Dish Best Served Cold 721-725


Chapter 721

"Fuckin' bullshit!"

    "Do you know anything about boxing?"

    "Are you blind?"

    "Can't you see who's winning and who's losing?"

    "Here's the nonsense!"

    "Sister Yuyan's teacher is highly respected, a tri-service instructor, how could she lose?"

    Hearing Ye Fan's words, Ye Jianton cursed.

    Ye Yuyan glared at Ye Fan even more unhappily, her disdain and disgust for Ye Fan undoubtedly deepened.

    "Just you, you're also worthy of critiquing my teacher?"

    "Unintelligent, just adding to the joke."

    Ye Yuyan whispered coldly, then turned her head, but she didn't even bother to look at Ye Fan again.

    Ye Fan didn't care about the ridicule of the two of them.

    Instead, with a light smile, he poured himself a cup of tea and tasted it again.

    Up ahead, in the hall, a brief calm was undoubtedly ushered in after the earlier clash.

    Lu Tianhe steadied himself, his face full of concentration, his old eyes like vultures, staring at Hua Yingtian in front of him.

    Even though he had the upper hand in the confrontation just now, Lu Tianhe wasn't happy about it, but instead, the scruples and heaviness in his heart became even more intense.

    On the contrary, Hua Yingtian was a light-hearted cloud.

    A cold smile immediately emerged on his rigid face.

    "Lu Tianhe, this is the end!"

    "You're using all your strength, but you only have a slight advantage."

    "And I, on the other hand, haven't even struck my sword yet!"

    As soon as Hua Yingtian's words fell, the crowd beneath the palace only heard a piercing sound.

    A sword roared, as if a dragon's roar had exploded.

    Immediately after, a cold light swept across the void.

    And then, Lu Tianhe only saw that the man in black before him, with his feet on the ground, took several steps, and then, his sword came out like a rainbow!


    Feeling that charging sword Qi, Lu Tianhe's pupils crinkled and his heart was shocked.

    However, just as Lu Tianhe knew that it was bad, he turned around to retreat.

    However, it was too late after all!

    As far as the eye could see, it was already all there was, that boundless sword rampage!


    The sharp long swords reflected the cold light of the blazing sun.

    That crisp sword sound was even more like only the devil's low roars and moans, rising and falling throughout the hall.

    That fierce sword strokes swept one after another.

    This heaven and earth was only as if a violent storm had rolled up.

    For a moment, the wind stopped and the rain stayed!

    All of the original chaos fell silent.


    Hua Yingtian withdrew his sword and stood proudly.

    And behind him, Lu Tianhe's old body, also standing.


    A gust of wind quietly blew, blowing up the tips of Ye Yuyan's hair on her forehead and also blowing up Lu Tianhe's white robe like snow.

    The next moment, there was only a clatter.

    Which white robe on Lu Tianhe's body was cracked inch by inch.

    Seventy-seven forty-nine sword marks were enough to make Lu Tianhe's body covered with sword wounds.

    Blood overflowed, and in an instant, it seeped all over his body.


    In the end, Lu Tianhe trembled and spat out blood, collapsing to the ground.



    Dead silence, the whole place was dead silent.

    Everyone was speechless in fear, only that Ye Yuyan's miserable scream echoed the heavens and earth.

    At this time, Ye Yuyan was undoubtedly screaming in panic like she was crazy.

    She stared with dead eyes, simply finding it hard to believe the scene before her.

    She had never thought that Lu Tianhe, who was nearly invincible in her heart and seemed like an idol's mentor, had actually lost!

    And, one defeat.

    After the opponent drew his sword, he was instantly defeated by Hua Yingtian with a devastating force.

    At the moment her own teacher fell, Ye Yuyan only felt that the tall figure in her heart that made her respect her as a god and her father, collapsed.

    The indestructible myth that she regarded as her idol, then immediately fell apart.

    Tears instantly rushed down.

    Ye Yuyan panicked and wept, enduring the pain of her broken arm, and recklessly stood up and ran towards Lu Tianhe.

    "Teacher, teacher, wake up ah, say something?"

    "What's wrong with you?"

    "You stand up~"

    "You won't be defeated, you're a great hero in Yuyan's heart, how could you be defeated?"

    "You're the best~"


    Ye Yuyan was snotty and crying in grief.

    The last bit of pride in her heart was also shattered.Ye Yuyan was naturally filled with grief.

    However, Lu Tianhe was already dying.

    Even though Hua Yingtian hadn't taken his life just now, the severity of his injuries had undoubtedly left him unable to say a word.

    He opened his mouth, and all that gushed out was blood.

    The scene in front of him undoubtedly frightened everyone.

    Ye Jian, who was still shouting and cursing at Ye Fan before, was even more frightened already and was unconsciously swinging all over.

    He didn't expect that Ye Fan was really right.

    Lu Tianhe, surprisingly, had really lost.

    Even the three army instructors had been defeated, I guess no one else in this land of Jingzhou would be able to do anything about this madman in front of him, right?

    "I'll fight you if you hurt my teacher~"

    Suddenly, a sharp roar came from the front.

    Ye Yuyan, who was already injured, didn't know where she got the courage to charge towards Hua Yingtian with blood red eyes.

    However, even her teacher was defeated under Hua Yingtian, let alone Ye Yuyan.

    Only Ye Yuyan had just rushed up, and before she got close enough, she was stomped down by Hua Yingtian.

    Ye Yuyan fell to the ground in response, her back being ruthlessly stepped on by Hua Yingtian.

    It was like crushing an ant, just like that, ravaging Ye Yuyan indiscriminately!

    The piercing pain caused Ye Yuyan to let out a painful whisper.

    Tears mixed with blood and flowed unceasingly.


    "Bastard, let go of my daughter~"

    "Let her go~"

    Seeing their daughter being insulted in this way, both of Dongmei and Ye Tian's couple's eyes also turned red.

    Ye Tian was lying on the ground, his mouth full of blood, gritting his teeth and roaring.He wanted to rush over to save his daughter, but it was to no avail.

    That kick from Hua Ying Tian just now made him unable to even stand up.

    As for Dongmei, before she could run over, she was smashed to the ground by the chair Hua Yingtian had pocketed and crashed several meters away.

    Under Hua Yingtian's might, all the people present in the restaurant were frightened.

    Everyone, like looking at the devil, looked at the man in front of them.

    Ye Jian was even more frightened to the point of urinating incontinence, his pants were wet, his legs were shivering and he didn't dare to breathe, let alone go to save Ye Yuyan.

    Just like that, looking at Hua Yingtian in horror, he crushed Ye Yuyan under his feet.

    The weakness of blood loss mixed with the pain that entered the bones, making Ye Yuyan's brain dizzy.

    "I...I'm, like, dying?"

    Ye Yuyan was lying on the ground, she endured severe pain and looked ahead at her mom and dad who were also in pain, tears gushing down her face.

    "Papa, Mama, my daughter is going to die~"

    "I'm sorry, I'm afraid I can't, for the Ye family, glorify my ancestors..."

    Ye Yuyan's red lips trembled, and she whispered miserably.

    Before she died, there was no trepidation, there was only calm and regret.

    Her whole life, glory added, whether it was in school or in the military, she was subject to all the stars.The others all said that she was a true dragon from the Ye family, and Ye Yuyan had imagined her bright future countless times because of this, imagining that the Ye family would become famous in Jingzhou because of her existence, and would completely be among the Jiangdong gentry, shining in the lintel because of her.

    However, Ye Yuyan never thought that all this would only become an extravagant hope in the end.


But really, I'm not happy about it.

    It's clear that your life has just begun, and now it's about to end?

    She hadn't even been able to fall in love, hadn't even met the man she liked.

    The glittering tears were only like tidal waves, raging out.

    When she really faced death, Ye Yuyan suddenly realized that she wasn't as honest as she thought she would be.

    In her heart, she was filled with regret.

    At this time, Ye Yuyan wished so much that there would be a great hero of the world who would step on the seven-colored auspicious clouds and descend from the sky to save her from her distress.

    But Ye Yuyan knew very well that fantasies were just fantasies after all.

    This kind of great hero would only appear in movies.

    There was no Great Sage of the Heavens, so how could she, Ye Yuyan, be the stunning Purple Cloud Fairy?

    Consciousness, fading.

    The force at the back, getting heavier and heavier.

    In the ears, the cries of their own parents and relatives.

    In front of the eyes, it was all a blur of flesh and blood.

    However, just as the huge force behind it was pressing Ye Yuyan close to suffocating, Hua Yingtian's dull and majestic angry voice was only like a storm exploding, but it instantly swept across the entire world.

    "Your Excellency, won't you show yourself yet?"

    "I, Hua Yingtian, came to the East on the sea for you!"

    "If you don't show up again, don't blame me, Hua Yingtian, for beheading all the Ye family members!"

    The sound was like muffled thunder, rolling by.


    In a split second, the entire hall trembled.

    All of them turned around and looked around, all of them terrified and horrified.

    In their hearts, an even more nameless fear swept over them.

    Could it be that there was someone else?

    Just who would it be?

    But to have Hua Yingtian trek east on the sea, just for him?

    "If that's the case, how strong would this person who makes even Hua Yingtian so solemn be?"Thinking of this, Ye Jian's face, undoubtedly even more pale, and the fear in his heart, became more and more intense.

    Not only Ye Jian, but also Lu Tianhe, who was seriously injured, as well as Ye Yuyan, had to grit their teeth and raise their heads from the ground, trying to watch.

    All along, Lu Tianhe had wanted to know the reason for Hua Yingtian's sudden descent to Huaxia.

    Only now, did Lu Tianhe know that Hua Yingtian had come to Huaxia to behead a person!

    They also wanted to see what kind of divine being had allowed the Sword God Palace to send Hua Yingtian to tread the sea eastward just for him?

    Suddenly, the entire hall was silent.

    Everyone held their breath and looked around, vainly trying to find the person that Hua Yingtian was talking about.

    However, one second, two seconds...

    Ten seconds have passed, and no one has come out!

    The last bit of hope in Ye Yuyan and Lu Tianhe's master and disciple's hearts were undoubtedly extinguished with the situation.

    Previously, they had pinned their hopes on that mysterious person to save them.

    Now, it seemed that the other party should have already fled in fear after seeing Hua Yingtian's majesty.

    Thinking of this, Ye Yuyan's eyebrows, then dimmed, and there was only despair in her heart.

    However, just as Ye Yuyan and the others were desperate to die.

    In the corner of the restaurant, the man who had been peacefully sipping tea, finally finished the last sip of tea in the cup.

    It was only then that the man's faint laughter quietly rang out in the silent hall of this party.

    "For me, the head disciple of the Sword God Palace has traveled not far to tread the sea to the east?"

    "I, Ye Fan, am truly deeply honored."

    Ye Fan's low, slow laughter was like a breeze sweeping.

    In an instant, it blew throughout the entire restaurant.


    As Ye Fan's words rang out, in a split second, the gazes of everyone in the entire restaurant all brushed over.


    "O honored peat!"

    "Are you an idiot?"

    "What's the matter with you?"

    "You're a wimpy son-in-law, do you still think people come all the way here just for you idiot?"

    After seeing that it was Ye Fan, Ye Jian then peed in fear, cursing angrily and trembling all over.

    How could Ye Jian have never thought that this Ye Fan would have such doggy guts!

    How dare you mess with such a strong man?

    What does he want?

    An abandoned son of the Chu family, a son-in-law on the doorstep, does he want to go against the world?

    Not only Ye Jian, but Ye Tian, Ye Ya and the others were also furiously cursing when they saw the scene in front of them.


    "What are you babbling about?"

    "Don't hurt us if you want to die yourself, huh?"

    Ye Tian was almost crying with fear, his red eyes cursing at Ye Fan.

    The whole person was shocked and frightened, and his heart was so angry that he was kicking Ye Fan to death.

    Now that their family was already in danger, Ye Yuyan was even stepped on by Hua Yingtian, her life was in danger.

    However, Ye Tian had never thought that even in this situation, this idiot Ye Fan was still talking nonsense and acting recklessly.

    Once Hua Yingtian was angered again, I'm afraid that all of their Ye family members would be victimized by Ye Fan and suffer a catastrophe!

    Ye Yuyan also shook her head and looked at Ye Fan with disappointment in her eyes.

    It was really ignorant and fearless.

    How could he himself have such an ignorant and stupid cousin?

    Originally, if Ye Fan was honestly just lying there and hiding, he would definitely be able to escape.

    But now, Ye Fan's actions like this would undoubtedly harm others and himself!

    However, while everyone was looking at Ye Fan like an idiot, the heavily injured Lu Tianhe, his old eyes were staring at the thin figure in front of him.

    Until, the person in front of him and the domineering figure on the Yanqi Lake slowly reunited.

    Nearly instantly, Lu Tianhe's body trembled violently.

    "Could it be that he...He is?"


    The wind was chilling, and Lu Tianhe shivered and whispered.

    And Hua Yingtian, a pair of cold eyes swept the four directions, and finally stopped on, Ye Fan.

    "You are Ye Fan?"

    "I've been looking for you for a long time, and today, you finally appeared!"

    Hua Ying Tian's words then made the crowd tremble.

    Ye Jian and the others who were rabidly cursing Ye Fan at this time were even more struck by lightning when they heard this.

    The curses, came to an abrupt end!

    A pair of eyes, staring huge!

    It was as if a rooster was being strangled.

    In particular, Ye Yuyan's heart was even more shocked.

    Unbelievably, she looked at Ye Fan!

    Could it be that what Ye Fan had just said was true?

    This Hua Yingtian, was really after Ye Fan!

    But how is that possible?

    Ye Fan, an incompetent person, how could he have asked Hua Yingtian to come across the sea for him?

    In the midst of the trembling of the packed hall, Ye Fan's appearance, remained calm.

    He sat peacefully, took a sip of tea.

    A faint voice continued to ring out, "Oh, yeah?"

    "But I want to know, that Hua Yinglong, who are you?"

    Hua Yingtian replied in a deep voice, "You don't need to know, you just need to know that today is the day you will die!"

    Ye Fan smiled at the news.

    "Several months ago, on Goose Lake, he said the same thing to me."

    "But as a result, he's already a dead soul under me, dead without a body!"

    "Junior, seek death!"Ye Fan's words completely infuriated Hua Yingtian.

    Only to hear Hua Yingtian shout, his feet stomped on the earth and roared up!


"Brother Fanny, be careful~"

    Upstairs, Lu Wenzheng's cryptic voice suddenly came out.

    The commotion in the restaurant hall had naturally already attracted the attention of both Lu Wenjing and Lei Ao Ting.

    Because they were worried about Ye Fan's safety, Lu Wenzheng and the others ran out of the room.

    As soon as they came out, they saw a fierce man beating up on Ye Fan.

    How had Lu Wenjing ever seen such a battle?

    Nearly instantly, a pair of beautiful eyes were red with fear.

    The heart cried out in fear and worry.

    "Quietly, there's no need to worry."

    "A mere rat, how could he hurt your little brother Fan?"

    Even though Hua Yingtian's fist was already in front of him, Ye Fan was still not afraid.

    The look was calm, just like a calm lake.The storm in front of him did not raise any waves in his heart at all.

    "The erector is arrogant!"

    "How dare you speak out here when you're dying?"

    Ye Fan's words completely infuriated Hua Yingtian.

    The fist in Hua Yingtian's hand was once again a little bit tougher as he raged furiously.

    And Ye Fan just smiled, while picking up his cup of tea and sprinkling it to the sky.

    The tea was like a sword, the water became a sword!


    Below the hall, the crowd could only see the tea sweeping over Hua Yingtian's body.

    Finally, with a clatter, it all hit the wall behind him.

    As for Hua Yinglong, under this splash from Ye Fan, not only was his fist defused, but the strands of hair on his forehead were actually cut off by the tea water that was like a sword!

    After the brief confrontation, Hua Yingtian stood there, but he was filled with a heavy heart.

    The previous contempt and disdain for what Ye Fan had said had all disappeared.

    The gaze that looked at Ye Fan was filled with deep scruples.

    "Get out your sword."

    "Otherwise, you won't have a chance."

    Ye Fan finally got up and stood proudly with a negative hand.

    He turned his head and looked at the black-clothed man in front of him.

    In the indifferent laughter, there was all the majesty and contempt from on high.

    It was as if this Hua Yingtian in front of him had never entered Ye Fan's eyes until now.

    This time, Hua Yingtian wasn't angry.

    The confrontation just now had undoubtedly already made the Hua Yingtian start to truly look at Ye Fan squarely.

    "Ye Fan, you do have a few skills!"

    "Now, it seems that my brother Ying Long's defeat by your hand is by no means a coincidence."

    "However, even so, it still doesn't change the fact that you will die today!"

    Hua Yingtian's cold voice, in this world, slowly sounded.

    At the same time, he curled his arm and held it at his waist.

    Amidst a crisp clanging sound, the sword in the casket, slowly unsheathed!


    The sword of the hidden casket is finally revealed to the world with a single sound!

    The dazzling cold light caused everyone present to shudder.

    Previously, the Three Armies Instructor, Lu Tianhe, was defeated by this sword.

    Could Ye Fan, again, be able to stop it?

    At this moment, many people were holding their breath.

    Lu Tianhe was staring at them, and Ye Yuyan was also biting her teeth and looking up.

    Finally, with a sword roar, as if a dragon and tiger roared, Hua Yingtian's long sword in his hand, instantly cut down!

    "The Seven Swords of the East!"


    Just like a blinding flash of light, Hua Yingtian held a long sword and tread the ground in a continuous line.

    His entire body was as swift as the wind!

    If Xue Renyang and the others were here, they would have definitely discovered that compared to the Seven Sword Slash that Hua Yinglong had performed, Hua Yingtian's sword art was undoubtedly faster and stronger.

    Just the sword Qi that spilled out shattered countless table woods.

    The speed was so fast that it was raw around Ye Fan, bringing up a few afterimages.

    Several steps in one second, one step to cut several swords!

    The cold mane flickered, and the sword Qi was rampant.

    Just like this, Hua Yingtian's feet stepped seventy-seven forty-nine steps in a row, slashing furiously at Ye Fan's body after each step landed.

    In the end, Ye Fan's body, seventy-seven forty-nine slashes in his body.

    Long sleeves shattered and strands of cloth exploded.

    The crowd could only see that this Ye Fan's body was like Lu Tianhe's earlier, a thousand silos and a hundred holes.

    The entire upper garment, surprisingly, was torn as ragged.

    "Little Fan~" shouted Dongmei in alarm.

    "Mr. Chu..."Lei Ao Ting was so frightened that he lost his voice.

    As for Lu Wenjing, even more tears instantly flowed wildly, weeping just to rush down to find Ye Fan, and finally was Lei Ao Ting held her in death.

    As for the others, when they saw the situation and trembled, but they shook their heads and sighed.

    Even Ye Yuyan, who was also watching, sighed.

    In the end, it was, after all, self-inflicted death ah?

    "Junior, it's over."

    Looking at Ye Fan's garment that had been a thousand silos and a hundred holes, Hua Yingtian withdrew his sword and stood.

    The cold and majestic voice was as if it had already sentenced Ye Fan to death.

    He just stood there like this, indifferently looking over, waiting for Ye Fan to be covered in blood, and also waiting for Ye Fan to fall in a pool of blood just like Lu Tianhe.

    However, one second, two seconds~

    Twenty seconds passed.

    Although Ye Fan's shirt was completely destroyed, there was no blood on his torso.

    It was as if Hua Yingtian's sword from earlier was beheaded on the body of steel.

    He swung seventy-seven forty-nine swords, but resolutely found that he was unable to leave even a single sword wound on Ye Fan's body.


    "This...That's impossible?"

    "By no means?"

    At that moment, Hua Yingtian finally could no longer remain calm.

    His eyes stared at the man in front of him with dead eyes, like looking at a devil.

    He was proud of his sword skills, but he didn't expect that he couldn't hurt Ye Fan in the slightest?

    Ye Fan's weirdness and power made fear begin to emerge in Hua Yingtian's heart.

    While Hua Yingtian was disoriented, Ye Fan was naked and his bronzed body was covered with mighty muscles.

    No one knew what kind of majestic power was contained beneath Ye Fan's seemingly thin body?

    Ye Fan didn't say anything, just took a step towards Hua Yingtian's direction, approaching step by step.

    The sound of low footsteps was like the death knell that death had rung for him.The smile at the corner of Ye Fan's mouth was even more gruesome and terrifying.

    "Junior, I'm really underestimating you!"

    "However, don't think that I can't do anything to you if you can block my seven sword slashes."

    "I, Hua Yingtian, am a personal disciple of Sword God Looking Moon River!"

    "Next, I'll let you see the true power of my Hua Yingtian."

    Hua Yingtian was, after all, a generation of strong men, and he quickly calmed down from the previous tremor.

    His eyes were gloomy, and he looked directly at Ye Fan, his Qi sweeping once again.

    It was as if a strong bow was gradually pulling apart, and the monstrous might was gathering crazily.

    When Lu Tianhe saw this, his old eyes trembled, "Could it be that he is going to use, the Sun Country Sword God's famous sword technique, the Moonwatching Sword Technique!?"


    Just as Lu Tianhe was horrified, Hua Yingtian's fierce sword was already cut out.

    The sword was so fierce that it was like a river of swords stretching across the heavens and earth.

    Just like this, it struck at Ye Fan with a sharp and unstoppable force.


    The rushing sword qi brought up dust in the sky.

    Nearly instantly, Ye Fan's thin figure was engulfed by the sword qi.



    "Ye Fan, let you become famous at a young age, let you be able to cover the world."

    "Today, you're still defeated under my Hua Yingtian's seven-foot green peak!"

    Seeing Ye Fan being devoured by his own sword move, Hua Yingtian burst out laughing in the sky.

    The laughter was only like a rolling flood of thunder, reverberating in this world.

    Sword God Moonwatching River, was Hua Yingtian's godfather and even his mentor!

    Hua Yingtian's skills were all personally passed down by Moonwatching River.

    The sword that he had just performed was his teacher's famous technique.

    Although, it was only one style, but in Hua Ying Tian's opinion, with this sword, this Ye Fan would have no way to live and would definitely die.

    However, Hua Yingtian's laughter didn't last long.

    When the dust cleared, that thin figure actually appeared again.

    His eyes were full of cold smiles, and he walked with his hands in the negative.

    There was always a wisp of a smile on his clear-cut face.

    There was no rest in his forward steps.

    It was as if he was a boat in the middle of the stormy sea, no matter how strong the storm was, he would not move.

    No matter how strong Hua Yingtian's sword skills were, it was still difficult to hurt him in the slightest!

    This time, Hua Yingtian was completely panicked.

    His eyes were red and he looked incredulously at the Ye Fan in front of him.

    "How...How is it possible?"

    "By no means?"

    "Why are you unharmed when I've struck several swords in a row?"

    "I, Hua Ying Tian, am the first disciple of the Sword God, how could I possibly fail to hurt you in the slightest if I give my all?"

    "I don't believe it!"

    "I would never believe it~"

    At this time, Hua Yingtian was like a madman.

    He was roaring hysterically, while holding a long sword, he directly charged up, recklessly slashing wildly towards Ye Fan's body.

    That stormy attack, against Ye Fan, poured madly.

    For a time, gold and jade rang out.

    The clanging sound was endless!

    However, no matter how Hua Yingtian chopped, he still didn't shake Ye Fan in the slightest.

    He struck out thousands of swords, but none of them could leave any wounds on Ye Fan's body.

    The feeling was like a praying mantis.

    Hua Yingtian tried his best, but he still couldn't stop Ye Fan's rolling wheel.

    In the end, Hua Yingtian was completely desperate.

    His eyes were as red as blood, and he was cornered in the corner of his eyes.


    "This...That's impossible?"

    Hua Yingtian roared in hysterics.

    The entire restaurant was also quiet at this moment, everyone stayed where they were, startled at the scene before them.

    All the previous doubts about what Ye Fan had said had disappeared.

    Especially Ye Yuyan was filled with panic, with endless waves of horror sweeping through her heart.

    She could hardly believe her eyes.

    This person in front of her was really Ye Fan?

    Was it really the Ye Fan she despised and despised?

    "Hua Yingtian, this is the end."

    "Farce, it's time to end it!"

    Looking at the red-eyed Hua Yingtian in front of him as if he was crazy, Ye Fan, who had been silent, finally shook his head.

    Few words, like death, declared Hua Yingtian's death sentence!


    In the next moment, Ye Fan's eyebrows and eyes were instantly icy cold, and his temperament was suddenly once.

    It was as if the rivers and seas were rushing, monstrous in fact, like an ocean!

    "Cloud Dao Heavenly Resolve:"

    "Blazing Mountain Avalanche!"

    In the midst of the majestic rage, only Ye Fan's feet stepped on the mountains and rivers, his strength sweeping like a sword.

    His right hand clenched into a fist and slammed it.

    The monstrous fist strength was like a bomb exploding.

    The strong wind that was brought up swept the four directions!


    Under the low muffled sound, Hua Yingtian's entire body was then struck in the abdomen and directly knocked into the air.

    Blood spurted out, dazzling red soaking the long sky.

    "Cloud Dao Heavenly Resolve:"

    "Yunyang kick!"


    The storm swept, and Ye Fan's feet stepped on the ground and leapt up.

    His entire figure was just like an eagle spreading its wings.

    Amidst the majestic shout, Ye Fan stepped out from top to bottom and kicked Hua Yingtian's chest.


    Cracked ribs and blood flying everywhere!

    In the horrified gaze of Lu Tianhe and Ye Yuyan's disciples, they only saw that Hua Yingtian's chest was dented by Ye Fan's kick at a speed that was visible to the naked eye.

    Blood mixed with fragments of internal organs, even more like a gush!

    In a split second, the entire restaurant was poured with scarlet blood.

    It was as if, there had been a, world-extinguishing rain of blood!

    Just like that, with an invincible posture, Ye Fan was able to severely injure the Sword God's first apprentice, Hua Yingtian, with a destructive force, as if sweeping away leaves with the autumn wind!!!!

    Amidst a low roar, Hua Yingtian heaved and smashed to the ground.

    At this time, he was drenched in blood, his entire body was a wretched mess, where was the slightest hint of the majesty he had when he had battered Lu Tianhe earlier.

    A decrepit and wretched mess, just like a ruined dog!

    And in front of him, the man, still standing proud.

    His eyebrows were mighty, he towered above him.

    Deep, misty eyes looked down on the man at his feet like this.

    The cold wind blew his hair, but it could not blow, his Herculean majesty!

    In the distance, there is the smoky waters of Dongchang Lake.

    Behind him, there was the Pavilion of Light and Lake towering into the clouds.

    In this world, only Ye Fan stands alone!

    "Kneel down!"

    Suddenly, Ye Fan gave a furious shout.

    Sound exploded, and monstrous waves of air swept the four directions!

    And under Ye Fan's majesty, Hua Yingtian, who was heavily injured again under his feet, actually climbed up from the place.

    Dragging his broken body, with a heart full of fear, he kneeled down to the man in front of him and worshiped.

    Undoubtedly, Ye Fan completely shocked Hua Yingtian with his absolute strength.

    So much so that, faced with Ye Fan's order, Hua Yingtian did not dare to disobey at all.

    Really kneeled down and bowed down to Ye Fan, bowing down to him!

    Dead silence, a dead silence.

    The flip came too quickly, catching the crowd by surprise.

    A few seconds ago, it was Hua Yingtian who was bombing wildly at Ye Fan.

    But who would have thought that in a moment's time, Ye Fan would forcefully turn the tables!

    A punch and a kick, directly forceful to turn the tide.

    With the momentum of autumn wind sweeping away falling leaves, it heavily hit the strong enemy.

    When Hua Yingtian kneeled down to Ye Fan, the grand restaurant, surprisingly, was silent.

    Only the breeze sweeping outside the window.

    Everyone, flabbergasted in place, startled to look at the man standing proudly in front of them.

    Ye Jian and the other Ye family members stared with dead eyes, so shocked that they were unable to speak at all.

    Obviously, they had never thought to death that Ye Fan had won?

    A powerful existence that couldn't even deal with Ye Yuyan's teacher, yet he bowed down to Ye Fan!

    Ye Fan, you're so strong?

    Ye Yuyan was even more horrified, her pretty face was pale and she was lost in thought for a long time.

    In front of her eyes, there was still Ye Fan's majestic and domineering figure from earlier!

    That punch, that leg, every strike seemed to strike at Ye Yuyan's heart.

    Ye Yuyan swore that in her entire life, she had never seen such an exquisite martial dao, much less, such an extraordinary figure?

    Is this really Ye Fan?

    Was this really the abandoned son of the Chu family back then?

    Only now did Ye Yuyan Fang realize what kind of existence this cousin he once despised and despised actually was?

    Thinking like this, unknowingly, Ye Yuyan actually burst into tears.

    With Hua Yingtian's kneeling head, Ye Yuyan knew that she was saved.

    The fantasy she had once had had finally become reality.

    At a time of crisis, there was also indeed a peerless hero who stepped on the seven-colored auspicious clouds and descended from the sky!

    To save her from life and death with an invincible force.

    But why was it Ye Fan?

    "Why him?"

    His Excellency Guang Yue, Ye Yuyan wept miserably, tears streaming down her face.

    She looked at the unparalleled figure that she had "longed for", and felt that life had played a great joke on her.


No one could appreciate Ye Yuyan's emotions at this time.

    Was it sourness?

    Is it Max Payne?

    Or is it admiration?

    Even Ye Yuyan herself couldn't tell.

    Only feel the body with mixed emotions.

    She was lying on the ground, startled to see the man in front of her who was prostrate and kneeling by Hua Yingtian, allowing tears to flow, but she couldn't say a word.

    Thinking back to before, Ye Yuyan also thought to do something to Ye Fan.

    Now, it seems that she is probably just a joke in the eyes of Ye Fan from beginning to end.

    Even Hua Yingtian, a generation of heroes from across the sea, couldn't withstand a single move of Ye Fan, so how about her, Ye Yuyan?

    "Brother Fanny~"

    At this time, a sudden cry came out.

    I saw a little pink carved girl with tears on her pretty face, but she recklessly ran down from upstairs, and then she plunged into Ye Fan's arms.

    "Brother Little Fan, I'm so scared~"

    "I'm afraid you'll get hurt."

    "If you're gone, what am I going to do with Sister Mu Orange?"


    After all, Lu Wenjing was young, and now that there was blood and swords in the restaurant, Lu Wenjing was naturally frightened to tears.

    The small face red ran over.

    The first thing that you need to do is to take a look at this scene, upstairs in shock Lei Ao Ting, but shook his head with a sigh.

    I thought this big restaurant, at this time the only one who dared to get close to Ye Fan, it is probably Lu Wenjing alone.

    Ye Fan doted on Lu Wenjing's head and rubbed it, and after a few words of reassurance, he then looked down at Hua Yingtian who was kneeling in front of him.

    "Hua Yingtian, you came all the way here to kill me, you should have died."

    "But my sister is still young and cannot see such bloodshed."

    "Today, I will spare your life."

    "Go back and tell that Sun Country Sword God that if he wants to kill me, he should come himself."

    "These wastes of the Pure Sect are nothing more than sending death."

    Ye Fan's indifferent voice slowly echoed.

    In a split second, Hua Yingtian, as if amused, kowtowed to Ye Fan incessantly.

    Ye Fan didn't pay any more attention to him, but walked forward and slowly assisted Dongmei who was spread out on the ground.

    Ye Tian and the others are certainly no love for Ye Fan, but for this aunt, Ye Fan is particularly grateful.

    The next person he could ignore, winter plum he naturally could not ignore.

    "Auntie, it's fine, nephew help you up."

    Ye Fan said softly, and then slowly assisted Dongmei up.

    Dongmei's heart was obviously terrified and not dispersed, and was still in a dense state of fear at this time, and only returned to her senses after a long time.

    Pretty face pale, said a "good" word to Ye Fan.

    Seeing Dongmei unharmed, Ye Fan also prepared to leave.

    At this time, Ye Yuyan's delicate body trembled, and a mouthful of blood was spat out again.

    Among all the people present, she was the most seriously injured.

    Seeing dying, Dongmei suddenly ran over in a panic, hugging her daughter and crying out loud.

    Finally, she turned and begged to Ye Fan, "Little Fan, think of a way to save your sister, Yuyan."

    "I know, Yuyan has wronged you before, but it's all my fault."

    "If a woman doesn't teach, it's her mother's fault.It's my fault for not disciplining her properly."

    "You have grievances and resentments in your heart, you spill them at me."

    "But Yuyan is still young, I can't live without her."

    "Xiaofan, please, help your sister, think of a way to save her~"

    Seeing her daughter covered in blood, Dongmei suddenly panicked.

    Ye Tian, Ye Ya and others can not protect themselves, so many people present, the only one she can still rely on, is Ye Fan.

    At this time of winter plum, full of tears, eyebrows red, to Ye Fan miserable and begging.

    Lu Wenjing looked, also heart could not bear, felt so poor winter plum.

    She did not speak, just pulled the corner of Ye Fan's clothes, softly shouted a little brother Fan.

    Ye Fan face expressionless, always silent.

    The face of winter plum's miserable begging, Ye Fan turned around and looked down condescendingly at the feet of the dress stained with blood Ye Yuyan.

    However, Ye Yuyan seemed to be ashamed to face Ye Fan, and didn't even have the courage to look directly into his eyes.

    Eventually, Ye Fan waved his hand and ordered Lei Ao Ting to bring the car over.

    And then, Ye Fan slowly leaned over, and in the midst of Ye Yuyan's terrified gaze, he picked up her blood stained petite body and sent her to the car.

    No one knew what kind of emotions Ye Yuyan was feeling when she was in Ye Fan's embrace.

    If she had been held in Ye Fan's arms before, she would have resisted ten thousand times.

    But now, in her heart, there was only endless touch and trepidation, and shame!

    Even when she was held in his arms, Ye Yuyan actually felt that this man's embrace was so stable and warm.

    It was as if the flower had found leaning and the ship sailed into the harbor.

    In front of the eyes, it surfaced once again, just now Ye Fan defeated the martial dao powerhouse and stepped on the magnificent figure of the Japanese giants.

    It was estimated that Ye Fan would never have dreamed that he would send her on a ride, but it actually caused so many emotions to emerge in Ye Yuyan's heart.

    But Ye Fan was calm throughout.

    For Ye Yuyan, Ye Fan can't talk about resentment, nor can he talk about blood affection.

    In Ye Fan's eyes, Ye Yuyan was just a small person, no different from the countless hurried passers-by in his life.

    Ye Yuyan treats herself as she wants to be treated, and so what if she doesn't, Ye Fan doesn't care.

    He was carrying a lot of things on his back and didn't have the heart to compete with these kids for any limelight.

    Just like what little actions a few mole crickets do in private, would an elephant care?

    Of course not!

    As for why he helped save her today, it was only for the sake of his great aunt's face.

    After all, she was the only daughter of her aunt, and Ye Fan couldn't really watch her bleed to death like this.

    After Dongmei followed Ye Yuyan to the hospital together, the onlookers inside the restaurant also dispersed.

    Ye Fan didn't stay long and also turned around to leave.

    "Xiaofan, Xiaofan, don't go, you also save us ah."

    "We're but your uncle~"

    Seeing that Ye Fan was leaving, Second Uncle Ye Ya Ton cried out in pain.

    The two brothers Ye Tian Ye Ya were also beaten up quite badly, although they only took a kick from Hua Ying Tian.

    But how strong were the fists and feet of a martial artist?

    Even a casual blow was enough to make the two of them unable to crawl up in pain.

    When Ye Fan heard this, he smirked, "Second Uncle, just now my nephew kindly advised you guys to leave earlier, but didn't listen, and even spoke ill of me and rebuked me."

    "Now that you have eaten your own evil consequences, how can you blame the others?"

    "The blame is just on you."

    Ye Fan said coldly, and then he waved his hand and walked away.

    Before leaving, Ye Fan didn't forget to say back, "Don't worry, I've already called 120, I guess the ambulance will be here soon.Nephew has done this, it's considered to be the most benevolent, right?"

    "Little Fan, don't go~" Ye Ya was still shouting, but Ye Fan had already gone far away.

    In this place, only the miserable-eyed Ye Ya, and the old-eyed Ye Tian were left.


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