The King of Kungfu in school 2456-2460


Chapter 2456

However, it didn't matter, Tang Zichen's main goal was just to obtain the Heart of the Hong Meng, and he didn't care if he could sense other people's past lives or not.

Tang Zichen immediately closed his eyes and closed his door in place.

Nian Tian, on the other hand, could only temporarily pretend that he was still an Immortal Emperor.

Tang Zichen sensed that there were many powerful wills coming from the Heart of the Hong Meng, some gentle, some courageous, and some resolute, all of them had their own understanding of God.

It was just that there were too many, and it was difficult for Tang Zichen to digest them in a short period of time.

Through the wills of the gods, Tang Zichen discovered that originally, the so-called Three Noes were the space between the universes, if I didn't master the Three Noes, then I couldn't enter the universe.

To put it bluntly, mastering the Three Nothing Spaces, going to outer space is easy as pie.

With this will of the gods, Tang Zichen's strength was rising fast.

Three days later, Tang Zichen's condensing power, reached three horses.

Half a month later, Tang Zichen's condensation reached four horsepower.

Three months later, the condensation reached five horses. The first website

One year later, Tang Zichen's coagulation reached six horses.

Three years later, Tang Zichen's condensation reached seven.

At this level, it was already on par with the strongest of those in the Evil God Relic.

Ten years later, Tang Zichen's Three No Realm Condensation reached eight horsepower.

Tang Zichen, with ease, stood at the pinnacle of the world.

None of those people in the Evil God's Relic were a match for Tang Zichen, and their strongest only reached seven-horse condensation.

"Hahaha, hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed heartily, only ten years after obtaining the Heart of the Hong Meng, he had reached eight horse condensation, who else was there?

Moreover, this was just the tip of the iceberg of digesting the Will of the Gods.

If he waited for Tang Zichen to completely digest the will of the gods, then even if he couldn't become a god, it would be almost the same.

Tang Zichen did not continue, but stopped to properly relax.

Tang Zichen perceived the Three Realms and found that some parts were a bit messed up, so he fixed it with a thought.It wasn't at all as difficult as the previous Immortal Emperor had said, and it seemed that it had something to do with strength or weakness.

"Immortal Emperor, you've finished your retreat."Nian Tian walked in and asked Tang Zichen, his heart quite complicated.

Tang Zichen said, "Niantian, go inform everyone and come to court tomorrow to officially announce my identity as Immortal Emperor."

"Yes.That, Immortal Emperor, you said before that you wanted me to help you manage the Immortal Court, this matter?"Immortal Emperor asked.

An Immortal Realm was so big, although there were some things that had to be handled by Tang Zichen, there were many, many more things that could be hired to handle, otherwise what was the point of having so many Immortal Officials in the Immortal Court.

Tang Zichen smiled and said, "This, well said."

"Immortal Emperor, then how about, you make me the President of the Immortal Court, after all, I have been an Immortal Emperor for so many years, everything is very familiar."

Tang Zichen shook his head, "This, let's say again, I still have so many relatives and offspring at home, they're bored with cultivating all the time, so why not arrange for them to do something."

"Oh."The Immortal Emperor looked lost.

If Tang Zichen was the emperor, then the president of the court would be at least equal to the prime minister or something.

Tang Zichen said to himself, "How could he give such a powerful Immortal Officer to Nian Tian, it would be nice to just appoint him as a general."

Tang Zichen.

He wasn't told that he could go and inherit the Evil God Relic, otherwise, the Immortal Emperor, even if he was stupid, could improve much, much more.

This opportunity, Tang Zichen still took Nianzhi with him, good things still had to be given to his own people, although, Nianzhi and he hadn't established a relationship yet.

Tang Zichen immediately returned to his own home and called all of his closest family members over.

More than twenty wives, naturally, needless to say, as well as his brothers, and his children, such as Feng Qin Nui and so on, dozens of people, gathered in the main hall.

At a glance, Mu Qianji could see that Tang Zichen's aura had changed much, much more, and there was an air of being too high up to look up to.

Tang Zichen smiled and said, "Everyone, don't look at me like that."

Ao Scuttle was the first to say, "Tang Zichen, why do you suddenly feel, unable to look up to you?It feels like you've become a thousand times stronger."

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed, "Ao Ba, you have good eyes."

The divine nun said, "Don't sell out, everyone in this room can see what you've been through."

Tang Zichen told all about his trip to the Evil God's Ruins, the strange encounters he encountered, and how he came back and directly became an Immortal Emperor, gaining the will of the gods and reaching eight horse condensation in strength.

"Ah."The room full of people were incredulous.

As the saying goes, people are happy when they are happy, Tang Zichen laughed and said, "Now, even though I haven't become a god yet, I'm already the most powerful person in this world.Tomorrow, you will all go to the Nine Heavens Xuan Temple, and I will reshuffle the personnel structure of the Immortal Court."

"What do you mean?"

"Don't you understand, if the Immortal Court is likened to a court, I am the Emperor, under the Emperor there are also the Prime Minister, and so on and so forth officials, I'm going to put my relatives, into various positions, the whole Immortal Court."

Li Xuan'er didn't quite understand, and asked, "But then, will we lose the people's support, will people be displeased?"

"Hahaha, so what if you're not convinced?This is a world where strength is paramount, I have a table on the structure of Immortal Officials here, you guys take it and study it, whoever is interested in being an official of any kind, feel free to bring it up."

Tang Zichen waved his hand, and each person obtained a table in their hands.

There were many, many Immortal Officials in the Immortal Court, just the number of Immortal Official positions above the fourth rank was over ten thousand.

If all the positions from one to nine grades were listed, there would be at least 100,000 positions, not including ordinary celestial soldiers.

Song Yu'er suddenly said, "Zichen, I want to be the director of the Immortal Court's Singing and Dancing Division."

Song Yu'er was still more interested in singing and dancing.

Tang Zichen nodded, "Of course you can, but this Director of the Singing and Dancing Division, this official position is only plus six, are you sure?"

"Of course, I don't care about the number of characters, it's mainly because I'm interested in myself, besides, there are also thousands of immortal world singers for me to control under this Song and Dance Division, hehe, all the songs and dances you'll see in the future are from my hands, I'll bring all kinds of dances from the mortal world to the immortal court, hehe."Song Yu'er said excitedly.

Tang Zichen smiled: "According to you."

Li Xuan'er said, "Zichen, actually, it's really tiring to cultivate every day, if there's a job, it could really be better.Then I'll choose the Three Realms Hundred Flowers Bureau."

Tang Zichen nodded, "Not bad, quite suitable for your interest, being in charge of the Three Realms Hundred Flowers, I hope that when the time comes, under your management, every place in the Three Realms will be filled with the fragrance of flowers."

"Mmhmm."Li Xuan'er was excited.

Tang Zichen looked at Little Fire and asked, "Little Fire, what about you?What do you want to do?"


"Hey, Minister, I'm asking a bit much."

"No harm done, say."

"I want to be the director of the Divine Division of the Three Realms of Exotic Beasts."

"Hahaha, yes, the future happiness of all the exotic beasts of the Three Realms is in your hands."Tang Zichen said.


This Exotic Beast Divine Division was a Third Grade Immortal post.

Tang Zichen looked at the divine nun and asked, "Jie, aren't you going to do something?"

"Not interested."Shinni looked like it had nothing to do with her.

"Also, with your thin personality, you really can't bring up interest."

Gao Xiaolian said, "Actually, I'm not too interested, but I'm not making much progress in cultivation, so why don't I be the Captain of the Immortal World's War God?"

"Hahaha, good, from now on, everyone will have to call you Captain Gao, and the Three-Eyed War Gods will have to obediently listen to you." Remember the URL

"But now the three war gods are so much stronger, I."

"What are you afraid of, your husband, me, is stronger."

"Alright, hehehe."Gao Xiaolian was also full of joy.

Just like that, almost everyone, they found the Immortal Officer position of their choice.

It was as if this Immortal Court had become run by Tang Zichen's family, and they could do whatever they wanted.

A few days later, somewhere in the Earth Immortal Realm.

"Mother, it's bad, there's news from the Immortal Realm."Nian Shi was busy saying.

"What news, could it be that your father is dead."The former Fairy Mother said.

"Mother, my father, he's no longer an Immortal Emperor."

"What? He's really dead?"

"No, not dead, Tang Zichen didn't know what method he used to snatch the Heart of the Hong Meng, but he didn't kill my father, now, the Immortal Court has changed masters, just a few days ago, Tang Zichen announced a new batch of Immortal Officials, Tang Zichen replaced many of his own relatives.Also, my father, he's now turned into a fairy official in the Immortal Court, it seems like, Tang Zichen made him the vice commander of the Imperial Forest Army."Nian Shi said.

The Fairy Mother didn't say anything for a long time, and finally, she smiled bitterly, "This world, after all, has fallen into the hands of others."

Nianxie said, "But Tang Zichen is considered benevolent and didn't harm his father, and even named him the deputy commander of the Imperial Forest Army."

"Hmph."The Fairy Mother, however, snorted, as if she had a strong opinion of Tang Zichen.

Nianxie smiled, "Mother, now that you're not a Fairy Mother anymore, you shouldn't think about it so much, it's good for our mother and father to live here now."

"Nianxie, don't forget that this bastard killed your brother, Nianqing."Fairy Mother said.

"Ugh."Nianxie was depressed inside.

Just then, Tang Zichen suddenly appeared in mid-air.

"Nianxie, I can find you."Tang Zichen shouted in mid-air.

Nian Tides looked up and saw Tang Zichen.

"Tang Zichen, is that you?"

"Oh, normally, when you see me nowadays, you should be called Immortal Emperor, but you're my woman, so you can call me anything."Tang Zichen said.

Nian Shi said, "Tang Zichen, I'm sorry, I'm not your woman."

"No, you're my woman."Tang Zichen's hand moved, Nianxie couldn't control her body and flew towards Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen hugged Nian Tides and looked at her up close.

The Fairy Mother yelled from below, "Tang Zichen, let go of my daughter."

Tang Zichen had no affection for the Fairy Mother at all, but if it wasn't for Nianxie, Tang Zichen wouldn't have resurrected her.

Tang Zichen looked at the Fairy Mother and said, "Please call me Fairy Emperor."

> "I pooh, you're a thief, you stole someone else's things and you're still shameless."Immortal Mother cursed.

Tang Zichen laughed, "You think, I stole Niantian's things?"

"Doesn't it?Thief."

"Hahaha, was Nian Tian born to be an Immortal Emperor, remember, this world is for the strong.It's also fate that I was able to obtain the Heart of Hong Meng.Now, I'm at the pinnacle of this world, even those strong people from the Evil God Relic, no one is my opponent.Mother-in-law, I tolerate you throwing tantrums at me because you are Nian Shi's mother, but don't challenge my bottom line anymore, or else I'll betroth you to the Dragon King."


Tang Zichen flew away with Nianxie.

Nian Shi said, "Tang Zichen, are you telling the truth?Are you really the strongest now?"


"But, how can you in such a short time."

"Hahaha, Nian Shi, time is not a measure of whether one can become strong or not, only opportunity can determine that.You come with me, I have many secrets to tell you."

"What secrets?"

"About this world."

Tang Zichen brought Nian Tides to a place, then Tang Zichen told Nian Tides about the underwater ruins in the uninhabited area of the South China Sea.

Nian Tides was shocked, "I'm a descendant of a god?"

"Yes, in the beginning, in this world, the first ten humans appeared, they didn't appear out of nowhere, they were the descendants of the ten gods before this world collapsed.Your father, Nian Tian, is the offspring of an evil god, and the evil will of that evil relic can only be inherited by the offspring of an evil god.That's why, none of those people inside got inherited."

"So that's how it is."Nian Tides said incredulously.

"Nian Shi, I didn't tell your father about this, you're Nian Tian's daughter, you're the Evil God's offspring, I want to take you to the Evil God's ruins so that you can inherit the Evil God's will."

"But, that should have been my father's, how could I?"

"What your father's, you're also the offspring of an evil god."

"No, I can't do that, I'm too sorry to heaven and earth."Nianxie shook her head and said.

Tang Zichen said, "Nianxie, your father, the reason why he still hasn't gotten the Evil God's inheritance, this has told the world that he doesn't deserve it, you also know that your father's talent, which is considered stupid, is probably a waste if he got it, so, underworld, it must be the Evil God's blessing that he can't get it."

"But, you said it all yourself."

"I'm an Immortal Emperor, and I have the wills of the gods, including the Evil Gods, in my Honored Heart, so what I say is naturally a few thoughts of the Evil Gods."

"Oh."Nianxie was a little confused and oh.

Once upon a time, Nianxie had been only one step away from the Heart of the Hong Meng, but unfortunately, at that time, she hesitated and didn't kill the Immortal Emperor right away, so that one small hesitation, she had missed out on such a great opportunity.

Now, the Heart of Hongmon became Tang Zichen's, which had to be a very big regret for Nianxie.

If Nianxie had become an Immortal Emperor and obtained the Hong Meng Heart, then the difference between Tang Zichen and her in this life was no longer the distance between heaven and earth.Tang Zichen could not obtain any inheritance and would never have the chance to become a god.

Tang Zichen said, "Nianxi, let's go, I'll take you to the Evil God Relic."


"Now, it's me who wants you to inherit, not you who chooses to inherit or not."Tang Zichen brought up Nian Tides and quickly flew towards the Evil God's Relic, and within a few hours, Tang Zichen was outside the Evil God's Relic.

"Ah, so fast?"

"Of course, I'm an Immortal Emperor now, so I can travel through very quickly."Tang Zichen smiled and said, whereas before, it took a year.


"Come on, let's go inside the Evil God's ruins."Tang Zichen said pulling Nian Shi.

"But, Senior Qin Zhong, he doesn't seem to like me going in."

Tang Zichen trailed off, "Qin Zhong, do you believe I'm going to slap him to death right now?"

"Er.Tang Zichen, Senior Qin Zhong, has been kind to me after all, at first, if it wasn't for him, I might have been killed by the Blue Emperor, and I don't know how they heard that I had some kind of exquisite heart, that Blue Emperor, wanted to take a shortcut to try to obtain my exquisite heart to help him cultivate.Fortunately, Senior Qin Zhong saved me."

"Oh, Nian Shi, in this Evil God's Relic, other than the Blue Emperor who is okay, there are no good people at all, Qin Zhong, is considered bad or not."

"Is that so."

"Let's go."

Tang Zichen pulled Nian Shi and entered the Evil God's Relic.

This time when he came to the Evil God Relic, Tang Zichen's feeling was completely different.

"Where's the Evil God's will?"Nian Shi asked.

"I don't understand, this Evil God's relic, well preserved, I guess it's more difficult to obtain the Evil God's will, and I'm afraid you, as an offspring, will have to go through a lot of tests to do so." A second to remember to read the book


Just then, a voice came.


Tang Zichen looked towards the place where the voice came from, and it was the Bitter Sacrifice, Qin Zhong, and Blue Emperor.

"Yo-oh, it's you guys."Tang Zichen smiled.

Bitter Sacrifice coldly snorted, "Tang Zichen, I've run into you again, last time, you had a Gu Yan by your side, now, I'll see how you can still live."

The Blue Emperor looked at Tang Zichen with complicated eyes, but Qin Zhong, who was looking at Nian Shi, was busy saying, "Nian Shi, what are you doing in here."

That Bitter Sacrifice said, "Blue Emperor, Qin Zhong, this time, don't stop me from killing the two of them."

The Blue Emperor said, "Bitter Sacrifice, kill Tang Zichen, what if Caiyun Fei Fei's side?"The Blue Emperor thought that Tang Zichen was still in the Caiyun Fei Fei faction.

The Bitter Sacrifice snorted, "This time Tang Zichen is alone, I'll kill him.I'm sure the pair of dogs are out for a rendezvous.Qin Zhong, Qin Zhong, thanks to your heart, you still have some interest in this bitch."

That Qin Zhong's face changed, busy saying, "Bitter Sacrifice, don't, don't say nonsense."

"Hahaha, Qin Zhong, Qin Zhong, you have a spring in your heart, but you don't dare to say it to anyone.Who was it who said last time that you were a little interested in her, but dared not say anything because of your face."

"Bitter Sacrifice, you, you don't say it."That Qin Zhong seemed to be very unnatural.

Tang Zichen looked at Qin Zhong and said in his heart, "This Qin Zhong, it turns out that inside he has some interest in Nian Shi."

Tang Zichen looked at Nianxie and seemed to be asking with his eyes, "Nianxie, you're not doing that with Qin Zhong, are you?"

Nian Xie had a moment of clarity, even as she looked at Tang Zichen and shook her head, "I only think of Senior Qin Zhong as a master, or an uncle, I had no idea that he was interested in me."

Tang Zichen said, "It's fine, I believe you."

On the other side, the Bitter Sacrifice said, "Qin Zhong, hear that, people's little girl, they only think of you as an uncle, hahaha."

Qin Zhong didn't look too good, in fact, Qin Zhong did have some interest in Nian Shi, but, being older than Nian Shi, he could be her father, so he didn't dare to confess to her, and thought, there would be a chance to confess to her again in the future.

But now, Nianxie actually assured Tang Zichen that she would only treat him as an uncle, Qin Zhong wasn't feeling good inside.Moreover, he was mocked by the Bitter Sacrifice.

Qin Zhong took a step forward and said, "Nianxie, Bitter Sacrifice is right, in fact

, I do have an interest in you, and since things have broken down, I'll be honest, if you're willing to follow me, I promise that the Bitter Sacrifice will never hurt you, otherwise, I'm afraid I won't be able to stop the Bitter Sacrifice today.You think about it."

Nian Shi shook her head without thinking, "I'm sorry, Senior Qin Zhong, I've always treated you as an elder, I've never thought of having a relationship with you as a man or a woman, if you don't mind, I can recognize you as an uncle."

Qin Zhong's face was suffocating red, soaking up girls to become an uncle, it was also really humiliating.

"Hahaha."Bitter Sacrifice let out a loud laugh.

But his face was expressionless, the Blue Emperor sighed inwardly, he could save Tang Zichen once, but he couldn't save him several times.

Tang Zichen also remained still, because, inside, Tang Zichen didn't take the Bitter Sacrifice seriously at all, just to see how he was bouncing around there like a clown.

"Qin Zhong, Qin Zhong, he's willing to recognize you as his uncle, what do you think?"The Bitter Sacrifice scoffed.

Qin Zhong said angrily, "Nianxi, just because you don't want to, why do you have to insult me."

"I'm sorry, Uncle Qin Zhong."

"You still call me uncle."

"Ah, I'm sorry, Senior Qin Zhong."Nian Shi was busy changing his words.

Qin Zhong was annoyed.

In fact, Qin Zhong wasn't a good person, it was just that he had feelings for Nian Tze.

Qin Zhong said, "Nianxie, you're really not afraid of death?You would rather die than accept my confession."

Nian Shi took Tang Zichen's arm and said, "I'm already Tang Zichen's person, and even though we haven't formalized our relationship, we've long been husband and wife.My heart has long since belonged."

"Then let's die together."Qin Zhong yelled.

Nian Shi did not expect Qin Zhong to change his face when he said he would.

Tang Zichen sneered, "Everyone, you're all done, next, it's my turn to speak."

"Tang Zichen, you've come to the end of things, why are you still acting cool."Qin Zhong said with a clench of his teeth.

At this moment, Qin Zhong had already treated Tang Zichen as an enemy.

Tang Zichen sighed, "Just now Nian Shi said that Qin Zhong is a good person, but unfortunately, or I was right, here, there are no good people."

Bitter Sacrifice said, "Qin Zhong, you do it."

"Okay."After saying that, Qin Zhong rushed up towards Tang Zichen.

But, weighing halfway up, Qin Zhong's body could no longer advance halfway.

"Ah, what's going on?"Qin Zhong was silly, as if a very strong resistance prevented it, and his entire body felt like it was deeply trapped in a solid pool of mud, ready to be drowned by the mud.

"This."The Bitter Sacrifice and the Blue Emperor were both dumbfounded.

The Bitter Sacrifice was a person who had reached seven horse condensation, while the Blue Emperor and Qin Zhong were both at six horse condensation.

"I'll do it."The Bitter Sacrifice instantly rushed up.

As a result, it was just as stuck in mid-air and couldn't move.

Tang Zichen said, "Don't waste your strength, I've already reached eight-horse condensation in my Three-Nothing Domain."

"This, is impossible."Bitter Sacrifice and Qin Zhong roared at the same time.

"The facts are already in front of us, what's there to say that it's impossible.Qin Zhong, Bitter Sacrifice, you want to kill me, so don't blame me for being rude."Tang Zichen's gaze was cold.

This Bitter Sacrifice was going to die no matter what, and Tang Zichen abhorred him, deeply.

The Bitter Sacrifice's face turned white and struggled hard, but to no avail, the Bitter Sacrifice shouted, "Brother Tang, Brother Tang, don't be impulsive, don't be impulsive ah, we have something to talk about, please."At the moment, the Bitter Sacrifice was like a little mouse that had been tied up.


Tang Zichen sneered, "Bitter Sacrifice, do you think, if you beg for mercy, I'll let you go?You haven't thought of me Don too kindly, but before I die, I'll send you a message that I sold a watch last year."

"What do you mean?"The Bitter Sacrifice looked blinded.


"Pfft."Tang Zichen slaughtered the Bitter Sacrifice in one fell swoop.

"Ah."Qin Zhong trembled as he looked at Tang Zichen, unable to believe that Tang Zichen had killed the Bitter Sacrifice just like that, saying that he was dead.

Tang Zichen looked at Qin Zhong and said, "Qin Zhong, next, it's your turn."

"Ah, Tang Zichen, don't, don't kill me."Qin Zhong begged for mercy in fear.

"If you say you won't kill me, then what am I?You were arrogantly trying to kill me just now, did you forget so quickly."

Qin Zhong looked at Nian Tze and pleaded, "Nian Tze, persuade him, for the sake of once I also saved you once, before, if I hadn't saved you, you would have been killed by the Blue Emperor."

Nian Tze opened her mouth, at that moment, the Blue Emperor's face was a hundred and shouted, "Qin Zhong, don't mention which pot, I didn't kill her."

Qin Zhong snorted, "Blue Emperor, now you don't dare to admit it, was it you who wanted to kill her in the first place, obtain the exquisite heart, try to be able to cultivate." First URL

The Blue Emperor raged, "But I had no intention of killing her, I thought that I could make her hand over the Exquisite Heart, and I was willing to trade her for other things, I had no intention of killing her to obtain it."

Qin Zhong said, "In short, I saved Nian Shi once."

The Blue Emperor also snorted, "Whether you counted saving her once or not I don't know, but in any case, I didn't think of killing her either."

Tang Zichen laughed, not expecting that the two of them, at a critical moment, would bite each other.

Tang Zichen said, "I say you two, you're good friends."

The Blue Emperor said, "Tang Zichen, you have to believe me, I really haven't been the one to kill Nian Shi."

Tang Zichen smiled and said, "Then Qin Zhong is lying, since you haven't tried to kill Nian Tides, then there is no such thing as him saving Nian Tides."

Qin Zhong roared, "Tang Zichen, don't be fooled by the Blue Emperor, he didn't dare admit that he really did in the first place."

Tang Zichen roared, "Alright, stop whining, I choose to believe the Blue Emperor, because, when the Blue Emperor thought that I had the Exquisite Heart in me, he came to ask me for it, but the Blue Emperor exchanged it for a woman, it is evident that the Blue Emperor was telling the truth.Qin Zhong, you go to hell."

"No, Nianxie, Nianxie, save me, you can't be ungrateful ah."Qin Zhong yelled.

Nianxie seemed to be torn.

Tang Zichen instantly did it.


Qin Zhong was slaughtered by Tang Zichen.

The Blue Emperor was now in cold sweat on his forehead.

It had only been a few moments and both the Bitter Sacrifice and Qin Zhong were dead.

Tang Zichen looked towards the Blue Emperor and smiled, "Blue Emperor, don't worry, you and I are good friends, in the future, how about following my cultivation?"

"Thank you Senior Tang for not killing me."

"Haha, Blue Emperor is courteous, in this Evil God Relic, I think you are the only one who is considered better after all, the rest of them are all bad people, I will exterminate them one by one."Tang Zichen said.

"Ah."The Blue Emperor chilled inside, Tang Zichen was so ruthless, exterminating them one by one.

Tang Zichen didn't care what gods these people were descended from.

Tang Zichen said to Nian Tze, "Nian Tze, let's go, we'll inherit your grandfather's will first."

"Mm."Nianxie nodded her head.

The Blue Emperor was puzzled, "Grandfather's will?You don't mean the will of the evil gods, do you."

"Of course."

"The evil gods are

Her grandfather?"

"Yes, the Immortal Emperor is the son of an evil god."Tang Zichen told the Blue Emperor, who was also the offspring of some god, about what happened before this time collapse.

"Ah."The Blue Emperor's body trembled, so there was such a big secret hidden that they didn't know, but in the end, it was learned by Tang Zichen.

The Blue Emperor said, "So, the Heart of the Hong Meng is the Will of the Gods."


The Blue Emperor laughed bitterly for the rest of his life, messing around for half a day, the Heart of Hong Meng, which all of them had the chance to grab, was actually the world's greatest treasure.

At this moment, the Blue Emperor wanted to laugh out tears, once upon a time, he also wanted to go over and grab the Hong Meng Heart, but, in the end, he gave up because he didn't want to waste the world on managing the order of the three worlds.

"Hahaha, hahaha."The Blue Emperor laughed crazily, not sure if he was laughing at his own stupidity or feeling sorry for himself.

Tang Zichen also laughed, perhaps the world really did have luck this kind of laughter.

Nian Shi originally had a chance, but it turned out to be a mistake as well, and it was in favor of Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen said, "Alright, Blue Emperor, stop laughing, what's the use of laughing, you're not the only one who missed out."

The Blue Emperor stopped, his heart was very complicated.

Tang Zichen said, "Blue Emperor, do you know, where is the Evil God's will?"


"Come on, where is it?"

"There is a ball of light right in the middle of the evil ruins, but no one can get close to it, and before, we thought that we were not strong enough to get close."

"Take us there."

"Yes."The Blue Emperor didn't say anything, and directly took Tang Zichen and Nian Shi to it, but only Nian Shi could inherit it anyway.

Soon, they arrived at the center of the Evil God's ruins, there was a huge crystal ball like object in the void, emitting a radiant light, and where the light reached, there was a powerful and huge force that prevented everyone from getting close to it.

Tang Zichen said to Nian Shi, "Nian Shi, try to go up there."


Nian Shi tried to go up, and miraculously found that he could get close.

Nianxie walked step by step towards the ball of light.

However, when he got to a third of the way up, Nian Tides could no longer move forward.

"What's going on?"

"I don't know, a very strong force."Nian Tze said with sweat on her forehead.

The Blue Emperor said, "Perhaps, Nian Tze's strength is too weak to resist that resistance despite her correct bloodline, but her own strength is too weak.All of us, however, have incorrect bloodlines and can't move forward an inch."

Tang Zichen nodded, Nianxie had only just glimpsed the rules of the Three Nothing Spaces, and hadn't even comprehended the most basic Three Nothing Realms.

Tang Zichen said to Nianxie, "Nianxie, just cultivate where you are until you obtain the Evil God's Will, the position you're standing in right now, the rest of the world can't reach it, and no one can harm you."

"Fine, then where are you going?"

"Hehehe, isn't there still a dozen or so people inside the Evil God Relic, someone has to clean up after them."Tang Zichen said.

Nian Shi bit her lips and said, "Zichen, do we have to kill them all?"

After all, Nian Tides was kind-hearted and somewhat intolerant.

"What, what instructions does my Nian Tides have?"

Nian Shi blushed, and gave Tang Zichen a glance, saying, "If you can, try not to kill, after all, this world, the once gods have all been destroyed, and there are no strong people left, in the future, there may be alien celestial god teams coming to our Heavenly World to plunder again, one more person, always one more strength."

Tang Zichen laughed loudly, without saying anything, he turned around and flew away.


The Blue Emperor also followed Tang Zichen, and Nianxie sighed and closed up in her spot to cultivate.

Tang Zichen first arrived at the hut where Caiyun Fei Fei, Gu Yan, and Starmoon were practicing.

"It's you."Caiyun Fei Fei was the first to discover Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Bitch, how have you been lately."

"Tang Zichen, you actually dare to appear here."Caiyun Fei Fei was furious.

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed out loud.

"Tang Zichen, go to hell with you."Caiyun Fei Fei was about to hit someone with a single word.

"Pah."At that moment, Tang Zichen slapped Caiyun Fei Fei's face hard.

"Ah, you."Caiyun Fei Fei was dumbfounded.

Star Moon and Gu Yan, who were next to him, were also dumbfounded.

At this moment, all three of them felt unable to move. Remember the URL

"How is this possible, could it be, that you've reached eight horsepower of condensation?"Caiyun Fei Fei asked in shock.

"Yes, no more, no less, eight horses, enough to kill all of you in seconds."

"That's impossible, eight horses, eight horses, we've been cultivating for so long and no one has reached eight horses."Caiyun Fei Fei shook her head like a fool.

"Slap."Tang Zichen slapped Caiyun Fei Fei's face again, and suddenly, it was swollen.

"You."Caiyun Fei Fei felt extremely humiliated.

This Caiyun Fei Fei, who was the descendant of that uninhabited relic god in the South China Sea, had originally entrusted Tang Zichen to take her to the inheritance.

However, Tang Zichen didn't seem to want to.

If he wasn't wrong, there must still be relics elsewhere in this world, relics of other gods, and although they might have been badly destroyed, the inheritance shouldn't have been lost.

"Caiyun slut, with this posture, she dared to sneak up on me even on that day, how ridiculous."

"Tang Zichen, what kind of strange encounter did you obtain?Could it be that the Evil God's Will has been obtained by you?"

Tang Zichen's gaze was cold, as if he didn't want to say more and was about to kill.

At that moment, Guyan pleaded, "Brother Tang."

"Is Brother Guyan trying to plead with Caiyun Bitch?"Tang Zichen asked.

"I don't dare, Brother Tang, Caiyun didn't mean to harm you that day, she just wanted to have sex with you and felt ashamed that you rejected her.Besides, Caiyun has indirectly saved your life."

"Really? Where did it save my life."

"Brother Tang, you still remember, that day I brought you into the Evil God's Relic, and as soon as I came in, I ran into the Bitter Sacrifice, Qin Zhong, and the Blue Emperor nobody.At that time, the Bitter Sacrifice wanted to kill you, but I used Caiyun's mighty name to oppress the Bitter Sacrifice, and it was only after the Bitter Sacrifice considered Caiyun that it finally didn't do anything.If I hadn't used Caiyun's mighty name to threaten the Bitter Sacrifice that day, you would have been killed by the Bitter Sacrifice for sure.Does this, count as indirectly saving your life?"

Tang Zichen smiled slightly and said, "It's fine, for the sake of big brother Gu Yan, I'll let her go."

"Thank you, Brother Tang, Caiyun, don't hurry up and thank Tang Zichen for the grace of not killing her."

Caiyun Fei Fei was very frustrated, and finally said helplessly, "Thank you for the grace of not killing."

Tang Zichen turned around and flew away, saying to the Blue Emperor outside, "Go, go to the next place, find that Huang Xue, Fu Rong, and Dagger."

These three, who also wanted to kill Tang Zichen when they met in the first place, Tang Zichen would never take it lightly.

The Blue Emperor didn't dare to disobey and took Tang Zichen with him.

Caiyun Fei Fei touched her slapped face and gritted her teeth, "We have defended bitterly for many years without obtaining the Evil God's will, but we never expected that it would be acquired by a person who is only a few thousand thousand years old, what a displeasure."

Guyan said, "Caiyun, it's too late to say anything now, Tang Zichen, is already the strongest existence among us."

Starmoon said, "Let's go and see if the Evil God's Will is

It's really been acquired."

Caiyun, Guyan, and Starmoon, immediately arrived at the center of the ruins and found Nianzhi cultivating in the light, but they, however, could not get halfway close.

"Why is this?Why was that man allowed to enter it?"

At this time, Tang Zichen arrived at the place where the four factions of the Evil God Relic were practicing.

Three men, Huang Xue, Fu Rong, and Dagger, were practicing with their eyes closed.

Tang Zichen flew in.

The three men were busy opening their eyes.

Huang Xue said furiously, "Blue Emperor, it's you, and you."

Blue Emperor smiled bitterly, "Huang Xue, I didn't come to find you today, it's Tang Zichen."

"Kid, the last time you suddenly disappeared without a trace in front of us, say, what secret method do you have?"Fu Rong immediately pressed the question.

Tang Zichen scolded, "What a stupid one, dying, and still pressuring me about the secret method."

"Fuck, who are you saying is going to die?"

"Of course you are."

"Ha, ha, ha, ha."The three of them let out shameful laughter.

At that moment, the Blue Emperor said, "Huang Xue, Fu Rong, Dagger, stop laughing, Tang Zichen really isn't teasing you, the Bitter Sacrifice and Qin Zhong from my faction are both dead."

"What."Hearing this, the three who were laughing in shame lost their smiles.

"Blue Emperor, can you fucking say that again?"

"Bitter Sacrifice, Qin Zhong, is dead."After the Blue Emperor said that, he turned around and flew away, seemingly somewhat sad.After all, these two, these tens of billions of years, were the best with him, they were from the same faction, and now, he was the only one left, feeling a little lonely.

Huang Xue, Fu Rong, and Knife Blade, looked at Tang Zichen and asked, "Is what the Blue Emperor said true?"

Tang Zichen wasn't in the mood to be long-winded with these three and said, "Let's go on the road together."




The three of them were slaughtered by Tang Zichen in no time.

Just like that, three strong men died, but among the three of them, only Huang Xue was the offspring of ten human gods, and Fu Rong and Knife Blade were not.

Tang Zichen caught up with the Blue Emperor, looked at his lonely figure and said, "Blue Emperor, are you blaming me for killing the Bitter Sacrifice and Qin Zhong?"

"I wouldn't dare."Blue Emperor said.

Tang Zichen said, "Do you think that I'm too heavy in killing."

"I don't know, anyway, after the Bitter Sacrifice and Qin Zhong died, I suddenly felt, like I lost two of my family members, lonely inside, and I don't know how to walk in the future.Perhaps, it's because the three of us have stayed together for too long, so long that we can't adjust to the separation."

Tang Zichen said, "Big Brother Blue Emperor, cultivate with me in the future, we will embark on a more glorious future."

"Oh, I don't have an inheritance, it's hard."

"Big Brother Blue Emperor, I will definitely help you and find your inheritance.Your God Father's relics may have been destroyed, but the inheritance is definitely still there."

"I hope so.Tang Zichen, I want to be alone, okay?"


The Blue Emperor flew away, his figure, very sad, as if he was a stranded goose.

Tang Zichen didn't think so much and turned around to go to another place, that was, the Purple Rain, White Fox cultivation place of the five factions of the Evil God's Relic.

Purple Rain and White Fox, the two of them were one faction, they were both descendants of ten gods, among them, Purple Rain was a strong man who had reached seven horses of condensation, and White Fox was six horses of condensation.

Last time, Tang Zichen thought they were good people, but unfortunately, they saw that Tang Zichen had only been around for tens of thousands of years and had reached two condensation powers, and they became jealous, forcing Tang Zichen to reveal what strange encounters they had experienced.


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