The King of Kungfu in school 2461-2465


Chapter 2461

Tang Zichen arrived at the place where Purple Rain and White Fox were practicing.

In that room, there were still the two of their women.

Zi Yu, among the ten offspring of gods, was the only woman with a national appearance, the rest, male or female, were all ordinary looking.

"Alas, when will this cultivation and training come to a head."White Fox suddenly opened his eyes, seemingly extremely disturbed inside.

Zi Yu also opened her eyes and said, "Ever since the last time we appeared, we've both changed our mindset, we're compelled to find a shortcut.If we continue like this, we really are finished."

White Fox said, "Purple Rain, why don't we go find Tang Zichen, find this kid and force him to tell us what strange encounters he's encountered, I think it'll probably be faster than if we're here training day and night."

Zi Yu shook her head.

"Why?"The white fox was puzzled.

"I don't know, actually, I felt a bit red-hot last time, maybe, it's too hard to practice here, I used to, not this kind of person."

"Ziyu, you're silly, and you're repenting."

"Alright, White Fox, let's just tune in and not keep thinking of shortcuts." One second to remember to read the book

White Fox said, "Zi Yu, I don't care, I really don't want to continue cultivating like this, I want to go, go find Tang Zichen and force him to tell me about his strange encounter."

"Then you go."Zi Yu closed her eyes.

They didn't know that Tang Zichen was watching them right now.

Tang Zichen didn't expect that Zi Yu, since she was still repenting for her last act.

Tang Zichen suddenly smiled, "No need to look for me, I'm right here."

"Who."The two of them panicked and looked outside.

Tang Zichen flew in.

"Ah, Tang Zichen."When the white fox saw Tang Zichen, it rushed up and tried to grab Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen didn't dodge and allowed the white fox to grab him by the neck.

The white fox shouted, "Tang Zichen, the last time you reached two horse condensation in tens of thousands of years, say, what strange encounter did you get, if not, I'll kill you, this time, I'll strangle you, you can't escape."

Tang Zichen said, "White Fox, is this really necessary?"

"Say it or not?"

Zi Yu sighed and said, "Tang Zichen, listen to the white fox, otherwise, she really might kill you."

"What about you, Purple Rain?And you want to know what kind of adventures I've had?"Tang Zichen asked.

Zi Yu said, "If I can know, of course I want to know, if you die and don't say anything, then that's it."

That white fox was depressed: "Zi Yu, what's wrong with you, why don't you hurry over and force him to tell."

Zi Yu said, "White Fox, with this mentality we have now, perhaps, even if we get any strange encounters, I'm afraid it won't be much of an improvement, I think, we were wrong from the start.Now that the entire Evil God Relic, everyone's hostility is heavy, I think, everyone is wrong."

"Zi Yu, what nonsense are you talking."

"White Fox, forget it."

At this time, Tang Zichen laughed, "It seems, Zi Yu, you're still saved, the last time you forced me to do something, I'll take it as if you were caused by being too bitter, so I won't bother with you."

After saying that, Tang Zichen covered the white fox's face with a slap, and the white fox instantly fell to the ground.

"Ah, this."White Fox was dumbfounded, she was actually not a match for Tang Zichen at all.

R /> Zi Yu was also shocked: "You."

Tang Zichen said, "I've already killed five people, including Bitter Sacrifice, Qin Zhong, Huang Xue, Fu Rong, and Saber.I was originally here to kill you at this time, but I see that Zi Yu still has a good side, so I'll spare your life today.And White Fox, go die."After saying that, Tang Zichen killed White Fox with a slap.

"White Fox."Zi Yu shouted, it all happened so fast.

"Tang Zichen, you."

"Purple Rain, White Fox was right, I did have a strange encounter, so I've now reached eight horse condensation."

"Heavens, you actually had a strange encounter."Zi Yu trembled, it seemed that forcing Tang Zichen to say it last time was necessary.

"It's a pity that each and every one of you had the chance to have this encounter, that is, the Heart of Hong Meng, but you all missed it."

"The Heart of the Hong Meng?How is that possible."

"Alright, Ziyu, from now on, hang out with me, I'll help you find your own inheritance, and by then, you'll have a chance to become a god."

"Tang Zichen, I forced you last time, why didn't you kill me?"

"Because, you're still saved, and most importantly, you're beautiful, and I still think about you."Tang Zichen said directly.

Zi Yu snorted and looked at the white fox's corpse.

Tang Zichen said, "Whenever you figure it out, come to the Immortal Court."After saying that, Tang Zichen left.

Tang Zichen returned to the center of the Evil God's ruins, Nianxie was still cultivating, and I'm afraid that it would not be so soon.

Tang Zichen didn't stay long, he directly left the Evil God's Relic and returned to the Immortal Realm.

Tang Zichen had killed a total of six people, so there were still Blue Emperor, Caiyun Fei Fei, Gu Yan, Star Moon, Purple Rain, and two more Tang Zichen hadn't seen were, the Second Faction's Black Stone, Tian Gao.

That Black Stone was the one who had once killed Guyan.

Returning to the Immortal Court, Shen Ni asked, "Why did you return so soon?"

"Killed a few people and nothing else, it will probably take some time for Nian Tze to get the inheritance."Tang Zichen said.

"Then after that, what are your plans?"

"I don't understand, it's a bit confusing, now that I'm the strongest in the world, I'm a bit bored without an opponent."Tang Zichen said bitterly.

Godni asked, "It's not possible that you've killed all those strong people in the Evil God's Relic, right?"

"There are seven more."

"Don't kill those seven, after all, those seven, are the most promising to become gods, and you don't want, in the future, only eight gods in our world.Until this world collapses, there will be ten more gods."

"Well, so I'm keeping them,"

The Divine Nun said again, "I think that it's not time for you to relax yet, think about the ten gods in the past, and then they all died, and now, your strength is still far from reaching those ten gods in the past, in case, another alien celestial team passes through our heavenly world, I'm afraid that we will end up repeating the same thing again."

Tang Zichen sighed, "The world is limited, the universe is infinite.One world, divided into three worlds, the entire universe, there are countless worlds, hoo.We are a world rebuilt after a collapse.For the sake of all the creatures in our entire Celestial World, I should be stronger."Tang Zichen clenched both fists.

The Godni nodded, and Don Zichen's hand pulled the Godni into an embrace, and the Godni blushed and lowered his head, and the world was quiet, only the fiery heartbeat.

If the entire universe, was likened to a city, then the Sky World, was a crystal ball somewhere in the city, and the entire city was all three no-space.


Tang Zichen sat in the cultivation room and continued to absorb the will of the gods.

Time passed slowly, and when Tang Zichen opened his eyes again.

It was already a million years later.

As the Will of the Gods absorbed more and more, Tang Zichen's strength, increased by many more, and the eight-horse condensing power of the Three Nothing Domain reached fifteen-horse condensing power.

With the higher the condensation, it felt like there was more control over the three no-space.

Tang Zichen stretched out his hands, releasing his power, and suddenly discovered that he could form a bowl-sized Three-Without Space between his hands.

Tang Zichen was shocked, this meant that he could create the Three Nothing Spaces by himself, before, he was still stuck in the Three Nothing Domain, now, he had upgraded to the spatial level.

This meant?

"Haha, it's getting closer and closer to me becoming a god."Tang Zichen laughed out loud.

Evil Gods could create a space the size of an evil temple, while Tang Zichen could now create a space the size of a palm, which meant that the distance, was approaching step by step.

Tang Zichen walked out of the cultivation room again, stopping to rest and empty his brain.Tang Zichen checked the Three Realms Order and found that it was running very well, it didn't even look like it was collapsing a little bit, it seemed that the stability of the Three Realms Order was very much related to the strength of the person who possessed the Heart of Hong Meng.In the past, when Niantian was an immortal emperor, often all, there was no free time at all, but Tang Zichen is now a million years closed. The first website

"Oh."Tang Zichen whispered a bit.

"Pay your respects to the Immortal Emperor."A voice came from behind him, and Tang Zichen knew without looking that it was Nian Tian.

"What is it."

"Immortal Emperor, you've really worried me to death."Niantian said.

"Worried about me?"

"No, I'm worried about the three worlds, you've been closed off for so long like this, letting the three worlds go, aren't you afraid that chaos will arise somewhere and cause the entire world to collapse?"Nian Tian Dao.

"Hahaha, Niantian, you're no longer an Immortal Emperor, it's not your turn to worry."

"But, I'm used to being an Immortal Emperor, I'm always frightened, if it was me before, and I didn't care for so long, the order of the Three Realms would have been in disarray long ago."

Tang Zichen snorted, "You are you and I am me, the stronger I am.The more solid the order of the Three Realms, with my current strength, not to mention a million years, even a hundred million years, it wouldn't be chaotic.You, on the other hand, weak as a chicken, will be chaotic for a year regardless, got it?That's why you and I are the right people for it."

"Oh."Nian Tian was filled with frustration, so it wasn't that the Three Realms were so difficult to manage.

Tang Zichen smiled, "However, Nian Tian, I was able to obtain the Hong Meng Heart thanks to you.If you weren't so weak, then it wouldn't be so exhausting to manage, and it would be difficult to have any personal time at all, then the Bitter Sacrifice, Blue Emperor, Qin Zhong, and the others wouldn't have given up on obtaining the Heart of Hong Meng.It's because you were so bad and misled them that you ended up leaving the opportunity up until now.From this point on, I really have to thank you, and thus, I have decided to promote you to be the rightful leader of the Immortal Court Royal Guard."

"Ah, thank you, Immortal Emperor."Nian Tian didn't know whether to be happy or sad.

Tang Zichen stopped digressing from this topic and asked, "Has Nianxie ever come back?"

"No, even if she comes back she won't be looking for me, she's severed her father-daughter relationship with me, she's now living in the Earth Immortal Realm with her mother, White Lotus."

"Oh.Oh, the former fairy mother, called White Lotus."

"She has several names, but White Lotus is her real name."

"You go ahead, the edict to promote you as the rightful leader has been issued."

"Thank you, Immortal Emperor."Nian Tian sighed

A voice walked away.

I don't know if Nianxie, had obtained the inheritance yet.

Tang Zichen didn't immediately go to the Evil God's Relic to find Nennian Tides, instead, he first stayed at home with his family until two months later, when Tang Zichen left home and went to the Evil God's Relic.

Once he entered the Evil God Relic, Tang Zichen watched a group of people who were staying in the same house, namely Blue Emperor, Caiyun Fei Fei, Gu Yan, Star Moon, Purple Rain, Black Stone, and Tian Gao.Seven of them.

"Hey, it's rare, you used to be divided into several factions, you all died, today, why are seven of you gathered together."Tang Zichen suddenly appeared in that small room.

Hearing Tang Zichen's voice, all seven of them opened their eyes and stood up.

One of the Blue Emperors bent down and bowed, "Greetings to the Immortal Emperor."

The rest of them, too, all bowed unwillingly: "Greeting Immortal Emperor."

What had happened to each and every one of them in the million years that Tang Zichen had been gone, and they all already knew that they were the descendants of the ten gods that had once been there, and about what had happened before this time collapsed.

Unfortunately, it was too late.

Because of the deaths of Bitter Sacrifice, Qin Zhong, Huang Xue, Fu Rong, Saber, White Fox, and those five people, they were filled with scruples against Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen directly opened the door and said, "Right now, I've reached fifteen horse condensation."


Tang Zichen said that he had reached fifteen horsepower as soon as he met them, truly shocking those seven people, while they, all of them, were still at the six horsepower, seven horsepower stage, which was as far away from Tang Zichen as the heavens.

Tang Zichen swept a glance at the crowd, and finally his eyes fell on the Blue Emperor.

The Blue Emperor seemed to have come out of his grief, not as sad as last time.

Tang Zichen asked, "Blue Emperor, I suddenly remembered something."

"Immortal Emperor, please speak."

"When I first entered the Evil God's Ruins before, your faction, there must have been five of you, you, the Bitter Sacrifice, Qin Zhong, and two other people.Where were those two?"

The Blue Emperor said bitterly, "Those two people were already killed by the Bitter Sacrifice."

Tang Zichen nodded his head.

Tang Zichen said, "Do you have anything you want to ask me?"Tang Zichen looked at the seven people in front of him, as if they all had a lot to say.

Zi Yu was the first to say, "Immortal Emperor, are you planning to be powerful all by yourself?"

"What do you mean?"

"What's the point of being strong on your own, in case another foreign enemy comes in the future and we have to repeat the mistakes of our predecessors.I've heard that all ten of us, all descendants of God, our father God, have left us a legacy, right?"

Don nodded, "Yes, and I now know that the legacy left by the mother of one of you is there."

"Ah, who?"

Everyone looked at Tang Zichen with expectation, wishing it was them.

Tang Zichen said, "It's Caiyun Fei Fei."

Caiyun Fei Fei was overjoyed, "Quickly take me."

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed, "Caiyun Fei Fei, with your previous performance, I'm really not very willing to take you there."

"Pounce."Caiyun Fei Fei didn't even think about it, she just kneeled down.

"What are you doing?"

"Immortal Emperor above, please accept Caiyun Fei Fei's worship, and I hope that Immortal Emperor will not be bothered with me, if Immortal Emperor is willing to take me to inherit my heritage, I, Caiyun Fei Fei, am willing to follow Immortal Emperor around and support him for the rest of my life."Caiyun Fei Fei kowtowed and said.


Tang Zichen sighed, it was just a sigh, after all, Tang Zichen had gotten the information from her mother, no matter what, for her mother's sake, it couldn't really be too much.

"Alright, get up, I'll go check on Nian Shi first, and then I'll take you there."

"Thank you Immortal Emperor."Caiyun Fei Fei was trembling with excitement.

The rest of them suddenly all knelt down as well.

"Ew, what do you all want?"

The Blue Emperor said, "Immortal Emperor, we would also like to have the ability to follow you and assist you, can you, help us and find our inheritance as well, please?"

Tang Zichen said, "Not everyone has an inheritance, among you, only five of you, Caiyun Fei Fei, Blue Emperor, Ancient Yan, Purple Rain, and Black Stone, are descendants of gods.Xing Yue, Tian Gao, none of them are."

Star Moon and Tian Gao were busy saying, "Immortal Emperor, even if we are not the offspring of gods, then we must be the offspring of a once powerful party, we two, will we also have an inheritance ah, but a smaller one."

Tang Zichen flew away and said as he flew away, "Since you are both willing to follow me, I will help you, after all, we all live in the same world, in the future, there might be a common resistance against foreign enemies."

After saying that, Tang Zichen disappeared and instantly appeared in the center of the Evil God's ruins.

At a glance, he saw Nian Tides. Remember the URL

Nian Tze was very close to that ball of light.

At that moment, Nian Tides opened her eyes and smiled, "You're here."

"Nian Tides, it's been a million years, and you're already about to receive your inheritance."

"Hmph.Give me a few more tens of thousands of years and I'll definitely get the inheritance, Tzu-Chen, thank you."

"Son what minister, call the Prime Minister."

Nian Xie snapped, then closed her eyes again.

Tang Zichen laughed and scolded, "What a need to clean up, when you inherit the inheritance, let's see what I'll do to you, hehehehe."

After that, Tang Zichen took Caiyun Fei Fei to the underwater ruins at the edge of the uninhabited area of the South China Sea.

The Blue Emperor and the others were also curious and went along.

Soon, they arrived at the underwater ruins.

Tang Zichen said, "Everyone, close your eyes and use your Three No Man's Fields."

Everyone did as they were told, and soon after, they felt someone coming up behind them and a voice came out, "Tang Zichen, thank you."

"You're welcome, Senior."

"You can open your eyes now."

Everyone opened their eyes and saw at a glance that in front of them stood an imaginary woman, a woman that looked quite five points similar to Caiyun Fei Fei.

"You are my mother?"Caiyun Fei Fei asked excitedly.

That imaginary woman said, "Caiyun, my daughter."

"How do you know my name is Caiyun."

"Your name was given to you by your father and struck into the depths of your souls, the moment you woke up, you already knew what your name was, right."

"Uh-huh, pay your respects to your mother."

"Caiyun, I'll give you the inheritance now, I hope you can become a god soon."

"Thank you, Mother."

"Wait."At that moment, the Blue Emperor shouted.

The imaginary woman looked at the Blue Emperor and smiled, "Looking at your looks, you are somewhat similar to the Blue Sea, you are the son of the Blue Sea."

"Senior, now that only Caiyun Fei Fei's inheritance has been found, can you tell us if we have

Seung, where is it?"

"That's a good question."That imaginary woman smiled and said, "Fortunately you asked in time, otherwise I wouldn't exist once Caiyun inherited it."

"I still hope that senior will inform."

"I can't tell you the details, after all, I don't know what the Heavenly World is like after it's reorganized, I can only give you the approximate location of your gods before the Heavenly World collapsed, the rest can only depend on you."After saying that, the Void Woman waved her hand and a map appeared in the void, which indicated ten points, each point representing the location where a god used to reside.

Everyone immediately memorized the map.

"Thank you, senior."

After that, Caiyun Fei Fei successfully inherited the legacy, because this relic had been destroyed, so it wasn't as difficult as the Evil God's relic, and there were so many obstacles, here it could be inherited directly.

Poor Nian Shi, however, had to break through many obstacles to be able to inherit the Evil God's will.

However, the Evil God's will wasn't damaged, so the will that Nian Tides inherited must be stronger and more complete than anyone else's.

That imaginary woman disappeared, and this place, too, was completely devoid of any oddities, and anyone coming here in the future would only run into 'ghosts'.

Tang Zichen said, "Next, let's go together to help the others find their inheritance."

However, Caiyun Fei Fei was: "Can I not go?I'm staying here to absorb my mother's will, this is the best place for me, it's my home after all."

Tang Zichen nodded, "Alright, then you absorb well here, and when it's almost time, report back to the Immortal Realm."

"Good."Caiyun Fei Fei nodded.

Tang Zichen left with everyone, leaving only Caiyun Fei Fei to change her face and close up in that relic.

Flying out of the sea, Tang Zichen's hand spread out, the virtual map appeared like a sandbox, Tang Zichen said, "Let's use the point of Caiyun Fei Fei's mother as a benchmark, and combine the points on the map with reality, now, the closest to us is in the southeast, Zi Yu's father, Zi Yan's divine residence, so let's go to find Zi Yu's inheritance first."

"Okay, you arrange it."Everyone nodded happily, now everyone could find their inheritance.

Tang Zichen suddenly said, "Everyone, it's not that I want to pour cold water on you ah, after all, this world has gone through a great collapse, if the destruction is complete, even if we find the location, we may not have an inheritance, of course, I also hope that everyone will still be able to find an inheritance."

"It's up to the gods,"Blue Emperor said.

Then, everyone headed to the southeast.

They found the location of the Purple Inferno Residence according to the map's proportions, but there was nothing.

"How could there be nothing?"Zi Yu was so anxious that she was about to cry.

Tang Zichen said, "Ziyu, don't be alarmed, this map, after all, is from before the collapse, the reason why I asked everyone to come together to find it, is that there is strength in numbers, we'll search within a radius of hundreds of thousands of kilometers, and dig ten thousand feet into the ground, we'll definitely find traces of it.Let's get to work everyone, it must be buried deep, so we'll have to go down at least tens of thousands of meters deep."

Everyone ordered the sky.

At this time, a person flew in from afar, and everyone looked, it was Caiyun Fei Fei.

Caiyun Fei Fei flew up and said, "I'm sorry, I thought about it, I can't be so selfish, so I'd better help everyone find their respective inheritance first."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Good, you know how to think of everyone, I hope that in the future, we can all become good people and help each other, instead of all only thinking about ourselves and thinking about becoming stronger."

"Yes, Immortal Emperor."Everyone nodded with a hehehe smile.


After that, everyone separated to search.

The place they were in was a plain indeed, and on the surface, there was nothing.

Therefore, it was necessary to probe deeper into the ground, at least diving tens of thousands of meters underground, perhaps to find the ruins, even though they were all strong, it was no small project.

Tang Zichen was the strongest, and he was the fastest.

As such, they searched for over a hundred years, turning over tens of thousands of kilometers in all directions.

Finally, a relic was buried in the ground at a depth of over 50,000 meters.

All the ruins that could be preserved to this day were of some origin.

Tang Zichen was the first to discover it, and after discovering it, Tang Zichen immediately called everyone here.

"Everyone, this, I believe, is the former Ziyan Divine Residence, but there are no more underground rocks to bury it in, we still need to dig it out properly."Tang Zichen said.

The Blue Emperor was busy saying, "Immortal Emperor, the ruins were discovered by you, leave the excavation to us."

"Good."Tang Zichen was not polite, after all, it was mainly Tang Zichen's work to find this Ziyan Divine Residence, after all, he was an Immortal Emperor and had more ability. One second to remember to read the book

Leave the excavation of such things to them.

Half a month later, the entire Violet Inferno divine Residence was excavated.

In one of the excavated halls, they met a Void Shadow old man.

"You guys, you've finally come."

Zi Yu busily said, "Are you my father?"

"Oh, Violet Rain, I'm your grandfather."

"Ah, grandfather."

"Yes, Ziyu, it's finally time for you, if you don't come, I'm afraid my will will perish."


"Zi Yu, no more idle words, hurry up and inherit my will, the sooner you inherit it, the more complete it will be."

"Thank you, Grandpa."

"Don't be silly, child, in the future, you must work hard to cultivate and become a true god."

That vapid old man, turned into a stream of light and rushed into Zi Yu's brow.

After a moment, Zi Yu said, "I've inherited my grandfather's will, thanks to everyone, especially Immortal Tang Zichen, if it wasn't for you, it would have been difficult for us to discover this relic."Zi Yu bowed to Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen said, "There's no need, since you've already inherited it, then don't waste any more time, continue looking for the next place.The closest relic to the Purple Rain divine residence is the Blue Moon divine residence, Blue Moon City, which is now the Blue Emperor family's divine residence."


They, immediately moved on to the next place.

After that, it was another hundred years of searching, turning the river over, diving tens of thousands of meters underground, and then, they found the Blue Moon God's Residence underground.

The Blue Emperor had also successfully inherited the will of the god.

One by one.

In the blink of an eye, more than two thousand years later.

"Phew, the last God's residence."Tang Zichen said as he looked at this divine residence buried under the ground.

In these twenty million years, Tang Zichen and the others had saved each other to find the Purple Inferno God Residence, the Blue Moon God Residence, and the Ancient Pagoda God Residence, the Black Wind God Residence.

Of course, it didn't take so much time to find the above mentioned divine residences, Tang Zichen and the others also found the divine residences of those who died, the Bitter Shu divine residence, the Qin Tian divine residence, the Huangdu divine residence, and the White Moon divine residence.

The reason why Tang Zichen had found all the god residences, Lord, could the two people, Star Moon and Tian Gao, who were not descendants of gods, also receive their inheritance.

Unfortunately, it turned out not to be possible.

Thus, despite passing on the Bitter Sacrifice, Huang Xue, White Fox, Qin Zhong, the four

The Seung Shen Residence was found, but no one inherited it.

"Immortal Emperor, you were able to resurrect Gu Yan before, so why can't you resurrect Bitter Sacrifice, Huang Xue, White Fox and Qin Zhong ah.Now all four divine residences have been found, but they're empty for nothing."Blue Emperor said.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Resurrect them?"

"Yes, so that we can have more gods in the future, and the overall strength of our Heavenly World is also stronger."

Zi Yu also advised, "Immortal Emperor, resurrect them, your lordship won't remember their mistakes."

Tang Zichen depressedly said, "I, Tang Zichen, when did I become so benevolent, resurrect them, they were all trying to kill me before.Of course, I can consider resurrecting Qin Zhong, but as for the Bitter Sacrifice and Huang Xue, I won't resurrect them."

"Then let's resurrect Qin Zhong, it just so happens that this divine residence we've found now is the Qin Tian divine Residence, which belongs to the Qin Zhong family."

Tang Zichen nodded, resurrecting him for the sake of the fact that Qin Zhong had pleaded for Tang Zichen once.

Tang Zichen immediately used the Hong Meng divine Stone to refine a body, then communicated with the Qin Zhong's dead spirit in the Three Nothing Spaces.

In less than half an hour, Qin Zhong appeared alive in front of everyone.

"Ah, me, I'm really resurrected?"Qin Zhong looked at the crowd incredulously.

"Qin Zhong, don't thank the Immortal Emperor yet."The Blue Emperor was busy.

Qin Zhong immediately knelt down to Tang Zichen and kowtowed, "Thank you Immortal Emperor for your resurrection, I, Qin Zhong, will never forget it, I will definitely follow the Immortal Emperor around in this life."

Tang Zichen nodded and said, "Alright, this is your family's divine residence, you should quickly go and inherit it."

"Thank you, Immortal Emperor."

After Qin Zhong was resurrected, his strength also immediately returned to his original, it wasn't that fast as he was originally very powerful.

After Qin Zhong inherited the will of the gods, their group of eight or nine people returned to the Evil God Relic together.

Tang Zichen said, "You don't need to follow me, each of you find a place to absorb your will and return to the Immortal Court when it's almost time."


Tang Zichen entered the Evil God Relic, Nianxie had already obtained the Evil God's will earlier.

"Congratulations, Nian Tides."

"No, I'm the one who wants to thank you, without you, I couldn't inherit this will."

"Oh, no matter how strong the will you inherit now, it's not as strong as the will of the gods of my Honored Heart, originally, this Honored Heart belongs to you."

"Don't be silly, I was the one who couldn't make up my mind to kill my father in the first place, as such, it doesn't belong to me."

"Alright, don't say anything, you should quickly absorb the Evil God's will."

"Okay, I'll absorb it here, and when I'm almost done, I'll return to the Immortal Court to find you."


Tang Zichen returned to the Immortal Court one step ahead.

Finally, everything had been done.

It was just waiting for each person who inherited the will of God to become a god.

If all of them could become gods, this time, including Tang Zichen, there would be exactly ten gods.

But whether or not their fate was the same as the ten gods that had been there, that was unknown.

Tang Zichen instructed the crowd, "I'm going to close the door for 100 million years, so please don't disturb me if you have nothing to do.In the meantime, if the descendants of those gods come looking for me, you tell them all to go to their own seclusion, and to become gods as fast as possible."


Tang Zichen entered the cultivation room and set up a restriction.

This time, Tang Zichen would not leave the confinement until he reached God, because, Tang Zichen had a feeling inside, as if, there was another crisis coming.


One hundred million years hadn't yet arrived, and only halfway through, one day, suddenly, Tang Zichen felt the entire world tremble.

Tang Zichen immediately woke up from his retreat.

"What's happening?No, there really is an alien celestial team coming."Tang Zichen subconsciously thought to himself.

Just then, a voice came from his ear, "Listen, people of the indigenous world, from today onwards, you, belong to the colonial world of our Horan God King.Who is the ruler of this indigenous star?Get out and meet me immediately."

This voice, thick and powerful, seemed like, with this voice, it was enough to destroy the entire world.

At this time, the entire Immortal World, no matter where it was, no matter if it was strong or weak, all heard this voice.

Not to mention Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen walked out of the cultivation room and saw at a glance that in the upper air, there were three people standing about four meters tall, with eyes as big as bowls, muscular bodies, and two horns on their heads, unknown species, but never human.

The one who was the leader of them was holding a two-meter-long battle axe in his hand, and the coldness emitted from that axe, Tang Zichen absolutely believed that it could split the entire Immortal Realm in half with a single axe.

"Ah, what the hell is this."Rao Tang Zichen was also a bit confused with fright at the moment.

Fortunately, Tang Zichen had always known that there were powerful alien universes beyond the Celestial World, so he was mentally prepared and didn't break his nerve. First URL

Of course, at this moment, Blue Emperor, Violet Rain, Qin Zhong, Black Stone, Caiyun Fei Fei, Nian Shi, and Gu Yan, who were also in closed-door cultivation somewhere in the Immortal Realm, all rushed out to look at the three powerful people in the sky.

"What, this remote indigenous time of yours doesn't have a ruler?"

Tang Zichen clenched his teeth and no longer thought about it, since he was an Immortal Emperor and was currently the strongest person in the world, he had to bear something.

As Tang Zichen was about to go out, Shen Nira pulled Tang Zichen over, afraid, "Don't go out."

Tang Zichen saw such a look of fear on her face for the first time, as if the person standing in mid-air was a devil.

"Jie, let go of me, I have to go out and negotiate with them, I'm an Immortal Emperor, it's my duty."

"But, they're not coming, and you, you're not even a god, what if, they use you to intimidate everyone and kill the chicken?"Godni cried out.

"There is no way around that, they can make our whole world collapse with one axe, as if they were once gods."Tang Zichen struggled away from the divine nun and rushed out, his mouth shouting, "I am."

Tang Zichen had only been in seclusion for about fifty million years, and had originally planned to remain in seclusion for one hundred million years without becoming a god, but he was forced to leave the gate.

Tang Zichen's current strength was just about thirty-two horses of condensation.

To become a god, Tang Zichen had already sensed that he would have to reach 64 horses of condensation.

Tang Zichen, was still halfway there.

Don't say half short, even if Tang Zichen was already a god now, he would never be a match for those three strong men in midair.

Gods couldn't be just as strong or weak, there must be a distinction between strong and weak gods.

When everyone saw the courage to dash out, Dao was admired, and at least at this moment, everyone willingly recognized him as an Immortal Emperor in their hearts.

"You?"The man with the battle axe furrowed his brow and looked at Tang Zichen with a gaze that seemed to be filled with contempt.

"Yes, I am the ruler of the Sky World."

"Hahaha."The three strong men burst out laughing and mocking.

One of them said, "Weak, really he

The? weak ah, a world ruler, but not even a god."

"But also, what kind of strong person can there be in an indigenous world lying in the most remote corner of the universe."

The three of them laughed for a moment, then the man with the battle axe asked, "What's his name."

"Tang Zichen."

"Tang Zichen, did you hear what I just said?From now on, this world of yours is the colony of our Huo Lun God King."

Tang Zichen didn't think too much about it and directly nodded his head, "Good."

Now, he didn't have any capital to shout, he only hoped that they wouldn't go on a killing spree and could give them time to breathe.

One of them snorted, "A reptile is a reptile is a reptile, fallen to our colony, not even a frown ah."

"Tang Zichen, don't you have anything you want to ask me?For example, what would be the consequences of becoming our colony."

Tang Zichen was extremely reluctant inside, but, could only say, "With your strength, you can take all of our lives, and I can still stop what you can't take.Whatever you guys want, just ask."

"Hahaha, not bad, sensible, I originally wanted to kill once to punish you, but seeing that you're quite sensible, I'll dispense with it."

"Thank you, Senior."

"Alright, don't be thankful, listen carefully, from now on, you become a colony of our Huo Lun God King, every 100 million years, you must provide us with at least 300 million drops of the Hong Meng Liquid, if you can't, it's up to you, in addition, you must provide us with one billion slaves."

Tang Zichen's heart was bleeding, 300 million drops of Hong Meng's Liquid, one billion slaves.

"Start the timer from now on, after 100 million years, we will come to collect, of course, if any of you become gods, you can also send what we want to the Horon God King Domain."

"Yes.However, can Senior give us a map."

"Here you go."One of them, threw a map to Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen said again, "Can you plead one more thing to Senior."

"Yoho, you native, you've got some guts, we haven't asked you for anything yet, but you're good enough to ask me for something first."

Tang Zichen said, "Please be gracious and give us some, about what you said, the attempts of the universe, and also, some common sense about God."

"Hahaha, hahaha."Several people scoffed again.

One of them said, "No harm, you can give it to him, it's nothing more than a frog at the bottom of a well, wanting to know about the world beyond the well."

"Take it."A thick book was thrown in front of Tang Zichen.

"Go."The three of them laughed and disappeared in mid-air, leaving only a trail of green shadows in place.

Once the three of them left, Tang Zichen relaxed, or rather, relaxed for the entire time.

Tang Zichen picked up the book, as well as the map, and sighed deeply.

The Blue Emperor and the others, were busy flying up.

"Immortal Emperor, any ah?"

Tang Zichen said, "Go back and talk."

Tang Zichen returned to his home.

However, Tang Zichen did not immediately gather everyone, but hid in the secret room by himself.

Tang Zichen opened the map, and after opening it, he realized that the map was huge and instantly formed a virtual star map.

The virtual star map was scattered with thousands of small dots of light, most of which were as big as soybeans.


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