The King of Kungfu in school 2506-2510


Chapter 2506

Finally, after waiting for about an hour or so, the Cosmic Divine Stripe appeared.

In front of it, a black-gray ethereal stone wall suddenly descended, and on the stone wall, there were various, intricate stripes etched.Each stripe felt like it contained an infinite will.

When everyone saw the Cosmic God Stripe, they immediately looked at the stripe without blinking, because, it would only appear for a minute, and the opportunity waited for no one.

The same was true for Tang Zichen.

Unfortunately, one minute was too short, and it seemed to disappear all of a sudden.

After the divine pattern disappeared, everyone didn't speak and immediately closed in place.

How much they could grow depended on this move.

Tang Zichen was the same.

After a few seconds, one of Tang Zichen's wills grew one divine power, then it took a few more seconds for the remaining nine to grow one divine power each as well, so in a few seconds, Tang Zichen grew ten divine powers.

Tang Zichen, who was originally a thirty-horse Lower God, became a forty-horse Lower God in a few seconds.

But this, was not the end. One second to remember to read the book

Of course, no one felt the change in Tang Zichen at the moment, and everyone was still working on their own.

Tang Zichen spent another minute, and one of the wills grew another horse.

Just like that, half an hour later, Tang Zichen had grown thirty horses of divine power.

Fifty lower gods, one middle god, and ten middle gods.

It took Tang Zichen half an hour to become a ten-horse Middle God.

However, by the time Tang Zichen wanted to continue, his mind was already empty and he couldn't think of anything, but a minute was too short after all.

"Phew."Tang Zichen sighed and opened his eyes.

At this point, everyone else, too, would have their brains empty at most for half an hour, unable to think of anything, or, consuming what they had just seen, exhausted.

"How much pegasus power have you grown?"

"I grew a horse."

"And you?"

"I grew three horses."

"Wow, three horses, that's a wonderfully powerful person."

"Hehe, it's average."

Throughout the square, almost everyone opened their eyes, and everyone asked how much the people around them had grown.

Almost everyone, had grown zero.

The ones that grew by zero, accounted for eighty percent.

Those who were able to grow more than three horses, very few.

"As for the ones that grew four or five horses, it's even rarer."

Like Tang Zichen, the ones that grew forty horses, perhaps no one believed it.

Of course, no one had yet discovered how much Tang Zichen had grown either.

Tang Zichen kept a low profile and didn't say.

Just at this moment, a shout came from the distance, "Come and see, someone here has grown eight horses of divine power."

"What?Eight horsepower?How is that possible?"

"Who is it, oh my God, eight horses, is this going to break the cosmic record?"

"Quick, go over and worship."

When everyone heard that, they all looked shocked and squeezed over there.

Originally, the people beside Tang Zichen wanted to communicate with Tang Zichen, but they were also immediately attracted over there, after all, eight horses was the highest record in history.

Tang Zichen laughed wordlessly, eight horses, and also had the nerve to say so loudly.

At that change, everyone squeezed up, and the only person they saw was a man.


The man looked a bit arrogant.

"Heavens, it's the grandson of the Moon Like God Emperor, Moon Zhengjian."

"Moon Zhengjian, he used to be a genius known far and wide, but I never thought that this time, he finally proved his potential with facts."

"Tsk tsk, I'm afraid, those who want to marry with the Moon Zheng Prison this time will step through the threshold."

That Moon Jung Prisoner, facing everyone's adoring gazes, did not speak, his gaze slightly raised, but his pride right now, in everyone's eyes, was respectable, because, he was worthy of pride.

In the crowd, Miss Ah Luo's brother, Ah Yin was busy saying, "Ah Luo, hurry up and go up and get acquainted with the Moon Massive Prisoner ah."

"Brother, what are you talking about."

"Sister, as you can see, the Moon Jung Prisoner has broken the universe record ah, once the universe divine mark, he was able to grow eight horses of divine power, which means that he is definitely strong in the future ah.If you don't take the initiative to go for it, you'll regret going."

"Ah, but me, me."Ah Luo also understood what his brother said, indeed, this kind of divine talent would definitely be a God Emperor in the future, and a very strong one at that, it was a talent that was hard to find in a million.

Sure enough, just as Ah Luo was hesitating, several women had already pushed their way up to the Moon Massive Prisoner, and none of them were bad in looks.

"Massive Prisoner, I'm Tie Xiang, actually, I've had a crush on you for a long time, can I get to know you?"

"Hello, Jung-prisoner, I am the Gourd God Emperor's Xuan granddaughter, Gourd Jin, may I hug you as a sign of my adoration of you?"

A group of women, all throwing themselves at the prisoner of the moon.

Not far away, Liang Xin's grandfather was also busy urging, "Liang Xin, what are you waiting for, go up, with your posture, you have an advantage over those women, go up quickly, besides, you are still keeping your body like a jade so far, this is something that other women don't have, hurry up."

"Grandpa, you are also following the nonsense."

"You child, what's the nonsense, eight horse divine power ah, what does this mean?If you really have this fate, we'll be rich in the future, and with the potential of the Moon Jung Prisoner, you'll be at least one of the Ten Great God Emperors in the future."

"Grandpa."Liang Xin was depressed.

"Go on, don't you see, all the women of the other God Emperor's offspring have gone up to look for a chance.You, on the other hand, have an opportunity that the others don't have, fortunately, you've kept yourself safe all these years, haha."Liang Xin's grandfather smiled happily, with this, Liang Xin's chances were greater than others.

"Me."Liang Xin wanted to square up.

"Why are you still standing there?"

With the matter at hand, Liang Xin had no choice but to tell the truth and say, "Grandpa, I'm sorry, I'm no longer ice-clear."

"What, what are you talking nonsense, are you that kind of person?"

"Grandpa, just last night, I'm no longer."Liang Xin said wiping her tears.

"How did that happen?"

"Grandfather, last night Wind Lightning asked me to go drink with him, and as a result, he did something to me, and I am no longer."

"Ahhh, Wind Lightning, Mad Dog."Liang Xin's grandfather was so angry that he wanted to jump up, and his mouth kept cursing the mad dog, but he didn't dare to go to Tang Zichen due to Old Sang's strength.

And at this moment, that Ah Luo finally made up his mind and went to the Moon Zheng prison.

Inwardly, Ah Luo said, "After all these years, it's almost time for me to find a man, this Moon Zheng prisoner is indeed not bad, I must fight for him."

Ah Luo walked towards the Moon Justice Prisoner and was also busy greeting him, "Hello, Moon Justice Prisoner, my name is Ah Luo.My grandfather is one of the Ten Great God Emperors, can we get to know each other?"

Unfortunately, that Moon Jung prisoner looked arrogant and paid no attention to anyone.

But despite that, Ah Luo didn't back down, someone with so much potential, definitely not so easy to obtain, she would definitely continue to recommend herself.In fact, Ah Luo also had an advantage that other girls might not have, and that was to keep herself guarded all the time.


In the distance, Tang Zichen was suddenly shocked.

"Surprisingly seeing Ah Luo, taking the initiative to accost the Moon Jung prisoner, tsk tsk, I really didn't expect that Ah Luo, because of an increase of eight horsepower Moon Jung prisoner, running away to compete with other girls for a guy.Ah Luo ah Ah Luo, you look down on me, but right now you're going to accost someone who has much less potential than me."

Tang Zichen didn't know what it was like inside.

At that moment, Old Sang came towards Tang Zichen.

"Wind Lightning, how are you?Hey, you're now a ten-horse middle god, what's going on, you were a thirty-horse lower god before."Old Sang's face changed.

Tang Zichen said, "That's right, I grew forty horses of divine power, from an inferior god, to a medium god."

"What?"Dumbfounded, Old Sang was dumbfounded.

Not far away a man walked towards Tang Zichen, he seemed to have noticed Tang Zichen as well and asked, "Brother Windy, I remember you were an inferior god before, how come you're a middle god now?"

Old Sang said for Tang Zichen, "He, grew forty horses of divine power."

"What."That person was also dumbfounded.

At this moment, not far away, Yue Zhengjian still looked lonely, and behind him, Yue Zhengjian's grandfather and other relatives were smiling at him, seemingly very proud of him.Many God Emperors, all of them congratulated Moon Zhengjian's grandfather. The first website

"Moon as God-Emperor, congratulations."

"Moon as Divine Emperor, congratulations."

"Hahaha."That Lunar as God Emperor was laughing from ear to ear.

At this moment, there was a loud shout, "Someone come quickly, someone has grown forty horses, directly changing from an inferior god to a middle god."

This shout interrupted the people who were getting close to Yue Ru as well as the Moon Jung Prisoner.

"Who shouted?Forty horses, maybe?"

Everyone immediately muttered and looked towards the place where the sound came from.

It was Wind Lightcloud.

Many people felt the realm of Wind Lightning Cloud and turned pale.

Wind Lightcloud was quite famous before, so most people knew what realm Wind Lightcloud was in before.

"What? It's actually real."

"That Wind Lightning has really grown by forty horses, my god."

"Quick, over there."

Suddenly, everyone pounced over to Tang Zichen's side.

The Moon Jung Prisoner, who was originally looking proud and unaware of the sky's high ground, was also startled, one moment, he was surrounded by a group of women, but the next moment, the group of women were turning around.

"Quickly go, go over and grab Wind Lightning."

"I can't believe that Wind Light Cloud has grown by forty horses, gosh, is this the future to be the first God Emperor?"

"Come on, this Wind Lightning, I'll fight for it even if my head is bleeding."A long, fat woman roared like a bull, as she rushed towards Tang Zichen, the ground trembled because of her tonnage.

Right now, but there was one woman who didn't rush towards Tang Zichen, two to be exact.

One was Miss Arlo, and Miss Arlo was completely stunned.Muttering to herself, "How is this possible, this is never possible."

And the other one was Liang Xin.

Liang Xin was also dumbfounded.

"Is this true?Wind Lightning he has so much potential?"

Liang Xin was confused, in her head, a moment ago she was hating what Tang Zichen did to her last night, but right now, last night's scene suddenly played out like a movie, last night's wind lightly that brave look, is still vivid in her mind.


; Liang Xin's grandfather was also startled: "Liang Xin, you said that Wind Lightning last night, was it him?"

"Grandpa, it's him."

"Hahaha, good, good, Liang Xin, last night Wind Lightning did this kind of thing to you, he must be held responsible, if he's not, he's scum, hurry up, go up and make him responsible."Liang Xin's grandfather said with a smile, he seemed to forget that a moment ago, he was calling Tang Zichen a mad dog.

A large group of people had rushed to Tang Zichen's front, and sure enough, grew forty horses of divine power, and was directly promoted to ten horses of middle god.

"Wind Lightning, how are you."A God Emperor said in greeting to Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen wasn't like that Moon Jung Prisoner who had a little success and then raised his tail to the sky, in fact, Tang Zichen didn't even consider himself to be very powerful inside.

Tang Zichen smiled slightly at that God Emperor, "Senior is courteous, I am only a mid-grade God, you are a God Emperor, there is no need to pay such homage to me, the same goes for the rest of the God Emperors."

"Wind Lightning, I didn't expect you to be so humble, hahaha."That God Emperor who was respected by Tang Zichen was very happy in his heart, compared to that Moon Jung Prisoner just now, the gap was so big, one had his nose to the sky, the other was humble and polite, clearly understanding that he was still only a mid-grade God.

At this time, a group of women came up.

"Wind Light Cloud, I actually admired you yesterday."An ordinary looking woman said.

Tang Zichen secretly said, "What a lie."

"Oh, thanks."However, Tang Zichen still smiled politely.

"Wind Lightning, I'll tell you directly, I like you."A woman who looked okay said hurriedly.

"Wind Lightning, can we get to know each other?My grandfather is one of the top twenty God Emperors oh."

"Wind Lightning, you're so handsome and handsome and have so much potential."

"Wind Lightcloud, I must have you."

"Don't anyone steal from me, Wind Lightning is mine, if anyone dares to steal from this lady, I will definitely pick her batch."A fat woman hissed, she relied on her thick voice, thinking she could scare others.

Unfortunately, the rest of the women were not intimidated by her at all, and snorted, continuing to greet and get close to Tang Zichen, desperately trying to get at him.

However, it was then that something happened that embarrassed Tang Zichen.

Because a group of women were leaning on him, Tang Zichen was also unexpected, just then, Tang Zichen suddenly felt that a soft hand, reached into his trousers and grabbed his balls.At the same time, there was a loud shout, "Don't grab it, I've already grabbed his egg, the wind is mine."

Pulling the woman's hand out in embarrassment, Tang Zichen depressedly said, "This lady, please take care of yourself."

However, the move still couldn't deter the other women.

Tang Zichen was surrounded by a bunch of women now, and he couldn't get out of it.

Old Sang was cheerfully giggling at Tang Zichen's awkwardness from the side.

At that moment, many God Emperors came up to congratulate Old Sang, especially those who were closer to Old Sang.

"Old Sang, congratulations."

"Old Sang, we were wrong yesterday, you really received a good disciple ah."

Old Sang smiled, "Yes, he really surpassed my expectations."

Old Sang felt more and more that Tang Zichen had been gifted to him by the heavens.

Not far away, Ah Luo's brother, Ah Yin, had a straight frown on his brow, and had a bit of trouble with Tang Zichen yesterday, otherwise, he would have gone up to get in touch with Tang Zichen.

At this time, Ah Yin saw his sister was still stunned, busy saying, "Ah Luo, why are you still stupid, go up, if you don't go up, you will be snatched away."



"Me what me ah, just now the Moon Jung prisoner you are willing to go up to get close to him, why more powerful wind light clouds you do not go, besides, this wind light clouds look better than the Moon Jung prisoner I do not know how good looking, go quickly."

"Oh."Ah Luo walked towards Tang Zichen in a complicated mood, she never expected that the person who made her feel so disgusted by the 'pig' liking that not so long ago would suddenly become so outstanding.

Ah Luo gathered her courage, it seemed that she was going to break her promise, Old Sang senior's promise to Tang Zichen was going to be fulfilled.

Of course, at this moment, the other woman, Liang Xin, was also slowly walking towards Tang Zichen, Liang Xin's grandfather had been urging her to go and speak to Tang Zichen and hold him accountable.

Tang Zichen was being pestered by all the women when a thin voice came out, although it was not loud, it was clear: "Wind Lightning, your wish can be granted."The one who spoke was precisely Ah Luo.

Tang Zichen actually heard it, but, pretended not to hear it.

Tang Zichen wouldn't forget that just yesterday, Ah Luo was adamant that he couldn't possibly like Tang Zichen.

At this time, Ah Luo's voice increased a few times and shouted, "Feng Xiaoyun, didn't you say that you wanted to marry me?Now, I promise."

This shout made the other women stop talking and look at Ah Luo.

The rest of the women didn't know the inside story and thought that in order to rob Tang Zichen, they were pretending to be trapped again, and they all hummed, "Ah Luo, when did my Light Cloud say that she wanted to marry you." Remember the website

"That's right, my light cloud would marry me even if I wanted to, I have a big ass, I'm easy to feed, I can definitely give light cloud lots of babies."A fat woman said.

Ah Luo said loudly, "All of you shut up, Wind Light Cloud's dream is to marry me, if you don't believe me, you can ask him yourself."

All the women looked at Tang Zichen and said, "Wind Lightning, your dream, is it really to marry her?"

Tang Zichen's heart was somewhat complicated, and inwardly he said, "Should I tell the truth?After all, if I deny it, Ah Luo will definitely lose face, and although she didn't think much of me before, he's the granddaughter of the Ten Great God Emperors after all, so it's not good to offend her."

Just as Tang Zichen was hesitating, another shout came out, "Ah Luo is talking nonsense."

The person who spoke was Liang Xin.

"Liang Xin, what are you doing here again, you're a famous beauty in the main world, do you want to steal the wind and light clouds from us too?"The crowd cursed at Liang Xin.

Liang Xin looked at Tang Zichen and said, "Feng Xiaoyun, although you have the right to choose, I still want to say, if you are a man, don't deny what you have done, what you did to me last night, do you dare to admit it?Do you dare to take responsibility."

Tang Zichen laughed, "Liang Xin, I slept with you last night, what do I dare not admit."Tang Zichen said loudly.

Liang Xin smiled, never thought that Tang Zichen would say it so loudly, he was indeed a man.

"Okay, you've admitted it yourself, so do you dare to take responsibility for what you've done?"

"Of course I dare, that's why I told you this morning that I would marry you, but unfortunately, you didn't, so you missed out on my responsibility."

"I just had some more thinking to do this morning."

"Don't make excuses, if I hadn't I just behaved pretty well, you wouldn't have looked at me, let alone made me responsible."

Liang Xin was about to say something, that Ah Luo had already held his anger, Ah Luo yelled, "That's enough, Windy, you've disappointed me too much."

Tang Zichen looked at Ah Luo and smiled, "How have I disappointed you."


p; "You told Grandpa Sang that you wanted to marry me while, at the same time, you were secretly getting involved with Liang Xin."

Tang Zichen said, "I'm sorry, I did want to marry you once, but unfortunately, you didn't treat me as one of your own kind at all, and now, it's only this and that."

"Wind Lightning, you, sob."Ah Luo felt very aggrieved and cried away.

Tang Zichen's heart snorted coldly.

Tang Zichen said loudly, "Thank you ladies for your love for me, Windy will definitely bear that in mind, but for now, Windy has no plans to get married, but if in the future, Windy wants to get married, I will definitely send out invitations to all the ladies in the universe, inviting you to come and run for the election, and if you are still interested in me at that time, you will all have the chance to do so.Thank you."

Everyone could only sigh and said, "Windy, you said this yourself, when the time comes, you must invite me to participate, and I will definitely strive to become your daughter-in-law."That fat woman said.

Tang Zichen nodded and said, "Definitely."

The women could only retreat.

In order not to offend anyone, Tang Zichen didn't choose to follow Liang Xin, after all, this group of ladies were all descendants of the God Emperor.

Liang Xin looked at Tang Zichen in aggravation.

Tang Zichen could only apologize, however, Tang Zichen was not an irresponsible person, today's timing was not right, Tang Zichen would talk to her in detail later.

Liang Xin's grandfather came up and said angrily, "Wind lightly, my granddaughter has always guarded her body like a jade, last night you used despicable means to ruin my granddaughter, and now you're still irresponsible, you scum, even if you're Old Sang's disciple, I'll say so."

Just then, Old Sang came up and grunted, "Liang Lian, I'm already in front of you, you have the guts to say it again."

"Ah, me."Liang Xin's grandfather blanched.

Old Sang said, "The wind is sleeping on its own, you still have a reason, don't you?It's even good that Wind Lightning didn't kill your granddaughter after sleeping with her, but you still dare to mange to eat swan meat, climbing the dragon and phoenix ah you."

Liang Xin's grandfather was very annoyed.

Tang Zichen was busy saying, "Master, please don't say that about them."

Old Sang said, "Disciple, don't worry, with me here, no one dares to be more responsible than you."

Tang Zichen sighed, "I never wanted to be scum ah, just now I just didn't want to offend other women, that's why I said that, now there is no one in private, I can tell the truth to Liang Xin, Liang Xin, don't worry, I will be responsible, from now on, you will be with me, are you willing?"


"Forget it if you don't want to, this is the second time I've asked you, and the last."

"I do."Liang Xin said without thinking about it.

"Well then, but we'll have to keep it unannounced for now, don't you think?"

"As long as you're in charge, it doesn't matter."Liang Xin said happily.

Tang Zichen said, "Master, the matter is settled."

"Fine, as long as you like it, but, Ah Luo's side?"

"Forget it, is it okay if I change my other requests now?"

"Sure. What do you want to change?I'll make it happen for you."

"When I've thought about it."

"Okay.Let's leave it at that, the Divine Martial Competition is about to start, the last Divine Martial Competition, Light Cloud, are you confident?"

Tang Zichen smiled slightly, to, "Finally, I've reached the part I'm most confident about."


"What, your most confident link?What about the ones that were compared before?"Old Sang asked.

Tang Zichen said, "The Divine Brain Competition and the Divine Chess Competition that were compared before are just the ones I'm not very good at."

Old Sang rolled his eyes and said, "The ones you're not too good at have all won the championship, so what will you have to win in the next Divine Warfare Competition."

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed out loud.

The host shouted, "Everyone, please stand still, the Divine Martial Competition, it's about to begin."

"This year's Divine Martial Competition, just like before, is divided into two parts, the first part, peer wars; the second part, cross level wars.The first one we are going to conduct is, the peer war.The so-called peer war is a war between people of the same divine power of the same divine rank and the same horse.We'll start with one inferior god, and ask everyone one inferior god to come forward."

More than a dozen people stepped forward, all of whom were one lower god.

After some battles, one of them, a one-horse Lower God, became the champion.

And so on.

One rider passed two, two passed three.

Tang Zichen was a ten-horse middle god, so some wait. One second to remember to read the book

Finally, after half a day, it was Tang Zichen's turn.

"Please ask all ten-horse Middle Gods to come out."

In total, more than thirty ten-horse Middle Gods walked out, including Tang Zichen.

The host said, "Thirty of you, let's have a free duel, the one who wins in the end is the champion of the ten-horse Middle Gods."

Tang Zichen immediately said, "This is too much of a waste of time, I'll just announce that I'm the champion of the ten-pony Middle Gods, alright, the champion of the ten-pony Middle Gods group is out, you can proceed to the next group of eleven-pony Middle Gods."

The host didn't say anything, but, in his heart, he said, "What a light wind, so arrogant."

Sure enough, one of the men who was in the same realm and divine power as Tang Zichen raged, "Wind Lightning, what the hell do you mean?"

"My point is clear, everyone in the same realm and with the same divine power as me is no match for me, there's no need to waste any more time comparing, I'll just be the champion."

"Fuck you, do you believe I'll fuck you up with one punch?"The man yelled.

Don shook his head, "Obviously, I don't believe it."

"Grass."That man with the same realm and the same divine power suddenly blasted a punch at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen shook his head, "It's too weak."

"Ka-cha."In the next second, that man's arm broke.

"Ah."That person screamed.

"Ka-cha" Tang Zichen made another move, that person's neck was broken, of course, the person was not dead and was still alive.

Tang Zichen kicked the man and sent him flying.

The crowd was dumbfounded to see Tang Zichen spike his peer so cleanly, Tang Zichen was the one who possessed the ability to participate in the second part, the over the top battle ah.

The second part of the Divine Martial Competition, the Over the Top Battle, wasn't for everyone, that person had to possess the Over the Top strength to participate.

Tang Zichen shouted, "Is there anyone else who has a different opinion about me being the winner of this group?"

"Me."A woman with a gloomy face walked out, this person was called Gu Liuyue.

When everyone saw Ancient Flowing Moon, they all secretly said, "Ancient Flowing Moon also happens to be a ten horse middle god, this is a good show, Ancient Flowing Moon is very famous in the last tens of millions of years, she even won the God's Test before."

"Wind Lightning and Ancient Flowing Moon are at the same level and with the same divine power, is Wind Lightning a match for Ancient Flowing Moon?"

"Hard to say."

Don looked at the one

The woman with the short hair, smiled and said, "Please state your name, I don't fight anonymous people."

The woman raised her head, her face as pale as a black man's.

"Wind Lightning, very good, I originally thought you were just an inferior god and didn't have a chance to fight you, but now that you've suddenly become a ten horse medium god, I can beat you up."

"Why do you want to beat me up?"

"Anyone who's handsome, I'll beat the one I see."Gu Liuyue said with a fierce gaze.

Tang Zichen was speechless, was this a compliment to Tang Zichen, or what.

Tang Zichen said, "Could it be that the handsome looking men have a grudge against you."

Gu Liuyue didn't say anything, but, her eyes showed killing intent.The reason why she hated handsome men so much was because once she had been cheated by a handsome looking man, and after taking her purity, she dumped her, from then on, when Gu Liuyue saw a handsome man, she beat him violently, or even killed him.Of course, whether to kill or beat depends on the level of handsomeness, and if it's very handsome, then kill it.

Tang Zichen, on the other hand, was clearly in the category of killing.

"Die."Gu Liuyue stared at Tang Zichen with hatred, causing Tang Zichen to be incomparably depressed, as if he had tricked her physically.

"Fuck."Tang Zichen cursed and instantly greeted her.

Everyone was looking on, this Gu Liuyue, was a relatively famous genius, never thought that he would meet up with Tang Zichen, everyone didn't know if Wind Lightning was Gu Liuyue's opponent, I heard that Gu Liuyue had once defeated a god that was ten horses stronger than her, and was able to cross ten horses to defeat, this was remarkable.

When Tang Zichen saw Gu Liuyue make a move, he could tell at a glance that he had two strikes against her.

Unfortunately, Tang Zichen didn't put it in his eyes.

Tang Zichen didn't use his full strength, and Tang Zichen also immediately used a set of boxing techniques to compare with her.

"Boom."The fists clashed with each other, and with the same divine power, the comparison was who had the better fist technique.

"Wow."Gu Liuyue took a dozen steps back, while Tang Zichen, who remained in place, clearly had a stronger fist technique than Gu Liuyue's.

"Ah."Gu Liuyue's body trembled, her Divine Thunder Fist, so powerful, was actually no match for Tang Zichen.

"That's impossible."Ancient Flowing Moon looked at Tang Zichen in shock.

The crowd was now also shocked, "Wind Lightning, truly worthy of being a genius, even the quite famous genius Gu Liuyue has defeated, tsk tsk."

Tang Zichen said, "Gu Liuyue, is there any need to proceed further?You're no match for me."

"Yah yah."Gu Liuyue's body trembled with anger.

The host shouted, "Ten-horse Middle God Group, Wind Light Cloud has won the same level championship.Congratulations, Wind Lightning, this is the fourth championship title you've gotten."

"Thank you."Tang Zichen received another championship trophy.

That Gu Liuyue looked at Tang Zichen with resentment.

Tang Zichen was very upset and said in his heart, "Neurotic, less skilled than others, why are you staring at me like that."

Next, the competition continued, eleven horses in the Central God group.

Tang Zichen turned his head to look at Gu Liuyue and found that this girl was still staring at Tang Zichen with hatred.

Tang Zichen fucking couldn't help it.

Tang Zichen walked over and asked, "Why the fuck do you keep staring at me?"

Gu Liuyue said, "Wind Lightning, I will definitely kill you."

Tang Zichen said depressedly, "Just because I stole the championship that belongs to you?"

"Wrong, I don't give a shit about the championship, I'm going to kill you because, you're handsome."

"Shit, what's wrong with you, I'm handsome.Is it because I'm handsome and you can't get it to kill me?"


"Wind Lightning, no less than a hundred handsome men have died at my hands, and I have sworn that any handsome ones will die."Gu Liuyue lost his mind and said.

"Really fucking nuts, I want to know why?"Don Zichen said

"Well, I'll let you die knowing that because, once upon a time, a good-looking man cheated me out of my purity, so I'll swear."

"Fine, fine, you go to hell."

"Bang."Tang Zichen slapped Gu Liuyue and knocked him flying.

At that moment, a God Emperor man appeared and said angrily, "Wind Lightning, the match is over, and you still dare to hurt my granddaughter."

Tang Zichen said, "She's the one who tried to kill me, psycho."

"Wind Lightning, you don't rely on Old Sang and go on a rampage."

"Fuck, have I been rampant?"Tang Zichen really wanted to chop this God Emperor, it was obvious that her granddaughter was insane.

That God Emperor man said, "My granddaughter was once deceived, her spirit has been stimulated, even though she wanted to kill you, but now she is not a match for you, it is not really possible for you to be killed, why do you still want to hurt her?"

Tang Zichen was a little annoyed to see this God Emperor was being unreasonable and said, "What is Elder saying, if my strength is lower than hers, then do I deserve to be killed by her?Didn't you hear that the handsome men who died at her hands have been hundreds, the hundreds of innocents whose lives died in vain?" First web site

"But you aren't them."

"Gotta, lazy bullshit, in a word, if your granddaughter tries to hurt me again, I will behead her."

Tang Zichen turned around and walked away.

Old Sang said, "Wind Lightning, that Ancient Seal, whose strength may not be weaker than mine, is a new God Emperor."

"No wonder."

"Forget it, Wind Lightning, that Ancient Flowing Moon can't kill you anyway."Old Sang said, advising Tang Zichen to do more with less.

"Master, I am feeling depressed."

Tang Zichen subconsciously turned his head to look at the ancient flowing moon in the distance, and found that the crazy woman was still staring at Tang Zichen with hatred.

"Master, you see, that crazy woman, is still looking at me with hatred, I see, she really won't stop until she kills me."Tang Zichen said tragically, encountering this kind of crazy woman, there's really nothing he can do.

"Alas, let's wait a little longer."

Tang Zichen was no longer powerful that ancient flowing moon.

And so, the competition at the same level didn't end until the morning of the third day.

"Everyone, the Divine Martial Competition, the peer competition is over, congratulations to all the gods who won the peer competition, I hope you can keep up the good work and still get it at the next Super Banquet.The next thing we will be doing right away is, the Over Level War.The so-called Over the Top War, this is for those who are exceedingly strong.Some people with super strength can't even find an opponent at the same level, so what to do, they can challenge someone who is higher than them.For example, one lower god, challenging two or three lower gods, and so on and so forth.Now, let's see, who, can cross the level more.As you know, in the last Divine Warfare Competition, one of our super geniuses, Yuan Mu Zhuang, successfully challenged 13 horses of divine power over the top, and this year, is there anyone stronger than him?Can more than thirteen horses cross the line?"

Before the host had finished speaking, Tang Zichen shouted, "No need to doubt, I can."

Everyone suddenly looked at Tang Zichen.

Everyone cursed in their hearts, "What the hell, not him again."

Indeed, Tang Zichen was so prevalent that the crowd had a feeling that this year's Super Banquet was dedicated to Tang Zi

opened by Tang Zichen.

But it wasn't, on the first day of the food competition, Tang Zichen's divine deer won the championship; the divine brain competition, Tang Zichen championed and broke the universe record, even to the point that no one would ever be able to break his record; the divine chess competition, Tang Zichen created another universe record, defeating the previous year's champion by falling eighty pieces, this kind of record, presumably no one would ever be able to break it; the universe divine pattern, Tang Zichen grew forty horses and broke the universe record, presumably no one would ever be able to break his record.

With such a heavy weight, everyone felt that came to accompany Tang Zichen.

The host also looked a little upset because Tang Zichen was so high-profile and not humble at all.

"Wind Light Cloud, what do you want again."The moderator asked.

Tang Zichen said, "Don't doubt it, what you just said, the more than thirteen horse divine power challenge, I can."

"Really? Then let's invite the champion of the twenty-three horse divine Power Midgod to come out and face off against you."

Tang Zichen said, "Fine, call him out."

In the next second, a man flew out with a fierce face, this man was the Twenty-three Horses Divine Power's Middle God, who had previously won this level of championship.

If Tang Zichen could defeat him, then Tang Zichen had easily broken that so-called genius Yuanmuzhuang's record.

"Wind Light Cloud, good luck can't always come with you, I will definitely beat you."That twenty-three-horse Midgod champion said.

Tang Zichen said, "Give me your name."

"Your grandfather me, Felling Thunder is also."After saying that, a long blade appeared in Lumbering Thunderton's hand.

"Buzz."The long blade struck at Tang Zichen.

And Tang Zichen stood in place, unmoving.

Everyone thought that Tang Zichen wasn't locked in by Felling Thunder's momentum, causing him to be unable to move.

Old Sang was in a cold sweat and was about to make a move when a God Emperor said, "Old Sang, don't break the rules, or you'll offend the God Emperors."

There was nothing Old Sang could do, although he was one of the ten God Emperors, if you offended the God Emperors, you wouldn't be funny.

Just as the knife was about to fall, Tang Zichen moved.

The image was frozen at this moment, and I saw Tang Zichen not moving an inch, two fingers holding the Felling Thunder's knife between his fingers.

"Ah."Lumbering Thunder was dumbstruck.

The entire arena was dumbstruck.

"Oh my god, what's going on, two fingers of Wind Lightning caught a blade of Lumbering Thunder, tsk tsk."

Tang Zichen's fingers wanted to push, but Tang Zichen knew that with his divine power, he wouldn't be able to wrestle with Felling Thunder's knife, so in order not to make a fool of himself, it was better not to wrestle with his knife.

Tang Zichen's fingers let go of Felling Thunder's knife and smiled, "Felling Thunder, is there any need to continue?"

Lumbering Thunder was now but intimidated by Tang Zichen's two fingers holding his knife, and shook his head, "No need to, congratulations, you've succeeded in crossing thirteen horses, you can go on to challenge crossing fourteen horses or even stronger."

"Thanks for acknowledging."Tang Zichen smiled slightly.

The crowd looked at Tang Zichen incredulously.

Just like that, he had easily tied Yuanmuzhuang's record again.

In the last Super Banquet, Yuanmuzhuang's record was thirteen, but of course, Yuanmuzhuang's record didn't mean it was a universe record, and the universe record was sixteen.

Tang Zichen had to defeat a twenty-six horse champion of the Gods to tie the universe record.


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