Dish Best Served Cold 701-705


Chapter 701


    "Ye Jian, you know him?"

    Qin Yu was about to get angry at this time, but after hearing Ye Jian's words, he was stunned.

    "Isn't that right?"

    "I don't just know him, this guy, he's related to me?"

    "Brother Yu, he's the Ye Fan who pestered my sister Yuyan back then."

    "An abandoned son is just fine, but now he's even joined a woman's family and become a son-in-law."

    "I don't know which string is on the wrong string today, but he dares to come and cause trouble without knowing what's going on."

    Ye Jian sneered and laughed.

    In that disdainful tone, but there was no respect at all for Ye Fan, his cousin.

    After such a reminder from Ye Jian, Qin Yu undoubtedly remembered Ye Fan as well.

    Back then, they both attended the same school, and Qin Yu and Ye Yuyan's family were world friends, so naturally, she also knew that Ye Yuyan had a cousin named Ye Fan.

    But at that time, Qin Yu was high and mighty, the man of the hour in the school, and naturally didn't care about a minor character like Ye Fan.

    Now that she saw him, it was normal not to know him.

    But now, since he knew Ye Fan's identity, a contemptuous smile then appeared on the corner of Qin Yu's mouth.

    "I thought who is it, so it's Yuyan's cousin."

    "For the sake of Yuyan's face, you can go.I won't embarrass you."

    "The matter of you making a fuss about my wedding today, I'll pretend it never happened."Qin Yu waved his hand and said magnanimously.

    "What are you still waiting for?"

    "Don't thank me yet, Brother Qin Yu!"

    "Ye Fan, you should be glad that you have a blood relationship with my Sister Yuyan."

    "Otherwise, Brother Yu would never let you go in peace today."

    "Stealing the glory of my Sister Yuyan, you can just steal it."Ye Jian said proudly, his words filled with contempt and disdain.

    As for Ye Yuyan, she didn't even bother to look at Ye Fan.

    For Ye Yuyan, having a cousin like Ye Fan was undoubtedly a shame.

    If it wasn't for the fact that Ye Fan's mother and his father were brother and sister, Ye Yuyan would not even let Ye Fan have this honor today!

    However, Ye Jian's words were ignored by Ye Fan, but he turned to Shen Yuxiang and smiled, "Fatty, Young Master Qin has agreed, let's go."

    "Good."Shen Yuxiang nodded his head, and with Du Wenya, he walked out.

    When Qin Yu looked at it, he got angry and said, "Stop!"

    "I only said, let you two go, but I didn't say, let you take Wen Ya away as well."

    "Today is the day of my Qin Yu's wedding, if you two bastards take the bride away, how will I, Qin Yu, be able to establish myself in Jingzhou in the future?"

    Ye Fan listened, but shook his head, "Young Master Qin, why bother?"

    "Twisted melons aren't sweet!"

    "The person Wen Ya likes is Fatty, even if she marries you today, she won't be happy later."

    "Nonsense!"As soon as Ye Fan's words fell, Ye Yuyan, who had been silent, snapped coldly.

    "The Qin family is a famous family, and my brother Qin Yu is even younger and more promising."

    "Wen Ya and my brother Qin Yu are a match made in heaven.Wen Ya can only be happy with him."

    "As for Shen Yuxiang, he's just a second-rate kid like you, what qualifications does he have to steal Wen Ya from my Qin Yu brother?"

    "Ye Fan, if you don't want to suffer the pain of skin and flesh, apologize to Qin Yu right now while you get out of the Qin family wedding."

    "Otherwise, there's no need for the Qin family to take action, and I, Ye Yuyan, will never allow you to make a scene at my brother Qin Yu's wedding!"

    Ye Yan's words were icy cold, and her energetic tone was full of threats and displeasure.


    Listening to these words, Ye Fan laughed at once.

    The laugh was as if he had heard the best joke in the world.

    "Make me apologize?"

    "Even in the entire Jiangdong, no one has the qualifications to do so."

    "What kind of a thing are you, Ye Yuyan, to also dare to boss me around?"

    "You~" Ye Yuyan was so angry that her pretty face was livid, "Good you Ye Fan, toast the wine, not eat the forfeit, since that's the case, I'll take my brother Qin Yu's place and teach you a lesson, you bastard!"

    Ye Yuyan has been held up by the stars since she was a child, and among her peers, who dares not respect her.

    Now, how dare Ye Fan, a son-in-law on the doorstep, treat her so disrespectfully?

    Naturally, Ye Yuyan was furious and was about to strike at Ye Fan.

    However, Qin Yu held him back.

    "Yuyan, a wimp son-in-law is just a wimp son-in-law, why do you need to dirty your hands."

    "You just watch, I'll just let my men teach her a lesson."

    Qin Yu said slowly, and after stopping Ye Yuyan, he glared at Ye Fan, "Ye Fan, you're the one who doesn't know what's good for you, so don't blame me!"

    "Someone, give me these two bastards, break their legs and throw them out of the hotel."

    Qin Yu gave an order, and the security guards who had been waiting around for a long time whirled around.


    "Yusho, you guys should go~"

    The scene was chaotic, and Du Wenya was even more worried as she cried out in fear.

    Even the fatty, after seeing that things had gotten out of hand, his heart was filled with fear and worry.

    He wasn't afraid of being beaten up, but if Ye Fan, too, was hurt as a result, how could the fat man feel at ease?

    "Brother Fan, leave us alone, you go first~" the fat man finally panicked and shouted anxiously.

    However, facing a room full of people, Ye Fan was unperturbed.

    He was standing with his hands in his pockets, leaving the world behind.

    The clear and beautiful face was always calm as usual, just like a clear spring.

    No matter how heavy the storm was, it didn't even cause any waves in his heart.

    It wasn't until those security guards had rushed in front of him that Ye Fan's eyebrows and eyes went cold.

    A cold drink immediately exploded, "The one who doesn't know what's good for you is you!"

    As the words fell, Ye Fan's feet stepped on the earth and took several steps.

    Finally, a fierce kick, weighing more than a thousand pounds, crashed down!

    Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.

    In the blink of an eye, those security guards all scattered out like exploding fireworks.

    One of them, after being kicked flying by Ye Fan, even smashed directly on Qin Yu.

    With a single scream, Qin Yu lay down on the ground and moaned.


    "This...How is this possible?"

    The scene in front of them shook everyone.

    Ye Jian stayed where he was, and Ye Yuyan was filled with horror.

    Fatty and Du Wenya, the two of them, also then stared at each other.

    Obviously, they didn't expect that Ye Fan's skills were so good?

    "I'll go!"

    "Brother Fan, you're fucking awesome."

    "Haven't seen you for a few years, getting more and more powerful?"


    After a brief tremor, the fat man burst out laughing proudly.

    Ye Fan had been good at fighting since he was a kid, he could beat up a group of people in school by himself.

    But at that time, it was just a small fight between children, now when facing a group of adults, the fatty didn't expect that Ye Fan was still so good at fighting.

    After settling these people, Ye Fan didn't stay here for long, taking the fatty and the others with him, he was ready to leave.


    "After injuring my brother Qin Yu, do you want to leave like this?"

    This cold voice, from behind, quietly came out.

    I saw Ye Yuyan, her eyebrows and eyes icy cold, just like this, slowly walking out from the crowd.

    The gaze that looked at Ye Fan was filled with coldness.


Seeing Ye Yuyan walk out from the crowd, Shen Yuxiang's heart immediately jumped.

    "Brother Fan, this woman is not easy to provoke."

    "You take Wen Ya and run first, I'll try to stop her."

    Shen Yuxiang lowered his voice and whispered to Ye Fan.

    The fact that Ye Yuyan was now serving as the captain of the special forces had spread throughout Ye Yang Town.

    Everyone in the small town thought that Ye Yuyan was the true dragon that came out of their Ye Yang Town.

    It could be said that nowadays, Ye Yuyan was already a household name in Ye Yang Town.

    Shen Yuxiang was naturally aware of this.

    A soldier, and also a special forces captain.Shen Yuxiang is closed eyes can also guess, this Ye Yuyan's skills must be extraordinary, not they these brown men can be compared.

    Now that Ye Yuyan is standing up for Qin Yu, Shen Yuxiang is naturally worried.

    But Ye Fan waved her hand: "Fatty, it's fine."

    "It's just a woman, she can't do anything about me."

    Ye Fan proudly said, but the fat man glared when he heard.

    "Come on, Brother Fan, with me you don't need to pretend."

    "Ye Yuyan is a special soldier, it's normal that you can't beat her."

    "Listen to me, you quickly take Wen Ya and go first, I'll stop her."

    Without waiting for Ye Fan's reply, the fatty whirled out and scolded Ye Yuyan, "Ye Yuyan, you're a gullible thing."

    "One bite, brother Qin Yu, what a kind call."

    "If you don't know, you thought your surname Ye Yuyan was Qin, not Ye?"

    "But aren't you ashamed of yourself?"

    "Ye Fan is your own cousin!"

    "For the sake of an outsider, you are now trying to do this to your loved ones."

    "Have you done justice to your Ye family's ancestors?"

    "And soldiers?"

    "A bullying thing, do you deserve to be called a soldier?"

    The fat man was there cursing angrily in order to anger Ye Yuyan and draw hatred to himself, buying time for Ye Fan and the others to escape.

    "Dead fatty, you're looking for death!"

    The fat man's scolding words were also truly into the wood and unpleasant to hear.

    Ye Yuyan instantly couldn't take it anymore, her eyebrows were ice-cold, and with a cold drink, she smashed her hand into a fist at the fatty.

    Right in the middle of the fat man's panic, Ye Fan kicked the fat man out, just avoiding past Ye Yuyan's fist.

    "Sub-O, Brother Fan, what are you doing?"

    "Are you crazy?"

    The fat man was lying on the ground and complained bitterly.

    Ye Fan ignored him, but looked at Ye Yuyan in front of him and said indifferently, "Ye Yuyan, I, Ye Fan's friend, can't tolerate you bullying."

    "I'll go, what a big mouth!"

    "Sister Yuyan, beat him up!"

    "This bastard, he doesn't know any better unless he's taught a lesson."Ye Jian shouted from not far away, fueling the roar.

    Qin Yu had also climbed up from the ground at this time, his originally brand new suit covered in dirt, and was now whispering at Ye Yuyan, "Yuyan, it seems that this time, it can only trouble you."

    "Brother Qin Yu, you're welcome.Our two families are already friends of the world, and you and I are even closer as brother and sister.Now that my Ye family has produced such scum, I was already ashamed, and now I'm justified in helping Brother Qin Yu teach this Ye Fan a lesson."Ye Yuyan said softly at Qin Yu.

    How ironic was that kind and friendly appearance to some people?

    Originally, Ye Fan was the elder brother of Ye Yuyan.

    But now, that Ye Yuyan addressed a person with a different surname so intimately, and even wanted to come down hard on his own cousin for him.

    How else to say it, this sometimes, a so-called relative is worse than an outsider?

    "Ye Fan, I'll give you one last chance."

    "To me, Brother Qin Yu, kneel down and apologize!"

    "Otherwise, don't blame me for not thinking of my relatives."

    Ye Yuyan word for word, ice-cold words rang out, but then gave Ye Fan, an ultimatum.

    Naturally, Ye Fan did not care, still standing calmly, watching, listening, clear and beautiful face, no joy or sadness, all without any intention to apologize.

    "You brought this on yourself!"

    Finally, Ye Yuyan was no longer patient.

    She shouted coldly, a set of military body punches, and was about to punch out at Ye Fan.


    However, while Ye Jian was waiting to see how he, Sister Yuyan, was going to violently beat Ye Fan, a majestic voice drank after the crowd, but then it rang out.

    After this voice fell, the crowd in front of him only scattered towards the two sides like a tidal wave.

    Then, a tall and handsome young man, surrounded by the crowd, strode in with his head held high.

    Everywhere he passed, countless attendants bowed their heads and worshipped respectfully, "Greetings, Young Master Lei!"

    "Hello young master Lei~"


    The scene in front of him also caused everyone present to tremble.

    "This young man, could it be..."

    "The Lei family's eldest young master?"

    "They say that this Dragon View Hotel is a Lei family property, and now it seems that it really is!"

    "The young master of the Lei family has stepped in, those two brats are afraid they're going to die~"

    After this handsome youth appeared, the crowd exploded.

    Many people were filled with awe and were talking about it.

    When Qin Yu saw the visitor, he was delighted and hurriedly welcomed him as well.

    "Brother Lei, you've come."

    "A good wedding, I didn't expect something like this to happen, I'm making you laugh."

    Qin Yu shook his head and sighed, only feeling humiliated.

    "I go, it's really the young master of the Lei family?"


    "The young master of the Lei family has arrived, then Ye Fan is dead~"

    After hearing Qin Yu's words, Ye Jian also suddenly confirmed the identity of the visitor and smiled caricature, looking at Ye Fan with all the pity and gloom.

    "Qin Yu, it's fine, leave this to me!"

    "You held your wedding at our Lei Hotel and there was an accident, and our hotel had a reason."

    "Don't worry, you're my Lei Ao Ting's brother."

    "Stirring up your wedding, that is stirring up my wedding!"

    "I'm here now to stand up for you.To teach these two deathless maniacs a lesson."

    "I'd like to see who, exactly, has eaten the guts of a bear, my Lei Ao Ting brother's wedding, he fucking dares to stir?"

    What is domination!

    This is the domineering spirit.

    In the split second that Lei Ao Ting's words rang out, the people in the noisy hall only felt, a lofty spirit, but it was a reverberation.

    "This is finished, poking the sky~"

    The fat man instantly despaired.

    He had never expected that this hotel today would be the Lei family's property.

    He and didn't expect that Qin Yu, but he was still related to the Lei family's young master.

    "Brother Fan, Fatty, I'm sorry to you."

    "I got you involved too~"

    The fat man lowered his head, sighing with guilt and despair.

    Du Wenya's pretty face was also pale.

    The moment Lei Ao Ting appeared, Du Wen Ya's heart then went cold.

    She knew that this time, they really couldn't get away.

    However, just as the fatty and Du Wenya were filled with despair, Ye Fan, who had been silent, laughed lightly, and then, he slowly turned around.

    He lifted his head and looked towards Lei Ao Ting in front of him, smiling sensibly, "Oh?"

    "Listening to Young Master Lei's words, are you going to do it here today, with me, Mr. Ye?"

    Ye Fan's laughter reverberated, but at this moment it fell in Lei Ao Ting's ears and exploded like thunder from the nine heavens.

    Looking at the man in front of him, Lei Ao Ting, who was still proud and full of himself before, had a thousand smiles on his face, then he instantly stagnated!



"Chu...Chu...Mr. Chu?"

    At the moment when he saw Ye Fan, Lei Ao Ting was only like five thunderbolts, his entire body was so scared that his soul was nearly scattered!

    At this time, Lei Ao Ting only felt that the biggest joke in his life was no bigger than this.

    In the beginning, in Jianghai City, in order to help a friend, Lei Ao Ting had offended Ye Fan.

    Later, in Yunzhou City, Lei Ao Ting again offended Ye Fan in order to help a friend.

    However, who would have thought that now, right under their Lei family's nose, he, Lei Ao Ting, had provoked Ye Fan again in order to help a friend?

    Lei Ao Ting's entire body was near silly then, almost crying out.

    "It seems that Young Master Lei still recognizes me."

    "I thought that, Young Master Lei's nobleman is forgetful?"

    "I was wondering just now, I remember the events of Yunzhou City, it wasn't that long ago, right, and I thought to myself, did this Young Master Lei put my initial advice to you behind him so quickly?"

    Ye Fan stood with a negative hand, condescending.

    With a teasing gaze, he looked at Lei Ao Ting in front of him like this, smiling faintly.

    However, the more Ye Fan looked like this, the more terrified Lei Ao Ting became.

    The spine was even more scuffed up with chills.

    The white shirt behind him was almost wet with cold sweat.


    "Mr. Chu's teachings are remembered by Proud Pavilion, how dare he forget them?"

    "Yeah?And why are you here at this time?Is it not to stand up for someone and take a shot at me?"Ye Fan sneered coldly.

    Lei Ao Ting's old face twitched and became even more terrified, where there was still the slightest hint of arrogance from before.

    In front of this man in front of him, even his father had to be served like an ancestor, let alone him, Lei Ao Ting?

    What's more, a few days ago, his uncle had provoked Ye Fan, and now he was already dead.With the lesson of his uncle, Lei Ao Ting is naturally more afraid of Ye Fan as if he were a ghost.

    He only promised to accompany the smile: "Which...Which dare?"

    "Mr. Chu you're so funny, I'm here today to attend a friend's wedding."

    "That's all."

    "I don't intend to stand up for anyone, I want to be a calm person."

    Lei Ao Ting's trembling appearance, but seeing the people around him, stunned.

    "Sister...Sister, this...What's this situation?"

    "This Young Master Lei, could it be that he's got a headache?"

    "Why are you being so respectful to Ye Fan?"

    Ye Jian stared at the scene before him, incredulous.

    Ye Yuyan was equally horrified and shook her head, also looking baffled.

    Qin Yu was even more confused as he stepped forward and asked Lei Ao Ting, "Ao Ting, what's wrong with you?"

    "It's a case of mistaken identity."

    "This guy's surname is Ye, Ye Fan, just a son-in-law at the door."

    "How is he worthy of being treated like this by you?"

    "And this wimp is disturbing my wedding party. You have to help me get rid of him."


    "Shut the fuck up, you!"

    Hearing Qin Yu's words, Lei Ao Ting was so scared that he almost hiccuped directly.

    In great shock, when a slap paste went over, it directly paste Qin Yu on the ground.

    After beating Qin Yu, Lei Ao Ting also apologized to Ye Fan with a low brow: "Chu...No, Mr. Ye, this friend of mine is getting married today, and when he's happy, he gets muddled up, so don't get along with him, I've already taught him a lesson for you."

    Lei Ao Ting is also an individual fine, although he doesn't know why Mr. Chu said his surname is Ye to others, but Mr. Chu must have his reasons for doing so, presumably to hide his identity.

    Lei Ao Ting was not stupid and naturally went along with Ye Fan's meaning and changed his name to call him Mr. Ye.

    Ye Fan nodded his head and smiled, "Well, so that's how it is."

    "Then I'll spare him this time on Young Master Lei's behalf."

    "However, just now, Young Master Lei said he came to attend a wedding, I wonder who he is coming to attend?"

    Ye Fan asked slowly, but there was a touch of cunning contained within his words.

    Lei Ao Ting naturally answered truthfully, "I don't hide it from Mr. Chu, I am attending this friend of mine's wedding this time."

    "His name is Qin Yu, and he's getting married to Miss Du Wenya Du today."

    "Full of nonsense!"Before Lei Ao Ting's side had finished speaking, Ye Fan's eyebrows were cold and he immediately drank.

    Scared Lei Ao Ting's legs trembled and his whole body was about to cry, not knowing where he had said something wrong again.

    "Lei Ao Ting, you said that today's wedding is between your friend Qin Yu and Miss Du Wenya Du?"

    "Why, then, did I get the news that it was my friend Shen Yuxiang's wedding to Miss Du Wenya Du?"

    "Ah...Huh?"Lei Ao Ting was stunned, apparently somewhat unable to get around the circle, not knowing what Ye Fan meant by that?

    The fat guy next to him was also confused and confused, curious as to what kind of drug was in Van's gourd.

    "Fucking bullshit!"

    "Wen Ya is marrying me today."

    "It's not Shen Yu Shang!"

    "You two bastards are here to steal the marriage."At this time, Qin Yu, who had just been smacked on the ground by Lei Ao Ting, became anxious when he heard Ye Fan's words.

    Standing up, he cursed angrily.

    "Full of nonsense!"

    "Qin Yu, I think you're fucking confused."

    "Today's wedding is obviously Mr. Ye's friend Shen Yuxiang's and Miss Wenya Du's, what's the matter with you ah?"

    "That's no joke!"

    As soon as Qin Yu finished that sentence, Lei Ao Ting seemed to have realized something and then interrupted in an angry voice.As he said that, he gave Qin Yu a hard look.

    However, how could Qin Yu understand it, he just asked in confusion.

    "Ao Ting, what do you mean by that?"

    "On this wedding invitation, the groom wrote my name, but it's my name."

    "The money for the wedding was also taken by my Qin family."

    "I'm the groom, when did I become Shen Yuxiang?"Qin Yu was puzzled.

    The surrounding Qin family's friends and relatives were also puzzled.

    I thought to myself that this young master of the Lei family, could it be that he is stupid?


    Lei Ao Ting saw made eyes, which Qin Yu couldn't understand.He then walked over and pulled Qin Yu aside, whispering a few words in Qin Yu's ear.


    "You said he...He's..."A moment later, Qin Yu's face was pale and filled with fear, his entire body as if struck by lightning.

    "Now you should know who today's groomsman should be, right?"

    After saying that, Lei Ao Ting asked Qin Yu once again.

    This time, Qin Yu naturally didn't dare to say anything again and only had to bite his teeth and nod his head heavily.

    "Ao Ting, you're right."

    "For today's wedding, the groomsman is, Mr. Shen Yuxiang, Mr. Shen."

    "What...What?"Ye Jian was directly confused.

    "Brother Yu, are you confused?"

    "Isn't today your wedding day?"Ye Jian asked with a glare.

    "That's right, Brother Qin Yu, what's wrong with you?"Ye Yuyan was also angry and anxious.

    Qin Yu shook his head and laughed hehely, "Haha, just a joke.The man of the wedding today is not me, it's Mr. Ye's friend, Shen Yuxiang."

    "Mr. Ye, just now I was just playing a joke on you, don't you mind ah."

    This Qin Yu was also someone who could give in, and after knowing Ye Fan's background, he hurried forward to accompany the smile.

    Ye Fan nodded and smiled, patting Qin Yu's shoulder, "Well, so it was a joke.I thought, you really want to go with my brother, to steal a woman?"

    "Haha, how can I?Miss Du and Mr. Shen Yuxiang, husband and wife, a match made in heaven.I, Qin Yu, haven't had time to bless them, how dare I grab them."Qin Yu was laughing.

    However, who knows how brightly Qin Yu was smiling at this time, and how miserably he was crying in his heart!

    "Yeah?Since Young Master Qin is so optimistic about my brother's wedding to Wen Ya, then today, simply let Young Master Qin be a witness."

    "And also witness, the union of a pair of beautiful people."

    "Young Master Qin, what do you think of this idea?"Ye Fan smiled faintly, and in that smile, it was as cunning as it needed to be.

    "This~" Qin Yu's eyes twitched, and his old face darkened.


"What, Young Master Qin is this reluctant?"

    "Or is it that I, Ye Fan, am so insignificant that I can't invite Young Master Qin, a great Buddha, to be my brother's witness?"

    Ye Fan sneered, his words already more than a little unhappy.

    "Qin Yu, what are you still staring at?"

    "Promise quickly."

    "Chu...Mr. Ye asking you to be a witness, it's an honor you've cultivated in your eight lifetimes."

    "It's a good thing, a great thing that benefits the ancestors."

    Lei Ao Ting saw that Ye Fan was already a bit unhappy, and quickly made eyes at Qin Yu again and kept advising.

    "Young Master Lei, what are you talking nonsense about?"

    "Today was supposed to be my Brother Qin Yu's wedding banquet, but now you're asking him to let his fiancée go to someone else."

    "And you're letting my brother Qin Yu be their witness?"

    "Aren't you insulting my brother Qin Yu?"

    Ye Yuyan eventually couldn't listen anymore.

    She thought it was Lei Ao Ting who was using his power to force Qin Yu to let his fiancée out.Naturally, Ye Yuyan couldn't just sit back and watch.

    Not to mention that Qin Yu and her were close friends for many years, just because of Shen Yuxiang and Ye Fan, she couldn't allow this to happen.

    In her eyes, Ye Fan and Shen Yuxiang are just two second-rate kids, how can they be worthy of a girl like Du Wenya?

    Thus, Ye Yuyan Fang came out and questioned Lei Ao Ting in a deep voice.

    At the same time, she looked at Ye Fan and drank low in disgust, "Ye Fan, you don't need to be here foxing and pretending."

    "As long as I am here today, my brother Qin Yu will not allow you to insult him!"

    "Also, I will never allow, my sister-in-law Wen Ya, to marry a mediocre generation like you and suffer."

    Ye Yuyan's words were icy cold, and her eyebrows were filled with coldness.

    However, in the face of Ye Yuyan's anger, Ye Fan was not angry at all, but instead smiled pleasantly, "You won't allow it?"

    "Don't you think it's ridiculous, Yeoman?"

    "Who is Wen Ya going to marry, and who is Young Master Qin marrying, do I still need you to agree to it?"

    "Besides, I invited Young Master Qin to be a witness to the wedding, and it was a good intention."

    "People Qin Yu Qin Young Master hasn't even said anything yet, but you're being fierce?"

    "Perhaps Young Master Qin is begging for this proposal of mine?"

    "You're talking nonsense!Do you think I'm an idiot like you, Brother Qin Yu?He's unmarried and marrying someone else. Is he still happy?"Ye Yuyan only felt absurd.

    "Happy or not, just ask him later."Ye Fan said lightly, the smile on his face, how pleasant it was.

    "Fine, I'll do as you wish."Ye Yuyan snorted coldly while looking back at Qin Yu, "Brother Qin Yu, tell him that sister-in-law Wen Ya is your fiancée.What we came to attend today is also your wedding."

    Ye Yuyan said in a deep voice.

    Qin Yu, however, was silent for a long time..

    "Brother Qin Yu, what's wrong with you?"

    "You talk!"

    "Then Ye Fan is the son-in-law on the doorstep, can't you be afraid of him?"Ye Yuyan was anxious, and next to her, Ye Jian was also gritting his teeth in anger, a share of hatred, anxiously advising.

    Eventually, Qin Yu stepped forward and laughed.

    "Yuyan, Ye Jian, you've really made a mistake."

    "Today is not my wedding."

    "I invited you guys here so that you can come with me to the wedding of the two of you, Yuxiang and Wen Ya."

    "The two of them, husband and wife, are a match made in heaven."

    "Now the two of them, after all the hardships, have finally become husband and wife, that is undoubtedly a good story for our city of Jingzhou."

    "Now that your cousin Ye Fan has invited me to be his witness, I, Qin Yu, am honored and naturally happy."

    Qin Yu spoke freely and laughed.

    However, listening to those words of Qin Yu, Ye Yuyan was flabbergasted in place, and Ye Jian also stared in surprise.

    "Brother Qin Yu, you...What are you babbling about?"

    "That Ye Fan is talking nonsense and deliberately humiliating you, why are you still agreeing with him?"Ye Yuyan looked horrified and incredulous, looking at Qin Yu with anger and even more confusion in her heart.

    "Yuyan, shut up, don't make a fuss!"

    "Mr. Ye is your cousin, how dare you be rude, why don't you apologize to your cousin?"

    "And you Ye Jian, go apologize to your cousin as well."

    Qin Yu tonked down and reprimanded Ye Yuyan and siblings Ye Jian.

    "Brother Qin Yu, you...You..."


    "I'm pissed off!"

    "Qin Yu, you idiot, you don't know the difference between good and bad, you're so angry with me~"

    These words of Qin Yu's were simply driving Ye Yuyan mad.

    A pair of beautiful eyes, instantly all red with anger, as if there was a flame burning in her heart.

    She had good intentions to defend Qin Yu, but as a result, Qin Yu didn't know how to thank her just fine, and even reprimanded her, asking her to apologize to the one she despised the most, Ye Fan.

    The scene in front of her undoubtedly made Ye Yuyan make a fool of herself in front of everyone.

    A pair of pretty faces, flushed with shame, only felt humiliated!


    "Yeh, silly, isn't it, hot face to cold ass?"

    "People have said that the rightful lord has said that today is my Shen Yuxiang's wedding!"

    "Instead, you're a fool who insisted that it was someone else, Young Master Qin, who got married."

    "I think you've been in the army for a few years and your head was blown silly by a bomb, right?"

    Shen Yuxiang caught the opportunity, but it was extremely mocking, laughing.

    That seat, more let's Ye Yuyan, disgrace!

    "Dead fatty, how dare you insult my sister, you looking for a fight?"Ye Jian maintained, and then rushed out and was about to hit Shen Yuxiang.

    However, this Ye Jian didn't run a few steps before he was kicked in the butt by Qin Yu in the back.

    With a bang, he fell straight to the ground.

    "Brother Qin Yu, what are you doing?I help you, and you kick me?"Ye Jian was so aggrieved that he was about to cry!

    However, Qin Yu shouted angrily, "That's enough!"

    "And help me?"

    "Do you know that this is harming me, harming my Qin family!"

    "On the day of Mr. Ye's brother's wedding, you dare to make a fuss here even on my reputation for standing up for me?"

    "What dog guts!"

    "Get out of here!"

    Qin Yu's angry voice echoed the four directions.

    The few people who had just called each other brothers and sisters had now torn their faces apart.


    "Young Master Qin is right."

    "On my wedding day, you guys dare to make trouble too?"

    "But, I'm not going to get along with you today on my big day."

    "Be sensible, get out of here."Shen Yuxiang had a rare opportunity to pretend, but at this time, he was foxing up and giving orders, and also really had the appearance of a villain.

    "This dead fatty, after so many years, he's still so cheap~" Ye Fan looked on from the side, but shook his head and laughed.

    "Mr. Ye, what do you mean?"If Ye Fan didn't say anything, Lei Ao Ting and the others naturally didn't dare to drive people away.After all, listening to their conversation just now, Ye Jian siblings, it seemed that they were still relatives with Mr. Chu.

    Ye Fan looked at Ye Yuyan who was so angry that her face was pale and pale, and then smiled lightly and said back, "Today is my good brother Fatty's wedding, he is the main character, his words, you guys just do as he says."

    "These two, talking nonsense here, also really should be driven out of the wedding."

    "Good!"Ye Fan spoke, and Lei Ao Ting instantly agreed.

    "Ye Fan, you dare?!"

    "I'm with Sister Yuyan's father but your own uncle, you deceitful bastard, you're helping outsiders to drive us away?"Seeing that Lei Ao Ting had shouted for someone to prepare to drive them away, Ye Jian was so angry that he cursed angrily.


However, these words of Ye Jian's fell on Ye Fan's ears, but they were only funny.

    Now they were talking about relatives instead, when they were disrespectful to him before, did they ever think that he was their cousin?

    To these words of Ye Jian, Ye Fan naturally ignored them and treated them all as dog farts.

    "Miss Ye, I'm so sorry."

    "This Dragon View Hotel of my Lei family doesn't have a place for you two siblings."

    "So now, are you guys leaving on your own, or are you going to let us invite you out?"

    Lei Ao Ting was courteous first, and didn't let out harsh words right off the bat.

    After all, they were Mr. Chu's relatives, and even if they didn't have a good relationship with Ye Fan, Lei Ao Ting didn't dare to offend them too harshly.

    After all, no one knew which day in the future, whether they would make up.

    Bloodline is something that can never be severed throughout life.

    Faced with Lei Ao Ting's words that were hidden in his smile, Ye Jian naturally didn't dare to make a fuss.Instead, he looked towards Ye Yuyan, his old face flushed red, and asked in a low voice, "Sister Yuyan, what should we do, should we go?"

    Being kicked out of the hotel in public, this was not a glorious thing after all.

    Ye Jian naturally felt embarrassed as well, and was now waiting for Ye Yuyan to make up his mind.

    Ye Yuyan's face was livid and unsightly.

    Facing the might of the Lei family, Ye Yuyan naturally didn't say anything.

    In fact, she had nothing to say!

    After all, even Qin Yu had fallen to Ye Fan's side, and Ye Yuyan had no face to stay here any longer.

    However, before leaving, Ye Yuyan, who was extremely angry, turned her head to glare at Qin Yu beside her and said with hatred, "Brother Qin Yu, I, Ye Yuyan, have really misjudged you!"

    "Brother, let's go."

    After saying that, Ye Yuyan called out to Ye Jian and turned her head to leave.

    Originally rushing to attend Qin Yu's wedding banquet, but in the end, the two of them siblings were swept away without even getting a meal to eat.

    When walking out of this Dragon King Hotel, Ye Yuyan's pair of pretty faces burned hot and painful.

    Obviously feel humiliated.

    After the two Ye Yuyan siblings were kicked out, Ye Fan continued, "Young Master Qin, don't just stand there."

    "You, the witness, go on stage to officiate the wedding ah."

    "The auspicious time, you can't miss it!"

    Ye Fan had spoken, and even if there was a thousand reluctance in Qin Yu's heart, there was nothing he could do about it.

    Even the crown prince of the Lei family was so respectful to this Ye Fan in front of him, so he, Qin Yu, naturally, didn't dare to provoke him even more.

    It was just that Qin Yu couldn't figure out what kind of bad luck that Shen Yuxiang had gotten to make friends with a big shot like Ye Fan.

    In the end, with a bitter and heavy heart, Qin Yu, who was the groom, became the witness of the marriage of Shen Yuxiang and Du Wenya.

    With his own hands, he married his fiancée, Du Wenya, to Shen Yuxiang.

    As for Du Wenya's father, he was naturally against it at first.

    But Lei Ao-ting acted as a matchmaker, Qin Yu even more abnormally surrendered, Du Wenya's father, no matter how stupid he was, also saw the suspicions, thinking that this friend of Shen Yu-xiang, must be a big person, so he did not dare to stop.

    In the end, Qin Yu's planning, but for Shen Yuxiang as a wedding dress, as expected to hold the beauty and return, not to mention Shen Yuxiang at this time how happy.

    "Come, Wen Ya, kowtow to Brother Fan!"

    After the wedding, Shen Yuxiang pulled Du Wenya and fell to his knees when he saw Ye Fan.

    Before this, Shen Yuxiang was close to despair.

    But I didn't expect that Ye Fan's arrival would make this matter take a turn for the worse.

    Now, it was even more favorable for them to get married and form a marriage bond.

    One could imagine how much Shen Yuxiang missed Ye Fan in his heart at this time.

    "Fatty, what the hell are you doing?"

    "Keep that up and watch out I'll kick you!"

    Ye Fan cursed and made a gesture to kick over, scaring Shen Yuxiang into jumping up.

    The two of them had been friends for many years, and much of their friendship was unsaid.Being so polite, it was rather raw.

    "But Brother Fan, seriously."

    "Fatty I really thank you."

    "I know that if it wasn't for Brother Fan's face, then Qin Yu wouldn't have been so easy to talk to, and Wen Ya wouldn't have married me."

    In between the words, the fatty's pair of small eyes reddened, and there were almost tears in his eyes.

    It was happiness, joy.

    "Look at your no-good face."

    Ye Fan looked and shook his head and laughed while punching the fatty on the shoulder.

    "Okay, treat people well from now on."

    "Wen Ya is a good girl, I can tell that she really likes you."

    "But Fatty, fight for yourself!"

    "I can help you for a while, but in the end, I can't help you for the rest of your life."

    "In the future, it's up to you to make a name for yourself, to make others look up to you, and to make Bunya happy."

    "Hmm.Brother Van, I will."

    "Wen Ya blocked her whole life to marry me, so how dare I, Shen Yuxiang, let her lose?"The fat man spoke with eyes full of determination and solemnity.

    Every word was thrown at him.

    "Mm."Ye Fan nodded at the sight of the party and smiled in relief.



    After this incident, Shen Yuxiang also went back to Ye Yang Town to meet Shen Yuxiang's parents together with Du Wenya.

    On the way back, Shen Yuxiang was smiling freely.


    "Van, I found out you're really bad!"

    "It's just as well to refer to a deer as a horse, but you also asked Qin Yu to be a witness for Wen Ya and me."

    "At that time, you were the one who didn't see that Qin Yu's face was green, just like eating shit."

    "And those two people Ye Jian and Ye Yuyan, just now Brother Fan you hit them both in the face."

    "I guess at this moment, that Ye Yuyan is so angry that she's about to vomit blood, right?"


    The more Shen Yuxiang thought about the scene just now, the more comfortable he felt.

    The Qin family had exhausted their pains and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars for this wedding banquet, but in the end, they had given him Shen Yuxiang as a dowry, so Shen Yuxiang was naturally happy.

    "That Qin family forced Wen Ya to marry him."

    "Now the ending, they are also to blame, and do not deserve sympathy."

    Hearing Shen Yuxiang's laughter, however, Ye Fan said in a low voice.

    Just a moment ago, Du Wenya had already told them everything.

    Another reason why she agreed to marry the Qin family, apart from her own father's desire to climb the ranks, was that the Qin family was bullying people and threatening with the power in their hands.

    If Du Wenya didn't agree, the Qin family would seize Du Wenya's family's property.

    "Qin Yu's father is the leader of the county, and we're just a small business in town, so we can cut off our family's livelihood with any reason we can find.I have no choice but to agree."

    "Before that, I was already discouraged."

    "Fortunately, Brother Fan helped us, otherwise, I really don't know how to live my life in the future."

    Inside the car, Du Wenya said slowly.

    In her words, there was trepidation, joy, and even celebration.


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