Dish Best Served Cold 771-775


Chapter 771


    "Mr. Niu, I was going to pay my respects to you this afternoon."

    "I didn't expect that you would arrive before me."

    After seeing his own family's guests finally arrive, Ye Ya whirled around to straighten his clothes, while bringing his own wife up in full wind.

    After seeing the Niu Factory Manager, Ye Ya smiled as he shook hands with him warmly.


    "Boss Ye is a big celebrity in our town now."

    "A well-known entrepreneur in the county."

    "How can I, Niu Jili, have the face to ask you to pay my respects personally."

    "I should be the one to pay New Year's greetings to Boss Ye."

    "Quickly, daughter-in-law, give Boss Ye greetings."

    "In the future, if we want to make money in our factory, we all count on Boss Ye to take care of us?"

    After the two met, they naturally exchanged pleasantries.

    However, that Boss Niu was also a smart man, knowing that he would definitely need to ask for something from Ye Ya in the future, so he put his posture very low in front of Ye Ya and gave Ye Ya enough face.

    Ye Ya was obviously very impressed by this, and the smile on his mouth was unceasing.

    Later, he even summoned his own son Ye Jian to the front: "Little Jian, you kid, why don't you come over and give your Uncle Niu greetings."

    "Dad, I'm coming over."Hearing his father call out to him, Ye Jian's radiance rose.

    Knowing that the highlight of his pretend moment had finally come!

    With pride in his heart, Ye Jian fixed his hairstyle on the phone, then ran over proudly.

    Before he left, Ye Jian even deliberately took a glance in the direction of Ye Fan, the scenery was as if he was showing off.

    "This is Orderly Prince Ye Jian, right?"

    "Haha, growing so tall?"

    "A man of great talent and magnanimity, with your father's presence!"

    "Got a girlfriend yet?"

    "If not, I have a niece, I'll introduce you."

    After Ye Jian greeted him, this Niu Manager, naturally, bragged again.

    The bragging made Ye Jian's family, that was a blossoming heart.

    The second aunt was laughing so hard that she couldn't close her mouth: "Haha~"

    "Mr. Niu can really talk."

    "Quick, quickly sit inside."

    Under the guidance of Ye Ya's family, Niu carried his wife, so he also stepped into the main hall.

    After seeing the old man, this Niu Jili then stepped forward and greeted him respectfully, "Haha~"

    "Good New Year, old man."

    "I'm a friend of your second son, General Manager Ye, my name is Niu Jili, I'm the director of the feed mill."

    "You, old man, have raised such a good son as General Manager Ye, and such a talented grandson as Xiao Jian."

    "In the future, you'll be waiting to enjoy your happiness, right?"

    Niu Jili said with a smile as he presented a gift to Master Ye.

    When a person is old, what he likes to hear most is not the praise of his offspring from the side.

    Now that he heard Niu Jili's words, Old Master Ye was also like eating honey, and his old face was filled with a pleased smile.

    "Yes, I'm very satisfied with this youngest son of mine, as well as my eldest grandson."

    "Boss Niu, don't be polite, quickly take a seat and drink some tea to warm up your body."

    Master Ye said politely.

    Soon, this Boss Niu also sat down against Ye Ya after putting down his gift.

    However, before this side's buttocks were warmed up, there were several people arriving outside the old mansion.


    "Shunfeng Flour Mill, Factory Manager Du has arrived!"


    "Red Star Brick Factory, Factory Manager Tian has arrived!"


    "Big Luck Stone Factory, Factory Manager Zhu is here!"


    Car after car stopped, and one guest after another arrived.

    Along with the rising and falling voices of the chanting children, the many factory owners, then all of them stepped in.

    It was only like water from a dike, rolling in!




    "Good New Year's Eve~"


    As a group of guests arrived one after another, Ye Ya's family was undoubtedly thoroughly busy.

    Ye Ya greeted everyone with a handshake, and his second aunt greeted him with a smile from the side.

    And Ye Jian was not idle, he called uncle and uncle again, playing the role of his young master with heart.

    Just like this, in a short while, the Ye family hall became completely lively.

    The original empty table was soon filled to the brim.

    It was completely a scene of a flourishing world of flourishing flowers and scorching oil.

    "My God!"

    "So many guests?"

    "The second family is out of the limelight, huh?"

    "Look at this guy, he's just good when he's good."

    "Scramble all over to worship!"

    "I think this year, the one with the most guests is the family of the second youngest, Ye Ya."

    "Look at the others, how glamorous?"

    Looking at the Ye Jia family's scenery, outside the old mansion, the neighbors and onlookers sighed, but the light of envy appeared in their eyes.

    I thought if I could be like Ye Jia's family for once, it would be worth dying for!

    "Evan, how?"

    "Now do you still think that you yourself can outsmart millions of people?"

    "Look at our family, the flock comes to worship, the nations come to congratulate!"

    "And what about your family?"

    "It's dry just you mother and son, and no one else."

    "That miserable look, I look pitying."

    "Why don't I speak to my father and divide up a few guests for you."

    "Lest your family, so miserable and pitiful, should be."

    After working for almost an hour, they finally found an empty space to rest.

    Ye Jian then sat back in the courtyard and gulped down several cups of water into his stomach with a cup of tea.

    As he drank the tea, he didn't forget to mock Ye Fan for a while.

    He looked as if he had just ascended to the throne.

    Ye Fan was unmoved and didn't pay any attention to him.

    Instead, the siblings, Jiang Yulang, lamented, "I go, brother Jian, your family is making a fortune this year, right?"

    "I remember last time, there were only four or five of your guests."

    "But today, the guests I've seen alone have been over ten."

    "Two tables are almost full for your family."

    "Simply awesome!"

    "That's."Ye Jian proudly returned, not modest, "Yulang, it's not you Jian brother to blow you, today we that food factory, is already the number one enterprise in the town.This year, I am going to continue to exaggerate, and strive to make the Jianya Food Factory, the top three in the county."

    "Brother Jian is domineering!"


    "A model for my generation!"

    "Come, Jian, let's brother and sister toast Jian with tea."

    Jiang Yulang boasted, and then he, along with his sister Jiang Yuzheng, smiled and toasted Ye Jian with a cup of tea.

    After toasting and playing with the tea, Jiang Yulang's disdainful gaze suddenly looked at Ye Fan.

    "Ye Fan, how is it?"

    "Now you should see the difference between you and me Jian, right?"

    "No matter how much you want to boast, the ironclad fact is that it is you who is insignificant, and it is you who is not worth mentioning, you are the insects and the rats, you are the frog in the well!"

    "Now, what else do you have to say?"

    Jiang Yulang mocked and asked.

    Ye Jian was even more filled with pride and looked at Ye Fan with pride.

    It was as if he was looking down on an ant.

    Just now, Ye Jian, following his father, could be said to be out of the limelight.

    When the bosses met him, they all praised him for his youth and talent, he was bound to do great things in the future, and he was the pride of the Ye family.

    Ye Fan, on the other hand, is just a son-in-law, who can only be a spectator.

    Seeing his Ye Jian's boundless scenery, admiring his Ye Jian's unparalleled elegance.

    All the glory has nothing to do with him, a wimp!

    However, just when Ye Jian was full of pride.

    Outside the old mansion, a black Cayenne, slowly stopped.

    The moment this car stopped, the crowd of onlookers outside the old mansion then exploded.

    "I'm going!"

    "This car is, like, a Porsche Cayenne?"

    "Less than a million!"

    "Can you drive a million dollar luxury car?"

    "God, what kind of immortal is this?"

    The people outside, they're already boiling.


For these villagers who have been farming here for generations, a car worth one to two hundred thousand dollars is considered a luxury car, but now that they have seen with their own eyes such a million luxury car that only appears on movies and TV, they naturally tremble.

    Whoever can afford to drive such a car, in these people's opinion, must be an "immortal" big brother.

    "I'm going!"

    "This Ye family's second oldest, awesome!"

    Outside, there was already a lot of noise.

    This Porsche Cayenne, only like a boulder falling into the water, but let this already lively town, once again set off a monstrous wave Chu Yun.

    After hearing the commotion outside, Ye Tian looked at the door and saw another car arriving, he smiled and said, "Second brother, quick, don't just stand there."

    "Another guest has arrived."

    "Hurry over to greet them."

    "Look at that luxurious car, this one seems to have a lot of money."Ye Tian smiled slowly.

    When Ye Ya heard that, he nodded, and got up immediately.

    "Wife, son, let's go, one piece to go out with me to welcome!"

    When Ye Ya went to greet him, he didn't forget to call out for his wife and children.

    He was a man who took care of his family, and Ye Ya would naturally not enjoy such a glorious pretend moment alone.

    However, as soon as Ye Ya and the others walked out of the hall, the clear and resonant voice of the singing name child came from the entrance of the old mansion.

    "General Manager of the Lei Clan, Gu Jiaxiang has arrived!"


    Ray's...Ray's group?

    General Manager...General Manager?

    Hearing this, Ye Ya only felt as if thunder had exploded in his head.

    There was a loud boom, and Ye Ya was muddled!

    The foot that had been lifted was too stunned to be put down.

    "I'm going!"

    "Ray's group?"

    "Could it be that Lei family of our Jingzhou?"

    "This is the direct property of Master Lei San!"

    "OK, second brother."

    "I didn't expect that you'd even invite the general manager of the Lei Group?"

    "Dang it!"

    Not only Ye Ya, it was Ye Fan's great uncle Ye Tian, who was deeply shocked after hearing that someone from the Lei Clan had come to pay his respects, and his entire body couldn't sit still at that time.

    The gaze towards his second brother was then different.

    Before, no matter how well Ye Ya was mixed up in the eyes of outsiders, Ye Tian had never taken it to heart.

    After all, Ye Ya's achievements, Ye Tian couldn't understand them better.

    Most of them are just a false name, this year can be evaluated to the county's "township entrepreneurs" model, also because of his relationship.

    Therefore, for his second brother, Ye Tian actually does not care much, just a small fight.

    But now, Ye Ya has climbed up the Lei family's relationship, then everything will be different.

    This Gu Jiaxiang, Ye Tian had also heard of his name.

    Even the year before last, when the county was attracting investment, Ye Tian had followed Gu Jiaxiang and made contact once.

    Although he was not a member of the Lei family, he held a high position in the Lei Group and was the right hand man of the Third Lei.

    Many important matters were handled by this person on behalf of the Third Master of Lei.

    Even he was not qualified to have access to this level of person.

    Now that his own second brother, however, had Gu Jiaxiang come to pay his respects, Ye Tian was naturally impressed with them.


    "Ye is hiding deep enough!"

    "There's even this connection?"

    "Jingzhou Lei family ah~"

    "Tsk, tsk, tsk..."

    "It's amazing, it's amazing!"

    "Mr. Ye is going to leap ninety thousand miles in one leap!"

    "After he soars to great heights, don't forget us, the difficult brothers."

    Gu Jiaxiang's arrival obviously made the entire Ye Jia family completely boil.

    Those business partners who had come to pay their respects to Ye Ya's family earlier were also apologetic and congratulatory, unable to stop complimenting.

    But Ye Jian was a bit lost in his heart.

    He didn't remember, what kind of connection did his father have with a big company like the Lei Group?

    Could it be that my father had been hiding it from me, not telling himself?

    Under suspicion, Ye Jian looked at his father, Ye Ya, and asked in a low voice: "Dad...Dad, you...You and the Lei Clan, have had contact?"

    "This Mr. Gu, is he really here to pay his respects to you?"

    "Should...Should be."Ye Ya's words trembled, and there was clearly a bit of trepidation and excitement in his tone.

    Crap, can one not be excited?

    This is the general manager of Ray's group!

    Even if he only works for the Lei family, but he manages a ten billion dollar industry in his hands and is an absolute business giant, where can he be compared to those feed millers and stone factory managers who are turds?

    Ye Ya has lived for half of his life, in the past, it was always him who was in fear to curry favor with such great figures, now for the first time, such giants come to worship him, not to mention how excited Ye Ya was at this moment.

    The whole thing was so proud it was almost floating!

    What's wrong with you? You're so cool now?

    Even the Rays are here?

    Of course, at first, Ye Ya also suspected that these big shots were coming for his brother Ye Tian.

    But if it was really a guest invited by Ye Tian, Ye Tian would probably have already come down to greet him.

    Therefore, under all the factors, Ye Ya concluded that this general manager of the Lei Clan, was here for himself!

    "Hurry up and stop staring."

    "People are entering, hurry over to welcome them."

    Ye Fan's second aunt was also mad with pride, and with a reddened old face advised Ye Ya to rush over to bring them over.

    Such a big person personally came to pay his respects, this was a sight that would be hard to come by in a lifetime.

    Naturally, the second aunt and the others couldn't wait.

    In the end, Ye Ya actually led his wife and children and went over to greet them.


    "Happy New Year, Mr. Gu."

    "Half a year ago, I also went to your company and wanted to meet with Mr. Gu."

    '"At that time, General Manager Gu was busy with work, so I wasn't able to meet him after all."

    "But I, Ye Ya, really didn't expect that, today, General Manager Gu would personally come to pay me a New Year's visit."


    "It's so discounted, discounted."

    "And it's even a gift?"

    "Polite, simply too polite."

    "I, Ye Ya, am an insignificant person, where can I afford your gift?"

    As soon as they met, Ye Ya was busy going forward to shake hands.

    With both hands gripping someone's arm, he talked and laughed.

    At the same time, he also instructed his son, Ye Jian, to go to Gu Jiaxiang's hand and take the gift.

    However, Ye Jian stretched out his hand and didn't even pull it.

    That Gu Jiaxiang, it seemed, didn't have the intention of giving them the gift.

    At this time, Gu Jiaxiang was wearing a stiff suit, and with eyes full of doubts, he sized up the family in front of him.

    "Ye Ya?"

    Gu Jiaxiang first repeated his name, while shaking his head.

    "You should be a relative of Mr. Chu, right?"

    "Excuse me, could you take me to Mr. Chu."

    "I have something to report to Mr. Chu."


    "Mr. Chu?"

    "Mr. Gu, you're not here to pay your respects to me?"

    Gu Jiaxiang's words made all of the Ye Ya family froze.

    "Paying homage to you?"

    Gu Jiaxiang looked stunned, while shaking his head and smiling.

    "I'm afraid you're mistaken."

    "I've come to pay my respects to Mr. Chu."


Gu Jiaxiang's words caused the Ye Ya and the others to lose it for a while.

    As expected, they were the ones who thought too much.

    Thinking about it, how could someone, a business giant, condescend to come and pay his respects to a small food factory director.

    Lost, Ye Ya waved his hand and said, "This is the Ye family, only Mr. Ye, not Mr. Chu."

    "Mr. Gu, I'm afraid you've said it wrong."

    Ye Ya returned in a deep voice, the smile on his face was all but gone.

    "Only Mr. Ye?"After a few moments of silence, Gu Jiaxiang seemed to understand something, while smiling, "Yes, you can also be called Mr. Ye."

    "I wonder, where is Mr. Ye now?"

    Gu Jiaxiang asked politely.

    Ye Ya did not answer, but turned his head to look behind him and shouted to Ye Tian in the hall, "Brother, don't sit there.Come out and receive the guests."

    "Gu is always here to pay his respects to you."

    In Ye Ya's view, the entire Ye family, the two brothers were the ones with the most face.

    Now since this Gu Jiaxiang was not here to pay his respects, by exclusion, then naturally he was here to pay his respects to his brother, Ye Tian.

    What's more, Ye Tian is the master of a county, both power and status, are above his brother.

    Although it was somewhat surprising that Gu Jiaxiang had come to pay homage to Ye Tian, but it was within reason.


    "Mr. Gu...Is here to pay his respects to me?"

    In the hall, Ye Tian, who heard Ye Ya's words, was stunned.

    Obviously, even Ye Tian himself felt a little surprised.

    However, Ye Tian didn't think much about it.

    Since Ye Ya had said so, then this Gu Jiaxiang was the one who had come to worship himself, it was designated right.

    Therefore, under great joy, Ye Tian whirled around and got up.

    At the same time, he called out to his wife, Dongmei, and a piece of him greeted him.


    "Mr. Gu, long time no see."

    "I didn't expect that you would miss me, Mr. Ye."

    "It is truly an honor for me that you have come today."

    Ye Tian said with a smile, while warmly shaking hands with Gu Jiaxiang.

    "By the way, Mr. Gu, let me introduce you."

    "This one, is my wife, Dongmei."

    "This one here, is my nephew, Ye Jian."

    "These two, are my brother and sister-in-law."

    "As for my daughter, she just left a few days ago, so I'm afraid I can't introduce her to you."

    As he spoke, Ye Tian also did not forget to introduce Gu Jiaxiang's relatives around him.

    After saying that, Ye Jian and the others then went forward to greet him.

    "Hello Uncle Gu, you can just call me Xiao Jian from now on."


    "Hello Gu, I'm my brother's sister-in-law, we can rely on Gu to take care of our Jianya Food Factory from now on."

    The second aunt was also not lonely and came up to join the fun.

    In a split second, this Ye family had already surrounded Gu Jiaxiang, bidding to compliment and stammer, trying to get acquainted in front of Gu Jiaxiang.


    "Hello guys~"

    "Should...It should be."

    In the face of Ye Jia's fiery enthusiasm, but Gu Jiaxiang was covered in cold sweat, barely able to accompany the smile.

    But in his heart, he was anxiously cursing.

    Where in the world did these idiots come from?

    He's here to find Mr. Chu. What's the use of all these condoms?

    They can't afford to delay the big event, can they?

    However, these grumbling words, Gu Jiaxiang only dared to say them in his heart.

    This old mansion in front of him was Mr. Chu's old home!

    Maybe one of them is a blood relative of Mr. Chu.

    If he offended Mr. Chu's relatives, he'd be nine heads, and that wouldn't be enough to kill him.

    However, being pestered by these people all the time wasn't an option, it was better to figure out their identities first.

    Therefore, after a few perfunctory sentences, Gu Jiaxiang Fang was a bit embarrassed and asked Ye Tian, "Er...That, may I ask you are?"

    "Hi, I'm Yeh...What...What?"

    This sudden sentence of Gu Jiaxiang, but directly asked Ye Tian to be confused.

    As if a stick of paste on the brain, the laughter just now, came to an abrupt end, Ye Tian's entire body was even more confused.

    "You don't know me?"

    "O me Ye Tian!"

    "Ye family's boss, Ye Tian."

    Ye Tian stared at him and said loudly.

    Only after Gu Jiaxiang heard this did he slap his thighs, "Oh, so it's Ye Tian Ye, the boss."

    "Recognize, of course I do."

    "Aren't you the chairman of that Dongyang Wine Industry?"

    "I remember, we even had dinner together last year."

    Gu Jiaxiang laughed.



    At that time, Ye Tian's old face darkened and he cursed in his heart, while his face was gloomy, "The chairman of the Dongyang Wine Industry is called Mo Tian."

    "Eh?Named Motian?"

    "Then it seems that I remembered wrongly."

    "Haha, sorry sorry, a bit too many people I come into contact with on a regular basis, I often remember the names mixed up~" explained Gu Jiaxiang with a smile.

    But Ye Tian was unable to laugh, his face ugly as if he had eaten a fly.

    Ten thousand grass mud horses rushing around in his heart!

    At this time, Ye Tian's entire body was undoubtedly nearing madness!

    Doesn't this Gu Jiaxiang even know himself?

    What's he got to say for New Year's Eve?

    This bastard doesn't mean to embarrass himself.

    Ye was dying of anger, and finally held back his anger and said with a black face, "Mr. Gu, you've come to pay your respects to me today, you've come to play a joke on me, right?"

    "I did have a request from you before, I hope you can come to invest in my Dongyang County."

    "But you just don't want to come or not, so why come here to deliberately embarrass me?"

    Ye Tian said unhappily.

    But after Gu Jiaxiang heard it, he was confused.

    "Pay your respects?"

    "Stop it, how could you, I don't even know you!"

    "You're afraid you've made a mistake."

    "I'm here to pay my respects to Mr. Ye."

    Gu Jiaxiang sneered and said, his words carrying some contempt for Ye Tian and the others.

    Joking aside, he, Gu Jiaxiang, was the general manager of the Lei Clan no matter what, and even the leaders of the Jingzhou Municipal Committee treated him with courtesy.

    These turtles in front of him actually thought that he was paying homage to them?

    They don't take a piss on themselves, do they?

    "Mr. Yeh?"

    "I wonder which Mr. Ye?"

    "This Ye family, apart from us two brothers, is there a third Mr. Ye?"The Ye Tian brothers were all confused.

    Gu Jiaxiang, however, looked at the two brothers in front of him like they were idiots.

    "Which one else could it be?"

    "Although the Ye family is big, who else but Mr. Ye Fan Ye can afford the honorific title of "sir"?"

    The low and deep words were like a thunderclap in a clear sky.

    Ye Tian and the others, were startled in place!


    "Ye...Ye Fan?Mr. Yap?"

    "You said you're here to pay your respects to Evan?"

    Gu Jiaxiang's words were only like a boulder entering the sea, but they set off huge waves in the entire Ye family.

    At that moment, Ye Tian and the others stared with wide eyes and trembled tremendously.

    It was simply hard to believe!



    "Come for me?"

    "Did Lei Laosan send you?"

    While Ye Tian and the others were trembling, in the courtyard, Ye Fan, who had been silent, was putting down his tea cup.

    He turned his head to look, and an indifferent voice, quietly sounded.

    Hearing this life, Gu Jiaxiang whirled around to look, and after seeing Ye Fan clearly, he was delighted.


    "Mr. Chu, so you're here, I thought you were sitting inside the hall?"

    "But who arranged this seating?"

    "A bunch of turtles high on the pedestal, but you're condescending to the bottom and freezing out there?"

    "Isn't this nonsense?"

    Gu Jiaxiang's voice was not small, and his low words were filled with anger.

    After the Ye family's crowd heard it, their faces undoubtedly looked as ugly as possible.

    After all, what was the difference between Gu Jiaxiang's words and pointing at the noses of the Ye family members and scolding them?

    Even Old Master Ye, an old face then looked a bit ugly.

    Ye Fan, however, waved his hand, "I am but a junior of the Ye family, so I naturally reside in the lower seat."

    "Alright, let's cut the crap like this."

    "Where is Lei laosan, why didn't he come?"

    "Did the things I asked him to prepare arrive?"

    For this Gu Jiaxiang, Ye Fan did not know him.

    But after hearing his identity, Ye Fan could guess that this person must have come here under Lei Laosan's orders.

    As expected, the truth was just as Ye Fan expected.

    After hearing Ye Fan's words, Gu Jiaxiang ton returned respectfully, "Mr. Chu, Third Master asked me to tell you that he is escorting supplies along and will arrive afterwards."

    "In addition, the third master also asked me to come over first and pay my respects to Mr. Chu, as well as the Orderly Hall, for the New Year."

    "Well, you guys are downright kind."Ye Fan nodded as he bowed his head and poured the tea as he slowly said, "My mother is in the hall.If you want to pay your respects, go ahead."

    Seeing that Ye Fan nodded, Gu Jiaxiang was suddenly delighted and whirled around to enter the Ye family hall.

    "Mr. Gu, quickly, sit inside!"

    "The visit of such a great man as you to our humble abode is truly terrifying~"

    Seeing Gu Jiaxiang walk in, Ye Fan's grandmother got up to greet him, smiling warmly.

    However, Gu Jiaxiang paid no attention to this old woman and reached out his hand to move this old woman who was in the way to the side.

    After looking around, he quickly locked onto one of the women with an excellent temperament.

    Walking forward, he paid respectful homage, "You should be, Mr. Ye Fan Ye's mother, right?"

    Ye Xi Mei was slightly stunned, "You know me?"

    Gu Jiaxiang shook his head, "I don't know you, but I think Mr. Ye is majestic and majestic, and her mother must also be a person of noble temperament and gracefulness."

    "I have looked all over the house and there are but four women."

    "That old lady as well as this beautiful woman are not of the right age, so they must not be."

    "As for the woman next to you, she is plain and vulgar, naturally unworthy to be Mr. Ye's mother."

    "Only you, with your age, temperament, and looks, are worthy of being Mr. Ye's mother."

    Gu Jiaxiang spoke freely, his tone was gentle and elegant, and his speech was even more polite and courteous, also worthy of being a person who had been in a high position for a long time.

    But Gu Jiaxiang's words, but it made Ye Xilan, who was beside him, angry.

    At that time, Ye Xilan blew up.

    "What do you mean?"

    "Are you saying I have an even temperament?Calling me a vulgar face?Saying that I'm not worthy of being Ye Fan's mother?"

    "That's interesting~"

    "Do you know that my pair of sons and daughters, all of them are the county's top examiners and guaranteed to be sent to Yanjing University."

    "And you're even belittling me here?"

    "You really have eyes for the stars!"

    Ye Xilan laughed furiously and mocked at Gu Jiaxiang.

    However, Gu Jiaxiang shook his head and laughed lightly at this.

    "A gaokao scholar?Bailing out Yanda?"

    "Is it great?"

    "My Lei Clan alone, there are no less than ten graduates from the top schools in Huaxia that we dismiss every year!"

    "And the Moose County High School Scholar?It's just that the former provincial scholar of Jiangdong Province is now just an employee under me."

    Gu Jiaxiang Confucian said, few words, stunned Ye Xilan full of red face, speechless!

    If it were any other company, saying these words, Ye Xilan might not believe them and would only think that they were lying.

    But Lei's group, as the top five top group in the province, they said these things, Ye Xilan had to believe!

    After saying that, Gu Jiaxiang didn't pay any more attention to Ye Xilan, but instead paid respectful homage to Ye Ximei, "Mother Ye, on the occasion of the New Year's Festival, senior Gu Jiaxiang, on behalf of the Lei Clan, pays his respects to Mother Ye!"

    "You, old man, have raised a good son~"

    Gu Jiaxiang smiled and worshipped, his words were all respect and reverence.

    Ye Xi Mei was flabbergasted.

    In her eyebrows, there was horror and trembling.

    "Mr. Gu, what are you doing?"

    "You're a big shot in the city, where can I afford to pay your respects!"

    The actual reason for this is because of the fact that it's a good idea for you to be able to have a good time with your family.

    The actual actual time the actual time the actual time the actual time the actual time the actual time the actual time the actual time the actual time the actual time the actual time the actual time the actual time the actual time the actual time the actual time the actual time the actual time the actual time the actual time the actual time the actual time the actual time the actual time the actual time the actual time the actual time the actual time the actual time the actual time the actual time the actual time the actual time the actual time the actual time the actual time the actual time the actual time the actual time.

    Ye Xilan as well as her second aunt and the others were also full of surprise, unbelievably asking, "Mr. Gu, you've made a mistake, right?"

    "Why do you worship her?"

    "This elder sister of mine is nothing more than an abandoned woman, a farmer on the farm."

    "Her son is still a wimpy door-to-door son-in-law."

    "Your jade body and golden body, where are they worthy of having you pay your respects personally?"

    Aunt Two said in disbelief.


    "You and I don't know each other, Mr. Chu, do I?"

    Gu Jiaxiang frowned and shouted harshly at his second aunt and the others.

    They were so frightened that they then shut their mouths.

    After paying his respects to Ye Ximei, Gu Jiaxiang put down his gift and then got up to take his leave.

    The actual time of the day, you'll be able to find a lot of people who'll be able to get the most out of this.

    After Gu Jiaxiang left, the Ye family hall, but silent.

    Ye Tian and the others, who had been silent for a long time, still hadn't returned to their senses.

    In the end, it was Ye Jian who unimaginably cursed.

    "The general manager of the Lei Clan will pay his respects to Ye Fan and his family?"

    "What the fuck?"

    "Play us!"

    Ye Jian didn't believe it at all.

    In fact, not only him, it was Master Ye, who was also full of suspicion and asked to Ye Ximei: "Ximei, you have a friendship with this Gu, the General Manager?"

    Ye Xilan shook her head, "Never seen it before."

    Hearing this, Ye Yilan and the others just breathed a long sigh of relief.

    She thought that she, her sister, had hitched another line and had some kind of personal and intimate personal relationship with Gu Jiaxiang?

    But for now, she was the one who thought too much.

    "Did I just say that?"

    "Who is Gu always?My older sister and how could she be qualified to know people?"

    "Must have entered the wrong door."

    Ye Yilan sneered.

    But Ye Xie Mei whispered, "Although I don't know him, but I heard what he just said, it seems like he's coming for my son, Little Fan."

    "I'm going, and it's directed at your son, Little Fan?"

    "Sister, stop it!"

    "Just your son's virtue, a door-to-door son-in-law, people are stupid, a hundred billion group general manager, Lei San's right-hand man, to condescend to pay homage to a door-to-door son-in-law?"

    "Someone has to believe it even if you tell them!"

    "Besides, your son is enrolled in Yunzhou.And this Mr. Gu, people are working in Jingzhou.Thousands of miles apart, they can't even touch each other."

    "And it's for your son?And you're not afraid to make people laugh!"

    Ye Xilan snorted and laughed, and her second aunt was full of contempt, also sneering and laughing.

    However, at this moment, outside the old mansion, there was another sound coming from outside.


Immediately afterwards, the voice of the chanting child at the door resounded in a moment.

    "Sheng Shi Group Chairman, Xu Wanqiu has arrived!"

    The resonant voice, just like a thunderstorm on the ground, but let the just calm old mansion of the Ye family, once again stirred up a big stir.


    "The Shingle Group?"

    "Xu Evening Autumn?"


    "He's here too?"

    Someone in the hall heard the voice, almost as if it were thunder, and trembled with a huge shudder, their old eyes nearly staring out.


    "What Xu Evening Autumn?"

    "Is it great?"

    Someone was confused and asked.

    Nowadays, these people who were seated in the Ye family hall were just a person in the nearby Ten Mile Eight Villages, and in terms of insight, they were afraid that they were not as knowledgeable as Autumn Mu Orange.

    Thus, hearing the name of Xu Wanqiu, many people were somewhat confused, not knowing who was in front of them.

    However, with so many people present, there were obviously still people who were knowledgeable.

    In response to the crowd's question, one person then said, "You guys still ask if it's powerful?"

    "Isn't that bullshit?"

    "Mr. Xu, that's not just awesome, I should say awesome!"

    "Of course, it's normal that you don't know the name Xu Evening Autumn."

    "After all, Mr. Xu's nickname, but it's much more famous than his big name!"

    "But there is one that counts, the name Xu Sihai should be known to everyone here, right?"

    This person's words caused Ye Ya's old face to draw, and his body all trembled with it.

    A pair of eyeballs that were close to jumping out of their eyes because of the trembling!

    "Mr. Niu...Boss Niu, you...You said he's Xu...Xu Sihai?"Ye Ya's words were almost a roar, and when he spoke, his entire mouth was shaking ah.

    As the saying goes, the name of the person, the shadow of the tree.

    The name Xu Sihai, the reputation of the business community in Jingzhou was just too loud!

    When Ye Jia started his business, Xu Sihai had already ruled the top of the list of the richest people in Jingzhou for ten years, and he even founded the Four Seas Chamber of Commerce, becoming the absolute leader in the entire Jingzhou business circle.

    Xu Sihai's name was also gradually spread along with the growth of the Four Seas Chamber of Commerce.

    Back then, when Xu Sihai was in his heyday, he was the only one in the city who could arm wrestle with Lei San.

    Of course, in recent years, the Internet industry has been booming, and the position of the richest man in Jingzhou has fallen into the hands of others.

    But Xu Sihai's prestige was still there!

    Even today, throughout Jingzhou, in terms of power and wealth, there were only two people who could be above Xu Sihai.

    One was naturally Lei San, and the other was the richest man in Jingzhou.

    Now, the top three richest people in Jingzhou came to pay their respects, it was strange that Ye Ya was not excited.

    "Then how can it still be fake?"

    "Xu Evening Autumn, that is the president of the Four Seas Chamber of Commerce, who ruled the top of the Jingzhou tycoon list for ten years back then!"

    Niu Jili said in a deep voice, his words resounding with three points of excitement, as well as seven points of reverence.

    They, the businessmen, naturally held these business giants in particular in high esteem.

    And after hearing Niu Jili's words, Ye Ya's entire body, undoubtedly, had been completely shocked.

    His mouth was open and his body was trembling, his entire body excited and almost oblivious.

    "Heavenly Father?"

    "These immortals have come to pay their respects to our Ye family?"

    While Ye Ya was excited, everyone was confused as to who this Xu Sihai, could be after.

    "Lao Er, could it be your guest?"

    Old Master Ye looked at Ye Ya.

    Ye Ya quickly shook his head, shivering all over, "Which...Which can ah?"

    "Your son is only somewhat famous in this Dongyang County, how can he be capable of inviting such immortals?"

    Ye Ya said in fear.

    And then Master Ye looked at his second daughter Ye Xi Lan: "Lan Lan, could it be that this is directed at you?"

    After thinking for a moment, Ye Yilan also shook her head, "Dad, I don't think so."

    "Although my husband is also somewhat famous, his connections are mostly in Jianghai."

    "On this side of Jingzhou, there aren't many big names that my husband knows."

    After hearing this, the gazes of the people in the full hall naturally brushed onto the boss, Ye Tian.

    Master Ye naturally also looked over, "Not the second oldest's, nor Lan Lan's, it seems that this Xu, should be coming for you."

    The rest of them all nodded in agreement.


    "It looks like Governor Ye is getting a promotion, otherwise, how could this big figure in the city come to pay his respects in person?"

    "Ye County, congratulations, congratulations~"

    Relying on the method of elimination, everyone also felt that this Xu Sihai was coming for Ye Tian's family.

    After all, there were only four sons and daughters under Master Ye.

    The first thing that you need to do is to get rid of this.

    As for the eldest daughter Ye Ximei, the crowd is not even thinking about her.

    A person abandoned abandoned woman just, now is a farming farmer, a son also joined the family as a son-in-law.

    Just like what Ye Xilan said before, this kind of family, even a fool wouldn't come to befriend the worshippers, let alone a top-level big shot like the president of the Four Seas Chamber of Commerce.

    Hearing the crowd lifting, but Dongmei's heart was a little panicked.

    Her husband, others were not clear, but she was clear.

    She didn't hear that her husband was going to be promoted ah, let alone Ye Tian and Xu Sihai such people have any connection.

    Therefore, under panic, Dongmei could not help but ask, "This Xu Sihai, is it really for you?"

    Ye Tian thought about it and also wavered, "I guess so."

    "Last year, when Mr. Xu came to our Dongyang County, I had a meal with him along with the county leaders."

    "Presumably, today is to thank him for this meal in the first place."

    "What's more, there's no one here besides me who has had contact with these people."

    "So, it's bound to be for me, right."


    "Quickly go, wife, follow me to welcome Mr. Xu."

    At first, Ye Tian was a little suspicious, his heart wavering, and he wasn't sure that this Xu Sihai was coming for himself.

    However, after that analysis he had just done, he was suddenly certain.

    With so many people in the Ye family, besides him, who else could Xu Sihai come for?

    Therefore, in excitement, Ye Tian hurried over with his own wife to greet him.

    "Xu Dong, long time no see, haha, huan..."

    As Ye Tian walked over, he warmly exchanged pleasantries with her.

    However, who would have thought that as soon as this Ye Tian couple walked up to the person, before they finished their words, they were directly plucked to the side by Xu Sihai like a dog.

    "This~ This is..."

    Ye Tian was confused at that time, the corners of his eyes drawing wildly in death.

    I thought to myself, "How many meanings does this Nima directly dial and pull people without saying a word?

    Ye Tian's old face drew wildly, his heart as uncomfortable as if he had eaten shit.

    The rest of them were also confused, completely unable to understand the situation.

    I thought, did this Xu Sihai, not come for Ye Tian?

    "Haha, that's for me."

    "Maybe he just sees the potential of our food factory and wants to talk to us about cooperation?"

    Ye Ya's eyes then lit up when he saw this.

    Between great joy, he greeted his wife and children then.


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