The King of Kungfu in school 2501-2505


Chapter 2501

Tang Zichen was almost seconds away, while the rest, most of whom had yet to see through the chess game as opposed to how to land their pieces, had already given their answer.

"Correct, wind and light clouds, one point."The host smiled slightly.

Everyone looked at Tang Zichen with reluctance, not expecting that this new learner would surprise them.

The second question.

A new chess game appeared in the void.

The host picked up a purple chess piece.

Tang Zichen instantly reported the answer: "0015 marker position."


Just like that, there were sixty questions in a row, all of which Tang Zichen was the first to grab the answer, and correctly.

Everyone was dumbfounded, unable to believe it, some people had just doubted Tang Zichen's strength, but now, no one dared to doubt it.

The host said, "Wind Lightning, you are the first to complete the sixty points, you have already advanced, there is no need to grab the answers, wait quietly and play against the others immediately." The first website

"Good."Tang Zichen retreated.

Only when Tang Zichen retreated did the rest of them have a chance to snare a reply.

A few hours later.

"Alright, the ten members of the game have been established, the quiz session is closed, below, please ask the ten people who have qualified for the game to come up to the stage, and we'll have a two-way game."

Tang Zichen walked onto the stage.

"Please, ten of you, draw lots for each, and draw whoever you want to play against.

Tang Zichen drew a man named 'Mao Yu'

"Please."Tang Zichen snapped at Mao Yu.

"Hmph, please your sister, I won't let you hard me, although you snapped fast, but that just means you're fast, real game, no time limit, speed is useless."

"Oh, please, let's see it in hand,"Tang Zichen said.

The two of them started immediately.

Mao Yu set down the seeds first.

Tang Zichen followed suit.

However, Tang Zichen took everything Mao Yu had to offer in his eyes.

Before Mao Yu had even fallen, Tang Zichen had guessed in his heart the numerous options for Mao Yu's fall, and every time Mao Yu fell, it was within Tang Zichen's foresight.

Just like that, fifty sons later, Tang Zichen had surrounded Mao Yu to death.

"Ah."It was only then that Mao Yu realized that there wasn't a single place for him to fall, all of them were blocked.

"This can't be, it's only fifty subs."Mao Yu said stupidly.

A total of 12,000 rooks, only fifty rooks down and he lost?It's too ironic, isn't it?

Tang Zichen smiled, "Mao Yu, you've already lost."

"No, it's impossible, I've been known as a divine chess genius since I was a child, I can't have lost after only fifty pieces, no, it must be you playing tricks on me."Mao Yu hissed.

The roar here immediately caught everyone's attention.

Everyone's divine sense swept through and they all turned pale, it was too fast to block Mao Yu after only fifty rooks down.

Tang Zichen said, "With this chess skill, you don't deserve to have me play tricks on you."

"I'm not convinced, I want to start over, I just didn't notice."

Tang Zichen said, "Fine, start over."

So, the chess game was pushed back and started over.

This time, everyone was staring at the chess game between Tang Zichen and Mao Yu.

Tang Zichen still used the same rhythm that he had just used, foreseeing a method of dealing with each of Mao Yu's moves, but of course, Tang Zichen's ability to do so required an extremely clever brain, millions of times the cleverness of a computer.

The second time, Tang Zichen still used fifty pieces, and he blocked Mao Yu.

"Mao Yu, you've lost again, this time, what else do you have to say?"

"Ahhhhh."Mao Yu tore into the ground.


Tang Zichen easily entered the top five.

After that, those who entered the top five played two more games against each other, and the winner of all of them, the champion.

Tang Zichen took three games in a row, leaving only the last one, Ah Yin, the previous champion.

On the stage, only Tang Zichen and Ah Yin were left.

The host shouted, "Here comes the most exciting moment, one is the new black horse and the other is the previous year's champion, at this moment, they both defeated the other three opponents separately, leaving only the two of them, so who will win?"


Don Zichen and Ah Yin, sat down facing each other.

Ah Yin was Miss Arlo's brother.

Miss Arlo was now shouting at her brother to cheer from the stage.

"Please."Tang Zichen waved his hand.

Ah Yin snorted, "You don't want to win against me."

Tang Zichen said, "I'll definitely win you within a hundred subs."

"You're dreaming."

"Then we'll see."

Tang Zichen was the first to fall.

Tang Zichen pressed on step by step.

Every time Tang Zichen dropped his seed, Ah Yin's back path was blocked by Tang Zichen by hundreds.

By the time the eightieth seed fell, Ah Yin could no longer fall.

"You've already lost,"Tang Zichen said.

Ah Yin trembled all over, he had lost at eighty tiles.

Tang Zichen said, "If you have doubts, I can start over."

"No need, I, Ah Yin, am not the kind of person who can't afford to lose."Ah Yin said depressedly, but he was convinced.

"Admit it."Tang Zichen smiled, and got his hands on another champion.

At that moment, Ah Yin asked, "Wind Lightning, can you answer me a question."

"Please go ahead."

"Did you just learn it or not?"

"I swear to the heavens, I'm a fresh learner."

Ah Yin sat down on the ground and said bitterly, "It's so ironic that I lost to a fresh learner."

The host shouted, "Congratulations to Wind Lightning, for gaining the third champion."

"Thank you."Tang Zichen smiled slightly.

Successively becoming the champion of the Divine Brain Competition and the Divine Chess Competition, the three words, Wind Lightning, had been thoroughly remembered.

Tang Zichen was on the scene and had a number of fans.

"Alright, everyone, today's competition is over, please continue to participate in the Divine Brain Competition tomorrow.Next, it will be banquet time, so please enjoy your revelry."

For a while, the entire banquet hall was filled with a lot of hustle and bustle.

As soon as Tang Zichen stepped off the stage, he was surrounded by several young girls.

"Wind Lightning, you're so handsome, let's have a drink."

"Wind Lightning, let's go for a walk in the woods outside, shall we?"

"Wind Light Cloud, in the evening, would you mind coming to my residence to talk about your life ideals?"

Tang Zichen smiled, "Thank you ladies for your patronage, I'll definitely go for a walk and chat with you in the future when I'm free."

At this moment, not far away, Miss Ah Luo looked at Tang Zichen who was surrounded by a group of women.

Miss Ah Luo was a little depressed inside, why would this wind and light clouds, today would be such a big fuss.

Old Sang walked up to Ah Luo, "Ah Luo, now, you have changed your impression of Wind Lightning, this boy, is smart enough, this kind of person, will have a bright future."

Miss Ah Luo snorted, "Whether or not he has a bright future is yet to be proven, whether or not he can become strong isn't based on whether or not he's smart, right?"

"Nevertheless, there are always more opportunities for the smart ones.Arlo, trust my eyes, how about marrying him?"Old Sonny chuckled.


"My attitude is clear, if I don't like it, I don't like it."Ah Luo said resolutely, in fact, her inner impression of Tang Zichen was much, much better than before, at least, at the moment, looking at Tang Zichen was no longer like looking at a creature lower than herself, able to look at it as an equal.

Old Sang said, "Ah Luo, as you can see, Feng Lightning is so popular with girls now, the women who are around him now are definitely willing to go out with Feng Lightning, if you hesitate, you'll be lost."

"Grandpa Sang, please don't say that, I'm not like that kind of woman, I've said that your promise can't be fulfilled, if you don't like it, you don't like it, no matter how smart you are."

"Ugh."Lao Sang sighed.

Tang Zichen had already listened to their conversation, in his ears.

Tang Zichen clenched both fists and said inwardly, "I never thought that Miss Ah Luo would be so resolute, with my performance today, at least it's not so bad, and she, still, looks down on me so much.Hmph, Miss Ah Luo, I will definitely make you regret that you took the initiative to say that you like me, while I treat you, with disdain, definitely."

Tang Zichen felt like he had been humiliated by Ah Luo and swore inwardly.

Old Sang walked back to Tang Zichen and said, "Don't be discouraged, you're so smart, one day, you'll make Ah Luo change his feelings for you."

Tang Zichen didn't say anything.

"Master, I'm not going to continue with the banquet tonight."

"Where are you going?You've won so many titles today, so many women waiting to be consoled tonight, you really don't take the opportunity to have a good time?If you're good, I guarantee that you can take away several of them tonight, hehe, you kid, a lot of flamboyance, other people can't even be envious." Remember the website


"What?It's not that bad, is it?Not so much, you're still so young, you should be in the prime of your youth.I can tell you, the girls who can appear here are all sons and daughters of the God Emperor family, not just a few drops of Hong Meng Liquid on the street outside."

To be honest, Tang Zichen also wanted to take a few girls from the God Emperor family to get high tonight, at least Tang Zichen was lonely after being away from home for many days.

"No, I'd better go cultivate and prepare for the Divine Martial Competition tomorrow.I heard that the Divine Martial Competition is the most important thing."

"Yes, the Divine Martial Competition's monetary value is not comparable to how many Divine Brain Divine Chess, maybe that's why, Aro doesn't feel much better about you winning the Divine Brain Divine Chess."

"Well, that's good.By the way, Master, how is the Divine Martial Competition tomorrow?"

"The Divine Martial Competition is divided into four levels: lower god, middle god, upper god, and divine king.Tomorrow a Cosmic Divine Pattern will appear, that Cosmic Divine Pattern is filled with mysterious and inscrutable senses, everyone looks at the Cosmic Divine Pattern, whoever can enhance it the more, the greater the potential is bound to be.The Cosmic Godline appeared once every 100 million years, and each appearance only lasted for a minute, how much could be sensed in a minute depended on each person's ability.In the past, the most powerful people could increase their divine power by five or six horsepower every time the Cosmic Godprint appeared.Of course, the vast majority of people are unable to increase even one horse."Old Sang said.

"Cosmic Divine Pattern?"

"Yeah, that thing, who knows how it came out of nowhere, but in short, it's deliberately stimulating us to grow."

"Okay, I understand."Tang Zichen suddenly thought of something that once existed in the mortal realm of the Celestial World, there was also something called 'Heavenly Light', similar to the Cosmic Divine Pattern, which also appeared somehow and could help one comprehend.

Perhaps, this kind of thing was innate.

Old Sang went on to say, "After observing the Cosmic Divine Pattern, everyone began to gold

Immortal Martial Arts fought, usually the same level free fight, each level has a champion."

"Understood, thank you master."

"Wind Lightning, listen to me, there's really no need to cultivate, it's only one night, can't fix anything, it's better to relax yourself, grasping the Cosmic Divine Pattern tomorrow is the hard truth ah."

Tang Zichen nodded his head, "Okay, then listen to you, damn it, relax for a night."

"Hehe, then I wish you a successful night."

Tang Zichen swept a glance at the scene, although he was ready to meet a girl for a night of merriment, Tang Zichen couldn't just take anyone, at least someone who was still good looking.

At that moment, Tang Zichen saw in front of him, there was a voluptuous woman with an excellent face.

In his heart, Tang Zichen said, "If that woman is the one who asked me out, I would definitely be willing."

Old Sang said, "That woman, is Liang Save's granddaughter, if you are interested, go up and hook up.However, I have to remind you that there are definitely quite a few people who want to hook up with that woman."

"Oh, if everyone goes by strength, why shouldn't I.Just in case the hookup doesn't work, will it cause trouble for you?"

"Don't worry, I, Old Sang, am at least one of the top ten God Emperors, out of the hundreds of God Emperors in the main world, there aren't many that are ranked in the top ten that I can't dare to offend.That woman's grandfather Liang Save, a God Emperor who didn't even enter the top 100."

"Hehe, thanks to Old Sang for giving me courage."Tang Zichen took the wine and walked towards that voluptuous woman.

This enchanting woman was much better looking than Miss Ah Luo, Miss Ah Luo, in all fairness, wasn't very beautiful, and her figure was completely incomparable to this enchanting woman.

Tang Zichen walked step by step towards the enchanting woman.

However, before Tang Zichen even walked up, he was preceded by a person.

That person, was a top-grade god.

"Miss Liang Xin, could you have a drink with me."That top-grade god asked.

Liang Xin smiled flirtatiously and said, "Want to pick me up?"

"Haha, Miss Liang Xin is a famous beauty in the main world, I, Ji Nan, want to pick up, what's so strange, I've always heard that Miss Liang Xin has a high eye, and I don't know, if I can enter your eyes."

That Liang Xin, and that person called Ji Nan chatted, to be precise, Ji Nan was provoking Liang Xin.

That Liang Xin, although voluptuous and enchanting, didn't seem to be that kind of random sub.

Tang Zichen was standing a short distance away with his wine, not knowing what to do, and was pre-empted by someone to accost him.

"Shit, should I go up there?"Tang Zichen said depressingly, after all, that Ji Nan, was an upper-grade god.

Tang Zichen was currently an inferior god, and he wasn't qualified to snatch a woman from an superior god ah.

Most importantly, that Liang Xin, was also an Upper Grade God.

Tang Zichen, an inferior god, went to pick up a superior god, I don't know who gave Tang Zichen the courage.

At this moment, not far away, Miss Ah Luo was also being provoked by a man.

"Ah Luo, how about a drink?"

"Arlo, time is long, how about we go see the moon together tonight?"

"Get out."Ah Luo shouted, and the person who was provoking the man walked away without interest.

Ah Luo then saw Tang Zichen and said in his heart, "Hmph, Wind Lightning, while trying to provoke Liang Core, you still want to marry me, what a disgusting person, I will never like someone like you."


I don't know why, seeing Tang Zichen trying to provoke Liang Xin, Miss Ah Luo was very unhappy inside.

Although Ah Luo didn't like Tang Zichen, but it was just unpleasant, the human heart is really complicated, maybe this made Ah Luo feel ashamed.

Tang Zichen hesitated for a moment, forget it, didn't go up to the Liang Core, after all, there was no need to offend a superior god.

However, at that moment, that Liang Core took the initiative to walk towards Tang Zichen and shouted, "Wind Lightly."

"Ah, you called me, huh?"

"Windy, I thought you were looking for me for something?Let's go, I'm free now."Liang Xin said to Tang Zichen.

"Er."Tang Zichen was startled, but Tang Zichen immediately realized that this Liang Core, was using Tang Zichen as a shield.

As expected, Zhi Nan, the superior god who had just provoked Liang Core, immediately looked at Tang Zichen with a threatening gaze.

Ji Nan's gaze seemed to be saying to Tang Zichen, "I'd like to see if you, an inferior god, dare to rob someone from under my nose."

Liang Xin said again, "Go, Wind Lightning, what are you waiting for."Saying that, Liang Core turned her head and smiled at Ji Nan, "I'm sorry, Ji Nan, I already have a date with someone, that's Wind Lightning."

That Ji Nan snorted, "Really?How dare he ask you out?"Ji Nan looked at Tang Zichen with a fierce glare. A second to remember to read the book.

Tang Zichen was very upset, although Liang Xin used him as a shield, but that Ji Nan's warning meaning so barely enraged Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen immediately said, "Yes, I have a date with Liang Xin, let's have some fun together tonight."

That Liang Xin's face paled, but now she couldn't argue back.

Tang Zichen smiled and said, "Liang Xin, so you agreed to go have fun with me tonight?Then let's go."

Liang Xin flirtatiously smiled, "Yes, you're so handsome, why not."But Liang Xin was thinking in her heart, this brat, how dare he take advantage of her, he must teach him a lesson.

That Ji Nan's face was very bad, and he said angrily, "Liang Xin, I didn't expect that you would be such a person, even if you really want to have fun with someone else, don't choose an inferior god."

"I'm sorry, Ji Nan, I don't value strength, I value handsomeness more, look at the wind and light clouds, it's handsome enough."Liang Xin giggled.

Zhi Nan said to Tang Zichen, "Kid, it's not too late for you to reject her."

Tang Zichen sneered, "Why should I reject her?We're all men, you like to have fun with a beauty like this, why wouldn't I."

"Kid, I know you're smart, but being smart in this world isn't much of an egg, so don't blame me if you're so uninteresting."

"Hahaha, dumbass.Liang Xin, let's go, let's find a quiet, unoccupied place."Tang Zichen immediately hugged Liang Xin's waist.

Liang Xin gritted her teeth, but, not too good to have an attack in front of Ji Nan, she could only let Tang Zichen hug her, thinking to herself, where no one is, I'll be later.

Zhi Nan saw that Tang Zichen, an inferior god, actually dared to snatch a woman from him openly and was going to explode with anger.

"Kid, are you forcing me?"

Tang Zichen continued to hug Liang Xin with a contemptuous pop of the lips.

The first reason Tang Zichen hugged Liang Xin was to take advantage of the situation, and the second was in case Ji Nan suddenly attacked, hugging Liang Xin would at least allow Liang Xin to make a move as well.

As expected, Ji Nan was furious and struck with a palm.

Tang Zichen and Liang Xin were hugging each other, so Liang Xin also felt the power at once, and subconsciously met it with a palm.

"Ji Nan, you're crazy."Liang Xin and Zhi Nan faced each other with a palm, and both of them backed away, but Liang Xin was obviously much weaker, and a little bit of blood spilled out of her lips.

Ji Nan said with a black face, "Liang Xin, you get away from me, the person I want to move is not you."

Liang Xin bit her lips, "No way, I won't let you hurt Wind Lightning."

Liang Xin thought in her heart, "After all, she was the one who used Wind Lightning as a shield, and now that something is wrong, she can't ignore it."It could be seen that Liang Xin still had some sense of justice in her heart.

Tang Zichen wasn't in any hurry because, Old Sang Senior was watching from afar.

Tang Zichen could see that Liang Xin and Zhi Nan, both used fist techniques.

Tang Zichen knew too much about fist techniques.

Tang Zichen smiled and said, "Liang Xin, did you defeat Ji Nan?"

"Nonsense, cut the crap and get out of here, tonight's date is cancelled."Liang Xin's glared at Tang Zichen and said.

However, Tang Zichen didn't leave and said, "Liang Xin, I believe I have a way for you to defeat Ji Nan."

"How is that possible, our divine powers are all different."

"You don't trust me that much."Tang Zichen immediately separated an idea, which was a set of boxing techniques.

Then, Tang Zichen's finger tapped into Liang Xin's brain, giving the set of ideas that contained the fist technique.

"Ah."Liang Xin got Tang Zichen's ideas, his eyes lit up, and he said in his heart, "What a brilliant set of boxing techniques, the boxing techniques I used to practice are not at all on the same level, perhaps, I can really defeat Ji Nan."

Tang Zichen said, "Liang Xin, how is my set of boxing techniques, it's powerful enough, now, I believe you can defeat Ji Nan."

"Thank you, I didn't expect that you, this kid, still have a few points of ability."Liang Xin said, and pounced on Ji Nan.

A few minutes later.

Liang Xin knocked Ji Nan to the ground.

"Ah, this can't be, my divine power is five or six horsepower stronger than you."That Ji Nan was so stupid that he was actually defeated by Liang Xin.

"Hahaha."Liang Xin laughed freely in his heart, and when he looked at Tang Zichen's eyes again, he was a bit impressed, I really don't know where this kid, where did he get such a profound fist idea.

Tang Zichen said, "Liang Xin, don't let go, hold Ji Nan down hard."

"Er, what are you doing?"

Before Liang Xin could react, Tang Zichen slapped Ji Nan's face.Of course, without Liang Xin holding it down, Tang Zichen couldn't slap it.

"Ah."Liang Xin was shocked and was busy letting go of Ji Nan, although she had defeated Ji Nan, she didn't want to offend Ji Nan because of it ah.But I didn't expect that Tang Zichen would actually let her hold it down and slap Ji Nan hard, this was the end.

"You."Ji Nan was slapped by Tang Zichen, and was also foolish, deadly, never expecting an inferior god to be so hung.

Tang Zichen said, "Ji Nan, this is what happens when you steal a woman from me, understand?"

"Looking for death."Ji Nan fought his way up and jumped on Don Zixin.

"Don't."Liang Xin subconsciously went to intercept.

Ji Nan gritted her teeth, "Liang Xin, don't push me, get out of my way, or else, don't blame me for being rude."

Liang Xin was depressed, she didn't want to become like this.

Tang Zichen said, "Ji Nan, how dare you, you are Liang Xin's defeated man, who gave you the courage to say such words as being rude to me?"


"You you you."Ji Nan was angry enough to kill.

Liang Xin roared in depression, "Alright, Windy, you say less, aren't things big enough."

Tang Zichen said, "What's big, if I was afraid of things being big, I wouldn't have slapped him."

"Wind Lightning, you're really pissed off at me."

Just at this moment, a God Emperor came along.

That God Emperor chilled and said, "What are you doing, who dares to slap my grandson."

The God Emperor who came was none other than Ji Nan's grandfather, who was also a God Emperor.

Liang Xin was shocked, busy saying, "I'm sorry, Senior Chi Up, a misunderstanding."

Tang Zichen's heart thumped, Ji Nan's God Emperor grandfather, a retard?

I didn't expect things to get this big.

Ji Nan said grievously, "Grandpa, that Wind Lightning, an inferior god, slapped me." The first website

At this moment, Ji Up was also depressed and angry, in fact, he had seen everything that happened here, and this Wind Lightning was really arrogant, but, Wind Lightning was Old Sang's disciple, which made him a bit scrupulous, so he hadn't come up.However, now that he couldn't endure it anymore, Zhi Up had to come up.

Zhi Up looked at Tang Zichen and said, "Feng Qingyun, you are too much, what are you, a lower grade god, why should you slap my grandson's upper grade god."

Tang Zichen said, "I'm sorry, Senior, I slapped it on my own merit, so I don't think I'm at fault."

"You."That Ji Up was going to be furious, but actually said in a high-sounding manner that he slapped it based on his own skills, mama.

Ji Up snarled, "Then I'll slap you to death on my own ability, okay?"

Tang Zichen said, "Yes, by merit why not."

"You."Ji Up almost lost his mind raising his hand.

At that moment, the voice of another God Emperor was heard, "Ji Up, you dare."

The one who spoke was none other than Old Sang.

Tang Zichen looked towards Old Sang, Old Sang was coming, Tang Zichen's heart was relaxed, Tang Zichen dared to be arrogant now full screen Old Sang backed up ah.

Zhi up suddenly calmed down, people Old Sang is one of the ten god emperors, he is no opponent.

Old Sang came up and asked, "Wind Lightning, what's going on?Why are you hitting people?"

"Master, I'm sorry for causing you trouble."Tang Zichen was busy.

"Causing what trouble, is Master a person who is afraid of trouble?As a disciple of mine, do you think you're qualified?You're a disgrace to me. Why didn't you just kill someone?A person who bullied you and didn't even have the heart to kill him, you're really a disgrace to my teacher."

"Er."Tang Zichen was startled, Old Sang was too tuggy, Tang Zichen had thought that a slap was almost enough, it couldn't go any further, but he didn't expect Old Sang to be even more tuggy.

"I'm sorry, Master, I'm not strong enough to kill yet, if I was strong enough, this kind of person I would have died long ago with a slap call.It's not that the disciple doesn't have the guts to kill him."

"That's more like it, remember from now on, as a disciple of my Old Sang, don't embarrass me."

"Yes, Master."

That Wisdom Rise God Emperor was very upset to hear that and said, "Old Sang, you're not a bit of a bully."

"Pah."In the next second, Ji Up was suddenly slapped, and the person who slapped him was Old Sang.

Ji Up's face instantly turned red.

Many people also looked over, after all, a God Emperor had been slapped.

"You."Ji Up was dumbfounded, as a god emperor, being slapped ah .

And it's too disgraceful for this occasion.

Old Sang Dao: "Chi Up, what kind of a thing are you, daring to directly call me Old Sang."

"You."Ji Up's body was shaking with anger, and Ji Nan, who was on one side, was even more depressed, the grandfather who had an incomparably high image in his heart, was slapped and didn't dare to wave his hand.

Of course, that Liang Xin, was also frightened, because, her grandfather, was not as strong as Zhi Up.

Old Sang bellowed, "Get out of here."

"Senior will take his leave."Ji Up didn't dare to say anything and pulled his grandson away in a panic.

After walking away, Ji Nan said, "Grandpa, are we being bullied, is that it?"

"What else can I do, that old son of a bitch, his strength is not something I can deal with at all, I originally thought that, on this occasion, old son of a bitch would at least take care of his image and wouldn't be able to do anything, but he actually didn't care about any image at all and just called me a slap, he's really pissed off at me."

"Grandpa, this revenge, I will definitely take revenge."

"Of course, in the future, if I can surpass Old Sang, I want him and Wind Lightning, to die without a funeral."Ji Rise said through gritted teeth.

On the other side, Old Sang said to Tang Zichen, "Disciple, I won't bother you anymore, you can continue."

"Yes, Master."

However, after taking a few steps, Old Sang suddenly turned back and tossed something to Tang Zichen: "Take it."

"Er, what is it?"Tang Zichen was puzzled.

Old Sang transmitted his voice to Tang Zichen, "I call it, Listening Powder, if Liang Xin doesn't cooperate with you at night, use 'Listening Powder'."

"But, will this cause an accident?I don't think Liang Xin would be willing at all, she's just using me as a shield."

"That's all the more reason to use obedient powder, don't worry, Liang Xin's grandfather is not as good as Ji Up, her grandfather wouldn't dare say anything if he came.Besides, it was Liang Xin herself who first used you as a shield for Ji Nan."

"Good."Tang Zichen smiled, although it wasn't very moral to go against a woman's wishes, Tang Zichen wasn't a saint.

"Come on, Liang Xin, let's go on a date."

"That, Wind Lightning, just thank you for helping me block Ji Nan's pestering, that, the date is fine."Liang Xin said.

Previously Liang Xin had wanted to teach Tang Zichen a lesson when no one was around, who dared to take advantage of her and hugged her waist.However, she no longer dared to do so now, and Chi Up had been slapped in the face, so it was better to forget it.

Tang Zichen said, "Liang Xin, it was you who said that you promised to have fun with me tonight, what, you deliberately amuse me ah."

"No no, how dare I am amusing you."

"Since there isn't any, then let's go, tonight, you're mine."

"Ay, well, I can promise company, but, not that kind of company."

"What kind of company, then?"

"I can talk, talk, even drink with you, nothing more than that."

"Fine, any company as long as it's fun, let's go."

"Ugh."Liang Xin sighed and had to follow Tang Zichen.

Inside Liang Xin said, "It's fine, anyway, I'm an upper class god and he's a lower class god, as long as I don't want to, he can't force me any at all.His master Old Sang is overbearing, but he can't watch him all the time, right?"

Tang Zichen and Liang Xin left the banquet scene and came to a quiet, deserted place.

Tang Zichen took out some wine, as well as the meat of a divine deer, pounced on the ground, and said, "Tonight, how about we camp out here and drink wine while eating a divine deer?"


"Wow, a sacred deer, yeah."Liang Xin said with a lick of her lips.

Just like that, Tang Zichen and Liang Xin, the two of them, were camping there.

"Wind Lightning, where did you give me that will today?"Liang Xin asked.

"No where, but it's just that I myself took a set of boxing techniques I know that are suitable for you, melted them into a will, and then gave them to you.I have more than enough wills like this one."Tang Zichen said.

"No way, it's very clever, how did you know so many such clever boxing techniques?"

"You don't get it, I'm talking about similar, not just fist techniques, all kinds of methods, and all of them are so profound."

Tang Zichen said in his heart, this main world, their various methods are also too vegetable, casually giving Liang Xin a more powerful set of boxing methods, but it's actually very profound in her eyes, if I bring out the more profound ones, it won't be even more impressive.

It's also deep soon.

Tang Zichen had also drunk several jars of wine.

"Wind Lightning, it's almost time now, I've already drank so much wine with you."Liang Xin said.

Tang Zichen smiled, "What's the hurry, it's still a long time until dawn." Remember the website

"No, I really don't want to drink with you until dawn."

"If you don't want to drink anymore, we can do something else."

"Something else what?"

"Of course it's something else interesting, you know."

Liang Xin shook her head, "Sorry, I don't understand."

Tang Zichen rubbed his hands and said, "For example, the thing where men and women interact together."

"Ah, how dare you."Liang Xin ton yelled.

"Liang Xin, you're the one who took the initiative to say you have a date with me today."

"Which so what, I just wanted Ji Nan to stop pestering me."

"I don't care, in fact, before Ji Nan pestered you today, I was coming towards you, but, Ji Nan got ahead of me."

"You men, you're really something."

"Liang Xin, don't be like that."

"Wind Lightning, you should die for this, I'm not going to mess around with you.Sorry, I'm not that kind of person."

"What? Is there still a guard thing in your main world, too."

"Well, what else, what do you think I am, the kind of person with no shame.Wind Lightning, while I still have some gratitude and admiration for you, you'd better control your hands and feet, so that I don't compromise your image."

Tang Zichen laughed, "That's silly."

"What do you mean."

"How much can an image be worth, a good image?"

"Wind Lightning, I didn't expect that you are such a person."

"Hahaha, Liang Xin, I gave you a set of boxing techniques at least, so at least give something in return."

"I'd rather return that set of boxing techniques to you."

"How can I give it back if I've already given it to you, besides, that fist technique isn't the most powerful one on me, if you're willing, I can give you something even more powerful tomorrow."

"No need, I don't care.Wind Lightning, I can tell you, don't mess around, otherwise, you won't be able to beat me."

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen made a dictating powder at once.

The next day.


Tang Zichen opened his eyes.

"Swoosh."At that moment, a sword was held against Tang Zichen's neck, and the person holding the sword was Liang Xin with an angry face.

"Liang Xin, what did I do last night?"Tang Zichen deliberately played dumb, in fact Tang Zichen knew everything, but, what Tang Zichen didn't expect was that Liang Xin was still a pure and innocent person.Tang Zichen didn't expect that a person who had lived hundreds of millions of years in the main world would still be able to

Enough so, if I had known, Tang Zichen would not have, Tang Zichen knew it was bad.

"Wind Lightning, you bastard."Liang Xin cried out, something she had kept for hundreds of millions of years was gone.

"Liang Xin, what the hell is going on?Why are you crying?"Don said with a touch of his head.

"Don't you pretend."Liang Xin raged.

"I really don't know what happened, I remember, we've been drinking only right."Tang Zichen said.

"Wind Lightning, you wait for me, you're a bully."

Tang Zichen was busy pulling Liang Xin.

"I'm sorry."

"What's the use of being sorry, woohoo."

"Liang Xin, or you can kill me."

"Do you think I don't want to?If you didn't have a Master of the Ten Great God Emperors, I would have killed you long ago."Liang Xin cried out.

Tang Zichen went to wipe her tears.

"Don't bang me."Liang Xin cried and knocked off Tang Zichen's hand.

Tang Zichen said, "If I really can't, I'll marry you."

"Marry me, do you deserve it?"

"Look at what you're saying, am I that bad?Don't forget my master, slapped Chi Up yesterday, that's awesome, your grandfather's strength, not as good as Chi Up.Which point I don't match you, besides, I'm so smart and handsome, last night that what and so fierce, accompany you more than enough."

At this point, Liang Xinton was furious, "Wind Lightning, you just pretended you didn't know what happened last night."

"Uh, I don't know ah."

"If you don't know how can you say you that what so fierce, you."

Tang Zichen laughed, "I was guessing ah, looks like I was right, you also think I'm fierce in your heart, hahaha."

"Ah, you."Liang Xin was startled and instantly blushed, trapped by Tang Zichen.

"Wind Lightning, I'm going to kill you."Liang Xin was shy and angry.

"Come on, kill me, there's no need to be polite to someone like me."Tang Zichen put his neck together.

But Liang Xin didn't cut it down for half a day, and finally threw his sword away and flew away crying.

Tang Zichen shouted, "Go back and think it over, marry me, or else you won't have this shop after this village."

"Go to hell."Liang Xin shouted and walked away without looking back.

Tang Zichen stroked his chin with a hehehe smile, Liang Xin's body, what a good one, Tang Zichen is still reminiscing today.

Soon, Tang Zichen also returned to the scene of the Super Banquet.

"Wind Lightning, why did you only come back."Old Sang was busy.

"Master, what's wrong."

"Nothing, the Cosmic Godline may appear at any time now, don't run around ah, if you miss it, you'll regret it, the Cosmic Godline will only appear for a minute."Old Sang said.

"Damn, I almost forgot about this."Tang Zichen slapped his head.

Tang Zichen raised his eyes to look, and sure enough, all those who had come to attend the Super Banquet were now standing under the sky, quietly waiting for the appearance of the Cosmic Godline.

"Master, when does the Cosmic Divine Pattern usually appear?"

"Any day now."

"Hmm."Tang Zichen also stopped speaking.

In his heart, Tang Zichen said, "I don't know how much phi divine power I can increase in the Cosmic Divine Pattern.If I use ten wills to increase it separately, then, and then aggregate it into a divine pattern, the increase would be much more.Ten times ten times ten times."

Tang Zichen looked forward to it a bit when he thought about it.

Tang Zichen only needed one of the wills to increase by one horse, and the other nine would quickly increase and become ten horse.

In the past, every time the Cosmic God Pattern appeared, the most powerful person could increase five or six horses with the receiver, but if it was Tang Zichen instead, wouldn't it be possible to increase fifty or sixty horses?


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