Dish Best Served Cold 711-715


Chapter 711

"Mr. Chu, I'm okay with this car, right?"

    "Just brought it up today."

    "Guest Continental."

    "The car was brought up for almost five million."

    "I was going to pick you up in my Mercedes."

    "But halfway there, I'll take it back.Go straight to the 4S shop and take out my Bentley that I had already ordered."

    "No why, just because it's a less than a million dollar Mercedes, it's not fucking worthy of Mr. Chu's status!"

    On the road, Lei Ao Ting boasted about Ye Fan while driving the luxury car at a mad gallop.

    Between the explosion of that cylinder, the low roar seemed like a beast, resounding through the sky.

    The first time to ride in such a good car, the little girl inside the car, Lu Wenjing, was naturally new and full of joy.

    Then also angrily hummed, "Hmph, that group of bad guys still dislike my little brother Fan and won't let us get in the car?"

    "With those junk cars of theirs, my brother Fan isn't even interested in them?"

    Although Lu Wenjing was not very old, but she could still see how good or bad others were to Ye Fan.

    Just now, Ye Fan's grandmother asked Ye Tian and the others to give Ye Fan a ride and they made an excuse that the car was full.

    But is it really full?

    Anyway, Lu Wenjing didn't believe it, those bad guys obviously didn't want her little brother Fan to ride in their car.

    Thinking of this, Lu Wenzheng suddenly felt more and more angry, while looking at Lei Ao Ting at the side.

    "Brother Ao Ting, you drive faster."

    "Better catch up with that group of bad guys."

    "So that they can see that my little brother Fan is just as well off without them!"


    Lu Wenjing said with a pair of angry little faces.


    "Jing Jing, sit still~"

    Lei Ao Ting smiled cheerfully.

    And then, one foot to the bottom of the throttle.


    A sound exploded, only like a muffled thunderstorm.

    The strong wind it brought up swept across the heavens and earth.

    The sports car driven by Lei Aouting transformed into a blue specter and tore through the sky!

    Ahead, thousands of meters away.

    Ye Tian, Ye Ya and the others were driving a car, speeding along the reasoning.

    Inside the car, the sound of melodious music was also playing.

    "Old Ye, how do you think you just lied to our dad?"

    "It's not like there's no room in the car, so what's a little bit of van?"

    At this time, Ye Tian was driving their family's that Audi a4 and was humming along with the melody as he drove.

    After hearing the words of his own wife, Dongmei, Ye Tian suddenly snorted, "What am I slighting him for?"

    "Isn't he quite proud, isn't he quite capable?"

    "He even dared to stir up the wedding of the magistrate's son, and even dared to talk back to those uncles of his in public a few days ago."

    "If he's so capable, he'll find his own way to the city district ah."

    "An abandoned son of a Chu family, a wimp and a son-in-law, no fart skills, but also proud all day long?"

    "See Noh's him?"

    "I don't know where he got the strength!"

    "Isn't he quite proud, then don't beg these uncles of his ah."

    "Still thinking of having my Yuyan support in the future?With such a disrespectful attitude towards our family, he'll never be able to get the light of our family for the rest of his life!"

    When he thought of this nephew of his, Ye Tian's heart was furious.

    Originally, relatives were one and the same, if this Ye Fan honored and supported their family, Ye Tian wouldn't mind giving Ye Fan some favors.

    For example, introducing him to a job as a driver, security guard or gatekeeper, but if this Ye Fan was so insensitive and impolite, then don't blame him for being a heartless uncle.

    "That's right, auntie."

    "This Ye Fan, he's just a white-eyed wolf, he's not worth pitying!"

    "Fortunately, uncle didn't let Ye Fan get on the car just now, otherwise, I'm afraid that today's lunch will be unsettled."

    Ye Jian was also sitting in a car with them.

    His father's car had a lot of gifts in it, and it was messy, so Ye Jian simply sat in a car with the Ye Tian family as well.


    "Jian, what do you mean by that?"After hearing Ye Jian's words, Dongmei was puzzled.

    Ye Jian replied, "Auntie, can't you see that?"

    "Then why did Evan go downtown today and go at the same time as us if he didn't go sooner or later?"

    "Is he really going to see a friend?"

    Ye Jian's words made Dongmei slightly stunned: "Xiao Jian, what you mean is..."

    Ye Jian nodded his head heavily: "Yes, great aunt."

    "In my opinion, it's false that Ye Fan went to meet his friends today, it's true that he went with us to rub up against us!"

    "I reckon it must be that grandpa told Ye Fan about my sister Yuyan's banquet for General Lu today."

    "Then Ye Fan will be thinking of going with us to show his face in front of General Lu so that he can get to know Sister Yuyan's teacher!"

    Ye Jian said slowly, and Ye Tian, who was listening next to him, slapped his thigh.

    "Right, Xiao Jian you're right!"

    "I was wondering earlier, what friend in town would want to hang out with this jerk when he's a wimpy son-in-law?"

    "Now it looks like he's just lying to us."

    "Where are any friends calling him to play, he just came to rub this dinner party and wanted to climb with Yuyan's teacher."

    "He doesn't even think about it, an incompetent superfluous son-in-law who wants to climb up the ranks?"

    "He deserves it too!"


    Ye Tian was in the middle of cursing angrily when suddenly a gas explosion sounded and a blue sports car whizzed past like lightning.

    With a whoosh, it threw Ye Tian behind.

    The low roar was only like a mockery of Ye Tian and the others, and it shook Ye Tian's ears buzzing.


    "Which son of a bitch is this?"

    "Even my uncle's car is overtaking?"

    "Uncle, go after him, I'll scold him!"

    "It's really against him, in this Ye Yang Town boundary, even the mayor doesn't dare to overtake my uncle's car."

    This sudden buzzing also startled Ye Jian, he thought he had a flat tire, and suddenly scolded, while not forgetting to brag a few words about Ye Tian.

    As expected, Ye Tian's vanity came up when he was boasted so much by Ye Jian.


    "Nephew, watch well, your uncle is a good driver, this will catch up to you."

    "Give me a hard scolding later, Uncle will cover you if something happens!"

    Ye Tian said overbearingly, while the throttle blasted to the end, and his Audi A4 also suddenly rushed out like an arrow.

    At first, they naturally couldn't catch up.

    But after Ye Tian picked up the speed, he soon saw the blue body.


    "How's it going, nephew?"

    "That's a nice car your uncle has, isn't it?"

    "Audi factory, this full speed speed up, is a hundred and eighty mph can also rush one!"

    Ye Tian boasted proudly as he saw the blue body in his line of sight approaching fast.

    "I'm going!"

    "Uncle, you're amazing, aren't you?"

    "You've got the sports car to catch up with!"


    "My uncle is so versatile, not only is he successful in his career, this car is also very slippery~"

    Ye Jian was in agreement for a while.

    But as he said that, he suddenly felt what was wrong.

    Because the two cars were drawing too close too fast, the feeling was as if the car in front was parked there without moving.



    "Uncle, brake fast, red light, red light~"

    "Brake, brake it!!!"

    Ye Jian was in a panic and screamed in a ghostly voice.



While Ye Jian screamed, Ye Tian who was driving obviously also noticed that there was a red light ahead.

    Only now, did Ye Tian Fang understand that no wonder they could catch up with the sky blue sports car, originally people were waiting for the red light.

    After reacting, Ye Tian quickly stepped on the brakes.

    The tires quickly hugged dead, but the huge inertia still dragged the body to slide for hundreds of meters.

    Finally, with a bang, it crashed into the rear wing of the blue sports car in front.

    Amidst the dull roar, the headlights exploded and the steel body was then deformed.

    However, fortunately, Ye Tian and the others were able to brake in time.

    When they chased after the tail, their speed had basically been reduced.Thus it didn't cause much of an accident.

    But even so, the blue sports car in front of them was still on top of them and slid several meters forward.

    Looking at the Bentley logo in front of him, Ye Tian's face was pale and his heart was even cooler and cooler.

    "This is tragic!"

    While Ye Tian and the others were in panic, the owner of the Bentley that had been tailgated in front of him had gotten out.


    "Which son of a bitch, get your ass out here?"

    "I just bought a car and I'm crashing it?"


    "Come out!"

    "I'll kill him today!"

    Lei Ao Ting was undoubtedly furious.

    The emotions in his heart had been indescribable with anger.

    More than five million cars, the sports car slipped on the first day and was rear-ended?

    The rear rear wing is clearly deformed and the headlights are smashed.

    A good new car, hard to become an accident car.

    At this time, Lei Ao Ting's heart was undoubtedly dripping blood ah.

    In anger, he ran over, directly opened the door and dragged Ye Tian out of the car.

    "Little brother, don't be impulsive."

    "Misunderstanding, it's all a misunderstanding~"

    "Misunderstanding you paralysis!"Ye Tian compensated with a guilty smile there, but where did Lei Ao Ting pay attention to it and kicked over and just kicked Ye Tian to the ground.

    "You...You dare!"

    "My uncle is a deputy magistrate, and you dare to fight?"

    "I see that you really don't want to live."

    Seeing that Ye Tian was beaten, Ye Jian was undoubtedly a dog in the fight and cursed at Lei Ao Ting in a stern voice.

    When Lei Ao Ting heard this, he laughed, "Heh, what a great official?"

    "But you're making an official show of power at my Lei family, you've got the wrong person!"

    "Let alone a county-level leader in the district, even if the first-in-command of King City is here, he would categorically not dare to say that?"

    "You... you...You're...You're Ray...Young Master Lei?"Listening to Lei Ao Ting's words, Ye Jian's face had turned completely green and he was swinging all over.

    Only then did Ye Jian Fang recognize the person in front of him, wasn't it the young master of the Lei family who appeared at the wedding banquet that day?

    "Or what!"

    "In all of Jingzhou, besides my Lei family, who else do you think can afford to drive this five-million-plus luxury car?"


    "My new car got hit by you guys."

    "Go ahead, what to do?"

    The more Lei Ao Ting thought about it, the angrier he became, hating to kick to death the group of idiotic trash in front of him.

    "Five...Five million?"

    When Ye Tian heard this, his entire body was also completely scared silly.

    He knew that this time he had hit a luxury car, but he didn't expect it to be so luxurious?

    Ye Tian reckoned he wouldn't be able to solve this bump without a small tens of thousands.

    "What are you yelling about?"

    "If you want to do it, Miss Ben will practice with you!"

    While tears were flowing in Ye Tian's heart, Ye Yuyan stepped down from the car, but her eyebrows and eyes were icy cold as she stared at Lei Ao Ting.

    On her pretty face, a few chills had already appeared.

    "Yuyan, don't be rude."

    "He's a descendant of Jingzhou Lei's third master's family."Ye Tian hurriedly stopped him.

    The third master Lei was the sky of Jingzhou, before that Lei Ao Ting's words were indeed good, even the mayor of Jingzhou City was treating the third master Lei with courtesy.,.

    He, Ye Tian, hadn't even gone out of this Dongyang County, so naturally he feared the Lei family like a tiger!

    "So what?"

    "I, Ye Yuyan, have been in the army for several years, and what I hate most is these people who bully others!"

    "I still say the same thing, if you want to fight, give me the word and I'll practice with you!"

    "If you dare to touch my father in the slightest again, don't blame me, Ye Yuyan, for not reminding you!"

    Ye Tian and the others feared the Lei family, but Ye Yuyan naturally did not.

    Her teacher was a major general in the army, and she herself was even the captain of a special war team, so how could she be afraid of these goons and hooligans.

    Yes, in Ye Yuyan's eyes, these so-called landlords were no different from the goons and hooligans.


    "I said why are you talking so rudely?"

    "So he was a soldier!"

    "But just because I can't cure you, doesn't mean that no one else can."

    "I'm telling you, you're in big trouble today?"

    "That's a big man sitting in my car!"

    "If you provoke him, not to mention you're a little female soldier, you can't afford to bring in the chief instructor of your military district, and you can't afford his wrath!"

    Faced with Ye Yuyan's threat, Lei Ao Ting is also completely unafraid.

    Mr. Chu is here, he's afraid of nothing!

    Mr. Chu's might was something he had seen before, when the Scarlet Wolf King Wu He Rong was under Ye Fan, he couldn't even get past a single move, let alone this girl in front of him.

    "Shut up, you dare to insult my teacher?"

    Hearing Lei Ao Ting's words, Ye Yuyan was about to get angry, but she was pulled by Ye Tian.

    "Okay, Yuyan, don't cause any trouble, your father I'm messy enough."

    Ye Tian's old face was livid, and his heart was filled with fear.

    Lei Ao Ting's words just now, undoubtedly made Ye Tian's heart very frightened.

    Let the Lei family all call it a big man, what kind of identity was the person in the car at this time, Ye Tian no longer dared to imagine.

    In fear, Ye Tian had no other choice but to bow his head and admit compensation.

    "Let's say, Young Master Lei, tailgating is my responsibility, I admit it."

    "You give me the account number, I'll transfer fifty thousand yuan to you, and this matter is settled, do you think it's okay?"Ye Tian smiled with a genial face.


    "Fifty thousand?"

    "You really think I'm a three-year-old!"

    "Don't say 50,000. If you pay me 500,000, this won't work today!"

    "I'm telling you, I bought this car new and it's the first day on the road today."

    "If you don't compensate me for a new car, this is not over."Lei Ao Ting roared in anger.


    "Compensate for.... for a new one?"

    Ye Tian's mouth was quivering, and his entire body was so scared that he was close to passing out.


    Five million.

    He, Ye Tian, wouldn't be able to raise enough for the five million ah.

    "Lei...Young Master Lei, you...Aren't you giving me a hard time?"

    "Where do I get the money to buy you a new car."

    "Look, my name is Ye Tian, I'm the leader of this Dongyang County, can you give me some face?"

    "I'll compensate you for a hundred thousand, so let's forget about it."

    "Consider it a point of thinness for me."

    "I will definitely remember this favor from Young Master Lei in the future."

    Ye Tian was obviously also forced to beg with a thick face.

    After all, it was him who was at a reasonable disadvantage, and the other party he couldn't afford to provoke, he had no choice but to beg in a low voice!


"To your face?"

    Lei Ao Ting listened and burst out laughing.

    "What are you?"

    "And you have the nerve to ask for my face!"

    "I'm telling you, this is non-negotiable today."

    "You must pay for the new car."

    "You made your own trouble, then you must pay for it!"

    Lei Ao Ting's cold voice sounded, that few sentences, only as if sentencing the Ye Tian family's death sentence.

    Ye Tian's old face immediately went white, the whole person between panic, the heart of the heart to kick to death Ye Jian.

    If Ye Jian did not encourage him, how could Ye Tian drive so fast on the road and end up in such a big trouble!

    Dongmei is also a sudden sense of despair, can't help but blame Ye Tian, good reason to speed on the road to show what to do ah.

    But now, it's not the time to complain, Dongmei bitterly looked at Ye Tian: "Old Ye, you quickly think of a way."

    "Your face is not good to use, think about whether there is any big person in your friend, let him put in a word for us ah."

    As the saying goes, familiar people are good for business.

    Now in this situation, only by asking a middleman to intercede for them could they be good.

    Otherwise, if this young master of the Lei family really fought, their family would have to break the pot to compensate for the new car on earth.

    "It's easy for you to say, the people we know may hold up as big names to ordinary people, but they're far from the Lei family."

    "It's not even easy to say~"

    Ye Tian was filled with bitterness and sighed incessantly.

    The friends he knew might be considered a person in their own county, but when it came to the city, what was it?

    This Lei family didn't even care about him, so how could they talk about anyone else?

    "Right, let Whispering."

    "Let Yuyan call his teacher."

    "His teacher's identity, I guess the Lei family will be a bit scrupulous."

    In a panic, but Ye Tian was reminded of his daughter's teaching teacher.

    But Ye Yuyan shook her head, "Dad, my teacher is new to Jingzhou, this is an unfamiliar place, not many people have heard of his prestigious name, I'm afraid it's not very useful."

    "Yuyan, just try it, just in case it works?Otherwise, our family would really have to take on a million debts."Ye Tian said in a bitter voice.

    Ye Yuyan saw her father so pitiful, so she had no choice but to make this call to her teacher.

    When Lu Tianhe heard it, he also had a hard time.

    "Yuyan, I don't have much contact with the Lei family, so I'm afraid I can't help you much."

    "However, give him the phone and I'll try to talk about it."

    Then, Ye Yuyan gave the phone to Lei Ao Ting.

    "What, is this finding someone to be a lobbyist?"

    "I'd like to see what other characters you can invite."

    Lei Ao Ting grinned and then answered the phone.


    "You said you were a major general in the army?"

    "And I'm the fucking Grand Marshal of Soldiers?"

    "How dare a character you've never even heard of come out and act like a hero?"

    Lei Ao Ting cursed angrily and directly hung up the phone.

    Ye Tian and the others saw the situation, and the last bit of hope in their hearts was undoubtedly extinguished.

    "Old Ye, what should we do, do we really have to pay for his new car?"

    Here, when Dongmei Ye Tian and his wife were panicking, next to Ye Jian who had been guilty of not making a sound, but suddenly thought of something.

    He even stepped forward and said to Ye Tian, "Uncle, I remember, Ye Fan is acquainted with Young Master Lei."

    "Previously, that Ye Fan made a big scene at the Qin family wedding, and was able to retreat with his whole body thanks to this Young Master Lei's protection."


    "Did you say Evan?"

    "You're kidding me."

    "He's a door-to-door son-in-law who knows these people?"

    Ye Tianton stared at it, naturally not believing it.

    "Uncle, it's true, my sister Yuyan also saw it."

    "I guess, Ye Fan might have worked as a security guard or something like that in the Lei family before."

    "You also know, that Ye Fan is all brute strength and great at fighting, perhaps he worked as a fighter for this Young Master Lei before?"

    Ye Jian continued to speak.

    Ye Yuyan beside her also nodded, proving that what Ye Jian said was true.

    "According to what you said, even if you know him, he, Ye Fan, has at most been a servant for the Lei family, he can speak?Can it be of any use?"Ye Tian shook his head and said with disdain.

    "Old Ye, just try it."

    "What if it works?"Dongmei was advising from the side.

    In the end, Ye Tian, with the idea of treating a dead horse as if it were alive, first called his elder sister Ye Ximei and asked for Ye Fan's mobile phone number, and then dialed it.

    However, after Ye Tian called for half a day, the other party was unanswered.,.

    "This bastard can't be counted on at all in a critical moment?"

    "No more fighting!"

    Ye Qi was livid and no longer pinned his hopes on Ye Fan.

    Instead, he continued to beg Lei Ao Ting.

    "Young Master Lei, aren't you making things difficult for us?"

    "We can't afford a five-million-dollar car even if we break the bank."

    "How do you think you can spare us?"

    Ye Tian said miserably, his words full of pleading intent.

    "It's not impossible to let you guys go."

    "I told you, there's a big man in my car.You guys tailgating this time and wrecking my car is a small matter, disturbing him is the big deal."

    "As long as you ask for his forgiveness, I won't make it difficult for you, I'll let you pay for some repair costs and leave it at that, I won't let you pay for the new car."Lei Ao Ting said slowly.

    When Ye Tian and the others heard it, they were delighted, only as if the people in the water grasped the last straw.

    Then, without saying a word, they went up to apologize.

    "Sir, is it okay to open the window?"

    "I'm really sorry, but we were careless enough to cause an accident and disturb you sir."

    "I came here with my family on purpose to make amends to you."

    "Sir, I beg you to give Young Master Lei a word so that he won't embarrass us."

    Ye Tian and the others were filled with respect and said evenly.

    At this time, the window fell down, revealing the playful smiling face of a little girl.

    "Well, you are?"

    Seeing Lu Wenjing, Ye Tian and the others were shocked.

    They fixed their eyes and then they saw Ye Fan beside Lu Wenjing.


    "Evan, is that you?"

    Ye Jian was the first to call out.

    Ye Tian was even more shocked and angry.

    He didn't expect that the person he had just begged for half a day was the one they despised the most, Ye Fan.

    "Ye Fan, why are you here?"

    "Didn't you hear me when I called you earlier?"

    "Get your ass down here yet!"

    "Didn't you see your uncle's car was in an accident?"

    "You're sitting pretty still, and you have a fucking mind to listen to music?"

    "How come I, Ye Tian, have a nephew like you?"

    Ye Tian roared with anger.

    He was really angry.

    His side was anxious, but Ye Fan was good, hiding in the car and not coming out to see them laugh?


However, faced with Ye Tian's angry words, Ye Fan was oblivious to them.

    He sat in the car, eyebrows and eyes closed, the whole person as if asleep, not moving a bit, nor did he have any words.

    Instead, Lu Wenjing poked her little head out of the car window and shouted to Lei Ao Ting, "Brother Ao Ting, what are you doing?"

    "Quickly chase these bad guys away."

    "They're always bullying Little Brother Fan, you mustn't let them go."

    "Shut up, you dead ninny, what nonsense are you talking about?"Hearing Lu Wenjing's words, Ye Tian's old face instantly turned green, so angry that he almost wanted to hit this nonsense-filled little ninny.

    But when Lei Ao Ting heard this, he thought that Ye Fan had authorized Lu Wen Jing to say this.

    Therefore, Lei Ao Ting naturally then agreed.

    When he walked over, he blocked in front of Ye Tian and the others and smiled coldly, "It seems that you have not obtained the forgiveness of this big man in my car."

    "In that case, there's nothing to talk about."

    "Just wait to pay for the new car."

    "Of course, you can choose not to pay for it.However, I think you should be able to imagine what will happen if you don't pay back the money owed to my Lei family."

    Lei Ao Ting seemed to have run out of patience and gave an ultimatum to Ye Tian and the others.

    "Don't, Young Master Lei."

    "It's all a misunderstanding ah."

    "The man in the car is my cousin, we're all relatives."

    "This one is even Ye Fan's own uncle."

    "We're all family."

    Ye Jian said evenly.

    Although he didn't know what the relationship between this Ye Fan and Lei Ao Ting was, but just from the fact that Ye Fan was able to get into Lei Ao Ting's car, Ye Jian could also guess that the relationship between Ye Fan and Lei Ao Ting was afraid that it was really not shallow ah.

    It seems that if you want to survive this calamity safely, you have to count on Ye Fan.


    "You're related?"

    As expected, after hearing these words from Ye Jian, Lei Ao Ting was finally a bit unsettled.

    He could not be afraid of the county party committee leaders or the military generals, but Mr. Chu's relatives, he had to be cautious.

    "Yes, Young Master Lei, have you forgotten that we all met at the Qin family's wedding banquet a few days ago?"

    "If we're not related to Evan, how could we attend the wedding with him?"

    "If you don't believe me, we can go ask Ye Fan in person."Ye Jian continued to say.

    Then he opened the car door and called out to Ye Fan, "Cousin, don't just sit there, say something?"

    Ye Fan was silent.

    "Little Fan, our Ye family has treated you well all these years, giving you mother and son food and shelter, now it's time for you to return the favor."

    "Don't come out yet, give us proof that you are my Ye Tian's nephew."

    Ye Tian also turned his head, looked at Ye Fan and said in a deep voice.

    Ye Fan was still silent.

    The entire person still sat quietly in the car, his eyebrows closed, not moving in the slightest.

    Seeing that Ye Fan was even putting up a fight, Ye Yuyan on the side became angry, "Ye Fan, you're really a big fighter?"

    "My father is your own uncle, and this is how you treat your elders?"

    "No manners at all!"

    Ye Yuyan stood in front of the car and roared harshly at Ye Fan.

    She had thought that with the prestige of their family, it was Ye Fan's honor to ask for something now, he should rush out to help.

    But Ye Yuyan had never thought that this Ye Fan would pretend to be deaf and dumb in the face of his father's words, as if he didn't hear them.

    He didn't even look at them, let alone come out to help.

    This kind of behavior of Ye Fan was undoubtedly a great humiliation to Ye Yuyan who had always been pretentious.

    In the end, it was Lei Ao Ting who came over with a lot of suspicion and asked to Ye Fan, "Mr. Chu, this, is this really your uncle's cousin?"

    Lei Ao Ting pointed at Ye Yuyan and asked.

    At this time, Ye Fan lifted his eyelids, and his indifferent gaze, swept over Ye Yuyan.

    "Hmph, at last, you have a bit of conscience."

    Seeing that Ye Fan finally opened his eyes, Ye Tian and the others thought that Ye Fan was going to help say something, then snorted.

    However, who would have thought that in the face of Lei Ao Ting's question, Ye Fan shook his head, "She is not my cousin."

    "I, Ye Fan, have never had a cousin either!"

    "You~" Ye Yuyan's eyebrows trembled, her entire body was close to fainting directly from anger.

    Ye Tian and the others were even more horrified, they never thought that what they were waiting for would be this kind of answer.

    "But she said that it was your relative..."Lei Ao Ting asked cautiously.

    "Relative?"Ye Fan shook his head and laughed, "I told you, she and I, we're just strangers."

    Ye Fan's words were low and slow, and just like that, Xu Xu sounded.

    Ye Yuyan was flabbergasted in place.

    In her ears, but then it immediately echoed, Ye Fan's majestic and cold words that day in her home.

    Ye Yuyan had only now discovered that this mediocre and incompetent cousin of hers still had this arrogance!

    "What a stranger."

    "You're quite ambitious!"

    "But, Evan, don't be sorry!"

    "In the future, when you are poor and begging along the streets, don't come begging for relief from me, Ye Yuyan!"

    Ye Yuyan's temper then surged up, and she laughed coldly.

    The words were filled with anger.

    In response, Ye Fan just shook his head and laughed.

    And then, Lu Wenjing also closed the door of the car, and the windows were also slowly pulled shut, completely isolating these people from the car.

    "Xiaofan, don't give your sister common sense~"

    "I know you're mad at us, but we're all family, so let's talk about what's going on back home~"

    "You help your uncle..."

    Outside, Dongmei, however, knocked on the car window and begged bitterly to Ye Fan.

    Hearing Dongmei's words, Ye Fan's heart was suddenly a little intolerant.

    In the Ye family these years, Ye Fan mother and son, although much crowded, but the great aunt is many times secretly to help them.

    Naturally, Ye Fan never forgot the kindness and favors of his great aunt.

    Only after a long time, did Fang sighed.

    "It's just that, for the sake of Great Aunt's face, I'll help them once."

    Ye Fan shook his head and sighed, while he then called out to Lei Ao Ting and gave him a few words.The gist of it was, just give them a lesson, no need to be too embarrassed.

    Ye Fan had spoken, and Lei Ao Ting would naturally not disobey.

    "Alright, count yourselves lucky."

    "Since Mr. Chu has interceded for you, I won't embarrass you."

    "And I won't let you guys pay for the new car, and I won't give you the lost wages."

    "But you're the ones who wrecked the car, so you can't refuse to pay for the repairs."

    "I'll tell you what, I won't give you more than you ask for, so I'll give you two hundred thousand."

    "Two...Two hundred thousand?"Although it was already much less, Ye Tian's heart still ached when he heard the amount of 200,000.

    But seeing that Lei Ao Ting did not mean to let anymore, Ye Tian was ready to agree.

    "Big brother, what's wrong?Is this an accident?"


At this time, Ye Fan's second uncle Ye Ya finally arrived.

    Earlier, Ye Tian was speeding furiously, but he slipped away from Ye Ya.

    This was not the case, but Ye Ya had caught up with him.

    "Hey, don't mention it~"

    Ye Tian darkened his face and briefly told the matter to his brother Ye Ya.


    "Make you pay two hundred thousand dollars?"

    "Brother, don't give it to him, he's screwing you!"

    "It's just a tailgating, I don't think it's serious, it's just two broken headlights."

    "In this case, it's a luxury car, it's only fifty or sixty thousand, and I'm too much for a hundred thousand.He's even giving you 200,000?"

    "This is taking you for a fool!"

    "Brother, listen to me, I know the car best, I'll pay up to sixty thousand."

    "If he doesn't want to, then we'll call the police and have the traffic police bring someone over to fix the damage to the car."

    Ye Ya advised from the side, giving Ye Tian ideas.

    Ye Tian was stunned when he heard, "Second brother, are you serious?"

    "He's a good car, this car damage, really only 60,000?"

    Ye Tian confirmed again.

    Two hundred thousand was not a small amount, if this Lei Ao Ting pitted him, Ye Tian would naturally not be the wronged person, even if the other party was a child of the Lei family.

    After all, one has to be reasonable in life, right?

    Sixty thousand car damage to two hundred thousand, this was obviously a trap.

    Ye Tian had anger in his heart at the time, but to be on the safe side, he still asked Ye Ya again.

    "Brother, seriously!"

    "I know the cars best, and for this rear-end accident, giving him fifty thousand is more than enough."

    "Listen to me, it's sixty thousand!"

    "If he disagrees, just call the traffic police and let a third party set the damage to the car."

    "That's still fair, no one can say anything."

    Ye Ya patted his chest and assured.

    Ye Tian felt justified, then he looked at Lei Ao Ting and was about to speak.

    However, Lei Ao Ting smiled: "What, you feel that 200,000 is a loss?"

    "In that case, listen to your brother and call the traffic police."

    "Let a third party set the damage to the car."

    "When the time comes, say as much as you want, I won't say a word more."

    Lei Ao Ting returned cheerfully.

    Ye Tian saw the situation and smiled with him, "Young Master Lei, don't misunderstand, it's not that I don't trust you, it's mainly because I'm afraid that you will suffer a loss."

    "Don't worry, when the traffic police will come to set the damage to the car, it will be as much as they say, I, Ye Tian, will never let Young Master Lei suffer a loss!"

    Ye Tian this scene was beautifully spoken.

    Soon, the traffic police arrived, along with a maintenance person who knew how to repair vehicles.

    That maintenance personnel looked at the damage and carefully looked at some of the interior of the vehicle.

    "How is it, Master?"

    "About how much would this car cost if it were repaired?"

    Ye Tian then asked.

    The repairman paused while saying, "This car is a limited edition.Whether it's the paint, or the parts, it has to be ordered by appointment from an overseas company."

    "No, master, whether you pull these useless things, let's just say that it's repaired, about how much?"Ye Ya interjected and asked directly.

    That maintenance master estimated, while extending a palm: "Approximately, this number!"


    "Brother, how about it, I'll tell you what, I'll fix this car and hold out for fifty thousand!"

    "Your brother I've been playing with cars all my life, I know the most about cars."

    Looking at the five fingers stretched out by that maintenance master, Ye Ya Dun bragged with a proud look.

    However, that maintenance master gave him a blank look: "It's half a million."


    "Five...Five hundred thousand?"

    Ye Tian but only felt a boom, and his brain went blank.

    Ye Ya also stayed in the same place, staring at his eyes like he was alive.

    "Is there a mistake?"

    "It's just a tailgate, it's not serious, and you want half a fucking million?"


    Ye Yaya was shouting ghostly there.

    "What? You don't believe me?"

    "I don't know you guys, so why should I help him trap you?"

    "At worst, you'll just have to hire someone who knows how to ask again."The maintenance man smoked a cigarette and said coldly.


    "Okay, shut the fuck up you!"Ye Ya was still going to say something, but he was directly scolded back by Ye Tian.

    Worthy of being father and son, they were all a bunch of losers who couldn't accomplish anything.

    Ye Tian only felt this time that he, himself, had been screwed by Ye Ya, the idiot father and son!

    After scolding Ye Ya, Ye Tian once again looked at Lei Ao Ting and smiled along with him, "Young Master Lei, would it be alright for you to give that 200,000 tomorrow?"

    "Well?Who said it was two hundred thousand?"

    "People are talking about half a million!"

    "Remember, half a million, not a penny less."

    "Otherwise, you won't be able to bear the consequences."

    Lei Ao Ting sneered, so he gave Ye Tian the bank account number.

    At this time, Lei Ao Ting's men had also driven over, staying behind to help Lei Ao Ting deal with the accident.

    As for Lei Ao Ting, he switched cars and drove the two of them away in a desperate manner, carrying Ye Fan.

    Behind them, only Ye Tian with a bitter look in his eyes was left behind.

    Originally only need to pay back two hundred thousand, now well, it became five hundred thousand!

    Now Ye Tian, his gut was blue with remorse.

    "Big brother, you shouldn't be too sad."

    "It's only half a million, money is something outside the body, now it's gone, just earn it again later."Ye Ya comforted from the side.

    "Right, second brother, you're right, money is something outside of your body, since that's the case, I'll pay two hundred thousand, the remaining three hundred thousand, you pay."

    "What...What?"When Ye Ya heard this, he directly stared, "Brother, what do you mean, you had an accident, why do you want me to pay back the money?"

    "You have the fucking nerve to say that?I'd take half a million dollars if you didn't know better, you bastard.I haven't been victimized by you yet!"Ye Tian Tian had to grit his teeth, his heart could not wait to kick the father and son of Ye Ya.

    Just like this, this broad daylight, Ye Tian Ye Ya brothers but the two quarreled.

    In the end, if it wasn't for Dongmei to stop them, the two brothers were afraid that they would directly fight!

    Naturally, Ye Fan did not know about these.

    However, even if he knew, Ye Fan would not have any pity.

    It was just that they were all to blame.

    If these uncles were compassionate and righteous, with one word from Ye Fan, Lei Ao Ting would certainly not dare to let them pay a dime.

    But they were ruthless, and they could not blame Ye Fan for being righteous.

    Just like this, Lei Ao Ting took Ye Fan and the two of them to stroll around the city of Jingzhou for a morning.

    They climbed the ancient walls of Jingzhou to see the glacier outside the city, and then went into the mountains to ski and have fun.

    When it was noon, Lei Ao Ting also took the two of them to dinner with Ye Fan.

    "Mr. Chu, I've also prepared an equestrian experience for you this afternoon."

    "There's also hot spring golf in the evening."

    "But before that, of course, we have to fill our bellies first."

    "Later on, the restaurant we're going to is the number one restaurant in Jingzhou.His fame is no less than that of Yunzhou's Haiyuan Pavilion."

    "Its name is, Guang Yue Pavilion!"


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