The King of Kungfu in school 2491-2495

Chapter 2491

"Oh, just can't say what it takes to marry you, can you?"


"Oh."Tang Zichen smiled, Miss A Luo thought that Tang Zichen was a sensible person, and that she had saved Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen should not be disrespectful to her.

Tang Zichen looked at Old Senior Sang and asked, "Senior Sang, do you really mean what you say?"

"That is, do you want it now?"

"Yes, but, I'm afraid that my request is not so easy, just in case you will be too difficult to not."

"Stop, Wind Lightning, you are insulting me, I am a God Emperor, how would I break my word, no matter what, I will help you achieve it."

"And what if, it's very difficult to achieve?"

"Then take your time to achieve it, I'll help you reach it someday, and if it's really too hard, you can't ask me to help you achieve it right away."

"Okay, then, I'll say it."

"Well, you say it." One second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen said straightforwardly, "I want to marry Miss Arlo."

"What."Ah Luo shouted out, she thought that Tang Zichen would never say this request.

"Ah, this ah."Old Sang also looked bitter for a moment, in fact, he didn't want Tang Zichen to choose this, after all, people had already made it clear that Miss Ah Luo had already said it.

"Senior, this is what I'm asking for la."


Ah Luo was suddenly furious, "Wind Lightning, aren't you too much, I even saved you a few days ago, and you've even returned the favor."

Tang Zichen said, "Miss Ah Luo, you misunderstood me, I just wanted to marry you, I didn't want to hurt you, you also know that you are an angel, no man can refuse an angel as beautiful as you, let alone a humble man like me, Miss Ah Luo, if you want to blame, blame yourself for being too beautiful."Tang Zichen gave a series of compliments.

"You."Ah Luo what's more, being a burst of crazy flattery by Tang Zichen, some of the words were not good enough to curse out.

Tang Zichen looked at Old Senior Sang and said, "Senior Sang, I have just one wish, to marry the beautiful and noble Miss Ah Luo in this life, I hope that you can help me achieve it one day.Of course, I'm definitely not worthy of someone right now, so I hope that senior can help me, and I will definitely do my best to improve myself, I believe that one day, I will make sure that Miss Ah Luo won't be able to reject me ruthlessly."

Old Sang laughed, "You're quite ambitious, but you're even smarter, your one request includes almost all the requirements, awesome, awesome, hahaha."

Lao Sang understood Tang Zichen's thoughts, perhaps Tang Zichen didn't really want to marry Ah Luo so much, he just wanted to make himself, worthy of Ah Luo, to be worthy, then, must vigorously cultivate him to be strong, cultivate him to be strong, how much money and resources, as well as manpower, and also have to ensure Tang Zichen's safety, this is not to include all the requirements.

Miss Arlo was also smart enough to understand at the moment, and hummed, "Full of lies."Miss Ah Luo cursed and just said that it was because she was too beautiful and couldn't control herself.As a result, Tang Zichen was just trying to be strong.

Tang Zichen was busy saying, "Miss Ah Luo, I still say the same thing, if I want to marry you, I must first strengthen myself to a level worthy of you, right now I have nothing, but one day, I will have my own piece of the world in the main world.I don't care who the person you love in your heart right now is, but I will trample all men in the universe under my feet."


"Idiot."Arlo scolded.

"Oh, you're not the first one to say that, before you, there were countless people who said that about me, and now, those countless people are already like ants owning the humblest corners of my body."

"So, in the future, I will be so humble in front of you?"

"Miss Arlo misunderstood, once humble people, who have since followed me, now all share my glory."

"I don't care to listen to your dreaming, in short, this promise of Grandpa Sang is impossible to fulfill."After saying that, Miss Arlo shouted, "Send the guests, two guests together."

Helplessly, Tang Zichen and Old Senior Sang were also invited out together.

Walking to the door, Tang Zichen said, "Senior, am I in trouble with you."

"Isn't that bullshit, but since I made a promise, I will help you fulfill it.Starting tomorrow, you're moving to my place."

"Er, why?"

"Nonsense, I'll do my best to build you, but if you're not a diamond in the rough and you really can't achieve it, I can't do anything about it, and that's not counting me breaking my word."

"Thank you senior, don't worry, I will become very good, so that you won't look difficult in front of Miss Arlo's family."

"That's still considered a human word.Before tomorrow, come find me at this address."

"Yes, Senior."

Old Sang gave Tang Zichen an address and walked away with a bitter laugh, saying in his heart, "It seems that there will be a toss-up in the future, but I don't even regret it, at least, it's a challenging thing ah."

Tang Zichen looked at Old Sang's back and also smiled slightly, Tang Zichen knew that this Old Sang had gone to impersonate a second child, it was originally a boring day, now give him a little bit of a difficult task, perhaps, he was quite accepting inside.

This old Sang, is a typical type of looking for nothing to do, perhaps, he has lived too long, the days are too boring.

At the moment, in Miss Arlo's house, Arlo was angry and broke a lot of things.

A servant suggested: "Miss, that son of a bitch is also too uninteresting, what is he, a loser from the outer world, he even wants to marry you, really heck la toad wants to eat swan meat."

Ah Luo didn't say anything, her heart was also angry, the current Tang Zichen was too low in the eyes of people of her level, if it was really unimaginable, then let's use an exaggerated analogy: a male pig said that he wanted to marry a human beauty, how did that human beauty feel?Yes, that's how Miss Arlo felt, disgust plus anger.

"Miss, why don't you report this to the newspaper?Tell your father, and your grandfather and the others.That way, they'll also go and give Old Sang a warning, and he won't dare to help that son of a bitch."

Ah Luo said, "No, I don't want anyone to know such things."

"Then what if that Wind Lightning shamelessly comes after you?"

"If he dares to come, then I'll be blamed."

"Miss, why don't we go kill him now and be done with it."

"Old Sang senior won't let him die."

"Miss, how do you know."

"Old Sang senior must have placed an invisible ban on him, and if you want to kill him, unless you ask someone at the level of a God Emperor to do it, maybe a continuous attack is possible.But even if the God Emperor were to make a move, Old Sang would appear right away, where would that be possible."


"Ugh, I really don't know why, old Sang-senpai is doing such a boring thing."

"A boring person doing boring things, instead he thinks he's interesting."

"I think they, the God Emperors, are all living too boringly, looking for nothing."

"Xiao Qiu, you go down, I'll be alone."

"Yes, Miss."

After that maid left, her colleague told her, "Little Autumn, there's someone coming to see you."

"What kind of person wants to see me?"

"It's a hunter, he says he's a hunter at Per Beast Butcher, and he wants to ask you something."

"No see, not in the mood."

"He says it's important, if you'll see him he'll give you the liquid of the Hongsong as payment, by the way, he says it's about the identity of that new huntmaster, Wind Lightning."

"Wind Lightning Cloud."As soon as she heard Feng Qingyun, who was originally missing, that maid, Xiao Qiu, agreed to meet her. The first website

Soon, Akki met the hunter.

"Was it you who wanted to see me?"


"What's your name?"

"Back to Sister Xiaoqiu, my name is You Cong."

"What do you want from me?"

"Our hunting team, recently came a man named Wind Lightning, this man, very arrogant, slapped me a lot on the first day, he said that his cousin is a good friend with Missy, and has a backstage, so we all scruple him, we are all sucking up to him, even the captain bows to him like a grandson.I was unjust in my heart, so I came here to ask if the Eldest Miss really has a friend who is a distant cousin of Wind Lightning, I also hope that Sister Xiao Qiu will help us inquire about these Hong Meng Liquid, a small token, please accept it."

That maid Xiao Qiu was already extremely disgusted with Tang Zichen, but now she still heard that, pretending to compare in the hunter's dormitory, she was furious.

"No need to pry, there is no such thing, what kind of trash, an outer world creeper, where does a distant cousin come from who is a friend of the lady?"

"Are you sure, Sister Autumn?"


"That's good, we finally know the truth, go back and set.Sister Xiao Qiu, this bit of Hong Meng liquid, please."

However, that maid snorted, "No need, this little bit of Hong Meng liquid of yours, this girl can see it, get out."

"Yes yes yes."

You Cong left with great joy, hehehe in his heart, "Wind Lightning, you're finished, now, I'll see if the captain and vice captain, will not pull your skin."

Tang Zichen was in a great mood after parting with Old Sang Senior, so he went out on the streets, up many divine Beast Meat Shops, and consumed hundreds of millions of drops of Hong Meng Liquid before returning to the Per Beast Meat Shop's group quarters, ready to say goodbye to A Chan and the others, and then report to Old Sang Senior early tomorrow morning.

Tang Zichen returned to the Per Beast Butcher Shop's dormitory.

"Wind Lightning, where have you been?"The captain saw Tang Zichen ask, but the captain's tone was a little different.

"Uh, Captain, what is it?"

"Windswept, I ask you, where to."The captain's voice got a little louder.

In his heart, Tang Zichen said, "Strange, did the captain take the wrong medicine today?"

Tang Zichen said, "Captain, where did I go that I need to report to you?Which onion are you."

Team Lightcloud, you're fucking looking for death."

At this moment, the captain was very angry, because he knew the truth.

It turned out that Wind Light Cloud was simply a fake, deceiving everyone and causing the captain to respect Tang Zichen as an ancestor.

When Tang Zichen saw the captain's expression, he smiled, "Captain, look at your watch

The situation is not good, I'm afraid."

"Wind Lightning, you son of a bitch, you don't have any distant cousins at all."

Tang Zichen nodded, "Yeah, no, it's all a lie to you fools, I didn't expect that you fools were really fooled by me, hahaha, hahaha."

The captain's veins flared.

At this time, from various houses, eight or nine more people came out, including You Cong and the vice captain.Of course, Acchan was not among them.

Tang Zichen said, "Look at this situation, I'm doomed today."

Tang Zichen immediately lifted his spirits, after all, there were several middle-grade gods on the scene, no matter how ungodly Tang Zichen was, he would only be able to defeat the lower-grade gods if he survived to death, missing the divine domain by one, Tang Zichen was no match at all.

You Cong grunted: "Wind Lightning, you're still arrogant to show everyone ah, you trash, scum, don't you have a distant cousin who is a friend of Miss, go and call him out ah."

Tang Zichen laughed, "Bunch of idiots, I tricked you, now you're annoyed."

The vice captain shouted, "Shut up, Wind Lightning, do I swear, today next year will be your festival day."

"Really, my festival day, I'd like to see how to make a festival day."Tang Zichen was also a bit forced at the moment, and I don't know, how did they know the truth of this matter.

You Cong said, "Captain, Lieutenant, stop ribbing with this pussy, slaughter it."

The vice-captain said, "I'll slaughter him and take him down in pieces."

After saying that, the vice-captain dashed up to Tang Zichen.

"Drink."The vice-captain struck out with a palm strike, although his palm technique was ordinary, but he was a middle-grade god, the divine power of a middle-grade god was completely different and much stronger than that of a lower-grade god.It was impossible for Tang Zichen to open the middle-grade divine power no matter what.

Tang Zichen felt like he was locked in, thinking it was going to be the end.

However, in the next second.

"Bang."When the vice-captain slapped Tang Zichen, suddenly, Tang Zichen's body burst out with a counter-shock force, the counter-shock force instantly collapsed the vice-captain into pieces, even the gods collapsed and automatically scattered, leaving only one divine grid falling to the ground, as for the corpse, it had already collapsed into pieces.

Everyone's face changed, the vice captain killed Tang Zichen, but was instead directly collapsed by the anti-shock power of Tang Zichen's body.

"How is this possible."

Tang Zichen himself was a million times more unexpected.

Tang Zichen wondered if it was Old Sang Senior who had done something to Tang Zichen's body.

Tang Zichen didn't think about it that much and laughed, "You guys are still too young to want to kill me, whose turn is it next?Captain, is that you?"

"Pounce."The captain's whole body went down on his knees.

"What are you doing down on your knees, get up, get up and kill me, I'm a liar, I lied to you."



Everyone knelt down.

"Windy, I'm sorry, I was wrong, I was blind, I shouldn't have listened to Youcong and doubted you, I'm sorry, please forgive me."The captain said with a kowtow.

Tang Zichen snorted coldly and bent down, picking up the vice captain's divine medallion.

It was a mid-grade God Grid, still quite valuable, which meant that it could be made into a mid-grade God.

Tang Zichen said, "Captain, kill You Cong."

"Ah, this."

"I'll count to three, one."

"Bang."Tang Zichen had only finished counting one when the captain slaughtered You Cong, knelt down and brought You Cong's God to Tang Zichen and said, "Master, please smile."


"Pah."Tang Zichen slapped the captain hard on the face.

Not only did the captain not get angry, but he laughed and said, "Good fight, wonderful fight, I dare not scream at the slave."

Tang Zichen snorted, "What a cheap bone."

"A good scolding, a wonderful scolding, a slave's heart laughs."

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, "What are you doing, playing ventriloquism."

"Sorry, master, I thought you would like it."

"Get lost, for the sake of your good attitude of admitting your mistakes, I'll spare you this time."

"Thank you, Master."

Tang Zichen didn't bother to torment the captain anymore and walked into Can's room, Can was still practicing.

Tang Zichen didn't disturb him, turned around and walked out, saying to the captain, "When Can finishes, tell him that I'm leaving this place, and when you're free in the future, go to this address to find me."

"Yes yes yes." Remember the URL

Tang Zichen drifted away.

Tang Zichen soon arrived at the address that Senior Sang had said.

Only after arriving did Tang Zichen discover that it was a very solemn and luxurious God Emperor's residence.

"Wow."Tang Zichen arrived at this God Emperor's Mansion and was a little afraid to step into it, it was too sacred, as if he couldn't believe he could enter a place of this level.

Just at this moment, Tang Zichen's ear heard Old Sang's voice, "Wind Lightning, since you're here, just come straight in."


Tang Zichen cautiously walked to the front door, which was guarded by several low-level gods.

Those few low-level gods nodded to Tang Zichen and didn't stop him, as if they had been given the order to let him in.

Entering the God Emperor's Palace, it was very large inside.

"Senior, where are you?"Tang Zichen was standing inside the God Emperor's Mansion, but, he didn't know where to go, and Old Sang was nowhere to be seen.

In his ears, he recalled Old Sang's voice again: "Wind Lightning, although I promised you, I want to test you right now, will you accept my test?Of course, you can refuse."

Tang Zichen said, "Of course I'm willing, how does senior want to test me, please say."

"Wind Lightning, before I test you, I must make it clear to you, if you don't pass the test, you will most likely die in the test, are you sure you accept?Of course, the tests that I am offering here are only the most basic ones."

"Good, I'm willing."

In the next second, Old Senior Sang appeared and stood in front of Tang Zichen.

"Pay your respects to Senior Brother Sang."

"No need to be polite, come with me."

Tang Zichen followed Old Sang and arrived in a large hall.

Old Sang said, "This is a special temple, if you enter it, you will instantly be transported to a test space of my own making, this test of mine is only a very basic test."


"Go in, see, how much time it took you to pass this test of mine."

Saying that, Tang Zichen was pushed by Old Sang Senior.

In the next instant, Tang Zichen disappeared into the spot.

Tang Zichen felt like entering an inexplicable space that was so real that it was completely indistinguishable from the real thing.

"Wind Lightning, do you see the map beneath your feet?Follow the map, to the end, and then you're through, start the clock."

Tang Zichen immediately looked at the ground, and there was indeed a map.

Tang Zichen immediately followed the directions on the map, the first one to go through was a canyon.

Tang Zichen used the wild running speed

Degree rushed towards the canyon.

"Bang."A powerful force bounced Tang Zichen back.

"En, is there a restraint?"Tang Zichen was blocked in a daze and couldn't get past it.

Tang Zichen slowly walked up and touched the restriction that was blocking him.

Tang Zichen inwardly said, "This restriction, can't it be an existence that I'm completely unable to break through, or else there would be a need to test it for shit.There must be something about this that allows me to find a way to get through."

Tang Zichen pressed his hand on the invisible barrier, and his spirit penetrated inside it.

Sure enough, there were many messages coming from inside that invisible barrier, messages that were so jumbled and disorganized that they had no idea what they were saying.

Tang Zichen was smart, and with his intelligence it wasn't a matter at all.

Tang Zichen smiled slightly, "If I'm not mistaken, I just need to reorganize the jumbled information inside this barrier clearly, and this restriction will be automatically unlocked, to be frank, providing an unordered password, just a mental password, hehe."

Tang Zichen was confident.

The jumbled information, in Tang Zichen's brain, was reorganized almost at the speed of seconds.

Of course, it wasn't that it was easy, on the contrary, it was hard, and stupid people could be no good.

About half an hour later.

"Done."Tang Zichen smiled, and the invisible restriction blocking him was lifted.

Tang Zichen quickly rushed across the valley.

At this moment on Old Sang's temple, Old Sang's face smiled slightly, "Sure enough, he is quite sharp in the head and crossed the valley so quickly."

After Tang Zichen crossed the valley, the place where his eyes met was a plain, on the plain, there were many many divine beasts, literally as many as mosquitoes.

Tang Zichen had to kill all the divine beasts in front of him and cross the plain to reach his destination.

If he couldn't kill them, Tang Zichen would be torn apart by these divine beasts.

Fortunately, these divine beasts were all about the same strength as Tang Zichen, and apart from being numerous, they did not have an advantage in strength.

Tang Zichen took out his sword and immediately started slashing them.

With Tang Zichen's strength, there was no problem at all with gods that were ten to twenty horses stronger than him.

Although there were many of these gods, they were not enough for Tang Zichen to kill.

Tang Zichen quickly killed his way through the plain.

After that, Tang Zichen passed through a few more places, and finally, managed to reach the end.

After reaching the end, Tang Zichen reappeared in the main hall.

"Not bad, Wind Light Cloud, your speed surprised me."Old Senior Sang said with a laugh.

"Senior is overpraised, it took me a total of several hours, and I wasn't satisfied with myself."

"Wind Lightning, you're a bit smug for saying that, you only spent a few hours, do you know that it would have taken a day or two for an ordinary god, to say the least."

"Er, so long."

"Of course, that only means those who can pass, more people are the ones who can't pass at all, or even die in the test."

"Ohhh, so."

"Wind Lightning, do you know why I made you do such a test?"

"Senior doesn't know."

Old Sang said, "If you want to marry Ah Luo, you have to be famous and powerful in the main world.In the main world, there is a very famous test called the 'God's Test', this God's Test is very famous in the main world, if you can participate in the God's Test and get a high ranking, then your fame will gradually open up, which is beneficial to you.That's why I'm letting you test it once first."

"I see, Senior, where is the God's Test and what do I have to do to participate."


"Haha, there's no need to worry, it's not even the date of the test yet, the test of the gods is only intensively tested once every 100 million years, and now it's not far from the last 100 million years, oh, it seems like it's not far.Anyway, don't worry, when the date arrives, I will take you to participate."

"Thank you, Senior."

"No need, let's go, the test is over, you can stay in my house.Tomorrow, I'll take you to a super banquet."Old Sang said.

"Uh, a super banquet?What is it?"

"We'll find out tomorrow, this super banquet is not for everyone, only the descendants of the Lord World's God Emperor must be eligible to attend."

"But I'm not a descendant of a God Emperor."

Old Sang said, "Tomorrow I will take you to attend it in the name of your master, after so many years, it's about time I went to attend it, in the past, I almost didn't go, I don't think it's any fun, but it's just a group of people being very hypocritical to compare and show off to each other."


"Hahahaha, Windy, you'll have to fight for me tomorrow."


The next day, Old Sang set off with Tang Zichen. One second to remember to read the book

The flight took ten minutes and arrived at a place.

The Super Banquet, it was here.

"Almost all the God Emperors in the main world will bring their descendants here to exchange ideas with each other, to increase their knowledge, and to make more friends."Old Sang said to Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen nodded his head.

"See Old Sang God Emperor."At the gate, several Godkings came up in a panic to pay their respects, while Old Sang, however, did not even lift his eyes.

After walking into the gate, Tang Zichen was puzzled, "Senior Sang, why did those God Kings greet you and you didn't even pay any attention to them."

Old Sang said, "Those God King levels aren't qualified enough for me to pay attention to, remember, God Emperors are proud, people who aren't qualified at all, no need to waste expressions, all God Emperors are like that, and those God Kings who greeted me know that, they don't have the luxury of expecting me to pay attention to them."

"Uh-oh."Tang Zichen said in his heart, if it was him, he wouldn't have greeted at all.

After entering the inside of the banquet, Tang Zichen immediately saw Ah Luo.

"Hey, isn't this girl Luo, you're here too."Lao Sang laughed.

Ah Luo looked at Tang Zichen and said, "Grandpa Sang, you actually brought him too."

"Yeah, he's sort of my apprentice, Grandpa Sang's apprentice, do you want to test him?Just marry him, so that also saves me the time to cultivate him."

Ah Luo snorted, "Grandpa Sang, I told you, no matter what you do, it's all in vain, I can't possibly like Windy, your promise will never be fulfilled."

After saying that, Ah Luo walked away and didn't look at Tang Zichen again.

Unexpectedly, this Ah Luo was so desperate when he got desperate, so desperate.

Tang Zichen was not very happy inside, after all, no one wanted to be despised and looked down upon.

Tang Zichen secretly said, "Miss Ah Luo, although you once saved me and were kind to me, I still want to say that today you despise me, and in the future, I will make sure that you can't reach higher either."

Tang Zichen really wanted to see the day in the future when Ah Luo couldn't reach him high enough.

"What are you thinking about, Windy."Old Sang asked.

"Nothing, nothing."

"Wind Lightning, you've just seen the look on Ah Luo's face, she's a bit disgusted with you now, do you really want to continue with this request?If you change your request for something else now, you can still change it."

Tang Zichen shook his head, "No, I'm not changing."

"You really like her that much?"

"People fight for their breath, one day, I'm going to make her too high to climb up to me."

Old Sang said, "Wind Lightning, you're a big talker, it's impossible to reach high above you, do you know why?"


"Because Ah Luo's grandfather is one of the ten god emperors of the main world, ten god emperors, the highest status in this universe, how do you think she still can't reach higher?"

"Oh."Tang Zichen softly oh, also, no matter how awesome Tang Zichen was, in the future, he would also hold up to become one of the God Emperors, all of them were God Emperors, not to the extent of being too high to reach Tang Zichen.

"Alright, I'm not discouraging you, I just want to be realistic, since class is determined to marry her, I'll help you do your best to make it happen."

"Thank you, Senior Sang."

"Here, call me Master."

"Yes, Master."

Tang Zichen followed Senior Sang as he continued to walk inside.

Tang Zichen asked, "Master, are there only a total of ten God Emperors in the Lord World, or is it?"

"Nonetheless, the main world has hundreds of God Emperors in total, and the ten strongest ten."

"Oh, Master, what about you?"

"Haha, I'm also one of the Ten God Emperors."Old Sang said.

"Eww."Tang Zichen didn't expect Old Sang to be one of the top ten, Tang Zichen was really lucky to have a top ten god emperor helping him.

Old Sang said, "Wind Lightning, you just stroll around by yourself, I'll go say hello to a few old friends."


Tang Zichen wandered around casually by himself inside the banquet, which had all sorts of food, and Tang Zichen could also have a big meal.

Only, Tang Zichen felt that no matter how delicious the food was, it couldn't compare to that divine deer from the last barbecue.

That divine deer was the real delicacy ah.

Now Tang Zichen understood why so many people went to catch the deer, it wasn't that the deer was big and tonic, but that it was extremely delicious.

Tang Zichen still had two thousand pounds of the divine deer he had barbecued last time that he hadn't eaten yet, and put it in his spatial ring.Tang Zichen could take it out anytime he wanted to eat it, and it was still steaming hot, just like fresh out of the oven.

Just then, a person beside him yowled, "Isn't this that who?"

Tang Zichen turned his head to see that it was Mr. Gojun, the man who had tried to kill Tang Zichen twice in a row before.

"It's you."Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed.

"Kid, how dare you come here Li, I warned you last time, you won't live long."Mr. Guo Jun said in anger.

Tang Zichen said, "Mr. Gojun, don't bully others too much."

"Hahaha, I'll bully you, last time I killed you was stopped by Ah Luo, this time, I'll see who will save you."Mr. Gojun chattered and laughed, revealing a fierce look.

Tang Zichen was a bit unable to understand, was he that annoying?

Tang Zichen said, "Mr. Gojun, don't go too far."

"Fuck you, what kind of thing are you to talk to me like that."The Gojun Prince gave a sneer.

A man standing behind Prince Gojun turned back, this man's aura, incredibly powerful, in a manner no weaker than Old Sang, must be a God Emperor.

That's right, Prince Gojun was standing with a strong man at the level of a God Emperor.

That strong man immediately asked, "Jun'er, who is this man?"


Guo Jun said, "Grandpa, I don't know what this grizzly hair's name is, anyway, this grizzly hair is very tuggy, before in the Tianze God Wilderness, when he saw me, he still looked like he was tugging, if Miss Ah Luo hadn't stopped him, I would have chopped him to death then."

"Oh, yeah."That God Emperor also looked at Tang Zichen and narrowed his eyes.

Mr. Gojun said to Tang Zichen, "Kid, are you going to take care of yourself, or shall I?"

Tang Zichen gritted his teeth and said, "Mr. Gojun, do you really want to make a deal with me?"

Tang Zichen was furious, not respecting him at all, at least Tang Zichen was a person who could appear here.

"Haha, Liangzi?What the fuck are you beams, what kind of onion are you that you also deserve to be my beams."Go Jun was furious, as Tang Zichen spoke as if he took himself seriously.

The man behind Mr. Guo Jun also sneered, "What a big mouth, what kind of person is my grandson, afraid of you making a beam?"

Tang Zichen clenched both fists.

Mr. Guo Jun's grandfather said, "Jun'er, don't be long-winded with him, if you really want to finish him off, don't do it here, drag him outside, but don't pollute the air at the banquet."

"Okay, Grandpa."

After saying that, Gojun reached out to grab Tang Zichen's hair and tried to drag him out. The first website

However, what Princess Gojun didn't expect was that Tang Zichen had Old Sang's protection on his body.

As soon as Princess Gojun touched Tang Zichen's hair, that protection just crumbled.

"Ah."Princess Gojun shouted as his five fingers collapsed, and there was blood all over the floor.

"What happened?"Mr. Gojun's grandfather was shocked.

"Grandpa, he has an anti-shock ban on him."

"What."Grandpa Gojun's grandfather was about to get angry.

At that moment, a voice came out, "Stop."

Old Sang slowly came.

Tang Zichen saw Old Sang coming and gave his body a send.

This Go Jun son, was a top grade god, Tang Zichen was no match for him, if Old Sang hadn't put protection on him, Tang Zichen would have feared death.

Old Sang chuckled, "Goheyun, it's you."

"Old Sang, what are you doing?Could it be that you know this kid?"Guo Heiyun's eyebrows furrowed straight.

"Hahaha, Guo Heiyun, truth be told, this person is called Wind Light Cloud, he is my disciple, and I brought him here today to see the world."

"Hmph, it's unheard of that you would also be in the Super Banquet."

"Although I'm not interested in fame and freedom, it doesn't mean I don't have a bit of a social life.I wonder where my apprentice has offended your son."Lao Sang said.

Guo Heiyun said, "Now the one who injured his hand is my grandson, how are you going to give me an explanation for this?"

"No need to explain, it was your grandson's desire to kill Wind Lightning that injured his hand from my anti-shock protection."

"Old Sang, don't force me."

"Force you?I'm not interested, okay, I don't have time for your bullshit.Wind Lightning, let's go."

"Yes, Master."Old Sang came along with Tang Zichen.

Guo Heiyun's eyes looked at Tang Zichen and Old Sang angrily.

"Grandpa, my hand was injured by that brat, you have to avenge me."

Guo Heiyun said, "The one who hurt your hand was not that brat, it was Old Sang, Old Sang had already seen that he was secretly manipulating the protection and deliberately crushed your finger.On you, you also have my protection, it's usually impossible to hurt your hand."

"I'm just saying it's strange, Grandpa, how will this account be settled."

"Don't worry, sooner or later, I'll settle it for you."

After leaving, Tang Zichen said, "Master, I've gotten you into trouble."


Light Cloud, trouble can't be avoided, but in the future, have less contact with such people, Guo Heiyun and his grandson, Guo Jun, are not good people."

"Master, you seem to have a bad relationship with him."

"Hahaha, of course it's not good, how can I be on good terms with this kind of person.Come here today, whether you make enemies or friends, go boldly and don't back down in any way, because, you are representing my Old Sang's face, understand?"

"Understood, I won't embarrass you."Tang Zichen was busy.

"Good, go ahead, there are many young talents here, you try to get to know them too."


Tang Zichen said in his heart, I guess no one here looks up to him, but Tang Zichen tried to do so.

"Hello."Tang Zichen walked towards the two inferior gods who were talking to each other.

"Who are you?"That two lower gods asked.

"My name is Wind Lightning, today is my first time attending the Super Banquet, may I meet you?"

"Who wants to get to know you, silly hangman?Get out of the way."One of them scolded.

Tang Zichen was in a fury, he came to befriend with good intentions, he? He didn't even ask anything, he just called him a stupid hangman.

Tang Zichen wanted to get angry, but forget it, who let Tang Zichen was the one who took the initiative to go up and greet people, and he couldn't blame others for being coldly treated.

"Alright."Tang Zichen accosted and walked away.

After Tang Zichen walked away, those two people also said in a humiliating tone, "Where's the stupid hangman, this super banquet is really badly run year after year."

"Yeah, only we, the sons and grandsons of God Emperors used to be able to come in, but now, any little cat or puppy can come in."

Tang Zichen's heart was uncomfortable when he heard their words.

Forget it, a little setback is nothing.

Re-searching for others, Tang Zichen didn't believe that he couldn't make a single friend here.

Soon, Tang Zichen locked onto his target again.

It was a young man, and that man was also an Inferior Grade God.

Tang Zichen had chosen an inferior god because he himself was also an inferior god.

That young man was drinking alone.

Tang Zichen walked up with his wine cup.


"What for?"

That young man's gaze was not good.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Drinking mulled wine by yourself, how about I accompany you for a couple of drinks?"Tang Zichen said in a condescending manner.

The reason Tang Zichen was so positive was that he didn't want to wait for Old Sang to come back and ask Tang Zichen how many new friends he had met, but there were none, as if Tang Zichen was so incapable of acting like a human being.

The young man sized up Tang Zichen and smiled, "Not bad."

"Uh, what's not bad?"

"You're a nice guy."

Tang Zichen smiled, "That's right, everyone who knows me is that I'm easy to get along with and a worthy friend, I wonder if Your Excellency would like to get to know me."

The young man extended his hand and said, "My name is Si Qing."

Tang Zichen was also busy saying, "My name is Wind Lightning."

"Hehe."Si Qing smiled and gently clinked with Tang Zichen with his wine glass.



After finishing the drink, Si Qing asked in a low voice, "Brother Feng is also a person of character, right?"

Tang Zichen wondered why the whispered question, Tang Zichen nodded and said, "Of course."

Person of Character meant very easy-going, Tang Zichen's dictionary was like this.


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