The King of Kungfu in school 2321-2325


Chapter 2321

Now, although the Immortal Emperor also ruled the three realms, he didn't feel at ease because too many forces that he couldn't control existed, all of which, possessed divine weapons.

Right now, Tang Zichen had been drinking for three days.

"Big brother, you can't drink any more."

"What are you afraid of, drink again, you shouldn't be going back to your Sky Wolf World so soon."

"That's not urgent, my next month's mission in the Sky Wolf World is still half a month away."

"Well, then, do you want to go sit at my house, it's not far from my house."


"Let's go, by the way, my sister Akatsuki is also home, don't you know my sister."

"Er, Ming Yue."Tang Zichen said in his heart, "Speaking of which, I haven't seen Ming Yue for a hundred thousand years, she was sent out to the Heavenly Division Divine Palace back then, and I haven't seen her since."


Tang Zichen originally didn't want to go, but thinking of Ming Yue, he still went to talk to her, anyway, he had a relationship with her in the first place. First URL

Tang Zichen arrived at the Ming family.

Ming Cheng immediately ordered his subordinates, "Go and call Ming Yue here, let's say, an old friend, Tang Zichen is here."


At this moment, in one of the boudoir of the Ming family, Ming Yue was sitting in front of the window staring.

"Ming Yue, let me tell you to go over there, your old friend Tang Zichen is here."

"What? Tang Zichen."

"Phew."Mingyue ton scampered away.

"Brother Tang, sit here for a while, my sister will be here soon, I'll go and facilitate."

"Okay, you go."

Not long after Ming Cheng walked away, a person rushed in, and at first glance, it was Ming Yue.

Mingyue stopped a few meters in front of Tang Zichen, her eyes red.

"Mingyue."Tang Zichen called softly.

Ming Yue bit her lips and cried, "You bastard."


"Why didn't you come to me for so long, did you forget about me."Mingyue cried.

"Me."Tang Zichen didn't know what to say.

When he was in the barracks, he really shouldn't have been impulsive and had a relationship with Ming Yue that he shouldn't have had, but Tang Zichen was a married man.

At this moment, Ming Cheng finished the convenience, just walked to the door, I heard my sister inside crying and said, "You say ah, why don't you come to you I, are you disowning, have you forgotten, back in the barracks, I was already your person, how can you do this to me."

"Akatsuki, I'm sorry."

"Don't tell me you're sorry, I don't want to hear it."

"Mingyue, it's not that I don't want to be responsible, it's me, I'm really in trouble, and I don't want to aggravate you, after all, you're the eldest miss of the Ming family, or one of the ten genius beauties, your family has already planned and arranged for your marriage, which I heard your brother reveal before."

"I don't care, I'm already yours anyway, even if you can't marry me and let me be your underground lover I still want to be with you."

"Hey, why aggravate yourself so much."

"I don't care."Mingyue threw herself into Tang Zichen's arms.

Tang Zichen held Mingyue tightly in his arms.

In fact, Tang Zichen and Ming Yue, had only had sex once, and to think that it was really impulsive at first.

Outside the door, Mingcheng was silly.

"Oh my god, when did my sister get together with Tang Zichen?"

Ming Cheng was completely confused, and he, his big brother, had not even noticed anything.

Ming Cheng knew very well how much his grandfather expected from his sister

Gao, how could he agree to let his sister be Tang Zichen's underground lover, but they had both even been.

"Ahem."Mingcheng coughed.

In the house, Tang Zichen and Ming Yue separated in a panic, Tang Zichen deliberately said, "Miss Ming Yue, long time no see, how have you been."

However, Ming Yue's acting talent was not that good, her face was still covered in tears, she did not speak, and had a ghostly look, which was so painful to watch.

Mingcheng said, "Alright, don't act, I know all about it."

"Ah, this."

Ming Cheng Dao: "Tang Di, Tang Di, the rabbit doesn't eat the nest grass yet, you even put my sister."

Tang Zichen was ashamed: "I'm sorry, big brother, I."

Mingyue said, "Brother, this is my business, not your business, this matter is also not Tang Zichen's business, I sent it to you myself."

"Mingyue ah Mingyue, you."

"Brother, if you're going to tell grandpa, hurry up."

"Alright, if I was going to tell grandpa, I would have gone already, why would I need to come in and inform you?"

"Brother, what do you want then?"

Akatsuki sighed and asked, "How far have you come?"

Tang Zichen was too embarrassed to say.

Ming Yue said, "What's done is done."

"Ugh, you two, I can't believe I was kept in the dark about what, I don't even know when you got together."

"Of course it was still at the barracks."

"Just kidding, what are you going to do about it now?"

Mingcheng looked at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen said, "If I really can't, I will have no choice but to marry Ming Yue."

"What about the Ding family?Would Tintan like that?"

"It's really not possible, and I can't care, but I'll be responsible for what I've done anyway."

"How about you, Akatsuki?"Ming Cheng looked at his sister.

Ming Yue said, "I don't want to burden Zichen, so I won't marry him, I just want to keep a secret relationship with him."

"Ming Yue, why are you so stupid."Mingcheng scolded.

Tang Zichen's heart was not feeling good, he was ashamed to face Ming Yue being so reasonable.

Tang Zichen vowed, "Ming Yue, don't worry, only when I have the chance, I will definitely marry you in a clear-cut manner."

Ming Cheng said, "Brother Tang, it's easy for you to say, if you leave the Ding family, you won't even have a house in the Immortal World, you'll have to go to live on those chaotic, hanging islands where all kinds of tribes are mixed."

"I believe that one day, I will have my own house."

"The Immortal Realm is overcrowded, it's not like you don't know where there is still land for you to build a house."

Ming Yueton was dissatisfied and said to his brother, "Brother, can you cut the crap, why must we have a house in the Immortal World, it's really no good, we'll go to the Earth Immortal World to build a house, where the land is vast and sparsely populated, we can build as big as we want."

"Really convinced you."Ming Cheng scolded.

After sighing, Ming Cheng said, "About this matter between you guys, don't tell anyone for now, don't let grandpa know, let's wait until we think of a solution.You guys chat, I am leaving first."

Ming Yue blushed and said, "Brother, would you call all your servants out?"

Ming Cheng rolled his eyes and said, "Alright, you guys are safe here, no one will suspect."

Tang Zichen busily said, "Big brother, thank you."

"You kid, you're good enough."Ming Cheng said without good temper.

After Ming Cheng left, Tang Zichen closed the door and the two of them suddenly hugged each other, kissing each other fiercely.

At this moment, at the entrance of the Sky Wolf World.


Cheng Yu walked out.

After Cheng Yu arrived not far away, a woman dressed as a servant was busy calling out, "Princess."

"Shh, keep your voice down, you want everyone to know who I am."


Only after coming a long way away did that servant say, "Princess."

"What is it."

"A few days ago, your grandfather officially notified the public that he was choosing a son-in-law for you, and announced that the dowry was that Dragon Sword.Now, many, many people have already come to sign up, even the Immortal Emperor's ninth son Nian Qing has signed up."

Cheng Yu sighed, "After all, there's no avoiding it."

"Princess, I think, you will be able to find a man you like, so many men have signed up, I don't believe there is not a single one that you like."

"What do you know."

"Princess, isn't it true that there isn't a man you like?" Remember the URL

"This."Cheng Yu suddenly thought of someone, that handsome and powerful, with great sword skills, but unfortunately, that person already had a family again.

"Ugh, so what if there's someone you like, people don't like me."

"Princess, who is it?"

"Don't pry, you think I don't know that you can't keep a secret with that mouth of yours.I'm asking you, I entered the Wolf Squad under the false identity of 'Cheng Yu', did you tell my grandfather about this?"

"I, I was forced to do so."That servant pouted his mouth in aggravation.

That's right, this Cheng Yu, the beautiful woman who was previously appraised with Tang Zichen in the Sky Wolf World, her true identity was, the granddaughter of the King of the Dragon Clan of the Eastern Sea, Ao Scuttlebutt.This time, the sensation of the three worlds, the heroine of the King of the Dragon Clan's selection of his granddaughter and son-in-law, was her.

Tang Zichen didn't sign up, but Ming Cheng had secretly signed up for him.

At this time, that maid took out a thick roster and said, "Princess, I have given you a copy of the list of everyone who has registered, you."

"Not interested, what a shame, I obviously never agreed to marry anyone, why does everyone at the Dragon Palace say that I'm the one who wanted to marry someone."

"Princess, it was your grandfather who drunkenly said something nonsense, as a result, it got out and everyone said that you yourself wanted to get married."

"It's so annoying, it's partial that my identity, Cheng Yu, is known again, should I go to another place and find another identity to hide" Although Cheng Yu said this, but in her heart, she didn't want to, because, she didn't want to leave the ninth group of the Sky Wolf Battle Team, this place, there was a person that she didn't want to leave, she also wanted to go with him to hunt demon beasts.

"Princess, you'd better take a look at the list."That maid said.

Cheng Yu looked at the thick roster and said, "All of them are some people I don't like, what do I seem to be doing."

"Princess, that's not necessarily the case, what if there are people in here that you like and are interested in.By the way, all kinds of genius dudes and genius war gods in the Immortal Realm have signed up, even the top ten geniuses in the Immortal Realm have signed up."

"Not interested."

"Princess, just take a look, a woman will always marry anyway, can't hide from this."

Cheng Yu had to be bored and picked it up and flipped through it.

Jumping and flipping through the pages a good three times, he reached the last few pages.

"Princess, where can you look at it like this,."

"Don't want to."Cheng Yu hadn't finished his sentence, but suddenly, in the last few pages, he saw a familiar name.

"Tang Zichen?"

Cheng Yu was startled inside.

"This Tang Zichen, is it the Tang Zichen I know?"

Cheng Yu immediately looked at Tang Zichen's registration profile: a member of the Sky Wolf Battle Team, under a thousand years old, with a realm of Pre-Xuan Xian.

"Ah, it's really him."Suddenly, Cheng Yu was so excited that he was going to jump up, no, so happy that he was going to cry.

"Princess, what's wrong with you?"That maid was shocked.

"It's nothing, ahhh, I'm so happy, Chun Xing, thank you, hahaha."Cheng Yu laughed happily, and kissed the maid a few times.

"Ah, the princess is crazy?"That servant looked puzzled.

Inside, Cheng Yu said, "Tang Zichen, I never thought that you would sign up, hehe."

Cheng Yu had liked Tang Zichen back when he was in the Wolf World.

However, Tang Zichen didn't know about Cheng Yu's true identity, and after leaving Wolf World, Tang Zichen didn't verify if there was such a person.

Tang Zichen would never have thought that Cheng Yu was the granddaughter of the King of the Dragon Clan, Ao Scullery, in disguise.

"Ahhhh, I'm so happy."Cheng Yu shouted out loudly.


"Alright, Chun Xing, you go back first, tell my grandfather, just tell him I'm fine, do not forget, about what he said about getting married, hehe, when will you officially recruit a bride, inform him, I will definitely go back on time."

"But you've just been."

"Don't ask so much for so long."Cheng Yu walked away, heading to the Sky Wolf World, and said in her heart, "I don't know if Tang Zichen has gone back yet, hehehehe."

Maybe she was proud of herself inside.

Of course, the secret of her true identity, she wouldn't tell Tang Zichen in advance, until the time of the marriage recruitment, she wanted to give Tang Zichen a surprise.

At this moment, Cheng Yu felt that the whole world was so beautiful.

At this moment, Tang Zichen was still at Ming Yue's house.

This guy, he's still got one in his arms.

I really don't know why this guy's emotional line is so developed, maybe it's really like he said himself, bring acid, he's only disfigured so he won't have any emotional worries.



"Are we going out?Don't keep your brother waiting."

"Give him another hug."

"It's been hours."

"Don't, who knows if the next time you call me, it'll be another hundred thousand years."

"No, don't worry, I'll always come to your brother for a drink."

"Well, don't lie to me."


"Then one more hour of cuddling and we'll go out."

"Khan, aren't you tired of hugging?"

"Not tired, not for the rest of my life."

"Oh, what a bummer."

An hour passed again.

Outside the main gate, Ming Cheng squatted at the door with a bitter look on his face, saying in his heart, "These two guys, do they really think I'm the gatekeeper?It's been many hours, and they still haven't come out."

Ming Cheng was depressed, Tang Zichen was having an affair with his sister, he was helping them to watch the door, and it was just a few hours, if this came often, he wouldn't collapse.

Now, Ming Cheng regretted helping Tang Zichen sign up, if he had known that Tang Zichen was having an affair with his sister, he wouldn't have helped Tang Zichen sign up.

Just at this moment, Ming Yue's voice came from inside: "Brother, you can come in now."

Ming Cheng went into the courtyard and looked at Tang Zichen and Ming Yue with a dark face.

Tang Zichen smiled hehely and said, "Brother, it's been hard for you, right, no one suspects it."

"You two bastards, why did you make me guard at the door for so long."

"Big brother, you know, certain aspects are stronger.It would have been nice if I was like some people and it was only a few seconds, so you wouldn't have had to hold the door so long."


Ming Yue blushed and gave Tang Zichen a glance and said, "Brother, you guys talk, I'm leaving first."


Tang Zichen returned to the World of Wolves.

The mood was good.

"Tang Zichen."Cheng Yu, who had been waiting for a long time, suddenly sprang out of the corner and shouted from his mouth, frightening Tang Zichen into a violent turn.

"Cheng Yu, what are you doing, you're so old, and you're still playing children's games."Tang Zichen was depressed.

"Hehe, you're back."

"Yeah, what are you doing?"

"Hehehe, nothing doing."Cheng Yu looked at Tang Zichen with a smiling face.



"Khan, really nervous?"Tang Zichen rolled his eyes, wondering if Cheng Yu was suddenly sick and strange.

Tang Zichen didn't know to death that the person in front of him was the granddaughter of the East Sea Dragon Clan. A second to remember to read the book

Cheng Yu asked, "Tang Zichen, what have you been doing these days?"

"Nothing much, just a trip home,"Don Zichen said.

"Is that all?"

"Or else what."

"Did you know that the granddaughter of the King of the East Sea Dragons is recruiting?"

"Uh, you knew that too?"

"Of course, it's the hottest topic in the entire Immortal World right now.Honestly, have you gone to sign up, do you want that Dragon Gnosis Sword too?However, it's normal for you to want that sword, after all, you are the sword master, if you have that divine weapon, you will be instantly powerful."

Tang Zichen said, "You're overthinking it, I didn't sign up for it."

"Er, you didn't sign up?"

"Of course not, I already have a wife, how could I sign up again."

"Ah, no."Naru muttered.

"Hey, what are you muttering about."


Cheng Yu said inwardly, "Hmph, must be embarrassed, don't dare to admit it, it doesn't matter, anyway, the result of the final candidate has been internally decided in my heart, hehehe."

Cheng Yu looked at Tang Zichen, his eyes filled with tenderness and honey.

Tang Zichen got goosebumps, said he was bored, and hurriedly left.

The next day, Tang Zichen went on to complete this month's hunting mission.

"Is everyone here yet?"Don shouted.

"They're all here."The Nine Daoist Demon King said.

Now the Nine Daoist Demon Kings were all hanging out with Tang Zichen, and although they were in the same realm, pre-Xuanxian, Tang Zichen was much stronger than the Nine Daoist Demon Kings.Of course, despite as, the Nine Dao Demon King was also the second strongest of their nine groups, and the third ranked was Cheng Yu.The remaining five, Du Fei, Yao Fang, Brother-in-law Ni, Hu Guangrong, and Kasoli, were all of equal strength.If the five of them were strong, they would have already been poached by the other eight groups, and it was because they were too bad that they had been unwanted and remained in Group 9.

Tang Zichen said, "Let's go, finish this month's mission."

The eight of them, once again, entered the forest.

This time, the demon beast was an earth ape with a golden body.

In total, there were sixteen of them, twice as many as their number.

"Kill."Tang Zichen rushed straight up, not having any kind of scatter attack strategy like before.

The Nine Dao Demon King said, "Zichen, let's continue working together, I'll attack with my mind."


"Puff, puff."

Three minutes later, Tang Zichen had killed fourteen demonic beasts.


bsp;There were still two left, one of which was left for those five very weak team members, and one for Cheng Yu, who couldn't be left without something to do.

And Tang Zichen and the Nine Dao Demon King, sat down and drank on the side.

The Nine Dao Demon King said, "It's too easy for the two of us to practice our hands."

"Oh, your Immortal Sense is strong, there are hardly any demonic beasts that are not attacked by your thoughts, while I am strong in combat, we join hands, indeed, it's too easy."

"My main focus in the future will still be on intent, you can take better care of me."The Nine Dao Demon King smiled.

"Of course, we are brothers."

The Nine Dao Demon King's combat strength certainly couldn't compare to Tang Zichen's, no matter if he practiced spells or anything else, it was very ordinary, but he had a strong intent and wasn't weak when he worked with it.

A few years ago, when the Nine Dao Demon King first joined the Wolf Team, Tang Zichen suggested that he should give up everything else and specialize in one area, perhaps achieving more.

Thus, there was this situation today.

With the two of them cooperating with each other, not to mention these demons, even if they were ten times more, they would be easily crushed.

Soon, Cheng Yu killed the one demon beast she had.

"Phew."Cheng Yu tiredly ran over.

"You two, drinking while watching me get tired over there, it's so inhumane."Cheng Yu said.

Tang Zichen said, "The two of us have already taken care of fourteen demon beasts, of course we have to leave one for you and one for each of the five of them, otherwise you guys would just come along for a spin every month ah, how could it be so easy."

Cheng Yu said, "You two, it's simply a match made in heaven.With the two of you working together, your strength has increased by more than a hundred times.These demonic beasts are only three times as strong as you are, where are they your opponents."

"Hehe."The two of them and the Demon King laughed at each other, they could say that no one could be without each other, especially the Demon King, he would be attacking ideas in the future, and the spell aspect would get worse and worse, so he had to rely on Tang Zichen for protection.And if Tang Zichen didn't have the Devil King to assist him, he was originally more or less strong.

At this moment, in the distance, five other people, Du Fei, Yao Fang, Brother-in-law Ni, Hu Guangrong, Kasoli, they were working together to kill a demon beast.

Cheng Yu said, "Do you want me to go up and help?"

"No, everyone needs to grow, and so do they, I've given them each directions and pointers on how they should become stronger going forward.The five of them are on their way up, too, and they're already a lot stronger than when I first met them.Back then, the five of them, plus a team leader, Fen, could only round up and kill one demon beast, and they didn't need Fen to do it."

"Well, the five of them have really improved a lot and worked hard, Tang Zichen, it's all thanks to you, they are very grateful to you inside."

"Oh, we're all brothers."

Cheng Yu asked, "What about me?"

"You're also a brother."

Cheng Yu's eyes brightly smiled, "Just a brother?"

"Or what."

"Hehehe."Cheng Yu said in his heart, "You'll know later.

After a few more minutes, those five people also practiced killing the demon beast with their hands.

"Haha, it's dead."The five people came running to Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen said, "Not bad, this time you killed the demon beast in less than ten minutes, there's progress."

"Thank you, Tang Zichen, if it wasn't for you showing us the way on our lost path, we would definitely still be chased by demon beasts like we were in the beginning, let alone the five of us working together to kill a demon beast many times stronger than us."

"Alright, let's cut the crap when I'm a brother, this month's mission is complete, go back to your training."


Tang Zichen chopped open the head of each demon beast to check for any Hongsun Beast Cores, and this time, only one was found.

After that, they returned to the camp.

As they returned to the camp, they just happened to see a group of more than sixty people, advancing towards the forest.

"It's group three."Cheng Yu said.

When Tang Zichen looked at the group, the leader was a woman who had a cold, but beautiful face.

That's right, which woman was Leng Tian Ling's granddaughter, Leng Lone Moon.

Their group, when they met up with the three groups, Tang Zichen smiled and said, "You guys are also going to complete the mission ah."

"None of your business."Leng Lonesome Moon snorted.

Leng Lonesome Moon was the leader of the three groups.

However, when Leng Lone Moon passed by the Nine Dao Demon King, he called out honestly, "Uncle."

The Nine Dao Demon King had married Leng Guolue's aunt, so he called him uncle. The first website

"Hmm."The Nine Dao Demon King nodded.

Back at the camp, Tang Zichen and the others all went into their respective retreats.

It wasn't every month that they would go out.

Time passed slowly, and in the blink of an eye, several hundred years passed.

One day after several hundred years, Tang Zichen and the others suddenly received a notice: "Everyone, please gather at the camp square."

At this moment, in the camp square, the Three-Eyed War God stood in the air.

Everyone from the Skywolf Battle Team was arriving one after another.

"See the captain."All members of the team paid their respects.

Although the Three-Eyed War God was the captain of the Skywolf Battle Team, he rarely and rarely came in, let alone this kind of assembly.

The Three-Eyed War God swept a glance at everyone and said, "Everyone, it's been a long time, and the last time we assembled was tens of millions of years ago.There are many raw faces among you, and many old faces as well.Perhaps some of the old faces already know what I'm here for."

"That's right, it's time for the Celestial Wolf War God Competition, once every thirty million years."

"Perhaps some of the newcomers don't know what the Skywolf Warrior Tournament is.Here, let me explain a bit more.The Sky Wolf Battle God Competition, which was personally approved by the Immortal Emperor, once every thirty million years, the top three from each realm level are selected each time.The first place winner will be rewarded with 2 Grade 2 Tire Pills; the second place winner will be rewarded with 1 Grade 2 Tire Pill; and the third place winner will be rewarded with 1 Grade 1 Tire Pill."

"Wow."Tang Zichen and the other newcomers were taken aback.

First place was rewarded with two Grade 2 Tire Pills ah, if Tang Zichen could win first place, wouldn't that mean he could get two Grade 2 Tire Pills?If you take it and both work, wouldn't you be able to step into the middle stage of Tai Xian in no time?

Tang Zichen swallowed viciously.

The entire Sky Wolf Battle Team, a stir.

The Three-Eyed War God said, "I came here today to inform you of this matter.The Heavenly Wolf Battle God Competition, there's still a year to go, time is very tight, I expect you all to seize the last year, after all, two second grade birth pills, don't say you guys, I'm also a glutton for punishment, hahaha."

There was a sound of gulping.

The Three-Eyed War God finally said, "Alright, dismissed, everyone go and prepare well, for the next year, you don't have to complete every monthly mission, free to prepare."

After saying that, the Three-Eyed War God left.

Everyone went back to their preparations.

The Nine Dao Demon King said, "Tang Zichen, this reward is really to die for."

"Oh, everyone wants to be first place."

"Second place isn't bad either."

Cheng Yu said, "Immortal Emperor is too generous, every realm rewards the top three, our Heavenly Wolf Battle Team, covering members from Xuan Immortal to Golden Immortal, how much is this total reward?"

"This is nothing, the last Heavenly Demon War directly rewarded a hundred first grade fetal pills out."

"It's usually hard to see a single fetal pellet at all, I wonder how much the Immortal Emperor has in stock."

Tang Zichen said, "Alright, let's stop discussing, let's think about how to become the top three in a year's time.Although we're siblings in the same group, we're just as much rivals as each other."

Everyone nodded their heads and went off to cultivate.

Tang Zichen, on the other hand, left the World of Wolves.

Tang Zichen had to look for stronger inspiration, and anyway, he didn't have to hunt demon beasts for the next year, Tang Zichen had more time to think about how to take his Heavenly Yuan Great Sorrow Sword and diffuse it to become stronger, so as to defeat the Sky Wolf Team, so the Pre-Xuan Immortal became the number one in the Pre-Xuan Immortal.

When Tang Zichen walked out of the Sky Wolf World, Tang Zichen realized that every power in the entire Immortal World already knew about the time of the Sky Wolf Warrior Competition.

After all, every power wanted their children and disciples to be rewarded.

After Tang Zichen returned to the Ding family, Ding Cangding was the first to come to Tang Zichen.


"Father, what is it."

"The Sky Wolf Battle God Competition is going to start in a year, right?"


"Great, you must get into the top three ah, if you can, you'd better get the first place in the pre-Xuanxian period, hehe, two second grade birth pills ah."

"Dad, everyone wants to get it, but they don't have much confidence, after all, many of the strongest members of the Wolf Team, especially the pre-Xuan Immortal members, have the largest proportion of numbers."

"Then work hard, what do you need me to do for you?"

"No need."

"More than that, were you trying to find one before, the fastest sword trick in the world?"Ding Cang Dao asked.

"Uh, yeah, but I can't find it."

"Hehe, I know."

"Ah, what is it?"

"It's the Shadowless Divine Sword, but the sword has been lost, and I'm afraid even the Immortal Emperor doesn't know where it is."

"Ah, why?The Immortal Emperor is the controller of the three realms, it's impossible that he doesn't know, he knows where there are many stones within the three realms."

Ding CangDong said, "You don't know, the Shadowless Divine Sword is a naturally formed sword technique that I heard was created by a giant ape at the beginning of the heavens and earth.At that time, Immortal Emperors weren't yet Immortal Emperors, so they couldn't control what was there."

"Oh, so."Tang Zichen understood that it was actually just like the divine weapon, something that belonged to the beginning of the world.

"Since you can't even find it, what's the point of telling me."

Ding CangDong smiled, "If you want to know, I'll tell you, but telling you doesn't mean I know where it is ah, if I knew where it was, I probably wouldn't be the person I am now long ago."

"Oh, anyway, thank you."

"Well, go for it, I've got faith in you."

"Oh."Tang Zichen smiled bitterly, if he could find the Shadowless Divine Sword, he might be able to easily become first place.

If he could really find the Shadowless Divine Sword, then Tang Zichen's self-created Heavenly Yuan Great Sorrow Sword could be practiced without having to practice it, as it was not even a ten-thousandth as good as the Shadowless Divine Sword, after all, that Shadowless Divine Sword was a product of the beginning of the world, similar to a divine weapon, but however, a divine weapon was a weapon and the Shadowless Divine Sword was a book.


Tang Zichen thought of a person who, perhaps, knew where that secret of the Shadowless Sword was.

That person was the Flip Sky Mirror.

After Ding CangDong left, Tang Zichen immediately took out the Flip Sky Mirror.

At the same time, Tang Zichen took out the drop of Hong Meng Qi that he had just harvested.

"Do I need to give this drop of Hong Meng Qi to the Flip Sky Mirror so that he can awaken?It's been another hundred thousand years since the last time the Overturning Mirror awakened.I've managed to accumulate another drop of Hongmeng Qi ah.However, the reason I am accumulating Hong Meng Qi was originally to repair the Flip Sky Mirror ah."

"It's just that the Overturning Mirror clearly said that I should accumulate a hundred drops before repairing him, and I only have one drop now, so I can only let him revive for a while."

Tang Zichen was very hesitant, it wasn't that he was indecisive, but the Overturning Mirror had warned him.

Besides, what if the Overturning Mirror didn't know the whereabouts of that Shadowless Divine Sword?

"No matter what, fight it out, whether it's for the Shadowless Divine Sword or for those two Grade 2 Tire Pills, I must give it a try."

Thus, Tang Zichen resolutely used that drop of Hongshen Qi to wake up the Overturning Mirror.

"Hey, why am I awake again, Tang Zichen, did you wake me up?" Remember the URL

"Senior Overturning Mirror, it's me, I've just gotten another drop of Hong Meng Qi."

"Didn't I tell you, don't fix me without accumulating a hundred drops, in case the Immortal Emperor finds out, you're miserable, I'm fine, at best I've had a new master."

"I know, but don't worry, the Immortal Emperor shouldn't know."

"That's hard to say, that Immortal Emperor kid, while a bit dumb, isn't that much fun for you guys."

"Since that's the case, I'll cut the crap, I want to ask you something."

"Hurry up and say it."

"You know, the Shadowless Divine Sword?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Che, I thought it was something important, but it turned out to be a lousy sword trick that an ape had haphazardly compared."

"What? It's such a lousy thing in your eyes."

"Crap, do you want profound sword secrets?I can give you a set that's ten thousand times more profound than the Shadowless Divine Sword."


"Of course it's true, but it will have to wait until you completely repair me, because, I'm now severely damaged and have lost a lot of content, and the sword technique I gave you is something that really existed at the beginning of the world, not the Shadowless Divine Sword kind, it was created by an ape and monkey itself after the beginning of the world, it's too big a difference."

Tang Zichen busily asked, "Then, that Shadowless Divine Sword is very bad?"

"No, you are not qualified to say that the Shadowless Divine Sword is bad, only I am qualified, of course, the Immortal Emperor might also be qualified to say that it is bad, the rest of them, no one dares to say that the Shadowless Divine Sword is bad.After all, that ape and monkey at the beginning of the world, if placed now, the Immortal Emperor might not be a match, it's just a pity that it died early.If you could train into the Shadowless Divine Sword now, you would be absolutely invincible at the same level, and even, those two or three levels higher than you would not be a match."

"Wow, so strong."

"Oh, it's just strong for your current stage, by the time you reach the Immortal level, the Shadowless Divine Sword will only be considered an upper class sword technique.It's not quite the ultimate level, but don't worry, when you become an immortal, I'll tell you the true ultimate sword technique, so it's good to practice the Shadowless Divine Sword first to warm up."

"Mmhmm, I beg Senior to tell you."Tang Zichen was overjoyed, the Overturning Mirror really knew everything, it was worthy of the beginning of heaven and earth

A divine weapon that existed at the time.

Next, the Overturning Mirror told Tang Zichen the secret of the Shadowless Divine Sword.

The Shadowless Divine Sword had only five lines in total.

One sentence was one layer.

Tang Zichen felt that this kind of sword recipe was really jerky and difficult to understand.

However, who let him be Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen was born with an extraordinary talent for all kinds of secrets, and he could create his own sword secrets, so naturally he was not comparable to ordinary people.

Therefore, no matter how acerbic and difficult it was to understand, Tang Zichen studied it and understood it.

After that, Tang Zichen looked for a hidden place.

Tang Zichen went directly to the Earth Immortal Realm to practice, the Immortal Realm was a small place, so it was too big a move to just practice.


Half a year later, Tang Zichen practiced the first sentence of the Shadowless Divine Sword.

"Hahaha, hahaha."Tang Zichen let out a loud laugh.

Only after he had practiced the first sentence, Tang Zichen felt that he was more than a thousand times stronger than when he had used the Heavenly Yuan Great Sorrow Sword.

A thousand times, what concept was this, no wonder the Overturning Mirror said that practicing the Shadowless Divine Sword and killing a few higher levels in seconds was no problem at all.

However, this Shadowless Divine Sword, for Tang Zichen, it was just a warm-up first, later on, when he became an immortal level, the true secrets of the world, Tang Zichen could start practicing.

Tang Zichen seemed to see a picture of himself, on the pinnacle of his life.

Tang Zichen secretly said, "With my current strength, I think, spike all the same level, this Sirius Battle God Competition, first place is a must for me, even I even participate in the mid-Xuan Immortal and late Post-Xuan Immortal together, if all three take the first place, wouldn't it be possible to obtain six second grade birth pills at the same time?"

However, Tang Zichen thought on a second thought, would something happen if he was so high-profile, after all, if his life was all gone, there was still a meaning to it.

There were still half a year left, but Tang Zichen didn't continue to practice the Shadowless Divine Sword, because there was only half a year left, he couldn't practice the second sentence anyway.

So, Tang Zichen simply went to find Mu Qianji.

It was a pity that Mu Qianji was not there again, and also, the house that Dame Lao's family used to live in had already become a wasteland now, after all, hundreds of thousands of years had passed, and as ordinary people, Dame Lao's family had already turned into a shovel of earth.Even if Dame Lao's son became an immortal under the guidance of Mu Qianji, an immortal wouldn't live in the house for a long time.

Tang Zichen sighed, this time, he couldn't see Mu Qianji again.

Tang Zichen could only go to the Immortal Academy to take a look.

Everything remained the same at the Immortal Academy, as if hundreds of thousands of years had been a short time.

Of course, Tang Zichen's business at the Immortal Academy was also in full swing, but Tang Zichen had long since lost sight of the immortal coins.

In the blink of an eye, one year was almost up.

Tang Zichen hurried back to the Sky Wolf World to prepare for the competition of the Sky Wolf War God.

"Everyone, the Skywolf Battle God Competition, it starts tomorrow, are you all ready?"

"Get ready."

"Very well, I hope you all bring out your strongest sides, tomorrow, please go to the Immortal Heaven and Earth Square early in the morning."

"Ah, why go there?"

"Because, the judge of the Sky Wolf Battle God Competition is the Immortal Emperor himself."

"Ah."Everyone was shocked.


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