The King of Kungfu in school 2316-2320


Chapter 2316

"Since you're not a guest, just order whatever you want, Auntie Lao's family is fine."

Mu Qianji washed a fruit for Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen smiled, "There's so much fruit here, it's all over the mountain."

"Of course it is, within the Three Realms, this is the place with the most fruit, you have everything you want."

"Why is there so much fruit?"

"I'm not sure about that, anyway, our Ten Thousand Purple Great Sage, he loves to eat fruits, and this place is close to the East Sea, no matter if it's humid or seasonal climate or whatever, it's perfect for growing fruit trees, even those that like cold and shade, there are fruit trees here, because some parts of the Ten Thousand Purple Mountain are very cold and shady."

"No wonder."

"The people here also live in peace, everyone worships the Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage and is proud of him, and the Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage often sends his people down the mountain to help the people.The people here also aim to be able to become the Guardian of the Ten Thousand Violet Mountains."

The Guardian of the Ten Thousand Violet Mountains was the equivalent of a Heavenly Soldier, right?

"By the way, what kind of Demon Immortal is the Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage?"Don Zichen asked.

"A favorite fruit eater, don't you think?" Remember the URL


Mu Qianji said, "Zichen, since you're down here, stay here for a few years, or, simply don't leave."

"How can I do that, after all, I'm a member of the Heavenly Wolf Battle Team, switching to this place is impossible, and the Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage definitely doesn't welcome me as a dog of the Immortal Court, haha."

"Then live for a few years, we haven't been together for a long time."Mu Qianji said aggrievedly.

Tang Zichen hugged her, it's also true that the two places have been separated for a long time ah, fortunately they are all immortals and can discard distractions, if they are mortals who eat grains, how can they stand the loneliness.

"Then I'll stay with you for twenty days."

"Ah, it's only twenty days."

"Thousands of days, I'm in the Skywolf Battle Team now, I have to complete the hunting mission ah every month, I have to go back when the time comes.But don't worry, I'll have plenty of free time from now on, I'll come to you every now and then."

"Well, after all, we're all cultivators, we shouldn't spend too much time on men and women."

Tang Zichen smiled hehehe, "These next twenty days, you should also relax and unwind, just think of it as a honeymoon."

"Mmhmm, it's really hard to enjoy the world for two for once."

"Haha."Tang Zichen smiled ashamedly, but unfortunately, Tang Zichen couldn't give her the promise of a forever world for two.

After an unknown number of minutes, the two who were still joking and laughing, suddenly their bodies caught fire like, precisely like their clothes were on fire, both of them desperately tore and threw away.

I don't know how many hours of this battle, but when they came to their senses, they heard someone outside shouting, "Sister Mu."

By the sound of the voice it was a man.

"Who is it?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Oh, it's Auntie Lao's son, Lao Xiaojun, this boy has a good talent for cultivation, I happen to be staying at his house, I'll guide him when I have time."

"Oh."Tang Zichen didn't ask any more questions.

"Let's go out."

After walking out of the room, I did see a little boy, with a very low realm, around the Mahayana stage.

"Sister Mu, he is?"

"Xiao Jun, he's your brother-in-law."

"You're Mu Sister's man."

"Mm."Tang Zichen nodded.

"Little Jun pays his respects to brother-in-law."

"You're welcome."

Mu Qianji asked, "Lao Xiaojun, what are you looking for me for."

"Sister Mu, I'm stuck in my cultivation again, can you help me."

After that, after Mu Qianji instructed him, that Lao Xiaojun went back to his cultivation.

Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji, entwined in the Ten Thousand Violet Mountain for twenty days.

The time of loving kindness was always short, and after twenty days, Tang Zichen had to leave.

Mu Qianji sent Tang Zichen away with tears in her eyes, seemingly unable to forget these twenty sweet days.

"Qianji, come on, you'll make it."

"Mmhmm, you too, work hard."

"I will, one day, I will definitely create something for you, a world of our own, from now on, we will never part."Tang Zichen shouted in the sky.

Mu Qianji waved his hand on the ground with difficulty.

Tang Zichen flew off into the sky, Tang Zichen was also very reluctant to let go inside, he really wanted to be sweet like this forever, but the reality was that there was still a lot he had to do.It wasn't so easy to get ahead here.

Tang Zichen returned to the Immortal Realm, and there were still four or five days until the next month's mission.

Tang Zichen returned early as well.

Tang Zichen went back to Ding's Immortal Mansion for a night, no matter what, he had worshipped with Ding Lan as well, so he couldn't snub people.

It's really a lot of love and tired beauty.

Tang Zichen took the opportunity to go to Leng Tianling's residence to find out, the Nine Dao Demon King has successfully become a Pre-Xuan Immortal after taking that Second Grade Birth Pill, and has already entered the Taikoo World to assess Tian Lang.

Whether or not he could succeed in the assessment, perhaps he would be able to find out the result in another hundred thousand years, or even tens of thousands of years.

The Cheng Yu who had been assessed with Tang Zichen hadn't come out yet either.

After staying at home for the night, Tang Zichen went to pay a visit to Princess Nianzhi the next day, but unfortunately, now that Princess Nianzhi wasn't so easy to see, Tang Zichen could only go to the Three-Eyed War God for help in informing him.

"I'm sorry, Tang Zichen, but I can't keep running off to find Princess Niancius."The Three-Eyed War God refused at once.


"You don't need to know that, alright, you've found your sword too, hurry back to the Wolf World, and don't move if you can't get away with anything after that."


Tang Zichen had no choice but to return to the Sky Wolf World and prepare for this month's hunting mission.

The Three-Eyed War God didn't dare to move to find Princess Nennius, but he was actually afraid that the Immortal Emperor would suspect him, and if the Immortal Emperor suspected that he was having an affair with Princess Nennius, then what would happen to You Sky would be his downfall.

"Team Leader Tang, you're back."

"Team Leader Tang, when are we going on this month's hunting mission, ah."

The five people from Team 9 were busy greeting Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen said, "We'll go tomorrow to finish this month's mission."

"Good, listen to the team leader, this time, even if I die, I won't run away by myself.

"Me too."Everyone swore.

Tang Zichen said, "Don't worry guys, no matter what, I won't let my group members die in the hunting mission."

The next morning, Tang Zichen set off with his five group members.

This time, Tang Zichen possessed a better sword and his strength definitely rose.

Tang Zichen asked, "This month, we killed the same demon beasts from last month, right?"

"No, every month's demon beasts are different ah, the last one had thick skin, hopefully this month's demon beasts won't be so hard to deal with."

Tang Zichen was startled, the demon beasts were actually different every month, how many kinds of demon beasts must there be in this Wolf World.


In this way, Tang Zichen killed the demon beasts once every month, and every month Tang Zichen did his best to kill them all.

In this way, a hundred thousand years passed.

A hundred thousand years later.


"I've finally gathered 10,000 Hong Meng Beast Cores."

"These 100,000 years, going to hunt and kill demon beasts every month and not missing a single one, I'll use one word to describe it, tired."

Tang Zichen kind of wanted to quit.

It was really boring to repeat this over and over again.

Of course, Tang Zichen's strength had also grown a lot in the intervening 100,000 years.

But it was just that the realm was always still stuck in the pre-Xuan Immortal stage.

"Tang Zichen." One second to remember to read the book

The Nine Dao Demon King walked to Tang Zichen's side.

Fifty thousand years ago, the Nine Dao Demon King had also succeeded in his assessment and entered the Sky Wolf Battle Team, as well as that Cheng Yu, who had also succeeded in his assessment and was now one of the members of Team Nine.

They had a total of eight team members in the nine teams now.

"Demon King, I've already gathered 10,000 Hong Meng Beast Cores."

"Congratulations, it's not easy, you hunted for 100,000 years to gather 10,000 Hong Meng Beast Nuclei, if this goes on, in a few million years, there will be more Hong Meng Beast Nuclei, maybe, you can exchange them for a lot of Fetal Pills."

"But, hunting demon beasts over and over again like this is really physically and mentally exhausting."

"Then what can we do."

"Alright, I'm not going to talk to you, I'm going to go and condense these ten thousand Hong Meng beast cores into a drop of Hong Meng Qi."

"Go on."

Tang Zichen closed the door and entered the secret room.

Every moment on the Hong Meng Beast Nucleus, there was a trace of Hong Meng Qi, and Tang Zichen condensed it one by one.

Soon, Tang Zichen finished condensing all 10,000 Hong Meng Beast Nuclei, and a golden, liquid-based drop of Hong Meng Qi appeared in Tang Zichen's palm.

"For this drop of Hong Meng Qi, I've spent a hundred thousand fucking years."

However, the lifespan of an immortal was so long that 100,000 years didn't count at all, but Tang Zichen was hunting demon beasts every month, not closing down and skipping tens of thousands of years, so 100,000 years was by no means short-lived.

Right at this moment, Tang Zichen suddenly felt a tremor in his spatial ring.

"What's going on?"

In the next second, the former mirror, which had been lying quietly in the spatial ring, suddenly rushed out.

"Ah, the ex-world mirror actually rushed out automatically."Tang Zichen was shocked, this former world mirror, Tang Zichen had almost forgotten its existence, because after coming to the Immortal World, Tang Zichen always felt that it was not something ordinary and did not dare to take it out and use it.

The former World Mirror seemed as if it was very eager for the Hong Meng Qi in Tang Zichen's hands.

Tang Zichen's brows furrowed.

"The Former World Mirror wants me to give it the Hong Meng Qi?That's no good, I spent 100,000 years and worked so hard to get one drop of Hongmeng Qi, how can I give it to it."

However, Tang Zichen suddenly felt inside, a drop of Hong Meng Qi, he didn't have much use for it, if he took it to change a fetal pellet, it would take at least 50 drops, 50 drops for a fetal pellet, go directly to the Immortal Court to change it, very black, but fetal pellets were only available in the Immortal Court.

"Just kidding, I'll give it to you."

After saying that, Tang Zichen dripped the Hong Meng Qi, onto the former world mirror.

That former world mirror, the sudden

In between, the golden light flashed, and at the moment the golden light flashed, Tang Zichen felt an extremely powerful sense of power.It felt like, this former mirror was a divine weapon.

"Buzz."The former mirror buzzed, and suddenly, Tang Zichen sensed a will of the former mirror.

"Hello, thank you master."The will of the former world mirror said to Tang Zichen.

"Ah, you are?"

"I'm the Overturning Mirror."

"The Flip Mirror?Not the ex-world mirror?"

"Uh, embarrassing, the former mirror is a name you made up, in my real life, it's called the Overturning Mirror, it's a divine weapon.Do you know what a divine weapon is?"

"Uh, I know, doesn't the Dragon Palace also have divine weapons, what with the Dragon Sword, anyone who obtains the Dragon Sword, even a low level Immortal, can possess the power of an Immortal."

"Yes, so do I. You own me now, and later, when I completely recover, you'll also have immortal-level power."

"Ah, really?"Tang Zichen was shocked.

Tang Zichen was only Xuanxian now, and three major levels of Taixuan, Golden Immortal, and Da Luo Golden Immortal were still separated from the Divine Immortal level.

To cross these three major grades, it was impossible without hundreds of millions of years.

Tang Zichen was busy asking, "Overturning Mirror, when will you completely recover then?"

"This, depending on your Hong Meng Qi, I was completely broken before, my previous master he died and I was left behind in the spirit world, completely incapacitated.However, I wasn't completely broken, when I was in the spirit world I longed to see the light of day again, fortunately you found me, and you also brought me up to the immortal realm and gave me a drop of Hong Meng Qi to revive me."

"So you're just awakening now, then."

"Yes, I'm so badly broken that I'm afraid I'll need at least a hundred drops of Honmeng Qi if I'm to recover completely."

"A hundred drops, my mother, how many hundreds of thousands of years would it take me to harvest a hundred drops."

"It's not much, you should be able to harvest around a hundred drops of Hongshen Qi after another ten million years, by then, I'll be a complete divine weapon.Truth be told, I, the Overturning Heaven Mirror, is in the top ten of the Immortal Realm's divine weapons rankings, that Dragon Palace's you just mentioned, the Dragon Gnosis Sword, it's not that I despise it, it's not even qualified to be compared to my Overturning Heaven Mirror."

"Uh, yeah?The way I heard it from the Dragon Palace people, that Dragon Gnosis Sword is a very powerful divine weapon."

"And yet, that Dragon Gnosis Sword doesn't even have a ranking in the rankings of all the divine weapons in the Three Realms, and even if it did, it would be ranked very low."

Tang Zichen thought it could be, otherwise how could the King of the Dragon Clan take it out as his granddaughter's dowry, speaking of dowries, now that 100,000 years have passed, I don't know if the Dragon Princess of that family Ao Scuttle, has married now.

I'll tell you the truth, the East Sea Dragon Clan doesn't have a single Divine Weapon that can be compared to me. Their strongest Divine Weapon, which is only ranked in the top twenty, is called the 'Heart Magic', but unfortunately, I heard that that Divine Weapon was snatched away from behind, as if it was a newThe strong man who has risen, called what is called the Ten Thousand Purple Great Sage, is a Hong Meng demon beast, Ten Thousand Purple Witch Demon, that was conceived by the heavens and earth at the beginning of the world."

"Er, Ten Thousand Purple Witch Demon?"Don was startled, shouldn't it be a monkey?Mu Qianji said that he liked to eat fruits the most ah.

"Yes, the Ten Thousand Violet Witch Demon, he has an intelligence very close to that of a human, and his body is incomparably strong, capable of sending out ten thousand streaks of violet lightning in an instant.He's the only one in the heavens and earth, the Ten Thousand Violet Witch Demon doesn't like to eat meat, he eats omnivorous food, especially all kinds of fruits and so on.However, that Ten Thousand Violet Witch Demon's nature isn't bad, otherwise, he might have been shot to death by my former master in the first place."



"Tang Zichen, you'd better cherish me, there aren't many divine weapons in the world, not to mention the top ten ranked ones like me, if others know you have the Overturning Mirror, I'm afraid they'll come and steal it in minutes.Of course, if you don't have any goals for your future and just want to live an ordinary life, then forget about it.If you want to have a power of your own, you less I absolutely can't do it.For example, that Ten Thousand Violet Witch Beast, if he doesn't have the King of the Dragon's Heart Weapon, do you think he'll be able to occupy the mountain and become king?"

Tang Zichen asked, "How many divine soldiers are there within the Three Realms?"

"Not many, not more than a hundred, and of those hundred, at least half of them, if not more, are in the hands of Immortal Emperors.Within the three realms, anyone who can possess a single divine weapon is now incomparably powerful and cutthroat.By the way, even if the Immortal Emperor is in charge of the Three Realms, he can't know about the existence of the divine Soldier, and it's out of his range of perception."

"How did the divine Soldier come to be?"

"It existed when the heavens and earth first began, or, when the universe was first established, as to how exactly it existed, I don't know."

Tang Zichen asked, "What is the number one ranked divine weapon?"

"The number one ranked divine weapon, which is not very offensive, is called the Heart of Hongmeng.Now, it's in the hands of the Immortal Emperor, and the Immortal Emperor is in control of the three worlds precisely because he obtained this Hong Meng Heart.When the heavens and the earth first opened, the entire world, there were only ten humans, and the Immortal Emperor was the most foolishly gifted of the ten, and the other nine, they were all more powerful, so they stole the ten divine weapons with the strongest offensive power.And the Immortal Emperor only stole the least powerful divine weapon, the Heart of the Hong Meng, and as a result, it was him who was the one who could rule the three realms."

"Er."Tang Zichen said in his heart, how fucking long ago was this.

Tang Zichen seemed to understand and asked, "Your previous master was one of the ten humans at the beginning of the world, right?"


"What happened after that?Your master will die?Was it killed by the Immortal Emperor?" First web site

"No, the Immortal Emperor doesn't have that ability to kill the other nine, the Immortal Emperor is only in control of the three realms, and in my former master's eyes, the Immortal Emperor is just a stupid and dumb person."

"Then, what about the rest of them in the first place?The others must not have put the Immortal Emperor in their eyes either."

"Of course, after all, the heavens and the earth began, they were the first ten people, and the Immortal Emperor was but the dumbest of the lot, and although he got the strongest of the Hong Meng hearts, he still couldn't be a match for just one other person."

"I would be interested to know about your former master."

"Unfortunately, I'm going to slumber."

"What, slumber?Didn't you revive?"

"Yes, but you don't have enough Hong Meng Qi, Tang Zichen, next time, wait until you gather up a hundred drops of Hong Meng Qi and awaken me, by then, I will probably be completely recovered.Don't give it to me if you haven't gathered a hundred drops yet, you know the consequences if the Immortal Emperor and others find out.Goodbye."

In the next second, the Overturning Mirror became just as ordinary again.

"Ugh."Tang Zichen sighed and put the Flip Mirror away.

Tang Zichen smiled, "This is good, at least let Tang Zichen know that this is the Overturning Mirror, one of the strongest divine weapons in the world, ranked in the top ten.

If Tang Zichen is able to control the Overturning Mirror in the future, he might even be able to compete with the Immortal Emperor, after all, the previous owner of this Overturning Mirror was one of the first ten humans to appear at the beginning of the world, and it was just the same time as the Immortal Emperor who is now high above the world.

The previous owner of the Turning Heaven Mirror was clearly, an unknown number of times stronger than the Ten Thousand Violet Sage, and the divine weapon that the Ten Thousand Violet Sage stole from the Dragon Clan was only ranked in the top twenty.


At this moment, Tang Zichen was suddenly full of confidence in the future again.

This world was already settled, and those who could achieve greatness were not the first group of human beings to appear at the beginning of the universe, even the Ten Thousand Violet Great Saint was a demon beast conceived at the beginning of the world, and those who came later, no matter how talented they were, they could not compete anymore.

Therefore, even if Tang Zichen was a genius, it would be difficult to pry those ancient powers apart.

But now, he possessed a divine weapon that had appeared at the beginning of the world, that was different.

This divine weapon couldn't be sensed even by the Immortal Emperor, otherwise, Tang Zichen would have already been gotten rid of by the Immortal Emperor after keeping it on his body for so long.

"Knock knock."

"Brother Chen, are you alright."

Cheng Yu's voice came from the doorway.

"I'm fine."

Tang Zichen walked out of the secret room, and Cheng Yu was outside.

"Cheng Yu, what are you looking for me for?"

"Brother Minister, I heard that you've condensed the Hong Meng Beast Core into Hong Meng Qi, can you let me see it ah."

"Er, eat it."Tang Zichen said.

"Ah, eaten it, no way, you didn't take it to exchange for the Fetal Pill."

"Oh, it accidentally dripped into my mouth and then I spent it."


Tang Zichen didn't care if she believed in it or not, he didn't want to be more long-winded.

"Cheng Yu, tell the guys that I'm leaving first, I'll see you next month."

"Where are you going?"

"Make a trip home, I haven't been home in tens of thousands of years."

"Hmph, going back to see that beautiful wife of yours again."Cheng Yu pursed her lips, as if she was a little jealous, she really wished that Tang Zichen could talk to her alone and develop a relationship or something.

Tang Zichen needed to calm down a bit, so he went home first.

"Husband, you're back."

"Well, I'm back."

"Husband, what you entrusted me to do last time, it's done."Ding Lan said.

The so-called last time was thirty thousand years ago, when Tang Zichen came home and asked Ding Lan to find out who the strongest person in the Immortal Realm using a sword was.


"It's an immortal named Tai Bai, this person is known as the number one sword god in the Immortal Realm, and his strength is not much weaker than the Three-Eyed War God.Husband, why do you want me to inquire about this person?"

"It's nothing, thirty thousand years ago, I was pretty confused back then, I wanted to see how strong someone who used a sword like me was, to see if he would accept a disciple or something like that, with my attainments in subtraction now, I would have thought that I would be able to be a disciple, that way I could learn more."

"Oh, and what if people don't take apprentices?"

Tang Zichen said, "This was an idea 30,000 years ago, and now, huh, I'm not worried about the future anymore."

Tang Zichen now knew that he had the Overturning Mirror, and the idea was different from thirty thousand years ago.

However, the Overturning Mirror hadn't recovered after all, so it was necessary for Tang Zichen's sword to remain strong.

"Let's say, I'll try to see if he can take me as his disciple, I also want to see how strong the first sword god of the Immortal Realm is."

"Mmhmm, I'll go with you some other day."

Tang Zichen nodded his head.


The next day, Tang Zichen arrived outside the home of the First Sword God of the Immortal Realm, Tai Bai.

"What for?Where are the little cats and puppies, get lost, don't even look at whose home this is, this is the home of the first Sword God of the Immortal Realm, is it something a little person like you can look up to?"As soon as Tang Zichen reached the front door, a watchdog came out to chase him away.

This watchdog wasn't very strong, only a Dao Immortal.

Tang Zichen really couldn't hear it, but for the sake of the Taibai Sword God, Tang Zichen endured it.

"Can you help me inform the others?"Don Zichen said.

"Communicating what."

"I want to see the Taibai Sword God, I have something I want to tell him."

"Get lost, you're just a Xuanxian, and you're worthy of meeting the Sword God?Is it possible for you to meet a person of the level of the Sword God?Moreover, the Sword God is one of the twelve war gods of the Immortal Realm and is very busy, so how can he have time to see a little person like you."

Tang Zichen said, "Don't be too arrogant, you say I'm a small person, what about you?You're a Dao Immortal level watchdog, is your dog level even higher because you're watching from the doorstep of the Taibai Sword God?"

"What?Who are you calling a watchdog?"That guard was furious.

Tang Zichen sneered, "Aren't you the gatekeeper." Remember the website

"I'm the janitor, but I'm not a dog, so please show some respect."That janitor guard raged.

"Hahaha, unfortunately, in my eyes, a janitor is a dog, it's just the difference between a human dog and a real dog."

"Grass you."

"Try yelling at me again."

"What? This is the Sword God's House, don't you dare hit me here."

"Pah."Tang Zichen slapped over, and suddenly, that arrogant watchdog, who was blown away by Tang Zichen, fell to the ground, and that watchdog didn't get up, but was just beaten into a fool by Tang Zichen.

There was no need to be polite to him for this kind of dog fight.

Tang Zichen was a member of the Wolf Battle Team anyway, the captain was the Three-Eyed War God, and he was a talent pool of the Immortal Court, so no one dared to touch him.

After Tang Zichen beat that watchdog into an idiot, he turned around and left.

The dog was so unqualified, I'm sure that master was no better, Tang Zichen really regretted coming here, what a blind man to learn from the Sword God.

Originally Tang Zichen wanted to return halfway here, but I heard that the Sword God's sword was really very powerful, a sword out, the world was shocked, once split a piece of the Immortal World's floating island in half, it could be seen how powerful his sword was, after all, this was a floating island, not something ordinary.

That was why Tang Zichen had come.

"Stop."Just as Tang Zichen was about to leave, a shout suddenly came out.

Tang Zichen turned back and saw no one.

In the next second, Tang Zichen felt his body fly inside out of his control, and a short while later, in a large hall, Tang Zichen landed with a thud.

A man in a golden armor sat on it.

"Raise your head."

Tang Zichen looked up and saw the man, Tang Zichen immediately guessed that he was Sword God Taibai, one of the twelve war gods of the Immortal Realm.

"Say, why did you hit my guards silly at my Taibai's gate?"The man was furious and shouted.

Under his roar, a huge force suddenly pressed down, and Tang Zichen was suddenly unable to move.

"Still don't say it?"

"My name is Tang Zichen, a member of the Wolf Squad,

I originally wanted to come and see if the Sword God wanted to take on a disciple, but unfortunately that watchdog was defiant and spoke out of shame, so I only took action in anger."

"Hmph, wanting to beg me to take you as a disciple so I can guide you to be strong, you're thinking too much, are you worthy?Answer me, are you worthy?"

Tang Zichen gritted his teeth, "I'm a member of the Wolf Team and my main attack direction is also the sword, that's why I have this plan, unfortunately, I regret it immensely now because the Sword God isn't what I imagined, now even if you take me in, I don't care."

"Hmph, do you think I can take you in just because you use provocative methods?You're not thinking of me as an idiot."

Tang Zichen sneered, provoking him to pooh.

"Get the hell out of here, if you weren't a member of the Skywolf Battle Team, I would have fucking killed you long ago."Taibai Sword God snorted.

Tang Zichen got up and walked away.

Tang Zichen didn't blame anyone, he was the one who came to his door today and humiliated himself.

Tang Zichen vowed inwardly that one day, he would defeat him with his sword and let him know who the real Sword God was.

After leaving the Taibai Sword God's mansion, Tang Zichen went to the Immortal Academy and then to the Ten Thousand Purple Mountains to find Mu Qianzhi.

Unfortunately, Mu Qianzhong was never there.

That Lady Lao said that Mu Qianyi had entered the Cave of Stones and hadn't returned for a long time.

Tang Zichen couldn't run to the Ten Thousand Violet Mountains, so he had to ask the laboring lady to bring a few words and then return to the Immortal Realm.

After returning to the Immortal Realm, Tang Zichen went to the military camp.

"Big Brother Mingcheng."

It had been a long time since Tang Zichen had met with Mingcheng.

"Hey, Brother Tang, what are you doing here, it's been almost tens of thousands of years since we last met, how are you doing in the Sky Wolf Battle Team."

"Well, I'm fine, brother, how about you?How about now."

"Alas, it's still the same, it's only been tens of thousands of years, what can change in such a short period of time."

"Big brother, it's hard to see each other, let's have a good drink."

"Fine, have a drink, but I have to go do something first."

"Er, what is it, more important than drinking with brother me?"

"Haha, no no, if I don't do it, my grandfather will kill me.There's no harm in telling you, it's like this, I heard that the King of the Dragon Clan of the Eastern Sea, is preparing to find a son-in-law for his granddaughter, I heard, using a divine weapon as a dowry oh, now, let alone me, if the conditions allow, my grandfather would want to go and sign up.Unfortunately, my grandfather's conditions don't allow it, so let me go and sign up, whether I can be chosen or not, at least there are no regrets, besides, what if the Goddess of Fate favors me, hehe, you know."

"Uh, really fake, the daughter of the Dragon King is really looking for a male match?"

"Nonsense, hey, you don't seem surprised, you shouldn't have known before."

"Haha, I'm not going to lie, I heard about it a long time ago.Since it's so important to you, I'll leave you alone, we'll meet up some other time."

"Don't, brother, how about you accompany me, just in case, you also have a chance, after all, that dowry is a divine weapon.If you kid gets that divine weapon, you'll be on top of your life."

Tang Zichen smiled bitterly, "I don't meet the conditions, I've heard that at least Golden Immortal or above is required, and I've already married Ding Lan and joined the Ding family."

"The conditions are dead, the key is still that the daughter of the King of the Dragon Clan herself is the only one who can see it, besides, you can just talk with me on the way."

"Alright, then I'll accompany you."

With that, Tang Zichen accompanied Ming Cheng as well.


A day later, Tang Zichen and Ming Cheng arrived at the territory of the East Sea Dragon Clan.

They found that many, many people had come to the Dragon Clan's palace.

"Why are so many people signing up?"

"Nonsense, you don't even look at what that dowry is, whoever has that dowry can have the strength of an immortal, don't say it's not an immortal, even an immortal would be gluttonous, it's a divine weapon."


Ming Cheng sighed, "I'm at this level, taking part is just a companion for others, look, there are even Immortal men over there who have signed up."

Tang Zichen took a look, there was indeed an Immortal level man.

"Oh, it looks like this is going to be a big event that will stir up the Immortal Realm."

"Zichen, there are registration conditions posted over there in front, let's go over and take a look."

The two of them walked up and immediately saw the posted registration conditions.

First: Any unmarried young men of all races who were above the Golden Immortal level, under 100 million years old, and with decent facial features, could apply. One second to remember to read the book

Second: All unmarried youths of all kinds who are under 100 million years of age and have proper facial features, regardless of their realm, can apply; those under 10 million years of age and have proper facial features, regardless of whether they are already married or not, regardless of their realm, can apply.

Third: All Immortal War Gods with correct facial features, regardless of whether they are married or not, regardless of their realm, can apply.

Fourth: All Immortal Court Princes, regardless of their realm, regardless of whether their facial features are correct, regardless of their age, regardless of whether or not they are already married, can register.

"Wow, engaging in discriminatory treatment."Ming Cheng said.

In his heart, Tang Zichen said, "What a coincidence, I'm one of the Ten Thousand Years Below, the Sky Wolf Battle Team, so I can sign up as well?"

Ming Cheng shouted, "Zichen, you don't seem to have exceeded ten million years yet, so does that mean you can sign up too?"

Tang Zichen waved his hand in a row, "No no, I don't want to sign up."

"Why ah, you obviously meet the conditions."

"I've already married Ding Lan, she's at least one of the top ten beauties, how can one be so greedy, Brother Cheng, you'd better hurry up and sign up, I'll wait for you here."

"Alright, I didn't expect you to be such a principled guy."


Tang Zichen didn't go inside and waited at the door, Tang Zichen was afraid of going in and couldn't help but register, if the Ding family knew, they would definitely be upset, although Tang Zichen's current status shouldn't be lower than Ding Cangding, but it was a matter of being human.

Ming Cheng entered inside to register.

After Ming Cheng finished registering, he suddenly thought, "Or else, I should simply register for Tang Zichen, such a good opportunity, he shouldn't miss it ah, besides, people from the Dragon Clan don't care about whether or not they are married to a genius of his level anymore, what else would he mind.If that old guy Ding Cangding opposes it, if it were me, the worst case scenario would be to break up in one shot."

"I'll give my friend another name."

"What's the name?Are you sure he fits the bill?"

"Don't worry, my friend is less than a thousand years old, a member of the Wolf Squad, and handsome, besides, it's just registration now, and you'll definitely verify the identity one by one later when we officially recruit him."

"That's right, then you should quickly write it down."

"Okay smart."So, Ming Cheng wrote Tang Zichen's name on it.

Ming Cheng secretly smiled: "Hehe, brother, sorry, big brother is thinking that it's too bad that you didn't sign up for a try, it's too useless to guard a Ding family like this!


"Have you finished reporting yet, get out of my way."At this moment, a roar came from behind Ming Cheng.

Ming Cheng Zheng, suddenly got out of the way.

That person, was the ninth son of the Immortal Emperor, named Nian Qing.

The Immortal Emperor's son had come to register, it seemed that there was almost no hope for the others, the Dragon Clan was no fool, no matter what, they would choose to marry the Immortal Emperor ah.

Tang Zichen waited at the door for a short time before Ming Cheng came out.

"Big brother, why do you look so pale?"Don Zichen was busy asking.

"Ugh, stop it, depressing."

"Uh, what happened?"

"I just ran into Nianqing when I was registering, that bastard, yelling at me, very defiant, heck, anyone else who was yelled at wouldn't be in a good mood."

"Who's Nianqing?"Tang Zichen didn't know him.

"Nian Qing doesn't even know that he's the ninth son of the Immortal Emperor."

"Immortal Emperor's son is also here to register ah."

"Definitely, that dowry is a divine weapon, the Immortal Emperor would love to possess everyone's divine weapon so that he can weaken all the forces.If I'm not mistaken, the Immortal Emperor is determined to take possession of this divine weapon."

"Big brother, it looks like your chances aren't good."

"Haha, I didn't have any hopes in the first place, but if my grandfather hadn't forced me to register, I wouldn't have come.Anyway, my life is like this, all beautiful women are not destined for me, I've grown up so much and I've never slept with a beautiful woman, damn, think about it, I think my life is really tragic.It's not like you, Tangdi, who married a top ten beauty."

"Haha, big brother is too modest."

"What's the point of lying to you, right, I'm asking you something, you must tell the truth."


"Is it true that Ding Lan has never had a child?"

"Nonsense, people were still virgins when I got married to her."

"Damn, you picked up a big advantage ah, if I had known that Ding Lan really didn't have one, I'm afraid I would have been chased long ago."

Tang Zichen and Ming Cheng chatted all the way back.

While halfway there, Tang Zichen and Ming Cheng found a restaurant and they drank and drank for three days and three nights without any rest.

At the Immortal Court.

"Father, my son Immortal has signed up."The ninth son of the Immortal Emperor reported.

The Immortal Emperor nodded and said, "Very well, this time, that Dragon Sword, you are bound to win."

"Father, don't worry, I don't think there's any reason for the Dragon Clan not to marry me."

"That's not necessarily the case, you shouldn't be too confident, the Dragon Clan's forces are not weak."

"Father, as powerful as they are, are they still as big as us?As long as the dragon clan isn't stupid, they'll marry us."Nian Qing said with confidence.

The Immortal Emperor said, "Nianqing, you are too naive, the Dragon Clan has mastered several divine weapons, out of the divine weapons, there are dozens of sub-divine weapons, since the beginning of the world, they have been entrenched in the East Sea to this day, the reason why the Dragon Kings are submissive to our Immortal Court is not that they are afraid of the Immortal Court, but they don't love war.Moreover, the Dragon Clan is adjacent to the Ten Thousand Violet Mountains, back then, the Ten Thousand Violet Witch Demon seized the Dragon Clan's Divine Soldier of the Heart, nominally borrowing it, so the Ten Thousand Violet Witch Demon owes the Dragon Clan a favor, if anything happens to the Dragon Clan, the Ten Thousand Violet Witch Demon will go to help."

"Damn, no wonder the Dragon Clan is standing to this day, even Father has been courteous to them."

"Mm."The Immortal Emperor nodded and said, "One day, I will take back all the divine weapons and truly unify the three realms."


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