The King of Kungfu in school 2436-2440


Chapter 2436

Nian Tze's gaze was cold, and he quickly flew towards the Immortal Realm.

Nianxie gritted her teeth and said, "Father, no, you are not worthy of being my father, you are the cause of my mother's death."

Nianxie attributed her mother's death to her father now, because, she could clearly feel that her mother was unwilling to die inside, it was her father who forced her to die.

Originally, Nianxie had never thought of taking the throne, but now, even if she had to do it for revenge, she would have to do it.

Moreover, the Dragon King she would kill, only, Tang Zichen would definitely not let her kill it, so she had already expected that she and Tang Zichen would become enemies.

No matter how hard one tried to hide, there was no hiding.

At this moment, Tang Zichen was also flying towards the Immortal Realm.

The Dragon King said, "Zichen, we have to hurry, I think Nian Tides will definitely inform the Green Hat Emperor, and it will take us a little over a year to reach the Immortal Realm from here.Such a long time is enough time for the Green Hat Emperor to raise the strength of the Three-Eyed War God and the others by a thousand times.By then, the Green Hat Emperor will have more than thirty people with strength close to yours under his hands, so how else can you kill them."

Tang Zichen nodded his head.

The truth was that Tang Zichen was a bit messed up inside, after all, Niancii had skin to skin with him as well, and it would be hard to kill someone who he all identified as his woman inside, if he really wanted to become an enemy.

For example, if Nianxi stood in front of the Immortal Emperor and wanted to kill the Immortal Emperor, he would kill her first, so, would Tang Zichen be able to do it? Remember the URL

But it didn't seem like Tang Zichen's style to give up the Three Realms just for a human woman.

"Dragon King, now that I think about it, maybe I shouldn't have encouraged you that in the first place."Tang Zichen said with some regret.


"About the Fairy Mother."

The Dragon King laughed, "Zichen, you don't need to feel guilty, you were trying to fulfill me in the first place, besides, everything has a cause and an effect, the Fairy Mother used me so much in the first place, that's why there is today's effect."

"At first, when I was angry, I didn't think about it, that Fairy Mother was Nian Tides' mother, she only thought of her as the woman of the Immortal Emperor, that's why she encouraged you."

"Zichen, did you think that fairy mother was a good thing?To think that in the beginning, in order to find the person that the Immortal Emperor couldn't sense, the Immortal Emperor killed all the babies born in the last month, and after that no one was found, that Immortal Mother actually proposed to kill all the people born in the last hundred years, it is evident that the Immortal Mother is very vicious at heart and treats the heavens like ants."

"Really."Tang Zichen was shocked, the Immortal Emperor had already killed all the babies born within a month, if he killed all the people born within the last hundred years, the heads would really be able to pile up to the sky.

"What's the point of lying to you."

"Ugh."Tang Zichen sighed.

The Dragon King said, "Don't worry, Zichen, everyone only knows that I defiled the Fairy Mother, no one will know that you helped me enter the divine Pond."

Tang Zichen said, "Does the Fairy Mother not know either?"

"That, I don't think she noticed you, after all, you withdrew in time."

"No matter what, I, Tang Zichen, won't deny what I've done."

A year later, Nian Shi returned to the Immortal Court one step ahead.

The Immortal Emperor didn't know that Nianxie now already had the power to kill him, so, he was completely unprepared.If Nian Tides killed as soon as she met him, then she would surely be able to take his place.

"Nian Tides."The Immortal Emperor shouted when he saw Nian Tides.

Nianxie's gaze was cold as she said, "Father, you forced me to do this."

"Someone, someone."The Immortal Emperor shouted at once, and at this moment, more than thirty Battle Gods all instantly listened to the

To the Immortal Emperor's call.

The Immortal Emperor seemed to feel the power in Nian Shi's body and trembled, "You, how could you become so strong."

"Buzz."In the next second, Nian Tides instantly strangled the Immortal Emperor and hoisted him up.

"Ah, don't, don't kill me, daughter, don't kill father."The Immortal Emperor desperately begged for mercy, he was, surprisingly, no match at all, at this moment, the Immortal Emperor seemed to feel that death was so close.

Nian Shi gritted his teeth, "You don't deserve to be my father, you forced my mother to die, you don't deserve it."

The Immortal Emperor struggled and begged for mercy, "Xie'er, it wasn't me who forced your mother to die, it was the Dragon King, if the Dragon King hadn't defiled your mother, why would she have to die."

"No, even though your mother was trampled on, she did not wish to die, it was you who wished her to die, it was you, I want to avenge your mother."Nian Shi yelled, her eyes red.

"Don't, Tides, I'm your father."The Immortal Emperor begged bitterly.

As long as Nianxie killed the Immortal Emperor, then the Immortal Emperor would truly be dead, and the Hong Meng Heart would surely become Nianxie's, who already possessed the Exquisite Heart.What would happen to a person who possessed both the Hong Meng Heart and the Linglong Heart at the same time, no one could say.

Nianxie's chance was right in front of her.

However, the power in Nianxie's hands was slow to come down because, after all, it was her father, and no matter how angry she was, she couldn't just say kill like a stranger.

Therefore, Nian Tides was going to miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity after all.

More than thirty Battle Gods had come.

Nianxie's chance was missed in vain.



More than thirty war gods were suddenly coming to kill Nian Tze.

The Immortal Emperor instantly found a chance to escape from Nian Tides.

After escaping, the Immortal Emperor blinked and was hundreds of meters away, the Immortal Emperor roared, "Kill, kill her for me, whoever can kill her, I'll give him a boost to seven hundred times his power."

Nian Shi was surrounded by over thirty war gods.

As such, each and every one of these War Gods was not weak, each one was 500 times stronger than the original one.

Originally, they were to be used to deal with Tang Zichen after he stepped into the high class of Immortals, but instead of dealing with them, Tang Zichen waited for Nian Tze.

The Three-Eyed War God said, "Princess Nianxie, are you going to be treacherous, as a daughter, do you really want to kill your father and seize his throne?"

Nian Shi scanned the eyes of more than thirty Battle Gods and snorted, "Sure enough, one of them has already increased their strength five hundred times, it's used to deal with Tang Zichen, but unfortunately, he's long since ceased to be the same."

"Hmph, if Tang Zichen dares to come, he will be called to break all his bones."One of the War Gods said.

In the distance, the Immortal Emperor was in a cold sweat and almost died, but fortunately, Nian Tze didn't do it for a moment, otherwise, he was finished.

However, Nian Tides would never have a second chance to kill him again.

Although the Immortal Emperor's strength was low, he controlled the Hong Meng Heart, he could instantly move, and if he tried to hide, no one would be able to catch him.

"Kill, kill her."The Immortal Emperor shouted.

Thirty Battle Gods rushed towards Nian Tze.

Although Nian Tze's strength had improved a lot, but no matter how much it improved, she would still be similar to them if she survived, and there were more than thirty of them.

So, in less than a minute.

Nianxie was severely injured.

Nian Tides bit her teeth and suddenly turned into a colored smoke, disappearing into the spot.


"Well?Where are the people?"

Everyone couldn't find Nian Tide.

When the Immortal Emperor saw the disappearing Nian Tides, he said depressedly, "It looks like it's hard to kill her, but his exquisite heart also has the ability to save his life."

The Three-Eyed War God flew to the Immortal Emperor's side and asked, "Immortal Emperor, what should we do now?Just now, Princess Nianzhi said that Tang Zichen's strength has now doubled again, I'm afraid that when he comes back, even though we've increased it 500 times, we're no match for him ah."

The Immortal Emperor perked up and shouted, "All of you, immediately enter my Honored Heart cultivation, whether Tang Zichen is powerful again or not, I want to enhance all of you by 1,000 times."

"Yes, Immortal Emperor."

More than thirty Battle Gods disappeared into a magical place, and there, was the Heart of Hong Meng.

The Immortal Emperor, being a person who was afraid of death, went to prevent this situation without even thinking about it.

Only half a day later, Tang Zichen and the others also arrived at the Immortal Realm.

Tang Zichen saw that the Immortal Realm was quiet and wondered if Nianxie was already waiting for him here.

The Ten Thousand Violet Sage was the first to yell, "Old Immortal Emperor, don't come out yet." One Second Remember to Read the Book

The Lord of Destruction, the Lord of Thunder Valley, and others were also calling out.

Tang Zichen said, "Everyone, don't be careless, after all, the Immortal Emperor has probably already raised the power of the War Gods under him by a thousand times.So powerful that a single glance might have beaten you to ashes."

"Ah."At Tang Zichen's words, the Ten Thousand Violet Saints and the others ducked behind Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen shouted to the Immortal Court, "Niantian, come out, it's time to put an end to this."

At that moment, the Immortal Emperor slowly flew out.

He was the only one.

The Immortal Emperor snorted, "Tang Zichen, you really are not what you used to be."

"Niantian, don't struggle anymore."

"Tang Zichen, it's a pity that you can't kill me, you can't take the Heart of Hongshen if you can't kill me."

"That's not necessarily true, if you don't believe me, you try."

Tang Zichen instantly went up with a sword.

"Puff."Without even expecting it, the Immortal Emperor was crushed by Tang Zichen's sword.

However, in the next instant, a thousand meters away, the Immortal Emperor appeared there again intact.

"Hahaha, Tang Zichen, I possess the Heart of the Hong Meng, if you can kill me, then the Blue Emperor, Qin Zhong, Bitter Sacrifice, Overlord, those of them who were stronger than me, would have already taken away my Heart of the Hong Meng."The Immortal Emperor said from afar.

Tang Zichen thought about it and it made sense, why was the Immortal Emperor even now still firmly in possession of the Hong Meng Heart?Is it true that those people aren't interested?Those people, while they may not be interested today, it doesn't mean they weren't interested before.

"Hahaha, Tang Zichen, you want to be an Immortal Emperor, you're really dreaming, you want the Immortal Court, then you can have it, after a year, see how I'll deal with you."After saying that, the Immortal Emperor disappeared.

Tang Zichen had no way out.

The Dragon King said, "Zichen, it seems that it's hard to control the three realms."

"It's beyond my imagination, but let's take over the Immortal Court first."

Tang Zichen flew into the Immortal Court and stood on the Nine Heavens Temple.

The Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage and the others left to kneel down and shouted, "Immortal Emperor above, please accept my worship."

Tang Zichen smiled bitterly and said, "What kind of Immortal Emperor am I, like this."

Just then, Gao: "Zichen, go outside and take a look."

Tang Zichen rushed out of the Immortal Court and stood in the sky, overlooking the entire Immortal Realm, Tang Zichen noticed that the entire Immortal Realm was withering away.

"How did this happen?"

It was just a moment ago. It was beautiful.

The Immortal Court, which was like a fairyland on earth, but right now, it was all withered, like a hellish trash place.

The Dragon King said, "There's no need to say that, it must be that son of a bitch of an Immortal Emperor who has control of the three realms, he can do anything."

Tang Zichen snorted, "Isn't he afraid that all three realms will collapse?"

"Do you think that he will think of the three worlds of life and be afraid?Will he care for the safety of all creatures in the three realms?"

"Grass."The Ten Thousand Purple Sage cursed, really, if the Immortal Emperor had such a loving heart to care for the heavens, he wouldn't have killed so many babies in the first place.

Now, his Three Realms ruling position was going to be unprotected, he would definitely fight to the death, at the worst, the Three Realms would collapse and no one would be able to live.

Tang Zichen also wanted to curse, grass him.

The Dragon King said, "Once the Three Realms collapse, it's impossible to imagine the consequences of that, billions of creatures will be destroyed, including us."

"Even us will be destroyed?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Theoretically yes, all three realms have collapsed, so there's no room for us to survive, but of course, I'm just guessing."Dragon King said.

Tang Zichen rolled his eyes, "Saying it is the same as not saying it, it's all your guess."

"Although it's all speculation on my part, the collapse of the Three Realms and a bowl of living creatures is certain."

Tang Zichen didn't refute, the collapse of the Three Realms was really serious, perhaps, the entire universe was back to before the beginning of the world.

Only all at once, the entire Immortal Court had dried up, the land had cracked, the flowers and trees had withered, and the climate was so harsh that it was impossible for people to live in.

Many of the immortals who used to live in the Immortal Realm were now running out, some crying, some praying, they didn't know what had happened and why it was suddenly like this.

Tang Zichen said, "It's just that, let's go back to the ground first, it's useless to occupy this Immortal Court."

Divine Nun said, "If the Immortal Emperor knows where we live, I'm afraid he'll change the place into the same place as here, making it impossible for us to survive."

"The Immortal Emperor can't sense my location, so before I go to the Earth Immortal Realm, I'll go find a few people."

Tang Zichen immediately arrived at the Ming family.

Everyone in the Ming family was standing in mid-air, at a loss for words in the face of the sudden change.

Ming Cheng said, "Grandpa, what's going on, why has the entire Immortal Realm suddenly withered away, is it, the Immortal Emperor is dead?"

"I don't know, don't say such things."

"So what do we do now?"

"Let's observe for a while, see how the other Immortals are doing, it's not possible, go back to the ground, our ancestors lived on the ground to begin with anyway."

"It's damn weird."

Just at this moment, Tang Zichen flew in.

Ming Cheng was shocked to see Tang Zichen.

"Brother Tang."

"Oh, Brother Cheng, long time no see."

"Tang Di, why are you here?"

"It's a long story, by the way, where's Akatsuki?"

"My sister, she's still on duty at the Justice Shrine,"Ming Cheng said.

Tang Zichen said, "Still on duty for nothing, the Immortal Court is about to be destroyed."

"What's going on here?"Ming Cheng's grandfather was busy asking.

"It has something to do with me, I have officially sent out an action to the Immortal Emperor to seize the heavens, just now the Immortal Emperor escaped, this madman, what a madman, there is a feeling that he would rather be broken by jade than by tile ah."Tang Zichen said depressedly.

"Ah, no way."

"Alright, I'm going to find Ming Yue, you guys lead your clan, go to the Earth Immortal Realm and find a place with a good view before it's too late, go and take your place first.Otherwise, by then a large number of heavenly immortals will go down and the good spots will be gone again."


"Good."Tang Zichen flew away, Tang Zichen had to go and take Ming Yue, Leng Lone Moon, and Ding Lan away first, it was time to take them away.

It didn't take much effort for Tang Zichen to quickly find Ming Yue, Leng Lonesome Moon, and Ding Lan.

"You have suffered, from this moment onwards, you will follow me forever."

"Tzichen."Ming Yue was the first to jump into Tang Zichen's arms.

After exchanging pleasantries, Tang Zichen took everyone with him and left the Immortal Realm, finding a place to live temporarily in the Earth Immortal Realm.

The Dragon King said, "The Green Hat Emperor didn't even send out the thirty or so War Gods under his command, but hurriedly showed up and ran away, Zichen, it seems that the Green Hat Emperor hasn't had time to boost the strength of the Three-Eyed War Gods and so on."

Tang Zichen said, "Unfortunately, where so what, I can't even find where he is now, and even if I did, he can disappear in an instant, how can I kill him?It seems that this Immortal Emperor's position really isn't something I can take."

The Ten Thousand Violet Sage said, "Tang Zichen, why are you so frustrated, if it is not yours to seize, then why did the Green Hat Emperor flee?"

"Wan Zi is right, you can't kill the cuckold emperor when he's prevented, but what if, when he's not prevented?"

"Uh, what do you mean?"

"For example, if you dress up as a servant and sneak up on him, he doesn't even expect that it's you, and then, you suddenly catch him, then no matter how great his prowess is, he can't escape.Although the Green Hat Emperor can instantly move, it depends on whether he has discovered you." First URL

Everyone nodded their heads.

The only way for Tang Zichen to kill the cuckold emperor was to use this method to capture him without alerting him.

"Now who knows where he's hiding."

"Brother Chen, there's no rush, we'll always find an opportunity later, the first thing to think about now is how to deal with the thirty or so war gods under the Immortal Emperor, they'll come looking for you one day, and by then, they'll all have definitely increased their power a thousand times."

"Well, close the door, I must now step into the middle-tier Immortal, once I do, my strength will double again, even reaching two thousand times that of an ordinary high-tier War God."

So, Tang Zichen immediately closed the door, Tang Zichen had been stuck at the Beginning Tier God Immortal for a long time, and it was time to raise it, and Tang Zichen felt like raising it too.

And so, a year later, Tang Zichen finally stepped into the middle-tier Immortal.

Tang Zichen's strength had doubled again.

Before, Tang Zichen's strength was almost a thousand times that of an ordinary high rank, but now, after he stepped into the Middle Grade Immortal, he had doubled it and had reached two thousand times that of an ordinary high rank.

This strength absolutely spiked everyone, except for those in the Blue Emperor.

As Tang Zichen's realm increased, so did the Three Wonders Domain, before, the Three Wonders Domain his range was only five meters, but after becoming a Middle Tier Immortal, it expanded to at least fifty meters.

Actually, it didn't matter, whether it was five meters or fifty meters, as long as the strength didn't exceed him, no one could bypass his Three Wounded Realm, it was just the difference in the size of Tang Zichen's attack range.

At this moment, in a certain valley.

The Immortal Emperor released more than thirty Battle Gods.

"Pay your respects to the Immortal Emperor."More than thirty Battle Gods bowed.

"Very well, at this moment, each and every one of you has doubled your strength from before, that is, you are a thousand times stronger than you were in the beginning."

"Thank you Immortal Emperor for your kindness in bringing me up."

"There's no need to thank me, now that someone is attempting to steal my throne, what should you do?"

"We will defend it to the death."

"Very well, come back to the Immortal Court with me right now and put that traitor Tang Zichen to death."


nbsp; "Yes, Immortal Emperor."

Presently, the Immortal Emperor returned to the Immortal Court with more than thirty war gods.

I thought that Tang Zichen had occupied the place, but I didn't expect that the Immortal Court had already been deserted, and no one lived there anymore.

"It seems that dog thief Tang Zichen has gone to the Earth Immortal Realm, and I don't know where he is at the moment."The Immortal Emperor said through gritted teeth, he wanted to find Tang Zichen as soon as possible, the sooner the better it would be for him.

At this moment, somewhere in the Earth Immortal Realm.

"Brother Chen, the scouts have just reported that the Green Hat Emperor has returned to the Immortal Court with more than thirty War Gods."The Thunder Valley Master reported.

Tang Zichen smiled slightly, "Good, I knew this day would come sooner or later, this time, I must seize the opportunity to capture the Immortal Emperor alive, if he runs away again, then he will never be found again, and the three realms will collapse."

After saying that, Tang Zichen rushed straight to the Immortal Court.

Tang Zichen didn't lead anyone else, he went there alone.

After arriving at the Immortal Court, the Immortal Emperor spotted him at once.

"Report, Tang Zichen is here."

"Quick, kill him."The Immortal Emperor gave an order and more than thirty war gods surrounded Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen looked at the Immortal Emperor, this brat, in this situation, he himself hid far away, he was afraid that if he failed, he would have enough distance and time to escape.

Tang Zichen said inwardly, "Looks like I have to think of some scheme to do it, later, I will deliberately pretend to defeat and be caught by them, so that the Immortal Emperor will be able to get close to me.Once I get close to within fifty meters of me, then I'm sure to win."

The plan was decided, Tang Zichen began to implement it, first pretending to fight against over thirty war gods.

After fighting for a few minutes, Tang Zichen pretended that he couldn't win.

When the Immortal Emperor saw from afar that Tang Zichen was going to lose, he rejoiced, "Quick, kill him, kill him ah."

"Pfft."Tang Zichen pretended to be beaten and vomited blood.

"Hahaha, hahaha."The Immortal Emperor laughed wildly, not expecting to finish Tang Zichen so easily.

"Puff."Tang Zichen spat out another mouthful of blood, seemingly even more injured.

Tang Zichen began to pretend that he wanted to escape.

The Immortal Emperor shouted from afar, "Don't let him escape, catch him."

The Three Eyed War God and others, immediately pounced on him.

Tang Zichen will be caught dead.

"Immortal Emperor, Tang Zichen has been captured by us."A War God reported.

"Yay."The Immortal Emperor shouted excitedly, as if, today was the happiest day in his life.

Tang Zichen looked weak and miserable, and snorted at the Immortal Emperor, "If you want to kill, kill, don't try to insult me."

"Hahaha, hahaha."The Immortal Emperor laughed, the Immortal Emperor did want to kill him, however, hearing how eager Tang Zichen was to die, he instead did not want to kill him directly.Tang Zichen had insulted him three or four times, and he wanted to give Tang Zichen a taste of it too.

"Someone, tie Tang Zichen down to death and never give him a chance to escape."

A War God said, "Immortal Emperor, don't worry, if he had the ability to escape, he would have done so long ago, now that it's in our hands, it's not easy to escape."

The Immortal Emperor roared, "Very well, I will immediately send people to capture his wives, all of them, I want to defile him one by one."

Tang Zichen pretended to growl in anger, "Come at me if you have the guts."

"Hmph, rebel, you'll know how powerful I am, hahaha."The Immortal Emperor let out a victorious maniacal laugh.

To Tang Zichen's frustration, the Immortal Emperor just didn't come close to Tang Zichen, always remaining fifty meters away.


If he stays fifty meters away, Tang Zichen won't be able to make it.

It seemed that Tang Zichen would have to continue to pretend.

"Someone, immediately go and capture all his women for me."The Immortal Emperor ordered a few of the War Gods to go.

But at that moment, the mana tied to Tang Zichen's body suddenly lifted and one of them shouted, "Run."

Tang Zichen didn't even react, only to see one of the war gods grab his shoulder and quickly fly away.

"Chase."The Immortal Emperor roared in anger.

Tang Zichen turned his head and saw Leng Tianling grabbing him and fleeing.

Leng Tian Ling said to Tang Zichen, "I'll stop it for you, you run quickly to where no one will find you."

Tang Zichen was extremely depressed and cursed, "What the hell are you doing saving me, who asked you to save me."

Tang Zichen deliberately pretended to be weak and was arrested, but who would have thought that Leng Tianling would betray the Immortal Emperor at a critical moment to save Tang Zichen.

This was good, Tang Zichen's plan was ruined. Remember the URL

Leng Tian Ling bellowed, "What's the point of long-windedness, run."

Tang Zichen was annoyed, however, Leng Tianling had good intentions, what could Tang Zichen do, after all, if this was true, then he had saved Tang Zichen at a critical moment, to a savior, did Tang Zichen want to return the favor?

"Tian Ling War God, why did you save me?"Tang Zichen asked.

At this moment, Leng Tianling was still flying rapidly with Tang Zichen.

"I don't know, a split second decision, I only hope that, when I find my granddaughter in the future, I must treat her well.All these years, she misses you all the time, I can see it in her eyes, I really can't bear to see you die, if you die, my granddaughter will be in pain."Leng Tianling said.

Tang Zichen said, "Don't worry, I already have Lone Moon with me."

"That's good, it's not in vain for me to save you."

"What about yourself?"

"I'm fine, I've increased my strength by a thousand times anyway, the Immortal Emperor can't kill me at all, he can only order the war gods under him to kill me.But the war gods under him will have difficulty killing me unless they besiege me, and even if they do, it won't be that easy.Besides, they aren't ironclad and aren't that loyal."Leng Tian Ling said.

"Ugh."Tang Zichen sighed.

"What are you sighing about?I was going to die, and now I've saved you, and why do you look so upset?"Leng Tian Ling asked.

Tang Zichen said, "If I was really caught, I would indeed be happy, but I was just pretending to be weak, pretending to be caught by you guys, I was going to wait for the Immortal Emperor to come within fifty meters of me, then I could catch him, but you're good."

"What? You did it on purpose?"

"Yes, in fact, you guys are no match for me at all, but it's just that no matter how strong I am, I couldn't capture the Immortal Emperor before I made this move."

"How are you so strong?"

"This is not the time to talk about it."

Leng Tianling asked, "Then what now?"

"You must find a way to get me recaptured and then figure out a way to help me get within fifty meters of the Immortal."

"Alright."Saying that, Leng Tian Ling slowed down.

Behind the Immortal Emperor and the other thirty or so war gods were desperately chasing after him.

"Don't let him get away, give me a chase, I must catch up to him."

Just like that, after chasing after him for a while, Leng Tian Ling was caught up and more than thirty war gods surrounded Leng Tian Ling.

The Three-Eyed War God said, "Leng Tianling, you're really crazy."

The Immortal Emperor raged, "Everyone, slaughter Leng Tianling and Tang Zichen together."


nbsp; Just then, Leng Tianling threw Tang Zichen down and said, "Tang Zichen, I'm sorry, I can't help you anymore, so take care of yourself."

So, Leng Tian Ling pretended that he had escaped and threw Tang Zichen down.

The Immortal Emperor was busy shouting, "Forget about Leng Tianling for now, grab Tang Zichen."

After sparing a circle, Tang Zichen was once again caught.

However, after this detour, the Immortal Emperor's wariness of Tang Zichen had fallen much, much lower.

A War God reported, "Immortal Emperor, Tang Zichen has been captured, what should we do with him?Now shoot to death?"

Another War God said, "To avoid a long night's sleep, I suggest shooting him on the spot, in case Leng Tian Ling comes to save him again, as for his woman, forget it, just take care of Tang Zichen early."

Although the Immortal Emperor was unwilling, he still nodded, "Alright, kill him, die immediately."

"Yes, Immortal Emperor."More than thirty Battle Gods were busy following orders.

Tang Zichen was depressed, if he killed him now, Tang Zichen would have to expose his strength, but the Immortal Emperor, however, would always keep his distance from Tang Zichen.

"Die."Each of the thirty or so War Gods killed Tang Zichen with a single move.

Tang Zichen sighed and had to display the Three Nothing Domain.

Each of their moves, all of their power turned to zero as they entered Tang Zichen's domain.

At the same time, Tang Zichen blew his breath at the thirty or so War Gods.

"Ah."All of the thirty-odd War Gods screamed and were collapsed thousands of meters away in a single breath of air.

"What."The Immortal Emperor in the distance was dumbfounded.

Tang Zichen sighed, there was nothing he could do, the Immortal Emperor hadn't caught him, instead, he had exposed his strength, and this time, it was even harder to catch him.

Tang Zichen said, "Niantian, I am far from being a match for your people, you can't escape."

"Tang Zichen, how can you be so strong."

"What's the point of saying such words now?"

"Hahaha, Tang Zichen, you want to replace me, you're dreaming, I'd rather destroy the Three Realms than fulfill you."

"Nian Tian, you don't deserve to be an Immortal Emperor, you don't care about the lives of the world."

"Hahaha, now, it's unnecessary to say anything, Tang Zichen, I've collapsed the Three Realms, I'll see how you can still be an Immortal Emperor."Nian Tian roared.

Tang Zichen could only try, at the moment, Tang Zichen was about 800 meters away from the Immortal Emperor, it was a bit difficult to narrow it down to 50 meters.

Tang Zichen suddenly shouted, "Nian Tide, what are you doing."

The Immortal Emperor thought that Nian Tides had appeared behind him and that Nian Tides was also going to kill him, so the Immortal Emperor got nervous and turned back.

In an instant, Tang Zichen rushed him fifty meters in front of him.

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed out loud, and the Immortal Emperor also instantly regained consciousness and immediately tried to divert himself.

However, the Immortal Emperor suddenly realized that he couldn't control himself.

"What's going on."

Tang Zichen said, "I tried so hard to catch you, but it didn't work, instead I used a child's trick to get you, hahaha."

"Tang Zichen, what did you do to me, why can't I control myself anymore?"The Immortal Emperor shouted anxiously.

Tang Zichen said unhurriedly, "Before I die, I can tell you that you've entered my domain, you can't escape at all."

"What domain, I'm the controller of the Three Realms, there's no way I can be trapped."

"The Three Realms of Nothing, it's not something you can understand at all."


"Tang Zichen, don't kill me, okay, I'll be your puppet, I'll do whatever you say, okay?"The Immortal Emperor said pleadingly.

Tang Zichen laughed, "I can totally be an Immortal Emperor myself, why do I need you as a puppet, besides, even if I'm not an Immortal Emperor anymore, I can still pass the seat to my next generation."

The Immortal Emperor snorted, "Tang Zichen, you have to remember one thing, how you got the Heart of Hong Meng, and how others will kill you in the future as well.You think that the Heart of Hong Meng can be passed on?No one else can get it except you die."

"Oh, yeah?"

"One day, there will be someone more powerful than you, and that person will also kill you to obtain the Heart of Hong Meng.So, the Heart of Hongmeng is simply a hot potato, I think it's better for you not to step into this fire pit, if you don't become an Immortal Emperor, no one will ever find you.I'm regretting it all now."

"Oh, yeah."Tang Zichen smiled faintly, but the Immortal Emperor's words seemed to have some sincerity in them.Once you get the Heart of Hongshen, you merge with your life and can't get out of it, and when someone really surpasses Tang Zichen in the future, then the Immortal Emperor of today is Tang Zichen's future, and someone else must kill Tang Zichen to get the Heart of Hongshen."

"Tang Zichen, think about whether it's necessary.At the beginning of the universe, the other 9 humans that appeared with me, they were all powerful, far more powerful than you are now, why didn't they steal my Hong Meng Heart?"

"How should I know, maybe they have higher goals."

"You're such a genius, you can have higher goals too, I don't believe that your goal is just to be an Immortal Emperor, you definitely have higher goals.And once you get the Heart of Hong Meng, you're restricted here, you have to take control of the three realms, you can't do anything else, otherwise, the three realms will lose order and there will be chaos."

"Eww."Tang Zichen's body shook, why did he feel a bit hesitant, had he been brainwashed by the Immortal Emperor?Not so much.

"Tang Zichen, what I said, every word is true, unless, your goal is really just to be an Immortal Emperor for the rest of your life." One Second Remember to Read the Book

Tang Zichen snorted, "My goal, of course, is not to become an Immortal Emperor, I definitely have higher goals in the future."

"If that's what you think, then you shouldn't have obtained the Heart of the Hong Meng.The purpose of the Hong Meng Heart is to control the three realms, maintain order in the three realms, keep the three realms eternally moving, and ensure that life continues to flow and be born.There is simply no possibility of you not being able to cultivate and do something else again.Because this Three Realms can't be without you for a moment, you think that if you become an Immortal Emperor, you'll still be able to move and close the door for tens of thousands of years, wrong, if you become an Immortal Emperor, the closing of the door will basically have nothing to do with you."

"Is that so."Tang Zichen actually hesitated a bit.

Could it be that becoming an Immortal Emperor was really so damn restrictive?

"If I lie to you, I shall not die well, you're such a strong genius, you really shouldn't waste your time here, if you're a person like me, who can only reach this height in your life, then you can be an Immortal Emperor instead.Tang Zichen, you have to think carefully, once you are an Immortal Emperor, you won't be able to get out of it, unless, you commit suicide, then someone else can replace you."

Tang Zichen took a deep breath.

The Immortal Emperor added, "Tang Zichen, there's one last thing, once the Three Realms collapse, the Heart of the Honored One will also die along with you.Before me, I wouldn't have done this if I didn't have to, the role and mission of the Hong Meng Heart is just to manage the three realms."

Tang Zichen snorted, "Nian Tian, you're so eloquent, do you want to brainwash me?"

"Oh, ridiculous, you can kill me all you want, but I believe that you

You will definitely regret it.After you obtained the Heart of Hong Meng, although you became a human superior, at the same time, you also became the guardian of the three realms, you can't slack off in the slightest, once the three realms collapse, you also die together, think about it yourself."

Tang Zichen clenched his hands very tightly, he wanted to shoot the Immortal Emperor to death, but did he really replace him?

In the future, Tang Zichen still wanted to go to the Evil God's Relic to cultivate, if he became an Immortal Emperor, this would no longer be possible, Tang Zichen had to keep an eye on the three realms and make adjustments at all times to avoid any accidents.

"Tang Zichen, Blue Emperor Qin Zhong and the others, they are even stronger than you, why don't they replace me?Think about it, the position of Immortal Emperor, is it really that important to you."

"Hoo, it's my dream to be an Immortal Emperor, and you fucking want to break my dream with a few words?"Tang Zichen roared.

"Yes, a lot of people want to be an Immortal Emperor, they think it's awesome, but it's not for you, you still have to fight to find out the truth of this world, to break out of this universe, to find more unknown secrets.Compared to these, the position of Immortal Emperor is nothing.Of course, if you really want the right, I can crown you as 'High Heaven Sage'."

"What do you mean?"

"It's the one who is higher than the heavens, remember, but this is my seal, it's never comparable to those self-proclaimed what-have-you Great Saints."

"Great Saints higher than the heavens."Tang Zichen chanted.

The Immortal Emperor suddenly bowed to Tang Zichen, "Greetings to the Great Sage of the High Heaven."

Tang Zichen laughed ridiculously, "You damn well know how to see a needle in a haystack."

"Great Sage of the High Heaven, in the future, within the Three Realms, I am beneath you and you can command me at will, how about it?You have all the rights you want, you want your family to prosper and be strong, you can."

Tang Zichen hesitated for several minutes, and finally, Tang Zichen sighed, "What the hell, I, Tang Someone, have been convinced by you, alas."

The Immortal Emperor was busy saying, "No, it's not that I've convinced you, but in your heart, you're not willing to be an Immortal Emperor forever."

"If you say so, then so be it."

The Immortal Emperor was overjoyed and said happily, "Thank you for your grace, don't worry, I'll return to the Immortal Court right now, reorganize the Immortal Court, and immediately announce that I've crowned you as the High Heaven Great Sage."

"It's up to you, although I'm releasing you at this moment, if I really want to capture you again, I can definitely do it."

"Don't worry, High Heaven Great Sage, I know that.Also, this year, the Three Realms are very chaotic, and I must hurry to get to the alignment, otherwise, I don't need you to kill me, I'll have to die myself when the Three Realms bounce."

"Go ahead."

"Thank you, Great Sage of the High Heavens, Little Emperor takes his leave."

With that, Tang Zichen watched as the Immortal Emperor ran away.

Tang Zichen sighed, "I hope I won't regret it."

With a bitter smile, Tang Zichen turned around and flew away.

Not long after Tang Zichen left, Leng Tianling flew out.

"Tang Zichen, why didn't you kill him?"Leng Tian Ling was puzzled.

"I think that the possibility of me killing him and regretting it would be greater than not killing him, so I choose not to."

"Alas, you're so foolish to surrender the position of Immortal Emperor that you've arrived at."

"Oh, maybe so."Tang Zichen didn't say anything else and flew away.

Leng Tian Ling also sighed and followed Tang Zichen away.


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