Dish Best Served Cold 706-710


Chapter 706

"I'm pissed off~"

    "It's really pissing me off!"

    "What's this about today?"

    On the way back, the more Ye Yuyan thought about it, the more humiliated she felt.

    In her entire life, she had never been as humiliated as she was today.

    What was even more infuriating was that today's humiliation was still thanks to Ye Fan.

    A door-to-door son-in-law actually made her, a proud daughter of heaven, feel embarrassed, which was undoubtedly unacceptable to Ye Yuyan.

    "Sister Yuyan, don't be angry."

    "I see this Ye Fan, he's just a dog fighting for his life."

    "He's just getting the light of the Lei family's young master."

    "But this young master of the Lei family is also blind to be friends with a second-rate like Ye Fan?"

    Thinking back to what had just happened, Ye Jian was undoubtedly also furious.

    A good wedding banquet, but in the end, they siblings were swept out like dogs.

    It was strange that Ye Jian was not angry in his heart.

    Soon, Ye Yuyan siblings returned to Ye Yang Town.

    At this time, it was only half past eleven, seeing Ye Yuyan and the others back, the Ye family was quite surprised.

    "Yuyan, why are you back so early?"

    "Didn't you guys go to your brother Qin Yu's wedding?"

    Ye Tian was confused and asked.

    However, it was good that he didn't ask, but when he did, Ye Yuyan felt even more humiliated.

    Without saying anything, he entered the room without turning back and closed the door with a bang.

    "Xiao Jian, what's going on here?"

    "What's wrong with your Sister Yuyan?"

    Ye Tian and the others were even more worried.

    Ye Jian, however, sighed, "Uncle, don't ask.I, along with Sister Yuyan, have been kicked out."

    "What? Got kicked out, what happened?"The Ye family was shocked and asked incessantly.

    Ye Jian said angrily, "It's still not my great aunt's son, Ye Fan!"

    "It's all him, colluding with outsiders, not only did he stir up Brother Qin Yu's wedding, he also drove me and Sister Yuyan out like dogs."

    "Not only that, but he also wantonly provoked the young master of the Lei family and made him tell someone to beat us up."

    "If Yuyan and I hadn't run away fast, I'm afraid we wouldn't have been spared the pain of skin and flesh."


    "How come I, Ye Jian, have such a cousin who eats out of his own pocket?"

    Ye Jian added fuel to the fire.

    The two Ye Tian Ye Ya brothers were undoubtedly furious after hearing it.

    "This beast!"

    "He's been lazy since he was a kid."

    "I should have known that this jerk would definitely not be a thing when he grows up later."

    "Now it looks like that's true!"

    "Even to your own siblings?"

    "Today, this uncle of mine has to teach him a lesson."

    "Xiao Jian, let's go, call out for your Sister Yuyan and come with me to your grandfather's house."

    Ye Tian angrily said, and then he rushed to the Ye family's old house with all the Ye family members.

    That is, the place where Ye's grandfather Ye Xukun lived.



    Ye Fan was naturally unaware of what was happening in the Ye family.

    It wasn't until the afternoon that Ye Fan returned to Ye Yang Town along with the fatty.

    After sending Du Wenya and the fatty back, Ye Fan and Lu Wenjing also went home.

    However, as soon as Ye Fan arrived home, he found that his uncle Ye Tian, Ye Ya, and others were there.

    Young aunt Ye Xilan was also here.

    As the Chinese New Year approached, Ye Xilan hadn't returned to Jianghai.

    She was going to go back after spending the New Year with her parents.

    "Little Fan, come here."

    Seeing that Ye Fan was back, Master Ye beckoned and whirled around to call out to Ye Fan to come to the hall as well.

    "Grandma, what's wrong?"

    "Is something wrong?"

    Feeling the somewhat condensed atmosphere in the hall, Ye Fan was suddenly confused.

    "Hmph, you still have the nerve to ask?"

    "I'm asking you, at the wedding banquet today, but you encouraged outsiders to sweep your brother Ye Jian, and your sister Ye Yuyan, out of the house?"

    "And you're going to let people beat them?"

    "That's how you're a brother, eater of things?"

    Before Master Ye could reply, Ye Fan's second uncle Ye Ya asked in a stern voice, his anger overwhelming.

    The others were also full of anger, and their angry eyes all stared at Ye Fan.

    Even Ye Xukun, the old man Ye, showed his discontent towards Ye Fan.

    Between brother and sister, a small fight was just fine.

    But now Ye Fan was colluding with outsiders to come down hard on his younger siblings, this was undoubtedly touching everyone's bottom line.

    This was an act of disowning six relatives, which was naturally unacceptable to the Ye family.

    "Who said this?"

    "Let him come forward and I'll confront him face to face."Something that didn't, of course Ye Fan didn't admit it, then returned.


    However, as soon as Ye Fan's words fell, Ye Ya slammed a slap on Ye Fan's face.


    "Is that how you talk to me?"

    "You don't even call out for a second uncle, you're simply disrespectful."

    "Is it really against you?"

    "Your mother doesn't discipline you, but today your uncle and I will do it for her!"

    After shaking Ye Ya slapped Ye Fan, he then sternly rebuked.


    "Dad, good fight!"

    "This Ye Fan, he should have been beaten long ago."

    "Disrespecting even his elders, simply uneducated."

    "Disrespectful and morally corrupt, he should be beaten!"

    Seeing his father move his hand, Ye Jian beside him only felt smooth and clapped his hands.

    "Little Brother Fan~"

    "Brother Fanny, are you okay?"

    "You guys have gone too far."

    "What gives you the right to hit my little brother Fanny?"

    Lu Wenjing was crying then, her beautiful eyes were red, and she was heartbroken as she roared at Ye Fan.

    Ye Fan, however, did not get angry.

    He pulled Lu Wenjing behind him, while he raised his head and looked at Ye Ya and the others, laughing coldly.

    "Ye Fan, you still have the face to laugh, you really don't know shame..."


    Before Ye Jian finished this, Ye Fan smacked him with a slap then.

    Ye Fan's slap was how heavy it was.

    Ye Jian screamed and his entire body was directly smacked by Ye Fan for three meters.

    He ended up lying on the ground like a dog, covering his face and howling in pain, his nose bleeding out.


    "Is that how you talk to me?"

    "Not even shouting for a cousin, it's disrespectful."

    "Is it really against you?"

    "Your father doesn't discipline you, but today I'll discipline your brother for him!"

    After jerking away Ye Jian, Ye Fan followed Ye Ya's example just now and harshly rebuked him.

    And yet, the original words that Ye Ya had just said to him, were returned to Ye Ya's son, Ye Jian!

    For a time, the courtyard was silent.

    Obviously, no one had expected that Ye Ya had just beaten Ye Fan on the front foot, and then Ye Fan had beaten Ye Ya's son right after that.

    And, Ye Fan hit him, undoubtedly much heavier than Ye Ya.

    The same slap, Ye Fan was fart-free, while half of Ye Jian's face was swollen.



    "Bastard, how dare you hit my son?"

    "You uneducated thing, today I, as your uncle, must make you remember!"

    Ye Ya was mad then, and in great anger, he ran over and kicked Ye Fan again.

    Ye Fan didn't dodge and let him kick.

    After Ye Ya kicked to play, Ye Fan then walked over to Ye Jian who was lying on the ground and kicked him as well.

    "Bastard, how dare you?"Ye Ya's old eyes were blood red.

    However, how could Ye Fan pay attention?


    A boom.

    The nosebleed Ye Jian, then screamed again and was directly kicked away by Ye Fan.

    Rolling along the ground for four to five meters, the fish tank was crushed by him!

    In the end, he lay there, covering his stomach and howling tears.

    After kicking Ye Jian, Ye Fan continued to follow his second uncle Ye Ya's example and scolded harshly, "You uneducated thing, do not understand manners, it's just that you don't shout cousin."

    "And you're still making mischief and confusing, today I, the brother, have to make you remember!"

    In the courtyard, Ye Fan's angry words echoed.

    This scene, however, looked stunned next to Ye Tian and the others!

    How could they have never thought that this Ye Fan was so cruel and tricky?

    Ye Ya beat him, he'll beat Ye Ya's son!

    The point was, Ye Fan wasn't beating up randomly, and every time he beat up Ye Jian, he could still find a reason to pick on him.

    Ye Fan's resourcefulness and trickiness undoubtedly made the crowd secretly tremble as they watched.

    Originally, if Ye Fan dared to hit Ye Ya, then he would undoubtedly carry a treacherous name and would definitely be spurned by the Ye family crowd then.

    But who would have thought that Ye Fan would not fight back and would only vent his emotions on Ye Ya's son.

    It was only right and proper for an uncle to hit his nephew.

    When the brother's hit his younger brother, it was also right and proper!

    Even if Ye Tian and the others wanted to help berate Ye Fan, they undoubtedly couldn't catch the reason.

    While the Ye family's crowd was trembling, Lu Wenjing, who was behind them, looked on and giggled.

    I thought to myself that her Little Brother Fan could be really bad.

    No wonder Little Brother Fan just stood and let Ye Ya fight, he did it on purpose.

    That was exactly the case, Ye Fan was doing it on purpose.

    Anyway, Ye Ya is just a middle-aged old man, not very strong, Ye Ya hit him, no different from scratching an itch, just let him hit.

    But Ye Fan is different, he's a practicing man, if he slaps him, that Ye Jian will lose half his life.

    If Ye Ya wants to fight, Ye Fan will naturally accompany him.

    Who is the one who suffers when he sees it?

    Sure enough, after hearing his own son's miserable screams, Ye Ya's heart was dripping blood ah.

    "Second Uncle, are you still fighting?"

    At this time, Ye Fan also turned his head and smiled at Ye Ya in amusement, asking softly.


    Ye Ya was simply on the verge of vomiting blood from his anger.

    In great anger, he was going to beat up Ye Fan again.

    "Dad, don't hit him."

    "Dad, please, don't hit him~"

    "You're trying to get your son killed!"

    "Damn, that hurts~"

    Ye Fan was standing there peacefully, but Ye Jian couldn't take it anymore.

    Ghostly crying and screaming, he begged his father to stop attacking Ye Fan.

    Ye Fan is the son of a bitch ah!

    Ye Jian had no doubt that if his own father beat up Ye Fan again, Ye Fan would definitely beat him up without hesitation as well.

    He certainly didn't dare to let his own father do it again.

    In the end, Ye Ya really did close his hand, and his raised palm didn't fall again.

    "Good you, Ye Fan."

    "You're fierce!"

    "Dad, look at this good grandson you've raised."

    Ye Ya was so angry that he was close to his seven tips.

    But as angry as he was, there was nothing he could do with Ye Fan.

    Before, he had wanted to beat Ye Fan to vent his anger for his son.

    But he didn't expect that the anger didn't come to fruition, but instead, Ye Fan beat his own son out of blood again.

    "Second uncle, what kind of words are you saying."

    "As Ye Jian's older brother, shouldn't I hit him?"

    "Since ancient times, the eldest brother has been the father."

    "Today, I beat him as a lesson to him."

    "In the future, if he doesn't know how to respect his elder brother again, I, Ye Fan, will not fail to beat him."

    Even though Ye Ya was striking, Ye Fan still remained unforgiving and said in a deep voice.

    Ye Fan's words were so reasonable that Ye Ya was so stunned that he couldn't say a word.

    He could only scold in anger, "Okay, you're right, you're all right, you're awesome.In the face of this great nephew of yours, our family can only admit our bad luck."

    In the end, it was Master Ye who whispered, "Little Fan, you're the elder brother, it's also true that it's only right and proper for you to teach Ye Jian a lesson."

    "It's just that you have to be gentle with your hands after this."

    "Look at how Little Jian was beaten by you, his nose is bleeding all over his face."

    Faced with the old man's lecture, Ye Fan nodded, "Well, grandma, grandson remembered."

    Grandmaster Ye then continued to ask, "Little Fan, just now your brother said that you disturbed the wedding of young master Qin Yu, is it true?"

    When Master Ye asked this, Ye Tian's family also looked over.

    Qin Yu's father was a lifelong friend with Ye Tian, and even more so, Ye Tian's direct leader.

    Ye Tian's family was naturally extremely concerned about this matter.

    In response to the old man's inquiry, Ye Fan nodded his head and did not conceal it, "Grandma, I was the one who stirred up Qin Yu's wedding, I admit this matter."

    "But, that Qin family is amoral and bullying others."

    "Forcing my brother Fatty's marriage not to say, but also forcing Wen Ya."

    "Such incompetent and unrighteous people are to blame for today's ending."

    "Shut up!"However, as soon as Ye Fan's words fell, Ye Tianton, who had remained hidden, was furious..

    "Bastard, it's just as well you stirred up the Qin family wedding, but you still dare to talk nonsense here and malign people?"

    "My Ye family's name has been pure for generations, and all of our disciples have acted openly and honestly."

    "Today, but because of your recklessness, you have brought shame to my Ye family!"

    "You don't know how to be ashamed, but how dare you talk nonsense here?"

    "Ye Fan, do you know the mistake?"

    Ye Tian's anger boomed and his cold voice raged.


    "Old Master, this grandson of yours has been taught little since he was young."

    "If you've disturbed the Qin family's wedding today, then you've undoubtedly made a big trouble!"Ye Fan's second aunt then also fell victim to Ye Fan's verbal abuse.

    "Ye Fan, do you know that Qin Yu's father, is the head of our one county."

    "It's your great uncle's direct leader."

    "Not only does your great uncle's promotion depend on him, but even your second uncle's company factory will depend on him in the future if it wants to be a hit!"

    "In order to suck up to him, do you know what price our Ye family has paid?"

    "But now, just because of your ignorance and nonsense, our Ye family's years of hard work have been destroyed."

    "In the future, if the factory in your second uncle's town is retaliated against, how should you compensate us?"

    Second aunt's sharp voice echoed, but her anger was poured out on Ye Fan.


"Good point!"

    "Sister, you still don't believe me when I said your son was uneducated before."

    "How about now?"

    "This son of yours has no serious skills, but is he capable of getting into trouble?"

    "He has made such a great mistake today, bringing endless calamity to my Ye family."

    "If you ask me, you should quickly lead him to the Qin family tonight and apologize on your knees to them!"

    Ye Ya also picked up the conversation at this point, also speaking harshly to Ye Fan.


    "More than that, apologize to my father, and to Uncle Ernie, too."


    "Why don't you go now?"


    "Go kneel down to Uncle Qin tonight and ask for forgiveness~"


    The people all over the courtyard were speaking harshly.

    All of them were rebuking Ye Fan and verbally attacking him.

    Suddenly, Ye Fan was actually accused by a thousand people.

    As if he was an abandoned son in the world.

    His eyebrows were lowered, and the sunlight like water fell on him, reflecting the shadows on the ground.

    Suddenly, Ye Fan raised his head.

    Morbid eyes swept past Ye Tian, past Ye Ya, past everyone in this courtyard, but then a sneer, but in this courtyard, quietly exploded.

    "Make me apologize?"

    "You guys deserve it too!"

    The words were icy cold and sounded like muffled thunder.

    Suddenly, a cold wind swept through the place.

    In the courtyard, all three thousand fallen leaves were shocked.

    This cold laugh of Ye Fan's was full of indignation.

    Yet it was completely devoid of the slightest respect for his elders!

    Everyone was trembling, obviously not expecting Ye Fan to have the audacity to insult his elders so much?

    "Little Fan, no offense~" worried Ye Yuemei for a moment, he even advised.

    But, it was already too late!

    Ye Tian and the others had clearly been completely enraged by Ye Fan's rude words!

    "Shut up!"

    "How dare you, a junior, speak out against us?"

    "In your eyes, can there still be the Ye family, can there still be our uncles?"

    Ye Tian was livid because of his anger and his face, and he was furiously angry at Ye Fan.

    "Ye family?"


    Ye Fan laughed at once.

    That laugh was desolate and full of self-deprecation.

    It was as if he had heard, the best joke in the world.

    The icy words were only like a cold wind, sweeping the four directions.

    "I take you as my uncle, do you ever take me as your nephew?"

    "Today at the wedding banquet, the Qin family didn't say anything and even treated me with respect and honor!"

    "But what about you guys?"

    "After listening to a few nonsense words from that Ye Jian, he couldn't wait to verbally attack me, speak ill of me, and even told me to go kneel down and apologize to the Qin family?!"

    "Yes, the Qin family's attitude towards you is related to your bright future.However, what does that have to do with me?"

    "Go and please people, go and make good relations with the Qin family, lick your face like a dog and suck up, go ahead, no one will stop you!"

    "But what right do you have to ask me to sacrifice my human dignity to suck up to others on your behalf?"

    "Mouths of family members, uncle, and family righteousness said righteously."

    "But as a result, for the sake of the future and interests you are working for, I, Ye Fan, am still treated as a victim of your sucking up to others?"

    "Forcing me to go on my knees and apologize just because I messed up the young master of the Qin family's wedding banquet?"

    "Then if I say that I have not only offended the Qin family, but I have also offended Jingzhou Lei laosan, made Lei laosan kneel down and beg for forgiveness, and made the crown prince of the Lei family cry for his father and mother, are you so-called uncles and aunts still asking me, Ye Fan, to thank you with my death?"

    "Good in exchange for my uncle being on the level of officialdom, and my second uncle being prosperous in the shopping mall?!"

    The words resounded, only like gold and stone falling to the ground.

    Monstrous words of anger, but they shook the four directions of heaven and earth.

    Under Ye Fan's words, the Ye family's crowd was actually dumbfounded and red-faced.

    Ye Tian himself, even more so, opened his mouth and couldn't say a word.

    After all, Ye Fan's words were too heavy.

    Asking several questions in a row, the sentences were like swords.

    Each question was like whipping into the souls of Ye Tian and the others, deafening and heart-piercing!

    In the end, it was Ye Fan's great aunt, Dongmei, who blushed with a pretty face and advised in a low voice, "Little Fan, look at what you're saying."

    "You are your uncle's own nephew, and your mother and your uncle are even closer sisters."

    "If you get into trouble, both of your uncles will help you out, how could you possibly be allowed to die as a thank you?"

    "You misunderstood your uncle's words."

    "We're all family, breaking bones is still connected to tendons."

    Dongmei smiled to calm Ye Fan's emotions.

    But Ye Fan is a cold laugh, many days since the heart of the suppressed emotions, finally at this moment, all outbreak.

    Facing the words of Dongmei, Ye Fan crossed his eyebrows and asked again in an angry voice.


    "Well said, uncle, aunt, and auntie, I, Evan, really want to ask you."

    "Do you believe this yourselves?"

    "I haven't returned for three years, I returned to my hometown yesterday, everyone went to greet Ye Yuyan, but no one greeted me, is this the family you speak of?"

    "Family dinners where the Yeerks gather and my mother and I know nothing about it, this is what you call a family?"

    "When I first came back to Yeyang, my mother and I came bearing gifts and asked to stay for a few nights. What happened?"

    "My uncle's family's northerly yard, but there's no place for his nephew."

    "This is what's known as a fucking family!"

    Ye Fan's angry words were frosty.Eyes looking at Ye Tian, he asked several questions in a row, incessantly.

    Under Ye Fan's questioning, Ye Tian and the others who were still arrogant before, but they had already lowered their heads.

    Old faces flushed and full of shame, undoubtedly having been left speechless!

    After all, Ye Fan's words were too harsh, and that line of questioning was like a slap on Ye Tian's face one after another.

    He, who was an uncle, was rebuked by his own nephew to his face like this, and he still had no way to refute, so he naturally felt ashamed and humiliated.

    However, even so, Ye Fan still didn't have the slightest intention of letting up.

    Since he had already torn his face, there were some things, so let's talk about them completely.

    "Uncle, aunt, auntie, and my younger siblings, I know that you guys look down on me."

    "In your eyes, I, Ye Fan, am nameless and mediocre and incompetent."

    "An abandoned son abandoned by his father, a wimpy door-to-door son-in-law."

    "But, do you guys really think that what you see is the truth.What you see, is the truth?"

    "You have no idea what kind of existence is standing before you today."

    "You only think I'm humble and incompetent, but do you know what you, in the eyes of me, Ye Fan, are?"

    "And I was told to apologize to you, to the Qin family."

    "You guys, do you deserve it?"


"Van, well said!"

    As soon as Ye Fan's words fell, Ye Xie Mei, who had been standing on the side, immediately walked out.

    These days, not only did Ye Fan have anger, but also Ye Xie Mei's heart was undoubtedly burning with a fire.

    However, as a sister, Ye Xie Mei, even if she was not used to some of the actions of Ye Tian and the others, she didn't follow them in general.

    But today, their behavior, even Ye Ximei, undoubtedly, could not bear to see them.

    At this time, Ye Xie Mei resolutely stepped out and defended towards his son.

    "How others treat us, how do we, mother and son, treat others?"

    "You uncle's never consider my Little Fan.Why should I worry about your interests when I am a man?"

    "For the sake of my own moneyed future, let my son go and make a humble apology, I tell you, no way!"

    "Son, mother supports you."

    "You don't need to apologize to the Qin family."

    "Mother and son, we don't owe anyone.There's even no need, to sacrifice our dignity for others!"

    Ye Xi Mei said in a stern voice.

    Icy words, but with an undeniable authority!

    "Big sister, you~"

    Hearing this, Ye Tian and the others looked stunned and lost their voice in shock.

    Ye Fan was young and inconsiderate, but Ye Tian and the others didn't expect that Ye Xie Mei, the mother, didn't know how to discourage and instead supported Ye Fan.

    "Okay, all of you, say less."

    "This matter ends here, don't even mention it in the future."

    "As for you guys, anyone who is worried about their future future prospects, prepare your own gift to the Qin family to apologize."

    "As for Little Fan, he can go if he wants to, but if he doesn't want to, there's no need to force him."Master Ye hammered out the answer, which was a complete end to today's farce.

    "But, Dad~"

    Ye Ya and the others were naturally unhappy.

    The trouble that Ye Fan had caused, why should they be allowed to wipe their asses.

    However, as soon as Ye Ya was halfway through his words, he was interrupted by the old man's stern voice.

    "What? You won't even listen to my words?"

    "Your father I'm not dead yet!!!"

    Old Master Ye shouted angrily, scaring Ye Ya into withdrawing his head and not daring to speak again.

    After that, everyone also dispersed unhappily and went home separately.

    At the same time, Ye Ya also drove his son, to the hospital.

    Ye Jian was beaten by Ye Fan and his nose was bleeding.It was impossible not to go to the hospital.

    As for Ye Fan, he also took Lu Wenjing with him and returned to the residence with his mother.

    "Mom, I'm sorry to have caused you trouble again."

    After returning home, Ye Fan apologized to his own mother in a low voice.

    Even though his own mother didn't say anything, Ye Fan knew that his actions today had undoubtedly intensified the conflict between their family and their several uncles.

    In the future, his own mother's situation in the Ye family would be even more precarious!

    But Ye Xie Mei laughed softly, "Silly boy, say what sorry."

    "You handled today's matter very well."

    "You didn't do anything wrong, the wrong ones are those selfish uncles."

    "What they did, your mother and I can't stand to see it anymore."

    "You have spoken in public anger today, and they are speechless and speechless.I feel relieved to see your mother as well."

    "It's just that, with my knowledge of your uncles.Even if you say it to their faces today, they probably won't know repentance later."

    "If you want to be respected, it's better to be self-reliant ah."

    In between the words, Ye Xie Meiton sighed, while looking towards his son, he reached out his hand and gently helped Ye Fan tidy the messy hair on his forehead.

    "Little Fan, your mother has lived a very failed life."

    "My only motivation to live today is you."

    "Xiaofan, I know your child is stubborn, but one must eventually look forward, don't keep living in the shadow of the past."

    "Let go, let go of those resentments and live your life well."

    Ye Xi Mei said softly, her words filled with pity and heartache.

    The things that Ye Fan had done over the years, Ye Xie Mei wasn't clear.

    However, she knew her own son, and ever since he was expelled from the Chu family back then, a seed of hatred had been planted in Ye Fan's heart.

    Therefore, even though she was not clear about what her son had done all these years, she could guess that this silly child was bound to be plotting to get justice for her.


    "Mom, I can't let go, and I can't let go."Ye Fan's words went cold and his palms clenched then.

    "Mom, you know, when I close my eyes at night, I often think of the humiliation that the Chu family gave you back then."

    "From the moment our mother and son were expelled from the Chu family, I have vowed that what the Chu family owes you, my child will repay it one by one."

    "One by one, none will be spared!"

    "Especially that man, who has failed you and harmed you all your life, I will make him kneel before you and repent."

    "Make him pay a heavy price for what he did back then!"

    The words were icy cold, and the temperature here all plummeted by several points.

    Ye Xi Mei listened, no doubt even more intolerant in her heart.

    She grabbed Ye Fan's arm, and in an almost pleading tone, she advised Ye Fan, "Little Fan, you don't have to be like this."

    "Listen to Mom, put it down."

    "What happened back then, you can't blame your father entirely.I believe that he must have his own reasons for it."

    "As for the Chu family, it's a heavenly family, you can't fight them."

    "Forget about your origins and where you came from, and don't live in these shadows, okay?""Mother named you Fan, because she wants you to be ordinary."

    "I don't want you to be famous, and I don't want you to be famous, mommy just wants you to be safe and sound and happy for the rest of your life."

    "Little Fan, will you just listen to Mom?"

    "Count Mom as begging you."

    Ye Xi's eyebrows were red, and there were tears falling down between her words.

    Ye Fan was silent for a long time, but in the end, he shook his head.

    "Mom, I can listen to you on anything, but this is the only thing, please forgive my child for not being able to listen."

    "If you can be happy and stable, who would want to be displaced?"

    "There are some things I have no choice about!"

    "Even if I don't go to the Chu family, how will the Chu family let me go?Let us off the hook?"

    "From the moment I was born, it was already predetermined that being ordinary and stable would only be an extravagant hope for me, Ye Fan!"

    Ye Fan's words were low.

    But within those calm words, there was endless power and majesty.The eyes and brows were even filled with chill and determination.


Since that night's conversation, Ye Fan and Ye Ximei, mother and son, were not talking about this matter.

    Ye Xie Mei knew that his son was a stubborn nature, but whenever he decided to do something, even ten oxen couldn't pull him back.

    Now, all Ye Xie Mei could do was to pray that his son, would not act impulsively.

    If Ye Xie Mei doesn't mention it, Ye Fan will naturally not say these things.

    These hatred, let him alone bear it is enough.It's not only useless to tell his mother, it's just an added worry.

    Therefore, in the following days, Ye Fan was at ease by his mother's side.

    Wrapping dumplings together, going to the market together to prepare the New Year's goods.

    In the evening, they watched TV together and chatted about family life.

    Sometimes, on a sunny afternoon, a few cups of tea, a few benches, and a beautiful piece of music, would be enough for mother and son to sit together for an afternoon.

    Of course, in addition to accompanying his mother, Ye Fan would also sometimes take Lu Wenjing to play with Fatty.

    Now the fat man, who had returned home with a beautiful girl as he wished, was naturally in a good mood.

    The four of them were either playing cards together, or going fishing by the river.

    Life was quiet and peaceful, just like how they used to play when they were kids.

    Sometimes, Ye Fan also thought, if only time could go on like this, how great it would be.

    But whenever he thought of this, he would shake his head and smile.

    This life, to him, was destined to only be extravagant.

    He was carrying too many things on his back.

    For Ye Fan who was carrying a heavy load, where were the years of peace and quiet?

    However, it was for this reason that Ye Fan treasured this last period of quiet time extraordinarily.

    As for Ye Fan's two uncles, after what happened last time, they were indeed much more restrained this time.And didn't pick on Ye Fan's faults anymore.

    However, this didn't mean that their attitude towards Ye Fan had fundamentally changed.

    On the contrary, after the last farce, it further deepened the estrangement between Ye Fan's family and the Ye family.

    It was Ye Fan's mother and son on the road, and they barely took care of each other.

    This is undoubtedly in line with Ye Ximei's saying, "It's easy to change mountains and rivers, but it's hard to change one's nature.

    She understood her two younger brothers too well.

    In their eyes, Ye Fan is a wimp son-in-law, and she, Ye Ximei, is even more of an abandoned woman, their mother and son, naturally, will not be treated and looked down upon by others.

    In this regard, Ye Ximei is already used to it.

    As for Ye Fan, she would not care even more.

    To Ye Fan, if these uncles were benevolent and righteous, Ye Fan wouldn't mind giving them a chance.

    After all, they were relatives, so who wouldn't they help.

    With Ye Fan's power in Jiangdong nowadays, a single word could make the Ye family's children walk on par with the clouds.

    But after so many things happened, Ye Fan undoubtedly saw the faces of these so-called relatives, and those chances, Ye Fan would naturally not give them any more.

    Other people didn't treat him well, so why should he lick his face to suck up to them.

    Time, just like this, was passing by.

    Seeing the Spring Festival approaching, the town, which had been silent for a year, began to bustle at this time.

    The wanderers who had wandered outside were also returning home in droves.

    On this day, Ye Fan suddenly received a phone call, it was actually from Lei Ao Ting.

    He said that he wanted to do his landlord's duty and bring Ye Fan to play in Jingzhou City and have a meal together.

    Ye Fan saw nothing else to do, plus Lu Wenjing had also been clamoring to go, so in the end, Ye Fan agreed.

    "Haha, Mr. Chu, you agreed?"

    "Okay, send me the address and I'll send a car over to pick you up in a few minutes!"

    Hearing Ye Fan's agreement, Lei Ao Ting was delighted.

    This was a great opportunity to get closer to Mr. Chu, of course Lei Ao Ting was happy.

    He then hung up the phone and began to prepare for the reception of Ye Fan.

    As for Ye Fan, he went to see the old man Ye.

    When Ye Fan went over, the Ye family members were even there.

    "Dad, since you're not going, then we won't force you."

    "Then we'll hurry over first."

    "Yuyan's teacher is a great general, we mustn't make people wait for us."

    It was as if the crowd didn't see Ye Fan's arrival.

    No one paid any attention to Ye Fan either, when Ye Tian was resigning to the old man.

    It looked like there was something going on.

    "Well, you guys go ahead."

    "I'm old, so I won't go to make this fun."

    Master Ye waved his hand, signaling that Ye Tian and the others could go.

    After seeing Old Man Ye finish things with Ye Tian and the others, Ye Fan then asked, "Grandma, I'm going to go to the city later, do you have anything you want to buy, my grandson will bring it back for you."

    Old man Ye was shocked when he heard, "You're going to the city too?"

    Ye Fan nodded, "Yeah, a friend called me over for a day."

    Master Ye returned, "Well, go ahead.It just so happens that your uncle and the others are also going to the city to invite Yuyan's teacher for dinner."

    "How about this, you can simply take their car and go together.Save yourself the trouble of spending money on a bus."

    In between the words, Master Ye called out to Ye Tian and the others.

    "Hey, you guys wait for a while Little Fan."

    "Little Fan is also going to the city, you guys give him a little ride!"

    "Dad, the car is full, it won't fit, so let him make his own bus to go."Outside the door, there was a reply from Ye Tian and the others.

    And then, with a low roar, the two small cars went out of existence.But they didn't even wait for Ye Fan.

    Master Ye's face was naturally a bit ugly at the sight of this.

    He didn't expect that his words wouldn't work either.

    "Little Fan, you wait, I'll call and tell them to roll back."

    "I'm angry, they don't dare not listen!"

    Master Ye was furious, of course he didn't believe Ye Tian's bullshit.

    Two cars, they were only a few people in total, how could they sit full, under anger the old man will call Ye Tian they roll back to pick up Ye Fan.

    But Ye Fan shook his head and laughed: "Grandpa, no need."

    "You get well, you don't need to worry about me anymore."

    "Besides, that friend of mine will send a car to pick me up later, so don't bother."

    After saying that, Ye Fan also got up and left.


    Looking at the slightly lonely back of this great grandson of his, Master Ye was filled with worry and sighed long and hard.

    Now that he was still alive, the family was scattered like this.

    If he dies in the future, Ye Fan and his mother and son, I'm afraid that their situation will be even more worrying.

    "Looks like I have to help Xue Mei and his mother and son, think of some way out ah."

    While Master Ye was full of worries, outside the Ye family's old house, a blue sports car, however, stopped.

    The ghostly blue body, with a floating and handsome appearance, once it appeared, it undoubtedly became the most beautiful star on the entire street.

    Many passersby looked over, their eyes showing envious light.

    At this time, the window fell down, revealing Lei Ao-ting's handsome and respectful face: "Mr. Chu, Ao-ting is here to pick you up, please get in the car."


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