frightening Chu Qi Tian and his son with pale faces.

    Finally, Chu Zhengliang bitterly returned, "Grandmother, Tian Qi is the leader of the Chu family's generation.The decision to crown him as the Heavenly Generation was made by father after discussing with a group of family elders."

    "Tian Qi he, inheriting the "Heaven" generation, is what everyone expects."

    "Enough!"Once again, the old man raged, "Heaven is what the ancestors sealed!Do you seriously think that by changing your name, you'll be descendants of the Chu Heavenly Family?"

    "Alright, get out of here all."

    "With you bunch of unworthy sons and grandsons, the Chu Family's glory has come to an end."

    It seemed that the old man didn't want to talk to them any more, and after he finally said that, there was no more sound.

    Letting the children and grandchildren of the Chu family outside call out, they simply could not wait for the slightest response.

    So, they knelt outside the door for a long time, and only in the evening, did they leave.

    They were thinking of returning to their hometown before New Year's Eve to pay respects to their ancestors.But until they left, they were unable to enter the door of the Chu family's old mansion after all.

    In the end, just like in previous years, they left with great resentment.



    It's evening, sunset.

    Jingzhou, Ye Yang Town.

    Ye Fan and Lu Wenjing had also returned home.

    Tonight was New Year's Eve, and according to tradition, the Ye family naturally returned to the old master to eat with him.

    In the past, the New Year's Eve dinner was basically not full of people.

    But this year, to Master Ye, it was undoubtedly the most complete year for people.

    Not only did Ye Fan come back, even the youngest daughter of the old man, Ye Xilan, brought her children back to her mother's home for the New Year.

    The entire Ye family, with the exception of Ye Yuyan, was basically all of them tonight.

    On the wine table, the food was served one after another, and the Spring Festival Gala was playing on the TV.

    Of course, the Spring Festival Gala was more just acting as a background music in this era, and not many people actually watched the whole thing.

    Not only the Ye family, tonight, the entire Huaxia Shenzhou, countless families were gathered together, waiting for the old year to leave and welcoming the new one in between laughter.

    Outside, starlight filled the sky.Boundless fireworks rose up into the sky, mixed with the lights of the ten thousand families, but lit up the silent starry sky.

    Families gathered, fireworks went off, and with the deafening sound of firecrackers, dumplings were cooked.

    The soaring heat of the dumplings was like a fantasy of life in one's heart, eager for the next year to flourish!

    The Spring Festival, a festival that has coalesced millions of years of history, on this day, I don't know how many travelers away from home, tears streaming down their faces!


In the Ye family's old house, the Ye family was sitting around, helping each other.

    While chatting about family life, they waited for Ye Jian and the others to return.

    Ye Jian and his brother and sister Jiang Yulang had gone to the city to play and still hadn't returned home yet.

    When they called just now, they said they were already on their way back.

    On New Year's Eve, people hadn't arrived yet, so naturally none of this New Year's Eve dinner had been started.

    Ye Xilan several siblings accompanied the old man to chat, while Lu Wenjing was pestering Ye Fan to play games with her.

    Outside the starry sky was full of stars and rushing fireworks were burning the sky.

    Tonight's Ye Yang Town was as bright as day!

    "Hey, you said this time flies by so fast."

    "In the blink of an eye, even Xiao Jian and the others are old enough to talk about marriage."

    "His aunt, you guys are in Jianghai, remember to keep an eye out for your nephew as well."

    "See if there are any good girls in the family who haven't married yet, and help us introduce them."

    "Although my son has no shortage of girlfriends around him, but the ones he talks about, I can't see."

    "Apart from being a bit better looking, they're basically useless."

    "My son is just too simple, he loses his intelligence when he sees a good-looking girl, and gets coaxed around in a few words."

    "Just this kid, how can we, as mothers and aunts, not help him out?"

    "Otherwise, you'll have to be cheated by a woman sooner or later."

    At the dinner table, Second Aunt sighed and said.

    When she thought about her son's matter, she was filled with sorrow.

    Seeing that her son was already in his twenties, yet he hadn't met a girl she was satisfied with late, she, the mother, was naturally anxious.

    A few days ago, it was hard to fall in love with one, but who would have thought that the girl was blind and the one she liked was actually Ye Fan.

    At that time, even she thought it was ridiculous.

    But in retrospect, I guess that Ye Fan and Chen Nan have made up and deliberately made that girl say that.

    In order to, just to embarrass their family!

    Because of this, since that day, the second aunt had never paid any attention to Ye Fan, not even giving them a good face.

    "Second sister-in-law, look at what you said."

    "Don't worry about it, I only have one nephew, how can I not be concerned about his matter?"

    "But, sister-in-law, if you let me help you with this matter, you might as well let my big brother and sister-in-law help you with the arrangements."

    "Our big brother is a deputy magistrate, which year on the first day of the New Year, the people who come to pay their respects to our big brother and sister-in-law are not stepping through the threshold?"

    "Big brother is in a high position and has a wide range of connections."

    "He might be able to find you a mayor's daughter if he shows up to make an appearance?"

    Ye Xilan said with a smile.

    Dongmei, however, shook her head repeatedly, "Come on, Yixianlan, you should stop making fun of your big brother."

    "If your big brother was really that capable, Little Fan he wouldn't have entered Yunzhou."

    "People in this life, that's all fate."

    Talking about Ye Fan, but Dongmei was sympathetic and sighing.

    "Sister-in-law, you can't say that."

    "How can Xiaofan be compared to Jianjian?"

    "Jian Jian is handsome and eloquent.And second brother is a famous entrepreneur in our town."

    "With this condition of Jian Jian, what kind of girl can't you find?"

    The second aunt hadn't said anything yet, but Ye Fan's youngest aunt Ye Xi Lan was the first to disagree, and was suddenly dissatisfied.

    "That's right."

    "Sister-in-law, I don't like to hear that from you."

    "My Xiao Jian, can he be compared to Ye Fan, this door-to-door son-in-law?"

    The second aunt similarly retorted.

    When Dongmei saw the situation, she even explained that you guys misunderstood, she didn't mean it.

    In between these people's conversation, Ye Xi Mei, who was on the side, undoubtedly looked a little ugly.

    These people praising Ye Jian is just fine, but lifting one to belittle another, how many mean?

    Even Ye Fan, at this time, was unconsciously frowning.

    It was just fine how they said it on a normal day, Ye Fan didn't share the same knowledge with them.

    But tonight, New Year's Eve, it was supposed to be a happy day, and they were still like this, wasn't this deliberately giving their mother a hard time?

    In annoyance, Ye Fan was about to get up, but at this time, a pair of palms reached out and placed on Ye Fan's arm.

    It was his mother's palm.

    She shook her head at Ye Fan, and on her charmingly pretty face, she was calm and kind.

    It was as if she was appeasing Ye Fan, asking him to hold back.

    Tonight was New Year's Eve, and Ye Xie Mei didn't want to make a scene on this New Year's Eve.

    After all, the old man was still here.

    Family peace and prosperity, it was all for the old master's sake.

    Ye Fan also had no choice but to sit back down again.

    To the cold words of Auntie and the others, it was all taken as unheard.

    "Mom and Dad, we're back."

    Not long after, a noisy sound of a car came from outside the door.

    Only Ye Jian and Jiang Yulang siblings, carrying a big pile of bags, walked in happily.

    "Grandfather, grandmother, sorry to keep you waiting."

    "The main reason for the delay is to buy these things."

    "They're all gifts for you."

    "This medicinal wine is for Grandma and Grandpa.There's also my aunt's, uncle's and aunt's as well."

    As soon as Ye Jian entered the door, he enthusiastically distributed gifts to a group of relatives.

    Not only Ye Jian, but the Jiang Yulang siblings also bought New Year gifts for these elders.

    But seemingly intentionally giving Ye Fan's family a hard time, this brother and sister, the three of them, gave a gift to everyone, but only didn't give it to Ye Xie Mei.

    Not even this one as a great aunt, let alone Ye Fan, a cousin.

    In a split second, Ye Xie Mei's face became even paler and her face lowered even deeper.


    "Jian Jian, we're all family, so why are you being polite?"

    "Let's break you in."

    "Hurry up and sit down to eat, you must be starving."

    Ye Xilan was overjoyed when she saw that Ye Jian had given her a set of expensive cosmetics.

    In high spirits, she even got up to greet Ye Jian and the others to take their seats.

    Between words and actions, how cordial was that?


    However, perhaps because she was too excited, Ye Yilan accidentally knocked over the glass of water on the table, the water inside then flowed down, and the seat that was originally reserved for Ye Jian was suddenly splashed with water.


    "Look at me, I'm so happy to see my nephew that I even spilled my glass of water."

    "Ye Fan, what are you waiting for?"

    "Why don't you go and bring your brother a stool and replace this."

    After Ye Xi Lan finished laughing, she immediately turned around and chomped at Ye Fan.

    At this time, Ye Fan was drinking tea.

    There was a dense fragrance of tea in front of him and the heat was lingering.

    After hearing Ye Xilan's words, Ye Fan's face, chilled down.

    He held the cup of tea and sneered, "Let me move the chair?"

    "You deserve it too?"


    The words were eerie, like a cold wind sweeping.

    After saying that, Ye Fan lifted his teacup and drank it all!

    In a split second, the entire hall was quiet.

    Obviously, none of Ye Tian and the others had expected how rude Ye Fan would say?

    Ye Yilan's face went down hard, and there was anger sweeping through her heart.

    "Ye Fan, you uneducated thing!"

    "What did you just say about me?"


"How dare you disrespect even your elders, you no-good bastard?"

    "And say I'm not worthy?"

    "What's wrong with asking you to move a chair for Jian, you door-to-door son-in-law?"

    "Hard to tire you out?"

    "No use for fart skills, you're not so small!"

    "Five people and six people all day long, proud as can be."

    "If you don't know, you think you're a city council leader?"

    "A wimpy son-in-law, I don't know what you have the nerve to put up a fight at us."

    Ye Fan's words undoubtedly completely infuriated Ye Xilan.

    In anger, Ye Xilan undoubtedly also disregarded any relatives' face and directly tore her face at Ye Fan in an erect rage.

    "That's right."

    "A door-to-door son-in-law, who is frustrated at his mother-in-law and runs here to take his anger out on us?"

    "Blow up when I ask you to move a chair for my son?"

    "Not bad for a backbone!"

    "But if you really have a backbone, don't give someone the chance to join your family as a son-in-law, ah?"

    "What's with the big tail wolf act here when you're a loser yourself?"

    "If your grandmother hadn't been protecting you, we would have kicked you out of the Ye family long ago."

    "Eating soft food comfortably yourself, do you know that these two uncles of yours, they're also ashamed with you!"

    "When you're a son-in-law, you still have the nerve to come back?"

    "Shameless thing!"

    "I used to feel sorry for you, abandoned by your family."

    "Now it seems no wonder your father doesn't want you, a wimp like you!"

    Last time because of Chu Nan's matter, Second Aunt was already holding a lot of anger in her heart.

    Tonight when Ye Fan spoke out again, Second Aunt undoubtedly took this opportunity to explode all the discontent and anger that she had accumulated towards Ye Fan over these days.

    The words were undoubtedly extremely unpleasant!


    However, as soon as the second aunt's words fell, Ye Xi Mei, who had been silent, actually got up immediately.

    The actual time of the day, you will be able to find a lot of people who have been in the area for a long time.

    This is the first time I've ever been in a position to do so.

    The clear and crisp sound shook everyone in the room.

    Even the Second Aunt herself was even more foolishly smacked by Ye Ximei.

    She covered her face, full of incredulity.

    In the next moment, screams of rage rang out.

    "You...You dare to hit me?"

    "The hit is on you!"Ye Xi Mei's face was icy cold and said angrily, "I'm still here?And you dare to insult my son?"

    "Do you really think my son, Fan, is a child without a father or a mother to love him?"Ye Xie Mei was furious, her graceful and pretty face containing anger.

    "Before, you guys insulted my mother and son three times, I, as the Ye Head Daughter, endured as much as I could for my father's sake."

    "But one by one, you guys have intensified, you don't know how to repent, you're stirring your noses?"

    "Yes, our mother and son were expelled by the Chu family, but even so, that's no reason for you to bully my mother and son!"

    "Listen to what you just said, that's what an aunt can say?"

    "It's like a snake and a viper!"

    "Today, not to mention you, even if Ye Tian and Ye Ya say these words, I, Ye Xi Mei, will still incite them."

    "When a sister disciplines her younger brother, it's only right and proper!"

    Ye Xie Mei's words were fierce, and her monstrous anger only resounded like thunder.

    The strength of Ye's head daughter was on full display at this moment!

    In the past, Ye Ximei was originally a domineering and fierce temperament in the Ye family.

    At that time, when the four siblings were not yet married, Ye family's major matters were basically decided by Ye Ximei, the elder sister.

    When the sister's words, Ye Tian and the others would never dare to say a single word of no!

    Only, later after that failed marriage, Ye Ximei's temperament changed greatly.

    After returning to the Ye family, she is no longer as rigid and domineering as before, and has learned to be reclusive, to suffer, and to be resigned.

    But now, seeing her son being humiliated, Ye Xie Mei undoubtedly could no longer tolerate it.

    The clanging sound was only like a sword, frightening the Ye family, but none of them dared to speak.

    Even Ye Ya, who was planning to defend his wife before, after seeing Ye Xie Mei's fierceness, he undoubtedly obediently retracted his head, not daring to knit Ye Xie Mei's brows again at this time.

    In the meantime, you'll be able to find a lot of people who've got a lot of money to spend on your business.

    Now after many years, the old sister is once again angry.

    Ye Ya suddenly found that the fear that he once had been dominated by his sister, had returned.

    In a split second, the entire Ye family hall was silent once again.

    All that remained was, Ye Xie Mei's angry voice echoed.

    Just now, Ye Xielan who was fiercely furiously rebuking Ye Fan, that arrogance also dissipated, coldly snorting, colorfully turning her head, but did not dare to say a word.

    However, just as the atmosphere here dropped to the freezing point, Ye Jian was the one who came out, blocking in front of his own mother, looking at Ye Xiemei, and said in a cold voice, "Humph, my father and the others are afraid of you, I'm not!"

    "What makes you think you can hit my mother?"

    "What are your qualifications?"

    "Did my mother say the wrong thing?"

    "Isn't that Ye Fan a wimp?"

    "If he wasn't a waste, what man would willingly be a son-in-law?"

    "Because of you and your son, our entire Ye family is being laughed at!Can't hold your head up in town."

    "It's a good thing we didn't hit you, but how dare you hit my mother?"

    "It's my mother's snake and viper woman, I think the snake and viper is you!"

    Seeing his mother being beaten, Ye Jian, this son, his eyes were red at that time.

    It also disregarded any distinction between elder and younger, and raged at Ye Xie Mei.

    At this time, Jiang Yulang also stepped forward and echoed, "That's right!"

    "What part of my aunt's story is wrong?"

    "Isn't it true that Ye Fan is mediocre and incompetent?"

    "Why do you have the right to hit my aunt?"

    "An abandoned son, an abandoned woman, two abandoned lost dogs, my uncle and the others have been merciful in letting you live."

    "You are just as ungrateful as you are ungrateful, and you are still here to avenge your kindness?"

    "You guys, you're losing your minds!"


    After Jiang Yulang's words fell, the doors and windows of the room were instantly blown in, and the icy wind from outside swept in.

    At that moment, the cup of tea in Ye Fan's hand was then put down.

    He raised his head, and his clear and beautiful face was joyless and sorrowless.

    A pair of cold eyes, as if they came from the Nine Secrets, were full of mortification and coldness.

    "You just now, what did you say?"

    "Who are you calling an outcast?"

    Ye Fan suddenly asked, an ice-cold voice that contained no emotion whatsoever.

    In the split second it sounded, it straight away gave people the creeps.

    Sensing Ye Fan's gaze, Jiang Yulang and the others shivered unconsciously.

    However, soon, Jiang Yulang also calmed down.

    The amount of Ye Fan, he didn't dare to do anything out of the ordinary, since his mother and grandmother were all there.

    Therefore, with this consideration, Jiang Yulang still said forcefully, "You know in your heart who I'm talking about!"


    The moment Jiang Yulang's words fell, Ye Fan, at some point, was already leaving the table.

    Hearing a snap, Ye Fan viciously slapped Jiang Yulang, directly battering him to the ground.

    A bright red palm mark immediately appeared on his originally handsome face.

    Nosebleeds mixed with tears, snot flowing across the floor!


    Seeing the scene before them, the Ye family's crowd was undoubtedly all confused.

    The large hall was silent.

    Everyone, was shocked by Ye Fan's fierceness!


"You...You dare to hit me?"

    Jiang Yulang was even more shocked and furious.

    He crawled up from the ground and covered his face, his old eyes staring at the huge, incredulous Ye Fan in front of him.

    He had never thought that in front of so many people, Ye Fan would actually dare to beat him?

    He's got a lot of nerve!

    At that moment, Jiang Yulang was like a rooster whose tail had been stepped on and roared in anger, "Son of a bitch, how dare you hit me?"

    "I declare, you're finished!"

    "You humble door-to-door son-in-law, who gave you the courage."

    "I'm but the Wen Qu Xing of the Ye family, and you're an outcast, useless wimp of the Chu family, how dare you hit me?"


    Jiang Yulang was still cursing, sharp angry sounds echoed, however Ye Fan ignored it and turned around and smacked it again.

    With a slap, Jiang Yulang, who had just gotten up from the ground, was again pasted to the ground by Ye Fan.

    "It's fine for you to insult me."

    "But insulting my mother, unforgivable!"

    "To my mother, on your knees, apologizing."


    "Right away~"

    The words were eerie and resounding, only like a thunderstorm.

    The temperature of the entire hall almost dropped by three points at this point as Ye Fan drank furiously.

    The icy words carried an unquestionable majesty.


    "Who the hell are you to make Yulang apologize too?"

    "You guys deserve it too?"

    At this time, saw Jiang Yulang was beaten, Ye Jian walked out, but to Ye Fan angrily roared.

    Without the slightest nonsense, Ye Fan walked up and slapped Ye Jian's face again.

    With only a scream, Ye Jian also fell to the ground like a dog.

    "And you!"

    "Eyes without respect, it seems that the lesson you were taught last time wasn't enough."

    "In that case, kneel down as well and apologize to my mother!"

    "Now get on your knees!"

    Ye Fan's eyebrows and eyes were cold, and he drank again in a cold voice.

    "Son of a bitch, hit me in the face?"

    "I'll fight you on this!"

    Being beaten in public, Ye Jian was also like a madman, jumping up to fight with Ye Fan.

    However, Ye Fan smacked him again, once again battering Ye Jian to the ground.

    "I'll say it again, apologize!"Ye Fan drank in a low voice.



    Another slap was smacked, and half of Ye Jian's face had been swollen by Ye Fan.

    "Yeah? In that case, I'll hit you until you apologize!"

    A cold and gloomy voice quietly sounded.

    And then, Ye Fan no longer cared about any kinship, stepped forward, backhandedly slapped, fronthandedly slapped, and slapped non-stop on the faces of Ye Jian and Jiang Yulang.

    The crisp slaps were like the chanting of a sword and knife, echoing up and down in the hall.

    It was obvious that this time, Ye Fan was really angry.

    Previously, these people had offended themselves, and for the sake of his mother as well as his grandmother, Ye Fan didn't share the same knowledge with them.

    However, Ye Fan had never thought that his tolerance had instead become their capital to intensify!

    Tonight, New Year's Eve, a happy day, they offend themselves, but how dare they speak ill of their mother?

    Dragons have the scales of rebellion, touching and anger.

    Since they were ruthless, Ye Fan couldn't be blamed for being unjust.

    He would like to see if it was their hard bones or his own fists that were hard.


    Ye Fan's face was expressionless as he shot out to violently beat the two Ye Jian.

    The fierce momentum shook everyone in this room.

    Everyone had been confused.

    How could they have never expected that the mother and son who had been going against the grain would completely explode tonight?

    Especially Ye Fan, who was so vicious and fierce at this point that so many people here were so frightened that none of them dared to speak!

    Only the screams of Ye Jian and the two men echoed unceasingly.


    "Son of a bitch, that hurts!"


    "Bastard, you really dare?"



    "Don't fight~"


    How hard was it for Ye Fan to strike?

    Before a few slaps, Ye Jian and Jiang Yulang's faces were already a bloody mess.

    Tears mixed with blood and couldn't stop leaving behind.

    Only then did the two of them realize that this Ye Fan was really hitting ah!

    There was no regard for any brotherly love at all.

    Finally, the two of them, Ye Jian, were also afraid and wimped out.

    They kneeled on the ground and apologized at Ye Xie Mei with one snotty nose and one tear.

    "Da...Great Aunt, I...I was wrong, we were really wrong."

    "Please, persuade my cousin to stop fighting~"

    "We're really going to get killed~"

    Ye Jian words tremble, speak with cries, kneeling on the ground to Ye Xie Mei not [8th District] stop begging for forgiveness and apology.

    As for Jiang Yulang, a weak scholar just, body bones are not good, this was Ye Fan a violent beating, speech almost can not practice sentences, just kneeling on the ground crying.

    At this point, Ye Fan Fang just said his hand, while condescending, cold voice slowly thought.

    "You should be glad that you were born in the Ye family."

    "If it wasn't for this bloodline, just because you insulted my mother, I would have made you break your legs tonight and spend the rest of your lives only kneeling!"


    Ye Fan's words were only like thunderstorms exploding.

    Everyone in the hall, all trembled.

    Even the old man, his body shook, and his old eyes, whirled and stared.

    After all, Ye Fan's words were too harsh!

    On their knees for the rest of their lives?

    Does he still want to be cruel to his two brothers?

    Thinking of this, Ye Tian and the others were in a state of panic.

    "Bastard, this is a beast~"

    "Did you hear what he just said, old man?"

    "It's downright treasonous!"

    "Dad, are you going to stay in the Ye family with this kind of scum?"

    "Today, he dared to do violence to his two brothers, and on another day, he will dare to do death to us, ah?"

    "Our Ye family temple is small, it can't accommodate this fierce god!"

    "If he doesn't go, I'll go!"

    Ye Tian said evenly.

    At this time, the two of them, Ye Xilan and his second aunt, had walked forward to visit their son.

    Seeing the injuries on the faces of Ye Jian and the two of them, in their hearts, Ye Xilan and the others were both heartbroken and angry.

    In the end, the second aunt was close to tears and said to the old man, "Dad, by now, do you still want to be partial to this big daughter of yours?"

    "If they dare to hit us today, they'll dare to hit you later!"

    "I've had enough of them."

    "Dad, if you're really bent on keeping them in the Ye family."

    "Then in the future, don't blame your son for not honoring you!"

    "That's right, Dad, these animals should never have been taken in back then.They should have been left to go into exile and fend for themselves!"Ye Yilan was also filled with hatred and cursed.

    Since he was a child, he had never been willing to hit Jiang Yulang.

    Now that he was beaten by Ye Fan like this, Ye Xilan was naturally filled with hatred.

    In a split second, the crowd that filled the hall all looked at Ye, forcing Ye Xukun to drive Ye Fan and his son out of the Ye family.

    "Oh my, I have to baby grandson."

    "Ye Fan, this beast, what a ruthless heart!"

    "Let them roll, old man, shall we?"

    "This kind of nephew, we'd rather not."

    Ye Fan's grandmother, seeing her precious grandson being beaten into that dog-like state, was also distressed and her eyes turned red, and likewise said.

    "But...But..."Master Ye, however, was indecisive.

    Ye Fan's mother and son were already suffering enough, if he drove them away again, where would they be able to go in the future?

    However, if he didn't force them to leave, he wouldn't be able to account for Ye Tian and the others over there!

    "No need to force my grandma."

    "Don't worry, even if you don't kick us out, I won't stay in this house anymore."

    "After tomorrow, after paying my grandfather's respects, I will take my mother and leave this place!"

    Suddenly, Ye Fan's icy voice, quietly rang out.


Before coming to Jingzhou, Ye Fan also considered, setting up a Ye Group in Jingzhou.

    Leave it to his mother to run it, and let these uncles and aunts also go in to serve, with high salaries and dividends at the end of the year.

    Also good, change the Ye family's situation in one fell swoop.

    Let the Ye family, completely be among the gentry in Jingzhou.

    This is by no means Ye Fan's delusion, as long as Ye Fan is willing, no matter how big the group is, it will undoubtedly be able to rise flat.

    In a word, Jingzhou's dignitaries, how dare they disobey?

    What's more, the leading boss of the Jingzhou land, Lei laosan, looked up to Ye Fan.

    When Zhao Wuji was driven out of Jiangdong by Ye Fan, Ye Fan handed over nearly a third of his industry to Lei laosan to manage.

    Now Ye Fan took it back and let his mother take charge of the operation and management, the amount of that Lei laosan also dare not say a word.

    But what he had seen and heard these days had undoubtedly completely dispelled Ye Fan's thoughts.

    The Ye family was ruthless, so why should he, Ye Fan, be righteous?

    He had decided that tomorrow, after New Year's Eve and after eating his last meal with his grandmother, Ye Fan would take his own mother and leave the Ye family to start his own business!

    Ye Fan had had enough of the days of being a parasite.

    From now on, he didn't seek the Chu family, nor the Ye family, their mother and son, only relying on themselves.

    What's more, with Ye Fan's energy, it was already enough to give his mother a superior life.

    At this time, in the Ye family hall, Ye Fan's words were still reverberating.

    Ye Tian and the others, however, were quite surprised.

    They didn't expect that this Ye Fan, would take the initiative to take his mother away from the Ye family?

    Where could he take her mother when he was a door-to-door son-in-law who had left the Ye family?

    Are you taking your wife home to live with the Chows?

    She's on the other side, what's wrong with that?

    It was afraid that they would be kicked out before they even entered the house.

    However, since things had come to this point, they didn't care where Ye Ximei and her son went.

    Thus, the second aunt directly sneered.


    "Bastard, you've got some backbone!"

    "Well then, remember what you said tonight, and after tomorrow night, leave quickly."

    "Our Ye family temple is small, it can't accommodate you two Buddhas."

    Second Aunt said with cold words.

    As for the others, naturally they didn't stay.

    Now that they had reached this stage, naturally they would like to let Ye Fan and the others get lost?

    Out of sight, out of mind!

    "All right, shut up, all of you."

    "It's New Year's Eve, and it's not making me feel better."

    "All of you, get the hell out of here!"

    Finally, the old man, who had been silent, slapped the table and then became angry.

    The old face was sunken, and with an erect rage, he directly told the crowd to get lost.

    Having reached this point, this New Year's Eve dinner, naturally, no one had the heart to eat it anymore.

    Under the old man's anger, Ye Tian and the others also got up and went home separately.

    On the way back, the sardonic laughter of Second Aunt and the others could be heard vaguely.


    "A door-to-door son-in-law, and you're taking your own mother along with you."

    "A mother and son coming to the door together?"


    "That's interesting."


    "Where can they go when they leave the Yeerks?"

    "The mother is incapable of being a mother, and her son is a loser."

    "Just like them, don't they know how to behave with their tails between their legs and be proud all the time?"

    "This is the kind of person you just can't get used to!"


    Harsh sounds, however, came from outside the door without ceasing.

    Ye Xie Mei's face undoubtedly became even more ugly as she listened.

    Today, mother and son, they were indeed a bit impulsive.

    But things had come to this, saying anything else was undoubtedly too late.

    "Dad, I'm sorry for making your old man angry."

    "You rest well."

    "Little Fan and I, we're also going back first."

    Ye Xie Mei whispered an apology to old man Ye, and with a pale face, she also left with Ye Fan.

    "Little Fan, you stay for a while."

    At this time, Old Master Ye suddenly looked up and shouted at Ye Fan.

    Ye Fan didn't disobey, so he stayed.

    "Go, walk out with me."

    Master Ye sighed, and then he took Ye Fan out of the old mansion and walked slowly along the street outside.

    There were ten thousand lights behind him and fireworks in front of him.

    This one old man and one young man were walking slowly like this.

    Neither of them spoke, and remained silent.

    In the end, it was the old man who said first, "Little Fan, you're a bit impulsive today."

    "Of course, grandma can't say you did anything wrong."

    "It's also true that your several uncles, as well as your aunt and the others, did not do well."

    "But Little Fan, have you thought about it, you can't go back to the Chu family, and the Ye family is the only thing your mother and son will rely on in the future."

    "Now that you've torn your face from a few uncles and your aunt, you are the one who has cut off your last way back."

    "In time, you'll be divorced and won't be able to be a door-to-door son-in-law.In the land of Jiangdong, you and your mother, and you have no relatives, then, who can help you?"

    Master Ye asked in a deep voice.

    Ye Fan didn't answer, just followed behind him in the same pace.

    "Little Fan, Grandmaster is old after all, and has become too self-conscious.Even if I wanted to help you mother and son, I don't have that ability anymore."

    "What you can count on in the future is your uncle and the others."

    "So, take my advice, go to your door tonight, apologize to your uncle and aunt, and be soft."

    "Blood is thicker than water, and you're still their nephew after all."

    "As long as you're soft, they won't drive you away with your mother anymore."

    Master Ye suddenly turned back and spoke to Ye Fan with great care.

    He was now in his twilight years and his children and grandchildren had grown up, but what he was most relieved about was Ye Ximei and his son.

    Now that he was advising Ye Fan to apologize, he was also considering it for their mother and son in the future.

    "Little Fan, I know you're high-minded."

    "You've been stubborn since you were a child, but you never bow down and apologize to anyone for anything you feel is right."

    "But Fanny, in this world, where is there any right or wrong?"

    "Life is more still just frustration."

    "Think about it for your mother, if not for you."

    "Your uncle is a deputy county governor, your second uncle is a famous entrepreneur in town, and your youngest uncle is a senior executive at a state-owned enterprise in Jianghai."

    "Get on good terms with them, they'll support you a little, and you'll be able to suffer in the future, and your mother will be able to follow suit."

    "But you're stuck with them now for a breath of air, what do you think you'll gain?"

    "Silly boy, you're being silly."

    "Grandmother is anxious for you!"

    Grandmaster Ye sighed repeatedly and advised Ye Fan incessantly, his words were both anxious and angry.

    However, in the face of what Old Master Ye said, Ye Fan shook his head and solemnly said, "Grandma, I know, you are doing it for my own good."

    "But as far as I'm concerned, there are some things I can endure, and some, I can't!"

    "What's more, I, Ye Fan, am a seven-foot man, and I don't need them to support me."

    "Grandma, please forgive Little Fan for being unfaithful.This time, I cannot listen to you."

    "After tomorrow, I will take my mother away myself."

    "These so-called relatives, don't even want them!"

    Ye Fan's words were like gold and stone falling to the ground, echoing under the night, but they were resounding!


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