The King of Kungfu in school 2496-2500


Chapter 2496

"Haha, Brother Wind, I won't lie to you, I'm also a person of character."

Tang Zichen said, "It's a pleasure to meet you, we can communicate more in the future."

"No need to later, now is fine."

"Er, now."Tang Zichen's heart was confused, what did he want to communicate with him now?

"Brother Wind is coming with me."

"Where to."

"You'll know when you go."

"Good."Tang Zichen followed without much thought.

Arriving outside the banquet, he then entered a small room that looked to be a food processing warehouse.

"Si, what are you doing here?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Brother Wind, time is limited, let's hurry." Remember the URL

"Ah, oh."Tang Zichen couldn't fathom, was he brought here to cut his martial arts skills?But there's no need to cut and exchange in such a place, if you really want to cut and exchange, you can go outside to the open space ah.

"Brother Feng, it's estimated that someone will come here within an hour, we only have one hour to cut and exchange oh."

Tang Zichen smiled, "One hour is enough for cutting and exchanging."

"Haha, it's rare that Brother Feng is so elegant, I feel that no amount of time is enough."

Tang Zichen laughed wordlessly, which was ambiguous.

"Brother Wind, hurry up and prepare, by the way, will you choose to attack or receive?"

"Ah, what?"Tang Zichen didn't respond.

"Oh, does Brother Wind usually like to attack, or does he like to receive?"

"Why can't I understand."Tang Zichen was a little confused.

Si Qing said, "Alright, let's do the round as usual, I'll attack you first, then switch over and you attack me."Saying that, Si Qing hurriedly went to take off his pants.

"Ah."Tang Zichen was startled and suddenly understood.

"Grass."Tang Zichen was on fire, this girl, she was a gay.

"Brother Feng, what's wrong with you?"

"Grass you."Tang Zichen was so hot that he couldn't hold back and slapped over.

Tang Zichen felt incomparably disgusted, he had foolishly followed a comrade into the warehouse, thanks to Tang Zichen, a person so smart, he actually reacted now.

"Hey, Brother Wind, what are you doing?"

"You heck with dumping me."

"What did I dump you for, you said so yourself, and you're in character."

"Fuck."Tang Zichen kicked up again, the ghost of a man who knew that in the main world, person of character was a code word between gay men.

Tang Zichen beat the man up furiously before exhaling and leaving.

Tang Zichen felt incredibly disgusted just thinking about it, feeling as if he had been insulted.

Tang Zichen returned to the banquet.

"Where have you been?"Lao Sang was busy asking.

"Don't say it, depressing, it was my desire to make friends that didn't polish my eyes."

"What happened?"

"Fuck, met a comrade and he took me to the warehouse."

Lao Sang laughed.

"Windy, you're not."

"How the hell should I know, he was alluding to not being gay when he said he was in character."

"All right.Forget about it, let's go, I'll take you to meet some people."

Saying that, Old Sang led Tang Zichen towards the center of the banquet, where many strong people were chatting with each other over their wine glasses.

Old Sang walked up and smiled, "Each

Bit God Emperors, let me introduce you, this is my new disciple, Wind Light Cloud."

Those God Emperors looked over, one of them said, "Not bad, he's quite handsome."

Another said, "Old Sang, what's the matter with you, you suddenly thought of taking on a disciple, if you have the time, you might as well go marry a few wives and have a few children, what age are you, and you're still alone."

"Yes, Old Sang, even if you have a thin personality and really want to take on disciples, you can't just take on random disciples, at least find a good seedling born from a famous family, we have so many God Emperors, wouldn't it be better to find a random God Emperor's son or grandson to guard the disciples than to just take on random ones from you."

"Old Sang, Old Sang, no one really knows what's on your mind."

Those few God Emperors who were closer to Old Sang said.

Tang Zichen was quite embarrassed, these few God Emperors were clearly looking down on Tang Zichen, and I don't know why they were looking down on Tang Zichen.

There was a fire inside Tang Zichen that wanted to erupt out, could it be, just because Tang Zichen wasn't a descendant of a God Emperor?

Fortunately, Old Sang didn't think like those people.

Old Sang laughed, "I'm a person who has always been unconventional."

Those people immediately went to talk to each other, Old Sang was a little embarrassed and sighed.

Tang Zichen said, "I'm sorry, Master, I've embarrassed you."

"It's fine, no need to care about other people's gazes."

At this moment, the host of the banquet came out.

"Everyone, the 100 million yearly super banquet has begun again, welcome to the super banquet, new and old friends."

Everyone stopped communicating and found a place to sit in place.

Tang Zichen wanted to sit in the back, but Old Sonny did say, "No need, you sit right here my friend, so everyone can see that you are my apprentice."

"But, this is a place where people at the level of God Emperor are seated, so someone at my level can only go to the back."Tang Zichen saw that even Miss Ah Luo was going to sit in the back, where was there a place for someone of Tang Zichen's level in the front row.

Old Sang said, "Why must we comply with what everyone does, we can do whatever we want ourselves, I just want you to sit next to me, understand?"

"Alright."Tang Zichen was sitting next to a group of God Emperors, the pressure was quite high.However, since Old Sang wasn't afraid, what was Tang Zichen afraid of.

The banquet began like this.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, every 100 million years of the Super Banquet, we hold some interactive games, such as, the Food Competition, the Divine Brain Competition, the Divine Chess Competition, and this year, we still do.Now, the first one we will hold is, Food Gods, I don't know you God Emperor Families, this Super Banquet, what kind of food have you all prepared to race.Here, please get ready, our food competition, it's about to begin."

There was a stir under the stage.

After all, the universe was too lonely, and it was rare to hold an event like this to make everyone happy.

Tang Zichen asked, "Master, what is the meaning of all these contests?"

Old Sang said, "The Gourmet God, that is every God Emperor family, brings their own food and brings the most delicious things they make to compete; the Divine Brain Competition, is a competition to compare who has a good brain, this round is not divided into realms, anyone can participate, except for the God Emperors of course.The Divine Chess Competition, is a competition to compare chess skills, the main world has had a very, very difficult kind of divine chess since ancient times, this round is also not divided into realms; the Divine Martial Competition, is a competition to compare combat strength, this round is divided into strength."

"Oh, then how are you better?"

"Uh, me?Hahaha."Old Sang laughed.

"What is Master laughing at?"

"Wind Lightning, I've almost never attended every Super Banquet in the past, I don't care to attend, I'm not interested, and this time, if I didn't bring you here to see it, I wouldn't have attended either.Do you think I'm prepared?"


"So let's come, and not join in?"Don Zichen said.

"Uh, how do you participate?I haven't prepared anything, and besides, I'm not in the mood to prepare for this kind of competition ah."

Tang Zichen said in his heart, Old Sang Senior's personality was indeed strange and could not be thought of in a normal way.

Tang Zichen said, "Master, don't worry, you're a God Emperor and can't participate anyway, so I'll represent you."

"Erm, you represent my family ah."


At this moment, not far behind Tang Zichen and the others, a few people were talking.

"It's a pity that that divine deer from the last Tianze divine Desolation wasn't caught, if we had, I guarantee that we would have won the first place in this year's food competition."

"Yeah, what a pity, I don't know if anyone has caught it."

"It should be that no one has caught it, that divine deer has run away."

"Pity, pity." One second to remember to read the book

In the front row, Sonny asked, "Food Gods, you're in?But you didn't even know this before, you definitely didn't prepare it."

Tang Zichen said, "Master, you forgot, I caught a divine deer la before, I roasted that divine deer and it tasted really super good, I didn't think so, but, today I came here, I ate a lot of the food here and then compared the divine deer and realized that my divine deer tasted a lot better.So, later on, when the food gods are here, I'll serve up the meat of the sacred deer for evaluation.Of course, I don't know if I can compare it, but it's heavy on the participation."

Old Sang's body shook and smiled, "Wind Lightning, you really are a person with luck."

"Erm, how did you say this."

"Do you know why so many people went to the Tianze Divine Wilderness to hunt and kill that divine deer before?"

"I thought at first that the divine deer ate a great tonic, but afterwards I ate it but it didn't have a great tonic, so maybe those people were greedy for the deliciousness of the divine deer."

"Wrong, those people who went to the Tianze Divine Wilderness to hunt and kill the divine deer, their purpose was to bring it here for judging."

"Eh, so, no wonder."It dawned on Tang Zichen that, as a result, none of them got it, but Tang Zichen got it.

"Master, so the deliciousness of the divine Deer is known to everyone?"

"Of course, why else would you go hunting, Windy, I have a feeling that your sacred deer will become a food god champion."

"Errrr, no way."

"Hahaha, you kid, you're so lucky, I suddenly feel that it's good to be a champion, I didn't participate in the past, it's not exactly my character like that, but, I'm alone, I simply don't have anyone or anything to take.If I can win a championship, why not, haha."

Old Sang seemed to be happy that Tang Zichen could win a champion for his family.

Every Super Banquet, there were only four items in total, hundreds of God Emperor families, which family wouldn't want to get a champion and be properly awesome.

Old Sang thought about it this way, maybe, between him and Tang Zichen, it wasn't exactly him helping Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen was helping him too ah.

"Are you all ready?Our food contest is about to begin."The host shouted.

"Get ready."

"Please, each God Emperor family, bring up the most delicious delicacies you've prepared, one by one."

The first God Emperor family brought up a plate of something unknown.

The ten judges tasted it one by one.

One by one, the final score was evaluated separately, removing a maximum and minimum score and taking an average score.

"Seventy points."

Just like that, one over the other.

A few hours later.

"Now that all three hundred contestants have finished comparing, the highest score has come out, and it's the Gollan God Emperor Family's cuisine, 'Heavenly King Flying Phoenix', which received the first highest score, eighty-nine points.Congratulations to the Goelan God Emperor Family."

"Pah-pah."The crowd applauded.

Mr. Go Jun was holding the plate of food prepared by their family, looking at everyone excitedly.

But at this moment, there was a loud shout, "Wait, I haven't even served it out yet, who told you guys that their Fruitland God Emperor Family is the champion."

The one who spoke, was precisely Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen walked forward to the stage in full view of the crowd.

The host said, "Who are you?You're not in the registration, are you eligible or not?But only the God Emperor family is eligible to participate here."

Old Sang immediately stood up and snorted, "He is my disciple, is it possible that I, one of the ten God Emperors, am not qualified to participate?"

When the host saw Old Sang, he was busy saying, "Sorry sorry sorry, I didn't know he was representing your family."

When Mr. Gojun saw Tang Zichen come up, he glared at him and said, "Kid, don't come up here to be conspicuous, you guys are worthy of competing with my family for the food championship?Wash up and sleep."

Tang Zichen said, "Whether you are qualified or not, it's not up to you, it's up to the judge, you have the ability to have the judge blatantly favor you and deliberately give our family's food a low score."

The host said, "This gentleman, don't worry, the judges are the most impartial and will never be biased in any way, quickly bring out your family's cuisine for evaluation."

Tang Zichen looked at the crowd and shouted out, "Old Sang God Emperor Family, God Deer Called Heaven."

After saying that, Tang Zichen brought out a plate of grilled divine deer meat.

Because Tang Zichen had already eaten a lot of it, he couldn't bring it up whole, so it sold badly when it was brought up, a plate with a lump of meat in it, no one could tell if it was real divine deer meat or not.

Mr. Guo Jun snorted, "You say it's divine deer meat, is it?Moreover, such a sell-out, you dare to bring it up for comparison, go away, don't leave the eyes of the gods unattended."

Tang Zichen snorted, not bothering to pay attention to him.

Tang Zichen ton took out a small knife, Tang Zichen was going to carve it on the spot.

Tang Zichen removed the lump of meat, brushing off the excess, and after ten minutes, Tang Zichen removed the scraped off excess meat, then a lifelike divine deer appeared in front of everyone's eyes, but it was a smaller version, the carved divine deer just happened to be standing in the plate, raising its head, as if it was screaming to the sky.

Tang Zichen picked up that plate and said, "The divine deer screams to the sky."

The host said, "This gentleman, now that your work is done, please take it to the ten judges."

The first judge tasted a bite and was shocked, "Yummy, yummy.I gave it 99 points, the reason why I didn't get a perfect score was because I was afraid he would be proud."

The second one also tasted a bite and said, "The divine deer is delicious, it's the only one in the world, I'll give it a perfect score, I'm not afraid that he'll be proud because it's delicious and worth being proud of."

With that, Tang Zichen's divine deer delicacy received ninety-nine points.

"I announce that the first place winner of this year's food competition is, the Old Sang God Emperor Family."

"Good."Old Sang himself applauded, but the rest didn't applaud much.


Many people were still whispering.

"I didn't expect that the divine deer was actually obtained by that brat, we ran into him that day and he actually lied to us."

Many people looked angrily at Tang Zichen.

Mr. Gojun gritted his teeth and said, "Kid, on that day, you tricked my divine deer into running in that direction, didn't you?"

Tang Zichen snorted, "Isn't this nonsense, how am I supposed to get this divine deer without lying to you, silly."

"You're looking for death, how dare you lie to me."

"What kind of bird are you."

"Very well, one day, you'll regret it, don't think that you dare to be arrogant in front of me by relying on a whatever trash master, you wait."Mr. Gojun exhaled and walked off the stage, the champion who had arrived was gone.

Tang Zichen also walked off the stage after receiving the trophy of the food competition champion.

Old Sang smiled hehehe, "I didn't expect the feeling of getting the championship to be like this, hahaha, Wind Lightning, thank you, if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have been able to get this in my life, although I don't care about reputation, but if I can get it, why not, hahaha."

Tang Zichen said, "Master, the Divine Brain Competition is coming up next, isn't it." The first website

"Yes, let someone else spell it out in the Divine Brain Competition, we'll go back first."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Master, why are you in such a hurry to leave, I can also participate in the Divine Brain Competition."

"Er, you're also participating?"

"Yeah, not just the God's Brain Competition, but all the competitions I'm going to participate in."

At that moment, the host shouted, "Everyone, the next one will be, the Divine Brain Competition.In the last Divine Brain Competition, our champion was, Zhu Youcai, and this time, who is our champion?Or do you have a cake?Zhu Youcai has won the Divine Brain Competition for three consecutive years, and is the record holder so far, as the most popular winner of this year's Divine Brain Competition, we need to invite him to come up and say a few words, and everyone applaud to welcome Zhu Youcai to the stage to make a speech."

"Pah-pah."The crowd was applauding.

Tang Zichen asked, "Master, who is Zhu Youcai?"

"He's a brain genius, at a young age, he's already at the God King realm, and he's deeply liked by many women, by the way, Miss Ah Luo, she seems to admire Zhu Youcai as well."

"Ah, Miss Ah Luo likes this Zhu Youcai?"Tang Zichen asked in shock.

"I've just heard, whether I like it or not I don't know, but quite appreciate it is true."

Tang Zichen immediately looked to the back, Tang Zichen's eyes found Miss Arlo, and sure enough, right now Miss Arlo was staring at someone, and that someone, was Zhu Youcai.

Zhu Youcai smiled as he walked towards the stage, then said to the crowd, "Thank you all for your support, I am determined to win this year's Divine Brain Competition championship, I hope, all my opponents, cheer up, don't make it too easy for me to win."

"Zhu has a cake, Zhu has a cake, Zhu has a cake."Several women shouted.

Tang Zichen looked at Miss Arrow, and although she didn't shout like that, she never took her eyes off of Zhu Youcai.

In his heart, Tang Zichen said, "As expected, Ah Luo is quite appreciative of Zhu Youcai inside."

Tang Zichen vowed, "I'll definitely play well in the Divine Brain Competition and show everyone how good I am.Winning a championship in the food competition just now is nothing at all, because that's not my skill, it's just my luck.But the Divine Brain Competition is different, it's completely dependent on my own strength."


Zhu Youcai gave a speech on stage, and then the host said, "Below, please invite all the participants to the stage."

In total, more than a hundred people walked up to the stage, and among them, there were more than a dozen God Emperor level powerhouses.

This round was regardless of realm.

"In front of you, there is a stone stele, three hundred meters high, inside this stone stele, it is covered with complex to the extreme spiritual stripes, what you need to do is, press one hand on the stone stele, carefully feel the spiritual information inside the stone stele, then use your brains to organize and rearrange those information, of course, it doesn't mean that, if you organize it, it is necessarily correct, only correct!Up, it will start from your hands and spread a white line upwards a little bit, to the limit of one hour, whoever has the highest amount of white spread in their hands is the smartest brain, i.e. the winner of this time."

Tang Zichen and the others, stood beneath that stone stele.

Unexpectedly, an ordinary stone tablet had such a complicated inner workings.

The host added, "Once upon a time, our record was thirty-four meters in height, but last year, our brain genius, Zhu Youcai, set the record to thirty-nine meters in one hour.It's an unbelievable record, and I hope, this time, Zhu Youcai will be able to set another record and surpass the forty-meter height mark."


"Go Zhu Youcai."

"Zhu Youcai, it's up to you."

Zhu Youcai arched his hands to the crowd and said, "Thank you all, I won't let you down."

The host shouted, "Alright, everyone, please get ready, when I shout start, one hand is immediately attached to the tablet."

"One, two, three, start."

All the participants, immediately put their hands on the stone tablet.

Tang Zichen closed his eyes, this felt a bit like the canyon's restriction when he tested Tang Zichen in Old Sang's house before, but it was many times stronger than that restriction, was it also many times bigger.

Tang Zichen's brain was racing.

And right now, that Zhu Youcai, his hand, a white emerged, and the white line went straight up against the stone wall.

"Look, Zhu Youcai is the first one to emerge with a white line."The crowd shouted.

"Haha, our family has cakes, it's really amazing, it's the first one with a white line coming out of his hand."

"I don't know, who is the second one to emerge with a white line in his hand, it's that kid from the Zhan family, it's not the Yangfu kid yet, last year, they were Zhu Youcai's biggest rivals."

At this moment, a person suddenly shouted, "Look, the second person with a white line coming out has appeared."

"Who is it?Where is it?"

"In the very corner."

Everyone suddenly looked into the corner, and sure enough, the silent man in that corner, his tip, emerged with a white line, about thirty centimeters out.

This person was none other than Tang Zichen.

"It's him."Everyone was taken aback when they saw that it was Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen was actually the second person to emerge with a white line, just a little bit slower than Zhu Youcai.

In the crowd, Miss Ah Luo was also surprised when she saw Tang Zichen's second person to emerge with a white line.

Old Sang haha laughed, "Apprentice, come on, come on, hahaha."Old Sang laughed inwardly, "This kid, really damn to me for face ah."


At this point, Zhu Youcai is also busy turning his head, looking at the corner of Tang Zichen, see Tang Zichen is also so fast, Zhu Youcai a burst of inner tension, the heart said: "grass, this session where the emergence of the son of a bitch, but so quickly emerged white line, it, the last session, the second emergence of the white line, a full ten minutes slower than me ah.I must refuel, to be higher than him."

Zhu had cakes feeling the pressure.

At this point, no one was talking on stage, all looking at Tang Zichen and Zhu Youcai, wondering if this newcomer would pose a threat to Zhu Youcai's championship.

The host said, "I'm sure you've all seen that the previous winner, Zhu Youcai, is still the first to emerge with a white line, while that first-time participant, Windy, is the second to emerge with a white line.At present, Zhu Youcai's white line is already 1.5 meters high, while Windy's white line is almost 1 meter high.Go for it Zhu Youcake, don't get overtaken, and of course, go for it Wind Lightning."

It seemed that a smell of gunpowder was born in the air.

Tang Zichen didn't even bother to listen to what the outside world was saying, analyzing the spiritual streaks inside the arranged stone wall himself without pressure.

At that moment, Tang Zichen's white line broke through one meter in height.

The host shouted, "Wind Lightning has broken through one meter, and Zhu Youcai is still at one and a half meters."

Zhu Youcai heard Tang Zichen distance closer, the heart of a nervousness, which the more nervous, the more prone to error, the desire for speed is not reflected vividly.

At this time, Tang Zichen's white line grew again.

"Wind light cloud's white line, reached a height of one meter two, Zhu Youcai's white line, still at one meter five, the distance is very close, Zhu Youcai, come on."The host shouted. Remember the URL

Zhu Youcai's forehead was sweating profusely, obviously extremely stressed.

Of course, as a god, it would produce such stress, with such poor psychological quality, this was also an element of the assessment, no one would feel that he couldn't be made to produce stress.

Right at this moment, Zhu Youcai also grew.

"Haha, Zhu Youcai has finally grown, reaching a height of one meter and eighteen, the distance is once again open."The host laughed.

The atmosphere was tense.

Tang Zichen was calm and relaxed.

There was no tension on Tang Zichen's face.

Tang Zichen said inwardly, "I'd better not rush my growth, so let's take ten minutes and sort it out first."

As a result, Tang Zichen's growth rate immediately dropped.

And at that moment, Zhu Youcai grew again.

"Zhu Youcai increases the gap of light clouds, increasing again, come on, wind light clouds."

A minute later.

"Zhu Youcai has grown to two meters and five."

"Zhu has cakes growing to three meters."

"Zhu Youcai grew to four meters, and Tang Zichen, still at one and two meters."

"The third person to emerge with a white line has also surpassed Wind Lightning and reached one and a half meters, Wind Lightning, what's going on, still at one and two meters."

"The fourth one who came up with the white line has also surpassed Wind Lightning."

"The fifth one has also surpassed Wind Lightning."

"It seems that Wind Light Cloud can't make it, I thought, another dark horse killed out, but it turned out to be a flash in the pan."The host sighed sadly, while many people on the scene laughed in shame.

Old Sang shouted, "Wind Light Cloud, come on."

Old Sang was in a bit of a hurry and thought that Wind Lightning could greatly win face for him, but it suddenly stopped.

Ten minutes passed quickly.

"Zhu Youcai is way ahead.

, has reached thirteen meters, come on, it looks like Zhu Youcai will really break his own record of thirty-nine meters this year."

Tang Zichen exhaled deeply, finally able to begin to power up.

Tang Zichen grew from one meter and two meters to three meters in no time.

Those who saw it at the scene shouted, "What, I'm not seeing things differently, Wind Lightning has started to grow again, and, in one fell swoop, he grew from one meter and two meters to three meters."

Many immediately looked at Wind Lightning, and it was true.

When Zhu Youcai heard that Tang Zichen had started to power up, and had increased by such a large amount, his newly built confidence dropped a lot.

A moment later, the host shouted, "Wind Lightning grew again, five meters now, directly from three meters to five meters, currently, in fourth place, and, very close to fourth place, Wind Lightning, go for it.Of course, a few people in front of you, cheer up too."

"Wind Lightning has grown to eight meters, he's growing by three meters and three meters, ah, and now, Wind Lightning is in second place."

"Wow."The crowd shouted with a wow.

The host said, "It seems that just now, when Wind Lightning stopped, it's not that it's not working, but it's gathering strength ah."

Before the host finished speaking, Tang Zichen grew again.

"The wind is light and cloudy, it's grown again, it's reached twelve meters, this increase of four meters, it's incredible.At this moment, Zhu Youcai has also reached fifteen meters."

"Wind Lightning and Zhu Youcai, there's already only three meters between them, the gap is once again close.Go for it, both of you."

Zhu Youcai shivered when he heard that Wind Lightning was three meters away from him.

Half a minute later.

"Wow, Wind Lightcloud has grown again, this time the increase is still four meters, Wind Lightcloud reached sixteen meters.Zhu Youcai, on the other hand, also reached sixteen meters, and at this moment, they're even, tied for first place.Wind lightly, come on, you have a chance to win the title, Zhu Youcai, you also come on and keep your position."

Before the host finished speaking, Tang Zichen's white line grew again.

"Wow, Wind Lightning grew again, this time, the increase is really unprecedented, it grew from sixteen meters to twenty-five meters in one go, while Zhu Youcai, still at sixteen meters, Wind Lightning completely distanced herself from Zhu Youcai."

"Wow."The whole arena was shocked, didn't expect ah didn't expect, this beat Zhu Youcai to a pulp, growing nine meters at once, what concept was this.

At this moment, many people who were still despising Tang Zichen, also suddenly had a slight respect for Tang Zichen, after all, this could be the God Brain Competition, it was a performance of brain power, although brain power didn't mean a fast breakthrough in the realm, but at least the chances were greater.

Zhu Youcai looked towards Tang Zichen, his white line was so high that it was almost impossible for him to catch up with him anymore, and for a moment, Zhu Youcai was frustrated.

At that moment, the host shouted again, "Wind lightly grows again, reaching thirty meters, wow shit, so far it took less than twenty minutes, and Wind lightly is very close to Zhu Youcai's record of 39 meters."

"Wind Lightning, can he set a new record?"

Right at this moment, everyone was dumbfounded.

Only to see Tang Zichen's white line, which had increased dramatically again, the maximum increase was at nine meters, but now, Tang Zichen's white line had grown to forty-five meters all of a sudden.

"Oh my god, forty-five meters."The host was silly.

The entire audience was silly.

This time, Tang Zichen came with an ultimate increase, growing from 30 meters in height to 45 meters in one fell swoop, not only breaking Zhu Youcai's record, but also far surpassing it.

The crowd was incredibly quiet, seemingly unable to believe it.

That Miss Arlo, too, was dumbfoundedly looking at that record line.


Everyone watched, foolishly, as the white line of the Don went up and up and up.

An hour and it was over quickly.

"Stop."The host shouted.

Everyone stopped, including Tang Zichen.

Zhu Youcai immediately looked towards Tang Zichen and his eyes were red after seeing Tang Zichen's white line so high.

The host shouted, "Everyone, let's take a look at the results of this year's Divine Brain Competition, Zhu Youcai, who won first place last year, this time, he ended up reaching a height of forty meters, surpassing his previous record.Unfortunately, his forty-meter achievement looked so small under the light of Wind Lightning Cloud.Our dark horse, Wind Light Cloud, reached a final height of ninety-nine meters."

The whole stadium cheered.

Ninety-nine meters ah, what kind of concept was this.

"Wind Lightning, becoming the winner of this year's God Brain Competition and setting a new universe record, I think this universe record, I'm afraid that it will be hard for anyone later to break it, congratulations Wind Lightning.Please ask the rest of you to go down first, Wind Lightning will stay behind and tell everyone properly how you created this kind of universe record."

Zhu Youcai angrily looked at Tang Zichen.

The host asked, "Wind Lightning, may I ask, how did you do it?You know, this God's Brain Competition is really, really hard." Remember to read the book in one second

Don Zichen laughed and said, "I don't know what happened, but I just thought it was pretty simple."

"Wow."The crowd wowed, actually saying that it was quite simple, was this to leave the others speechless.

"Wind Lightning, your brain is so smart, so do you have a corresponding manifestation of it in your cultivation?"

"I don't know about that, I guess."

"Can you tell me how old you are?"

"Around sixty million years."

"Sixty million years to reach the lower gods is indeed not bad, but it's not called extremely good."

"Er, yeah."

"Alright, Wind Lightning, you go down first."

Tang Zichen stepped down from the stage, which was a bit of a show.

Old Sang laughed excitedly, "Wind Lightning, you're really great, we've won two titles in a row, hahaha."

Tang Zichen said, "Master, there are still two competitions left, the Divine Chess Competition and the Divine Martial Competition, when do they start?"

"The Divine Chess Competition will start soon, and the Divine Martial Competition, I'm afraid this will be tomorrow, as the Divine Martial Competition takes longer."

Tang Zichen was busy asking, "Master, what is the main competition of the Divine Chess Tournament?"

"It's a type of chess that has been popular in our main world since ancient times, and there are a total of twelve thousand of these chess pieces, divided into seven colors of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue, and purple."

"So many chess pieces."

"Yes, so this kind of chess is very difficult."

"Master, can you teach me right now, I also want to participate in the Divine Chess Tournament."

Old Sang smiled, "Forget it, we've already won two championships."

"Two is nothing, besides, I'll just participate in the Divine Chess Tournament, who says I can win the championship, after all, I can't even now."

"This, okay."

Old Sang directly transmitted the rules of the Divine Chess to Tang Zichen in the form of a mental message.

Tang Zichen immediately entered the depth space and analyzed the rules of the divine Chess.


In one fell swoop, Tang Zichen had thoroughly learned how to play this chess, and it really was extremely complicated.

However, Tang Zichen felt very interested in it.

Tang Zichen continued to study it again until Old Sang was urging him on.

"Wake up, the Divine Chess Competition is about to start, have you learned how to play?"

Tang Zichen opened his eyes and said, "I learned it long ago, and I've consolidated and deepened it."

"Then are you sure you can participate?I just forgot to tell you that before the Divine Chess Tournament is entered, there's a scramble session, and the scramble session must pass sixty points before you're eligible to go to the actual tournament."

"Do your best."

At this time, on the stage, the host said, "Everyone, the Divine Chess Competition is about to begin, Divine Chess, is a popular chess skill in our main world since ancient times, I believe that you gods, you usually use Divine Chess to pass your time when you have nothing to do, today's Divine Chess Competition, it's a highly anticipated event."

"The winner of the last Divine Chess Tournament was Prince Ah Yin from the A's God Emperor Family, this year, will Prince Ah Yin be able to continue to be the champion of the Divine Chess Tournament for another year?Let's wait and see, next, the first thing we are going to do is, the divine chess quiz session, in order to go on stage and play directly against each other, the quiz session must reach sixty points, otherwise you are not qualified to go on stage and play against other people, after all, there are a lot of people."

Offstage, Miss Arlo said to a man beside her, "Brother, watch out for you oh."

"Don't worry, sister, divine chess is my specialty, I love playing divine chess the most, I will win a championship."

"Mmhmm, brother, go for it."

Soon after, the dweller shouted, "Please all those who participated in the Divine Chess Tournament come forward."

Hundreds of people stood to the front, and Tang Zichen was among them.

The host said, "Wind Lightning, you've already won two championships, and you're still participating in the Divine Chess Tournament, could it be, you can also play Divine Chess?"

"Oh, it's all about participation, I've only just learned about divine chess, and I'm not planning to get any ranking in the interim."

"Hahaha."Hearing Tang Zichen say that he had only just learned it on a temporary basis, suddenly, many people laughed.

The previous champion, Ah Yin, said mockingly, "Wind Lightning, although you're smart, but the divine Chess is a long-standing chess skill in our main world, could it be that you've only just learned it, and you're qualified to participate?I see you don't embarrass yourself."

"That's right, you just learned how to participate in this kind of tournament, do you fucking want to insult Divine Chess?"

Tang Zichen said indifferently, "Even though I've just learned it, it doesn't mean that my chess skills must be bad, right?"

"I pooh, what qualifications do you have to talk about chess skills for someone who has just learned it, don't insult the divine chess of our main world."Several people around Tang Zichen said angrily.

Tang Zichen said, "Unfortunately, yet I don't feel that this divine chess is that difficult, even though I just learned it, I have the confidence to fight with you people who have been playing chess since I was a child."

"Yah yah."Those few people were itching with anger.

The host said, "Alright, don't fight, whether you have real skills or not, we'll find out in a moment, now, please look at the empty space, will a different chess game appear in the empty space, when I pick up what color pieces, which one of you will be the first one to say where to place them and be correct, gets a point."


Suddenly, a chess game appeared in the void.

Tang Zichen swept the entire chess game with a sweep of his eyes.

The rest of the people were also nervously watching the chess game.

At this moment, the host picked up a green chess piece.

Tang Zichen shouted, "288 marker position."


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