Dish Best Served Cold 766-770


Chapter 766

"Okay, don't send out random kindnesses, quickly help Wen Wen over to sit down."

    In between the words, Ye Xilan brought the cold and stunning woman beside her and walked forward.

    However, Ye Xilan didn't even pull this.

    "Wen Wen, what's wrong with you?"

    Ye Xilan couldn't help but be confused and looked back.

    But it was resolute to discover that that Ye Fan had already walked over at some point and reached out and grabbed onto his daughter-in-law's arm.

    "Ye Fan, what are you doing?"

    "You've got the nerve of a dog!"

    "My son Yulang's girlfriend, you dare to touch her too?"Ye Xi Lan was furious, like a cat whose tail had been stepped on.

    Ye Tian, Ye Ya and the others were also extremely angry at the sight of it.

    "What a lecherous beast!"

    "Your uncle, your grandmother, but they're all watching."

    "In broad daylight, you dare to belittle and defile Yulang's girlfriend?"

    "Do you still know shame?"

    "Sister, look at this wonderful son you've raised!"

    "Seeing someone's girlfriend is beautiful and then having evil intentions, you're just a bastard with a bad heart!"

    Ye Tian said in an angry voice.

    Master Ye was also indignant and became more and more disappointed with Ye Fan.

    "Little Fan, stop fooling around, quickly let go of people~"Ye Xie Mei anxiously advised.

    However, in the face of the crowd's rebuke, Ye Fan was oddly pale, "She's my wife."

    "My daughter-in-law, can't I touch her?"

    Ye Fan looked confused, like an idiot, looking at Ye Xilan and the rest of the Ye family.


    "Do I look like you're really crazy?"

    "Wen Wen is a highly talented student from Yanjing University, a classmate of my son Yulang, and even my son's girlfriend."

    "And you're a nest egg, and Wen Wen is a high-achieving student from a prestigious school, would she be interested in you?"

    "Go live your springtime dream!"

    Ye Xilan was not to be confused and directly yelled at her.

    Ye Fan was not angry at all, still smiling with ease, "Yes, auntie."

    "You're right, Wen Wen is indeed Yulang's girlfriend, your future daughter-in-law."

    "But the point is, what you're holding onto at this point, she's not your daughter-in-law, Wen Wen."

    "Rather, it's my wife, Qiu Mu Orange!"


    Ye Fan's words made everyone in the Ye family, all of them were stunned.

    Even Ye Xilan was in a daze.

    Only now did Ye Xilan suddenly realize that up until now, the girl in front of her had never said her name.

    The actual actual time the actual time the actual time the actual time the actual time the actual time the actual time the actual time.

    However, Ye Xilan still doesn't believe that this talented and beautiful woman in front of her could be Ye Fan's wife?

    Under suspicion, Ye Xilan turned back to the cool woman in front of her.

    Only Qiu Mu Orange smiled apologetically and awkwardly returned, "Auntie, I'm sorry, you've mistaken me for someone else."

    "My name really isn't Wen Wen."

    "I'm called Autumn Mu Orange."

    "It's Ye Fan's wife, Ye family's daughter-in-law."


    It was as if thunder struck down.

    Dead silence, a dead silence.

    Everyone, all of them were flabbergasted in place.

    The Noble Ye family mansion, only the cold wind swept across.

    Ye Tian, Ye Ya and the others, a pair of old eyes stared huge, their pupils crinkled, and their bodies all shivered unconsciously.

    They simply found it hard to believe that this gorgeous girl in front of them could be Ye Fan's wife?

    But how could an abandoned son of the Chu family, an incompetent son-in-law, possibly marry such a woman?

    Does he...Does he deserve it?

    Ye Jian's heart was burning with jealousy.

    The second aunt was even more like a knife in her heart, as if ten thousand knives were stabbed into her heart.

    As for Ye Xilan, her brain buzzed even more, and her entire body was directly confused.

    She looked at Qiu Mu orange, and then at the young woman crying in Jiang Yulang's arms in front of her, and couldn't help but wail, "You... you're Qiu Mu orange.You're Qiu Mu Orange, that...Then she...She is?"

    "Mom, she's the Matilda, she's the girlfriend I told you about, your future daughter-in-law, Matilda Lin, huh?"Jiang Yulang had cried.

    He was furious and angry.

    What the fuck was this?

    How nice it would have been to have a girlfriend of your own and come home to meet your parents for the first time.

    But now, it's all messed up.

    His own mother said that he has thick legs, but he said that his parents look like a piece of shit?

    The words were so angry and hurtful to Jiang Yulang that he felt angry and hurtful, even more so by said Lin Wenwen.

    As Jiang Yulang cried out, Ye Xilan's red lips trembled and spoke with a tremble, her entire body almost unable to stand.

    After learning the truth, the expression on Ye Xilan's face was undoubtedly going to be as wonderful as it could be.


    What did she just do?

    What did she say?

    In a panic, Yuelan rushed over and came forward to reassure her.

    "Wen Wen, Yulang, I'm sorry sorry."

    "It's mommy who's confused and mistook me for someone else."

    "But I didn't say anything out of the ordinary just now, did I?"

    "I don't suppose anything too outrageous was said?"

    "Yeah, definitely not, definitely not~"

    Ye Xilan had panicked, her speech was rapid, and she couldn't stop repeating herself.

    In her panic, perhaps even Ye Xilan herself, had forgotten how she had just scolded Lin Wenwen.

    But it didn't matter, if Ye Xilan didn't remember, someone else did.

    Ye Fan, in the spirit of watching the fun, but slowly smiling, "Auntie, you really are a nobleman who forgets things."

    "This just said, not even a few minutes of it, and you forgot?"

    "Just be a nephew and remind you."

    "You just said that this future daughter-in-law of yours, shameless, took my wife's seat."

    "You also let your daughter-in-law, pee to look at themselves.Saying that she's not in good shape, ugly, with thick legs like a deformed child."

    "Right, you also said ah, this daughter-in-law of yours to my wife comparison, that is a piece of shit~"

    Ye Fan was there to help Ye Yilan remember.

    And those onlookers of the town outside the gate were laughing so hard that they were about to spit out their bile.

    One by one, they all laughed with their stomachs.


    "No way, lol!"

    "Master Ye, this great grandson is too damaged."



    The piercing laughter outside, spread in, Ye Xilan mother and son naturally even more ashamed, old face red, only to feel ashamed of themselves.

    At this time, Qiu Mu Orange but stretched out her hand to fiercely pinch Ye Fan's waist.

    "Just say a few words, that's your aunt, save some face for others~"

    Qiu Mu Orange whispered angrily.

    Ye Fan's words just now were indeed a bit damaging, Ye Xilan's family has made such a big trouble, it was already humiliating enough, and Ye Fan is mending the knife here, isn't that like pouring salt on someone's wound?

    Even Qiu Mu Orange was a little hard to watch.

    Ye Fan, however, smiled shamelessly, "If you praise my wife's beauty, of course I have to say more."

    "Isn't that right, little aunt?"

    "Before, I was worried that my aunt and my aunt and the others didn't like my wife, but now it seems that I was thinking too much."


    Ye Fan smiled cheerfully, he hadn't been this happy like today for a long time.

    Not only was it because he had viciously frustrated his aunt and the others, but more importantly, his wife, Qiu Mu Orange, had actually come to his hometown to accompany him and his mother, to celebrate the New Year together.


"Why are you here again?"

    "Didn't you say yesterday that something was wrong and you couldn't come this year?"

    After laughing, however, Ye Fan turned his head and asked to Qiu Mu Orange.

    Today's Qiu Mu Orange had obviously dressed up a bit before her trip.

    She who rarely wore make-up in normal days, now she also slightly wore a little light make-up.

    She was dressed in a black slim skirt and her slender jade legs were pavilion-like.

    The decent and well-crafted dress outlined Qiu Mu Orange's perfect figure to the fullest.

    The clover earrings swayed in the wind, and on her delicate white fingers she wore a custom-made "Emperor's Kiss" ring, while on her feet she wore a pair of high heels with red soles that she spent a million dollars on.

    The beautiful body, the stunning face, the interpretation of high elegance.

    Any beauty that is praised by people is not as beautiful as this smiling beauty standing in front of her.

    Just like breathing, not even a second interrupted!

    Even Ye Fan, who had seen a lot of beautiful jade women, had a moment of confusion in his eyes after seeing today's Qiu Mu Orange.

    Not to mention Ye Jian and the rest of them, who were rats-eyed.

    After knowing Qiu Mu Orange for three years, today's Qiu Mu Orange was definitely the most beautiful moment in Ye Fan's memory.

    In the face of Ye Fan's question, Qiu Mu Orange, however, smiled in a semblance of a smile, "If I didn't come, your wife would really be a shameless ugly girl in the hands of these relatives of yours."

    "Even if it's to preserve my own face, I have to come today."

    Qiu Mu Orange smiled back.

    The curvature of her mouth brought up the corners, but the smile was as bright and beautiful as a flower.

    "Alright, I'm not teasing you anymore."

    "I was deliberately lying to you yesterday."

    "Who made you not call me for days."

    "Let this be your punishment, see if you dare to leave me at home by myself next time, regardless."

    In the courtyard, the Ye family's crowd remained silent.

    It was obvious that they still hadn't recovered from the shock in their hearts.

    At this time, Ye Tian and the others were all livid Chuyun, just like this, watching Ye Fan and Qiu Mu Orange's husband and wife flirting and sharing their love for each other there.

    Ever since the Haitian feast, all the disagreements between Ye Fan and Qiu Mu Orange had undoubtedly been resolved.

    Previously, all the conflicts between Autumn Mu Orange and Ye Fan undoubtedly stemmed from Autumn Mu Orange's worry about Ye Fan.

    She made Ye Fan swallow his anger, forced Ye Fan to bow down to the Fan family, took Ye Fan to the Li family to apologize, all of this was also just a worry for Ye Fan and this family.

    Later, when Ye Fan's identity was revealed, many things were resolved.

    Once upon a time, in Qiu Mu Orange's eyes, Ye Fan was just a nobody, and many of the things he did, Qiu Mu Orange only felt that Ye Fan was ignorant and impulsive.

    But after the Sea and Sky Feast, Qiu Mu Orange only knew that it wasn't ignorance at all, but Ye Fan's pride and confidence!

    Now that the misunderstanding has been resolved, the relationship between Autumn Mu Orange and Ye Fan is naturally restored as before.

    Facing the slightly angry words of Qiu Mu Orange, but Ye Fan shook his head and laughed bitterly, about to explain.

    "Okay, don't explain."

    "I know you're a big man who's too busy to care about his wife."

    Qiu Mu Orange angrily gave Ye Fan a glance, while continuing, "Don't just stand there, won't you take me to meet my mother-in-law?"

    Qiu Mu Orange's words, however, reminded Ye Fan.

    Just now, Ye Fan was focused on teaching Ye Xilan's family a lesson, but he forgot about the main matter.

    "Yes, yes, yes, you see I was so happy that I almost delayed the important matter."

    "Let's go, Mu Orange, come with me to meet our mother, our grandmother."

    Just like that, in front of everyone, Ye Fan grabbed Qiu Mu Orange's hand forcefully in front of the jealous and envious eyes of Ye Jian and Jiang Yulang.

    The couple stepped into the main hall together and walked in front of their own mother, Ye Ximei.

    "Mom, you've always wanted to see your daughter-in-law."

    "Today, I've brought your daughter-in-law."

    "She is Qiu Mu Orange."

    "Our Ye family's daughter-in-law."

    Ye Fan said in a deep voice.

    After saying that, he held Qiu Mu Orange and knelt down to his own mother, Ye Xi Mei.

    "Mom, it's New Year's Eve."

    "Mu Orange and I, wishing you a Happy New Year!"

    Few sentences, but the words are like gold and stone, sonorous and powerful.

    After more than three years of marriage, today, Ye Fan finally brought his wife, Qiu Mu Orange, into the lintel of the Ye family and kowtowed to his mother, Ye Xi Mei!

    It was also the first time that Qiu Mu Orange met Ye Fan's mother.

    All along, Ye Fan's impression in Qiu Mu Orange's heart was that of a young boy out of the countryside.

    On the way here, Qiu Mu Orange had also fantasized about her mother-in-law's appearance.

    It should be the same as those billions of peasants with their faces to the ground and backs to the sky, plain and ordinary, amiable and old.

    However, after seeing Ye Ximei at this time, Qiu Mu Orange discovered she was wrong.

    Ordinary but not plain, amiable but not old.

    She could feel that Ye Ximei has a noble general, graceful and luxurious temperament.

    The face that was somewhat reddened by the wind and rain, but it could not hide its delicate and charming features.

    Qiu Mu Orange felt that Ye Fan's mother, when she was young, must also have been a beauty who enjoyed a reputation.

    The feeling Ye Ximei gave to Qiu Mu Orange was like a dusty pearl.

    Perhaps the surface is covered with dust, when one day, she will also reveal her light again.

    At this moment, Qiu Mu Orange was suddenly curious, what kind of person would Ye Fan's father be?

    And what kind of man could make a woman like the one in front of him to bear and raise children for him, and also give birth to a Jiangdong baron like Ye Fan.

    After losing her mind for a moment, Qiu Mu Orange also kowtowed to Ye Xie Mei once again with a heart full of guilt.

    "Mom, I'm sorry."

    "It's my daughter-in-law who was unfaithful and only came to see you now."

    "I'm not a competent wife, much less a qualified daughter-in-law."

    Qiu Mu Orange was filled with guilt and said it from the bottom of her heart.

    In the past, when she married Ye Fan, Qiu Mu Orange felt that it was Ye Fan who owed her.

    But after going through so many ups and downs with Ye Fan, only then did Qiu Mu Orange understand that what she really owed was herself.

    He was originally a dragon, but he was lying in shallow water and being insulted for himself.

    Sometimes, Qiu Mu Orange couldn't even imagine how Ye Fan had gone through all these years.

    From the moment she learned of Ye Fan's identity, Qiu Mu Orange already knew that she owed Ye Fan more than she could ever repay even if she spent the rest of her life doing so.

    Facing the kneeling worship of Ye Fan and his wife, Ye Ximei was speechless for a long time.

    Her body was trembling, startled, and her eyebrows and eyes were red.

    Not a word was spoken, but only a thousand lines of tears!

    Ye Xie Mei is no longer able to use words to describe the joy and relief in her heart right now.

    That feeling, it was as if a hardworking gardener, finally seeing flowers blooming all over the garden.

    That kind of happiness, that kind of joy, is unspeakable.


After a long time, Ye Xie Mei Fang walked over, shedding tears as she assisted Qiu Mu Orange, "Good boy, get up."

    "Don't say sorry, it's my son Xiaofan's luck that he can marry a wife like you, and even more so our mother and son's luck."

    "If you say you're sorry, it's my turn to say it~"

    "I didn't teach Fanny well enough to let her give you a happy and prosperous life."


    "Mom, Ye Fan is excellent, the one who should say lucky is me~"


    Seeing Ye Ximei and Qiu Mu Orange, the two of them were already talking, completely ignoring Ye Fan who was still kneeling beside her.

    "I say mom, you have a daughter-in-law, you can't forget your son ah."

    "Don't just help her, you also help me up ah."Ye Fanton was bitter.

    Ye Xi Mei, however, didn't have a good look at him: "You bastard, marrying such a beautiful daughter-in-law, don't even give me a word."

    "You just kneel there you!"

    Ye Xie Mei said to Ye Fan, furiously.

    To this son of hers, Ye Xie Mei was both angry and happy.

    Naturally, she was happy that Ye Fan had found such an excellent daughter-in-law for her.

    Angry, on the other hand, that this brat had never introduced her to Qiu Mu Orange until the very beginning.

    Previously, Ye Xie Mei thought that Ye Fan was inferior, that's why he didn't want to actively mention Qiu Mu Orange.

    Because of this matter, Ye Xie Mei was worried for a long time.

    Before that, not only Ye Xilan and the others, even she, the mother, thought that the woman that Ye Fan had married was afraid that she was really ugly and had no face.

    Especially after seeing that Jiang Yulang had found such a beautiful girlfriend, Ye Xiemei's heart became even more upset.

    However, who would have thought that in the end, the peak would turn around and this gorgeous woman in front of him would be his own daughter-in-law?

    It was only strange that Ye Ximei was not happy.

    In excitement, she then took Qiu Mu Orange to pay her respects to Old Master Ye.

    "Dad, you've always said that your eldest nephew is not competitive, how is he now?"

    "Without saying anything else, let's just say that my daughter-in-law's voice and appearance, how many people in the entire King City can compare?"

    "Our Ye family has never had such a beautiful daughter-in-law, right?"

    At this time, Ye Xie Mei, filled with pride, couldn't stop saying.

    That excited and agitated look, just like a child who scored a perfect score in an exam, showing off at his parents.

    Master Ye was naturally smiling with joy after the tremor.

    "Yes, Little Fan, you have indeed found a good daughter-in-law ah."

    "Little Fan, if you marry a girl like Mu Orange, it's a blessing you've cultivated in your previous life."

    "In the future, if you don't treat others well, the first one who is the grandmaster won't agree."

    Old Master Ye said with a smile.

    And then, he also got up and kindly took Qiu Mu Orange's hand, allowing him to sit beside him.

    "Come, Mu Orange, sit next to grandma."

    "It's your first time here, don't acknowledge your birth."

    Old Master Ye chattered amiably with Qiu Mu Orange.

    Seeing that, all the limelight had been stolen by Ye Fan's family, Ye Xilan's heart was naturally jealous and hateful.

    But now was not the time to fight over jealousy, she had just scolded Lin Wenwen, now naturally she had to appease her first.

    However, Ye Xilan made Lin Wenwen make such a big scandal, a student, her skin was already thin, let Ye Xilan how to comfort her, but she always hid in Jiang Yulang's bosom crying tears.

    "Okay, don't cry!"

    "It's never ending, is it?"

    "Why are you crying on New Year's Eve?"

    Ye Xilan was also out of patience.

    Originally, she had a bad impression of Lin Wenwen.

    Although she was okay looking, but compared to Qiu Mu Orange, whether it was her temperament, or her face, that was too far behind.

    Her own son's girlfriend was so much worse than someone else's, it was strange that Ye Xilan was satisfied with her?

    Now that she was crying non-stop again, Ye Xilan was irritated and was also directly angry.

    "Mom, why are you being mean?"

    Jiang Yulang was also shocked, and after saying a few words about Ye Xilan, he hurried to comfort Lin Wenwen.

    However, where else would Lin Wenwen listen to him comfort her.

    Her parents had never scolded her like this, so why should Ye Xilan humiliate her like this?

    In frustration, he directly pushed Jiang Yulang away, turned his head and ran away crying.

    "Jiang Yulang, I hate you, I hate your family~"

    Lin Wenwen roared miserably and quickly ran out of the Ye family's old house.

    "Wen Wen, don't go, listen to my explanation~"

    Jiang Yulang was filled with bitterness and went after her.

    But when she went out, she found that Lin Wenwen had already left by car.

    In the end, Jiang Yulang walked back again with his head hanging in shame.

    Angry with red eyes and with a crying voice, he roared at his own mother, "Wen Wen has left, you scolded her away!"

    "Our relationship, too, is finished!"

    "Now, are you satisfied?"


    "How did I end up with a mother like you?"

    "Shut up!"As soon as Jiang Yulang finished speaking, Ye Xilan scolded in a cold voice.

    "Look at your no-good look."

    "Just go away, where is there no grass in the ends of the earth?"

    "Besides, she'll be my daughter-in-law even if she looks like that, no way!"

    "Ye Fan is an outcast, the wives he finds are better looking than her."

    "Yulang, you're my son, you're much better than Ye Fan, and you're willing to marry a wife in the future that's not as good as a wimp?"

    Ye Xilan scolded Jiang Yulang for a while, and soon Jiang Yulang was unable to speak.

    But his mood was still low, and he clearly hadn't come out of the shadow of his broken heart.

    What a good thing it was, but now it has turned out like this?

    This huge contrast undoubtedly made Jiang Yulang extremely heartbroken.

    In the end, Jiang Yulang could only blame all of this full-blown anger on Ye Fan's family.

    If it wasn't for that damned Ye Fan, he and Wen Wen would never have come to this point!

    Thinking of this, Jiang Yulang clenched his palms.

    Ye Tian, Ye Ya and the others, however, were still looking at Qiu Mu Orange with an unimaginable gaze.

    "You...You're really Ye Fan's wife?"

    "Girl, take a closer look, are you mistaking me for someone else?"

    "How can he be worthy of you if he's like that?"

    The second aunt's jealousy burned in her heart, but her red eyes were asked to Qiu Mu orange.

    It looks like she still hasn't accepted the fact in front of her till now.

    However, Qiu Mu Orange's answer was what made Ye Fan's second aunt and the others completely die.

    In the end, they had to accept a fact.

    That was, Ye Fan's wife was a gorgeous, gorgeous woman.

    "He's an abandoned son of the Chu family, a wimp who has joined the family, what does he have to offer?"

    "What's the virtue?"

    Ye Jian's heart howled, and his eyes were deformed from jealousy.

    Before, it was just as well that Ye Fan knew a friend like Nan Chen.

    A friend was just a friend, it didn't belong to him after all.

    But now, after seeing Ye Fan's wife, Ye Jian finally didn't calm down.

    Because, the beauty of Qiu Mu Orange belonged to Ye Fan!

    And he, Ye Jian, didn't even have such a touching beauty.

    Ye Jian had always looked down on Ye Fan, but now he had lost to Ye Fan in terms of women, he was naturally unhappy.



"But, Ye Fan, Ye Fan, don't be too proud of yourself."

    "Later, there will be a time when your face will be disgraced!"

    Ye Jian's eyes were red and gloomy as he stared fiercely at Ye Fan who was joking with Master Ye in front of him, but his palms were clenched tightly.

    Because of the force, the fingertips were nearly deep into the flesh.

    With a roar in his heart, Ye Jian whirled around and lifted a cup of tea from the table, tilting his head to drink it all!

    Not only Ye Jian, but Jiang Yulang, who was depressed in his heart, also took a cup of tea and drank it all!

    It was as if they were going to use the tea to wash away all the humiliation Ye Fan had given them.

    In a short while, Ye Fan also sat back in the courtyard once again, once again sitting with Ye Jian and Jiang Yulang, people of the same generation.

    As for Qiu Mu Orange, she was naturally left in the hall and sat down next to Master Ye.

    Lu Wenjing was also left over there and sat down with Qiu Mu Orange.

    After a brief conversation, Master Ye was more and more delighted with his niece-in-law.

    Gentle and beautiful, well-spoken.

    Good cultivation and excellent insight, provoked Master Ye's incessant appreciation.

    Ye Fan was helpless about this.

    "Marder, when this woman came back, she took away all the favor that belonged to me."

    "If you don't know, you probably still think she's biological and I'm a bloodless outsider?"

    Ye Fan shook his head and laughed, while he picked up the teapot and filled it with tea for himself.

    Next to him, Ye Jian as well as the two siblings, Jiang Yulang and Jiang Yuzheng, saw Ye Fan sitting back down and just snorted, paying no attention to it.


    "Old Ye, I can hear your laughter from afar."

    "What, is it your eldest son who has been promoted, or your second son, who is rich?"

    At this time, an old man of fifty or sixty years old suddenly walked in outside the main gate with a smile.

    Seeing this old man, Ye Xukun was shocked.

    "Old Xu, when did you come back?"

    "Didn't you go to the Northeast to your daughter's house for New Year's Eve?"

    "Come on in and sit down, come on in and sit down!"

    Old Master Ye greeted warmly.

    These decades of neighbors, Master Ye's friendship with him was naturally not shallow.

    He was soon invited to a seat and chatted cordially.


    "Old Ye, you'll have a good life in the future, wait for a good old age."

    "Not to mention that all of your children are productive, this next generation, they are all talented too."

    "Let's talk about your grandson Ye Jian, I've heard that this child Jian is young and has already helped his father to become a sole proprietor."

    "With this talent for business, in the future, he'll be the richest man in Dongyang County."

    "And your granddaughter Yuyan, that's even more remarkable."

    "A girl, only a few years into the army ah, then as an officer, special captain."

    "Unlimited prospects!"

    "Believe me, with this child Yuyan's ability, in less than fifty years, she will definitely be sealed!"

    "By then, your Ye family will have produced a great general, glorifying your ancestors~"

    After talking about Ye Jian and Ye Yuyan, Old Xu looked into the courtyard again, then saw the two siblings, Jiang Yulang, and continued.

    "As for your two nephews from your two daughters' family, the top student in the entrance exam isn't it?"

    "I heard that it's a direct guarantee for Yanjing University, and the county governor even came to congratulate us personally."

    "Two scholars in one door, this is Wenquxing."

    "He's bound to become a pillar of talent in the future too!"

    Old Xu laughed and boasted.

    Evaluating the next generation of the Ye family all over again.

    However, when it came to Ye Fan, even Old Xu, a consumptive, was at a loss for words.

    Because after thinking for a long time, he didn't even think that Ye Fan was worth boasting about at all.

    "This little Fan,"


    "How do you say this?"

    Old Xu was clearly having a hard time, drinking a cup of tea to moisten his throat while he began to think hard, trying to find an advantage for Ye Fan.

    "Little Fan he, right...He's...He's, honest."

    "Yes, Xiaofan he's honest, hardworking, and he's also good at hiding it."

    "He can endure hardships and humiliation that others cannot."

    "Let's say this being a door-to-door son-in-law, who can be an ordinary person?"

    "But Fanny he did it!"

    "That's being able to endure."

    Old Xu had finally found an advantage for Ye Fan that he could boast about, but the people next to him, Ye Xilan and his second aunt, didn't hold back, but puffed out a laugh right out.

    Old Master Ye forced a smile.

    As for Ye Xie Mei, but her face was ugly as hell, the great mood that was previously due to the arrival of Qiu Mu Orange, then immediately fell low.

    She really felt bad, her own son, was he really that bad?

    "You guys shouldn't laugh either, this patience is also an advantage that normal people can't have."

    "Besides, Ye Fan is still honest, even though he hasn't done much, it's heart saving, isn't it?"

    Old Xu was still forcefully praising Ye Fan.

    It was just that the words were a bit awkward to hear.

    In the courtyard, the siblings Ye Jian and Jiang Yulang, who heard these comments, burst out laughing.


    "Cousin, did you hear that, Grandpa Xu is praising you?"

    "Say you're honest and tolerant!"

    "How dare you do to others what you would not do to a son-in-law in your own house?Tolerate what others do not?"

    "Haha, laughing my ass off~"

    "You're a wimpy son-in-law, so I guess that's all that's good about you?"


    It was hard to find an opportunity to take offense, and Ye Jian and the others were naturally extremely mocking and disdainful.

    However, in the face of this piercing mockery, Ye Fan's heart was like ripples and he was unmoved.

    Instead, he even took a sip from his teacup and lightly sip back.

    "A summer insect cannot speak of ice."

    "No matter how much you guys say, in my eyes, you're still just frogs in a well, nesting in a corner."

    "All your lives, you will never know the vastness of the sea, let alone the expanse of the sky."

    "Therefore, you will naturally know, even less, the majesty of me, Ye Fan."

    Ye Fan's words echoed, and the tea in the cup, but mixed with Ye Fan's full of heroic feelings, drank it all!

    Grandfather Xu said he was honest, grandmother said he was mediocre, two uncles thought he was incompetent, aunt and aunt Yeh Xi Lan thought he was a disgrace to the Ye family and made them lose face.

    All of them despise him, and no one is interested in him.

    But, how do these rats know that Ye Fan looks down on them?

    He was originally the son of the Chu family, the only Heavenly descendant in the world.

    Ye Fan, born noble!

    Today, he is even the Lord of the Dragon God, ruling the four corners of the country and reigning over the East.

    When he gives a command, many powerful people come to pay homage to him!

    He was already on top of the world, looking down on the four directions.

    For Ye Fan, who is at the pinnacle of power and influence, people like Ye Jian and Ye Xi Lan have never been in his eyes.

    "If it weren't for that bloodline of my mother's, rats like you would be no different from ants in my eyes?"

    Ye Fan sneered, his words majestic and full of pride!



    "And the rat?"

    "Still Gryphon?"

    "Brother, you hang, you're the best!"

    "The whole world is not as awesome as you."

    Hearing Ye Fan's words, Ye Jian and the others were then angrily laughed at.

    Ye Jian ridiculed and said, Jiang Yulang was even more filled with contempt, looking at Ye Fan as if he was only looking at a fury.

    As for Jiang Yuzheng, he was similarly filled with disdain, and only felt that this so-called cousin of his was really pathetic and ridiculous.

    What was the use of saying these middle-aged idiotic words?

    You're incompetent. What's the use of telling lies?

    It also just made himself look even worse.

    But Ye Jian was not used to this arrogant appearance of Ye Fan.

    Especially after hearing Ye Fan's unbearable words, he was even more furious.

    He was thinking of using Grandpa Xu's words to kill Ye Fan's sharpness.

    To humiliate him and want to see his expression of being groundless.

    But as a result, people didn't even get hit.

    You're bullish, and people are even more bullish than you?

    How dare they call them ants and rats with great audacity.

    "Yes, Ye Fan, I admit that the wife you married is indeed beautiful."

    "But, you don't have to be so proud of it!"

    "I don't know if you've ever heard the saying, "A man is innocent when he's pregnant!"

    "So what if you have a beautiful wife in your arms, so what if you have a beautiful woman in your arms?"

    "Back then, Wudalang, just as well, married a flowery wife, what was the result?"

    "Not a good death yet!"

    "You're incapable of keeping it yourself, even if you marry a beautiful wife, that won't hold."

    "Do you believe that sooner or later, Miss Qiu will leave you and go into someone else's arms."

    Ye Jian laughed fiercely and said coldly at Ye Fan.

    Ye Fan faintly shook his head and smiled back, "This, don't bother your cousin to worry about it."

    "Rather, cousin brother your life's work, do you want me, as a brother, to pull the strings for you."

    "Nan Nan is a one in a million talent, although Nan Nan doesn't fancy you."

    "However, I can intercede for you and arrange for you to see each other again."

    "But my sister Nan Nan has a very high eye, so before we meet again, you have to be prepared to be rejected!"

    "You~" hearing Ye Fan reveal her scars again, Ye Jian was so angry that her old face was livid.

    This violent temper came up, but scuffed up to stand up to beat up Ye Fan.

    That day at the family banquet, he pursued Chen Nan, but the result Chen Nan said that the person he liked was Ye Fan.

    This undoubtedly made Ye Jian's face lose face!

    To this day, it was a strange shame when I remembered it.

    Now that Ye Fan brought up the old story again, it was obvious that he was deliberately throwing salt on his wounds, Ye Jian was naturally angry.

    "What? You want to do something to me?"

    "It seems that yesterday, the lesson to you was not enough."

    Ye Fan smiled faintly, lightly sip the cup of strong tea, and the chill in his tone made Ye Jian's body tremble.

    At that time, Ye Jian was in a stir, and his mind then recalled the scene where Ye Fan had brutally beaten them.

    Ye Jian's face whirled several points white, and then he swallowed his saliva and sat back down again honestly with an iron face.

    He knew that if he fought with Ye Fan, he would be seeking his own death.

    However, in his heart, he was thinking, but Ye Jian's mouth remained strong and said, "Hmph, a gentleman uses his mouth and not his hands, I'm not bothered to get along with a commoner like you."

    "But Ye Fan, you don't have to be proud."

    "Wait a little while, when the Yulang family and I are full of guests, and your family is unoccupied, I'll see if you can still be as arrogant as you are now."

    Ye Jian said proudly.

    The corners of his mouth were filled with wantonness and pride.

    The two siblings, Jiang Yulang and Jiang Yuzheng, also had a smug look on their faces.

    It was completely like they were gloating and waiting to see Ye Fan's joke.

    However, facing the ridicule of Ye Jian and the others, up to the very end, Ye Fan was as calm as that.

    It was as if the waters of a peaceful lake stopped and there were no ripples in his heart.

    These sarcastic and complacent words of Ye Jian did not raise any waves in Ye Fan's heart at all.

    Instead, Ye Fan even lifted the cup of tea and took a sip of tea while shaking his head and smiling.

    The smile carried three parts contempt and three parts contempt.


    "What are you laughing at?"

    "Later is when your family's face will be disgraced, and you have the nerve to laugh?"

    Ye Fan's smile made Ye Jian very unhappy.

    As if he was a dog whose tail had been stepped on, he raged at Ye Fan.

    Ye Fan, still smiling, asked back, "You have a full house of guests?"

    "I'm disgraced?"

    "Ye Jian, Ye Jian, is this your pride?"

    "But do you know that all this pride you speak of is worthless in my eyes!"

    "Even though today, your house is full of guests and there are countless people paying their respects to your father, but so what?"

    "I, Ye Fan, alone am comparable to millions!"

    The words were like gold and stone, and the sentences were like swords.

    After Ye Fan's words fell, there was a whiff of cold wind sweeping through the Ye Family courtyard, blowing Ye Fan's clothes and hunting.The tip of his hair on his forehead was even more windy.

    And Ye Jian and Jiang Yulang and the others, after hearing such arrogant words from Ye Fan, they directly exploded.


    I'll fuck off!

    Not even worth mentioning?

    And one person is worth ten million?


    Brakes on this!

    Who do you think you are?

    The Emperor's old man?

    Emperor Hua Xia?

    Stop it!

    You're just a despicable Chu outcast, a humble door-to-door son-in-law, a mediocre wimp.

    "Damn, simply a foolish one."Ye Jian cursed with a black face.

    "Idiot in general!"Jiang Yuqing's heart was even more disgusted with Ye Fan.

    "A mere door-to-door son-in-law, who gave him the strength to say such arrogant words?"Jiang Yulang was equally full of contempt for Ye Fan, rolling his eyes and saying angrily.

    "Brother Jian, leave him alone."

    "It's simply hopeless!"

    "You don't have the ability to bullshit yourself, but you do?"

    "Ignorant arrogance and foolishness!"

    "When the guests from our family arrive in a little while and compete to pay their respects, I'll see if he's still mad."

    Jiang Yulang said in a cold voice.

    And then, the three siblings really stopped paying attention to Ye Fan.They didn't even want to look at him anymore.

    And at this time, it was already ten o'clock in the morning, the sun was shining just right.

    Master Ye felt that it was about time, so he looked at his youngest son, Ye Ya, who was next to him, "At this point in past years, your guests should have arrived, right?"

    Ye Ya nodded, "Well, indeed.It's about time."


    Sure enough, in the split second that Ye Ya's words fell, a car sounded outside the old mansion.

    Immediately after, a central balding old man, a suit, with a gold chain around his neck, followed by a voluptuous pretty girl, with a smile on his face, walked in.

    The singing name child standing at the door, after looking at the business card handed over by this old man, resonant voice, immediately cut through the long sky.

    "Jili Feed Factory, Director Niu has arrived!"


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