Dish Best Served Cold 776-780


Chapter 776

As the saying goes, if you're a father and son in battle, you're brothers in arms.

    If the older brother can't do it, then the younger brother will.

    Therefore, over there Ye Tian's family had just cooled down, and here Ye Ya led his wife and son to welcome them again.

    "Haha, Xu Dong, there's something wrong to welcome you from afar, ah?"

    "However, your old man is highly respected, and it's us who are the younger generation who have to pay our respects to you, so why have you personally come today?"

    Ye Ya was already exchanging pleasantries from a long distance away.

    Ye Jian was even more Uncle Xu, Uncle Xu's non-stop shouting, a flattering look of a son seeing his father.

    Xu Sihai saw them acting like they were the masters, thinking that they should be one of the owners of this old mansion .

    Thus also stopped and smiled back, "Heavy words."

    "My achievements and fame at this point are ultimately far from Mr. Chu's."

    "Therefore, it is natural for me to pay my respects to Mr. Chu."

    Hearing this, the Ye Ya family was stunned once again.

    Mr. Chu?

    Mr. Chu again?

    Didn't Gu Jiaxiang say he'd come to worship Mr. Chu at first?

    But, what the fuck is this?

    This is the Ye family's old house, Mr. Chu who worships peat!

    Ye Ya's face darkened then, but still forced a smile and asked politely, "Dong Xu, are you sure that you are here to pay your respects to Mr. Chu?"

    "But this is the Ye family's old house, there are at most a few Mr. Ye, where is there any Mr. Chu?"

    Ye Ya smiled with a face.

    The rest of the people were also all looking forward in confusion, waiting for the next development of things.

    However, no one noticed that there was only a beautiful woman in the hall, drinking tea with her head bowed down, with an inexplicable dimple on her pretty face.

    Naturally, this flowery-looking girl with smiling eyes was Ye Fan's wife, Qiu Mu Orange.

    With so many people present, the only one who could smile was probably the "Empress" of Jiangdong.

    Others didn't know, but Qiu Mucheng was undoubtedly very clear.

    The Mr. Chu among these people, other than her husband Ye Fan, who else could there be?

    "This villain is really stirring up trouble wherever he goes."

    "It's going to kill you if you don't make a splash, isn't it?"

    Qiu Mu Orange shook her head and smiled, only feeling how familiar the scene before her was.

    When he was in Yunzhou, wasn't Ye Fan like this, keeping everyone in the dark, while he was silently pretending to be there.

    Once upon a time, Qiu Mu Orange was also kept in the dark by Ye Fan like now, so miserable.

    However, Qiu Mu Orange couldn't blame Ye Fan when she thought back in detail.

    After all, Ye Fan had told Qiu Mu Orange countless times about his identity as Mr. Chu, and naturally, no one believed him as a result.

    In the end, if not for seeing it with her own eyes at the Haitian feast, it's unlikely that Qiu Mu Orange would have thought that the once unknown and submissive son-in-law of the Qiu family was Mr. Chu, the famous and all-powerful Jiangdong, right?

    "Just why did you have to have him called Mr. Chu even though his last name is Ye?"

    Qiu Mu Orange could never figure it out.

    However, how could Qiu Mu Orange know that Ye Fan's real name was originally surnamed Chu.

    In the courtyard while Qiu Mu Orange's eyebrows were smiling, that Xu Sihai nodded his head after hearing Ye Ya's words, "Well, it can also be said that it is Mr. Ye."

    The corners of Ye Ya's eyes jumped as he heard the words of déjà vu.

    He was silent for a moment and asked probingly, "Then you are here to worship my brother, Ye Tian?"

    "Ye Tian?"Xu Sihai frowned, "Who is Ye Tian, I don't know him, I'm here to pay my respects to Mr. Ye."

    Hearing this, Ye Jian, who had been silent beside him, but he already had a bad feeling in his heart.

    Eventually, he stretched out his hand and pointed to a place in the courtyard, and asked in a low, trembling voice, "The Mr. Ye you said, is...Is it him?"

    When Xu Sihai saw this, he whirled around and looked over in the direction that Ye Jian pointed.

    There, he saw a thin man, sitting quietly and leisurely sipping tea.

    The clear and beautiful face was calm, with no joy or sadness.

    After seeing this person, Xu Sihai was delighted, and then, ignoring Ye Ya and his son, he whirled around and took two steps in three steps, walking towards there.


    "Mr. Chu, it's been many days since we parted at the Sea and Sky Feast."

    "Today, upon hearing that Mr. Chu has come to Jingzhou, I have come to pay my respects."

    "I, Chen Wanqiu, on behalf of the Sheng Shi Group, wish Mr. Chu a Happy New Year."

    "I wish Mr. Chu, all the best in the new year and Hong Fu!"

    After Xu Sihai went forward, he bowed to Ye Fan and worshiped.

    That reverent voice, that act of worship, was like a thunderstorm that exploded throughout the Ye family courtyard.

    All of them, muddled on the spot, one by one, were dumbstruck!

    Obviously, before this, no one thought that the chairman of the Sheng Shi Group, Chen Sihai, the head of the Four Seas Chamber of Commerce, was coming for Ye Fan?

    Suddenly, the Ye family courtyard was silent, leaving only the echoes of that Chen Sihai's respectful voice.

    Ye Fan, however, was always calm.

    Even in the face of the business magnate who once reigned in Jingzhou before his eyes, Ye Fan still looked ordinary and his heart was like ripples.

    That indifferent appearance, as if a generation of monarchs, high above the world, looking down on powerful ministers.

    Not to mention allowing Xu Sihai to take his seat, there wasn't even a word of pleasantries.

    Faced with Xu Sihai's worship, Ye Fan only returned with a faint, "You too, did Lei Laosan let you come?"

    Xu Sihai nodded and returned respectfully, "Yes."

    "If it wasn't for Lei San telling us, I'm afraid we wouldn't have been able to touch this place."

    "Third Master Lei is escorting the jade at this time and will arrive afterwards."

    "Third Master let us come over first to pay our respects to Mr. Chu as well as the Orderly Hall."

    Ye Fan listened and also nodded with a smile, "This Third Master Lei is quite good at it."

    "Alright, if you want to pay your respects, go ahead?"

    "My mother, my wife, and my grandfather are all seated inside."

    "That's good, Mr. Chu, so I'll go in first."Xu Sihai gave a respectful response, then he brought his gift and boarded the door to pay his respects.

    At this time, there weren't many people sitting in the Ye family's main hall.

    After looking around, Xu Sihai first paid his respects to Ye Ximei, "You are Ye Fan's mother, right?"

    After seeing Ye Xie Mei nodding, Xu Sihai once again respectfully said, "My humble servant, Xu Wanqiu, pays my respects to Madam."

    "A little thought, not a token of respect, please accept it as well."

    After sending the gift, Xu Sihai looked towards Ye Xilan again and asked politely, "You should be Mr. Ye Fan's wife, right?"

    After Xu Sihai's words fell, the air in the entire Ye family hall froze for a moment.

    At that time, Ye Xilan's face turned black.

    She had never dreamed that one day, she would be treated as the wife of that wimpy nephew of hers.

    The Jiang Yulang siblings were similarly ugly and looked ahead and then at Ye Fan.

    I thought to myself, if his mother was Ye Fan's wife, then Ye Fan, would he be his siblings' real father?

    This is fucking bullshit!

    At this time, Ye Xilan was also suppressing her heart full of anger and gritted her teeth.

    "I'm her aunt!!!"


"So it's Mr. Chu's aunt."

    "I told you."

    "Mr. Chu is extremely dignified, and his wife must be a beautiful woman."

    "How could it be a person who is old and pale?"

    After hearing Ye Xilan's answer, Xu Sihai nodded his head and said with certainty.

    Just now, he was a bit strange, what kind of a big man was Mr. Chu, why did he marry such a bad wife?

    It's just as well to look old and pearly, but the key is also ugly.

    Of course, this was only Xu Sihai's own opinion.

    Although Ye Xilan's appearance was far inferior to her sister Ye Ximei's, it wasn't considered ugly, it could only be described as mediocre.

    However, this kind of posture was naturally ugly in the eyes of someone like Xu Sihai, who had seen many beautiful women.

    Hearing these words from Xu Sihai, at that time, Ye Xilan was near to dying of anger.

    In a pair of eyes, fire almost spewed out.

    It was as if she didn't want to burn the bastard in front of her to death.

    After so many years, this was the first time she had heard that someone said that she was ugly, that she was old and pearly?

    To any woman, that kind of assessment would undoubtedly be a violent attack.

    However, where did Xu Sihai pay attention to her, he once again looked up and around until his eyes rested on Qiu Mu Orange's body, at that time, Xu Sihai only felt astonished.

    Then, he stepped forward and respectfully said, "You should be, Mr. Chu's wife, right?"

    "When it's a fallen beauty!"

    "In this Jiangdong land, only your beauty can match Mr. Chu's unparalleled majesty."

    After seeing Qiu Mu Orange nod his head, Xu Sihai then greeted him respectfully.

    After paying his respects to Qiu Mu Orange, Xu Sihai then paid his respects to Old Master Ye who was sitting on the high seat.


    "Ye old man, happy New Year."

    "You old man, you have a good grandson."

    "With Mr. Chu here, the Ye family will definitely soar to great heights in the future and leap to the rank of the number one gentry in Jingzhou in one fell swoop."

    "At that time, even Master Lei San, when he sees your old man, I'm afraid he'll have to respectfully toast you with a glass of wine."

    Xu Sihai laughed.

    His words, although they were complimentary, they were by no means false!

    With Ye Fan's current status in Jiangdong, even if the Ye family is just Ye Fan's mother's mother's family, as long as the Ye family doesn't do anything, they can completely rely on this relationship with Ye Fan to ascend to the top of power in Jingzhou!

    As the saying goes, if one person gets the way, chickens and dogs rise to heaven.

    The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you are not going to be able to do anything about it, but if you are going to be able to do anything about it, you will be able to do it.

    After all, in ancient times, if Ye Fan was the Emperor of Jiangdong, then the Ye family, was an imperial relative ah.

    However, listening to Xu Sihai's words, Old Master Ye only smiled awkwardly, but he simply didn't know how to reply.

    After all, he had lived most of his life and everyone had praised him for having a good grandson and granddaughter, this was the first time he had heard someone praise him for having a good grandson?

    The old man Ye didn't know if it was true or not, so he could only smile with embarrassment.

    After paying his respects to the old man Ye, Xu Sihai also got up and left.

    The old man Ye asked him to finish his meal before leaving, but Xu Sihai shook his head and refused.

    He knew that he was just an insignificant little person in Mr. Chu's place, where is there a seat for him?

    You know, a moment to come, can be all reprimanded various prefecture-level city's leading big brother.

    In Jingzhou local, he might still be a figure.

    But if you look at the whole of Jiangdong, he Xu Sihai is nothing more than that.

    Thus, after Xu Sihai toasted Ye Fan with a cup of wine, he also left soon after.

    But long after Xu Sihai left, the crowd in the hall of the Ye family was still in a state of bewilderment.

    Especially Ye Ya and Ye Tian, they all stared at each other, unable to believe the scene that had just happened.

    The president of the Four Seas Chamber of Commerce, Xu Sihai, the business senior who once rebuilt Jingzhou, returned to pay his respects to Ye Fan?

    "An outcast, a wimpy son-in-law only."

    "Is that possible?"

    Ye Ya only felt unimaginable and hard to believe.

    The second aunt also shook her head, "That's right, it's simply impossible."

    "I see ah, this person, is an actor hired by Ye Fan and his mother and son, right."

    "Just now, it was just a play put on for us by their mother and son."

    "If you all don't believe me, take a look at the gift that the so-called General Manager Xu, gave us!"

    "Whether it's an actor or not, we'll know at a glance."

    "How, Sister, dare you show us?"

    "Of course, if you're guilty and don't let us watch, there's nothing we can do."

    The second aunt smiled coldly, as if she had already decided that Xu Sihai was the actor Ye Fan had just invited.

    But thinking about it, in their opinion, Ye Fan was just a wimpy door-to-door son-in-law, so why would he have the qualifications to have business giants like Xu Sihai come to pay his respects in person.


    When she heard this from her second aunt, Ye Xi Mei's heart was at a loss.

    She was also worried that that person just now, was a prop invited by her own son.

    If that was the case, then the gift that was given must not be anything valuable.

    At that time, when the matter was exposed, their mother and son would undoubtedly be even more humiliated.

    Hesitantly, Ye Ximei looked towards her son, hoping to wait for Ye Fan's response.

    However, Ye Fan was still sitting peacefully in the courtyard at this time, lightly sipping tea, as if he was unaware of the events in the hall.

    "What, big sister, don't dare to open it?"

    Seeing Ye Xie Mei's appearance like this, the sneer on the second aunt's face undoubtedly intensified.

    "How about it, Dad.Am I right, I knew that person was a prop hired by that grandson of yours."

    "What Xu Sihai?What chairman?"

    "It's all a lie."

    "If this is really a great man, how could he condescend to pay homage to a door-to-door son-in-law?"

    "These, that good grandson of yours, hired to trick us, just to satisfy his pathetic vanity."

    Second Aunt smiled proudly.

    Ye Xilan then echoed, "Exactly!"

    "You are nothing, mediocre, and vain?"

    "Doing this kind of disgraceful thing of making falsehoods."

    "Dad, our Ye family's face has been disgraced by this Ye Fan."

    "Let me say, hurry up and tell him to get lost, drive him out of the Ye family, seeing is not bad enough."

    Ye Xilan said in a furious voice, the anger that had just been insulted by Xu Sihai was now undoubtedly all relinquished on Ye Fan.

    However, just as everyone was verbally attacking Ye Fan, Qiu Mu Orange, who had been silent, quietly raised her head and looked towards Ye Xiemei, smiling softly, "Mom, since Auntie and the others want to see the gift from Xu Dong, then open it and just let them see it."

    "But..."Ye Xie Mei had concerns.

    Qiu Mu Orange smiled and reassured, "Mom, it's fine, just open it and take a look."

    Listening to Qiu Mu Orange's advice, Ye Xie Mei's heart was fierce.

    Forget it, let's die.

    Eventually, Ye Xie Mei Fang summoned up her courage and bit her teeth, then opened that gift box.




    It was as if a treasured sword came out of the box.

    A dense pearly light and treasure energy came like a wave.

    In a split second, the crowd that filled the hall was all trembling with fear.

    Only a golden brocade was neatly folded and placed within that gift box.

    Without saying a word, the second aunt walked over, picked up the embroidery from the gift box, and with a splash, unfolded it right in front of everyone.

    A pair of peony pictures embroidered by silk threads suddenly appeared in front of everyone's eyes.

    The exquisite workmanship, the beautiful and noble peony embroidery, but it made many people's eyes shine.


    "What did I think it was?"

    "So it's just a broken cross-stitch."

    "I've bought this before, my cross-stitch of a pair of ten thousand horses at home is several times bigger than this, but it only cost me two thousand yuan."

    "This piece, I guess it's worth a thousand yuan to hold up to death."

    Second Aunt laughed after seeing it was just a cross-stitch.

    While holding up this peony picture, she smirked with pride and ridicule.

    The words were full of mockery.

    "Now it looks like it's really an act, huh?"

    "This Ye family's great grandson is also really vain."

    "Even the New Year's worshipping guests are paying to have someone perform?"

    "This kind of vain generation is destined to spend their entire lives, and it's hard to be successful."

    After hearing Ye Fan's second aunt's words, all the guests in the hall, also laughed.

    They all shook their heads and said.

    However, at this moment, a sudden cry of alarm sounded from the crowd.

    "This...This is..."

    "Golden silk and jade embroidery?!"

    "God, it's even gold silk and jade embroidery, or a peony picture."

    "Baby, this is baby!"

    Someone suddenly ran over and approached, admiring the peony embroidery in front of him as if he were admiring a great treasure.

    It was full of fanaticism and joy.

    "Well, Old Zhu?"

    "What gold silk and jade embroidery?"

    "And baby?"

    "You're afraid you're not stupid, aren't you?"

    "Didn't Chief Ye's wife say that a cross-stitch is just a cross-stitch, it's only worth a thousand dollars at the end of the day."

    "A thousand dollars for something that's just precious?"The crowd was puzzled.

    "A thousand?"The man shook his head, and instead of being rude, he just cursed, "A pussy, what the hell does she know?!"

    "And a thousand dollars?"

    "You wouldn't be able to buy this for ten million dollars!"

    "Do you know what this is?"

    "It's gold silk and jade embroidery!"

    "In other words, the golden peony on this is stitched with pure gold thread."

    "And, I've seen this Golden Peony embroidery before."

    "Last month at the Jingzhou auction house, Xu Sihai sold it for twenty-eight million!"

    "It is said to be embroidered by a national treasure master who has spent his life's work on it."

    "Now it seems that Xu Sihai auctioned this object to give it to them ah."

    "Just this picture alone is probably worth half of our Ye Yang Town."

    "Do you guys think that this is a treasure?"

    Zhu Gongming said excitedly.

    But the others were all confused after hearing it.

    Everyone, for a moment, was horrified.

    "You...What did you say?"

    "This embroidery is worth twenty-eight million?"


    "It's a joke, isn't it?"

    Ye Jian's eyes were staring out.

    The second aunt was also red-eyed and lost her voice as she shouted, "That's right!"

    "How is that possible?"

    "A broken embroidery is worth twenty-eight million?Just to suck up to a family of losers?"

    "Fake, this has to be fake!"

    "Boss Zhu, take a closer look.This can't be real~"

    Second Aunt was full of panic, not wanting to believe it at all.

    "Fake peat ah fake!"

    "I, Zhu Gongming, have been selling jewellery for half my life, can't I compare to you, a pussy?"

    "Really or not, I would not be able to tell?"

    "When I say it's worth twenty-eight million, it's worth twenty-eight million!"

    "If you don't believe me, do you all go over there and weigh the weight?"

    "If it wasn't sewn with real gold, would it be so heavy?"

    Zhu Gongming said in an angry voice.

    What he hated the most was people questioning his eyesight.

    He had relied on his eyesight all his life, and if his eyesight was questioned, it would undoubtedly be the same as smashing his rice bowl.

    Hearing such firm and decisive words from Zhu Gongming, Ye Ya and the others were undoubtedly all stupefied in place.

    They looked at Ye Fan's mother and son, and then at the heavenly embroidery worth tens of millions, but they were jealous and jealous.

    Especially Ye Fan's second aunt, even up to now, still found it hard to believe the scene in front of her.

    She couldn't stop shaking her head, still hardening her mouth, "Impossible, never?"

    "He, Ye Fan, is just a door-to-door son-in-law and an abandoned son."

    "What virtue does he have?Afford this gift?"

    "This can never be true!"

    However, just as the second aunt was roaring, outside the Ye family's old house, there were a number of luxury cars, driving in.

    A clean-cut Mercedes baby, an Audi Cayenne.

    Every single one of them, almost all of them were over a million luxury cars.

    Then, as if they had agreed, these people all got off the car.

    Each suit was straight, instrumental and elegant.

    Between the walks, there was even a noble temperament emanating from the inside out.

    It was obvious at a glance that these people, I'm afraid, were all people of good status.

    Sure enough, after these people handed their business cards to the singing children at the entrance, immediately after, that one thunderous voice resounded throughout the entire Ye family mansion.

    "Fengxiang Holdings' president, Ding Zhidong, has arrived!"


    "Ding Ji Dong?"

    "Ten billionaire Ding Zhidong?"

    Someone lost their voice and shouted.


    "The Chairman of Jiu Yang Industry, Xu Jiuyang, has arrived!"

    Oh, my God.

    "Hundred Billion Group, Nine Sun Industries?"

    Another scream sounded.


    Finally, until the last voice rang out .

    This place boiled for a moment!

    "The head of the Yaohua Group, the richest man in Jingzhou, Lin Yaohua has arrived!"



    It was as if a gale swept and thunder exploded.

    Everyone, at that time, was confused.

    Their minds were buzzing.

    Everyone, dead-eyed and crazy to the point of drawing cold air.

    In their hearts, all of them were ze shock waves sweeping.

    "Yaohua Palm?"

    "Jing...The richest man in Kingston?"

    Oh, shit.

    Many people had gone crazy when they heard Lin Yaohua's name.

    Old faces drew wildly and the corners of their eyes trembled straight.

    Never in their wildest dreams had they imagined that a small Ye family's annual meeting would even attract the richest man in Jingzhou?

    "It's against the sky."

    "It's going against the sky~"

    "Even the richest man in Kingston has arrived?"

    "What is the Leaf family doing this year?"

    "Is this going against the grain?"




    "Our Ye Yang Town, I'm afraid that after today, there will be a giants and nobles."

    "In the future, the Ye family is going to soar to great heights~"

    Outside the old mansion, the neighbors and townspeople who were onlookers were also all trembling.

    Filled with emotion and excitement, they were filled with envy and respect for the Ye family.

    Before this, people only thought that this year's Ye family, the highest status of guests to pay respects, should be those leaders of the county.

    However, who would have thought that the guests of the Ye family this year were each so powerful?

    Even the city's rich merchants and bigwigs, all came to pay their respects.

    Such a big scene, for these small town residents, it was undoubtedly an unprecedented event.

    However, how could they know that it was only nowhere?

    Everyone thought that Lin Yaohua's arrival was the climax of the day.

    Little did they know that everything had only just begun.


Outside the Ye family's old house, there was a lot of noise.

    It was as if a pot of boiling water, boiling back to the heavens.

    But inside the Ye family's old mansion, it was silent.

    Everyone had been completely dumbfounded, Ye Tian and Ye Ya brothers, hearing that one more than one awesome name, were so scared that they didn't dare to say a word.

    The inside and outside of this house was but a door apart, but it was a heavenly difference between fire and ice.

    Outside, it was bustling with activity.

    Inside, however, it was silent!

    It was as if the sound of a pin dropping could be heard.

    The only thing that echoed was just the sound of those business tycoons stepping on the ground.

    The low footsteps, stepping on the bluestone ground, but it shook the hearts of the Ye family.

    Ye Ya had been confused, flabbergasted and didn't dare to move in place.

    Ye Tian was equally terrified, unable to say a word.

    The only one who was still able to maintain his composure was probably Old Master Ye.

    Although Old Master Ye didn't know why he had suddenly attracted so many immortals this year, but no matter what, since people had come, it was giving face to their Ye family.

    Their Ye family, naturally, couldn't lack the courtesy.

    Therefore, Old Master Ye then urged Ye Tian and Ye Ya brothers to go over and greet them.

    However, allowing Master Ye to shout his throat out, these two brothers, no one dared to move a muscle.

    Obviously, after the previous two lessons, they were also humiliated and scared.

    If they really came at themselves, it would be just fine.

    But if it wasn't their own guests, they licked their faces and went over to greet them, and then touched their noses again, that would be a bad taste.

    Thus, for a while, after the arrival of these big personalities, there was no one to greet the Noda's Ye family.

    However, Lin Yaohua and the others were not angry in the slightest.

    After entering the door, they looked around on their own.

    Soon, they saw Ye Fan who was sitting quietly in the courtyard, sipping tea by himself.

    After discovering Ye Fan, these rich merchants of Jingzhou no longer delayed and all went forward to pay their respects.

    "On behalf of Fengxiang Holdings, I, Ding Zhidong..."


    "I, Xu Jiuyang, represent Jiu Yang Industry ..."


    "I, Lin Yaohua, represent the Yaohua Group..."

    "To Mr. Chu, New Year's Eve!"

    "Happy New Year, Mr. Chu!"


    "Happy New Year, Mr. Chu!"


    Under the leadership of Jingzhou's richest man, Lin Yaohua, everyone worshipped Ye Fan in unison.

    The rising and falling voices gathered into a stream, but it churned the entire world.

    The voices of respect and words of reverence were even more shocking to countless people.

    Dead silence!

    Dead silence!

    The entire Ye family's old house was once again silent.

    Ye Tian was muddled in place, and Ye Ya stared at it.

    Ye Xi Lan forgot to breathe, the second aunt was even more shocked into a dumb goose.

    As for Ye Jian as well as Jiang Yulang, these people of the younger generation, were even more trembling, unable to close their mouths.

    Everyone there was stunned at the scene before them.

    "This...These people..."

    "All...All of them, coming at Ye Fan?"

    Ye Jian was trembling and spoke with a tremor.

    However, Lin Yaohua and the others would naturally ignore the tremors of the Ye family.

    They had come today mainly to pay their respects to Mr. Chu.

    Lei laosan had obviously put in a lot of effort to befriend Ye Fan.

    Not only did he do his best to help Ye Fan raise jade stones, he also called on all the rich and powerful people in Jingzhou to go over and pay their respects to Ye Fan.

    Naturally, Lin Yaohua and the others were also begging for this call from Lei Laosan.

    This was a win-win thing.

    They could take advantage of this to get acquainted in front of Ye Fan, and Ye Fan's family could also gain some face as a result.

    As for the rest of the Ye family, Lin Yaohua and the others naturally didn't bother.

    At most, they would talk to them politely for Ye Fan's face.

    Otherwise, without Ye Fan, these people of the Ye family would be nothing in the eyes of their group of business tycoons!

    After paying their respects to Ye Fan, they also entered the hall and paid their respects to Ye Ximei, as well as Qiu Mu orange and Ye old man in turn.

    The two of them, Qiu Mu orange and Ye Xi Mei, are the two women who are the closest to Ye Fan in the world, and they have to pay their respects to him.

    The old man Ye, who is the head of the Ye family and has the highest seniority, should also be worshipped by them.

    As for Ye Fan's grandmother, as well as Ye Tian Ye Ya, Lin Yaohua and the others didn't even pay attention to them.

    After all, Ye Fan didn't introduce them, so they naturally didn't know what relationship Ye Tian and the others had with Ye Fan, and only treated them as guests who came to pay their respects just like them.

    So much so that when the two Ye Ya brothers took the initiative to talk to the richest man, Lin Yaohua didn't even take care of them.

    Instead, he had the bodyguards behind them, pushing them aside.

    "Get out of the way, get out of the way!"

    The cold and hard words were like a slap on Ye Ya's face.

    At that time Ye Ya, Ye Ya blushed his old face and honestly gave way.

    Looking at this completely different treatment from his nephew, Ye Ya's family naturally felt ashamed and humiliated.

    I thought today would be their family's most glamorous moment.

    Now, it seemed that their family had just become a joke.

    After paying their respects, Lin Yaohua and his group also bid farewell to Ye Fan and got up to leave.

    "Mr. Chu, Third Master and the others will be arriving soon."

    "We are aware of our humble status, so we won't bother you much."

    Amidst the respectful and respectful voices, these people gradually went away amidst the terrified gazes of the crowd.

    However, although they left, the tremors in the hearts of the crowd did not leave.

    Ye Xiemei was in a state of vertigo by now.

    Ever since their mother and son were banished from the Chu family ten years ago, Ye Xiemei's life that was once full of light was plunged into an endless darkness.

    Ye Xie Mei had thought that the rest of her life would also be spent in endless darkness and humility.

    But never thought that the sudden arrival of these people today would push her, too, to a high place, to be noticed and enjoy the scenery.

    She looked at the tens of millions of dollars worth of jade embroidery in her hand, and then looked at her beautiful daughter-in-law, Autumn Mucheng, beside her, and then recalled the scene where the richest man in Jingzhou had paid respects to her.

    All of them, surprisingly, are so unreal and hazy.

    The actual actual actuality is that you'll be able to get a lot more than just a few of them.

    The actual fact is that you'll be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.

    Her trembling delicate body, she looked towards Qiu Mu Orange beside her, "This...These, are they all real?"

    "Mu Orange, are you really, Fanny's wife?"

    "He...Are they, really all here to pay their respects to Van, to our family, to pay their respects?"


"Mom, it's true."

    "Your son, he's good, isn't he?"

    In the hall, Qiu Mu Orange's pretty face was smiling as she said softly.

    In those beautiful eyes, there were bright and flickering, a smile.

    No one, could understand Ye Xie Mei's mood at the moment as much as Autumn Mucheng Orange.

    Just like when Ye Fan stepped into the sky to be congratulated by Ten Thousand States in the Sea Origin Pavilion, her mood was not exactly the same as Ye Xie Mei.

    It only felt trembling and unreal, as if she was dreaming.

    But while Ye Xie Mei was weeping with joy, Ye Ya's family, but their old faces were so ugly that they couldn't say a word.

    The three members of their family, all of them drooped their heads and hung their heads in depression, where was the slightest bit of arrogance from before?

    The previous scene, if the one who was hit the hardest would naturally be their family.

    Thinking before, when their family's guests came to pay their respects, how proud and proud were Ye Ya and his second aunt?

    Even Ye Jian deliberately flaunted in front of Ye Fan, showing off their family's vast connections.

    But who would have thought that right after that, all the various rich people in Jingzhou City would come to pay their respects.

    Xu Sihai, Lin Yaohua...As loud as these people's names were, the Ye Ya family was embarrassed in their hearts.

    After all, those who came to pay their respects to their own family were either feed mills or pig breeders.

    But people Ye Fan, the guests who came to pay New Year's greetings, each of them were CEOs of 10 billion groups and directors of listed companies.

    Moreover, the gifts were worth tens of millions of gold and jade embroidery.

    On the other hand, their family received some cigarettes, some wine, and the most valuable was only a watch that cost about a thousand dollars.

    Compared to Ye Fan, those guests of their family were a piece of shit, not on the same level at all.

    Thinking of this, Ye Ya's family, naturally felt shameless.

    The second aunt was even more embarrassed and bowed her head, her old face reddened, and she didn't even have the face to look at Ye Xie Mei anymore.

    But embarrassment is embarrassment, but Ye Ya and his family, still haven't figured out why, the mother and son who have been nestled all their lives, why can they attract so many rich and powerful big men to worship today?

    While the Second Aunt and the others were confused, Old Master Ye, who was sitting high above, undoubtedly began to reacquaint himself with this great nephew.

    Master Ye looked at the Ye Fan who was sitting quietly in the courtyard, peacefully sipping tea from afar, and even lamented, "Boss, it seems that we, all of us, have underestimated Little Fan."

    "Little Fan has left Jingzhou these years, I'm afraid he's done a lot of great things."

    "In the past, I always thought that Little Fan was the most unproductive one in the next generation."

    "But now it seems that we were all wrong."

    "Little Fan is the next generation of our Ye family, the most dazzling one!"

    Old Master Ye said grudgingly, his old eyes filled with relief and joy.

    Among all the people present, apart from Ye Fan's mother and his wife, Qiu Mu Orange, the only one who was heartily happy for Ye Fan was probably the old man Ye in front of him.

    "Dazzling my ass!"

    "Just some cheap merchants?"

    "What's there to be proud of?"

    "Do you really think that just because you're hugging the thighs of these cheap businessmen, you think you're somebody?"

    "What are they to me?"

    Ye Tian, however, snorted coldly, his face livid, and continued to speak.

    "This group of lowly merchants, how dare they still show their faces at me and push me?"

    "I see that we have gone too far in giving them freedom, and even we dare to disrespect them?"

    "When tomorrow comes, I'll make these cheap merchants pay!"

    Ye Tian's eyebrows and eyes were cold, but his heart was burning with anger.

    Obviously, Ye Tian was still angry over the incident where Xu Sihai had just pushed him aside like a dog.

    Ye Tian had been in a high position for a long time and was used to being pampered.

    In normal days, no matter the town or the county, no matter the politics or the business world, which one of them is not courteous to him?

    But today, Xu Sihai and the others ignored him, which undoubtedly gave Ye Tian the anger of being strangely humiliated.

    Plus, he was already displeased with Ye Fan's family.

    Now that they were full of scenery, Ye Tian was naturally unhappy in his heart, and the dislike with Ye Fan in his heart not only didn't recede in any way, but also intensified.

    As for those rich merchants who came to pay their respects to Ye Fan earlier, although they also really surprised Ye Tian, but that was all.

    He would not bow down to Ye Fan's family as a result.

    After all, in Ye Tian's heart, he actually despised these merchants in his heart.

    The ideology of the Chinese government had already been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and Ye Tian, who considered himself noble, thought from his heart that Xu Sihai and the others were just a bunch of lowly merchants, nothing to be afraid of.

    When his official guests arrived later, they would be the real VIPs!

    With this thought in his mind, Ye Tian didn't say anything else.

    Instead, with a gloomy old face, he continued to sit there and wait quietly.

    Sure enough, in a short while, there was another clamor outside the old mansion.

    Only a number of red-flagged cars were seen, arriving slowly.

    A moment later, the clear and resonant voice of the singing name child resounded through the clouds in a moment.

    "Dongyang County County Party Committee Leader, Qin Hongfei has arrived!"


    "Leader of the Huachun County Party Committee, Shen Bichen has arrived!"


    "Jiuhua County Discipline Committee leader, Zheng Yuanbo has arrived!"


    One after another, like a wave, the voices echoed one after another.

    After hearing these familiar names, Ye Tian was suddenly delighted.

    After holding back for so long, it was finally his moment to pretend .

    Thus, the moment these people appeared in the old mansion, Ye Tian immediately left his seat and stood up.


    "Come on, honey."

    "Here's our home turf!"

    "Follow me to meet the leaders."

    Ye Tian, who had been suppressed for a long time, finally regained his previous scenery and arrogance at this point.

    He took the hand of his own wife, Dongmei, and strode towards the door to greet them with his head held high.


    "Ye County, Happy New Year."


    "I haven't seen you for more than half a year, Ye County is getting more and more spirited."

    "I can hear that next year, Ye County is going to transfer to the city."

    "It's going to be a flat-out success."

    After seeing Ye Tian, the crowd also complimented and said.

    Ye Tian waved his hand evenly, "Hey, this promotion thing, the eight characters haven't had a glimpse yet?"

    "When it's done, it won't be too late for all of you to give me your congratulations."

    "Quickly, come into the house."


    "Haha, Ye County, we're not late, are we?"

    "I left early in the morning and drove for over an hour on the road."

    "It was a tight ride, but I finally made it before lunch."

    "Otherwise, I'm afraid no one will even care about food when I get there."


    Just like this, jokingly, these leaders were led into the hall by Ye Tian and his wife to take their seats.

    The onlookers outside saw it and gave a sidelong glance.


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