The King of Kungfu in school 2441-2445


Chapter 2441

Tang Zichen returned to his temporary home.

The Dragon King was busy asking, "Tzu-Chen, how is it?Success."

When the Ten Thousand Violet Sage saw Leng Tianling follow Tang Zichen, he understood and bowed, "Pay respects to the Immortal Emperor."

Thus, the rest of the people, the Lord of Destruction, the Lord of Thunder Valley, and the Lord of the Bidding Sun Palace, also bowed, "Greetings to the Immortal Emperor."

Everyone's eyes showed a touch of surprise.

Tang Zichen swept a glance at everyone and smiled, "Do you guys think that it's really that important for me to be an Immortal Emperor?"

"Why, what do you mean, sonny?"Dragon King Dao.

Tang Zichen said, "Gentlemen, to tell you the truth, I've given up on being an Immortal Emperor."


"Minister, are you stupid, have you been kicked in the head?"

"Brother Minister, didn't you always dream of being an Immortal Emperor, what?" First web site

Everyone, you and I, expressed dissent on the matter.

"I know that you all feel sorry for me, and even, some puzzlement and even anger over my abandonment, I understand, I understand it all."

Mu Qianji said, "Zichen, no matter what decision you make, I will support you, and I believe you have good reasons."

Tang Zichen smiled slightly.

Gao Xiaolian said, "Zichen, tell me your reasons."

"The reasons are simple: first, to obtain the Heart of Hong Meng, you must kill him; second, after obtaining the Heart of Hong Meng, you become an Immortal Emperor, and the duty of an Immortal Emperor is to guard the three realms, and can no longer do as he pleases, he always has to worry about the stability of the three realms, and if the three realms collapse, I will die; third, I manage the three realms at all times, and I must give up the opportunity to continue cultivating upwards all my lifeTo toil for the sake of the three realms, if one day I get tired and want to rest, sorry, I can't, unless, I am killed and the position of Immortal Emperor passes to someone else, I will be forever locked in that position.These three reasons are enough for me to give up."

Everyone listened and nodded their heads.

With Tang Zichen's personality, being an Immortal Emperor was just a moment of fun, and for tens of millions of years, Tang Zichen would definitely go crazy.However, the position of Immortal Emperor had no exit option, unless it was killed by someone else.

At that moment, the Old King of the Green Man said, "Brother Chen, if you don't want to be an Immortal Emperor, then you can let someone else be it, for example, the Dragon King, or your closest relative or something."

Tang Zichen shook his head and said, "First of all, I'm not sure if it's whoever kills him who will replace him, what if it's not, I'll let the Dragon King kill it, and as a result, it still turns out that I killed it, then I'll lose myself in it; secondly, I don't think it's fun to be an Immortal Emperor, the Immortal Emperor's Hongmeng heart has already been used, more than thirty War Gods are already incredibly powerful, if the Dragon King becomes an Immortal Emperor, the people under himAll of them are more powerful than him, you say, and still be a chicken."

The Dragon King laughed, "This is just an example, in fact I have no desire to be an Immortal Emperor."

Shen Ni said, "Although the Immortal Emperor continues to be the Immortal Emperor now, but, the Three-Eyed War God and the others are a thousand times stronger, the Immortal Emperor can't handle them at all anymore, I'm sure in the future, all his rights as the Immortal Emperor will be overridden, he's the Immortal Emperor only in name, maintaining the three realms is still your responsibility, but he can't enjoy the supreme imperial power that he deserves.Think about it, it's quite tragic."

Tang Zichen said, "These, are all his choices, there is one more thing, the Immortal Emperor promised, to crown me as the High Heaven Great Sage, my position, higher than the heavens."

"Er, High Heaven Great Sage, interesting."

"I think that's enough, the Immortal Emperor is trying to suppress the war gods under his hand,

I must rely on me, and in the future, my status will be very high, above that of an Immortal Emperor.I can not only not have to be an Immortal Emperor and be bound by that, but I can also enjoy a higher status than an Immortal Emperor.Why not."

"So that's how it is."

Tang Zichen gave a command, "Everyone pack up and in a few days, come with me to the Immortal Realm.We'll find a piece of land in the Immortal Realm and then raise ten thousand high ranking immortals, and we'll have a free life."

Three days later, Tang Zichen brought everyone, including the ten thousand high ranking immortals he had brought back from the uninhabited area, to the Immortal Realm.

The Immortal Realm had returned to its former glory, but many of the immortals who used to live in the Immortal Realm had gone down to the ground, so for a while, the Immortal Realm was very empty.

However, it was good that the Immortal Realm was already overcrowded, so this opportunity was taken to redistribute the territory of the various forces in the Immortal Realm.

Tang Zichen came directly to the Nine Heavens Divine Hall.

"Immortal Emperor, Tang Zichen is here."A War God reported.

"Quick, go out and greet him."The Immortal Emperor was busy bringing a group of war gods out of the palace to greet him.

Only, when the Immortal Emperor saw Tang Zichen with tens of thousands of high ranking war gods, flying in from the distance with black clouds, his heart trembled, where did Tang Zichen get so many high ranking war gods?

One had to know that the Immortal Emperor had only had more than thirty High-ranked War Gods under his hands all these years.

In fact, what the Immortal Emperor didn't expect was that over these countless years, many of the high ranking Battle Gods had been sucked into the outer void of the uninhabited evil relics.

"Little Emperor pays homage to the High Heaven Great Sage."The Immortal Emperor bowed.

The thirty or so war gods behind him also worshipped, "Little God pays homage to the High Heavenly Great Sage."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Not bad, Little Emperor, it's only been three days since the Immortal Court was restored to its former glory."

"Thank you, Great Sage of the High Heaven for your accomplishment."

"There's no need to be polite, it's just as well, the Immortal Realm is empty now, leave me the best piece of land, it will be my residence from now on."

"Rest assured, High Heaven Great Sage, those who went down to the Earth Immortal Realm a year ago will not be allowed to come up now, of course, those who are capable will still be able to, and it solves the overcrowding dilemma of the Immortal Realm."

"It's your business, you said before, to seal me High Heaven Great Sage, when will the ceremony be held?"

"Great Sage, rest assured, after I have reorganized the dynasty and restored the various institutions of the Immortal Court, I will gather all the new courtiers and announce the matter, so that the full court can also know that you are the Great Sage of High Heaven."

"Not bad, will do things.By the way, you are now reorganizing the dynasty, you must need talents in particular, here, I have many talents, you can arrange for them to become immortal officials as well."

The Immortal Emperor said, "The people recommended by the Great Sage, the Little Emperor will definitely make good arrangements."

"Thank you, in the future, whoever is disobedient, you can come to me."

"Thank you, Great Sage."The Immortal Emperor was greatly pleased, before, he was troubled, now the Three-Eyed War God, Wind and Fire War God, Purple Slit War God and so on, more than thirty war gods, so strong, simply can't handle it anymore, in the future, when managing it, it will definitely go against the yang and the yin, while he was helpless, is not sure what to do in the future, now, to hear Tang Zichen's words, he was relieved."

The thirty or so War Gods behind the Immortal Emperor were depressed inside, cursing Tang Zichen for meddling in their affairs, otherwise, they would be able to walk sideways in the Immortal Realm in the future, and what could the Immortal Emperor do to them.

If Tang Zichen interfered, they would have to obediently listen to the Immortal Emperor's orders.

Tang Zichen asked, "Recently, has Nianxi come to see you?"



"I don't suppose the tides will kill you?"

"Will."The Immortal Emperor said.

"Why?There's no reason, to be honest, if it wasn't for Nianxie's face before, I might have tried to have someone like Dragon King or Leng Tian Ling come and kill you.It was because you were Nianxie's father and various other reasons that I didn't kill you."

The Immortal Emperor's face trembled and said, "Nian Tze believes that I killed her mother."

"Huh, it seems like you haven't seen your wife."

"Back to the High Heaven Sage, the Immortal Mother is dead."


"There are many reasons, but in the end, it's tainted by the Dragon King."

Tang Zichen sighed, "Understand, I'm also responsible for this, and when I see Nian Tides in the future, let her come to me, and I'll return her a living, breathing mother as a way to redeem the harm I've done to her."

"How is that possible." Remember the URL

Tang Zichen said, "Do you know the Lotus Pillow Body Refining Method?"

"What? How do you know this?"The Immortal Emperor was shocked, as he was also practicing this, but unfortunately, he had no success at all.

"I'm only one small step away from cultivating the Lotus Body Refining Method to great success, after that, I can officially start resurrecting all of my loved ones."


"Of course."

The Immortal Emperor was busy saying, "Then, can you help me revive a few people?"

Tang Zichen laughed, "Why should I help you?I've damn well let you continue to be an Immortal Emperor, and to be honest, I don't even know why I'm being so nice to you."

"High Heaven Sage, if you're willing to help me resurrect a few people, I'm willing to provide you with the Hongmeng Divine Stone."

"What is the Hongmeng divine Stone?"

"Great Sage, you don't know that, do you, what materials are you going to use to resurrect your loved ones?"

"Lotus root."

The Immortal Emperor shook his head, "Lotus root is only the lowest grade material, very brittle, and even if you strengthen it afterwards, it won't be able to compare to a real flesh body.If you use the Hong Meng divine Stone, then the strength of the refined flesh will be at least as strong as a Great Luo Jin Immortal's flesh, and the Hong Meng divine Stone, which can be completely transformed into flesh, is even, better and more valuable than our real flesh."

"Oh, yeah?"

"Of course, if I lie to you, I shall not die a good death."

Tang Zichen laughed, "How many Hongshen Stones do you have?"

"Approximately, you can refine a hundred thousand people.

"En, that's enough, well, if you provide it to me, I'll help you resurrect it."

"Thank you, High Heaven Sage for the gift."

After that, Tang Zichen flew away, and Tang Zichen directly dominated a huge levitating island, which was about 100,000 square kilometers in size.

Such a huge area, all belonging to Tang Zichen, it was too extravagant, in the past, this hover island could have housed at least five million people.

Tang Zichen said, "From now on, this levitation island, renamed Gao Tian Island, belongs to the Gao Tian Great Sage's personal territory."

"Yes yes yes."The Immortal Emperor nodded his head in succession.

Tang Zichen immediately ordered the tens of thousands of high ranking immortals under his hands to start deploying the construction of houses, which were too fast with the immortals' abilities.

In less than a month, a luxurious house comparable to the Immortal Court was constructed.

Those ten thousand high ranking immortals were Tang Zichen's personal guards, protecting the safety of the High Heaven Island.

Tang Zichen's family was like an emperor.

Generally, residing in the very center of Takata Island.

Tang Zichen, a mortal, mixed up to this point, could be considered to be fine.

After everything was settled and stabilized in the Immortal Realm, Tang Zichen began to cultivate the Lotus Pellet Body Tempering Method, he had to practice the last bit, after that, he could start resurrecting his loved ones who had died of old age.

About three months later, Tang Zichen ended his retreat.

"Finally, I've completely practiced it."Tang Zichen smiled heedlessly and said inwardly, "My wives and children of the mortal realm, I've kept you waiting, it's time for our family to be reunited, and then, to be together forever."

Tang Zichen was on his way to the Immortal Emperor precisely to get him to hand over the Hongshi Stone.

Just then, Tang Zichen suddenly heard the Immortal Emperor's cry for help, "High Heaven Sage, save me."

Tang Zichen's eyebrows moved, could it be that Nianxi had come to kill him.

Sure enough, before Tang Zichen even walked out of the gate, the Immortal Emperor instantly flew over.

"High Heaven Sage, you have to save me, Nian Tides wants to kill me."The Immortal Emperor knelt down and pleaded with Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen said, "I was just about to look for you, I've already trained, so you can give me the Hong Meng divine Stone."

"But, Nianxi wants to kill me."

"Don't worry, I'm there, she can't kill you."Tang Zichen's greatest need right now was the Hongmeng divine Stone.

At that moment, Nianxie came.

Nianxie said, "Tang Zichen, either you kill him, or, let me kill him."Nian Tze's eyes were filled with anger and said.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Nian Tze, long time no see."

"Tang Zichen, I advise you not to be so cordial with me, because, I'm going to kill the Dragon King later, don't make it difficult for you to choose then."

"What? Kill the Dragon King."

"Yes, the Dragon King has defiled my mother, he must die."

Tang Zichen was busy saying, "Your mother, I will help you resurrect."

"Even if you resurrect my mother, I'll still have to kill the Dragon King."Nian Shi was merciless.

Tang Zichen said, "Nianxie, why are you so stubborn."

Nianxie was furious, "She is my mother, a person who defiled my mother, what reason do I have not to kill her."

Tang Zichen said, "Yes, she is your mother, but your mother, do you think she is some kind of white lotus flower, incomparably holy?No, I'm not afraid to upset you either, your mother, to put it bluntly, is a bitch."

"Tang Zichen, you."

"Nian Shi, I'm sorry, I'm not talking nonsense, and I'm telling the truth, your mother is cruel and vicious, can you deny that?When your mother was young, she did everything she could to deceive the Dragon King for her own ends, can you deny that?You only know what the Dragon King has done to your mother, but you don't care what your mother has done to anyone else.Everything has a cause and an effect, your mother will be defiled by the Dragon King, it's a cause and effect, it's just a form of resolving the enmity between the Dragon King and her."

"Tang Zichen, I really didn't think that you were such a person."

"The truth is this, you killed the Dragon King, and one day in the future, the Dragon King's son will come back to seek revenge on you, because, you are his enemy who killed his father, he also has a reason why he must kill you, this is also a form of cause and effect.Nenshi, let's stop this matter, it's pointless to continue.Besides, I've already promised to help you resurrect the Fairy Mother."

Nianxie shook her head and said, "No way, the Dragon King must die."

Tang Zichen said, "In that case, go ahead and kill the Dragon King, I won't stop you from killing the Dragon King."

"You really won't stop it?"

"Don't stop me, I have a kinship with the Dragon King, I have it with you, too, and it's not good for me to help anyone.However, to show respect to the Dragon King, I won't help you resurrect the Fairy Mother, otherwise, you'll take advantage of any good thing."


"You."Nian Xie stared in depression.

"Don't stare, that's all I can do, so fair, even though you're my woman, the Dragon King is also the grandfather of Ao Bao, Ao Bao is also my woman, and died for me."

The Immortal Emperor was busy saying, "Nianxie, you decide for yourself, anyway, I don't care, the Great Sage has promised to help me resurrect a few of my relatives.Among them, there's my wife and son before I became an Immortal Emperor."

Tang Zichen said in his heart, this Immortal Emperor is also really good enough, the implication is that it doesn't matter if the Immortal Mother is resurrected or not, he has a knotted wife anyway.

Nianxie said, "Tang Zichen, don't threaten me, in the worst case, I'll practice the resurrection method myself."

"Haha, Nian Shi, you can't practice it, first of all, you don't even know about this method, and secondly, in this world, I guess I'm the only one who can successfully practice it."

"I don't believe that only you can cultivate it successfully."

Tang Zichen said, "The most important step in resurrection is to recruit the soul, can you recruit the soul?If the soul hasn't drifted away and just died, then it is indeed possible, but if the soul is already dead, you resurrect shit."

"And why can you?"Nian Shi said unconvinced.

"Do you believe that there is a true three dimensional space in this world?I'm there, I have friends."

Nenshi looked half-hearted. A second to remember to read the book

"Nianxie, if you want to kill hurry up, I'm going to start resurrecting my loved ones."

Actually, even if Nian Tze did kill the Dragon King, Tang Zichen could still be resurrected.However, you must hurry to kill, because, Tang Zichen will definitely resurrect the former owner of the Overturning Mirror along with him, and if you resurrect him as well, then there will be no way to resurrect him from then on, there is and only one chance.

"Just kill it."Nian Shi immediately flew away.

Tang Zichen didn't bother with her, the worst that could happen was to refine one more body.

Tang Zichen said to the Immortal Emperor, "Little Emperor, hurry up and take out the Hong Meng divine Stone."

"Great Sage, will you really help me resurrect a few of my relatives?"

"How many do you want to resurrect when this Great Sage says he will?"

"Not too many, three is enough."

"Okay, I'll help you resurrect first."Tang Zichen said.


Tang Zichen's main reason for helping the Immortal Emperor resurrect first was to practice his skills.

After that, Tang Zichen began the road to resurrection.

According to the Immortal Emperor's description, Tang Zichen helped him resurrect three people, one was his knighted wife, one was his son, and one was his daughter.All of them were his closest relatives before he became an Immortal Emperor, and perhaps, within the Immortal Emperor's heart, these three people were his most important relatives.

"Ah Tian, is it really you?"The Immortal Emperor's knotted wife cried.

The Immortal Emperor also cried and nodded, "Uh-huh, it's me, Chun, it's me."

Tang Zichen squinted his eyes, having never seen such a sincere outpouring of emotion from the Immortal Emperor.

"Ah dad."


The Immortal Emperor's son and daughter also shouted in excitement.

Tang Zichen saw that that daughter of the Immortal Emperor was quite marked looking and had a good figure, Tang Zichen had a clear view of it, because, every resurrection, in its initial state, was unclothed.

The Immortal Emperor cried, "Ah Shui, Ah Shan, you are important alive."

"A father."A family of four hugged together.

Tang Zichen said, "Little Emperor, let them get dressed first, being naked in front of me is making me depressed.Your wife and daughter are just fine, but you, your son, a grown man swinging in front of me, it really makes me sick."

The Immortal Emperor was busy saying, "Yes, yes, the Great Sage is right in reminding me."

And so, the Immortal Emperor

Panicking to take out their clothes, of course, the three of them also hurriedly covered their critical parts.

That daughter of the Immortal Emperor, Ah Shui, with two black eyes also looked at Tang Zichen for a while.

Tang Zichen smiled slightly at her, but unexpectedly, that Ah Shui blushed for a moment.

The Immortal Emperor's wife asked, "Ah Tian, who is he?"

"Chun, his name is Tang Zichen, and he is the one who helped me resurrect you guys."

"Thank you, benefactor."

Tang Zichen nodded and let them leave, Tang Zichen was about to resurrect his loved ones.

Tang Zichen inwardly said, "Who should I resurrect first?"

"Then let's start with the Divine Dragon School."

Tang Zichen began to refine his body, in about an hour, he would be able to train into a body, of course, the initial body didn't have a male or female appearance, they were all like a statue, only after the undead entered the body would it instantly turn into a human, the appearance it turned into was big or small, old or young, it depended on the extent of Tang Zichen's refinement in the body.

An hour later, the first human father was now, Tang Zichen's master, Yan Xin Yi's husband in the mortal realm.

The statue, which suddenly changed, and a naked man appeared, was Tang Zichen's master.

"Ah, where is this?"

"Master, let's get dressed first."Tang Zichen.

"Ah, Windy."

"Yes, Master, I've already told you before in the Three Nothing Spaces that I would resurrect you."

"Mmhmm, Feng'er, you really did it."

"Master, get dressed quickly, your wife is waiting for you outside the door, I still need to continue refining my body, you are the first to be resurrected, about everything here, naturally someone will inform you."

Tang Zichen didn't say much, his master walked out of the door and saw many people standing outside, however, there were no familiar faces, there were only two, one Yan Xingyi, and another, somewhat like the witch Mu Qianji once was.

"Husband."Yan Xinyi burst out crying and pounced on her.

Tang Zichen, on the other hand, continued to refine his body.

The second one resurrected was Tang Zichen's real mother in the mortal realm, and her name was Qiao Xue.

The age Tang Zichen resurrected Qiao Xue was around the time they met, and she was still considered a middle-aged woman, not very old, not very young.

"Ah, this place is?"

"Mother, it's Hong'er."Tang Zichen shouted.

No crap.

Tang Zichen proceeded to resurrect a third person.

His real father in the mortal realm, named Shang Min.

"Father, Hong'er has finally resurrected you."

The crap after that was no longer detailed.

Tang Zichen then proceeded to resurrect a fourth person.

Qin Ren, his little senior sister, this woman was the first woman that Tang Zichen had fallen in love with in his life, his first love woman.

The age at which Tang Zichen resurrected his little sister was around twenty-four or twenty-five, Tang Zichen didn't let her resurrect to eighteen or nineteen, because, after that, there were his daughter, son, grandson and so on to be resurrected, it would be a bit strange if she was too young, of course, Tang Zichen didn't want to make it too old, for reasons we all understand, about twenty-four or twenty-five years old would be fine.

"Ah, here it is?"A naked man appeared in front of Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen was excited, "Rei'er."

Tang Zichen thought that he shouldn't be excited after such a long time, but he didn't expect that when Rei Qin actually stood before him, Tang Zichen was still incomparably excited.

Perhaps, no woman he met later in the Spiritual Immortal Realm would be as unforgettable as his former wife.


"Ah, Sage-chan."


Tang Zichen pounced on it and hugged it tightly.

At the moment of hugging Qin Rei, Tang Zichen suddenly had a, hidden deep inside, long-lost familiarity, as if, hugging together, he knew an old husband and wife, remembering the feeling he once had countless years ago.



"Rei'er, what a familiar feeling."Tang Zichen choked out, Tang Zichen couldn't help but close his eyes and enjoy that familiar scent of Rei Qin's body, it was like, turning back time and going back in time to hug her, it was innate to his soul.

"Husband."Qin Ren sobbed with excitement as well.

The two of them hugged for a long time.

"Rei'er, go out for a while, I still have a lot of people who need to be resurrected, Master has been resurrected, Master's wife, they are all outside the door at the moment."

"Mmhmm."Qin Rei nodded her head excitedly, she was thrilled when she thought of her teacher's wife, Qin Rei was a very traditional woman, her filial piety towards her teacher's wife was immeasurable. First URL

Tang Zichen continued to resurrect.

Originally, he wanted to resurrect people from the technological world, such as Liu Xiangyun and the like, but Tang Zichen was afraid of continued agitation, so he also wanted to decide to resurrect a few brothers and sisters from the Divine Dragon School first.

After that, Big Brother, Second Senior Brother, Third Senior Sister, Fourth Senior Sister, and Fifth Senior Sister, all resurrected one by one.

Tang Zichen and the long-lost senior brothers had an emotional embrace, so naturally, there was no need to say more.

Finally, it was the turn of the people from the other side of the mortal world.

The first to be resurrected was, Liu Xiangyun, as he was the first girl Tang Zichen had met in the other world.


"Xiang'er, it's so good to see you again."Tang Zichen said as he hugged Liu Xiangyun and Tang Zichen looked at her carefully, as if it was the same as when he was once at that White Cloud High School.

Only, Liu Xiangyun saw herself so young, a little uncomfortable: "Husband, why did you make me so young ah, are not used to it, when I died, I was already a hundred and forty years old, now I feel strange."

"Who wouldn't want to be young when they have the chance.Besides, my husband is so young now, like a twenty year old boy, how are you an old woman."

"Well well, how about our sons and daughters, and grandchildren, when will they be resurrected?I'll be so young by then, won't I be?"Liu Xiangyun said awkwardly, after all, when in the mortal world, one was already used to an old woman, suddenly turning young again, not used to it.

"Xiang'er, this is the Immortal Realm, in the Immortal Realm, almost all fathers and sons, mothers and daughters look almost young, you'll get used to it later."

"You can put on your clothes first."Tang Zichen said taking out his clothes.

Liu Xiangyun looked at her so upright chest and said with some embarrassment, "I'm really not used to it at the moment."


After that, Tang Zichen resurrected Li Xuan'er, Song Yu'er, Shangguan Rou, and others.

I will not recount them one by one here.

After that, Tang Zichen resurrected Xu Mei Qian, Qi Xue Yun, Han Xiaomeng, Liu Rui, Xiao Hei, Yang Yijian, and so on and so forth who were once in the mortal realm.

By the time Tang Zichen finished resurrecting all those who had known each other and deemed it necessary to resurrect them, it was already several months later.

But . Still, the total number of people Tang Zichen had resurrected was only a few thousand .This included the Fairy Mother and the Dragon King.In short, everyone that one could think of had already been resurrected.

The rest, there was no need for them, such as the once four villains of White Cloud High School and the like, who were merely momentary acquaintances.


Then, Tang Zichen prepared to resurrect the last man, the former owner of the Flip Mirror.

An hour later.

"Senior, congratulations."

"Tang Zichen, thank you for resurrecting me, moreover, you also used the Hong Meng divine Stone to resurrect me, so that my strength will soon be restored to the original, thank you, I won't forget your great kindness."

"I'm the one who wants to thank Senior for helping me, if it wasn't for Senior helping me, I definitely wouldn't be able to resurrect my once deceased relatives."Tang Zichen said.

"My name is Gu Yan, from now on, you are my brother."

"Thank you, big brother."

"Haha, Brother Tang."

After finishing, Tang Zichen walked out the door.

Everyone was waiting outside.

Tang Zichen scanned all the family members in front of him, no matter if they were once in the mortal realm or some friends he knew in the spirit realm, Tang Zichen had all been resurrected.

Gu Yan said, "Brother Tang, you reunite with your loved ones first, I'll go first."


Gu Yan flew away.

Tang Zichen was faced with so many of his former family members, and was at a loss for words.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Everyone, I'm so happy that we can be together again, and this time, I guarantee that all of you will live forever.I believe that you all have a preliminary understanding of what the Immortal World is like at this moment.Come, I'm going to hold a rebirth dinner tonight."

Tang Zichen immediately ordered his subordinates to prepare, and a super grand rebirth dinner began at nightfall.

Tang Zichen focused on introducing his former family members to Tang Huan and the other women he met later, and everyone was very welcome.

This banquet didn't end until the next morning.

When it ended, Tang Zichen shouted, "Next, all of you, I will bestow a rebirth gift on them."

The so-called rebirth gift was a bowl of Hong Meng Liquid for each person.

Tang Zichen said, "By drinking this Hong Meng Liquid, all of you can legitimately become an Immortal who is at least an Earth Immortal."

"Thank you."Tang Zichen's relatives had tears in their eyes, they all knew that they would have died and it was Tang Zichen who had brought them back to life.Not all of these people were Tang Zichen's blood relatives, some were friends, some were descendants of friends, some were just people who had once known each other and had some friendship.

One man's success, the chickens and dogs rose to heaven, perhaps, very similar to Tang Zichen's current situation.

Tang Zichen had accomplished something, and once no matter how weak he was, he got the chance to ascend to heaven.

After drinking the Hong Meng Liquid, Tang Zichen announced that the rebirth feast was over and everyone went back to their homes to close the door.

It took Tang Zichen six or seven months to resurrect all these people, and during this time, these resurrected people almost understood what the Immortal World was like, and Tang Zichen had already built a house for all of them on High Heaven Island, waiting for their distribution after resurrection.

Everyone dispersed, and what remained were Tang Zichen's closest wives.

Tang Zichen smiled and embraced all the wives in his arms, smiling with joy, "I, finally, did it."

"Husband, we are proud of you."Xu Mei Qian said.

"Hehe, from now on, our family will be together forever."

Tang Zichen burst out laughing.

From then on, Tang Zichen, his wives, and all his relatives, living happily in the Immortal World, on Gao Tian Island, there would be no more separation, no more death, and they would be happy together forever and ever.


Every day, apart from being with his family, Tang Zichen was cultivating the Three Wonders Domain.

Tang Zichen wanted to continue strengthening the Three Wonders Domain and even, one day in the future, he would create the Three Wonders Space.

Since all of Tang Zichen's relatives had been resurrected, Tang Zichen had kept a much lower profile.

Because Tang Zichen had resurrected so many of his relatives, he was also afraid of accidents, and if he died again, there would really be no chance of resurrection.

A person, who had a concern, would become cautious.

Thus, time passed, year by year, swiftly, and in the blink of an eye, a million years had passed.

One day after a million years, the former owner of the Overturning Mirror, Gu Yan, came.

"Hahaha, Brother Tang."

"Ah, big brother Guyan, what are you doing here."Tang Zichen was busy welcoming him, ever since that day that brought him back to life, Guyan was nowhere to be seen.

"Brother Tang, I've been in seclusion for millions of years, and now, I've finally regained the strength I once had, and even strengthened it.All of this is thanks to you ah."

"Brother Guyan, why do you say that, to say thanks, I have to thank you." Remember the URL

"Brother Tang, if you hadn't brought me back to life with the Hong Meng divine Stone, just using that lotus, then I'd be as weak as a chicken today.Alright, I won't say any more nonsense, I came here today to invite you to go with me to the Evil God Relic."Big Brother Gu Yan said.

"Evil God's Relic ah?"

"Yes, you shouldn't know about this place yet."

"No, no, big brother Guyan, I've been to the Evil God Relic before, but unfortunately, I was kicked out."

"How is that possible, inside the Evil God Relic, it's all three no-space, with your strength, I'm afraid it's still difficult for you to enter by yourself."

"Big Brother Guyan, I have died before and have come into contact with the Three Nothing Spaces, I myself have already studied the rules of the Three Nothing Spaces, and I have also created the Three Nothing Divine Sword and the Three Nothing Domain."

"What? The Three Nothing Realm?"


"Brother Tang, you're really a god, only a middle-ranked immortal, but you're able to peek into the rules of the Three-Free Space and create your own Three-Free Realm, you're too incredible for me.I originally wanted to be grateful to you and bring you in, but it seems that you don't need me to bring you in, you can go in by yourself."

Tang Zichen laughed bitterly, "Brother Gu Yan has no idea, the last time I entered, I was kicked out by the people inside, if it wasn't for the Blue Emperor pleading for me and seeing through I would have been killed by the people called the Bitter Sacrifice."

"What? They're so shameless."

"So, I don't dare to go there now, after all, I'm not as strong as them."

Gu Yan said, "Brother Tang, how much condensed power have you reached in your Three Nothing Realms?"

Tang Zichen was puzzled and asked, "What is condensation?"

"It's just strength, the stronger the condensation, the stronger the strength."

"Oh, I don't know, there's no comparison."

"You try to make it now, I'll know in a minute."

Tang Zichen immediately made the Three Nothing Domain.

After a while, Guyan said, "Brother Tang, your Three Nothing Domain has only just begun."

"Yeah, it's only just started, how much condensation has it gotten?"Tang Zichen asked.

Gu Yan said, "Truth be told, your Three Nothing Realm has only just begun, and has yet to produce a hint of condensing power, i.e., zero."

"Oh, so weak."Tang Zichen was depressed, fruit

Ran, the difference between him and those people of the Blue Emperor was very far.

Gu Yan said, "Don't be frustrated, Brother Tang, you should know that you are only a middle-ranked Immortal now, we, at first, only after becoming a high-ranked Immortal for a long, long time, we gradually peeked into the rules of the Three-Free Space, and then after a long, long time of cultivation, we created the Three-Free Domain, after that, we continuously strengthened the condensation of the domain.Compared to us at first, you're already very powerful."

"En, I hope so.By the way, big brother Guyan, how powerful has your Three Nothing Realms reached?"

"Almost, three horses of condensation now."

"Three horsepower of condensation?"

"Yes, if I hadn't died once, I would have reached five or six horses, what a pity that I was so far behind."Gu Yan said regretfully, while there was still a hint of anger in his eyes.

Tang Zichen asked, "How many horses of condensation in total?What can you do with more coagulation?Still, it's still a high-ranking Immortal ah, but with a difference in strength."

Gu Yan said, "There's no need to be frustrated, Brother Tang, although I'm not sure, but I guess that when our Three Nothing Domain condensation reaches a certain level, it's likely that we will create Three Nothing Space.How did the Three Nothing Spaces of the Evil God's Relic come about?That nature was also created, by whom?There's no way to prove that, that Evil God Relic, we also named it ourselves, everyone called it the Evil God Relic after that, and then it really became the Evil God Relic."

"Oh, when the condensation reaches a certain level, it turns into space."

"Right, if one day you can create your own three no-space, then the strength is almost on the same level as the owner of the Evil God's Relic."

"Then what if the strength is even stronger?"

"Who knows, if we can create space, can't we create worlds and universes if we get any stronger?"

"Ah, to create the world, the universe?"Tang Zichen's body trembled, as if he had found some direction.

Guyan said, "What is the Three Nothing Spaces?It is the space where there is nothing, a brand new, as yet unused, unadorned space.When one day, we add time, then space, then the sun and moon and the heavens and the earth, and then add some life forms, and so on and so forth decorations, then this space is the same as the world we live in now."

Tang Zichen nodded, "I see, when it is possible to reach this level, a world has been created."


Tang Zichen said, "Then, who created this world we're living in now?Where are the people of creation?"

"Oh, if you ask me, who am I going to ask.All I know is that before we humans existed, there were two other great eras in this world, and in those two great eras, there were powerful people who created many, many divine weapons and various relics."

Tang Zichen said, "Where have all those powerful people from the past gone now?"

"I don't know."

"Oh."Tang smiled bitterly, it was a bit like the mortal realm once was, before humans came along, it was the time of the dinosaurs, and the dinosaurs informed that mortal realm.

Perhaps it was the same thing.

"Tang Zichen, you made a very good choice by not choosing to become an Immortal Emperor,"Gu Yan said.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Really? You know about that too."

"Of course, what I heard from Nian Tian, in the future, there are still many truths waiting to be discovered, for example, the once powerful species that ruled this world, where did they all go, or, what made them extinct?Will the fate of our human race return to the path of the once ancient?Everything still needs to be explored by more geniuses."


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