The Unknown Heir 930


Chapter 930

The four of them walked on the road, and the rest of the way was still very easy, it was all flat and there was no danger to speak of.

    Before they knew it, the four of them had already gone far out, directly bypassing the two peaks and arriving on the other side of the mountain.

    Seeing that the sky was gradually darkening, Chen Hao and the four of them had to find a place to settle down and rest.

    It was at this moment that a light caught the attention of the four of Chen Hao.

    "Brother Chen, look, there's a family there!"

    Lei Lie was sharp-eyed and spotted it at once, directly calling out in alarm towards Chen Hao.

    The three of them, Chen Hao, also looked immediately, and there was indeed a household there, and there was also a trace of smoke curling around it.

    This made the four of them very surprised, not expecting a household to exist in this deep forest, it was so unbelievable.

    Without even thinking about it, the four of them walked straight towards the household at the bottom of the valley.

    By the time they reached it, it was already pitch black outside.

    "Knock knock!"

    Chen Hao stood at the door and directly knocked on the wooden door.

    It was only after a short while that the wooden door was opened.

    As soon as the door opened, only an old man appeared in front of Chen Hao's four men.

    "Old man, could we be allowed to land on your side for a night's rest?"

    Chen Hao smiled as he looked at the old man and asked.

    After a glance at Chen Hao, the old man looked at Zhen Ji and Zhou Nuo behind Chen Hao.

    The old man then nodded his head slightly.

    "Yes, come in!"

    After saying that, the four of Chen Hao followed the old man in, not forgetting to close the door.

    The four of Chen Hao were also very happy, they were worried that this old man would not agree?

    Once inside, the four of them, Chen Hao, came to the house.

    "Sit down!"

    The old man brought chairs for the four of Chen Hao to preach.

    The four of them sat down directly.

    "Old man, thank you!"

    Chen Hao immediately smiled and thanked the old man.

    Hearing Chen Hao's thanks, Zhen Ji and the three of them also hurriedly thanked the old man.

    "Haven't even eaten yet, have you?"

    The old man did not bother with the thanks from the four of Chen Hao's men, but asked a light question.

    Hearing the old man's words, the four of Chen Hao also nodded their heads in embarrassment.

    Indeed, the four of Chen Hao were about to be starving and hadn't even eaten all day.

    Then, they only saw the old man bring over some food and tea.

    "There's nothing to eat, just these rice dishes, you guys talk about eating a bit!"

    The old man placed the food on the table and looked at Chen Hao and the four men as they narrated.

    "It's alright, old man, you're already satisfied with what you can give us to eat."

    Chen Hao also said immediately.

    Joking aside, it was already good enough that people were willing to give them food, where else would they dare to be picky.

    Soon, the four of Chen Hao ate right away.

    When they were hungry, everything they ate was fragrant.

    After a wolfing down, the four of Chen Hao finally ate their fill.


    Lei Li was still the same, burping a long time after eating and drinking enough.

    "Old man, why do you live here all alone?"

    Chen Hao then looked to the old man and asked.

    The old man was now sitting at one side working, holding some bamboo in his hand and making up something.

    "I've been living here since I was a child!"

    The old man simply replied towards Chen Hao.

    "Old man, how do I address you?"

    Chen Hao continued to ask.

    "Surname Zhang."

    The old man merely spoke his last name.

    "Hello, Old Man Bai, my name is Chen Hao, thank you for taking us in tonight!"

    Chen Hao immediately greeted Bai Lao and expressed his gratitude.

    "What are you guys doing here?"

    Bai Lao looked at the four of Chen Hao and asked.

    Hearing Bai Lao ask this, the four of Chen Hao were stunned.

    "Oh, Bai Lao, we just came here to travel, but we went the wrong way."

    Chen Hao smiled and explained towards Bai Lao.

    "Tourism?Young man, you're treating me like a fool."

    Old Bai gave a suspicious look, then looked at Chen Hao and said meaningfully.

    This caused the four of Chen Hao to become shocked, they didn't expect Old Man Bai to see any inkling of what was going on.

    "Old Bai, you're saying this."

    Chen Hao asked with a puzzled look at Old Bai.

    "Young man, I've lived most of my life, you can't fool me, you're not here for tourism at all, you're here for the Ghost Cave Clan territory, right."

    Bai Lao then spoke directly about the purpose of the four of Chen Hao.


    Chen Hao and the four of them instantly turned pale and became very surprised.

    "Old Bai, you.How did you see that?"

    Chen Hao was also a little curious.

    Although Bai Lao was able to see their purpose, Chen Hao could not feel Bai Lao's hostility in the slightest.

    "Hehe, this place is not a tourist destination, everyone who comes here has only one purpose, and that is to find the Ghost Cave Clan territory."

    Old Bai was very direct in his narration.

    Chen Hao and the four of them were even more surprised, they did not expect Old Man Bai to have such good eyesight at all.

    "Since you were discovered by Old Bai, I won't hide it, yes, we are indeed here to search for the Ghost Hole Clan territory!"

    Chen Hao no longer went to conceal it anymore, and directly admitted it decisively.

    It was useless even if you went to hide and cunning when you were all told straight through.

    "Young people, this Ghost Cave Clan territory is no place for ordinary people to go, I advise you to go back."

    I only heard Bai Lao kindly reminded the four of them towards Chen Hao.

    The four of Chen Hao were also slightly shocked after hearing this.

    "What does Old Man Bai say?"

    Chen Hao asked suspiciously.

    "Hehe, how many people just like you once came here to search for the Ghost Cave Clan territory, and in the end, none of them left alive, so it's for your own good that I should leave first thing tomorrow morning."

    Bai Lao continued to smile faintly again as he reminded the four of them towards Chen Hao.

    "Old Bai, we're not ordinary people, and we're also here on a mission to save the world."

    Chen Hao looked at Bai Lao and explained.


    Hearing Chen Hao's words, suddenly Bai Lao laughed loudly, a laughter that was filled with sarcasm.

    "Young man, don't say anything about carrying a mission, those people also said the same thing in the beginning, but what's the use?In the end, he died here."

    Bai Lao looked at Chen Hao word for word, not caring at all about what Chen Hao was saying.

    It could be heard from the words, it seemed that this Bai Lao must have met many people and the deaths of those people might be related to Bai Lao.

    It was inherently strange and unbelievable that he was living by himself in such a deep forest.

    "Bai Lao, do you know where the Ghost Cave Clan's territory is?"

    After a pause, Chen Hao then looked at Bai Lao and asked.

    Being asked by Chen Hao, Bai Lao directly raised his head to stare at Chen Hao.

    The two stared at each other for a few seconds before Bai Lao spoke.

    "I'm sorry, I don't know where the Ghost Cave Clan's territory is!"

    Hearing Bai Lao say so, Chen Hao didn't ask any more questions.

    But Chen Hao could already tell that Bai Lao definitely knew where the Ghost Hole Clan territory was, but he just didn't say anything.


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