The King of Kungfu in school 2431-2435


Chapter 2431

"Khan, there are thousands of people inside, where can I save them, besides, what good would it do me to save them."

Dragon Bone War God said, "That can't be said ah, only those of us who have been sucked in know how painful that feeling of having no hands and no feet is, if you can, save them, I think they will be grateful to you.Besides, throughout the ages, those who have the guts to come here are definitely not weak, maybe every single one of them is a high-ranking War God, if you have so many high-ranking War Gods under you, what do you think will happen?"

Tang Zichen's heart moved and said, "You're not wrong about one thing, they are indeed all at the level of high ranking gods, but are they really willing to be my underlings if I save them?"

"They don't have a choice, and in terms of fighting alone, they're certainly no match for you, after all, you're the first person to make the Immortal Emperor use his Hong Meng heart, and no one else in history has been able to do it but you."

"Well, I can think about it.Let's stop talking for now, I'll take you to meet up with the others."

Tang Zichen brought the divine nun and the Dragonbone War God to the entrance of the Evil God's ruins.

The others were all there cultivating.

The Ten Thousand Violet Sage was the first to see it and shouted, "Tang Zichen is back."

"What? He's really back, and he's even rescued both Godni and Dragonbone."

Everyone gathered around, very excited.

"Tang Zichen, how did you find them?"The Dragon King is busy asking. A second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen briefly told everyone about the situation there.

"Tsk tsk, Brother Chen, you're amazing."Thunder Valley Master said with an adoring face.

Tang Zichen smiled, "I can't say that, I'm also lucky, it just so happens that the emptiness of that place is what I know about the Three Null Spaces, if not, I'm afraid I'll never get out when I go in."

Tang Zichen felt chills thinking about it, because there were still thousands of people inside, still floating there, the earliest of these people, it was estimated that they had been floating for tens of billions of years, what a long time.

Tang Zichen had ventured in to save the people, and it was also very daring.

The Destroyer Patriarch said, "That's true, but no one in the world knows what the Three Null Spaces are, just you, it's not luck, in short, we're really following the right person by following you."


Tang Zichen looked towards the Evil God Relic.

Inwardly, Tang Zichen said, "If I'm not wrong, I'm afraid the Evil God Relics are all similar places, Senior Blue Emperor said that my strength isn't enough to enter, perhaps, it's just that my current strength can't resist the three no-space.Unfortunately, he doesn't know that I'm insightful of the rules of the Three Nothing Spaces, hehe, so to speak, I'm capable of entering the Evil God's Relic, I must go in and make my way through."

Tang Zichen said, "You continue to cultivate here."

"What about you?"The crowd asked.

"I want to enter the Evil God's ruins to take a look."

"You're crazy, didn't Blue Emperor tell you that with your strength, you can't go in yet."Nian Shi was busy.

Tang Zichen laughed, "That's because, I didn't know before that the space in the Evil God's Relic was similar to the Three Nothing Spaces, and also, the Blue Emperor didn't know that I understand the Three Nothing Spaces, and I'm fully capable of coming and going in the Three Nothing Spaces, so I'm already qualified to enter the Evil God's Relic."

Everyone didn't speak.

Gao Xiaolian asked, "What kind of space is the Three Nothing Spaces, can you describe it."

"Haha, ask this question to Jie and the Dragon Bone War God, they know it well


The Dragon Bone War God said, "I'll be damned if I ever want to feel that feeling again, in that kind of space, you only have one thought, the rest, you can't feel any, you can't feel your limbs, you can't feel space, you can't feel time, nothing, you're very, very anxious, but there's just nothing you can do, you're like a drop of air, it's so hard."

The Dragonbone War God was terrified.

So was the divine nun, and she didn't want to experience this feeling of having no hands or feet anymore.

The more this happened, the more everyone worshipped Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen, however, was one who had insight into this kind of rule, how smart of a brain it had to be.

Previously, Tang Zichen had used this kind of rule to create the Three No-God Swords, so Tang Zichen's strength, which was only at the first stage of Immortality, had hung on to so many War Gods.

However, Tang Zichen knew that the Three Nothing Divine Swords he created were only one-sided.

Tang Zichen said inwardly, "If I could create a Three Nothing Space, then I would be truly invincible and would have already killed Immortal Emperors hundreds of blocks in seconds."

However, this was delusional for the time being, as the Blue Emperor, Qin Zhong, and such powerful people were not yet capable.And the fact that this Evil God Relic had such a space meant that the owner of this Evil God Relic, he definitely had the ability, and perhaps, really had to become a 'God' level to do so.

Tang Zichen said, "You guys wait for me here, I'm going in."

"Really go in."

"Or what, I'm leaving."

Tang Zichen didn't hesitate at all and immediately rushed inside the gate of the Evil God Relic.

After entering a certain distance, Tang Zichen really felt the presence of the Three Nothing Spaces.

If it was anyone else, they would definitely not be able to enter and float there, but Tang Zichen, however, flew straight ahead.

Tang Zichen flew for a long time and didn't see any, feeling very much like outer space.

"Damn, the Evil God Relic is so huge."

It was as if, the Evil God Relic was as big as a bird's nest, while Tang Zichen, was a speck of dust in the nest.

Just then, Tang Zichen saw, far ahead, a glowing house in the void, as if it was as bright as the sun.

Tang Zichen immediately rushed towards the glowing house.

After rushing for almost three days, Tang Zichen approached the glowing house.

Tang Zichen saw at a glance that in that glowing house, several people were sitting inside, and Blue Emperor and Qin Zhong were among them.

"Ah, they're here."Tang Zichen said in his heart.

At that moment, a gaze from inside the house suddenly shot out, and that person was shocked to see Tang Zichen outside in the void, seemingly because he was shocked that Tang Zichen was able to come in when he was only a Beginning Immortal.

The Blue Emperor also took a glance outside the house, because this was the space in the Evil God's Relic, so with their kind of strength, they couldn't feel Tang Zichen even if he was standing behind them, and the space here couldn't be measured by the normal space outside.

"Tang Zichen."The Blue Emperor was shocked when he saw Tang Zichen.

Qin Zhong and the others were also awakened and looked outside.

"How could he come in."Qin Zhong's body trembled.

Tang Zichen walked in from the doorway of that house.

"Senior Tang Zichen, pay my respects to a few seniors."Tang Zichen paid his respects.

The Blue Emperor said incredulously, "Tang Zichen, how could you have entered?"


Tang Zichen smiled slightly, "Truth be told, I've come into contact with the Three Nothing Spaces before, so I'm not a stranger to them, and I've also studied this kind of space and have some understanding of it."

"Heavens, you're too strange, with your current strength, you're also able to study it?"One of them said.

Those people, looking at Tang Zichen like monsters, right now, Tang Zichen didn't know their inner thoughts, but he could tell that a hint of jealousy appeared in the eyes of some of them.

The atmosphere here didn't seem to be as friendly as it was supposed to be.

There were a total of five people here, including Blue Emperor and Qin Zhong, and the other three Tang Zichen had never seen before.

The five of them were cultivating in this room, but it looked like Blue Emperor and Qin Zhong weren't the strongest of the five of them.

The atmosphere, just like this, was frozen for several minutes as they all stared at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen was staring with a bit of fear, could it be that he had made a mistake coming here?

This was the Evil God's ruins, and it was so huge, it wasn't like it was theirs.

A few minutes later, the Blue Emperor suddenly cursed, "Tang Zichen, who let you in, get out."

Tang Zichen was about to speak, one of the men said, "Blue Emperor, kill him." The first website

"Ah."The Blue Emperor's body trembled, but he seemed to be expecting it again.

The Blue Emperor was busy saying, "Bitter Sacrifice, why bother, just let him go."

"It's more economical to kill him, I can't worry about this person."Another person said.

It seemed that, apart from Qin Zhong, the other three all suggested slaughtering Tang Zichen, not sure why.

Qin Zhong didn't say anything, only the Blue Emperor seemed to be begging for Tang Zichen's life.

The Blue Emperor said, "A descendant who is only ten thousand years old, but you actually want to kill him, I say you guys, are you too cautious, or do you have no confidence in yourselves.Qin Zhong, say something instead."The Blue Emperor looked towards Qin Zhong, as if he wanted Qin Zhong to say a word of support for him.

Tang Zichen felt cold, not sure if it was the space here or the aura emitted by those strong men that made him feel cold.

In front of these strong men like them, Tang Zichen was undoubtedly very weak, so weak that it was indescribable.Tang Zichen had spent three days flying all the way from the front door to this house, while they, it was estimated to be just a few minutes or even less.

Qin Zhong hesitated and said, "Forget it, let him go, don't even come here in the future, after all, we are all old men from the founding period, we don't scruple a younger generation."

The Blue Emperor was busy saying, "That's right, you guys are too nervous.Alright, I'll send him out, you guys continue with your enlightenment."

After saying that, the Blue Emperor didn't wait for the three people to speak, pulling Tang Zichen out of the room and flying away in a whoosh.

It was only less than a minute before Tang Zichen was dragged to the entrance of the Evil God's Relic, Tang Zichen had spent three days going in before.

It seemed that even though it was all dust in the Evil God's Relic, there was a huge difference between dust and dust.

Tang Zichen hadn't even reacted yet.

At the gate, the Blue Emperor said, "Tang Zichen, I can only guarantee you once, don't come back in next time, do you hear me, if you come back in, I can't save you if you die."

Tang Zichen was puzzled, "Senior Blue Emperor, why can't you let me in?"

"There's not that much why, you should just go back and take your Immortal Emperor's position honestly, so don't come here and get involved."

"I don't understand, am I hurting your interests in any way?"

"It's complicated anyway, so just take it for what it's worth, this evil relic is already in charge, get out of here, take your people with you."


"If you don't leave, even

I'm going to be rude, I've only met you once, I can't possibly keep you alive a second time."

Tang Zichen no longer said anything, after all, to whine any longer would be a bit ungrateful.

"Thank you senior for saving my life, fine, we'll leave now."

"En, let's go, I wish you to become an Immortal Emperor soon."


The Blue Emperor returned back inside the Evil God Relic.

Back at the previous house, one of the men in black said, "Blue Emperor, if you let him go today, you'll regret it later."

"Alright, you guys shouldn't make such a fuss and look down on yourselves like that."

"This kid, he is only a Junior Immortal, and he was able to enter this place, it's by no means simple, you guys remember, there is only one copy of the Evil God's will, whoever ends up spending it, see it's all luck."

Tang Zichen came to that small room of Nian Tides.

"Zichen, didn't you enter the Evil God's Hall, why did you come out again."Godni and the others were busy asking when they saw Tang Zichen.

"Don't mention it, I got kicked out."


"Let's get out of here soon, the people who are in the Evil God Temple at the moment, they don't want me to appear here, I'm afraid for my life if I still appear here."

"No way, it's not like the Evil God's ruins are theirs."

"Whoever has the hardest fist is the one who owns it, I don't even understand that."

Gao Xiaolian said, "This Evil God Temple, there must be something good about it, they're afraid that one more person is one less hope."


Tang Zichen planned to withdraw first.

"Are we really returning to the Immortal Realm?"

"I don't understand, might as well go ahead and rescue the ten thousand sucked out of the Ancients and form an army."Tang Zichen said.


Tang Zichen and the others left the gate of the Evil God Temple, Nianxie hesitated, and finally, she followed Tang Zichen, because Tang Zichen didn't even allow her to enter, so I'm afraid that in the future, if she was qualified to enter, she wouldn't be allowed to.

"Nianxie, when Senior Qin Zhong took you away, did he tell you that you had some exquisite heart?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Yes, he said that if I have the Exquisite Heart, then I can easily replace the Immortal Emperor, and if I kill my father, he will really die."

"Oh, so Senior Qin Zhong didn't ask you for the Exquisite Heart?"

"No, Senior Qin Zhong doesn't want my Exquisite Heart, he's just protecting me because there are other people who want my Exquisite Heart, and I heard that obtaining my Exquisite Heart will give you some benefits, right?"

"So you're leaving now?Will it?"

"It's boring there too, I'd better go with you, besides, I don't want you to kill my father."

Tang Zichen didn't say anything.

Soon, they arrived at the place where they had disappeared people before.

Tang Zichen said, "Wait for me here, I'll go one by one and bring out the people who were sucked in."


Tang Zichen closed his eyes, and in the next second, Tang Zichen disappeared.

When he opened his eyes again, he had already entered a void.

Tang Zichen looked at this void and secretly said, "Perhaps, I don't even need to enter through the gate of the Evil God Temple, I can enter here as well.Of course, maybe not, if it can be entered here as well, then why don't they enter from here."

In fact, this place that Tang Zichen was entering at the moment was not really the Evil God Hall, but merely the periphery of the Evil God Hall.


Tang Zichen secretly said, "I'm not in a hurry to take the people here out now, I'd better take the opportunity to cultivate here and strengthen my Three Nothing Divine Sword again, or, I'll try to research a new technique on my own, for example, the Three Nothing Realm.The so-called Three Nothing Realm is a realm where everyone is spiked by me as if they have entered the Three Nothing Space."

"However, it's really hard to research such a powerful Three Nothing Domain in a short period of time, but I'm confident."

Tang Zichen thought about it and returned to the ground.

"Zichen, why did you come out on your own?It's not about saving people."Everyone looked at Tang Zichen in confusion.

Tang Zichen said, "Everyone, I suddenly decided not to save anyone for the time being, I want to go inside and study a new technique, however, it may take a long time, you guys, do you want to go in together, after you go in, you will also go along to comprehend the rules of the Three Nothingness Domain, once you have comprehended something, it will definitely enhance your strength.When I research the Three Nothing Realms in the future, I will bring you out regardless of whether you have comprehended anything or not."

Everyone looked at each other, and the Dragon King nodded, "Fine, I also want to try out what it feels like to be in the Three Spaceless Realms."

"Good, let's do it then."

Thus, Tang Zichen brought everyone into that void, even, Mu Qianji and the others, who had been released in the stone tablet before.

However, except for Tang Zichen, everyone else entered that void and floated there with their eyes closed, unable to open their eyes.Only Tang Zichen opened his eyes as soon as he entered.

Tang Zichen began to study the Three Void Realm.

Once the research was successful, then how powerful it would be to use the Three Wonders Sword in the Three Wonders Realm. Remember the URL

Time rushed by.

Unconsciously, fifty million years had passed.

Tang Zichen fiercely opened his eyes.

"Phew."Tang Zichen heavily protruded a breath.

Because it had been too long since he had exhaled, Tang Zichen's exhaled breath was cloudy.

"The Three Nothing Fields, I've finally researched it, it's just a pity that I only have at most a five meter range field now.However, the most difficult one has been solved, and it's no longer difficult to gradually expand the domain in the future."

"Fifty million years, it's hard to believe.In these 50 million years, I've almost always entered the depth space, and if you include the expansion of the depth space, I'm afraid that I've been researching the Three-Nothing Domain for more than a billion years."

"It's also time to get out."

Tang Zichen looked at the few people who were still unconscious not far away.

"Huh."Suddenly, Tang Zichen noticed that a few people were missing, Nian Shi was missing, and also, Mu Qianji was missing as well.When Tang Zichen had come in before, he had released Mu Qianji and the others, as well as let them feel the rules of the Three Nothing Spaces.

And right now, Mu Qianji, Nianxie, and the Dragon King were missing.

Tang Zichen smiled slightly, they had disappeared, which meant that they had gotten a glimpse of the rules of the Three Nothing Spaces, and could get rid of the kind of restraints of the Three Nothing Spaces.

With a wave of his hand, Tang Zichen took everyone out.

In the next second, all of them appeared on the ground.

Once on the ground, all of them opened their eyes and woke up, and wowed.

"It's painful."

"It's impossible to study the rules of the three no-space at all."

"By the way, how long has it been outside time?"

You all say one thing and I'll say another.


p; Tang Zichen said, "Fifty million years."

"What? Fifty million years ah, how come I don't feel as if I just went in, or as if I've been in for a long, long time."

"Hey, where's the Dragon King?"

Only then did everyone realize that the Dragon King was gone.

Tang Zichen said, "When I opened my eyes, the Dragon King, Nianxie, and Mu Qianji were all gone, I'm sure the three of them, they must have peeked through the Three Nothing Spatial Rules, got rid of their bonds, and left, I just don't know where they're going at the moment."

"Damn, they've researched out."There was a burst of envy in everyone's eyes.

At this moment, in the distance, the Dragon King, Nianxie, and Mu Qianji flew over.

The Dragon King laughed, "You've all come out."

The Thunder Valley Master said, "Dragon King, could it be that you have really peeked into the rules of the Three Nothing Spaces?Out on their own?"

"Yes, it wasn't just me, Princess Nianzhi, there was also Mu Qianji, they both peeked through as well.However, they were even faster than me, Nian Tide was the first to come out and I was the last."

"Wow shit, why should you guys be able to peek through and we can't."The Destroyer Patriarch said.

The Dragon King laughed heedlessly.

The Lord of the Palace of Worship said, "Dragon King, I'm afraid your strength has increased a lot."

"Of course, after I peeked through the Three No Space Rule, I incorporated this rule into my spells, so my strength has increased dramatically.Just like before, Tang Zichen incorporated the Three Spaceless Spatial Rules into his swordsmanship, and became the Three Spaceless Divine Sword, I did the same.So now, you guys are no match for me at all, at least three to four hundred times weaker than me."

"Damn."The Destruction Cultist and the others cursed furiously, the same high level, three to four hundred times weaker than the Dragon King.

The Dragon King said, "Don't be in a hurry to curse, because, there's someone stronger than me, and that's Princess Nian Tide, and Princess Nian Tide's current strength is at least no less than 500 times stronger than you guys."


Tang Zichen couldn't help but look at Nian Tides as well.

However, Tang Zichen had nothing to be happy about for her, as Nianxie couldn't be in the same faction as Tang Zichen, and even, Nianxie was likely to be Tang Zichen's biggest rival behind her, as she was the daughter of the current Immortal Emperor.

Shenni, Gao Xiaolian looked at Mu Qianji, and both of them sighed, they were previously, in front of Mu Qianji, Tang Huan and the others, they had a superiority complex, but it seemed like they couldn't mention a superiority complex at the moment.

It was also true that Mu Qianji was quite competitive.

Tang Huan, Lu Yuxi, Xia Xiaoxin, Xiaobai and other women, all happily ran towards Mu Qianji and said in adoration, "Qianji, you're amazing, you're so admired."

"Wow, worthy of being our big sister, really giving us a fight, not even the high ranking immortals as strong as A Jie and Gao Xiaolian have peeked through, yet you."

Mu Qianji was busy saying, "Alright, don't be divisive."

"Oh."Everyone shut up, it was better not to say so much, lest it seem as if they were engaging in two groups with Gao Xiaolian and Shenni, after all, we were all Tang Zichen's women.But they couldn't be blamed for saying that, after all, before that, Gao Xiaolian and Shenni, were indeed much more powerful than them, high above the high ranking immortals.And now, I'm afraid that Mu Qianji's strength had already surpassed Gao Xiaolian and Shenni.Although, Mu Qianji's realm was only at the initial stage of Divine Immortal, and was raised by taking the liquid of Hong Meng.

After making noise for a while, they all looked at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen was the real core, peeking into such things as the Three No Space Rules, people had done it many years ago, Tang Zichen had studied it for another 50 million years this time, so perhaps he had taken another big step up.


"Tzu-Chen, tell me about you."The Dragon King smiled with anticipation.

Tang Zichen nodded and said, "Before I entered, I had an inspiration that I was going to create a three-nothing domain, and now, after fifty million years, plus deep space, and an actual research time that is estimated to be no less than a billion years, I've finally succeeded."

"Wow, really?"

"Brother Chen, tell me quickly, what exactly is your Three Nothing Realm."

Everyone looked at Tang Zichen with burning eyes, the Dragon King and Nianxi's point of peeking through the rules of the Three Nothing Space was far from Tang Zichen's.

Tang Zichen said, "It's just a pity that my three no-space field is at most within five meters, please try to get as close to me as possible and within five meters of me."

Everyone immediately stood within Tang Zichen's five-meter range.

Tang Zichen suddenly launched the Three Nothing Domain.

"Ah."In the next second, everyone floated involuntarily, and although it was far from the void in the ruins, it just made everyone unable to control their bodies.

The Dragon King and Nian Tides, as well as Mu Qianji, quickly escaped from Tang Zichen's three no-space restrictions and left the five-meter radius.

At this moment, Nianxie was shocked inside, although she had peeked into the rules and could get rid of the restraints, it was far from the five meter range that Tang Zichen could create on his own. One second to remember to read the book

"Alright."Tang Zichen instantly cancelled the three no-space.

The green man old king said with an adoring face, "Brother Chen, you're too strong."

"Oh, it's okay."

At that moment, Fa Wu Tian asked, "Brother Minister, I have a question."

"Please speak."

"The three of them, the Dragon King, have peeked into the rules of the Three Nothingness Space, so wouldn't your Three Nothingness Domain be ineffective against them?Just now, they got rid of your Three Nothing Realm Binding."

Tang Zichen said, "They can only just get rid of my Three Nothing Domain Binding, but they will never be a match for me."

The Dragon King said, "Zichen, why don't you come with me and try?"

"Yes, Grandpa Long."

"Zichen, then I'm not going to be polite."After saying that, the Dragon King attacked towards Tang Zichen.

Unfortunately, Tang Zichen didn't even look at it.

Any attack from the Dragon King, as soon as it entered the range of Tang Zichen's Three Nothing Domain, it was reduced to zero, and the Dragon King couldn't even touch a piece of Tang Zichen's clothes.

Tang Zichen, on the other hand, blew a random breath of air from his mouth in his Three Nothing Realm.

"Boom."The Dragon King was instantly blown thousands of meters away, as if he had been struck hard, and smashed headfirst into the mud thousands of meters away.

"Ah."Everyone was stupid.

Tang Zichen blew a breath, and the Dragon King was, oh my god.

You know, the Dragon King's strength at the moment was three or four hundred times stronger than before.

The Lord of Destruction, the Lord of the Byzantine Palace, the Lord of the Thunder Valley, Fa Wu Tian, and others were all looking at Tang Zichen foolishly.

Even Nian Xie was staying there right now, although Nian Xie was stronger than the Dragon King, but if they fought Tang Zichen, then the result would not be any different from the current Dragon King.

It took about a minute before everyone calmed down.

Unbelievably, "Brother Chen, you're too strong, too."

"Oh my god, tell me that's not true."

"My god, if Brother Chen had just farted instead of blowing a breath of air, he probably would have been able to collapse the Dragon King just the same."

Tang Zichen chuckled, in fact, this guy was really

That's right, just a casual breath of air followed by a fart is about the same, so it's established that a fart can collapse the Flying Dragon King.

Nian Shi said, "Tang Zichen, you honestly tell me, how far have you reached now that you've researched the Three Nothing Spaces?Let's say it's based on an ordinary high level Battle God multiplier."

Tang Zichen looked at Nianzhi, smiled slightly, and said, "I'm not sure about the specifics, but I think it's around a thousand times."

"What? A thousand times, wouldn't that be."Nianxie's face changed.

Tang Zichen knew what Nianxi was referring to and said, "Yes, the position of Immortal Emperor, I'm already capable of acquiring it, and the Immortal Emperor's Hongmeng Heart can increase my strength by 1000 times unconditionally, and I'm now, almost as strong as I can be."

Nian Shi sighed, "I know."

The Ten Thousand Violet Sage shouted excitedly, "Brother Minister, great, now that I'm back, I can finally kill the Immortal Emperor's old son."

The Thunder Valley Lord said, "After Brother Minister becomes an Immortal Emperor, then do we count ourselves as Founding Fathers."

"Yay, as expected, it's right to follow brother minister."The Old Demon of Heaven said with a fawning face.

Tang Zichen was looking at them differently right now, after all, Tang Zichen's strength was as much as 1,000 times that of their ordinary high ranked war gods, and right now, Tang Zichen was actually still only a Beginning Immortal.

For 50 million years, Tang Zichen had been researching the Three Noetic Spaces and had not enhanced his realm, after all, 50 million years was actually not that long.

At that moment, the Dragon King returned with a grey face.

Everyone laughed loudly.

Tang Zichen was busy saying, "Grandpa Dragon, I'm sorry, it's also my first time fighting with someone, I didn't expect it."

"It's fine, it's fine, I'm happy that you're so strong, Grandpa."

The Lord of Destruction said, "Dragon King, see, but Brother Chen just blew you away in one breath."

"If that breath had just been replaced by a fart, you would have been blown away by a fart from Brother Minister, hahaha."

"Hahaha."Everyone laughed, except for Tang Zichen and the others of course.

Tang Zichen was busy saying, "Alright, everyone, don't laugh at my Grandpa Long."

"Brother Chen, what are you afraid of, the Dragon King's skin is brown."The Horned Goat Grand Sage said.

The Dragon King said, "No harm, whoever likes to mock, go ahead and mock me anyway, no matter how much you guys mock me, I'm still three to four hundred times stronger than you guys, hahaha."

The group of people became depressed and stopped talking.

Tang Zichen said, "Next, I'm going to rescue the people in the Void, then I'm going back to the Immortal Realm."

Gao Xiaolian said, "Those people floating in there haven't been able to peek through the rules of the Three Unholy Spaces until now, it seems that their strength is average, just a very ordinary high rank."

"Oh, even if it's an ordinary high rank, that's still tens of thousands of them, and there are only thirty or so under the Immortal Emperor's hand."Tang Zichen said.

After Tang Zichen said that, he disappeared and went back into the underground void.

It took Tang Zichen several hours to finally retrieve everyone who had been sucked in.

The total number of people, surprisingly, reached ten thousand and nine.

Ninety-nine percent of these ten thousand and nine people were at the level of High Grade War Gods, and among them, those who had been trapped inside for the longest time, several tens of billions of years.

After these people came out, they were all grateful to Tang Zichen and, willingly became Tang Zichen's servants and served Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen could say that it only took a few hours to have an army of tens of thousands of high-ranking War Gods.

The Immortal Emperor, on the other hand, only had a pitiful thirty or so.


After everything was done, Tang Zichen said, "Alright, everyone, let's hurry up and get out of here, it's time to go back to the Immortal Realm."

The Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage shouted, "Kill me back to the Immortal Realm."

Nian Tides, however, was trembling inside at the moment.

"Tang Zichen, do you really want to kill my father?"

Tang Zichen said, "Nianxie, your father is not worthy of your protection at all."

"But he is my father after all."

"He even killed you before, why did he ever think that you were his daughter, besides, the Immortal Emperor exterminated the Dragon Clan, the Ten Thousand Purple Mountains, the Thunder Valley, the Dark God Palace, and so on and so forth, killing almost all of their clansmen, do you think that if I don't kill the Immortal Emperor, they will agree?"Tang Zichen asked.

The Ten Thousand Violet Sage was the first to growl, "I disagree, if I don't kill the Immortal Emperor, then I will no longer follow you."

The Destroyer Patriarch said, "Me too, the Immortal Emperor will be killed."

The Dragon King said, "Princess Nianzhi, everything develops in a regular manner, and now, the time has come for the Immortal Emperor to perish, in short, no one will be able to stop me."

Tang Zichen said, "Nianxie, hear me, I can't do anything about it, I can't spare him just because he's your father, besides, he and I already have a grudge.Of course, you can always seek revenge on me in the future, and if I die by your hand, I have no complaints." First URL

Nianxie's eyes were wet.

Gao Xiaolian said, "Princess Nianxie, I think, you shouldn't go back to the Immortal Realm yet, so as not to make it hard to see."

"No, I want to go back, I will stand with my father, I will fight to the last drop of blood for my father."Nian Shi said with a bite.

Tang Zichen sighed, "Nianxie, do you have to go against me?"

"I'm sorry, but if you want to kill my father, you have to step over my corpse."

After saying that, Nian Shi flew away.

Tang Zichen looked at her figure and said, "Nianxie, you chose this yourself, so don't blame me."

The Dragon King said, "Zichen, what can we do?"

"What is to be, or what is not to be, if we really want to step over her corpse, then let's do it."Tang Zichen said with an intolerant heart, but Tang Zichen would never delay everyone's business because of a woman.

After Nian Shi left Tang Zichen, he immediately took out an object.

Nian Tze immediately worked, and it was radiant.

At this time, in the Immortal Court.

The Immortal Emperor was sad.

At that moment, the space in front of the Immortal Emperor suddenly lit up and a picture appeared in the air, and in the picture was precisely Nianxie.

"Ah, Nian Tides."The Immortal Emperor was shocked.

"Father."Nianxie was about to say something, but the Immortal Emperor interrupted her and said loudly, "Nianxie, you're really good at hiding all these years, but it's useless for you to hide, I will find you."

Nianxie was a little disappointed to see that her father still wanted to kill her, but Nianxie still said, "Father, my daughter said long ago that she would never take your throne, but it's a pity that you don't believe me."

"Only a dead person would make me believe."The Immortal Emperor said mercilessly.

Nian Shi saw her heartless father and felt sadness inside.

"Father, you're making me unable to love like this."Nianxie said over her heart.

"Nianxie, if you truly love your father, die for him."

"Phew."Nian Shi sighed, he had wanted to tell the Immortal Emperor that Tang Zichen's strength had increased greatly and was incomparably strong, so that he must use the Hong Meng Heart to increase the strength of all the more than thirty war gods under his hands by a thousand times in the shortest possible time, so that he could resist Tang Zichen.


; However, seeing such a desperate father, Nian Shi hesitated whether it was worth it or not.

At this moment, a person beside the Immortal Emperor rushed out, it was the Immortal Mother.

"Nianxie, sobbing."The Fairy Mother whimpered and cried.


Nianxie shouted when she saw the Fairy Mother, although the Immortal Emperor was ruthless, the Fairy Mother had always been very protective of her.

"Nianxie ah, where the hell have you been all these years, Mother Mother really misses you."The Fairy Mother cried out.

"Nianxie also misses her mother, Mother Mother don't miss me, I'm in no man's land, and I'm doing fine."

"Shio-er, my Shio-er."

"Mother Mother."

The Fairy Mother cried, "Shi'er, you must be well, you must be well, Mother Empress, I'm afraid I will never see you again."

"Mother Empress why do you say that, I will definitely come back to see you."

"It's no use, Mother Empress already, doesn't want to live."

"Ah, Mother Empress, why?"

"Your father and I, our relationship has been completely shattered, and now, your father feels insulted to even stand a foot away from me, woohoo."

"How so?"

"Nianxie, before Mother died, I didn't want to hide it from you, Mother was defiled by that son of a bitch Dragon King fifty million years ago, everyone in the entire Immortal Court knows about it, I've already lost my face, sob."

"What."Nian Shi was dumbfounded.

Completely dumbfounded.

Tainted by the Dragon King?

This Dragon King, an hour ago, she had been talking to him.

"Mother, that's impossible."Nian Shi dumbfoundedly said.

"Oooh, Tides, why would I lie to you when it's already this time."

"Mother, how could this happen, how could this happen, I don't believe it, I don't believe it, sooooo."Nian Shi cried out.

The Fairy Mother said, "Shi'er, after my mother dies, you must avenge me ah, kill that bastard Dragon King, I know his Primordial Spirit escaped, one day, you must slaughter him yourself."

"This, how can this be, how can this be."Nian Shi's entire body was silly.

"Shi'er, Mother didn't lie to you, nowadays, no matter if I return your father, in the Immortal Realm has already lost its face, everyone knows that I was defiled by the Dragon King, and your father, also wants me to die to preserve his last bit of face.Shi'er, Mother's words, that's all, you have to avenge me, of course, you yourself have to live well, don't be found by your father."

"Mother, don't do anything stupid."Nian Tides yelled.

"Nianxie, maybe it's really the will of the heavens that allows me to see you one more time before I die."The Immortal Mother said in tears, the Immortal Emperor had been urging the Immortal Mother to die, and it just so happened that Nianxie had sent a message to see her one last time, perhaps it was truly the will of the gods.

Nian Tze was in a hurry and immediately took control of the mid-air image and transferred it to the Immortal Emperor, who didn't seem to want to talk to Nian Tze and dodged several times, but in the end was helpless.

"Father, I'm begging you, stop mother quickly."Nianxie cried and pleaded.

The Immortal Emperor ruthlessly snorted, "She should have died a long time ago."

After saying that, the Immortal Emperor looked at the Immortal Mother and roared, "What are you waiting for, go die you, do you want me to do it?"

With tears streaming down her face, the Fairy Mother said, "Shi'er, Mother is gone, you must take care of yourself, goodbye forever."

"Don't, don't, Mother."Nianxie hissed, watching the Fairy Mother under her nose, as the smoke dissipated.

"No."Nianxie yelled in pain.


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