The Unknown Heir 929


Chapter 929


    Only a crisp snapping sound was heard.

    The wooden bridge broke straight away!

    In an instant, everyone was falling straight into the abyss of the canyon.

    All of a sudden, the entire canyon was filled with screams, and the sounds echoed for a long time before dissipating.

    And then, after the four of Chen Hao fell into the canyon together, they fell directly into the canyon's river water.

    It was fortunate that the bottom of the canyon wasn't the ground but the river, otherwise the four of them would have fallen to their death directly.

    However, this river water was very cold and piercing.

    Chen Hao quickly searched for Zhen Ji's position and swam over to catch the three of them one by one.

    Only to see that Lei Lie had completely lost consciousness at this time, and seemed to have fainted from fright.

    After a difficult swim, Chen Hao, Zhen Ji and Zhou Nuo dragged Lei Lie onto the river bank together.

    All four of them were lying on the shore.

    Only after taking a moment to catch their breath did Chen Hao immediately react.

    "Quick, we can't just rest like this, we have to get out of here and go find a place to build a fire to warm up!"

    Chen Hao looked at Zhen Ji and Zhou Nuo to remind him.

    This river was so cold and piercing, one's body temperature would definitely drop drastically at once, and if it dragged on any longer, one would get hypothermia, and then it would be really troublesome.

    After saying that, Chen Hao carried Lei Lie up and then left the river bank with Zhen Ji and the two of them.

    The four of them arrived at an open area and Chen Hao set Lei Lie down.

    "You guys wait here, I'll go find some wood!"

    Chen Hao gave another command to the three of them and then quickly walked towards the woods.

    Soon, Chen Hao found some wood.

    Right after that, Chen Hao raised a bonfire.

    "Take off your clothes and dry them first, otherwise you'll catch a cold if you keep wearing them!"

    Chen Hao instructed towards Zhen Ji and Zhou Nuo.

    Zhen Ji and Zhou Nuo did not have any opinion, at this time also can not care so much, to save life is important, but also care about other matters of shame.

    According to Chen Hao's instructions, all four of them took off their clothes and dried them by the campfire.

    Chen Hao in turn took out two clothes from Lei Lie's backpack and handed them to Zhen Ji and Zhou No. After all, they were girls, so of course they had to take them off.

    After all, they were girls, so of course they had to take care of them a bit.

    But then again, Chen Hao felt that Zhou Nuo's body wasn't inferior to Zhen Ji's at all.

    But right now, Chen Hao couldn't care less.

    After about half an hour, the four people's clothes were finally dried before Chen Hao and the three of them were able to put them on again.

    "What's wrong with Lei Lie?"

    Zhou Nuo then asked towards Chen Hao after taking a glance at Lei Lie.

    "It should have passed out from shock!It'll be fine!"

    Chen Hao opened his mouth to explain.

    Chen Hao had just felt Lei Lie's heartbeat and pulse and found that everything was normal, which meant that Lei Lie had fainted from shock.

    Hearing Chen Hao's explanation, Zhen Ji and Zhou Nuo were suddenly relieved.

    "Chen Hao, as expected, you were right, there is indeed something wrong with that wooden bridge!"

    The three of them sat quietly, Zhen Ji said afterwards towards Chen Hao.

    "I felt something was wrong from the start, you think, the Land of Extreme Yin isn't so easy to find, how could there be a wooden bridge that is so easy to cross right between the canyons?"

    Chen Hao looked at Zhen Ji and the two of them to narrate.

    "But what the hell were those just now?So horrible!"

    Zhou Nuo also asked with a palpable feeling.

    Chen Hao and Zhen Ji shook their heads at the same time, to which the two of them were also unclear.

    "I don't know, but I know that those insects are definitely not simple, they are specialized in eating people, look at those hunters who were instantly eaten and left with only a white bone!"

    Chen Hao also said in retrospect.

    Hearing Chen Hao mention it like that suddenly caused goosebumps to rise all over Zhen Ji and Zhou Nuo's bodies.

    It had to be said that the scene just now really made the two of them feel very seepy.

    It was simply not too terrifying for a big living person to turn into a white bone like that.

    But now it was good that they were finally out of danger.

    At this time, Lei Lie had also woken up.

    "Lei Lie, you're awake?"

    Upon seeing Lei Lie awaken, Chen Hao immediately looked at Lei Lie and asked.

    "Brother Chen.Miss Zhen, I...Are we dead?"

    Lei Lie looked surprised as he looked at Chen Hao and Zhen Ji and asked.


    After hearing this, Chen Hao stretched out his hand to slap the back of Lei Lie's head in a bad manner.

    "What the hell are you talking about!We're all alive and well!Get your head on straight!"

    Chen Hao stared at Lei Lie as he narrated word by word.

    It was only now that Lei Lie sobered up.

    "Brother Chen, it's great, we're fine, really great!"

    As soon as he woke up and saw that he was fine, Lei Lie directly hugged Chen Hao and shouted with joy and excitement.

    He was really scared to death in front of him, falling from such a high place, so it made him pass out straight away, he thought he was going to die just like that, but now seeing that he was fine, it really made him too happy.

    "Can't you be a little bit of a brat, why is a grown man acting like a pussy, he's not as bold as someone else Zhou Nuo!"

    Chen Hao had a hateful countenance.

    Look at people Zhen Ji's apprentice, Zhou Nuo was not at all alright, nor was he afraid, he appeared calm.

    Taking a look at Lei Lie in turn, there was a stark contrast and difference between the two at once.


    Being counted by Chen Hao like this, Lei Lie was suddenly embarrassed and embarrassed.

    Zhou Nuo and Zhen Ji, on the other hand, were sitting on the side stealing smiles.

    "Right, brother Chen, why did that wooden bridge break ah?"

    Lei Lie was then puzzled and looked at Chen Hao and asked.

    "The wooden bridge was unstable because there were too many people, and the end of the bridge abutments on both sides were hit by rocks, that's why it broke!"

    Chen Hao looked at Lei Lie and explained.

    "But we should be lucky, if the bridge doesn't stop, we're going to be trapped on it and die, but then we're going to become food for those bugs!"

    Chen Hao said again without forgetting, telling some of the situation.

    Indeed, at that time, Chen Hao's group had no way out.

    If the wooden bridge hadn't broken, then the four of Chen Hao would be facing terrifying and man-eating insects that might just turn into a blanket of bones just like those hunters.

    "Then what should we do next?"

    Lei Lie continued to ask towards Chen Hao.

    "Rest for a while and continue on your way, there must be another way to get around here!"

    Chen Hao directly spoke up.

    When they heard Chen Hao speak like this, Lei Lie and the three of them did not have any opinions, they just did exactly what Chen Hao told them to do.

    After all, it was only by following Chen Hao that they could be safe with each other.

    After another half hour of rest, Chen Hao and the four of them set off once again.

    There was one good thing though, and that was that the four of them had finally ditched the group of people from the hunter organization.

    This way, there wouldn't be any obstructions on the road ahead.

    One wondered how the man in the cloak and the others were doing.


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