The King of Kungfu in school 2421-2425


Chapter 2421

"Let's go, go practice, when I come back, it will be time for me to rule the world."

"Go where?"

"No man's land."

"You're crazy."

"There's no place for us here anymore, the Immortal Emperor has already wiped out the Ten Thousand Purple Mountains and the Dragon Clan, will he let me go?"

Tang Zichen decided to endure the humiliation for now and not call himself a king, calling himself a king would be a death wish.

It was just that Tang Zichen was worried that by the time he became a high-ranking War God, the Immortal Emperor would have no idea how strong the War Gods under his command had been cultivated again.

Perhaps the Tang Zichen of that time might not be able to spike the War Gods of today.

It was truly a moment of this and a moment of that.

Shen Ni said, "Zichen, do you really intend to go to the No Man's Land?"

"Right." Remember the URL

"Well, I have a no man's land I can recommend we go to."

"What place?"

"There is a place for us to practice."

"I thought you said it was dangerous?"

"Yes, it's dangerous, so I don't recommend it, in fact, it's a place that I've been told about.If you can't return through the adventure, you'll be dead forever."


"Zichen, are you sure?"

"What's not certain about this, I have no other path to choose from now."

Gao Xiaolian said, "Actually, we can find a place where no one can hide, the Immortal Emperor can't sense you."

"But then, I don't know how long it will take me to become a High Immortal, maybe a hundred million years, maybe a billion years."

"But if you die, there's nothing left, and besides, what about them?"Gao Xiaolian asked, she was referring to Mu Qianji and the others.

"They're weak, there's no way they'll follow us to that place I told you about, they'll die if they enter."Shen Ni Dao.

"But if we don't take them with us, they will definitely be sensed by the Immortal Emperor, and then, they will be destroyed by the Immortal Emperor."High.

Tang Zichen was in a dilemma left and right, if he didn't bring them with him, he would die as well.

As such, Tang Zichen temporarily looked for a hidden place first, as for what to follow, think about it well, there was no need to rush to the uninhabited area.

And right now, in the Immortal Realm, something big was about to happen.

"Immortal Emperor, the emissaries we sent to the Horned Goat Sacred Ground, the Dark God Palace, the Earth Demon Clan, the Yan Sect, the Green Man Family, and the Thunder Valley, these places have returned."


Several emissaries entered the Nine Heavens Divine Hall separately.

The Immortal Emperor asked, "They all know my will, right?"

"Yes, Immortal Emperor, they all said that they would think about it."

"Very well, you guys go down."

The Three-Eyed War God asked, "Immortal Emperor, do you really want to acknowledge the legitimacy of those kingly powers?"

"Hahaha, how is that possible, now that I have exterminated the Ten Thousand Purple Mountains and the Dragon Clan, I'm sure that the forces of the Horned Goat Sacred Ground, the Dark Divine Palace, the Earth Demon Clan, the Yan Religion, the Green Man Family, and the Thunder Valley are all aware of this matter.They are all on tenterhooks, and at this time, I'm throwing out an order that makes them legal without any other conditions attached, they will definitely be moved, besides, they saw before that I changed the ecology of the Ten Thousand Violet Mountains and the Dragon Clan, if they fight me hard, they are afraid that I will do the same to them, so they will definitely come."The Immortal Emperor said confidently, in fact, the Immortal Emperor already knew the ending, however, the ending could change at any time and the Immortal Emperor was not extremely sure, perhaps the ending sensed tomorrow would be different again.

The Immortal Emperor hesitated and said, "Three-Eyed Battle God, Leng Tian Ling, Wind and Fire, Purple Nobile Battle God, Free Battle God,

Luo Tian War God, Long Hair War God, Black and White War God, Magic Taro War God, I have a plan."

"Immortal Emperor, please speak."

"I can make your strength, in one year's time, increase five hundred times, do you want it?"

"What, five hundred times?"


"Immortal Emperor, you really didn't lie to us?"The Three-Eyed War God asked excitedly.

"Hahaha, this is this Emperor's finale skill, I never thought of using it before, but now, I intend to use it.As long as you declare your eternal allegiance to me, I can make you each increase your strength by five hundred times.By then, not to mention the Beginning Immortal Tang Zichen, even if he becomes a Higher Immortal, he may not be a match for you."

"I'm willing."Over thirty Battle Gods expressed their eternal allegiance.


After that, the Immortal Emperor also bit his teeth and was open to having more than thirty Battle Gods, entering a certain place.If nothing else, after a year, they would increase their strength five hundred times.

At this time, those several kingly powers of the Earth Immortal Realm, the Horned Goat Sacred Land's Horned Goat Grand Sage, the Dark God Palace's Baishi Palace Master, the Earth Demon Clan's patriarch, the Yan Sect's Destroyer Patriarch, the Cyan Family's Cyan Old King, and the Thunder Valley's Thunder Valley Master, united to the Immortal Court.

"You guys are here."The Immortal Emperor looked at these people and smiled slightly.

The Cult of Destruction asked, "Immortal Emperor, you said before that you recognized our legitimacy?Is that true?"

"Yeah, as long as you don't make trouble in the Earth Immortal Realm and don't go against the Immortal Court everywhere, I can acknowledge your legitimacy, and we'll all stay out of the well."

"Why do you want to do that?"

"Because, I don't care about you guys anymore, the Dragon and the Ten Thousand Purple Mountains, you all know about it, exterminated.But alas, the Dragon King and the Ten Thousand Purple Wraiths, their primordial spirits ran away.What is your choice?"

"If you recognize our legitimacy, we certainly don't want to make an enemy of you."

"That's fine then, you guys can go back."The Immortal Emperor waved his hand.

Those people, all of them left the Immortal Court with some suspicion.

The reason they came together was because they were afraid that there would be deception, and if they came together, the Immortal Emperor would definitely not be able to deal with it.

After they left, the Immortal Emperor sneered, "A few idiots, still legitimacy, I pooh, one year later, I'll make you all perish, hahaha."

One year later.

The Three-Eyed War God and the others came out, their strength, as expected, all of them had increased five hundred times.

"Thank you Immortal Emperor for your kindness."More than thirty Battle Gods bowed.

"You don't need to thank me, I now want you to each take a team of people to the Horned Goat Sacred Ground, Dark God Palace, Earth Demon Clan, Yan Sect, Green Man Family, and Thunder Valley and destroy them."


Just like that, all the powers of the Earth Immortal Realm were no longer there and were exterminated.

Unfortunately, the Horned Goat Great Sage, the Lord of the Baisi Palace, the Earth Demon Clan Leader, the Lord of Destruction, the Old King of the Green Man Clan, the Lord of the Thunder Valley, and several of their old powerhouses, although their flesh was destroyed, the Primordial Spirit escaped.

After that, the Immortal Emperor sent hundreds of thousands of troops to cleanse the entire Immortal Realm of all remaining sins.

"Hahaha, hahaha."The Immortal Emperor let out a loud laugh.

"Finally, I have exterminated all the forces that called the Earth Immortal Realm king."The Immortal Emperor said.

Of course, there was a price to pay for all of this, and that price was that he had taken out many resources to cultivate dozens of war gods, such as the Three-Eyed War God, to become even stronger.

Today, the overall strength of the Immortal Court had also directly increased by five hundred times, and it could be said that it was unbelievably powerful, and was not at all on the same level as the Immortal Court of the past.

In the Immortal Court's bedchamber.


Fairy Mother came up.

"Fairy Emperor."

"What is it."The Immortal Emperor didn't have a good look, the thought of the Immortal Mother being naked by the Dragon King didn't make his heart feel good, and now that he had wiped out the Dragon Clan, the hatred in his heart couldn't be diminished at all.

"Immortal Emperor, was it all worth it?In order to exterminate those forces that call Tang Zichen king, you have enhanced the Three-Eyed War God and dozens of others by five hundred times, is it worth it?"

"I don't know, but when I think of Tang Zichen's arrogant face, I can't stand it."

"Immortal Emperor, if, I mean if, the Three-Eyed War God, the Heavenly Ling War God, all of them, one day they also go to the Earth Immortal Realm to become king, then, at that time, who do we rely on to destroy?Will we be able to develop the new Warlord any more?Your bottom card is gradually and gradually diminishing.Until one day, there will be no more bottom cards, at that time, it will be the day of true extinction."

"I don't know, but I don't have a choice, that Tang Zichen, who is so strong at only the first stage Immortal, once he becomes a high stage Immortal, then the original Three Eyed War God and the others will be no match, and my Immortal Court will be messed up and even destroyed by him.And now that I have enhanced them five hundred times, I think that even if Tang Zichen becomes a High Tier Battle God, he may not be able to defeat them, besides, I won't give Tang Zichen any chance to grow, and this time, I will make sure he dies."After saying that, the Immortal Emperor said, "I'm going to go to court, they're all waiting for me."

The Immortal Emperor arrived at the Nine Heavens Temple.

The Three-Eyed War God, Leng Tian Ling, Wind and Fire, Purple Hairpin War God, Free and Easy War God, Luo Tian War God, Long Hair War God, Black and White War God, Magic Taro War God, and more than thirty war gods all stood in the palace.

"I pay my respects to the Immortal Emperor."

"All of you War Gods level up." A second to remember to read the book

"Thank you, Immortal Emperor."

These war gods seemed to have even more respect for the Immortal Emperor, perhaps having tasted something sweet.

The Immortal Emperor said, "I summoned you here today, do you know what it is about?"

"Please command the Immortal Emperor."

"Now, I have easily extinguished all of the Earth Immortal Realm's kingly powers, and although their primordial gods have all escaped, there is no longer any danger, at least my sense cannot sense what they will bring in the future.However, there is only one person who still terrifies me, and that is Tang Zichen.Next, I want you to go after Tang Zichen, and whoever among you can kill Tang Zichen, then I will enhance him to 600 times again."

"Ah."Thirty War Gods face aside, it can still be enhanced, how strong is the Immortal Emperor's card.

"Yes, Immortal Emperor."

So hoo, more than thirty war gods set off, now with their enhanced strength 500 times, they could definitely kill Tang Zichen in seconds when they encountered him, not to mention that Tang Zichen was still only a first stage Immortal.

At this moment, Tang Zichen was underground in a mountain range.

"Ahhhh."Tang Zichen shouted in frustration.

"We've been hiding here for a year, how the hell do we plan."Don Zichen said.

Shenny said, "Again, if you take your relatives with you, they will die, and if you don't, they too will be found and killed by the Immortal Emperor.It's an unsolvable question, and I have no way to decide for you."

It was because of this problem that Tang Zichen was still here after only a year.

Although it was possible for Thousand Extremities and the others to all hide in Tang Zichen's Qiankun Stele, the place the divine Nun said was extraordinary, and it was useless to hide anywhere.

Right at this moment, Gao Xiaolian shouted, "Zi

Minister, there seems to be someone on the next mountain."

Tang Zichen immediately rushed up, and on the next mountain, he saw a figure made up of Yuan Shen.

"What kind of person?"Tang Zichen shouted.

The man turned back and said in fear, "Fellow Daoist, don't be impulsive, I'm the Destruction Sect Master."

"The Lord of Destruction?"Tang Zichen took a serious look at it, and it was really the Yan Sect's Destroyer.

Tang Zichen had gone to talk to him about an alliance before, but unfortunately, he was rejected.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Good you Destruction Sect Master, where's your flesh?"

"Alas, forget about it, my flesh was destroyed, and now my Yuan Shen is still seriously injured."

Tang Zichen said in shock, "What happened?"

"The Immortal Court has annihilated my Inferno Cult."The Cult of Destruction said.

"What? Your Yan Religion was also annihilated?"Tang Zichen was horrified, the Ten Thousand Purple Mountains and the Dragon Clan had only been exterminated for just over a year, and the Yan Sect was gone?What is this Immortal Emperor doing.

"Brother Tang, don't you know?"

"I'm sorry, I haven't heard, I've been in this mountain range for over a year, I don't know anything about the outside world, of course, I know that the Ten Thousand Purple Mountains and the Dragon Clan were exterminated."

Destroyer Patriarch said, "Brother Tang, nowadays, it's not only the Ten Thousand Purple Mountains and the Dragon Clan that have been exterminated, as far as I know, the Horned Goat Sacred Ground, the Dark God Palace, the Earth Demon Clan, the Green Man Family, and the Thunder Valley, all have been exterminated, as for how many people are still alive, I don't know."

Tang Zichen's face changed dramatically, oh my god, he had only been hiding at the bottom of the mountain for a year, and so much had happened in the outside world, several of the strongest forces in the Earth Immortal Realm had been exterminated.

"How did this happen."

The Destroyer Patriarch said, "Brother Tang, it's fortunate that you've cancelled your claim to the throne ah, otherwise, I'm afraid that you would have died physically as well, even the primordial spirit."

Tang Zichen snorted, "Don't call it so dear, what brother Tang, when I went to your alliance, how did you treat me, and bombarded me away, and said I shouldn't harm you, the result, hmm."

The Destroyer Patriarch was ashamed, "Brother Tang, I was wrong about that incident, I didn't fucking expect that it would end like this.Originally, I only wanted to offend no one, but I never expected that the Immortal Emperor would never tolerate us.The Immortal Emperor seems to have enabled his Hong Meng heart card, using a year to strengthen the Immortal Court's more than thirty war gods by several hundred times.We are far from being a match.And the Immortal Emperor is afraid that we'll go up to the Immortal Court and cause trouble within that year, and trick us into acknowledging our legitimacy, heck."

"Alright, it's not appropriate for me to be away from my loved ones for too long now, I'll be living in the next mountain."After saying that, Tang Zichen flew away.

The situation was now very unfavorable.

The Destroyer Patriarch said, "Brother Tang, can you let me stay with you?You can shield the Immortal Emperor's senses, and I'm afraid that the Immortal Emperor will pursue me relentlessly."


"Thanks."The Destruction Patriarch immediately followed Tang Zichen and felt much relieved, if he didn't follow Tang Zichen, he might have been found tomorrow, he was now severely injured and had no resistance at all.

Tang Zichen asked, "Destroyer Patriarch, is it that other people, like you, are also afraid of being found by the Immortal Emperor."

"Of course, the previous Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage, his Primordial Spirit also escaped, and the Dragon King's Primordial Spirit also escaped, they all must be afraid of being discovered and hide every day."

"Ah."Tang Zichen said inwardly, "I must quickly go to Grandpa Dragon and find his Primordial Spirit, so that I can shield him from being discovered by the Immortal Emperor."

Tang Zichen seemed to have found the most important thing at the moment.


Donzie returned to Next Mountain.

"Where have you been?"Shenny was busy asking, as if to say that the Don couldn't run around.

"I ran into this guy at the next mountain, and this guy just happened to be hiding in this place."Tang Zichen pointed at the Destroyer Patriarch.

"Ah, the Bishop of Destruction?"Shenny was shocked.

Gao Xiaolian said, "Where is your flesh body?Why do you look like a metahuman?"

The Lord of Destruction took what he had said to Tang Zichen earlier and followed it up high.

"Holy shit, is the Immortal Emperor about to explode?I didn't realize he was so powerful before."Gao Xiaolian.

"Alright, don't think too much about it now, now we have to leave quickly."Tang Zichen said.

"Where to?"

"I need to find Grandpa Dragon, he's very dangerous right now, and if possible, find the Ten Thousand Violet Saints by the way.They're all only Yuan Shen now, the Immortal Emperor could find them at any time."Tang Zichen said.

"Alright, but where can we find them?" First web site

"I don't know."

At that moment, the Destruction Patriarch said, "Brother Tang, can you let me follow you all the time."

Tang Zichen didn't have a good feeling for the Destroying Patriarch, he all deserved to have today.

Tang Zichen said without even thinking about it, "If you're my little brother, you can follow me, otherwise get out of here."

"Fine, I'm willing to be your underling."The Lord of Destruction said.


"My brother is on top, please accept my little brother's worship."The Destroyer Patriarch bowed deeply to Tang Zichen.

"Alright, if that's the case, you can follow me."Tang Zichen said, let's just do a good deed anyway, otherwise, the Destruction Patriarch would be killed by the Immortal Emperor sooner or later.

"Right, Lord of Destruction, do you know where to find my Grandpa Dragon?Where does he usually run to?"Tang Zichen asked.

The Destroyer Patriarch said, "Brother Chen, this is really the right question to ask me, because I'm in the same situation as the Dragon King.After my flesh was destroyed, my first thought was to quickly flee to the edge of no man's land."


"Think about it, I could be found and killed by the Immortal Emperor at any time, and if I flee to the edge of No Man's Land, I can run and hide at the first opportunity once the Immortal Emperor arrives."

"Wouldn't the Immortal Emperor chase into the No Man's Land?"

"You don't know that, no man's land is dangerous, no one knows what will happen where, how would the Immortal Emperor be willing to risk his life just to kill us, so the Immortal Emperor would never chase into the no man's land."

"So then, my grandfather, Dragon, has most likely escaped to the edge of the No Man's Land."

"Yes, and it can also be deduced which uninhabited area the Dragon King went to based on which uninhabited area he was closest to after his defeat in battle."

Tang Zichen said at once, "The uninhabited area east of the Eastern Sea?"

"Correct, if nothing else, the Ten Thousand Violet Sage should be in that direction as well."

"Depart."Without saying a word, Tang Zichen received Mu Qianji and the others into the Qiankun Stone Tablet, then quickly flew off in the direction of the East of the Eastern Sea.

After about two months of flying, Tang Zichen arrived at the uninhabited area in the East of the Eastern Sea.

"Grandpa Long."Tang Zichen shouted.

Unfortunately, that fringe area was huge and not so easy to find.

After searching for a month, the Dragon King and the Ten Thousand Violet Saints didn't find it, instead they found another person.

"Hey, who are you looking for."A person flew up.

Tang Zichen didn't know this person, and the Lord of Destruction smiled, "Isn't this the Valley of Thunder Valley's Valley Master?"

"Bishop of Destruction, what tone of voice, are you not yourself

Like me?Hmph."That Thunder Valley Master snorted.

The Lord of Destruction laughed, "Thunder Valley Master, wasn't your Thunder Valley always powerful and tuggy, how did you end up in the same field as me."

"You shut up."

It seemed that the Lord of Destruction and the Thunder Valley Master had a personal grudge.

Tang Zichen said loudly, "Alright, you guys have to quarrel far away, don't get in the way here."

The Thunder Valley Lord looked at Tang Zichen and asked, "Which one are you?A first stage immortal dares to speak like this, although our flesh is extinguished, ordinary high stage immortals are still no match for us, let alone you, a first stage immortal."

Tang Zichen instantly raised his sword and crossed it over his head, saying, "Now, do you still think that I'm not your opponent?"

"Ah."Thunder Valley Master, trembling all over, this person's sword was so fast, he didn't even have time to react.

"You, you are, Tang Zichen?"Thunder Valley Master asked.


"Is it really you, did you, too, get cornered by the Immortal Emperor and have to come to the edge of no man's land to hide?"Thunder Valley Master asked.

Tang Zichen was depressed, not very good at answering this question.

"Grandpa Dragon."Tang Zichen didn't bother to pay attention to Thunder Valley Master and yelled out to the Dragon King.

The Lord of Destruction immediately followed, not leaving an inch behind.

The Thunder Valley Lord looked at the Eye Nini and smiled, "Hello, South Sea God Nini, I didn't expect that you would marry Tang Zichen, huh?"

"None of your business."The divine nun flew away with a blank look at him.

Gao Xiaolian looked at the Thunder Valley Lord and said, "Hey, my Prime Minister can shield the Immortal Emperor's senses, if you don't want to be discovered by the Immortal Emperor, you can be like the Lord of Destruction, be my Prime Minister's subordinate and then follow him."

"Gao Xiaolian, how dare you let my Thunder Valley Lord be someone else's subordinate?"The Thunder Valley Lord was furious, some still unable to accept his downfall.

"Che, I'm just kindly reminding you, so just forget it, goodbye."Gao Xiaolian also flew away.

The Thunder Valley Master bit his teeth and flew up as well.

"Hey, wait for me."

Tang Zichen didn't stop at all, but the Thunder Valley Lord soon caught up.

"Tang Zichen."The Thunder Valley Lord flew up to Tang Zichen's front.

Tang Zichen said, "I'm not in the mood, so don't get in my way, otherwise, I won't need the Immortal Emperor to kill you, I'll kill you."

"Don't, don't, Tang Zichen, that, the Lord of Destruction is really your subordinate?"

"So what if it is?"

"Well, can I be your henchman too?"Thunder Valley Master asked.

Tang Zichen snorted, "You're now a man whose flesh was destroyed by the Immortal Emperor, and you have the cheek to be my subordinate?"

"Tang Zichen, you can't say that, although I have no physical body and am severely injured at the moment, but still, the average high ranking immortal is not my opponent, in the future if I find a suitable physical body, even if I can't be as strong as before, but I won't lose much, at this time to beg for your protection and be your subordinate, I think I should still be qualified enough."

The Destroyer Patriarch said, "Don't promise, brother minister, this man has a bad temper, and he might not give a damn about you in the future when the disaster is over."

The Thunder Valley Lord raged, "Lord Destruction, don't force me."

"Che, you fucking think you're an Immortal Emperor."

But Tang Zichen said, "If you are truly sincere in following me, I can agree."

The Thunder Valley Lord was busy saying, "Brother Chen is on top, please accept my worship, I, Thunder Valley Lord, have a bad temper, but my character is definitely trustworthy, and since I'm worshipping you as my big brother today, I definitely won't go back on my word.Besides, even the divine nun is willing to be your damsel, so I haven't insulted my identity ah."


Shennyton was furious, "Thunder Valley Master, why are you talking nicely about me."

"Aren't you?"

"Huh."Shenny was depressed, but it wasn't nonsense, indeed, she just didn't like being told by him.

Tang Zichen consoled, "Jie, it's fine, others who want to be my daughter-in-law haven't had the chance yet."

The Thunder Valley Lord chuckled, "That's good, no need to worry about being found by the Immortal Emperor, Brother Chen, thank you."

"You're welcome."

"By the way, Brother Minister, did you just call out to Grandpa Dragon, are you looking for the Dragon King?"

"You've seen it?"

"The Dragon King has never seen him, but I ran into another man who saw him before."Thunder Valley Master said.


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"Yes, he also came running to the edge of the No Man's Land to hide before, and I ran into him, and the Byzantine Palace Master said that he ran into the Dragon King and the Ten Thousand Purple Great Sage."

"Ah, Grandpa Dragon and the Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage together?"

"That's what the Lord of the Bayou Palace said."

"So where are they now?"

"I don't know about that, but if we find the Baishi Palace Master, we can probably find the Dragon King.Brother Chen, I'll take you to find the Byronic Palace Master first."Thunder Valley Lord said.


Under the guidance of the Thunder Valley Lord, Tang Zichen met the Baysun Palace Master, and it wasn't the first time that the Baysun Palace Master had met him.

"Hello, Tang Zichen, we meet again, last time, you came to my Dark God Palace and wanted to invite us to an alliance, but unfortunately, I refused, I'm really sorry, if I knew then that this would end today, I definitely wouldn't have refused you, even though I might not be able to keep my Dark God Palace, at least I wouldn't have been destroyed in the flesh."The Byronic Palace Master said.

This sun worshipping palace master was a woman with an ordinary appearance, but she was very strong.

Tang Zichen didn't bother to make things difficult for a woman and asked, "Baysun Palace Master, I heard that you've met the Dragon King and the Ten Thousand Purple Sage?"

"Yes, the Dragon King and the Ten Thousand Violet Saints are together, but they're heading north to the No Man's Land now.Say what you will, changing places frequently can make it less likely for the Immortal Emperor to find them."

"Thank you."Tang Zichen was about to head north.

The Baysun Palace Master shouted in a row, "Wait, Tang Zichen."

"Is there anything else the Baysun Palace Master would like to ask?"

"I dare not, that, may I follow you?"When the Sun Bidding Palace Master saw that the Lord of Destruction and the Lord of Thunder Valley were following Tang Zichen, he naturally knew something.

Tang Zichen said, "Although you are a woman, I, Tang, treat all equally, anyone who wants to follow me to save his life must be my subordinate."

"Erm, so the two, Destruction and Thunder, are both your men?"


"Oh, if they're willing to be your men, why shouldn't I be, minister brother above, please accept my worship."

"Haha, Palace Master is polite, you are at least the Palace Master of a great power, it's really aggravating to have you as my underling."

"Brother Servant is joking, nowadays, where do I have any power, I am already like a dog that has lost its home and has nowhere to hide, I am grateful that Brother Servant is willing to take me as your right hand man and shelter me in times of distress."

"There is no need to be polite, palace master, well then, let's go, although your name is my underling, I treat you as a friend."Tang Zichen said.

That Thunder Valley Master said at once, "Disgruntled."

"Thunder Valley Master, what are you disobeying?"

"Brother Chen, you value sex over friends, and the Baishi Palace Master is a woman, so you treat her with

So polite, and I, for one, am so rude to me."

"In my eyes, Lord Baishi Palace is also like a man, without any color."

"Uh, oh, what I said, I'm old and ugly, and I can't compare to your wife, Kannie that.However, Divine Nee and I are also old acquaintances, and once we even cultivated together when we were in the Immortal Realm."The Byronic Palace Master looked embarrassed and said.

Godni smiled and said, "That's right, we used to, when we were both still in the Immortal Court, we did have a good relationship."

"That's even better, let's go, don't waste time, Baysun Palace Master, let's go find the Dragon King and the Ten Thousand Purple Sage."


The few people headed north together.

Gao Xiaolian saw Tang Zichen followed by the Lord of Destruction, the Lord of Thunder Valley, and the Lord of Baysun Palace, three top-tier strongmen, and felt very impressive, and said, "Tang Zichen, let's simply find all the strongmen who escaped to the uninhabited area, and then, let them be your men."

"Oh, say again."Tang Zichen smiled.

If we hadn't encountered a great disaster, these three people behind us would never have been able to become Tang Zichen's men.

However, there was something quite interesting about Gao Xiaolian's proposal.

If the rest of the people could really be found, then there was no reason not to play with it.

Immortal Emperors had so many War Gods under their hands, why couldn't Tang Zichen have a dozen strong ones under his?

Gao Xiaolian said, "Among the exterminated forces, the ones whose Yuan Shen escaped are the Horned Goat Great Sage, the Dragon King, the Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage, the Green Man Old King, the Earth Demon Clan's Earth Demon Patriarch, and if you add the Fa Wu Tian of the Fa Dynasty and the Heavenly Demon Old Demon of the Heavenly Demon Cave, then there are seven more."

Tang Zichen said, "Alright, let's find Grandpa Long and the Ten Thousand Purple Sage first.Let's not talk about anything else, Grandpa Long and the Ten Thousand Purple Great Sage, I can't take them under my wing."

Shen Ni said, "Zichen, have you forgotten?When you were still in the Ten Thousand Purple Mountains before, you defeated the Ten Thousand Purple Great Sage, and at that time, the Ten Thousand Purple Great Sage said that he was willing to be your subordinate and help you seize the heavens."

"Er, there is."

"There is."


Tang Zichen and the others, flew north for over a year, and finally, at the edge of an uninhabited area in the north, they found the Dragon King.

"Grandpa Dragon."Tang Zichen shouted happily.

"Ah, Tang Zichen, you, you've also been immortalized?"The Dragon King was depressed.

"Grandpa Dragon, I'm not, I'm still intact in my flesh."

The Dragon King said, "I mean, you've been cornered by the Immortal Emperor too?"

"Haha, Grandpa Long, this is not easy to describe."Tang Zichen was also depressed ah, technically, yes, but Tang Zichen was too embarrassed to admit it.

"Tang Zichen, your divine Kingdom, how is it going?"

"I'm calling off the title of king."

"Fine, just look at how we ended up."

The Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage flew up and busily said, "Brother Tang."

"Great Sage, is everything alright?"

"Alas, never mind, I've lost my Ten Thousand Purple Mountains."

"En, the Great Sage is in mourning, I'll go and see."

"Old Immortal Emperor."The Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage trembled and emitted a monstrous rage.

At this moment, the Dragon King looked at the three of the Destruction Cultists, the Thunder Valley Master, and the Sun Worshiping Palace Master and asked; "Zichen, why are they with you?"

Tang Zichen said frankly, "Grandpa Long, I ran into them on my way to find you, and we were all in distress, so I had them follow me."


Thunder Valley Lord smiled, "Brother Chen, don't put in a good word for us, we're already your men."


When the Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage heard this, his gaze turned, and he said in his heart, "Even they have become Tang Zichen's men, so it doesn't seem to be a shame for me to be Tang Zichen's men, as I said before."

The Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage's strength was only ranked in the top ten in the Earth Immortal Realm, about ninth, so the Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage didn't feel ashamed when those who were stronger than him all became Tang Zichen's men.

The pill laughed loudly and said, "Tang Zichen, don't forget, I'm also one of your men."

"Ah, Great Sage, this."

"Come on, they're willing to be your men anyway, so what else can't I be."

The Dragon King chuckled, "Alright, Tang Zichen, you kid, you've taken in so many men, is this a preparation for a comeback?"

Tang Zichen said awkwardly, "Grandpa Dragon, I hadn't thought about that either, but mainly, the current Immortal Emperors are somehow so much more powerful, and I really don't know how hard it is to make a comeback."

The Dragon King nodded and said, "I've also already heard about it, it seems that this cuckold emperor, has finally started to use his Hong Meng heart."

"Grandpa, what does this mean?"Tang Zichen asked.

The Sun Bidding Palace Master was also puzzled, "Dragon King, you seem to know quite a lot about the Immortal Emperor's Hong Meng Heart."

In fact, no one else knew much about the Hong Meng Heart, and the Dragon King was the oldest qualified and longest lived among their kingly forces, arguably, the closest to the Immortal Emperor's generation. One second to remember to read the book

The Dragon King chuckled, "This is not the time to talk, I'll talk to you guys some other time."


Tang Zichen asked, "Grandpa Dragon, are you guys planning to go somewhere?"

"Yes, the Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage and I were discussing, now that our home is gone, our clan is gone, and our flesh is destroyed, there is no worse time than now, so we plan to, take a walk to the legendary Evil God's Ruins."

The divine nun on the side was shocked, "Evil God's ruins."

The Dragon King laughed, "Sun-daughter-in-law, you also know about this place."

The divine nun snorted, "Nonsense, I also suggested to Zichen before that I was planning to go to the Evil God's Ruins, but unfortunately, because his relatives couldn't be placed, that's why I postponed it until now and couldn't move."

"It seems that you are somewhat knowledgeable and actually know about this place."

The divine nun seemed to have some grievances about the Dragon King calling her granddaughter-in-law, after all, Tang Zichen was much younger than her, and even though she was Tang Zichen's woman, she didn't want to be pulled down in rank because of his young age.

The bidding Palace Master said, "Dragon King, what is that Evil God's Relic?"

"Haha, this place, in a word, I don't know."


The Lord of the Baily Palace asked Godni, "Do you know, Kit?"

"I don't know, I've heard that I can train, that's all I know, and also, although this is a ruin, it's not a normal ruin."

"Oh, where are the Evil God's ruins?Did the Immortal Emperor run off to kill us?"

"No, no one knows exactly where the Evil God's ruins are, only that it's in the uninhabited area to the west.Immortal Emperors wouldn't venture into the uninhabited area."

"That's really a nice place."Tang Zichen said.

However, Tang Zichen became depressed at the thought of his relatives having nowhere to go, and the divine nun said that that place would be useless even if they were collected in the Qiankun Stone Tablet.

At that moment, the Dragon King said, "Zichen, you don't have to worry, the Immortal Emperor can't even sense your past lives, your relatives are all closely connected to your past lives, his root

Ben won't be able to find it, and besides, the levels of your relatives are too low for the Immortal Emperor to be interested yet.If you really can't, when the time comes, find a safe place to hide at the edge of the Western No Man's Land, I think it will be fine."

"We'll see."

The Destroyer Patriarch said, "Then let's hurry up and leave, we have nowhere to go anyway, so why don't we take a trip to some Evil God's ruins, if we die, let's pretend we were killed by the Immortal Emperor, and if we come back alive, maybe we'll be stronger."

Everyone agreed, but only the Dragon King felt, inside, difficult, because, only the Dragon King understood that Hong Meng's heart.

Just at this moment, a man flew in not far away.

"Uncle."That person called out to the Dragon King.

When Tang Zichen took a look, it was none other than the Dragon Bone War God.

The Dragon Bone War God had escaped quickly last time and his flesh body was not destroyed.

The Thunder Valley Master said at once, "Isn't this the Immortal Emperor's right-hand man, the Dragon Bone War God?"

The Dragon Bone War God glared, "Thunder Valley Master, you less talk sarcasm in front of me, you fucking don't even have a physical body, right now I can perfectly pinch you."

Thunder Valley Lord said, "A dog still needs to see its master, this, my master."The Thunder Valley Lord pointed at Tang Zichen.

The Dragon Bone War God looked at Tang Zichen and snorted, "How come it's you again, you've caused the death of countless of my fellow Dragon Clan members, and now you appear before me, what exactly are your intentions."

The Dragon Bone War God seemed to hate Tang Zichen quite a bit.

Tang Zichen greeted, "Hi, Dragonbone."

"Don't get close to me."

The Dragon King advised, "Come on, Dragon Bone, it's already happened, besides, the destruction of our dragon clan can't be counted on Tang Zichen's head."

"Uncle, why are you still siding with this kid just because he's the man your dead granddaughter likes?"

"Dragonbone, don't get excited."

"Uncle, if you and the Ten Thousand Violet Sage hadn't accompanied him to lobby for an alliance, the Immortal Emperor wouldn't have destroyed the ecology of our Dragon Clan and the Ten Thousand Violet Mountain, we also."

The Dragon King said, "Also what?Can't you see that the Horned Goat Sacred Ground, the Dark God Palace, the Earth Demon Clan, the Yan Religion, the Green Man Family, and the Valley of Thunder have all been wiped out?We're not just two starters."

"Er."The Dragonbone War God seemed to have nothing more to say.

The Dragon King said, "Alright, we're getting ready to head west, any of you who want to come with me."

Everyone said they were willing to go.

Gao Xiaolian said, "There's strength in numbers, how about getting the few remaining people, as well as the Earth Demon Clan Leader, Fa Wu Tian, the Green Man Old King, and a few people from the Heavenly Demon Old Demon."

The Dragon King thought about it and nodded, "Fine, but it shouldn't be hard to find them, they are also on the edge of these uninhabited areas."

A year later, Tang Zichen and the others arrived at the edge of the Western No Man's Land.

There, they ran into the Earth Demon Clan Leader and the Old Heavenly Demon.

"Haha, Earth Demon Clan Leader, long time no see."Everyone went up to greet them.

Only Tang Zichen wasn't too familiar with them.

The Dragon King said, "Let me introduce you, this is Tang Zichen, I'm sure the rest of you don't need to be introduced."

The Earth Demon Clan Chief looked at Tang Zichen and smiled, "I didn't expect that the person who was rumored very loudly before was you, Tang Zichen, I've heard a lot about you."

"Earth Demon Clan Leader, you're welcome."

Old Heavenly Demon also came up and said to Tang Zichen, "Brother Tang, hello."

"Oh, hello."


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