Dish Best Served Cold 761-765


Chapter 761

Ye old man was still unable to persuade Ye Fan after all.

    Looking at Ye Fan's departing back, the worry on Ye Xukun's old face, however, grew thicker and thicker.

    For a long time, Old Master Ye shook his head and sighed long and hard.

    "Xiaofan, Xiaofan, if you were a dragon, the pride in you would allow you to fly even higher."

    "But alas, you are shallow in ability, useless and mediocre."

    "In this case, the pride in you will surely harm you~"

    The vast sky, the profound night.

    Old Master Ye was standing under the Heavenly River like this, sighing quietly.

    The concern for the descendants of the younger generation in his words was so thick.

    In his eyes, compared to his peers like Ye Jian and Ye Yuyan, Ye Fan was still too far behind after all.

    With mediocre achievements and mediocre abilities, Ye Fan was as ordinary as his name.

    Now, it was even more of a door-to-door son-in-law, which naturally made people feel unbearable.

    But no matter how much Ye Xukun worried about Ye Fan's future, it was ultimately useless.

    He was already at the age of destiny, and there were many things that he was already powerless to do.

    The only thing he could do was to pray.

    Praying that the future living situation of Ye Fan and his mother and son wouldn't be too bad.

    However, while Master Ye was worrying about Ye Fan's future, it was not surprising that there were a lot of big and powerful men in the entire Jiangdong who left their homes and came towards this place in the night.

    That one luxurious car, criss-crossing the vast roads of Jiangdong.

    Orange-red lights, as if they were swords, split the heavens and earth!

    If one were to look down from the air, one would certainly be able to see that there were nearly a hundred cars, driving out from all over Jiangdong, all driving on the highway to Jingzhou.

    From a distance, the stars were like fireflies soaring in the night sky.

    Towards the land of Jingzhou, they raced madly.

    Just as if, a hundred rivers converge on the sea!

    The people on the road were horrified at what they saw.


    "Why are there suddenly so many more cars on this New Year's Eve?"

    "What's this about?"

    "Is the emperor ascending the throne, and all of them running over to the imperial congratulation?"

    Many people stared, even with emotion.


    "Bunch of turds, how do they know Mr. Chu's name?"

    Hearing the conversation of the passersby, however, Jin Bao snorted coldly.

    In the words, there is a strong sense of superiority.

    At this time, Jinbao is driving a car, carrying Li'er drove on the "Yunjing Expressway" road.

    After Jinbao, there was a row of cars that were black.

    In addition to the vehicles of the Li family in Yunzhou, there were naturally vehicles sent by other famous families in Yunzhou as well.

    More than a dozen luxury cars, roaring in unison.

    The roar of the engines, like the howl of a wild beast, echoed throughout the night sky .


    "Second Master, is our Mr. Chu really awesome?"

    "With just one word from Mr. Chu, I'm afraid that half of our powerful bigwigs in Yunzhou are out in force, right?"

    Jinbao looked through the rearview mirror at the starry headlights behind him and lost his voice in emotion.

    Li Er listened, but shook his head, "Jin Bao, you're still underestimating Mr. Chu too much."

    "If I didn't expect it, tonight, this New Year's Eve, the entire Jiangdong's dignitaries are afraid that they'll be on the road."


    Jinbao shuddered when he heard that, and his old eyes then grew huge.

    "Er...Second Master, you...You mean, all the powerful people of Jiangdong...All of them?"


    What kind of a spectacle will it be tomorrow?

    "Okay, cut the crap."

    "Get on with it!"

    "Full speed ahead."

    "Chen Ao has probably also left for Jingzhou."

    "We must get ahead of him and see Mr. Chu."

    "Otherwise, see how I'll deal with you later!"

    While Jin Bao was losing his mind, Li Er, however, was a violent chestnut that struck Jin Bao's skull.

    Jin Bao hehehe smiled: "Second Master, you can rest assured."

    "Mr. Chu but our Yunzhou's aunt, this tomorrow the first one to pay his respects to Mr. Chu, will be the second master you ah!"



    Just like that, New Year's Eve passed quickly.

    With the ringing of the New Year's bell, a new year was dawning.

    It was not yet fully dawn, but the residents of the town were already awake.

    The town, which had been silent for a night, was now noisy again.

    Along with the first pot of dumplings in the pot, the sound of firecrackers rushed to the sky, and rang out one after another.

    The deafening sound not only took away all the boredom and misfortune of the previous year, but also brought good luck and prosperity to the New Year.

    Red lanterns, a symbol of celebration, were hung up in every house and home.

    The young children wore new clothes, and the adults put up melons and fruits and sugar money.

    Some of them, too, played joyful music.

    The melodious music, mixed with people's laughter, just like a wave, impacted the whole world.

    Thousands of inhabitants throughout the town had their doors wide open, waiting for the guests who came to pay their respects.

    The Ye family was naturally no exception.

    At four or five o'clock in the morning, Old Master Ye had already changed into new clothes, family tree hanging on the wall, table full of meat and wine for the offerings, sitting in the hall early, waiting for the guests to come to the door to pay their respects.

    The Ye family may not be ranked in Jingzhou, but in Ye Yang Town, it is definitely one of the most prestigious families.

    Especially in these generations, the Ye family had not only produced a deputy magistrate, but also two college entrance exam scholars.

    Even the youngest son, Ye Ya, was rated as a well-known entrepreneur in the town.

    It can be said that nowadays, the Ye family, in the whole Ye Yang Town, has long been in the limelight.

    Especially during the New Year every year, it was almost always the most popular time for the Ye family.

    Every year, the people who came to pay their respects to the Ye family, that almost always broke through the doors, not knowing how many people were envious of the Ye family.

    Of course, no matter how many guests came, almost all of them came for Ye Fan's two uncles.

    As for their mother and son, they were of no reputation, so naturally, no one would pay them a New Year's visit.

    Therefore, every time the Spring Festival used to be celebrated, that was almost always the most torturous day for Ye Ximei.

    After all, looking at her several siblings with guests all over the place and no one on her side, I'm afraid that anyone would feel ashamed.


    "Big brother, big sister-in-law, up early."

    "Did you prepare enough red envelopes?"

    "Don't be full of guests later, sister-in-law you don't have enough red envelopes on your side to hand out."

    At this time, Ye Tian, Ye Ya and the others had also left the house and went to the Ye family's old house.

    One was to pay a New Year's greeting to the old man, and the other was waiting for the guests to come to the door here.

    At this time, Ye Ya was facing the Winter Mei couple and poking fun at them.

    Dongmei also smiled back and said, "You'd better care about yourselves first."

    "This year, my second brother was named a model entrepreneur by the town, and the food factory is also doing well."

    "This is just like the richest man in our town."

    "I think today, the people who come to pay their respects to second brother are afraid that they will have to crowd our door oh."

    While Ye Ya and the others were exchanging pleasantries, Ye Ximei mother and son also all finished freshening up and walked to the hall to pay their respects to the old man.

    Upon seeing this mother and son, the second aunt became displeased.

    She snorted, "Alright, now that you've finished paying your respects, according to what we said yesterday, you should leave."

    "Leave the Ye family!"

    "I don't want my friends to know that I have a nephew who is a door-to-door son-in-law."

    "Not humiliating enough."

    The second aunt said coldly, already preparing to chuck Ye Fan and his son out of the house.


"Don't, Mom."

    "Don't be in a hurry to kick my cousin out, huh?"

    "In case someone comes to pay their respects to my cousin Ye Fan today and can't find anyone, wouldn't that be bad?"

    At this time, Ye Jian was wearing a mask, but he walked over.

    He was smiling in a ghastly way.

    He was beaten by Ye Fan yesterday and his face was still a little swollen.

    He had no choice but to wear a mask to cover it today.


    "Jian, what are you babbling about?"

    "This Ye Fan beat you so badly yesterday, and you're still speaking for him?"

    Second aunt frowned at once and asked angrily.

    "Second aunt, you'll listen to Jian."

    "Let them stay here for now."

    "Later, when the guests come to the door, there will be a good time for them."

    Jiang Yulang also came up with his mask on and likewise advised his second aunt.

    Hearing this, the second aunt undoubtedly then knew their intentions.

    It was obvious that Ye Jian and the others were preparing to watch Ye Fan and his mother and son's joke later.

    After all, later on, each family was full of guests coming to pay their respects, but Ye Fan's family was the only one that was unoccupied.

    This huge contrast was in itself an insult to Ye Fan and the others.

    Now that they were let go, it would be a bargain for them instead.

    "Mm, fine."

    "Eldest nephew, there's no rush to leave yet."

    "Anyway, we have to finish lunch before we leave, right?"

    "Besides, in case there really are guests who have come to pay their respects to you and can't find you, wouldn't that be a wasted trip?"

    The second aunt quickly changed her face and was now also smiling inexplicably, making a voice to stay.

    Ye Xi Mei naturally saw what they meant, and snorted, "No need."

    "Little Fan and I, we're leaving this way."

    In between the words, Ye Xi Mei was going to pull Ye Fan away.

    Since she had already torn her face yesterday, Ye Xie Mei naturally wouldn't stay anymore.

    She had already thought about it, the worst case scenario was to go back to Yunzhou with Ye Fan.

    Find a factory that cares about food and accommodation and work in it.

    This way, not only will it not drag Ye Fan down, but also she will be able to see her son from time to time, and she won't have to suffer these grievances like now.

    However, Ye Fan stopped Ye Xie Mei.

    "Mom, since my second aunt is so enthusiastic, let's just wait until we have lunch before we leave."

    "Also, auntie and the others are right, what if someone really comes to pay us a New Year's visit?"

    "If I leave now, wouldn't I be sorry to others."

    Ye Fan smiled faintly, but that low, slow tone was filled with calm and indifference.

    "Little Fan, where is anyone coming to pay us a visit?"

    "They are only trying to see us laugh at this point by persuading us to stay."

    "If we've already decided to leave, why stay and suffer this humiliation?"

    Ye Xi Mei, however, was a little anxious and whispered to Ye Fan.

    "Mom, you don't have to be anxious."

    "For a while, you can just watch at ease."

    "Today, my son will give you a huge surprise."

    Ye Fan said with a smile in his face, and in his words, there was a calmness and confidence that was sure to come true.

    And then, Ye Fan also found a place to sit down and calmly drank tea.

    "This kid, he's really not leaving?"

    "He didn't really think that someone would pay him a visit today, did he?"

    "It's ridiculous, who in the world would stammer a door-to-door son-in-law?"Ye Tian and Ye Ya brothers also shook their heads and laughed, only feeling that Ye Fan was really stupid.

    However, since they wanted to stay and humiliate themselves, Ye Tian and Ye Ya were naturally happy to see it.

    Afterwards, they didn't pay any more attention to Ye Fan and his son, so they walked into the hall and took a seat with the old man to wait for others.

    According to past practice, the seats for the elders as well as the noble guests would be located in the main hall.

    As for Ye Fan, the younger generation and some insignificant guests, the seats were also located outside the courtyard.

    Soon, the Ye family members were seated.

    It was still early before the noon meal, and after Ye Tian and the others sat down, it was nothing more than chatting while eating melon seeds.

    As for the courtyard, Ye Fan had already taken his seat, and with the lingering fragrance of tea in front of him, Ye Fan actually drank tea on his own.

    "Fuck, this door-to-door son-in-law, but his skin is really thick."

    "We haven't even sat down yet, but he's already sitting down and drinking tea by himself?"

    "No shame at all?"

    "But when the house is full of guests paying their respects to my family later on, and you mother and son have no one to talk to, I'll see if you can still be as calm as you are now!"

    Seeing Ye Fan's calm appearance, however, Ye Jian was so angry that he gritted his teeth.

    A kind of ignorant karmic fire was scuffling in his heart.

    He thought that he would take this opportunity to humiliate Ye Fan.

    But he didn't expect Ye Fan to be unmoved, like a nobody, not worried or nervous in the slightest.

    This undoubtedly gave Ye Jian a sense of anger as if he was punching cotton.

    In the end, Ye Jian, as well as the Jiang Yulang siblings, simply sat down opposite Ye Fan, picked up a cup of tea from the table, poured a cup of tea, and then drank it all in anger.

    While the Ye family's courtyard was wide open, waiting for the New Year's guests to come to the door, outside the Ye family's mansion, but there were already many good people gathered.

    They were sitting on the stone mound by the roadside, knocking melon seeds and chattering as they did so.

    "Hey, cold comes and cold goes, winter goes and spring comes, this year is passing by really fast."

    "This Spring Festival this year, it looks like that old man Ye family will have to have a good time again!"


    "Who's to say it's not?"

    "Who let that old man Ye raise so many good sons and grandsons?"

    "Both sons and granddaughters are very competitive!"

    People in the countryside have nothing to do, get together, and naturally talk about the things that happen between neighbors and townspeople.

    For example, whose son has made a fortune, or whose family has made a fortune again.

    The better the family is, the more attention it gets.

    Like today's Ye family, just like the Ye family, has become the first family in town.

    Many people were almost always discussing before and after tea about how well off the Ye family's sons and grandsons were.

    "Hey, Old Li Tou, this year, who do you think will come to pay their respects to the most people in this Ye family?"

    "I think it's still the same old everyone."

    "That Ye family boss is the deputy governor of our county, and every year in the past, the most guests have come for the boss, so this year is naturally no exception."


    "Old Wang, don't be so full of words."

    "Lao Er's family was not bad last year, his food factory I heard has sold its products to the next city, the business is getting bigger and bigger, it is said that last year it made several million dollars a year, just like the richest man in our ten miles and eight villages."

    "Do you think there can be fewer people sucking up to him?"

    "This time, I'm afraid that the boss's scenery will have to be suppressed!"


    "Don't all just focus on the Ye family's two sons ah, I think that old man Ye's youngest daughter isn't bad either."

    "Married to Jiang Hai, her husband is a senior executive of a state-owned enterprise."

    "Head of a several hundred million dollar company industry!"

    "I reckon that it's not just our Jingzhou that's coming to pay their respects today, maybe someone from Jianghai will come too."


    "This Ye family is really something nowadays."

    "The descendants are one more brilliant than the next."

    "The influence is all over the military, government and business world."

    "I used to think that Ye family's second son, Ye Ya, would have a hard time becoming a great person, but now it seems that we've misjudged him ah?"

    "In the future, maybe even that old man Ye's eldest daughter will have her luck?"


    "The eldest daughter?"

    "Is that the daughter of old man Ye who was abandoned by a man?"

    "Stop it, these four sons and daughters of old man Ye, the eldest daughter's line is considered completely useless!"

    "I've heard that his great nephew, Ye Fan, has gone off to be a door-to-door son-in-law for someone when he's desperate!"

    "Not humiliating enough~"


Outside the door of the Ye family, those onlookers watching the fun, you and I are talking, but they are chatting.

    And at this time, in the courtyard, after Jiang Yulang received a phone call, he shouted in surprise, "What, Wen Wen, you've arrived?"


    "Okay, okay, I'll be here waiting for you."

    "My family will be so happy to see you."

    Jiang Yulang was filled with excitement and said evenly.

    After hanging up the phone, Jiang Yulang got up in a hurry and shouted into the hall, "Mom, Wen Wen said she'll be here in the morning."

    "It's almost to Ye Yang Town now."


    "You say Matilda will be here in the morning?"

    "I thought you said she wouldn't be here until tonight?"

    "You child, if you didn't tell me earlier, I have to hurry and prepare a red envelope for my daughter-in-law ah."

    When Ye Xi Lan heard this, she was surprised and happy.

    But Master Ye and the others listened with a foggy mind: "Lan Lan, what do you mean this daughter-in-law, what's going on?"

    "Dad, I haven't told you yet, your nephew, ah, has a girlfriend at school.He's also a top student at Yan University, and he's also from our city of Jingzhou."

    "No, I heard that Yulang is in Jingzhou for the New Year, so I came over to meet with Yulang and also wish your old man a happy New Year."Ye Xilan said with a smile.

    After hearing that, the second aunt and the others were all overjoyed.


    "Good thing."

    "It's still my Yulang nephew who's awesome, it's only been less than a year since he went to college and he's hung up on a girl."

    "With this charm of our Yulang, I'm sure the girlfriend is pretty too."

    "Yulang, do you have any pictures, bring them over for auntie to see."Second Auntie asked evenly.

    "Second aunt, don't worry, this Wen Wen will be here soon.Matilda herself, she's even better looking than the photo."Jiang Yulang said back.

    "Haha, you guy, still hiding it from me.Okay, let's not look at the photo, let's see the real person later."The second aunt joked.

    Next to her, Ye Yulang also laughed out loud, "Haha, don't complain, I've never seen a photo as a mother."

    "But what about this girlfriend that Yulang said he has, she's the department flower of the literature department?"

    "Lots of people pursued her.But in the end, they fell for our Yulang."

    "I go, tethered flower, huh?How beautiful would that be?Yulang is really great, giving our Ye family face.Unlike someone who is a door-to-door son-in-law.Married for three years and you don't even dare to bring your daughter-in-law home?One can imagine how ugly that daughter-in-law of his must be, not daring to bring her out to people."

    The second aunt lifted one and deprecated the other, ridiculing and laughing.

    After hearing this, Ye Tian and the others also shook their heads and sneered.

    Even though, none of the Ye family had ever seen Qiu Mu Orange.

    However, without using their brains, they knew that the daughter-in-law that Ye Fan had married was definitely not a good girl.

    It might still be a third-degree cripple?

    After all, who's a good girl who would marry someone like Ye Fan?

    In between sneers, the second aunt looked to the side at Ye Ximei: "Right big sister, I remember, didn't you tell dad a few days ago that the daughter-in-law that Ye Fan married would also come to pay her respects to our dad this year?"

    "It's the first day of the new year, why haven't you seen it yet?"

    "People Yulang, a college student, hasn't even gotten engaged yet, and they've brought their girlfriends over to pay their respects to Dad."

    "This daughter-in-law of yours, you've been married for three years and she doesn't even come over to show her face?"

    "What, is this niece-in-law of mine too pretty to be missed for fear of putting her face out in the open?"

    "Or is your daughter-in-law so ugly that you're afraid to bring her out and embarrass yourself?"

    Second Aunt's words were prickly, and she sneered.

    Ye Xilan also echoed from the side, "Yes, sister."

    "Even an ugly daughter-in-law has to meet her in-laws ah."

    "Besides, it's okay for people to be ugly and fat."

    "It's okay to be beautiful in spirit."

    "But this basic filial piety hasn't been done when you haven't shown your face for three years of marriage."

    "And look at my Yulang's girlfriend. She's so filial.Before even getting engaged, she came to visit his grandmother."

    Ye Xilan shook her head and said, her words all showy and superior.

    Ye Xie Mei did not utter a word, his face was ugly.

    In fact, he was also curious, before, Ye Fan had always said that that daughter of the Qiu family would come for New Year's Eve this year, but it was late.

    Although Ye Xie Mei was confused, she didn't ask any more questions.

    She also thought at that time that maybe this daughter-in-law that her son had married was so unbearable that she was afraid of bringing it back to shame, that's why Ye Fan had pushed back and didn't bring it back late.

    Now that Ye Xilan and the others mentioned it to her face, it was undoubtedly like a needle piercing into Ye Xi's eyebrows, making her unable to raise her head to see others as well.

    "Yeah, I forgot if you guys didn't mention this."

    "Little Fan, that daughter-in-law of yours, is she not coming this year?"

    At this time, Master Ye also remembered this.

    A few days ago, Ye Fan had also told him that he would bring his wife back to him this year.

    It's been a few days in the blink of an eye, but there's no news at all.

    Old Master Ye was suddenly curious and asked.

    "Grandmaster, I'm sorry."

    "I forgot to tell you before, Mu Orange she had a temporary problem at work and really couldn't spare the time."

    "So this year, I'm afraid that I won't be able to personally greet your grandfather."In response to the old man's question, Ye Fan slowly returned.

    There were a few hints of loss in his words.

    When Ye Fan first came to Jingzhou, he had agreed with Qiu Mu Orange that he would spend the New Year with Ye Fan in his hometown this year.

    But yesterday, when Ye Fan called again, Qiu Mu Orange said that something happened in the company temporarily and he couldn't come.

    Ye Fan was very disappointed and lost.

    He didn't know if Qiu Mu Orange really couldn't get away, or if it was just an excuse.

    But he didn't force Qiu Mu Orange to come, let alone ask more.

    He respected her choice.

    At that time, Ye Fan only replied back to Qiu Mu Orange, Happy New Year, and also hung up the phone.

    After that, there was no contact again.


    "Still busy with work?"

    "Which factory is still open on New Year's Eve?"

    "I see, it's a lie that this can't get out of his clothes, but it's true that he's too embarrassed to meet people."

    "But how ugly does this person have to be to even have the courage to meet his in-laws?"

    Second aunt smiled gloomily.

    Master Ye, however, glared at him fiercely, "Shut up, no one will treat you as dumb if you don't speak!"

    The old man harshly lectured, and only then did the second aunt shut her mouth.

    But the disdain in his eyebrows was distinctive.

    As for Ye Xi Lan, although she didn't say anything, she was undoubtedly proud of herself.

    Ye Fan's wife was this bad, while his own son's girlfriend was a department flower from a top-ranked school.

    This difference between heaven and earth, it was strange that Ye Xilan was not proud in her heart.

    "Sister, sister, back then everyone said you were prettier than me."

    "But what's the point?"

    "In the end, your son is still married to a shameless, ugly woman."

    "And my daughter-in-law, a flowery face."

    "In this next generation, genetically, you've lost."

    A mother's ugly one, in the future, when Ye Fan had a child, she would probably be extraordinarily ugly as well.

    Ye Xi Lan was also right in thinking that this next generation, genetically, Ye Xi Mei's family would have already lost.

    "Hello, may I ask if this is Ye Yang Town, the Ye family's old house?"

    "I am, the daughter-in-law of the Ye family."

    However, just as Ye Xi Lan's heart was smiling sardonicly with pride, a soft female voice, however, quietly sounded.

    When everyone heard it, they all looked back.

    Only to see the entrance of the old mansion, a mannishly beautiful silhouette, standing pavilion style.

    She was smiling beautifully, and her eyes were looking forward.

    It was like a spring flowing through a valley or a snow lotus blossoming on the Tianshan Mountain.

    In the split second when this woman appeared, everyone's eyes were left with shock and amazement.

    Ye Fan, on the other hand, was also shaken and his pupils crinkled.


There is no perfect color in a thousand years, and a pleasant eye is a beautiful woman.

    The beauty of the city and the country is astonishing!


    The moment they saw the woman in front of them, all that was left in the hearts of Ye Jian and the others was the echo of this poem.

    At this moment, everyone was deeply shaken by the stunning beauty of the woman in front of them .

    Once upon a time, they thought that for a woman as stunningly beautiful as Nan Chen to be alone in this world was already an endless gift from the Creator.

    But now, Ye Jian, Ye Tian and the rest of the Ye family never expected that in just a few days, they would once again meet a heavenly immortal woman.

    Red lips like fire, eyebrows and eyes like ink.

    Frosty skin, icy skin and jade body.

    If Chen Nan was like the lotus lotus that came out of the water, clear and elegant.

    Then the woman in front of her is the snow lotus blooming in the cold of the Tianshan Mountain, noble and cold.

    Quite different temperaments, but with the same breathtaking beauty.

    "Yu...Yulang, this...Is this your girlfriend?"

    "Sub-O, overdoing it?!"

    After a long tremor, Ye Jian Fang lost his voice and trembled and asked.

    Because of jealousy and envy, the entire person was nearly deformed.


    Even his own cousin, Jiang Yulang, had gotten such a fairy-like girlfriend, but what about him, Ye Jian?

    I've dated a few girlfriends, but whether it's with Nan Chen or the woman in front of me, it's just shit!

    This difference was all from the comparison.

    Now that he saw that Jiang Yulang's girlfriend was so beautiful, the gap in Ye Jian's heart was naturally big.

    But some people were happy, some were sad.

    While Ye Jian's mother and son were envious and jealous, Jiang Yulang's mother, Ye Xilan, was happy.


    "Son, it's really you!"

    "Find me such a beautiful daughter-in-law?"

    "To be elegant and stylish, to have a figure."

    "Compared to that Miss Chen from before, it's even better than that."

    Ye Xilan patted Jiang Yulang's shoulder, even excited.

    Anyone who saw his daughter-in-law so stunningly beautiful would probably be overjoyed to see her.

    Even Master Ye, after all his vicissitudes, seeing the woman in front of him, only felt astonished and said three good words in a row.

    "Good, good, good."

    "Yulang has found a good daughter-in-law ah."

    "They say that a good daughter-in-law in one lifetime is good for three lifetimes Yan."

    "If Yulang marries like this, then for the next three lifetimes, he won't worry about marrying."

    Master Ye said with emotion.

    Huaxia has been heavy on clans since ancient times, this offspring and grandchildren getting married is not just a matter of one generation, but the entire family's reproduction continuity for several generations.

    As the saying goes, the father is ugly and the mother is ugly and the mother is ugly.

    Just like Ye Fan, who married an ugly daughter-in-law, then the offspring and grandchildren would definitely be ugly from generation to generation.

    And like Jiang Yulang, then the generations to come will also continue her mother's beauty.

    This was also why, Ye Xilan and the others paid so much attention to choosing a daughter-in-law.

    Master Ye and the others were happy, but Ye Fan's second aunt was slow to be happy.

    Even the two brothers, Ye Tian Ye Ya, were a bit suspicious.

    "Yulang, she...Is she really your girlfriend?"

    "This beauty is too much, isn't it?"

    "Does she really fancy you?"

    Ye Ya asked in a low voice.

    But after saying that, Ye Ya realized that it was a bit abrupt and quickly explained, "That, Yulang, don't misunderstand, Second Uncle didn't mean anything else."

    "It's mainly that, the righteous are not guilty of anything ah."

    "This dating and marriage, it has to be about the right family."

    "This girl's posture is more than enough to be a big star, right?"

    "We're just a city folk, how can we possibly climb up to this kind of girl?"

    Ye Ya shook his head repeatedly and said, in his heart he only felt that Jiang Yulang was not good enough for this girl.

    At least in terms of looks, it wasn't on the same level.

    Although Jiang Yulang's looks were also moderate, barely holding up to the little handsome.

    But in all honesty, Ye Fan's looks were above Jiang Yulang's, so how could this kind of goods pick up such a beautiful girlfriend?

    So, Ye Ya's heart was trembling and confused.

    "Second brother, what are you saying?"

    "Tell me, if this girl isn't my son's girlfriend, who else could she be?"

    "Your son Ye Jian's?"

    "Ask Jian if he knows anyone."Hearing that Ye Ya Ya, Ye Xi Lan was not happy and said in a stern voice.

    Ye Ya didn't reply, but turned to really look at his son.

    Ye Jian then shook his head, saying that he really didn't know.

    "Hmph, second brother, what else do you have to say now?"

    "Do you still think he's the wife of Ye Fan's door-to-door son-in-law?"

    Ye Xilan snorted unhappily.

    Ye Fan was laying innocently again, and Ye Xiemei, who was a mother, had a bad feeling after seeing how beautiful her sister's daughter-in-law was.

    "Okay, don't say unnecessary words."

    "Yulang, Lan Lan, you two mothers don't just stand there, hurry over and lead the others over ah."

    "Lead her over to me so I can take a good look."

    "Our Ye family, but we haven't had such a beautiful daughter-in-law in several lifetimes?"At this time, Master Ye was urging from the side.

    Only then did Ye Xilan react, quickly piled up a face full of smiles, pulling Jiang Yulang to meet him.

    However, no one noticed that throughout the entire time, Jiang Yulang was in a state of confusion.

    The entire person was stupefied in place and kept looking at the woman like a dumb goose.

    Everyone thought that this woman was his girlfriend, but God knows, Jiang Yulang didn't know her at all ah?

    "Mom, I...I..."

    Jiang Yulang's mouth was in a knot, fidgeting with his words.

    However, as soon as Kang Yulang was halfway through his sentence, Ye Xilan interrupted him, "Yulang, give you back what?"

    "Hurry up and go over with mom."

    In the middle of the conversation, Ye Xilan welcomed her with a smile.

    Dongmei as well as her second aunt, who were the elders, also went forward with a warm face to welcome her.

    "Wen Wen, don't stand there."

    "Come in and sit down."

    "I've always heard my Yulang talking about you, saying that you're good at studying and pretty, and that you're the flower of the Literature Department."

    "Looking at you today, you're really pretty."

    "With my Yulang, it's truly a match made in heaven."

    Ye Xilan pulled this woman's hand and said enthusiastically.

    Dongmei followed while her second aunt also echoed from the side, "Yes, it's not only an honor for Yulang to find a girlfriend like you, it's also an honor for both the Jiang family and the Ye family."

    Ye Xilan and the others praised as they pulled the woman towards the courtyard.

    As if to show off, Ye Xilan deliberately pulled his daughter-in-law in front of Ye Fan, and when he saw Ye Fan's eyes were also straight, he said proudly, "Great nephew, how is it, this girlfriend of your cousin is still pretty, right?"

    "This marriage, it's all about door to door, and what kind of talent goes with what kind of girl."

    "So it's useless for you to be envious."

    "If you were half as good as my son, you wouldn't have to be a door-to-door son-in-law and marry an ugly, shameless wife."Ye Xilan sneered and laughed, her words all smug.

    But when Ye Fan heard it, he only felt funny: "Auntie, who said my wife doesn't dare to see anyone?"

    "Don't you see?"

    "My wife is already here."



    "Your wife is already here?"

    Ye Fan's words made the Ye family's crowd all startled.

    In a split second, Ye Tian, Ye Ya and the others looked around.

    But in the entire Ye family, there were no outsiders other than Jiang Yulang's girlfriend.

    Where was there any Ye Fan's wife.

    "Eldest nephew, are you stupid?"

    "Or are you hallucinating?"

    "Look at our yard, which one is your wife?"

    Ye Xilan was suddenly happy and looked at Ye Fan like a fool, sneering and laughing.

    It only felt that this nephew of his was afraid that he was stupid, but he had even started talking nonsense.

    Even Ye Fan's mother, Ye Xie Mei, looked at Ye Fan with a worried face and sighed long and hard.

    Faced with Ye Xi Lan's ridicule, Ye Fan shook his head and smiled, "Auntie, I think the one who is confused is you."

    "My wife, didn't you already see that?"

    Ye Fan laughed lightly and put down his teacup, about to tell the truth.

    However, at this moment, another car sounded outside the old mansion.

    Immediately after, a young woman wearing a pink plaid skirt, but timidly peeked out from outside.

    "Excuse me, is this the Ye family?"

    "Grandma Ye Xukun, does he live here?"

    A youthful and somewhat nervous voice quietly sounded from the doorway.


    This sudden female voice was only like a boulder entering the sea, and in a split second, it set off huge waves in the entire Ye family.

    Ye Xilan and the other Ye family members turned around in unison and looked over with all their eyes.

    The crowd present all looked at this second woman who appeared here with an inexplicable gaze.

    A pair of white sneakers, a pink plaid dress, and of course, a padded and thickened underpants on her legs and a black jacket on her upper body.

    Not a bad outfit with a lot of heart, but definitely not called stunning.

    Especially after having already seen the beauty of the woman from before, looking at the girl in front of her, she only felt ordinary.

    The skin was somewhat dull and yellow, and the body was also much worse, especially the flesh on the calf belly was particularly obvious, looking at it from afar, the girl's that retreated looked extremely bloated.

    "You...You are, Ye family's daughter-in-law?"

    After a brief silence, Ye Xilan paused to ask suspiciously.

    The young woman's pretty face blushed slightly as she shyly said, "Well, if everything goes well, she should be considered half of the Ye family's daughter-in-law."

    "Fuck, this is really that jerk's wife?"

    Hearing her words, Ye Ya Dun cried out in shock, unbelievable.

    Ye Fan was enrolled in the woman's family, and according to this reasoning, wouldn't this be exactly half of the Ye family's daughter-in-law?

    Before this, the Ye family thought that the woman who recruited Ye Fan as a son-in-law, even if she wasn't ugly, she was a grade 3 cripple.

    But now after seeing it, Ye Ya and the others resolutely discovered that this Ye Fan's wife was not very ugly.

    And with sound limbs, a woman of this condition, even if she couldn't find a rich family, she could still find an average person to marry.

    "I didn't expect that ah, this great nephew of mine has gotten a big advantage?"

    "What a lucky break for a blind cat to run into a dead mouse."

    Ye Ya coldly said with a bit of displeasure in his words.

    Although Ye Fan's wife was far from Jiang Yulang's girlfriend, it was undeniably prettier than his own wife ah.

    After all this fiddling, the wife that he, the uncle, had married was not as gorgeous as a Chu family abandoned son, a door-to-door son-in-law?

    Thinking of this, Ye Ya's heart was naturally a bit unbalanced.

    "Oh, yeah? Then come in."After Ye Yilan heard the woman's reply, she coldly returned a sentence and let her in as well.

    Obviously, Ye Yilan was also a little disappointed.

    She had thought that Ye Fan's wife would be very bad looking.

    But she didn't expect that it would be okay?

    At least it looked good.

    But that's all.

    Compared to his own son's girlfriend, this girl in front of him is just mediocre.

    But Ye Xilan was still curious, she suddenly asked, "Girl, I don't think your condition is very bad ah, why do you think you can't think of a way to look at that kind of person?"

    Ye Xilan's words, however, confused the green woman: "Those people, are .What kind of people are they?"

    "Just incapable losers.Forget it, what's done is done, why am I telling you this?"Ye Xilan shook her head, and wasn't interested in wasting time with her.

    A superfluous wife was just not enough to waste words.

    After that, Ye Xilan didn't bother with her anymore, her attitude was very cold.

    After all, Ye Fan had beaten his son so much yesterday, and Ye Xilan still hated Ye Fan now?

    Now she naturally moved on to Ye Fan's wife as well.

    After leaving her to one side, Ye Xilan turned to look at the stunning woman from before once again and said kindly, "Wen Wen, come quickly."

    "Go sit down beside your grandmother."

    "That's a special place reserved for you in our Ye family, just to welcome you here."

    Ye Xilan greeted with a smile.

    However, in the face of Ye Yilan's call, the cool and stunning woman from before didn't move.

    Instead, the greenish woman who came later, took two steps in three steps to sit on that seat, and was busy.

    After sitting down, that greenish woman also smiled slightly nervously, "Thank you, grandmaster."

    For a moment, the entire Ye family hall was quiet.

    Everyone looked at her with a despicable gaze.

    Especially Ye Xilan, when she saw that the seat she had reserved for her daughter-in-law had been taken by that wimp of a wife of Ye Fan, she blew up!

    Only to feel greatly offended and blasphemed.


    "Thanks peat huh?"

    "Is that seat for you?"

    "You're pretty quick to grab it, though."

    "You are so shameless!"

    "Simply shameless~"

    "That's a place for my daughter-in-law, Matilda, who are you to sit in it?"

    "And how dare you take a seat from my daughter-in-law?"

    "You don't even take a piss to look at yourself, do you deserve it?"

    "To have a body without a body, to have a face without a face, look at those calves that are as thick as a deformed child."

    "Compared to my daughter-in-law, you're a piece of shit!"

    "Get your ass down there and give up your seat!"

    Ye Xi Lan was truly angry.

    The dissatisfaction and hatred towards Ye Fan in the past few days had all erupted at this moment.

    She was just irritable, and this temper came up to block it.

    Like a shrew cursing the street, to that greenish woman is yelling at her.

    At that time, the girl was crying, the tears of the outpouring, her pretty face was pale.

    "Mom, what are you doing?"

    "Are you crazy?"

    At this time, Jiang Yulang finally couldn't hold back and roared at his mother, Ye Xilan, with an iron face.

    Ye Xilan was stunned, "Yulang, what's wrong with you?"

    "What do you say for her?"

    "You're confused, aren't you?"

    "This shameless woman is taking your girlfriend's seat, and you're just not saying anything, so why are you fighting for her?"


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