The King of Kungfu in school 2326-2330


Chapter 2326

The Immortal Emperor himself was the judge.

"This is really grand."

Early the next morning, Tang Zichen and all the members of the Wolf Battle Team arrived at the Heaven and Earth Square.

The Heaven and Earth Square was the largest square in the Immortal Realm as it belonged to the scope of the Immortal Court.

One after another, many, many people came to the Heaven and Earth Square.

Regardless of whether or not there were any descendants in their families who had entered the Sky Wolf Battle Team, they all came to watch the match of the Sky Wolf Battle God on such a grand day.

Some people had no interest in the Wolf War God match at all, but they came, why?Because the Immortal Emperor is the judge here, who dares to disrespect the Immortal Emperor?

So, there were many, many people in the Heaven and Earth Square.

Tang Zichen and all the other members of the Wolf Battle Team were standing neatly and uniformly in the center of the Heaven and Earth Square.

Countless gazes around them sized up each and every one of them, and some parents excitedly pointed at their own families and said, that's whoever and whoever, very proudly.

Tang Zichen also swept his eyes around, Tang Zichen saw Ding Cangding, Ding Lan, and Tang Huan in a certain corner. One second to remember to read the book

Right now, Ding Lan and Tang Huan were both looking at Tang Zichen with eyes full of admiration, as if they were feeling proud as well.

Tang Zichen winked at them both, causing them both to blush.

Of course, Tang Zichen also saw Ming Yue and Ming Cheng, Ming Yue bit her lips and looked at Tang Zichen as if she wanted to jump on him and eat him.

Most importantly, Tang Zichen saw Princess Nianzhi, who had been absent for 200,000 years, above the inquisition platform at the Heaven and Earth Plaza.

Tang Zichen hadn't seen Princess Niancius for over 200,000 years, and when he saw her right now, Tang Zichen also had the feeling of wanting to pounce on her and hug her.

Tang Zichen kept staring at Princess Niansei, his gaze burning hot.

Princess Nianxie seemed to have felt Tang Zichen's gaze and sat on top of it in a somewhat unnatural manner.

In fact, at this moment, Princess Nianxiao also wanted to talk to Tang Zichen inside, after all, they had once been the most intimate people.

In the past, Princess Nianxiu was always unable to like Tang Zichen, but since she had the most intimate relationship with Tang Zichen, her heart seemed to gradually open up, as if she liked Tang Zichen from the bottom of her heart.

Unfortunately, she couldn't, otherwise, the end of the travelling sky would be the end of Tang Zichen.

At this moment, a shout came from deep in the sky, "Immortal Emperor and Immortal Mother have arrived."

Everyone knelt down, and the mountain shouted, "He Immortal Emperor is the same age as the sky, and He Immortal Mother is the same age as the earth."

The Immortal Emperor and the Immortal Mother are the Heaven and the Earth of the Three Realms.

The Immortal Emperor fell down on the judge's platform, and the Immortal Mother stood a little behind the phoenix.

With a wave of his hand, the Immortal Emperor said, "All ministers level themselves."

"Thank you, Immortal Emperor."

Everyone stood up at that.

The Immortal Emperor swept a glance at all the members of the Sky Wolf Battle Team at the scene, and finally, set his eyes on Tang Zichen.

In fact, to the Immortal Emperor, today's match was the same whether it was compared or not, as the Immortal Emperor already knew the ending.

The Immortal Emperor purposely looked at Tang Zichen, and didn't know what he rhymed about.

However, although the Immortal Emperor knew the ending, the others didn't know ah, so what to do was still what to do.

In fact, there were times when the Immortal Emperor felt quite tired of living, because life lacked a sense of expectation.

The Immortal Emperor commanded, "Then, the Sky Wolf Battle God Competition, let's begin!

, Three Eyes, you'll be in charge of the scene."The Immortal Emperor said to the Three-Eyed War God.

"Yes, Immortal Emperor."

The Three-Eyed War God flew over the plaza and shouted, "Please ask all Wolf members to stand according to their respective realms, Pre-Xuan Immortal, Middle, and Late, as well as Tai Immortal, and Golden Immortal, Pre-Middle and Late."

After a full rundown, everyone stood up.

The Three-Eyed War God said, "Please ask the pre-Xuan Immortal team to stand in place, the rest of you, step aside first, the competition will start with the pre-Xuan Immortal."

Tang Zichen and the others stayed in place, the rest of them backed off.

Tang Zichen swept a glance at the pre-Xuan Xian team members, there were almost eighty in total, the largest number of people in all the realm tiers.

The entire Skywolf Battle Team, with a combined number of about 400, the pre-Xuan Immortals accounted for over eighty.

"Eighty-one of you, all of you are Pre-Xuan Immortals, but only the three of you, who get the strongest, are qualified to become this year's Skywolf Battle Gods.Now, you will immediately enter the competition's Illusory Realm."

At the front of the square, there was a two-meter tall, mirror-like object, and that object was the Illusory Realm.

Eighty-one Pre-Xuan Immortals entered the Illusory Realm.

After entering the Illusory Realm, Tang Zichen felt as if he had come to a strange world again.

Of course, the crowd watching at the Heaven and Earth Square had a huge picture in front of them that included almost the entire Illusory Realm, and they could clearly see the performance of everyone in the Illusory Realm.

At this time, the ears of Tang Zichen and the others rang with the voice of the Three-Eyed War God, "From now on, you will encounter all kinds of demonic beasts, these demonic beasts, all of which you have hunted and killed in the Sky Wolf World before, each of these demonic beasts has the same strength, as for how many times stronger they are, it's up to you all.Time, one hour, after one hour, whoever has hunted the most number of demon beasts, is the strongest.Of course, if you are killed by a demon beast in the Illusory Realm, it's not really death, it's just that, you lose your eligibility to participate, even if you've already killed many demon beasts, as long as you are killed by a demon beast, it's cleared.Also, each group of demon beasts appears for only three minutes.Everyone, after hunting and killing so many demon beasts on a regular basis, it's up to you to start today."

As soon as the Three-Eyed War God's words were finished, Tang Zichen and the other eighty-one people felt everyone around them disappear, leaving only them alone.

The eighty-one of them were invisible to each other.

Tang Zichen focused his attention, and he heard a strong sound of footsteps coming from the front.

"Bang, bang, bang."Tang Zichen felt that a group of demon beasts were rushing towards him.

Tang Zichen smiled heedlessly, "It's time to be powerful."

After saying that, Tang Zichen bounced his feet in place and rushed towards a group of demonic beasts in front of him.

Tang Zichen didn't wait for the group of demon beasts to rush in, but took the initiative to meet them.

This was because each group of demonic beasts had only three minutes to appear.

If you couldn't kill a single one in three minutes, you would have wasted this group for nothing.

Of course, it was also necessary to act according to one's ability, if one's strength was too low, rushing indiscriminately without a battle plan, then one would only be killed by the demon beasts, which would be even more zero.

Tang Zichen, on the other hand, had nothing to fear.

In the next second, Tang Zichen saw a group of demon beasts, their bodies were huge and rushed in, the number of this group of demon beasts was twenty.

Tang Zichen suddenly cast the Shadowless Divine Sword and could barely see the shadows.

"Pffffffffffffffffff."With one sword, all twenty demonic beasts died.

At this moment, outside the Heaven and Earth Square.


In the huge picture in the sky, it could be seen that eighty-one people, each of them rushed in front of a group of identical demon beasts.

Some people, when they saw a group of demonic beasts coming, immediately dodged in fear, while others immediately tried to kill them, and others, rushed to kill them.

However, like Tang Zichen, every single one of them died with a single sword.

"Wow damn."

Everyone was shocked.

In the image in the sky, two numbers immediately appeared beside Tang Zichen: 20. This meant that Tang Zichen had killed twenty demon beasts.

However, Tang Zichen, who was in the middle of it, couldn't see any numbers he had.

Tang Zichen killed the first batch of demon beasts with a single sword, and the whole place was shocked and wowed.

Soon, three minutes passed.

The first batch of 20 demon beasts, whether they were killed or not, all the demon beasts suddenly disappeared.

Many people were depressed and shouted, "Damn, only one second left to kill one." The first website

"Fuck, one more second and the fifth one will be dead."

And so on and on with complaints.

Outside the Heaven and Earth Plaza, everyone immediately saw the numbers around each person.

However, Tang Zichen wasn't the most because, there were eighteen others who had also killed twenty demon beasts in three minutes.

The first batch, Tang Zichen was merely tied for eighteen.

But Tang Zichen was the fastest to kill twenty demonic beasts.

Tang Zichen and the others waited for less than thirty seconds before the roar of the second batch of demon beasts came once again from the front.

Tang Zichen still rushed up.


This batch of demon beasts was a bit stronger than the previous batch.

Therefore, many members of the Wolf Battle Team died at the feet of the demon beasts all of a sudden.

There were originally eighty-one team members, but right now, there were still more than sixty left.

The ones that had died were already eliminated.

Of those that died, five of them were members of the ninth team.

"Buzz."Tang Zichen made another sword strike, and this one caused the entire air to collapse.

In just one move, the second group of twenty demon beasts died all over.

"Wow, dead all over again."

"Who is this guy?"

"He doesn't even know you, his name is Tang Zichen."

"Tang Zichen?The Immortal Realm doesn't seem to have a big family surnamed Tang."

"This Tang Zichen, wasn't born and raised in the Immortal Realm, he was from the Earth Immortal Realm, he rose up in the Immortal Academy and was recruited as a son-in-law by Ding Cangding, who married his daughter who had a child by messing around with someone, to Tang Zichen."

"Oh, this Tang Zichen, quite a genius man, why would he marry a broken flower."

"For the sake of heaven, how else would he have a place in the Immortal Realm if he's an Earth Immortal."


Everyone was talking as they watched.

Previously, Tang Zichen washed his hands of Ding Lan, but it seemed useless, his influence was too small.

And so, it kept killing and killing.

Soon, the seventeenth batch of demon beasts ended.

There was already less than ten minutes left in the end.

After exiting the 17th batch of demon beasts, there were only 15 people still alive on the scene.

The 81 pre-Xuan Immortals at the beginning were now all dead, leaving only the last 15.

And those who died, no matter how many demon beasts they had killed in front of them, they all cleared zero.

It seemed that staying alive was the most important thing, even if you killed a few less.

The numbers around Tang Zichen had accumulated to 340.

Obviously, Tang Zichen was the one with the most numbers.

/> The second ranked one, the number was only 220.

The third ranked one, the number was 214.

The subsequent rankings, the jump in numbers was not as exaggerated as the first and second.

Tang Zichen had killed 340 demon beasts, which meant that in each of the previous 17 batches of demon beasts, Tang Zichen had killed all of them.

"Shh, everyone stop talking, the 18th batch of demon beasts will be coming out soon, this time, will Tang Zichen still be able to kill them all in one go?"

"I don't think so, the first seventeen batches of demon beasts, Tang Zichen is killing them all in one move."

"I heard that the last three batches, eighteen, nineteen, and twenty, will be the strongest three batches, especially the twentieth phi, the demon beasts are super strong."

"Let's wait and see."

Tang Zichen stared ahead.

Tang Zichen didn't meet them again because, Tang Zichen was confident enough to kill all twenty of them before the three minutes ended.

A group of demonic beasts with incomparably fast speeds and small, rat-like bodies rushed in.

Almost in the blink of an eye, these rat-like demon beasts were in sight.

Suddenly, the fifteen people who were still alive in the Illusory Realm were five people dead.

And Tang Zichen, with a snort at the corner of his mouth, no matter how fast this group of demon beasts were, they were not as fast as Tang Zichen's sword.

"Swoosh."Tang Zichen's sword made a few swings in place, and in the next second, twenty rat-like corpses of demon beasts in mid-air fell to the ground.

Outside of the Heaven and Earth Square, there was another boiling.

"Wow, Tang Zichen has killed all of them with another move, tsk, and look at the others, they are all struggling to face it."

On the judging stage, that fairy mother said, "Immortal Emperor, what exactly is this person's origin?The sword he used?"

"It's the Shadowless Divine Sword."The Immortal Emperor.

"Ah, the Shadowless Divine Sword."

"Yes, the Shadowless Divine Sword was created by a giant ape with a heavenly orifice at the beginning of the world.I thought that it had already been lost, but I never thought that I would see him make it today."

"Immortal Emperor, did you not know about it before?"

A faint displeasure appeared on the Immortal Emperor's face as he nodded, "I don't know, the reason why I'm going to be the judge myself is because, I knew the ending before, but I don't know, how exactly this person became the first place.Because, I couldn't sense the existence of the Shadowless Divine Sword, I didn't know that he practiced the Shadowless Divine Sword."

"Understood, then, this person?"

"It doesn't matter, he's just practicing the Shadowless Divine Sword, but I can still clearly see his future."

The Fairy Mother asked, "What will the future hold for this Tang Zichen?"

The Immortal Emperor said, "He will indeed be strong in the future, but it's a pity that he died a Gryphon's death after all."

"Oh."The Immortal Mother nodded her head.

Nian Shi, who was not far away, heard the Immortal Emperor's words and suddenly felt pain inside, and for a moment, Princess Nian Shi's eyes were filled with mist, her heart torn with pain, "He will die, how can he die."

The nineteenth batch of demon beasts came out.

Tang Zichen was still in one piece.

On the scene, only six people were still alive.

These six people had killed more than 220 demon beasts, so it was clear that they were all very powerful.

Only the last batch of demon beasts were left.

When the last batch came out, the pre-Xuan Immortal competition would be over.

Tang Zichen stared ahead.

"Bang, bang, bang."

Dull footsteps came from the front, not the very rapid footsteps from before.

It seemed that this last batch of demon beasts would be incredibly strong.

The six people who were still alive seemed to understand in their hearts that the last batch of demon beasts was not how many they could kill, but whether or not they could stay alive.

Only Tang Zichen, however, took the initiative to rush towards the last batch.


Charging forward a few dozen meters, Tang Zichen saw at a glance, twenty steel giant-like demonic beasts, muscular to the extreme.

"Roar."Suddenly, one of them pounced on Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen, however, waved his sword in his hand, completely unable to see how it was shot, and in the blink of an eye, the demon beast's head flew down.

Although Tang Zichen didn't die completely with one sword, it was still an easy kill for such a strong demon beast.

Over the next few minutes, a huge head rolled to the ground.

In less than a minute, Tang Zichen had killed the last of the demonic beasts.

The rest of them, who were now struggling to deal with the attacks of the twenty demon beasts, could no longer think of killing them, and only hoped, that they would be able to stay alive for three minutes.

However, among the remaining six people, there were actually two of them who had also killed several of the last batch of demon beasts.

It could be seen that these two people were also extremely powerful.

At the end of three minutes, all six of them were still alive, but only one of them, Tang Zichen, had killed twenty of the last batch, and the rest, one had killed five, one had killed four, and the rest no one had killed any more.

"Congratulations, you six, you become the only six people alive after one hour, now, come out through the Illusionary Gate."The voice of the Three-Eyed War God rang out. Remember the URL

Tang Zichen was the first to walk out through the door of the Illusory Realm.

As soon as he walked out, a cheer came from outside.

After Tang Zichen, five more people came out separately.

Tang Zichen looked at the five people who came out behind him, and one of them was the Nine Daoist Demon King.

"Big brother Demon King."

"Hehe, Tang Zichen, how are you?"The Nine Daoist Demon King smiled, and it looked like the Nine Daoist Demon King was satisfied with his performance.

Tang Zichen didn't think that the Nine Dao Demon King was so strong.

Right now in the crowd, a woman was looking at the Nine Dao Demon King with eyes full of love, that was, the Nine Dao Demon King had just married Leng Tian Ling's daughter, Leng Cui.Previously, Leng Cui did not like Li Jiu Dao, and was not willing to marry Li Jiu Dao, unless, Li Jiu Dao could enter the Sky Wolf Battle Team, but now, Li Jiu Dao not only entered the Sky Wolf Battle Team, but also became the person who survived to the end of the Sky Wolf Battle God competition, just now, Li Jiu Dao's performance in the Illusory Realm, Leng Cui and her father Leng Tian Ling both saw, they were very satisfied.Especially Leng Tianling was secretly happy inside, not expecting to pick up a big advantage and unintentionally recruit such an outstanding son-in-law to the door.

Tang Zichen said, "I'm good, the demon beasts I've killed should be number one."

"Wow, so confident."The Nine Dao Demon King smiled and said, "In fact, I also feel, inside, confident of being number one."

"Ew, you're so confident too."Tang Zichen smiled heedlessly.

"Hahaha, honestly, how many demon beasts have you killed?"Li Jiudao asked.

Just then, the Three-Eyed War God shouted, "What are you six still standing around for, don't come up yet."

The six of you went up and lined up.

None of them knew how many others had killed, except for Tang Zichen, they were all nervous.

The Three-Eyed War God shouted, "Below, I'll announce the results of the six of you, the one who killed the most number of demon beasts is Tang Zichen, who killed a total of 400 demon beasts."

"What, 400."The five of you, including the Demon King, were shocked.

"Isn't that a total kill?"

"Right, Tang Zichen, twenty batches of demon beasts, twenty in each batch, kill them all."

"The second in number of demon beasts killed, is Li Jiudao, killed 270 in total."

The rest of them were a bit nervous and disappointed, but not very shocked, after all, their number was not very different from 270 either.

"The third in the number of demon beasts killed, is Zhu Yufang, 268.The above three are invited to step out, the rest of you stand down."

The other three were very lost.

Tang Zichen, Li Jiudao, and Zhu Yufang, the three of them stood there.

The Three-Eyed War God asked, "According to reason, you three, are the top three respectively, but, in order to convince everyone, so, I'll give you a chance, you three, challenge each other, if you can win over others, then you can replace each other's number.For example, if Zhu Yufang defeats Tang Zichen, then the 400 that Tang Zichen killed will be counted on Zhu Yufang's head.Understood?"

The Nine Dao Demon King burst out laughing, "I wouldn't have to compete with Tang Zichen."


Everyone agreed that the Nine Dao Demon King was too unambitious.

However, the Nine Dao Demon King said, "Because, I can't even block one move from Tang Zichen, do I still need to compete with him?"

That Zhu Yufang snorted, "Defeated before a battle, no good, I don't believe that everyone is pre-Xuan Xian, how strong can he be."

That Zhu Yufang, had to be compared to Tang Zichen, Zhu Yufang was a woman, ugly looking and poorly built.

Tang Zichen said, "Come on, if you beat me, you're the one who kills the 400 Zhang Demon Beast."

Li Jiudao on the other side said in his heart: "What a search for abuse."

"Drink."Suddenly, Zhu Yufang made her move, she used a spell.

Zhu Yufang was also its genius, her profound spells were more than five, and each of them was practiced to the highest profound kind.

Zhu Yufang suddenly disappeared in front of Tang Zichen.

At this moment, Zhu Yufang was casting an invisibility spell.

After being invisible, Zhu Yufang attacked Tang Zichen from the side.

Tang Zichen did not move, although Tang Zichen did not know where Zhu Yufang was invisible, no matter how invisible she was, she would definitely be discovered by Tang Zichen if she attacked Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen's Shadowless Sword was so incredibly fast that even though Zhu Yufang's attack was already under Tang Zichen's nose, Tang Zichen was still capable of striking to restrain her.

Sure enough, in the next second, Tang Zichen sensed a sharp aura coming from the side.

Tang Zichen instantly raised his sword.

"Swoosh."With one cut, the invisible Zhu Yufang, whose chest was sliced open by Tang Zichen, seemed to be about to fall off.

"Ah."Zhu Yufang screamed, panicked and closed her hand, hurriedly covering her clothes to prevent them from falling off, or else she would be seen naked in full view of the public.

And Tang Zichen didn't even look at it, his sword was already pointed at Zhu Yufang's neck.

Tang Zichen didn't mean to cut her clothes, who made her invisible, how did Tang Zichen know that it was so coincidental to cut her clothes.

"You lose, Zhu Yufang, it seems that you can't take my 400 figures."

"Hmph."Zhu Yufang's face was bad.

The Nine Dao Demon King laughed, "I told you, even I can't stop him from one move, let alone you."

Zhu Yufang looked angrily at the Nine Daoist Demon King and said, "What do you mean, I'm not as good as you?Fine, I don't believe that I can't beat you."

The Nine Dao Demon King waved his hand and said, "I'll accompany you."

After Zhu Yufang tidied up her clothes, she fought with Li Jiudao again.

However, the two of them were very close, the Nine Dao Demon King's Immortal Consciousness was powerful, and his consciousness attack collapsed Zhu Yufang, but of course, Zhu Yufang's spells were powerful, and the Nine Dao Demon King was screaming.

In the end, the two fought for a long time without a winner.

The Three-Eyed War God shouted, "Alright, stop fighting, your strengths are very close, and there's no time for you to be separated now.However, all in all, if we continue, Li Jiudao has a greater chance of winning, and Li Jiudao has more plasticity in the future, so Li Jiudao comes second, and Zhu Yufang comes third."

Zhu Yufang huffed, but didn't argue, perhaps she was convinced.


"Next, the competition will be held to invite all mid-Xuan Xiantian Skywolves to enter the Battle God competition."

Dozens of mid-Xuan Immortal Heavenly Wolves entered the center of the square.

Tang Zichen hadn't gone far and asked, "Captain, can I participate in the mid-Xuan Immortal competition?"

The Three-Eyed War God looked at Tang Zichen and said, "Tang Zichen, almost done, let you alone finish the limelight, what are other people doing, the more limelight you get, the more enemies you make, it's not good for you."

"Alright, forget I said it."Tang Zichen had no choice but to exit the middle of the square.

It seemed that it was impossible for him to continuously participate in the mid and late Xuan Xian competitions.

But also, if he were to win first place in both the mid and late Xuan Immortal stage, he was bound to attract countless jealousy.

A day passed, and the competition of the Wolf War God was over.

In the evening.

"Below, please ask all the top three team members to come up one by one to receive their awards."

Tang Zichen had managed to obtain two Grade 2 Fetal Pills. One second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen's heart was wild with surprise, two grains of Level 2 ah, if all of them could work, then it meant that Tang Zichen could increase his realm by at least four.

"I announce that this edition of the Sky Wolf Battle God Competition, has officially ended."After the Three-Eyed War God announced, the Immortal Emperor also disappeared.

Everyone dispersed.

Two Second Grade Fetal Pills, Tang Zichen didn't know whether to take one for himself or give one away to someone else.

If one was given to someone, who would it be given to?What a bad deal.

"It's just that, take it yourself."

At this moment, Tang Zichen saw Princess Nianzhi was about to leave out of the corner of his eyes.

Tang Zichen wanted to chase after her, but was afraid in public.

Tang Zichen immediately sent a message to Princess Nian Tides, saying, "I will definitely come find you tonight."

"Don't."Princess Nian Tides immediately replied to Tang Zichen.

"Definitely, I can't control myself anymore."

Princess Nianxie wanted to refuse again, but when she thought of her father saying that it was quite a pity for Tang Zichen to die in the future, she couldn't bear to refuse inside.

A few seconds later, Princess Nianxie sent a message, "Alright, tonight you go to Hulan Villa and wait for me."


Tang Zichen was delighted inside, last time, Princess Nianxie had given Tang Zichen a Grade 2 Fetal Pill, so now that Tang Zichen had obtained two, he should have given her one back.

At this moment, Ding Lan pounced on her.

"Husband."Ding Lan shouted excitedly.

Tang Zichen temporarily returned to the Ding family with Ding Lan, Tang Huan, Ding Cang Dong and the others.

It was just that Tang Zichen had another appointment with Princess Nian Shi tonight, which made it a bit hard for Tang Zichen to get out of it, so he had to talk about it tonight.

After returning to the Ding family, Ding Cang Vault smiled and said, "Zichen, you obtained two fetal pills, how are you going to use them?"

Ding CangDong seemed to have some purpose.

Tang Zichen said, "Does my father-in-law have any good suggestions?"

"Hahaha, this is your trophy, and no one has the right to suggest it to you.However, two fetal pills, if you take it in a short period of time, one of them will definitely go to waste, unless, you don't intend to take two at the same time."

Tang Zichen said, "Truth be told, I really don't plan to take two at once."

Ding Cang Dao said, "Then, why not take the other capsule out and give it away."

"Indeed I have plans to take it out and give it away."

"Good son-in-law, surely you have given one capsule to Ding Lan, right?"Ding Cang Dao asked.


; Tang Zichen shook his head.

"Ah, you want to gift it to Tang Huan."Ding CangDong was somewhat reluctant, Tang Huan and DingLan, one was a biological daughter and the other was a recognized granddaughter, definitely favoring the daughter.

Tang Huan, who was not far away, listened, busy saying, "No need to give it to me, really, I don't need it."

Ding Lan was also busy saying, "I don't want it either, give it to Tang Huan, she needs it more than me."

Ding Cangding smiled, "Since they both don't want it, then why don't you, give it to my son Ding Cap."

Tang Zichen was startled, "Big brother Ding Cap?"

"Yes, Ding Cap really needs a Fetal Pill at the moment ah, if you are willing to give him one, Ding Cap will definitely be grateful."Ding CangDong said expectantly, perhaps, his purpose in the beginning was to see if he could ask for one for Ding Cap.

Tang Zichen laughed, how could he give Ding Cap.

That Ding Cap was Ding Lan's big brother, and he was now a mid-Golden Immortal.

Ding Cang Dome said, "Good son-in-law, you don't know, Ding Cap was hard pressed to obtain the approval of the Immortal Court to become a Great Luo Golden Immortal, but the approval was granted, but the realm is stuck, he is now at the middle stage of Golden Immortal, if he can take a second grade fetal pill, he can definitely become a Great Luo Golden Immortal.At the moment, neither Ding Lan nor Tang Huan are the ones who need the fetal pills the most ah."

Both Ding Lan and Tang Huan were silent, the decision was in Tang Zichen's hands.

Tang Zichen's heart just felt a bit ridiculous, why would he want to fulfill Ding Cap?What was the point of making Ding Cap a Great Luo Immortal, it would be better for Tang Zichen to give it to him than for Tang Zichen himself to rise one more realm.

However, father-in-law was not easy to offend.

Tang Zichen sighed, "My father-in-law, to be honest, I just said that the other one is to be given away, and that's because, I have already thought of who to give it to."


"Princess Nianzhi, you should remember that once Princess Nianzhi gifted me a Grade 2 Fetal Pill, now that I have two, it's only reasonable that I should gift one back to her."

"Tang Zichen, you're crazy, Princess Nianxie still needs to be gifted by you?"

"As I recall, even Princess Nianzhi doesn't have it just because she wants it, so what's wrong with me gifting her."

"Nianxie is a princess, her chances of obtaining the Fetal Pill are much greater than yours, you're really wasting it."

"It's a favor, even if it's a waste, I have to return this favor to her.Alright, in order to not have long dreams at night and to not let anyone fantasize, I've decided to go find Princess Nian Shi now, I'll leave first."

Tang Zichen turned around and headed out, just in time to find a chance to get away and go to Hulan Mountain Villa to meet Princess Nian Tides.

"Husband, is it so urgent?"Tinglan asked.

"Gift it to the princess sooner rather than later.I may not see the princess today, but I'll wait until I see her, so you don't have to wait for me as I may not be back today."


Tang Zichen was already far away.

Ding Cang Dome watched depressedly as Tang Zichen flew away.

Ding Lan and Tang Huan didn't suspect anything either.

It was also already late in the day.

Tang Zichen came to the Hulan Villa.

Hulan Villa was a private residence, and it was unknown who the owner was.

When Tang Zichen arrived outside of Hulan Villa, he was blocked by a protective shield.

Tang Zichen tried to walk in and surprisingly found that he went straight in.

As soon as he entered Hulan Villa, he heard a voice, "You're here."

When Tang Zichen looked, it was Princess Nianxie, and it seemed that Nianxie had been waiting for a long time.

"Princess."Tang Zichen pounced on her with excitement.


Princess Nianxie took a few steps back.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Isn't it safe here too?"

Princess Nianzhi blushed a bit and said, "This is my private mountain resort and with my private shield, my father can't sense this place."

"Then it's safe."Tang Zichen rubbed his hands with a heated smile, Nianxie was a little afraid when she saw Tang Zichen's unkind smile inside, but, deep down, she seemed to have a little bit of anticipation.

Tang Zichen asked, "By the way, your destiny is higher than the three realms, the Immortal Emperor can't sense you, so can I, the Immortal Emperor, sense that I am with you at this moment?"Tang Zichen was wary of the question, all things considered better to be careful.

Princess Nian Shi said, "Of course you can sense it, within the three realms, I'm the only one whose destiny is higher than the three realms.However, you don't have to worry, as long as you stay with me, my destiny will be able to hide your scent, and my father will not be able to sense you, of course, if you leave me, such as if you go home, my father will immediately be able to sense you, but what you have done with me, my father does not know."


"The reason my father doesn't want me to find a mate is because anyone who lives with me can't sense what he's done as long as they live with me."

Tang Zichen stepped up and hugged the princess, and Princess Nianzhi's body trembled, a little unnaturally, and tried to back away, but Tang Zichen wouldn't let her get away.

"Don't do that."Princess Nian Tides.

"I'm partial to this, you're already my person." First URL


Tang Zichen couldn't resist the impulse to kiss Princess Nianzhi all at once.

There was no need to elaborate on what happened after that.

Until a few whispers later.

Tang Zichen and Princess Nianxie lay on the ground tired, breathing heavily.

Princess Nianxie's mind was still replaying everything that had just happened, and it was somewhat unbelievable.

Tang Zichen took out a fetal pellet and said."Nianxie, I gave this to you."

"Ah, you just obtained it today and you're giving it to me?"


"Why did you give it to me, you should know how precious she is."

"As precious as the fetal pills are, you're not as precious as you are."

"Nonsense."Princess Nianzhi blushed, but, inside, she was quite happy.

"Take it, and you once gave me a Grade 2 Fetal Pill as well."

"Tang Zichen, thank you for having this, I accept your kindness, I don't need a fetal pellet right now, and as you know, I'm the daughter of an Immortal Emperor, I need a fetal pellet more easily than you do."


"Don't but, and I'll give you another pill, this pill is called Tian Nian Shan, if you take the Fetal Pill and then take the Tian Nian Shan, then one hundred percent can break through, it doesn't matter if you take two pills in a row."


Saying that, Princess Nianxiao gave Tang Zichen a Tian Nian Shan pill.

Tang Zichen was really embarrassed, but instead, he accepted another pill from someone.

"Take it ah, you should hurry back now, although the Immortal Emperor doesn't know I'm here, but it's hard to avoid the unexpected, hurry away from the back door."

Tang Zichen reluctantly said, "Then when can I see you next?"

"I don't know."Princess Nenshi said shaking her head.

"Then when I miss you later, I'll come to you."

"Never, don't take your own life."


"Alright, I'll leave first."

Tang Zichen hurriedly left.

Tang Zichen returned to the Ding family.

Ding Lan and Tang Huan were both waiting for Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen didn't go to anyone's place, Tang Zichen just closed the door.

Tang Zichen took two fetal pills in succession and then took the Heavenly Nostalgia Pill.

Just like that, ten days later.

Tang Zichen's realm grew from the early stage of Xuanxian to the middle stage of Taixian.

"Yay."Tang Zichen was so excited that he raced through four realms in one go.

Above Tai Xian, there was the Golden Immortal, then the Great Luo Golden Immortal, and then the Divine Immortal level.

Tang Zichen felt like he was standing so high without even realizing it.

There was a feeling of being in a high altitude.

Tang Zichen walked out of the secret room.

"How was it?"Tang Huan and Ding Lan happened to be outside.

Tang Zichen smiled, "I'm already in the middle stage of Tai Xian."



Ding Lan wondered, "But how can you possibly rise four levels in a row?"

"After I met Princess Nianzhi, she didn't take my Fetal Pill, but instead gifted me with a Heavenly Nostalgia Pill."

"Ah, the Heavenly Nostalgia Pill, that's the best pill to assist the Fetal Pill, if you have the Heavenly Nostalgia Pill to assist, the success rate is 100%."

"Yes, so, I'm rising four levels in a row."

"Zichen, congratulations."

"Thank you, it's just that it's a shame that I didn't give you a single pill."

"There's nothing to be ashamed of, besides, even if I had given it to me, I'm sure my father would have asked for it from me and given it to my big brother."Ding Lan Dao.

Tang Zichen nodded his head.

Ding Lan said, "Now that you're out of the border, go to my father's place, he'll let you go there after you're out of the border."


Ding Lan instructed, "Speak well with my father ah."

"Don't worry."

Tang Zichen arrived at the place where Ding Cang Dao lived.

At this moment, in Ding CangDong's study, a young man pleaded, "Dad, just go beg brother-in-law to let me have the one he took himself first."

Ding Cang Gong sighed, "How is that possible, that fetus pellet, he earned it with his own hard work ah, one of them was given to Princess Nian Shi, how is he willing to give you the one he took himself."

"Dad, you go beg, Tang Zichen is such a genius, he will definitely still have a chance to get the Fetal Pill in the future, and I, if I don't get the Fetal Pill and ascend to the Great Luo Golden Immortal, then the Immortal Emperor's approval order will expire ah, once it expires, even if I get the Fetal Pill, I won't be able to ascend to the Great Luo Golden Immortal ah."

"Alas, who let you yourself, you don't have the ability to break through."

"Dad, if I were capable of breaking through on my own, I'd be a genius.Right, Tang Zichen is such a genius, in the future even if he can't get the Fetal Pill, he can still ascend on his own, please help me to beg him to let me have it, I really need this Fetal Pill too much."

"But he's already in seclusion ah, he must have taken it."

"Dad, what if he hasn't digested it yet?As long as it remains in the stomach before it's digested, it's fine to spit it out."

Just at that moment, Tang Zichen's voice sounded outside the door, "I'm sorry, but I've already taken it, and it's completely absorbed."


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