The Unknown Heir 928


Chapter 928

"Don't worry, we'll improvise and find a chance for the three of you to escape first, I can handle these guys!"

    Chen Hao looked to Zhen Ji's three men and commanded.

    Zhen Ji's three men also nodded their heads.

    "Chen Hao, this hunter leader should not be weak, you must be careful yourself!"

    Zhen Ji reminded Chen Hao of this again.

    Chen Hao knew this as well, from the previous duel between himself and the man in the cloak, the man in the cloak was indeed quite weak and a difficult figure to entangle, but that didn't mean that Chen Hao wasn't his opponent.

    "Well, don't worry, I'll pay attention!"

    Chen Hao also looked at Zhen Ji and nodded his head in response.

    This cloaked man was here to find the Ghost Cave Clan, so Chen Hao couldn't just let him get away with it, much less allow the Hunters Organization to gain the ability to rule over ghost spirits.

    Soon, the four of them and Chen Hao arrived at a canyon together with the hunter organization.

    There was only one wooden bridge in the canyon, which looked slightly trembling and dangerous at a glance.

    However, there was no way back for Chen Hao and the others, it was the only path to the Land of Extreme Yin, and it was a must.

    Chen Hao and the four of them stood at the head of the bridge and gazed at the mountains across the road.

    "The distance between the canyons is at least a hundred meters wide, and there's a breeze blowing, it's not that easy to walk!"

    Just listen to Chen Hao speak right away.

    "What's wrong?Chen Hao, what are you worried about?"

    After hearing this, Zhen Ji also immediately looked suspiciously at Chen Hao and asked.

    "This wooden bridge shouldn't be so easy to cross."

    Chen Hao said with a determined expression.

    However, at this moment, the man in the cloak and a few purple-clothed hunters walked over together.

    "Why did you guys stop?"

    The man in the cloak stared at Chen Hao's four hostages and asked.

    "This bridge is not easy to cross, it will be dangerous if you go up there recklessly!"

    Chen Hao looked at the cloaked man and spoke.

    "Heh, cut the crap with me, I don't care if it's dangerous or not, I know there's definitely a way for you to get through."

    Where would the cloaked man bother with so much, he immediately said with a sneer.

    Hearing the cloaked man's words, Chen Hao had no choice.

    "Fine, then let's go ahead, you guys be careful to keep up!"

    Chen Hao gave a faint command.

    After saying that, Chen Hao was ready to take a step out.

    No, before Chen Hao could finish his step, the cloaked man blocked Chen Hao again.

    "What more do you want?"

    After being stopped, Chen Hao furrowed his brows all at once and asked coldly.

    "You guys can't walk in front, who knows if you'll do some tricks!"

    The man in the cloak said.

    After hearing this, Chen Hao was really angry, and he really wanted to kill the Cloak Man and the others on the spot.

    If it wasn't for the fact that there were so many hunters under the Cloak Man, Chen Hao wouldn't have compromised.

    "Fine, fine, then it's fine to have your men walk in front and we'll walk in the middle!"

    Chen Hao said with a helpless look on his face and made a gesture of invitation as he did so.

    Seeing Chen Hao like this, the man in the cloak also looked satisfied, and then he immediately gave a glance towards the few purple-clothed hunters behind him.

    The few purple-clothed hunters understood inside and walked directly onto the wooden bridge, walking at the front of the group.

    Chen Hao and his four men followed behind the purple-clothed hunters, while the man in the cloak and his troop followed behind Chen Hao and his four men, completely surrounding Chen Hao and his four men in the middle.

    Walking on the wooden bridge, the ominous feeling in Chen Hao heart grew stronger and stronger, he always felt that this wooden bridge would not be so simple.

    The Land of Extreme Yin was definitely not so easy to find, and wouldn't it seem too easy for this one canyon to have just one wooden bridge.

    "Chen Hao, your face looks bad, huh?"

    Zhen Ji also sensed Chen Hao's look and immediately asked with concern.

    "I'm worried, this bridge is not so simple to cross, I have a bad feeling about it!"

    Chen Hao explained in a dignified manner.

    When Zhen Ji heard this, she also immediately took a look around, but she didn't see anything strange to it.

    "Could it be that you're being too cautious?"

    Zhen Ji was suspicious and asked.

    Chen Hao immediately shook his head to deny it.

    "Impossible, I'm not being cautious, I just simply feel ominous!"


    Just after hearing Chen Hao's voice, a loud sound rang out throughout the canyon.

    Instantly everyone looked towards the left side of the canyon as the sound came from the left side of the canyon.

    The entire canyon was pitch black, so it was impossible to see inside, and the sky had also become incomparably dark with dark clouds at the moment, which was an ominous sign.

    In the next second, a scene that left everyone stunned happened.

    A swarm of black insects were seen fiercely surging out from the left side of the canyon, heading straight towards Chen Hao and his group.

    "What is that?"

    And that's when someone screamed.

    But no one knew exactly what these things were, only that they were definitely not good things.

    "Get out of here!"

    Chen Hao immediately responded and instructed the three behind him.

    After saying that, Chen Hao led the three of them, Zhen Ji, towards the front quickly.

    But where would everything be so simple, only a few purple-clothed hunters in front of them were suddenly killed by the rocks that fell from the mountain, which directly blocked the path of Chen Hao's four men.

    "Damn it, brother Chen, the road is blocked, what should we do now?"

    Lei Lie was immediately surprised as he saw this and asked towards Chen Hao.

    At this moment, both the front and back roads were blocked by rocks, and the four of Chen Hao simply had no way to retreat.

    There was truly no way back either front or back, and all they had to face was that black mass of insects.

    Chen Hao turned to look backwards.

    The hunters had already picked up their crossbows and started attacking at the insects.

    But with just these crossbows how could they possibly deal with the bugs, it was completely useless.


    Immediately after that, there was a loud scream.

    The screams resounded throughout the entire valley.

    Only a few hunters were wrapped up in worms.

    In an instant, the few hunters turned into a white bone.

    Seeing this scene again left everyone stunned.

    "Lei Lie, take out the clothes in your bag!"

    Chen Hao suddenly thought of something to say, and immediately instructed Lei Lie behind him.

    After hearing this, Lei Lie also immediately reacted and took a piece of clothing out of his backpack and handed it to Chen Hao.

    Chen Hao then pulled out a lighter from his own pocket and then lit the clothes on fire.

    Insects were afraid of fire, which was why Chen Hao did this.

    "You guys follow me!"

    Chen Hao then instructed the three of them towards Lei Lie.

    After saying that, the four of them walked towards the front, and as they did, Chen Hao kept waving the ignited clothes in his hands.

    As expected, it did work, and the insects didn't dare to approach the four of Chen Hao at all, all of them running towards the hunter organizations.

    When the man in the cloak saw the action Chen Hao made, he immediately reacted as well and quickly commanded to have his men light torches or some clothes on fire.


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