Dish Best Served Cold 716-720


Chapter 716

"Wow, really?"

    "Kougyakaku hey?"

    "That's the first Pavilion in Jingzhou, Brother Ao Ting really wants to take us there, right?"

    Lu Wenjing grew up in Jingzhou, and the name Guang Yue Pavilion is even more well-known.

    In the school, Lu Wenjing had never heard of one of the class's elite bragging about having a meal in the Guangyue Pavilion.

    Now hearing that Lei AoTing was taking them there, Lu WenJing was naturally surprised.

    The first thing you need to do is to take a look at Lu Wenjing's face, but Lei Ao-ting shook his head and smiled: "Jing Jing, you silly girl.Do you know that to be favored by your Little Brother Fan, this luck of yours is mostly better than going to eat at Guang Yue Pavilion."

    "To your brother Xiaofan, not to mention this first Pavilion of Jingzhou, that is the first Pavilion of Jiangdong, that also comes and goes as smoothly as if you were walking on level ground."

    "Following your brother Xiaofan, you will just wait to enjoy your happiness in the future."

    Lei Ao Ting laughed softly, but his words contained a bit of envy.

    I really don't know what kind of luck this little girl in front of her has had to make Mr. Chu dote on her so much?

    We go everywhere, we're almost inseparable!

    However, where did Lei Ao Ting know that a large part of the reason why Ye Fan was so good to Lu Wenjing was undoubtedly because of just Qiu Mu Orange.

    Between the words, the group drove to the Guangyue Pavilion.

    However, just as Ye Fan was about to get into the car, his forward steps suddenly paused.

    He then turned his head and looked around.

    In front of him, there were pedestrians coming and going like a shuttle.

    There were groups of friends going out for dinner, as well as couples snuggling up to each other and walking hand in hand.

    The road was lined with traffic, a scene of prosperity before the festive season.


    "Mr. Chu, what's wrong with you?"

    Lei Ao Ting sensed Ye Fan's difference and asked in confusion.

    Ye Fan shook his head, "Nothing, let's go."

    Seeing that everything was fine everywhere, Ye Fan didn't stay here long and followed Lei Ao Ting to the car.


    The wheels sped, and the oncoming wind was crushed by the moving luxury car.

    However, no one saw that shortly after Ye Fan and the others left, a strapping figure, however, quietly appeared here.

    He raised his eyes to look ahead and stopped for a moment before merging into the flow of people once again.



    In front of the Gwangak Pavilion.

    A Volvo car slowly stopped.

    The car door opened and Ye Tian and the others then got out of the car.

    The previous accident was almost finished, the only thing left was to compensate Lei Ao Ting for the money.

    But now, it was not the time to deal with these matters.

    Today, they had arranged for Ye Yuyan's teacher to meet here and invite Lu Tianhe, this was the top priority, as for the other trivial matters, naturally, they had to take a back seat.

    However, recalling the previous incident, Ye Tian and the others were still full of anger.

    "It's really bad luck today!"

    "It was a great day to throw this thank-you banquet for Yuyan, so we can also get closer to Yuyan's mentor by the way."

    "But who would have thought that something like this would happen?"Ye Tian shook his head and sighed.

    "Uncle, that Ye Fan is to blame for this!"

    "I think ah, he's just because we didn't let him hitchhike earlier, deliberately overtaking and angering you, then suddenly stopping again and deliberately letting you tailgate so as to screw uncle your money."

    "This Ye Fan, what a snake and scorpion heart, what a deep heart!"

    Ye Jian said angrily on the side, but he pushed all the pot onto Ye Fan.

    Next to him, Ye Ya naturally then agreed, "That's right."

    "This jerk is not a thing since he was a kid."

    "Now that he's grown up, he's even less of a thing."

    "I see this half a million, neither of us should take it, force Ye Fan out!"

    This father and son were provoking him there, and the more Ye Tian thought about it, the angrier he became, and his old face was gloomy.

    The dissatisfaction towards Ye Fan in his heart undoubtedly grew stronger and stronger as well.

    Not to mention whether this accident is not a deliberate design of Ye Fan, but just now, Ye Fan in the car pretending to be deaf and dumb, when the uncle's sun on the side of the behavior, undoubtedly made Ye Tian angry.

    However, Dongmei sighed.

    "Old Ye, I think our family and Ye Fan, it's better to moderate the relationship."

    "I know that you guys have looked down on Little Fan since you were young and deliberately alienated him, just in case Little Fan will drag you down and pester you.But I think, Little Fan is a kid with pride and ambition, it's not necessarily that he won't become a big deal in the future, otherwise, that young master of the Lei family wouldn't be friends with Little Fan ah."

    "Become a big deal for shit!What else can a door-to-door son-in-law do?That young master of the Lei family is also blind to get together with such a person?"Ye Tian snorted coldly.

    "Alright, let's not mention these troublesome matters."

    "Let's go, let's go to Guang Yue Pavilion first and wait for Yuyan and the others."

    Between the words, Ye Tian led the crowd into the restaurant.

    As for Ye Yuyan, she took a taxi to the guest house to personally pick up Lu Tianhe over.

    "Right, big brother, I haven't asked you yet, but this Guang Yue Pavilion is a membership system, ordinary people can't even book a place."

    After entering the restaurant, looking at the surrounding magnificent scenery, while Ye Ya and the others trembled with joy, they were also curious about how Ye Tian had booked a place here.

    Ye Tian first drank a mouthful of tea, while proudly saying, "Naturally, I have entrusted someone."

    "Although I, Ye Tian, don't have much of a reputation in the city, but in our Dongyang County, not many people dare to disobey my face."

    "Although it's hard to book this Guangyue Pavilion's position, we can still book the richest man in Dongyang County!"

    It was only after Ye Ya and the others heard this that it dawned on them.

    "However, I still didn't expect that our richest man in Dongyang County would come out and only book us into the partial seats of this hall."

    "What level of people do you think those elegant rooms and private rooms in this restaurant have to be to enter?"

    Ye Ya lamented in a low voice.

    Yes, the position they were currently sitting in was clearly the worst position in the Guangyue Pavilion, although it was indeed within the Guangyue Pavilion.

    "What, second brother, do you still want to enter this Guang Yue Pavilion private room for dinner?"

    "How dare you think!"

    "As far as I know, to enter this private room, one must be worth at least a billion dollars."

    "As for the supreme private room at the top of the Guangyue Pavilion, but it only receives people at the level of Lei San and the mayor of Jingzhou."

    "As for the two of us brothers, we might still be a figurehead in the county, but in this urban area, we're not ranked."

    "For the rest of my life, if I could sit on top of this Guangyue Pavilion and have a meal with someone at Lei San's level, it would be worth dying for!"

    Ye Tian shook his head and lamented, in his words, there was naturally envy and yearning.

    In this life, what a man wants is power and status, and a beautiful woman like a picture.

    Ye Tian was a commoner, naturally, he could not avoid these common thoughts.

    "Okay, stop dreaming, Yuyan said she's at the door."

    "Let's quickly go to greet her."

    At this time, Dongmei's words, however, interrupted Ye Tian's fantasy.

    Immediately, the Ye family's group hurriedly got up and left their seats, heading outside.



However, as soon as Ye Tian and the others left the table, the entire restaurant began to make noise.

    One after another, the ceremonial ladies in cheongsam came down from upstairs and hurriedly walked towards the outside of the restaurant.Not only them, even the managers and CEOs of this Guangyue Pavilion Restaurant also went downstairs to go outside.

    The entire restaurant was lively and tense, as if they had learned of the emperor's arrival.

    Ye Tian saw the situation, so he pulled a waiter and asked, "Little sister, what's going on with you guys?What's so urgent?"

    "No kidding sir, there's a big man coming over here.Sorry, we'll have to hurry out to greet them."

    After this waiter in front of him said that, he quickly turned his head and left.

    Ye Tian and the others were stunned when they heard it.

    "A big man?"

    "Could it be that the news of General Lu's personal visit was made known to the restaurant?So they all ran out to meet it?"


    "Good thing!"

    "We, the Ye family, can also follow General Lu and enjoy the scenery for once."

    "Let's go, let's also go out to greet them!"

    Ye Tian and the others laughed, and then they also followed the restaurant's waiter and walked out.

    At this time, outside of the restaurant, a red carpet had been laid out.

    There were ceremonial ladies waiting respectfully on both sides of the stairs.

    The restaurant's executives were even holding flowers in their hands, standing outside the door looking away, as if they were waiting for someone to arrive.

    Finally, an army green SUV stopped outside the hotel.

    An old man and a young woman, both stepped out of the vehicle.


    "Whispering, these, are they all prepared by your father?"

    As soon as he got off the car, he saw the remarkable battle and row in front of him, and Lu Tianhe was also slightly shocked.


    "Should...Should be?"

    Ye Yuyan was also stunned, clearly a little unsure if these battles were actually put up for her teacher.

    "Haha, this should be Yuyan's mentor, Instructor Lu Tianhe Lu."

    "I'm Yuyan's father, Ye Tian."

    "In gratitude for Instructor Lu's teaching, our Ye family has deliberately set up a banquet at this Guangyue Pavilion."

    "For Instructor Lu to be able to come to the banquet, it's not only our Ye Family, it's also our Jingzhou's honor ah."

    "No, the executives of this Guangyue Pavilion have come out to welcome you."

    At this moment, a cheerful laughter came from behind.

    Only Ye Tian and other Ye family members came up and paid a compliment to Lu Tianhe.

    Lu Tianhe smiled back and said, "Mr. Ye is polite."

    "You guys have gone to such lengths to make such a battle for an old man like me, I, Lu Someone, am deeply terrified and can't afford it."

    "Hey?Instructor Lu is modest, you are protecting the land and garrisoning the borders for the country, no amount of courtesy is too high.Alright, let's not say anything more polite, go in and chat."

    Ye Tian, Ye Ya and the others smiled in compliment, and then they led Lu Tianhe inside the restaurant.

    However, just as Ye Tian and the others were about to step on the red carpet to enter the restaurant, they were stopped by the staff.

    "I'm sorry, a few people."

    "Please wait for a moment, the restaurant is not accessible yet."The staff apologized.

    Ye Tian was stunned when he heard it.


    "We can't get in?"

    "Is there a mistake?"

    "Do you know who you're talking to?"

    "I'm Ye Tian, the leader of Dongyang County.This is Lu Tianhe, military district special instructor, Major General rank."

    "When you see us, even your senior executives have to come up and offer flowers respectfully.You mud-heads, you even dare to stop us?"

    Ye Tian was simply going to be mad.

    Only thought that the person in front of him was really stupid, their restaurant put up such a big battle, wasn't it just to welcome Instructor Lu, but now startled right in front of him, they even blocked the entry?

    Sure enough, as soon as Ye Tian's words fell, the executives of the restaurant in front, who were holding flowers in their hands, came up with a respectful smile.

    At the same time, those ceremonial ladies who were standing respectfully on either side also bowed and worshiped.

    "Welcome, Mr. Ye arrives!"


    "Welcome, Mr. Ye to visit~"

    The sound of voices rose and fell.

    In the midst of the sky-high respectful voices, the restaurant executives even held flowers in their hands.

    Ye Tian was flabbergasted at the sight of them, and his heart was even more terrified.

    Ye...Mr. Ye?

    Is it possible that these people are welcoming him?

    While Ye Tian was terrified, Ye Ya and Ye Jian's father and son, however, pushed Ye Tian.

    "Uncle, what are you waiting for?"

    "People are coming over to give you flowers, so why don't you go get them?"

    "Sister Yuyan, you also go over."

    "Your father's glory, you, as a daughter, enjoy it together."

    Ye Jian and the others urged with a smile.

    Being so urged by Ye Jian, Ye Tian didn't think much about it, so he really thought that these executives were here to give him flowers.

    And then, he lifted his smile and brought his own daughter along with him, smiling and welcoming .

    While walking, he also said to himself, "Several managers, you are too polite, although I, Ye Tian, have enjoyed a reputation in Dongyang County over the years and governed for the people, even if you admire me and toast me with a glass of wine, there's no need to make such a big show, right?"

    "Yuyan, quick, go over and pick up the flowers, and shout to uncle by the way~"

    Ye Tian laughed while ordering his own daughter to go forward to receive the flowers.

    However, who would have thought that these restaurant executives acted as if they didn't see their father and daughter and pushed Ye Yuyan to the side.

    "What is this you guys?"

    Ye Tian was directly confused, and his eyes were huge.

    But as soon as the words were said in general, only a slap was heard, and then he was slapped to the side.

    "Where is this idiot from?"

    "Get in the way!"

    "Why don't you get out of the way?"

    "Can you afford to delay the big event?"

    Someone cursed angrily, and then they paid no more attention to Ye Tian's father and daughter, walking away from them as they went along, straight ahead to meet them.

    There, a thin man was seen, holding a pink carved young girl, with a youth following behind him.

    "This...This is, Ye...Ye Fan?!!!"

    "How could it be him?"

    At that moment, everyone in the Ye family was horrified.

    Ye Tian's pupils crumpled, and Ye Ya's father and son trembled tremendously.

    Ye Yuyan was even more horrified, her red lips trembling, stunned and unable to say a single word.

    How could they have never imagined that the person who made the Guangyue Pavilion go to such great lengths to sweep the couch to welcome him would be Ye Fan?

    "But this...This, how?"

    Ye Tian was startled in place, lost in thought for a long time.

    It was as if a slap, by this nephew of his, was fiercely pasted on his face.

    Ye Fan's face was undoubtedly crisp and clean!

    Let's say that he, Ye Tian, is disgraced in front of outsiders!

    Just like this, amidst the terrified and trembling gazes of Ye Tian and the others, Ye Fan and his group of three, bathed in the respectful voices of the crowd, stepped on the brand new red carpet and trudged up the steps like the stars to the moon!

    As Ye Fan walked past them, he didn't even glance at them!


"Whispering, do you know these people?"

    When the three of Ye Fan entered the Guangyue Pavilion under the crowd, but Lu Tianhe stepped forward and asked in confusion.

    After all, Lu Tianhe had seen the scene just now clearly.

    After this line of three people appeared, Ye Tian and the other Ye family members were all disoriented, clearly familiar with each other.

    "No acquaintance."

    "A mere door-to-door son-in-law, how could we possibly know such a person?"

    Ye Yuyan had yet to reply, but Ye Tian returned in a cold voice.

    At this time, Ye Tian had undoubtedly recovered from the tremor he had just experienced.

    Even now, Ye Tian didn't think that Ye Fan was some remarkable big shot.

    It only thought that Ye Fan was just getting the light of the young master of the Lei family.

    However, this succession of Ye Fan brushing his face and embarrassing him, this undoubtedly made Ye Tian and the others' resentment towards Ye Fan even deeper.

    "Let's go, Instructor Lu."

    "Don't be distracted by such people."

    "Let's go in first and take our seats for dinner."

    Ye Tian's face was still red, obviously from the beating he had just received from the restaurant's executive.

    But now was not the time to pursue this, it was only right to entertain Lu Tianhe first.

    After all, whether or not their family's Yuyan would be able to soar in the military world in the future, it would all depend on this Lu Tianhe in front of them.

    Lu Tianhe didn't ask any more questions, so he followed Ye Tian in.

    However, the doubt in Lu Tianhe's brows and eyes did not dissipate.

    For some reason, he always felt that there was someone who looked very familiar just now.

    But since it was just a quick glimpse, Lu Tianhe couldn't recall it for a while.

    But if he couldn't remember, Lu Tianhe didn't think about it anymore and continued to follow the Ye family towards the front.

    At this time, compared to the previous entrance of Ye Fan and the others, Ye Tian and the others were undoubtedly extraordinarily desolate, with no one to entertain them at all, let alone the restaurant executives coming forward to offer flowers.

    Ye Tian, Ye Ya and the others only felt extraordinarily embarrassed, their faces were shameless, and they had a sense of shame of being stepped on by Ye Fan.

    Lu Tianhe was calm, he didn't care much about these rows.

    The reason why he came over today was also because the Ye family was so generous, and for Ye Yuyan's sake, he only went to the banquet for a meal.

    Soon, Ye Tian and the others had already taken their seats in the restaurant hall, and as the food and wine were served, they began to eat.

    On the other side, in a certain luxury private room.

    Ye Fan and his party of three had also taken their seats.

    "Mr. Chu, how is it?"

    "Are you satisfied with this arrangement of mine?"

    "I know you like to keep a low profile and don't want to reveal your identity, so I didn't say your real identity to the hotel, I only said your surname is Ye."

    At the dinner table, Lei Ao Ting smiled proudly and looked like he was inviting credit.

    Ye Fan nodded, "Well, you're downright kind."

    "The matter of coming to Jingzhou, you and your father didn't tell the outside world, right."

    "I came back this time to accompany my mother for the holidays, I don't want to be disturbed by a bunch of commoners."

    Ye Fan's low-key return to his hometown this time also had the consideration of being afraid of being disturbed.

    After all, with Ye Fan's current status in Jiangdong, if it was known that he had returned, even the top man of Jingzhou City would probably have to pay a visit.

    When that happens, there will be an endless stream of dignitaries in Jingzhou, and Ye Fan will have an unstable year.

    This is obviously against Ye Fan's intention, he naturally doesn't want to see it.

    Lei Ao Ting nodded, "Mr. Chu, don't worry, we understand all of this."

    "I won't hide it from you Mr. Chu, ever since you were powerful before and helped the citizens of Jingzhou to eradicate a harm, the city leaders have already had people want to visit your door."

    "But they've all been blocked by my father."

    "But Mr. Chu, my father and I can only help you block them for a while, and when the year comes, the designation won't be able to stop them."

    "By then, I'm afraid all these people will have to pay their respects to Mr. Chu."

    "By the way, my father also asked me to tell you that the jade you asked him to prepare, my father has almost prepared it."

    "On the day of the Spring Festival, it will be sent over to Mr. Chu as a New Year's gift."

    Lei Ao Ting smiled complimentingly, and between words, he was going to toast to Ye Fan.

    And at this time, the closed window in the private room was suddenly blown open by the wind.

    The cold and gloomy wind outside, whistling in.

    Lei Ao Ting frowned and shouted harshly, "Waiter, what are you guys doing for food?Can't even close the window?"

    "Come in and close the window yet!"

    While Lei Ao Ting angrily reprimanded the restaurant's waiter, Ye Fan's originally calm face, however, was instantly condensed.

    And then, Ye Fan then smiled.

    "No need to close it."

    "This window, it blocks the wind, but it can't block people."

    Ye Fan slowly said, and the cup of tea in his hand, also suddenly let go.

    Lei Ao Ting was suddenly a little terrified inside as he saw this, "Mr. Chu, what...What's wrong?"

    "Did something happen?"

    Instead of answering, Ye Fan quietly got up, turned around and headed downstairs.

    Before leaving, Ye Fan instructed, "Leave Jing Jing to you, take care of her.I'll be right back."

    "Mr. Chu~"

    Lei Ao Ting still had to ask something, but Ye Fan, had already left.

    What was left for Lei Ao Ting was only Ye Fan's lean and dignified, back figure!

    Downstairs hall.

    Many people were still eating and drinking, talking and laughing.

    Ye Fan found an empty table and sat down, while he picked up the teapot, poured himself a cup of tea, and drank it to himself.

    "Yo, isn't this my cousin?"

    "Why is this a man having tea here?"

    "Didn't you just follow Young Master Lei quite intimidatingly?"

    "What, is this a case of not serving Young Master Lei properly and getting kicked out from upstairs?"

    Not far away, Ye Jian, who was still eating, but just noticed Ye Fan, and caught the opportunity to sneer coldly.

    Ye Ya looked back and found that it was really Ye Fan, and then he sneered as well.

    "Some of these people ah, just know to climb power and wealth, want to take shortcuts."

    "Don't even think about it, if you're not capable, who would be willing to take care of you?"

    "Being honest and down-to-earth is the right path."

    "Taking such a crooked path is not destined to last long!"

    Ye Tian likewise snorted, "Hmph, unworthy thing."

    "My Ye family's face will be disgraced by you sooner or later!"

    "Okay, Old Ye, you should cut the crap."Dongmei couldn't hear any more and spoke out to chastise Ye Tian.

    However, Ye Fan, facing the sarcastic words of Ye Jian and the others, shook his head and smiled, and said back in a deep voice, "A few uncles, let's not talk about whether I am a success or not, listen to my advice, if you don't want to suffer, it's good to leave quickly."

    However, it was good that Ye Fan didn't say this, as soon as he said it, Ye Tianton became angry, his chopsticks slammed down on the table.

    "You bastard [Tick Tock Fiction], you've gone against the grain, and you dare to threaten your uncle?"

    "What, you did it to your cousin before, and now you're trying to do it to us too?"

    "I'd like to see what kind of pain you want us to suffer!"


"Yuyan, teach him a lesson!"

    "Otherwise, does he really think that we Ye family members are afraid of him?"

    "You like to fight, right? I'll let Yuyan play with you today!"

    "Do you really think that when you grow up and get hard wings, no one among our Ye family will be able to rule you?"

    "I'm telling you, you're very wrong!"

    "My daughter, Yuyan, has been training for several years, and even a bull can be beaten down with one punch."

    "What's more, you're a beast."

    In the restaurant, Ye Tian drank in anger.

    For many days, the heart of the suppressed dissatisfaction with Ye Fan undoubtedly at this moment burst out.On that old face, all of the monstrous anger, even Dongmei could not stop it.

    In the end, Ye Yuyan also really got up and looked back at Ye Fan.

    The indifferent gaze was filled with contempt and disgust for Ye Fan.

    "Ye Fan, I put up with you before and let you go for grandpa's face."

    "But you have offended me and my father one after another, today, how can I, Ye Yuyan, spare you?"

    "I'll give you one last chance."

    "To my father, apologize!"

    "I made you apologize!"

    The low and slow words were filled with chill.

    Ye Fan didn't pay any attention to her, not even a glance at Ye Yuyan.

    Always sitting there, holding a cup of tea, its fragrance dense, he lightly sipped the fragrant tea, while shaking his head and mocking himself.


    "Why am I apologizing?"

    "It is for your own good that I asked you to leave."

    "If you don't appreciate it, then just keep eating your food."

    "Hey~ This person is really much of a villain."

    "Bastard, how dare you call us a villain?"Hearing this, Ye Fan, Ye Jianton shot up and cursed at Ye Fan through the air.

    However, it was at this moment.

    A loud bang.

    Behind Ye Jian, the door of the restaurant, burst open.

    Outside, the wind was suddenly fierce.

    The biting cold current, as if it came from a tornado, swept down the open doors and windows, whistling.

    In the midst of the wind, a black-clothed man, with a warrior sword hanging from his waist, was like a ghost, lying in front of the restaurant.

    Just like that, he quietly appeared in front of everyone!

    "Where's the madman?"

    "Get out of here yet!"

    This sudden appearance of the person scared Ye Jian, his old eyes stared into the size of a copper bell.

    Nowadays, in the era of technology, seeing this kind of costume in front of him, which is incompatible with today's society, Ye Jian instinctively thought that it was the kind of juggling game that coaxes children on the roadside stall, naturally didn't care, and immediately scolded.

    However, Ye Jian this does not scold does not matter, this scolding, that is undoubtedly a big trouble.

    Only to see the incoming eyebrows and eyes chill, feet on the ground, low muffled sound, the man's palm then slapped out.


    Ye Jian was wailing miserably, blood mixed with pieces of internal organs spat out immediately.

    The entire person was like a cannonball that was directly hit out by the visitors.

    Finally, he fell hard on the ground, but never stood up again.

    "Dad!"Ye Jian shrieked.

    "Second brother?"

    "Son of a bitch, it's broad daylight and clear sky, how dare you openly commit murder..."

    Ye Tian was even more terrified and angry.

    However, before Ye Tian could finish his sentence, the man in black fiercely kicked out, and the wine table in front of him exploded, tea splashed in all directions, and a wave of energy was like a gale sweeping across.

    Ye Tian's entire body was directly knocked out by this strength, and along the way, he smashed a number of tables and chairs, and finally fell to the ground, vomiting blood all over the ground.

    The heartbreaking pain in his abdomen was even more painful, causing him to cry old tears.


    "Old Ye!"

    Dongmei has been terrified, tears flowed down in her beautiful eyes, running over to quickly assist Ye Tian.

    As for Ye Yuyan, seeing her father suffer such a severe beating, a pair of eyebrows instantly turned red.

    At this time, she could no longer care to teach Ye Fan a lesson, her hands clenched into fists and turned around to hit the man in black.

    "I, Ye Yuyan, am the captain of the Dragon Hunting Special Combat Team, how dare you hit my father?"

    "Give me a fuck!"

    "Yuyan, don't be impulsive~"Lu Tianhe saw the situation and stopped it.

    However, it was already too late.

    Only Ye Yuyan's fist was already in front of the man.

    The man dressed in black was expressionless, just like this, calmly watching the arrival of Ye Yuyan's fist.

    Finally, he shook his head.


    The violent fist then exploded.

    Who would have thought that, in the face of Ye Yuyan's fist, the man in black didn't even dodge and also smashed out with the same punch.

    It was as if Mars hit the earth, thumping against Ye Yuyan's attack.


    The mere instant that her fists clashed, Ye Yuyan's pretty face then went pale, and she screamed in her heart.

    In the next moment, amidst a sound of breaking tendons and bones, Ye Yuyan's fist was smashed and flipped 180 degrees, her entire arm directly fractured.

    Amidst the painful screams, Ye Yuyan's delicate body then flew away.

    Just like that, the man in black punched Ye Yuyan with the momentum of sweeping leaves with an autumn wind.

    Ye Yuyan, who was still facing Ye Fan flaunting her arms before, was now lying on the ground, holding her arms and weeping incessantly, moaning in pain.


    "You child, you're so impulsive."

    In anxiety, Lu Tianhe hurriedly ran over.

    "Teacher, I...I hurt, it hurts~"

    Ye Yuyan wept miserably, tears falling like rain.

    For the first time in so many years, she had suffered such a huge defeat.

    Years of pride, nearly all of it was shattered under this punch.

    "Teacher, yes...I'm sorry, Yuyan is incompetent and has embarrassed you~" said Yuyan Ye in tears.

    Once upon a time, she had thought that her fighting ability was already the best among her peers.With him under her, he would never be a one-stroke enemy.

    But she never expected that in this first battle after returning to her hometown, she would lose so miserably that her arm would be broken.

    Lu Tianhe shook his head, "Yuyan, why do you have to be so presumptuous."

    "This person, is a high disciple of the Sword God of the Sun Country, and his martial dao is extraordinary."

    "You, on the other hand, have been practicing with me for a few years, but are new to the martial path, and losing to him is inevitable."


    "He...He's the head disciple of the Sword God Palace?"

    "The man we're looking for?"

    When Ye Yuyan heard this, she was horrified and lost her voice in shock.

    The person she and her teacher had been searching for for days, but today, she had never expected that she would take the initiative to seek the door?

    "Yuyan, you rest well first."

    "This revenge, I'll take it for you!"

    After Lu Tianhe calmed Ye Yuyan down, he got up and walked towards the burly man at the door.

    And then, the old man's deep voice only resounded like a flood bell.

    "If my estimation is correct, your Excellency should be, the Sword God Palace's first apprentice, Hua Yingtian, right?"


    "You know me?"

    After hearing the old man's words, the man in front of him, whose face had been cold and silent, then had a few ripples.

    He didn't expect that there was still someone here, recognizing himself?


"The name of your esteemed teacher, Sword God, is famous."

    "Your Excellency is a high disciple under the Sword God, so I naturally know him."

    Lu Tianhe smiled coldly, but returned in a deep voice.

    Hua Yingtian's eyebrows were still icy cold, and his indifferent gaze slowly swept over Lu Tianhe, "Since that's the case, why don't you get out of my way?"

    "Anyone in my way, die!"

    The low, deep voice was like muffled thunder exploding.

    The temperature of the entire restaurant undoubtedly plummeted several points at this time.

    The rest of the onlookers were so frightened that they avoided from afar.

    As for the Ye family members, they were even more trembling and nearly scared out of their wits.

    They did not expect that such a ruthless character would appear halfway through a good banquet?

    Ye Tian and the others were even nearly shot to death by this man!

    Only now did the Ye family party have some regrets.

    Had they known, they should have listened to Ye Fan and left earlier, or else they wouldn't have suffered this disaster ah.

    However, with General Lu here, Ye Tian and the others felt that the situation should still be stable.

    This was also naturally the case, Hua Yingtian's majesty could frighten outsiders, but naturally he couldn't frighten Lu Tianhe.

    Lu Tianhe's eyebrows were dark, and he returned in a deep voice, "Your Excellency, don't you think that's a bit arrogant?"

    "This is Warsaw, how can you be allowed to be rampant here?"

    "I'm not afraid to tell you that I, Lu Tianhe, have been ordered by the Martial God Temple to enter the land of Jingzhou and have come to capture you!"

    "If you are at peace with yourself, my Huaxia will naturally treat you as a guest."

    "But now it seems that you are not a guest on this trek to the sea, but have come to scourge my Huaxia Shenzhou."

    "In that case, how can I tolerate you?"

    "Today, I, Lu Tianhe, on behalf of the Martial God Temple, will behead you!"


    Lu Tianhe's angry voice exploded, and a whiff of wind reverberated in the restaurant here immediately.

    Ye Yuyan's eyebrows were instantly furrowed as she saw this.

    She knew that her teacher, was finally going to be powerful!

    "Sister Whispering, is your teacher great?"

    "Can you win?"

    Seeing that a war was on the verge of breaking out, Ye Jianton asked in fear.

    "That's natural!"

    "My teacher is the deputy chief instructor of the three armies."

    "The supreme majesty, the Gestalt can do it."

    "Even if dozens of people went together, they would not be my teacher's opponent."

    "Now it's a handful to deal with this little Japanese pirate in front of us!"

    Ye Yuyan ignored the pain in her arm and said proudly.

    The words were full of pride and glory.

    For the current Ye Yuyan, the only pride left would be her teacher, Lu Tianhe.

    "Wow, General Lu is so powerful?"

    "Sister Yuyan has such a powerful man as a teacher, and with his support, I'm afraid you'll become a general in the future!"

    After hearing Lu Tianhe's might, Ye Jianton trembled.

    It also then looked up to this sister of his by a few points.

    After all, a famous master produced a great disciple.

    With Lu Tianhe being so powerful, Ye Yuyan's future prospects would be boundless!

    Listening to Ye Jian's boast, Ye Yuyan was undoubtedly in a much better mood, the injuries on her arms were less painful, and the arrogance on her pretty face was undoubtedly even more intense.

    At this time, Ye Yuyan even deliberately looked back at Ye Fan.

    That proud look was as if she was deliberately showing off her teacher.

    "Ye Fan, you once said that we don't know what kind of existence you are, but do you know what kind of existence I, Ye Yuyan, am?"

    "I was a teenager and was specially recruited for the army!"

    "My teacher, he is the Protector of China and is highly respected."

    "I'm sure I'll become a great man in my lifetime."

    "By then, you will know how ridiculous the words you said to me that day at the family banquet were."

    "After today, you'll understand even more what a huge gap there is between you and me!"

    "You and I, we are originally from two worlds."

    Ye Yuyan smiled proudly in her heart and looked at Ye Fan with a gaze full of contempt and disdain.

    The pressure from on high, but it was so intense.

    Returning home for several days, during this time, Ye Fan had been offending her.

    Not only that day's Qin family wedding, or today's banquet at Guang Yue Pavilion, Ye Yuyan had been disgraced in front of Ye Fan time and again, which undoubtedly made Ye Yuyan feel like she couldn't hang on to her face.

    But now, her own teacher was about to make a move!

    Naturally, Ye Yuyan wanted to take this opportunity to raise her eyebrows once and for all.

    Let Ye Fan know that she, Ye Yuyan, is not something that an incompetent person like Ye Fan can covet and provoke.


    The wind was chilly, and the doors and windows everywhere were still wide open.

    The entire restaurant was silent.

    Everyone watched the situation unfold with trepidation, holding their breath.

    Lu Tianhe and Hua Yingtian were distantly facing each other, their robes blowing hungrily by the cold wind.

    "Looks like you're really trying to block me?"

    Hua Yingtian shook his head, and after that, his eyebrows were steeply cold!

    "I didn't want to kill you, but you insisted on seeking death."

    "In that case, I'll do as you wish!"


    Under the majestic rage, Hua Yingtian's entire body exploded.

    Monstrous strength rose up from beneath his feet and flowed down his limbs and all over his body.

    And then, the waist instantly exerted power.

    Hua Yingtian's entire body, just like a bow full of power, fiercely smashed out with a huge fist.

    Only as if, Mount Tai was overwhelming!

    With Hua Yingtian taking the lead, the battle between the two powerful nations had begun!

    Faced with Hua Yingtian's iron fist, Lu Tianhe was quick-eyed and did not resist, but leaned back at the waist, his old body actually like a spring, curved into a strange arc.

    A iron plate cross bridge, but the Hua Yingtian's iron fist steadily dodged.

    Lu Tianhe's dodge was almost miraculous, shocking the crowd.

    Ye Jian was even clapping his hands incessantly, his eyes were wide open.

    It only felt like watching a movie!

    "Pretty good at hiding, though?"

    The strike fell short, Hua Yingtian sneered, while changing his fist into a palm and slapped down towards Lu Tianhe's abdomen.

    As Lu Tianhe saw this, his feet stomped on the earth, and his body of hundreds of pounds grazed the ground and moved out.

    After getting rid of the entanglement, Lu Tianhe turned passive into active, his feet stepped on the ground, and rose up, a dozen kicks in a row, the wind of the legs monstrous like a river and the sea.

    Boom boom boom~!

    Just like this, in the restaurant, the two fists and palms, you and me, but the fight is difficult to distinguish, can not be broken up.

    The sound of fists and feet clashing with each other was like the sound of gold and jade chiming in unison.

    The strong wind brought up, blowing Ye Yuyan forehead blue silk, sweeping the entire hall.

    Until finally, the two of them met palm to palm, directly and hard against each other.


    With a roar, the two retreated in unison with their feet on the ground.

    Lu Tianhe retreated one step, and Hua Yingtian retreated three steps, until they hit a wine table behind them.



    "The teacher won!"Ye Yuyan was excited.


    "Sister Yuyan, Instructor Lu is really old and strong, worthy of my Huaxia General."

    "Defeating that eastern Japanese pirate so quickly!"

    Ye Jian and the others were even more cheerful at the sight of the situation.

    In their opinion, Hua Yingtian had taken two more steps back than Lu Tianhe, so naturally, he still lost.

    However, while Ye Yuyan and the others were rejoicing and proud, but no one noticed that in the corner, a young man who was calmly drinking tea, was shaking his head.

    The red lips lightly opened and whispered, "It seems that it is going to be defeated~"


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