The King of Kungfu in school 2426-2430


Chapter 2426

Tang Zichen looked at the Old Demon of Heavenly Demons with some emotion, thinking back then, Tang Zichen had also participated in the war to annihilate the Old Demon of Heavenly Demons, but now, they were meeting here.Back then in the Heavenly Demon Battlefield, Tang Zichen had heard that the Heavenly Demon Old Demon's physical body was destroyed, but the Primordial Spirit had escaped, but he had fled here.

"Brother Tang, I also heard before that you dared to poop on the bed of the Immortal Emperor, I really admire you, first time meeting, I hope to take care of you."The Old Demon of Heaven said politely, as the Old Demon of Heaven saw at a glance that Tang Zichen was currently the strongest of them all, the rest of them, except for the Dragon Bone War God, had no physical body left.

Tang Zichen said, "Sky Demon is polite, in fact, this is not our first meeting."

"Oh? When else have we met?"The Old Demon of Heaven was very surprised.

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed and said, "Truth be told ah, back then, when the Immortal Emperor sent his troops to annihilate the Heavenly Demon Cave, I, too, was in it, and annihilating you had a part in it ah."

"Eww."The old Heavenly Demon was startled in place, but then it was a smile and said, "No harm no foul, here we are, who once did not belong to the Immortal Court, and then later rebelled down to the ground."

Gao: "Back then, when my grandfather participated in the Heavenly Demon War, he was just a mere soldier, now, he's already a Primordial Immortal, you all can't believe it, right?"

"Ah, no way."The old Heavenly Demon was startled, no wonder he wasn't impressed at all, a small celestial soldier, of course he wouldn't have noticed.

The Dragon King said, "Don't say so much, now there is a question I need to ask the Earth Demon Clan Leader and the Heavenly Demon Old Demon."

"What kind of question, please say."The Earth Demon Clan Chief was busy asking.

"It's like this, Tang Zichen can shield the Immortal Emperor's senses from anyone who is with Tang Zichen, and even if we return to the eight continents of the Earth Immortal Realm at the moment, the Immortal Emperor won't know about it.And now, Tang Zichen has the ambition to continue his fight against the Immortal Emperor, are you willing to hang out with Tang Zichen?Now, the Lord of Destruction, the Lord of Thunder Valley, the Lord of the Palace of Worship, and the Ten Thousand Violet Saints, even including me, are all under Tang Zichen's command, what about you?" First web site

"Er."The Earth Demon Chief was stunned.

But the Old Demon of Heavenly Demons said without even thinking, "I'm willing, brother minister, please pay more attention ah."The Old Demon of Heavenly Demons bowed.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Alright, don't say anything about underlings or not underlings, if everyone trusts me and is willing to go forward with me, then they are brothers with me, it's not good for us brothers to take care of each other."

The Earth Demon Clan Chief said, "Brother Chen is right, I am willing to go with you and fight the world with you, one day, we will replace the Immortal Emperor's sky."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Only if you brothers and sisters work together, nothing can't be done."

The Earth Demon Clan Leader said, "Brother Chen is only a Junior Immortal, he was able to make the Immortal Emperor do such great things before, he must be a man of great deeds."

The Dragon King said, "I agree with the Earth Demon Clan Leader's words, the Immortal Emperor has never used his Honored Heart in these countless years, but now, because of Tang Zichen, he has used his Honored Heart for the first time, what this means is clear to everyone when they think about it."

The Old Demon of Heaven said, "Dragon King, are you saying that the Immortal Emperor's sudden extermination of all of our forces is the result of moving the Heart of Hongmeng?"

"Or else what."

"Wow, being forced for the first time to use the power of the Hongshi, it seems that this is not good for the Immortal Emperor."

The Earth Demon Clan Leader said, "Truth be told, I recently heard that the Immortal Court is concentrating all its power to search for Tang Zichen, and has promised the Three Eyed War God and others who can kill Tang Zichen

Up, you can strengthen whoever you are again."

"Hahaha, this means that Tang Zichen has become the most feared person within the Immortal Emperor, this is truly the first time in countless years within the Three Realms."

The crowd laughed, looking at Tang Zichen differently, at least, no one among them had ever made the Immortal Emperor so fearful.

Tang Zichen was unaware that the Immortal Emperor was concentrating all his forces to search for him.

However, now that he knew, Tang Zichen had a little more thought within him about how his relatives would be placed if he were to go to the Evil God's Ruins, and since the Immortal Emperor was concentrating so much of his power to search for him, the more likely it was that his relatives would be found.

The Dragon King said, "Zichen, we've reached the western fringe, now where to go, you decide, the Evil God's Relic is this way."The Dragon King pointed to a direction.

Tang Zichen said, "That, aren't there still a few people who haven't been found?"

"There are three more, the Horned Goat Grand Sage, the Green Man Old King, and the Lawless."

"Then we're not looking for them?"Tang Zichen asked, in fact Tang Zichen was unsure of how to make a decision.

The Destroyer Patriarch said, "Brother Chen, the Green Man Old King, Fa Wu Tian, and the Horned Goat Great Sage, their territories are all much closer to the South China Sea, they must all be on the edge of the uninhabited area of the South China Sea, if we want to find their people, wouldn't we have to go to the South China Sea, it would take at least two years for this trip."

Tang Zichen said, "Since we've decided to work together, why not look for them, what's two years, we're a long billion years old, what's a mere two years."

The Dragon King said, "I agree with Tang Zichen, so let's all go to the South China Sea first and find the Horned Goat Great Sage, the Green Man Old King and Fa Wu Tian before we speak."


So, a group of them, Tang Zichen, Gao Xiaolian, Divine Nun, the Lord of Destruction, the Lord of Thunder Valley, the Lord of the Palace of Bounty, the Dragon King, the Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage, the Dragon Bone War God, the Earth Demon Clan Leader, the Old Demon of Heaven, eleven of them, headed to the South Sea.

Since they were always circling the edge of the no-man's land, going to the South Sea would be an extra long detour, less than a year, but there was nothing they could do, for safety's sake.

And right now, the Immortal Emperor had no idea that Tang Zichen was with so many people, nor did he know where he was.

The thirty or so war gods sent by the Immortal Emperor were all frantically searching for Tang Zichen.

A year later, Tang Zichen and the eleven of them arrived at the South Sea.

Godni looked at the South Sea and sighed, "This is my home."

No one was more familiar with this place than the divine nun, who had lived here for an unknown amount of time.

Tang Zichen shook Shenni's hand to comfort her and said, "From now on, wherever I am, your home will be."

"En."The divine Nun nodded.

Gao Xiaolian pursed her lips, "What time is it, still showing love, hurry up and find someone."

Tang Zichen pulled Gao again, "What I just said, it's the same for you."

"I don't want it."Gao.

The Dragon King laughed and said, "Everyone, don't just stand there, look for someone, the Horned Goat Great Sage, the Green Man Old King, and Fa Wu Tian, must be in the uninhabited area at the edge of the South China Sea."

Shen Ni said, "I'm familiar with this place, which place is better to hide people, I understand, let's follow me."


Everyone followed the divine nun and flew forward.


After the divine nun led the way and some searching, within a few days, he found the Horned Goat Great Sage, the Green Man Old King, and Fa Wu Tian.

The three of them also gathered together and were surprised to see that Tang Zichen had brought so many people to find them.

Tang Zichen asked, "Horned Goat Great Sage, Green Man Old King, and Fa Wu Tian, are you willing to come with me?"

The Horned Goat Great Sage laughed, "With so many powerful people following you around, can I still say no?"

"Let's do it then."

Tang Zichen looked towards the Green Man Old King and Fa Wu Tian, these two, Tang Zichen had not met them for the first time, there was still a bit of grudge before, but the grudge had been settled later, Tang Zichen defeated them.

"Fa Wu Tian, Green Man Old King, what about you guys?"

Fa Wu Tian and the Old King of Youth seemed a little embarrassed to see Tang Zichen again, after all, they had had an unpleasant encounter with Tang Zichen before.

"That, huh, what happened to us before?"

"Don't worry, I've already forgotten,"Tang Zichen said.

Fa Wutian said, "Big brother is on top, please accept the worship of my younger brother." Remember the website

"There's no need to be so polite, even though you hang out with me, you don't have to be my little brother, after all, you were all respectable big shots before, in my heart, we'll all be friends from now on."

"Thank you, Brother Minister."

The Green Man Old King said, "Tang Zichen, take a bow from me as well, from now on, I'll be following you, I've always believed that you're a person who can do great things."

"You're welcome, in that case, let's go, we'll go to the Evil God Relic now."

"Ah, the Evil God's Relic."The Old King of Youth seemed to have heard of the place, and his face changed.

"Now that the Immortal Emperor has used the Heart of the Honour, perhaps, only by going to the Evil God's Ruins can we find a chance to turn our lives around."

"Let's go."

Tang Zichen gave the order, and a total of fourteen people left in desperation.

A year later, the fourteen of Tang Zichen's men reappeared at the edge of the western no-man's land.

The Dragon King said, "If we keep flying in this direction, we might be able to find the legendary Evil God's ruins, but no one can guarantee what we'll encounter along the way, so let's wish you all to come back alive."

Everyone nodded their heads.

Tang Zichen took the lead and rushed off in that direction.

Regarding how Tang Zichen's relatives would end up being placed, Tang Zichen's idea was to first receive them into the #1 Qiankun stone, then #1 into #2, then #2 into #3, and if they were received twice in a row, there shouldn't be any problems.

Only, of the three Qiankun Stones, two of them couldn't be used.

Half a year later, Tang Zichen and the others were already far into the uninhabited area.

Tang Zichen came to a halt.

"Everyone, stop and rest for a while, after all, it's been half a year of continuous flying."


This place was desolate, without any plants or animals, it was as if they had headed to Mars, the feeling of desolation without people could not be described with words.

However, occasionally, one or two similar roofs and stone walls and the like could be seen in the desert, seemingly proving that there had been humans here countless millions of years ago.

The more this happened, the more dull it became.

Everyone rested in place, took out water, and took out all kinds of food brought by the spatial ring, and had a good meal, although they wouldn't be hungry if they didn't eat, but stopping to rest and not eating something, they always felt like something was missing.

Thunder Valley Master said, "Dragon King, did you fucking remember wrong?How long are we going to be gone?"

The Dragon King rolled his eyes, "How the fuck should I know, I wasn't here,

But I've heard of it, maybe there's no such place at all, the devil knows."

"Haha, Dragon King, don't be angry, come, come, taste our Thunder Valley's fine wine, Thunder God Brew."The Thunder Valley Master handed over a jug of fine wine.

The Dragon King said, "No need, my Dragon Clan's Purple Flower Wine is the real wine."


Everyone brought their own fine wine, after all, these people, who weren't little people, all thought that their wine was the best.

Gao Xiaolian got some food and handed it to Tang Zichen.

"Zichen, don't look, since we stopped to rest, let's have a good meal."

"En, I'm just making sure it's safe too."

"We haven't encountered any danger in the past six months ah, No Man's Land isn't as mysterious as the legends say."

"Xiao Yue, don't take it lightly, we're lucky that we didn't encounter any danger."

"En."Gao Xiaolian nodded.

Tang Zichen was about to eat, but, suddenly glancing around, at the moment, the Dragon King and the others were drinking with each other and drinking with each other, Tang Zichen glanced around and didn't see Shenny.

"Where is everyone?"

Gao Xiaolian said, "Zichen, what are you looking for?"

Tang Zichen asked nervously, "Yue, where's Jie?Where did she go?"

"Ah."Gao Xiaolian also panicked and swept around.

"Just now, huh?"High.

Tang Zichen flew up and stood in mid-air, sweeping a circle of hundreds of miles, and didn't see Shenny.

The Dragon King flew up.

"Tzichen, don't worry yet."

At this moment, everyone knew that the divine nun was missing.

Without any signs, it suddenly disappeared, vanished without a trace, as if, it had never been here.

How could Tang Zichen not be anxious, anxious as an ant on a hot pan.

"Ah ah ah, where the hell did it go, Ah Jie."Tang Zichen hissed loudly.

Everyone wasn't interested in drinking anymore, so they put away their wine, and at the same time, there was a terrified look on their faces, thanks to the fact that everyone was just saying that there was no danger at all in the No Man's Land, but in the next moment, Godni disappeared without anyone noticing.

Tang Zichen was sure that Godni couldn't be found.

"Tzu-Chen, what should we do?"Gao Xiaolian was anxious.

Tang Zichen shouted, "Take a headcount, everyone hold hands."

A moment later, the Dragon King said, "Tzichen, everyone is there except for Shenni."

Everyone immediately held hands and looked around vigilantly.

This silent danger was the real danger, Tang Zichen would rather run out a monster than nothing like this.

"Brother Chen, what should we do now, let's go back."The Old Demon of Heaven said.

"Isn't going back a death wish, let's not go any further now, we must find Shen Ni."Tang Zichen said.

"But, how do we find it?My Immortal Sense has swept everywhere and I haven't found any."

Tang Zichen was helpless, everyone was in a state of fear.

Tang Zichen said, "We must look, anyone here must look if anything happens, now, let's all hold hands and look around, we will definitely find something."

Everyone had no choice but to start looking.

Unfortunately, after searching all day and night, nothing was found.

"Zichen, give up, you've seen this situation, it's impossible to find it, it's as if it never happened."


"Yes, Minister, I know it hurts you that your woman has disappeared, but we did our best."

"Now, we only have two choices, first, continue on, and second, return along the road and leave, you make the decision."

Just at this moment, the Byzantine Palace Master said, "The Dragon Bone War God is missing."

"What."Everyone looked around at once, and sure enough, the Dragon Bone War God was no longer visible.

"Heavens, what the hell is it."Everyone looked terrified.

The Dragon Bone War God disappeared without a trace, just like the Divine Nun.

Tang Zichen said, "Didn't I tell you?Everyone hold hands."

The Byronic Palace Master said, "I swear my right hand was holding the Dragon Bone War God's hand, but I don't know what happened, my attention wasn't on my hand at all, until I realized he disappeared, I subconsciously felt like I was still holding someone, but when I turned my head, I realized there was no one there at all."

The Old Demon of Heaven said, "No Man's Land is too weird, I see, we haven't found any evil relics yet, I'm afraid we're all dead halfway there."

"Phew."Tang Zichen exhaled deeply, right now, as the leader of the team, he had to have an attitude.

There was no longer any need to go looking for the Dragon Bone War God, because if the God Nee couldn't find it, the Dragon Bone War God must be the same. One second to remember to read the book

But if we don't look for them, Tang Zichen will have a hard time abandoning them like this.

Tang Zichen was torn between them.

"What should I do?"

"I don't know, where the hell did they disappear to?Is it dead, or, I can't imagine."

The Lord of Destruction said, "Brother Chen, it's not advisable to stay here for long ah, if we stay any longer, maybe someone else will disappear later."

Tang Zichen's gaze chilled and said, "Everyone, hold hands and move forward."

Tang Zichen finally decided to move forward, although he also wanted to find the divine nun and the Dragon Bone War God, reality simply wasn't in his power to do so.

Everyone cautiously moved forward.

About ten days later, Tang Zichen suddenly saw that there was a tall building in front of him.

"Stop, do you see it everyone, there is a very tall building in front of us."Tang Zichen said.

"Well, I see it."

"I see it too."

"Let's go over there."

Half a day later, they arrived in front of the tall building, and when they arrived in front of this building, Tang Zichen and the others realized that this building was too huge, Tang Zichen and the others were as small as a speck of dust.

"Oh my god, what the hell is this place?"

Tang Zichen looked up, to the top of the building, and couldn't see the top at all, just like a mortal looking up to see how high the sky was.

"Minister, there seems to be something like a door over there."

"Go inside, perhaps, we've reached the legendary Evil God's Ruins."

"The Evil God's Ruins?So soon?"

"Not so fast, before, at the rate we were going, we had been deep into no man's land for six months straight, at least, we were very far into no man's land."Tang Zichen said.

Everyone held hands and headed to that gate like place.

After another half day of walking, he? s finally arrived at that gate, because this place was too big, although the eyes could see it by walking, but really walking, they were as tiny as dust, and it took a long time to get there.

"Minister, are we going in?"Everyone looked at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen gritted his teeth and said, "Isn't that what we came here for?Why don't you go in, this must be the Evil God's ruins."

Tang Zichen shouted, go in.

Everyone immediately went inside with trepidation.

Just at this moment, a voice suddenly came out, "Stop."

"Who, who is speaking?"Everyone looked around.

Not long after, a woman flew in.

"Ah, Nian Tides."Tang Zichen was shocked.

It was Princess Nian Tides, after so many days of separation.

"Tang Zichen, it's you."Nianxie didn't expect it to be Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen immediately rushed up and hugged Princess Nianxie.

"Princess, I finally see you again."

"Ahem."Princess Nianxie coughed twice, as if she was reminding Tang Zichen of something.

However, Tang Zichen said, "Don't cough, I'm no longer the same person I was back then, your father has been split in half."

"Ah, no way."Princess Nian Shi was shocked, Tang Zichen was so strong when he was only a First Stage Immortal.

Tang Zichen now suddenly realized that Nianxie was already a High Tier God Immortal.

"You're actually a High Tier God Immortal."Tang Zichen said.

Nianxie smiled, "There's nothing to be surprised about, how are they?"Nian Shi looked towards the Dragon King and others not far away.

"They're all big men, overlords of one side, but they were destroyed by your father, and the Yuan Shen escaped, if they followed me."

"What? My father."

"Yes, your father heard that he used the Heart of the Honored One to raise the strength of more than thirty battle gods, so, he easily exterminated them, and even I had to run away and come here for an opportunity.It's just a pity that ten days ago, on the road, two people inexplicably disappeared.Nenshi, what's going on here?Go ahead and say it."

Gao Xiaolian pouted not too far away, seemingly jealous, not expecting that Tang Zichen would be so bold, even the Immortal Emperor's woman had already hooked up.

Nian Shi said, "You guys come with me, let's go to my place first."

"Ah, you still have your own place to stay here."

"I built my own."

Nenesis led the group, half walking in one direction for so long, but still, it was still at the gate of this magical building.

Nian Tides herself built a small house in one of the gates.

"This is where I'll be practicing, so make yourself at home, come in and sit down."Nian Tides said.

Everyone was busy going in.

The Dragon King asked, "Princess Nianxiao, is this place safe?"

"Don't worry, it's safe here."

Gao Xiaolian asked, "Princess Nianzhi, is this the Evil God's ruins?"

Nenshi nodded, "Yes, you just said that two other people went missing ten days ago, right?"

"Do you know where they are?"Tang Zichen was busy asking.

"I don't know, but I'll ask Senior Qin Zhong afterwards."

"Who is Qin Zhong?"Everyone asked, only the Dragon King seemed thoughtful.

Nian Shi said, "Qin Zhong is the one who brought me here, but I am not strong enough to enter the Evil God Relic, so I have been near this gate."

The Dragon King said, "I didn't expect that Senior Qin Zhong would be here all the time."

"Yes, not only Senior Qin Zhong, but also many others, I heard that the Evil God Relic is more complicated than we thought, but I haven't entered it either, I don't understand the details."

Tang Zichen said, "The disappearance of the Divine Nun and the Dragonbone War God is related to this Evil God's ruins?"

"Not sure, but it's not impossible, by the way, the two people you disappeared with were the South Sea Godni and the Dragonbone War God?"


Nenshi nodded slightly.


Tang Zichen said, "Can't we enter the Evil God's ruins now?"

"Senior Qin Zhong said that it can't."


"I heard that it's because we're too weak right now, so don't worry, Senior Qin Zhong will be out soon."


"Tang Zichen, I have something to say to you alone."

"Fine, let's go outside."

Tang Zichen told everyone else to stay inside, and Tang Zichen and Nianxie went to the far side.

Nenshi set up a restraint.

"Tang Zichen."Nian Tides called.

"Shh, don't talk yet."Tang Zichen shushed Nian Tze, disrupting Nian Tze's rhythm. First URL


"Shh, don't talk, close your eyes."

"Don Zichen, I'm the one who wants to see you about something, what are you doing?"

"Shh, close your eyes, hurry up."

Nian Shi was baffled, but still closed her eyes.

However, what Nian Shi didn't expect was that as soon as her eyes were closed, she suddenly felt her lips being kissed by Tang Zichen.

"Ah."Nianxie's body trembled, this Tang Zichen was too direct, this situation.

Nianxie was about to break free, and found that Tang Zichen had his hands around her waist, preventing her from breaking free.

"What are you doing."Nian Shi had a hard time catching her breath, but, she was gagged by Tang Zichen again.

Nian Shi was helpless.

More than an hour later.

Nian Shi glared at Tang Zichen in annoyance.

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed and said, "Come on, Nianxie, I can't help it if I miss you so much after such a long time, and I can't control it, besides, who are we with."

"Tang Zichen, you're ridiculous, next time."

"Nian Shi, you're my woman, what's an exception, by the way, what do you have to tell me?"

"It's okay."Nenshi seemed to be a little angry and left.

"Hey, what the hell do you want to tell me about?"Tang Zichen shouted.

Nian Shi turned back and said, "Tang Zichen, actually, I just want you not to hurt my father, my father used the Hong Meng Heart because of you, which means that his crisis is on you."

Tang Zichen said, "Nianxi, don't forget that he tried to kill you before."

"I can understand him."

"But I can't understand him, and if there's a chance in the future, I'll definitely take his place."

Nianxie said, "Tang Zichen, is your vision, is it that narrow?Look at Senior Qin Zhong, he's so much stronger than my father, why did he never think of stealing the Immortal Emperor position from my father."

"I'm sorry, I haven't reached that height of Qin Zhong yet, maybe, in the future when I'm as strong as him, I'll change my mind."

Just at this moment, loud noises came from inside the Evil God Relic.

Nian Shi was busy saying, "It should be Senior Qin Zhong coming out."

Sure enough A heroic man in a black plain suit flew out, his body style was strange, and he arrived in front of Nian Tze in the blink of an eye.

"Senior Qin Zhong, you've come out."Nian Tsi was busy.

Qin Zhong looked towards Tang Zichen and asked, "Who is he?"

"His name is Tang Zichen, and he's from the Immortal Realm."

"It's strange that he dares to come here, a place where even your father wouldn't dare to take half a step."

Tang Zichen busily said, "Senior Tang Zichen, I'd like to pay my respects to Senior Qin Zhong."

"Tang Zichen, I don't know you and you don't know me, there's no need to worship me."Qin Zhong said with a disinterested face.<

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Tang Zichen said, "Senior Qin Zhong, actually, I've heard of you before, the Blue Emperor approached me before and he said that you lied to him."

Qin Zhong burst out laughing, "So it was you."After saying that, Qin Zhong shouted, "Blue Emperor, there's your deceased friend."

A few minutes later, another man flew out of the Evil God Relic.

Tang Zichen took a look and it was the Blue Emperor.

The Blue Emperor flew up to Tang Zichen and grunted, "How come it's you, what are you doing here, is this the place for you to stay?"

"Senior Tang Zichen, pay my respects to Senior Blue Emperor."

"Alright, alright, go back quickly, this is not the place for you to stay."

Tang Zichen said, "Senior Blue Emperor, I came here because I was desperate, and when I heard that I could train here, I came here with my men."


"Yes, the Immortal Emperor wants to kill me."Tang Zichen briefly told the story.

The Blue Emperor was shocked, "You actually forced the Immortal Emperor to use the Heart of the Hong Meng."


At that moment, Qin Zhong also looked at Tang Zichen as if he was somewhat suspicious.

Tang Zichen said, "Is that strange?I can defeat the Immortal Emperor when I'm only a Beginning Immortal right now, but if I reach a Higher Immortal, I'm sure there'll be no opponent, so the Immortal Emperor panicked."

"Hahaha, hahaha."The Blue Emperor let out a loud laugh, then said to Qin Zhong, "Qin Zhong, it seems that after so many years, over there, it's really time for a new master."

Qin Zhong snorted, "None of my business, I'm not interested in that."

He said and disappeared.

The Blue Emperor said to Tang Zichen, "Tang Zichen, I didn't expect that you were really a character, throughout the ages, no one has ever forced that fool to use the power of the Hong Meng Heart, and you are the first.It seems that you have the conditions to replace him."

"Senior, I don't quite understand."

"Tang Zichen, the Immortal Emperor now possesses the Heart of Hongmeng, apart from being able to control the three realms of beings, he also has an ability, that is, he can raise the strength of others 1000 times.When one day, his opponent's strength exceeds what he can raise by 1000 times, then his end will come.Tang Zichen, go for it, I'm optimistic about you."

"Oh, so."

Tang Zichen understood that the Heart of Hong Meng could raise the strength of his men a thousand times, and when Tang Zichen's strength, exceeded the maximum that an Immortal Emperor could raise, it would be very easy for Tang Zichen to take his place.

Tang Zichen said, "Senior Blue Emperor, but I am now."

The Blue Emperor laughed, "What's your hurry, you're only a Beginning Immortal, you can defeat many Higher Immortals, what does that mean?This means that once you've reached the High Tier Immortal realm, your strength is equivalent to about 400 to 500 times that of an ordinary War God, and you're halfway there once you step into the High Tier Immortal realm."

"Ah."Tang Zichen was shocked.

That was why, the Immortal Emperor had raised the strength of the Three-Eyed Battle God and the others by 500 times, just to prevent Tang Zichen from stepping into a High Tier Immortal ah.The Immortal Emperor himself also understood that Tang Zichen could defeat the High Tier Battle Gods with a Beginning Stage Immortal, and once he reached the High Tier, it would be many times as strong.

Under normal circumstances, a Beginner Stage Immortal was hundreds of times weaker than a Higher Stage Immortal, and was simply impossible to defeat.

The Blue Emperor patted Tang Zichen's shoulder and said, "Go for it, kid, I believe the position of Immortal Emperor will belong to you."

"But I, even if I were to step into a High Grade Immortal in the future, it would only be equivalent to four or five hundred times that of an ordinary High Grade Immortal, and I still have a lot to do to exceed the 1,000 times limit of the Honored Heart.That's why I want to enter the Evil God Relic."Tang Zichen said.

The Blue Emperor said, "The Evil God's Relic is not for people at your level yet, you'd better go back and grab your position as an Immortal Emperor."

"Then, what kind of strength do you need to reach before you can enter the Evil God's Relic?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Your strength has to be at least three thousand times that of an ordinary high ranked War God when."


"So what do I have to do now to improve my strength?"

"I don't know about that, but it's hard to double the strength of someone who doesn't have the ability,"Blue Emperor said.

"By the way, Senior Blue Emperor, I had two partners before, they disappeared for no apparent reason, do you know where they went?"

"They should have been sucked away by the gravitational force of the Evil God's relic, there should be no way for them to live."

"What," Tang Zichen was shocked.

"Tang Zichen, when you go back, don't land on the ground and keep leaving in the sky, so you won't be sucked away by the Evil God's Relic."

"No, my two friends."

"Honestly, I don't know if there's any chance of surviving, it all depends on fate, after all, the probability of someone so weak entering the Evil God's Relic to survive is extremely low.Alright, that's all I can say to you."After saying that, the Blue Emperor walked away.

Tang Zichen was frustrated, did the Godni just die?

Nianxie came up.

Qin Zhong also went into the Evil God Relic again, leaving only Tang Zichen and Nianxie, as well as the Dragon King in Nianxie's house and others. Remember the URL

No wonder Nian Shi wanted to talk to Tang Zichen about her father, it turned out that Tang Zichen already had a good chance to take the place of the Immortal Emperor, but Tang Zichen himself didn't even know it yet.

"Tang Zichen, Senior Blue Emperor told you, you only need to become a high ranked Immortal, and you've already broken half of my father's finale."Nian Shi Dao.

"Alright, don't talk to me about this now, I'm not interested, my two partners' lives and deaths are uncertain, how can I be in the mood to talk to you about this."Tang Zichen said impatiently.

Nianxie didn't say anything else, she had wanted to plead with Tang Zichen again to be merciful in the future.

Tang Zichen returned to that small house where Nian Tze was staying.

"Zichen, how's it going?"

"What did you two go whispering about?"The Dragon King and the others asked.

Tang Zichen said, "With our current strength, we won't be able to enter the Evil God's Relic, so you guys, along with Nian Shi, will be cultivating at the entrance of this Evil God's Relic, although you can't enter, but it's at least somewhat comprehensible and safe."

"What about you?"Gao Xiaolian was busy asking.

Tang Zichen said, "I'm going to look for Shenny and Dragon Bone."

"Where are you going to look for them, I'll go with you."

"No need, I don't want to add to the burden, I might even have a better chance if I go alone."Tang Zichen said firmly.

Princess Nianzhi said, "Tang Zichen, could it be that you want to enter the Evil God Relic?"


"What about you?"

"Alright, I know how to protect myself, I'll leave first."Tang Zichen took his leave.

Tang Zichen flew off to the far side of the Evil God's ruins.

Tang Zichen arrived at the place where Godni and the others had disappeared before.

Tang Zichen was walking on the ground.

"Hurry up and suck me away."

"Why don't you suck me away."

Tang Zichen was at that place, wandering around for half a day, but he wasn't sucked away, Tang Zichen was so depressed, he was thinking that he would be sucked into the Evil God Relic to see if he could find Godni and the others.

Although he didn't know if they would die, but Tang Zichen would never give up on any of them.

"Damn it, why didn't you suck me out."Tang Zichen cursed in anger.

Just like that, Tang Zichen was in that place, walking and walking, half a month in a blink of an eye.

One day after half a month, suddenly, Tang Zichen felt an attraction coming from underground, Tang Zichen came to

Without shouting, he disappeared in an instant.

Instead, Tang Zichen was delighted inside.

Only, it was not clear if this act was a death wish.

Tang Zichen felt like he had lost his focus and didn't know where he was, a feeling that was a bit like being in the Three Nothing Spaces, but it wasn't all that much like the Three Nothing Spaces.

It was more like, someone had created a space based on the rules of the Three Nothing Spaces.

In the next second, Tang Zichen suddenly opened his eyes and discovered that he was floating in a void.

In this floating void, not far away, one could see the divine Nun floating there as well, but the divine Nun's eyes were closed.

"This is a space created according to the rules of the Three Nothing Spaces, and go, already understand the Three Nothing Spaces very well, so I can actually control myself in this place, haha, this is truly a blessing in disguise."Tang Zichen, because he understood the rules of the three no-space, was like a person who fell into the water and knew how to swim.

Tang Zichen immediately flew up and hugged the divine nun, who seemed to be drowning and floating there quietly.

"Jie, Jie, how are you."Tang Zichen shouted.

However, the divine nee never woke up.

At that moment, Tang Zichen was not far away again, and saw the Dragon Bone War God, no, it wasn't the Dragon Bone War God, it was someone else.

Tang Zichen was busy rushing up, it was a man he didn't know, by the way he was dressed, he should be a human from a long, long time ago.

Tang Zichen inwardly said, "That's right, this Evil God's ruins existed much earlier than humans appeared, many people must have been sucked into this place throughout the ages."

Tang Zichen raised his eyes again and was almost shocked, because, in the distant void, there were thousands of humans, both male and female, floating in the distance.

"Ah, so many?"Tang Zichen was truly shocked that so many people had been sucked into this place.

Tang Zichen found the Dragon Bone War God among the people floating in the void in the distance.

Tang Zichen pulled the Dragon Bone War God and then closed his eyes, and in the next second, Tang Zichen disappeared and actually appeared on the ground.

Tang Zichen opened his eyes and saw that he was back on the ground and was delighted, "Haha, it really works."

Tang Zichen scrambled to put down the Divine Nun and the Dragon Bone War God.



Just then, the Godni and the Dragonbone War God opened their eyes.

"Ah, where is this place?"The Dragonbone War God was busy asking.

"Zichen, what's wrong with me?"Shenny asked as well.

"Don't worry guys, it's okay now."

The divine nun said, "I felt that I was sucked into something, that place, it's so strange, I can't feel myself, it's like I've turned into a wisp of air in the darkness, I'm very, very anxious, but, I just can't wake up in general."

Tang Zichen said, "You were sucked out by the Evil God's Relic, and the place that sucked you in happened to be a place similar to the Three Nothing Spaces, and I, because of a previous experience and having insight into the rules of the Three Nothing Spaces, I woke up, and then I saw you, and besides you, there were thousands of other people."

"Others were also."

"Don't worry, the others I'm talking about aren't people we know, they're people who have been sucked in through the ages."

"Oh, so they're all dead then?"

"This."Tang Zichen thought about it, it should not be dead.

"No, there's no concept of time inherent in the three no-space."

"Are you going to save the others then?"Shenny asked.


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