The King of Kungfu in school 2466-2470


Chapter 2466

Tang Zichen saw a, smaller than a sesame seed, no, because it was too small, there was no light anymore, in the very edge corner of this star map.

This dot of light, smaller than a sesame seed, was marked with four words: "No Man's World".

Tang Zichen intuitively felt that this one that was marked as no man's world must be their world, the Sky World.

The reason why it was marked as an uninhabited world was probably because this map hadn't been updated for tens of billions of years, and tens of billions of years ago, when this Heavenly World was still in collapse, there hadn't been any humans.

Tang Zichen immediately enlarged this map, and kept enlarging it by thousands of times, and the entire virtual star map became huge, dozens of miles in radius.

The point of light, which was smaller than a sesame seed before, also became the size of a basketball.

Tang Zichen saw that inside this basketball-sized world of the sky was desolate, top, middle and bottom, divided into three layers in total.At the bottom, there were again many smaller and smaller star dots, among this star dot, one of them emitted a dazzling light as if it was the sun, and around this dazzling star dot, there were many more star dots revolving around it.These tiny dots on the first layer were so small that it hurt the eyes of Tang Zichen's eyes to see them.In short, one of these dots in this bottom layer was the mortal realm where Tang Zichen had once lived.

And the middle layer, from right to left, was divided into seven vertical compartments, somewhat similar to, the First Sea, Second Sea, Third Sea, and up to the Seventh Sea of the Spiritual Realm.

The topmost layer, however, occupied the largest position, taking up almost one-half of the entire 'basketball'.In other words, the middle line of this 'basketball' upwards, were all the third layer of space.

In this third level of space, the plane below, there were mountains and seas, and the area was vast, much like the Earth Immortal Realm.The top, on the other hand, was much smaller because of the curved shape, and floated a very small suspended mountain, much like the Immortal Realm.

Tang Zichen took a deep breath. Remember the URL

Seeing this map, Tang Zichen suddenly felt that he was too small.

No, it was the entire Heavenly World that was too small.

Tang Zichen was now able to completely understand what the universe was.

Tang Zichen re-shrunk the map and returned to the previous map that was even smaller than Sesame.

Tang Zichen looked across the board and saw that the Sky World was really in a very marginal corner, barely noticed by anyone.

In the entire map, there were at least hundreds of thousands of points of light that were similar to the size of a soybean.

Of course, there were even bigger dots of light, similar to the size of a watermelon, similar to the size of a pumpkin.

In the scale of the Heavenly World that was smaller than a sesame seed, this world that was as big as a watermelon pumpkin really needed to be described as a giant.

However, there was a larger, or rather, the largest point of light, and in the proportion that the Sky World was a sesame seed, this largest point of light was at least as big as a round table.

"Oh my god."Tang Zichen's entire body was silly when he saw a round table as big as this, the largest world.

Indeed, Tang Zichen had the feeling of a frog running out of a well to see the world outside.

Once upon a time, when Tang Zichen was in the Mortal Realm, he thought that the stars in the sky were huge, the solar system, the galaxy, huge.Later, stepping through the void to the Spiritual Realm, he discovered that there were even bigger places.Then, when he came to the Immortal Realm, he saw it was so big and thought, this is the biggest place in the entire universe.

But now, when he saw the map of the entire universe, Tang Zichen felt ridiculous for his once childish thoughts.

That largest point of light, as big as a round table, it was centered in the center of the entire map, that is, the center of the universe.It was surrounded, circle by circle, layer by layer.

There were many other points of light scattered about, and the further you went to the outer layer, the smaller it became, and the Sky World was just on the edge of the outermost layer.

Tang Zichen stopped looking at the map and sighed deeply.

For a long time, Tang Zichen opened that thick book again.

This thick book was not one that detailed the universe.Rather, it was a book that introduced the Huo Lun Divine King.

The Huo Lun God King, was a super-powerful person in the universe whose realm had reached God King, and in the entire universe, his wealth, ranked in the top one hundred, and was the main world, a dignified super-person.

The Huo Lun God King, had as many as fifty colonial worlds under his hands, and among them, the largest colonial world was an eighth-grade world.

In his heart, Tang Zichen said, "How big is an eighth-grade world?"

Tang Zichen immediately opened the map to take a look.

The first thing Tang Zichen checked was that the Sky World was marked on the map, the smallest world, level 32.

Tang Zichen smiled bitterly, it seemed that they, the Heavenly World, were all too high to be colonized by the Huo Lun God King.

Tang Zichen continued to flip through the books again.

Unfortunately, this itself was simply the autobiography of the Huo Lun God King, saying how he was able to step by step in the universe and have his current position.

Of course, after reading this book, Tang Zichen had almost learned, some knowledge about gods.

The strength and weakness of gods were divided into six classes, lower grade gods, middle grade gods, upper grade gods, god kings, god emperors, and god emperors.

"Phew."Tang Zichen exhaled a breath.

Right now, he wasn't even an ass.

Of course, through the Huo Lun God King's self-creation, he learned that the entire universe, wasn't full of gods; in other worlds, even the main world, the vast majority of them, were at the immortal level, and gods, relative to all population bases, occupied a ratio of less than one in ten thousand.

However, even though the ratio of gods was small, it couldn't overwhelm a large base.Running all over the place was exaggerated, but in those huge worlds, it was true that they were everywhere.

Tang Zichen's heart was unsettled for a long time after reading it.

Tang Zichen opened the door only a day later.

Outside the door, there were already many people gathered.

Not to mention Tang Zichen's family, but Blue Emperor, Qin Zhong and others were all standing outside the door in a daze.

It was as if, Tang Zichen was the main body, but unfortunately, Tang Zichen, the main body, wasn't even a god.

Tang Zichen: "Everyone, come in."

Everyone was busy walking in.

Nian Shi was busy asking, "Zichen, what's up?Did you just look at the map?"

"Oh, it's really not an exaggeration to describe us as frogs at the bottom of a well.We're too small, but let's not panic, at least in my opinion, that Huo Lun God King isn't many levels away from us."

"Zichen, don't tease."Everyone seemed to be unable to tease, Tang Zichen's what words, the ones underneath the hand of others, the Huo Lun God King, are so strong.

Tang Zichen said, "Gods, there are six levels, lower gods, middle gods, upper gods, god kings, god emperors.That Huo Lun, who colonized us, is just a God King, only three or four levels away from us."

Everyone looked at Tang Zichen and didn't say anything, it looked like although it was only separated by not much, but in reality, if you wanted to become a God King, whether the difficulty was small or large, you could know with your feet.

Tang Zichen also knew it inside, but he was just trying to increase everyone's confidence by seeing how frustrated everyone was.


"Alright, let's take a look at the map of the universe first."

Saying that, Tang Zichen opened that virtual map, and suddenly, the entire universe seemed to be spread out in front of everyone.

"How come I can't understand it."Li Xuan'er's eyebrows furrowed.

"I thought the map was drawn on paper and flat, but it's three-dimensional."

"A flat map, what age is that."

"Tzu-Chen, where are we?"The crowd looked at Tang Zichen with confused faces.

Tang Zichen pointed to the very corner of the map, a tiny, sesame-like bald spot and said, "This spot is our Sky World."

"Ah, so small, so small that you can't find it."

Tang Zichen instantly zoomed in thousands of times, and it finally got bigger.

At a glance, everyone saw that the dot representing the Sky World was a circle.

Song Yu'er said, "It's actually circular as well?Do all of us, all of us, live on this round surface?Just like Earth." One Second Remember to Read the Book

Tang Zichen laughed wordlessly and said, "Don't fix your thinking, not all circles, are planets.The creatures of our entire Heavenly World live inside.You see, inside the Celestial World, it's divided into three layers, the bottom layer, there's a starry sky inside, and in the starry sky, there's a glowing, tiny, tiny dot, the sun."

"I'll go."Those of Tang Zichen who had come up from Earth were dumbfounded.

"The second level is the Spiritual World, and the third level is the Immortal World, you can see for yourselves."

For a long time, everyone finally finished studying the map.

Tang Zichen said, "I believe you all have some understanding of the universe, next, let's talk about our future.Right now, we're already a colony of the Huo Lun God King, and in another 100 million years, they'll have someone come to collect 300 million drops of Hongshen Liquid and a billion slaves.We must come up with a countermeasure within 100 million years."

The Blue Emperor said, "100 million years, what countermeasures can we come up with in that much time, 100 million years, we may not even become gods anymore, and even if we do, we'll still be the weakest inferior gods."

"Yes, Immortal Emperor, we have no path at all, we can only be their colony for now, we can think of a solution later when we are stronger."

Tang Zichen said, "Three hundred million drops of Hong Meng Liquid, which one of you is able to provide it?One billion slaves, which one of you is willing to provide?"

"Then what do you say to do."

"We can only think of a way, the primary goal right now is to become a god first, only when we become a god can we leave the Celestial World and go to the outside universe."

"But 100 million years may not be enough to become a god."

Tang Zichen said, "I can, originally I was confident that I would become a god in fifty million years, but now I have to speed up and become a god in ten million years, or even less.After I become a god, I will first leave the Heavenly World and go to the universe to have a look, we will discuss it then."

"Alright, we do our best in the Celestial World as well,"Nian Shi said.

Tang Zichen nodded and said, "Then don't waste any more time, everyone should do their own thing."

"Wait," Ziyu suddenly said.

"Ziyu, do you have anything else?"

"Immortal Emperor, in this situation, I think that we should not resurrect the Bitter Sacrifice and Huang Xue and let them inherit, so that we can also have another god in the future.Even if it's the worst inferior god, it's still a god at any rate."

Tang Zichen did not speak.

The Blue Emperor said, "Immortal Emperor, you are generous, spare them, although they once tried to kill you, but in this world, who wouldn't have killed someone, even you, you must have killed someone."

"Immortal Emperor, the greater good is important."Everyone urged

Said, except for those relatives of Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen sighed, "Fine, then I'll resurrect them."

Without saying a word, Tang Zichen immediately took out the Hong Meng divine Stone and began to refine it.

With Tang Zichen's current strength, refining a body would take less than ten minutes.

Then, summoning their souls, they were quickly and successfully resurrected.

"Ah."The Bitter Sacrifice looked at everyone incredulously.

Tang Zichen said, "Bitter Sacrifice, do you know why you're alive again?Don't get on your knees yet."

"Pounce."The Bitter Sacrifice didn't say anything and immediately knelt down.

"Bitter Sacrifice, if the situation wasn't critical right now, I would never have resurrected you, so behave well from now on, otherwise, I'll still slaughter you."

"Thank you Immortal Emperor, I will definitely behave well."

Huang Xue was also busy saying, "Thank you Immortal Emperor for resurrecting me."

"Cut the crap, Blue Emperor, you take Bitter Sacrifice to inherit his God Will, Black Stone, you take Huang Xue to inherit his.The rest of you, immediately go to the closed door."


After Tang Zichen's command, everyone left.

Except for a few of Tang Zichen's wives who were still outside.

"Do you have anything else?"

"Husband, if you knew the disaster would come so quickly, you wouldn't be an Immortal Emperor."

"Silly, it's not a matter of being an Immortal Emperor or not, you all go busy with your business, manage the order of the Heavenly World well, unearth and cultivate the talents of the Heavenly World, this has a very heavy role to play in the future.How about this, divine Nee, I am now setting up a God Creation Center, you and Gao Xiaolian will be in charge of the planning, call those strong people who have no god inheritance, Tian Gao and Xing Yue, you must pour out the entire power of the Heavenly World to uncover and cultivate the geniuses."



Everyone left, and Tang Zichen immediately entered the closed door.

Three million years passed in the blink of an eye.

When Tang Zichen opened his eyes, he had already succeeded.

"I've become a god, I've become an inferior god."Tang Zichen rejoiced within.

The original plan was to take at least fifty million years, but now, under oppression, Tang Zichen had only spent three million years to succeed.

"Hahaha, hahaha, lower grade god."

Tang Zichen now felt, full of power, he could jump out of the heavenly world with just a bounce of his feet.

Tang Zichen immediately gave it a try and bounced hard with both feet.

"Swoosh."Tang Zichen's entire body rushed towards the deep sky above his head.

Soon, Tang Zichen arrived at the highest point, a white membrane blocked it, as if it was a bubble, and everyone and everything lived in the bubble.

Tang Zichen gently drilled and got out of the bubble and came outside.The white membrane was amazing, it looked thin, but, it was tough.

Tang Zichen looked out like a distant view and noticed that the entire starry sky outside was blue, not black.

In the very distant distance, there was a white crystal.

Tang Zichen immediately took out his map to look at it, and it said, "Batu World."

That huge white crystal in the distance was called the Batu World.

By the looks of it, this Batu World was about the same size as the Heavenly Universe.

On the map, both the Sky World and the Batu World were smaller than a sesame seed, but when you really went to the universe and saw it with your own eyes, you felt huge again.


Tang Zichen didn't go anywhere else, wanting to circle around the Celestial Universe.

In the universe, the speed was fast, probably because it was a three dimensional space.

So, the huge Heavenly World, it didn't take Tang Zichen much time to complete a lap around the world

Tang Zichen arrived at the very bottom of the Sky World, and Tang Zichen entered through the white membrane.Then, Tang Zichen discovered that he was standing in a starry sky, and not far from him, a sun was glowing brightly.

Tang Zichen immediately rushed to the sun, and although the sun was very hot, Tang Zichen couldn't feel any.

Tang Zichen swept around and saw that the sun was still there, but there was no longer any old Earth, Mars, or Moon.

Perhaps, after so many years, these things were long gone.

Tang Zichen rushed back to the edge of the galaxy, burrowed out on that membrane, and came back into the universe.

Tang Zichen looked at that Batou world in the distance.

After some hesitation, Tang Zichen rushed towards the Batu World.

In less than two hours, Tang Zichen arrived at the Batu World. The first website

"Fuck, it looked close, and as a result, it ran for two hours."Don Zichen scolded.

Tang Zichen entered the Batu World at once.

Tang Zichen stood over the Batu Time and scanned the entire Batu World.

Tang Zichen said inwardly, "I don't know if there are any strong people in the Batu World, but in case there are very powerful gods, I don't know if anything will happen to me if I rashly enter now."

Just at this moment, a growl came from Tang Zichen's ear, "Who dares to trespass?"

In the next second, three gods rushed towards Tang Zichen.

As expected, there were gods in the Batu World.

However, Tang Zichen recognized with a glance that these three gods in the Batu World were all inferior gods.

However, for some reason, Tang Zichen clearly felt that these three lower-grade gods were much more powerful than Tang Zichen.

"What's going on, they're all inferior gods, how come they feel mostly stronger than me."

What Tang Zichen didn't know was that Lower Grade Gods, too, had subdivisions.

The three lower-grade gods surrounded Tang Zichen.

"What are you?An inferior god who is only a peg, actually dared to trespass into my Batu World."One of the gods shouted.

Tang Zichen busily smiled, "Don't be nervous, senior gods, I'm also entering the universe for the first time, I saw the closest place to that world of ours, there's a world about the same size as ours, so I ran over to have a look, no other meaning."

The three gods' brows furrowed, one of them said, "Sure enough, it's just a newly stepped into the lower gods."

Tang Zichen busily nodded, "Yes, I just became a god, so I rushed out of the world to take a look in the universe.By the way, what did you guys mean when you said that I was some kind of an inferior god just now?Is there still a subdivision of the lower gods?"

"Nonsense, there are plenty of inferior gods in the entire universe, are all inferior gods the same?Before you became a god, didn't you have contact with condensation?"

"I know this, the condensed power of the three no field, one two three, until after sixty-four, it becomes a god."Tang Zichen said.

"Yeah, the lower gods, they are also divided according to their respective powers, one god, two gods, three gods, until sixty-four gods, and then they become middle gods."

"Oh oh, I just said how come there are only six subdivisions of gods in total, so that's how it is.I'm sorry, gods, excuse me."

Tang Zichen carefully compared the difference in momentum between himself and the three gods in front of him, and roughly judged that one of these three gods was an inferior-grade god with three horsepower of divine power.The other two are two-horsepower inferior gods, both stronger than Tang Zichen."


bsp; Tang Zichen had just become a god now, and didn't even know that gods had those abilities, how to fight people, it was better to be careful.

"I'll go then."Tang Zichen said with a smile.

"Wait."That three-horse inferior god said.(Three lower gods of divine power, later all shortened to: three lower gods)

"Is there anything else?"Don Zimmer asked.

"What's your name?"

"Don Zichen."

"What world are you from?"


"Celestial World?How is that possible, the Sky World doesn't have any creatures at all, it's barren, we saw it on the map."

Tang Zichen said in his heart, the map hadn't been updated for tens of billions of years.

"These tens of billions of years have been inhabited by humans."

"A few tens of billions of years to develop a god?That's impossible."That three-horse lower god said.

"Oh, in the past, in our Heavenly World, there were ten gods, and then, they died, but before they died, they left behind their legacy."

"No wonder, about the past, those ten gods in your Sky World, we also know them."One of them said.

"Oh yeah, that's great, in the future, we two worlds, let's be friends, okay."

"Haha."The three of them didn't speak.

Tang Zichen said, "I'll go back first then, goodbye."

Tang Zichen quickly flew away.

After Tang Zichen left, that three lower gods said, "Second and third brothers, I never thought there would be humans in the Heavenly World, and there's a god now."

"Big brother, what do you have in mind?"

"Well, once upon a time, when there were ten gods in the Sky World, how did they treat us?"That three-horse lower god asked.

"How else can we be treated, once we were in trouble and asked them for help, but they were so arrogant."

"Now that we're finally at the top of their power, why don't we colonize them?The Horon God King isn't colonizing us, we're going to colonize them, capture their billion humans and hand them over to the Horon God King as slaves."

"I agree."

"Let's go, then, without further delay."


Tang Zichen left the Batu World and immediately returned to the Sky World.

Tang Zichen had a feeling in his heart that those three people in the Batu World had a bit of a problem and bad eyes.

Tang Zichen had just returned home, and his butt hadn't even sat down to warm up.

The three people from the Batu World came.

"Tang Zichen."The three shouted overhead.

Tang Zichen was busy walking out and saw that it was the three of them, feeling bad in his heart.

However, Tang Zichen flew up anyway.

"Three seniors, what is the matter."Tang Zichen was not as skilled as the others, so he could only be as polite as possible.

"Tang Zichen, listen to me, from this moment onwards, the Heavenly World is a colony of our Batu Time."That three-horse lower god said.

Tang Zichen's heart was furious, what an overkill, bullying when he saw something good.

Tang Zichen also regretted in his heart, he should have known not to enter the Batu World, otherwise, they might not have known that there were creatures in the Sky World.

"What, Tang Zichen, you dare to disagree?Do you believe I'll destroy you?"

Tang Zichen said, "Three, truth be told,,, we are already a colony of the Horan God King, if you want to change it to your colony, you must at least get the approval of the Horan God King."


"Divine King Horan has been here?"

"Yes. He also gave me this book."Tang Zichen took out a book of the Autobiography of the Huo Lun God King.

The three of them looked at each other, obviously not expecting this.

Tang Zichen said, "Three seniors, since you're here, you might as well come down and sit down."

"What's the point of sitting down, even if you are the colony of the Huo Lun God King, we can still colonize twice, rob and bring me all of your Hong Meng Liquid."That three-horse lower god said.

Tang Zichen said, "If I give you all the Hongshen Liquid, then after 100 million years, I won't be able to hand over the Hongshen Liquid to the Horun God King, and at that time, I will definitely speak out about you taking it away.Even the Huo Lun God King is only a hundred million years and three hundred million drops of the Hong Meng Liquid, but you guys are good, you're asking for all of it."

"Hmph, Tang Zichen, don't worry, I won't let you live until 100 million years from now."That two-horse lower god said.

Tang Zichen was startled.

"Hahaha, Tang Zichen, you still think that you can speak to the Huo Lun God King's people after 100 million years, how naive."

Tang Zichen said, "This is my world, is it so easy for you to kill me?I don't believe that they can collapse my world with your two or three horses of divine power."

"Tang Zichen, I don't need to collapse this world of yours, I'll just kill everyone in this world of yours." Remember the website

"Don't you dare."

"Dare, not a mouthful.Second brother, third brother, kill."

"Yes."The two lower gods with two horse power immediately rushed down to the Immortal Realm.

"Swoosh."With a hand grab, ten thousand people died, as if they were squeezing ants.

Tang Zichen roared in anger.

That three-horse divine king said to Tang Zichen, "Kid, as for you, let me take care of it."

After saying that, the three lower gods' hands reached out to Tang Zichen, and he attempted to grab Tang Zichen.

However, this Three Lower Gods never expected that Tang Zichen possessed the Heart of Hongmeng.

Tang Zichen possessed the Heart of Hong Meng, which could be removed in his world in an instant.

So, when that three lower gods grabbed onto Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen was instantly gone.

"What's going on?How did that happen?"

Tang Zichen's figure appeared in the distance, Tang Zichen snorted, "This is my world, I make the decisions, don't you know that."

"Impossible, even in our Batu World, I can't instantly move."

"Stupid hang, Batu World trash."

"Tang Zichen, I will definitely kill you."

"Hmph, kill me, let's see if you have the ability to do that."

The three lower gods killed again, Tang Zichen dodged as he studied the application of the other's divine power.

It wasn't difficult for Tang Zichen to dodge that three lower gods' pursuit, it was easy.

The Heavenly World was different from the Batu World, the Heavenly World was reorganized after the collapse, and when it was reorganized, ten gods united to create the Heart of Hongmeng, so in this world, Tang Zichen had an absolute advantage.The Batu World, on the other hand, did not have such a thing.

Tang Zichen's spirit entered his mind.

Tang Zichen discovered that there were ten different wills in his mind.

Only, of these ten different wills, only one of them was the strongest, while the other nine wills were all still weak.

"Ah, how did this happen?When I became a god, I should have united ten wills to become a god, but how did it turn out that only one will became a god and the other nine wills didn't?It doesn't make sense."

Don Zichen couldn't figure it out.

However, he didn't think about it either.

Tang Zichen immediately hid in a distant place.

Although right now, the gods of the Batu World were on a killing spree in the Immortal World, Tang Zichen had to find a quiet place, as fast as possible, to make the other nine strands of will become gods as well.

"I must be fast, as fast as I can, to make the other nine strands of will all become gods."

Tang Zichen was sweating with anxiety, or else the delay would be too long and all of his relatives would be killed again.

After the first strand of wills became gods, Tang Zichen gained a single horse of divine power.

If, the other nine strands of wills each became gods, then was it, Tang Zichen would have ten horses of divine power at once?

Tang Zichen didn't know why such a strange thing had happened, but it must have been a good thing.It was equivalent to Tang Zichen becoming ten gods all by himself.Every time he fought someone else, it was equal to ten fighting one.

Tang Zichen immediately entered Deep Space.

When Tang Zichen opened his eyes, three minutes of time passed outside.

"Phew, although I didn't become a god with ten, but I also became four gods, hehe."

Tang Zichen clasped his hands and immediately felt that his strength was much stronger than before, and he probably possessed four horsepower of gods.

"As expected, one will to become a god is one more horses of divine power, and ten gods, as long as you become one of them, the other nine will be able to complement each other and promote the other nine to become gods, also.In that case, it's equivalent to my cultivation speed, which is ten times that of an ordinary person, hahaha."Tang Zichen was overjoyed.

"It's time to go back, I'm going to kill those three bastards from the Batu World, now, with my four lower gods, killing them will definitely not be difficult."

Tang Zichen's mind moved and disappeared into place.

And now, in the Immortal Court.

"Kill, kill all of them, and leave not one of them behind."

"But, if not one of them is left behind, then wouldn't we have gained nothing."

"Don't worry, it's impossible to actually kill ten thousand, anyway, after a hundred million years, it should be easy to catch a billion slaves."

Those two two lower gods spoke to each other, killing tens of thousands of people as they did so.

The entire Immortal Court was filled with fleeing Immortals, and everyone cried out in fear, as if the world was coming to an end.

At that moment, that three-horse lower god returned.

"Big brother."

"Big brother, has Tang Zichen solved it?"One of them asked.

"Fuck, no."

"Brother, that Tang Zichen is a god, must not stay, must be killed."

"Nonsense, you have to be the only one to know, but, don't even know what's going on, that Tang Zichen is in this world, moving so fast that no matter how much I attack, I can't hit it."

"How can that be?Is the Sky World different from our Batu World?"

"I don't know, now that Don Zichen's run off, I don't know where he's gone."That three-horse under god exhaled.

"Brother, what should we do now?"

"No matter, since we've already done it, we must kill the people of the Sky World to almost the same extent, and then, only the weaker ones will be left, and then, we'll captivate the weak ones, and later on, when the Horan God King comes to collect the slaves, we'll come to catch a billion of them to hand them over, so as to avoid our Batu World being handed over."

"Uh-huh, kill."

The entire Immortal World, cried out.

No one was a match.

Just then, a shout came from afar, "Stop me."


Those three inferior gods of the Batu World immediately looked away, but it was actually Tang Zichen.

"Tang Zichen, didn't you run away?Why are you back again."That three-horse lower god was full of disdain with a smile.

Tang Zichen slowly flew in from the distance.

The two other two-horse Lower Gods of the Batu World also stopped, and the crowd of Immortal Court escapees, which was only able to escape, ran towards the Earth Immortal Realm.

Although the massacre was only a few minutes, it was feared that more than half of the entire Immortal Realm had died.

Tang Zichen's gaze was filled with monstrous anger.

However, Tang Zichen could finally stop enduring it, he had four divine powers now and could easily crush them.

However, judging from the momentum on Tang Zichen's body, it was still the same as before, only one horse of divine power.

Tang Zichen flew up and gritted his teeth, "Three Batu devils, this is what you have provoked me with, it was peaceful, you are the ones who are going to take your own lives."

That Three Batu Lower God sneered, "What do you mean you're taking your own lives, you're a new god, aren't you ashamed to say that."

"Death."Tang Zichen's two-horse lower gods did not say anything, rushing towards the nearest one of them, this place was already in Tang Zichen's world, so Tang Zichen's speed was so fast, they did not even have time to react, that two-horse lower god, and in one moment Tang Zichen grabbed the head. One second to remember to read the book

"Pah."That two-horse lower god, his head exploded.

"Third Brother."The other two shouted, they never expected this result, so they were all dumbstruck at the moment.

That two-horse Lower God whose head exploded wasn't completely dead, after the flesh exploded, there was something similar to a primordial spirit struggling in Tang Zichen's hands.

That thing was called a god.

People who had reached the level of god, their flesh body was no longer much limited, as long as the god didn't die, the flesh body recovered instantly.

Tang Zichen grabbed that god spirit and sneered, "You guys never expected that I could actually kill you in seconds."

"This, how is this possible."

"Hahaha, do I need to tell you guys?Go to hell."Don gave a hard push.

"Ah."The spirit in Tang Zichen's hand screamed.

"Third Brother."The other two were busy rushing up, trying to free themselves.

However, where would Tang Zichen give them the chance to free themselves and say kill them.

In the end, the god, who was killed alive by Tang Zichen, turned into nothingness.

"No, Third Brother."

"Third brother, my third brother."

The other two roared, their eyes blood red.

"Hahaha, hahaha."Tang Zichen's heart was incomparably happy when he saw them roaring in pain, cool, cool, they were arrogant just now, but now, they were watching their third brother die in front of their eyes.

They would never have thought to death that they would come here to colonize and end up with a dead god.

Right now, in the distant sky, Nian Tides and the others were standing there.

"Yay, great."

"Hahaha, finally killing one of them."

"Relief, Immortal Emperor, continue, continue to kill them all."

The Blue Emperor and the others shouted with glee.

Tang Zichen sneered, "Your third brother is gone, next, it's your turn."

"I'll kill you."The other two rushed up.

Tang Zichen attacked each of them, killing first to that two-horse down god.

A moment later, Tang Zichen crushed the head of that two-horse lower god again, then grabbed his god.

"Second Brother."That three-horse lower god saw that second brother had also been grabbed and hissed.

That second lower god begged for mercy in fear, "Don't kill me, don't kill me."

"Hahaha, haha.

Ha."Don Zichen laughed.

"Death."With a forceful withdrawal of the hand.

Alive, he ripped that two-horse lower god to death.

"Ahhhh, second brother."The last three-horse lower god stayed.

In the blink of an eye, the second and third brother were dead.

"How did this happen, why did this happen."That three-horse lower god hissed.

Tang Zichen sneered, "Next, it's your turn."

"Tang Zichen, you."

"Do you have any last words to say?Are you sorry?"Don asked with a smirk.

"Buzz."That three-horse lower god suddenly killed Tang Zichen.

This time, Tang Zichen didn't dodge, but met it head on.

Because Tang Zichen had just become an Inferior God and didn't know how to apply the power of a god, he could only meet it with a punch.


That three-horse Lower God recoiled.

"Tang Zichen, why are you suddenly so strong, you just, hiding your strength?Why are you hiding your strength, you scumbag, are you trying to force us to take the bait?So you can find an excuse to deal with us in the Batu world?"

Tang Zichen ridiculously said, "Hide your sister's strength, why did I suddenly beat you, is there a need to tell you, in short, you're finished, and so is your Batou World."

"Ahhhh."That three-horse lower god shrieked unwillingly.

Tang Zichen's gaze chilled, the more fearful the other party was, the more Tang Zichen felt pleasure.

"Swoosh."Suddenly, that three-horse lower god rushed out into the universe.

"Trying to run?"

"No way."In Tang Zichen's world, he couldn't run.

Sure enough, before he'd even run a few meters, a hand suddenly rushed up behind him, pulling in from behind and gripping his spine as if he were lifting a toy man.

"Ah."The three lower gods let out a monstrous roar, after all, it was so painful to be grabbed by someone's spine.

"Run, keep running."Tang Zichen chattered and laughed viciously.

"Brother Tang, brother Tang, let me go."Suddenly, that three-horse lower god changed his tone, became a whisper, perhaps, he felt death on the verge of coming so close to him.

"Don't call me, you don't deserve to call me brother."

"Senior Tang, please let me go, okay?I was wrong, I was really wrong."

"From you, I know what it's like to know what it was like long ago."

"Oooh, brother Tang, I was really wrong, please."

"I fuck your fault, die."

Tang Zichen squeezed hard, his entire body fan.

God's body, only God could destroy it, and Tang Zichen, who already had four horses down to God.

These people in the Batu World, however, had cultivated for tens of billions of years and had only reached two and three horses.

In front of everyone, Tang Zichen crushed and smashed that three-horse Lower God, crushing his spirit to dissipation.


Everything was quiet, it had just been a catastrophe, the end of the world, and now, the wind was calm.

The Blue Emperor, Nian Tides, Qin Zhong, Purple Rain, and countless others flew up, surrounding Tang Zichen in the middle.

"Immortal Emperor."Everyone looked at Tang Zichen with excitement and admiration, wondering how Tang Zichen did it.

"What's the matter, wait until I return."

"Where are you going?"Nian Shi was busy asking.

Tang Zichen said, "Go to the Batu World and exterminate them."

"They are?"

"I suspect that the three inferior gods that I just killed are not truly dead."


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