The King of Kungfu in school 2406-2410


Chapter 2406

Tang Zichen arrived at Gao Xiaolian's house very smoothly.

In the evening, Gao Xiaolian came back.

Tang Zichen was hiding in Gao Xiaolian's room, and as for the Dragon King, he was just like Tang Zichen.

"She's back, grandpa, so I'm going out."


Tang Zichen left the stone with a recitation, but in order to prevent the Dragon King from seeing what he shouldn't, Tang Zichen put the stone into the spatial ring so that the Dragon King wouldn't be able to see the outside world.

"Ah."Gao Xiaolian suddenly saw Tang Zichen startled.

"Hehe, daughter-in-law, have you missed me."

"Tang Zichen, why are you here?"

"I've been coming for a while."

"Quick, hide." Remember the URL


"Anyway, quick."

"Oh."Tang Zichen disappeared in an instant, and on the shelf in the room, Tang Zichen's tablet turned into one of the books and hid in it.

Tang Zichen was a little confused, why was he told to hide at the first sight, could it be, the Immortal Emperor was outside?

Sure enough, a few minutes later, a voice came from outside, "Ko Ko Moon, are you there?"

"Immortal Emperor, I'm here."Gao Xiaolian Yue echoed.

At this moment, Tang Zichen, who was hiding in his books, suddenly had a bad feeling, could it be that Gao Xiaolian had gotten involved with the Immortal Emperor?

It really wasn't impossible that the Immortal Emperor had suddenly come and gone straight to the room.

If Gao Xiaolian got involved with the Immortal Emperor, then Tang Zichen would be in a bit of danger.

"Shit."Tang Zichen was depressed.

The Immortal Emperor walked into Gao Xiaolian's room, and the Immortal Emperor smiled heedlessly, "Gao Xiaolian, it's so late and you're still not resting."

"Oh, Immortal Emperor, what are you doing here."

The Immortal Emperor's smile was ambiguous, "What? I can't come, brother Immortal Emperor."

Gao Xiaolian was so embarrassed that Tang Zichen must have been secretly watching.

"Xiao Yue, you've been single for a long time, too."

"Oh, right."

"How have you thought about that matter of Gao's, ah?"

"Ah, that thing ah, I'm still considering it."Gao Xiaolian said in her heart, "I'm not considering it, Tang Zichen said he's bad at that, I'm foolish to consider being his lover."

The Immortal Emperor said, "Xiao Yue, you're quite lonely by yourself too, don't you consider it, so that there will be someone to accompany you in the middle of the night in the future."

"Immortal Emperor, will you give me another year to think about it?"Gao Xiaolian pleaded.

"What's going on ah you, it's been so long considering, no, I have to give my answer today."

"How about giving me three more days, then?Just three days."

The Immortal Emperor was depressed, "Alright, three days, I'll come back after three days, but don't tell me to think about it then."


"Then I'm leaving, see you in three days."

With that, the Immortal Emperor flew away with a shake of his sleeve.

After the Immortal Emperor left for a while, Gao Xiaolian pretended to take a bath and hurriedly set up a restraint.In the Immortal Court, the Immortal Emperor was originally peeking at the Immortal Sense, but when people wanted to take a bath and set up a ban, he couldn't look, although with the strength of the Immortal Emperor, it was possible to break the ban, but Gao Xiaolian was not weak, and breaking the ban would definitely be known by her, so the Immortal Emperor didn't peek again.

"Alright, Tang Zichen, you can come out now."Gao Xiaolian shouted after making sure that no one was peeking.

Tang Zichen instantly appeared in the room.

"Xiao Yue, the Immortal Emperor is chasing you?"Tang Zichen was busy asking.


p; "It's not exactly a chase, he just wants me to be his lover."

"This son of a bitch is trying to put a hat on me."Tang Zichen was furious.

"Alright, I didn't put a hat on you, I didn't promise, but I don't dare to refuse, I'm afraid that if I refuse, the Immortal Emperor will use force on me, now, I can only fight for the last three days."

"That's all right, I'm coming up here to take you away."


"But, Xiao Yue, why would you rather be my daughter-in-law than the Immortal Emperor's lover anymore?"

"I don't like him, you're so good, how can I leave you."High.


"So when are we leaving?I hope the sooner the better."

"Well, Moon, I have a little something else I want to do."

"What else?"

"My Grandpa Dragon King wants to fuck his fairy mother."

"Ah."Gao Xiaolian was startled.

"Don't laugh, this is Grandpa Dragon King's heart disease, and if he relieves it, perhaps, Grandpa Dragon King's strength can also be strengthened a lot."

"However, if the Immortal Emperor knew, he would be furious."

"Don't worry, the Fairy Mother will definitely not tell anyone."

"Alright then, I'll give you a clue, tomorrow, the Fairy Mother will go to the Divine Pool, the Divine Pool is only for Fairy Mothers, no men are allowed to enter, not even Immortal Emperors, so if you can blend in, hehe."

"That cousin of yours, will she be there?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Of course, my cousin is one of the maids beside the Fairy Mother, maids don't count."

"Then where is your cousin now?"

"Coincidentally, she happens to be at home, and tomorrow morning she will go to the Immortal Court and then prepare to go to the Divine Pond."

"Take me there, my grandfather, the Dragon King, is on me at the moment."

"But be careful."

"Don't worry, but go again tomorrow morning, tonight you know."

Gao Xiaolian blushed and gave Tang Zichen a glance.

The next morning, Gao Xiaolian immediately took Tang Zichen to look for her cousin, Tang Zichen was easily hidden from her.

Then, Tang Zichen entered the Immortal Court.

Around 10 am, the Fairy Mother took a group of her men and maids and set off for the divine Pond.

The divine Pond was not inside the Immortal Court, but on top of the highest suspended mountain to the east of it, it was forbidden and sacred, and no man was allowed to enter.

Therefore, many of the male guards of the Immortal Mother had to wait at the bottom of the mountain, with only a few maids following them up to the top of the divine pool.

The so-called divine Pond was somewhat similar to a hot spring, but it was by no means a hot spring.

After arriving at the divine pool, the Fairy Mother set up a restraint to prevent prying eyes, then several maids began to remove her clothes, and the Fairy Mother walked into the divine pool.Although she was not young, her body was well maintained.

Tang Zichen, who was hiding on one of the maids, smiled hehehe, "Grandpa, look at you, if you miss today, there's no tomorrow."

"This."The Dragon King gulped down his saliva.

"You've swallowed your saliva, you still won't act, the Fairy Mother has set up a ban, no one will dare to peep."

"But how are we going to get out of this after it's over?There are so many strong people guarding the mountain."

Tang Zichen said, "It's really no good, just run after it's over, of course, I'll run without exposing you, in that case, I can also give Gao Xiaolian Yue the chance to leave the Immortal Realm.The Immortal Emperor is probably keeping an eye on Gao Xiaolian at all times, and if we don't do something, I'm afraid that Gao Xiaolian will come after us before we get very far."

"So, whether I do it or not, you're going to make something happen today?"



The Dragon King bit his teeth and dried up.

In an instant, Tang Zichen and the Dragon King appeared at the divine pool.

All of those maids were unconscious and fell to the ground, leaving only the Fairy Mother still undiscovered, soaking in the steaming hot divine pool and whistling.

With the Dragon King's strength, it was definitely no problem.

Next to the divine pool, there was a small house that was used for changing clothes.

Tang Zichen faced out and didn't look.

At that moment, he heard the Fairy Mother's roar, "Who are you?"

The Dragon King said, "Never mind who I am, Fairy Mother, don't blame me for being rude.You have become a piece of my heart, I was originally a super genius, but because of you, I have become mediocre, I am truly unhappy."

The Fairy Mother seemed to instantly associate with someone and said loudly, "Ao Tiantian?Is that you?"

Ao Tian Tian is the real name of the Dragon King. One second to remember to read the book

The Dragon King didn't expect to be recognized.

"It seems that you are still impressed with what I have done, I don't even need to say my name, you already know that it is me, yes."The Dragon King didn't hide it anymore, directly revealing his true face.

"Dragon King, you are bold."Immortal Mother raged.

"Sunflower, how you treated me back then, don't you know yourself?Even if I kill you, it's not too much to ask."

"You."Immortal Mother was shocked.

"Sunflower, you scheming whore, you were just a person with an ordinary background, using me to become an immortal, and then stepping on my shoulders to become a Fairy Mother.Harming me, I originally had a bright future, and eventually became mediocre, today, I must clear my shame, clear my heart disease, and perhaps, I can still be the strongest genius of the Earth Immortal Realm I once was."

"Dragon King, I advise you not to seek death, the Immortal Emperor can sense what you are doing at all times."

"Don't worry, he can't sense it."After saying that, the Dragon King dragged the Immortal Mother to the hut beside him.

The sounds made inside, Tang Zichen didn't dare to look.

It was their grudge.

About half an hour later, the Dragon King came out.

"Grandpa, how is it?"

"Hahaha, I didn't think I'd be quite fierce at a critical moment."The Dragon King said with a smile.

Tang Zichen gave a thumbs up.

"Grandpa, is the heart disease gone now?"

"Well, my heart ailment is lifted, the pent-up breath I had been holding in my heart is completely gone, my mind is suddenly clear, and I think my strength has increased greatly."

"Congratulations grandpa."Tang Zichen also felt that the Dragon King's body seemed to be much stronger than before, radiating confidence all over his body.

"Woo-hoo."In the next hut, the Fairy Mother whimpered and cried.

Tang Zichen said, "I just heard her say something cool, why is she crying again now?"

The Dragon King said, "Just now in the midst of the fun, now that it's over, back in reality, of course she's going to cry.After all, she knows that if the Immortal Emperor knew about it, he wouldn't know if he would rest her."

Tang Zichen said, "It's only a matter of time before the Immortal Emperor knows, and when she returns, the Immortal Emperor will be able to see at a glance what has happened to her."


"Grandpa, then, we're almost gone, you go back to me, and then I'll rush straight down the mountain."

"No, Tang Zichen, you've already done so much for me, and I'm ready to declare my independence anyway, I'm not afraid of offending the Immortal Emperor anymore, so why don't, I'll send you away."



bsp; "Don't worry, Tang Zichen, your grandfather Long's strength should never be underestimated."

Tang Zichen said, "Aren't you unable to even defeat the Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage?"

The Dragon King laughed, "That was before, Tang Zichen, once upon a time, I was originally the first genius of the Earth Immortal Realm, back then, if I was a bit more lucky, I could have become an Immortal Emperor, but unfortunately, I was mistaken by a woman, now, my mind is clear and my strength has increased more than a hundred times.I think that if it were now, the Ten Thousand Violet Sage would definitely not be my opponent."

"Er, so exaggerated."Tang Zichen didn't expect that just lifting a heart condition would change so much.

"You don't have to doubt it, I myself didn't expect that relieving my heart disease and clearing my mind could increase my strength so much.If I had known, I would have fucking come to fuck Fairy Mother long ago."

"Well, grandpa."

Tang Zichen hid to a stone, then the Dragon King broke the Fairy Mother's restraint and threw the stone in the direction of Gao Xiaolian's mansion.

"Hahaha, hahaha."The Dragon King didn't run immediately, but stood by the divine Pond and laughed wildly, his laughter spreading throughout the four fields.

At this time, the Immortal Emperor, who was in the Immortal Court, suddenly felt an air of grief and anger from the Immortal Mother.

"Ah, Immortal Mother."The Immortal Emperor instantly rushed in the direction of the divine Pond.

The guards at the bottom of the divine Pond Mountain rushed up as well.

Within a short while, the Immortal Emperor and many others came.

The Immortal Emperor sensed with a glance what had just happened, his wife, had been fucked by the Dragon King.

"Ahhhh."The Immortal Emperor hissed when he learned that he had been brought a colored hat.

"Dragon King, you're looking for death."At this moment, the Immortal Emperor didn't even seem to believe that the Dragon King had done this.He thought that it was his negligence to keep focusing on Gao Xiaolian, and that was why the Dragon King had gotten his way.

"I'll kill you."The Immortal Emperor flamed up and rushed up.

The Dragon King seemed as if his entire body had regained its former divine might, and also met up to fight the Immortal Emperor.

The Dragon King remembered his granddaughter, Ao Scuttlebutt, who would not have died if it wasn't for them, and settled old and new grudges together.

In the skies above the Immortal Court, the Dragon King and the irrational Immortal Emperor fought to a standstill.

Many people had come to watch, including the Three-Eyed War God and others.

However, they didn't go up to help.

"What's wrong?Why is the Immortal Emperor taking the wrong medicine like that?"The Three-Eyed War God asked the person next to him.

"Shh, can the Immortal Emperor not be like the wrong drug, he's losing his mind now, can't you see the greenery on the Immortal Emperor's head?"

"What do you mean?"

"The Immortal Emperor has been hatched by the Dragon King."A man whispered to the Three-Eyed War God.

"Ah, how is that possible, even if the Dragon King had this lustful heart, he wouldn't have that chance."

"Who knows, anyway, this time the Immortal Emperor didn't even find out beforehand, he only found out after all the hats were worn."

"Fuck."The Three-Eyed War God was silly.

At this moment, Tang Zichen arrived at Gao Xiaolian's house.

"Xiao Yue, we can go now."

"Over at the divine Pond, is the Dragon King surrounded by Immortal Emperors?Has something happened?"Gao Xiaolian was busy asking, she had already seen the movement there.

"No, I don't know, Grandpa Dragon King said that after his mind cleared, his strength increased more than a hundred times, and now he's fighting against the Immortal Emperor who lost his mind."

"Wow, so you've helped the Dragon King become stronger."

"I can't say become stronger, he should have been this strong in the first place, but he was just mistaken by a woman.Let's go, it's a good chance for us to leave while the Immortal Emperor has no time for you."



Tang Zichen pulled Gao Xiaolian's hand and ran out of the residence.

However, Gao Xiaolian asked Tang Zichen to hide on it because, Gao Xiaolian wanted to go see the fun.

"You're crazy, Grandpa Dragon King is having a hard time creating an opportunity for you to escape."Tang Zichen said.

Gao Xiaolian laughed with a gossipy face, "Aigoo, this is the first major event in the Immortal World in the past and present, can I not go to see the fun?Besides, now that the Immortal Emperor has just been hatted, he definitely isn't in the mood to pay attention to me."

Tang Zichen thought about it, it was good, in case Grandpa Dragon King lost and was beaten badly, or was besieged by the Immortal God of War, Tang Zichen could also help out.

Now on Tang Zichen's side, including Grandpa Dragon King and Gao Xiaolian, there were already three strong people, so it was a big force.

"Let's go, let's take a look."Tang Zichen took the initiative to say.

"Okay, haha."Gao Xiaolian smiled with a thieving face.

When we arrived at the upper and lower divine Pool, it was already filled with people.

The Immortal Emperor was very, very annoyed, and so many people still knew about it now, and later, everyone in the immortal world would know that he wore the greenest hat in history.

The Immortal Emperor's eyes were blood red, completely irrational, and seemed to have forgotten his Immortal Emperor status, as if he were an avenger. The first website

The Dragon King, on the other hand, had a clear mind and was in high spirits, and was simply a different person than he had been in the past.

The Immortal Emperor grabbed something like a golden ferris wheel in his hand, emitting a chilling light, not knowing what kind of divine weapon it was, and ruthlessly smashed it towards the Dragon King.

And the Dragon King, transforming into a long golden dragon, made four sounds.

"Boom."One dragon, one person, collided fiercely together.

After countless sparks, the Dragon King still stood between the heavens and the earth, and the Dragon King let out a wild whistle, a sharp sound that made everyone tremble.

The Immortal Emperor, on the other hand, didn't seem to be feeling so well, despite having a very strong divine weapon, but it seemed that he wasn't able to give off his strongest power, which might have something to do with talent.

The Immortal Emperor seemed as if he had aged a lot.

The Dragon King took on human form and said, "Immortal Emperor, you are no longer my opponent."

The Immortal Emperor's expression was extremely ugly, and he really didn't know why the Dragon King was suddenly so strong.

The Immortal Emperor shouted, "Three-Eyed War God, Sky Ling War God, Wind and Fire War God, you still won't kill me."

Suddenly, the Three Eyed War God, Sky Ling War God, and Wind and Fire War God surrounded the Dragon King.

The Immortal Emperor had an order and they had to follow it.

The Dragon King faced the siege of the three war gods, and it was true that he was under pressure, but although the Dragon King had defeated the Immortal Emperor, it didn't mean that he was strong enough to resist the siege of the three war gods.

Moreover, the Immortal Emperor could order more war gods to come out at any time.

Just then, there was a loud shout, "Grandpa, I'll help you."

Everyone didn't notice this person and looked to where the voice came from, but it was Tang Zichen.

"Ah."Everyone was stupid.

Wasn't this the Tang Zichen that the Immortal Emperor had been looking for for millions of years?

The Immortal Emperor was also startled when he saw Tang Zichen, Stepping on iron shoes, there was no place to look.

The Dragon King scolded, "Why did you come out, who let you out."

"Grandpa, they want to besiege you, I won't let them."

"You're a beginner immortal, you'll only add to my burden, what can you do to help me."The Dragon King scolded in exasperation.

"Haha, grandpa, that's not necessarily oh."Tang Zichen smiled hehehe.

Because of Tang Zichen's appearance, the War God who was about to do it immediately

We, too, have stopped for the time being, especially Leng Tian Ling, after such a long time, seeing Tang Zichen again was somewhat stunned, if Tang Zichen hadn't been killed quickly by Nian Qing in the beginning, he would have been married to Leng Guoling Yue, but even if they hadn't been married, they were still husband and wife.

Of course, the Three-Eyed War God looked at Tang Zichen quite complicated, after all, once Tang Zichen was also a member of his Skywolf Battle Team, but his eyes were firm, and if it came to a real fight, he would definitely kill.

The Immortal Emperor gritted his teeth and said, "Tang Zichen, you're finally willing to appear."

Tang Zichen snorted, "What do you mean I'm finally willing, I've never hidden myself, but you just couldn't find me yourself."

"Tang Zichen, today, I will never let you escape."

"Haha, unfortunately, you may not be able to catch me today either."

"Hmph, you don't know how to live."

Just at this moment, another petite shout came out, "I'll come too."

When everyone looked, it was Gao Xiaolian.

"Gao Xiaolian, what are you doing?"Leng Tian Ling was busy shouting as Gao Xiaolian flew to Tang Zichen's side.

The Immortal Emperor looked at Gao Xiaolian, his eyebrows furrowed, and said angrily, "Gao Xiaolian, what do you mean?"

Gao Xiaolian said, "Immortal Emperor, allow me to call you Immortal Emperor for the last time, I am now unilaterally declaring that I am no longer loyal to the Immortal Court."

"Ah."The entire audience was shocked, Gao such words.

The Three-Eyed War God burst into anger, "Gao Xiaolian, are you sure what you're saying?The Immortal Emperor has trained you at all costs, and you dare to betray the Immortal Court."

Leng Tian Ling also nervously advised, "Gao Xiaolian, don't mess around, this is no joke."

Both Leng Tian Ling and the Three Eyed War God had been chasing after Gao Xiaolian, so right now, they were a bit anxious, they didn't want to see Gao Xiaolian become an enemy of the Immortal Court.

Gao Xiaolian said, "Senior Three-Eyed, Leng Tian Ling, thank you for your concern and for taking care of me all these years, but I have to leave the Immortal Court."

"Why ah?"The Three-Eyed War God was puzzled.

Gao Xiaolian looked at the Immortal Emperor and said, "Because, the Green Hat Emperor came to me three or five times, wanting me to be his lover, I was afraid that he would force me and didn't dare to refuse directly, and kept delaying until today, I only had three days left to think about it.So, I had to make a choice."

"What."The Three-Eyed War God and Leng Tian Ling suddenly looked at the Immortal Emperor, they all liked Gao Xiaolian ah, but, they didn't expect that the Immortal Emperor wanted Gao Xiaolian to be his lover.

The Immortal Emperor was furious and immediately denied it, shouting, "Gao Xiaolian, how dare you start a rumor."

Hearing the Immortal Emperor's denial, Three Eyes and Leng Tian Ling looked at Gao Xiaolian suspiciously.

Gao Xiaolian laughed, "Whether it's rumor-making or causing trouble, in short, I'm no longer a member of the Immortal Court."

The Immortal Emperor yelled, "Leng Tianling, kill Gao Xiaolian for me."

"This."Leng Tianling was torn.

The Immortal Emperor gritted his teeth and said, "Today, none of the three of them will be able to leave alive."

At this moment, another voice came from the distance, "Who dares to kill my husband?"

The voice was extremely powerful, and everyone turned back to see a woman dressed in white flying in Xu.

Tang Zichen's heart was shocked when he saw that person, "It's Shenni, no, she's dressed now?"

That's right, the person who came was a divine nun, but at the moment, the divine nun had returned to the normal dress of a woman and was no longer wearing the ugly nun's clothes she was wearing before.

After changing back to her normal female costume, suddenly, she was radiant, charming and breathtakingly beautiful.

Tang Zichen did not expect that she would be so beautiful after changing back to her woman costume.


"Daughter-in-law."Tang Zichen shouted.

The divine nun's eyebrows furrowed, but he didn't retort in public.

The divine nun flew to Tang Zichen's side and said to the Immortal Emperor, "I'll kill anyone who dares to kill my husband."

At this moment, the Immortal Emperor was trembling all over.

He couldn't believe that this woman who had caused him regret all his life and had almost become his heart disease, had, in fact, personally said that she had a husband, even though he had heard about it before, but he had still held illusions before, and now he was saying in front of him that Tang Zichen was his husband.


The Immortal Emperor bellowed wildly, his hair shooting everywhere, his wife was being naughty, even his former dream lover had become someone else's daughter-in-law, and he still had to fight against him.

"Kill, kill, kill."The Immortal Emperor shouted three kills in a row.

In between, the battle was a mess.

The Three-Eyed War God rushed towards Gao Xiaoyue, Leng Tianling killed towards Shenni, the Wind and Fire War God killed towards the Dragon King, and the Immortal Emperor headed straight for Tang Zichen.

The three eyed War Gods went to Gao Xiaolian, Leng Tianling went to the Divine Nun, the Wind and Fire War Gods went to the Dragon King, and the Immortal Emperor went straight to Tang Zichen, who didn't hesitate at all when he saw the Immortal Emperor rushing towards him. Remember the website

Tang Zichen also wanted to see if he could defeat the Immortal Emperor with his current strength.

The Immortal Emperor shouted, "Tang Zichen, suffer death."

The Immortal Emperor's eyes were as big as bulls, and a flame spewed from his eyes, and in the next second, the flames in his eyes instantly surrounded Tang Zichen.

It was said that this was the Immortal Emperor's thunderbolt, he had not yet become an Immortal Emperor back then, he had picked up this kind of thunderbolt by chance, and anyone who was burned by the thunderbolt did not survive.

Tang Zichen shrieked, seemingly sensing the terror of that thunderbolt at once.

Tang Zichen didn't even think about it, and in an instant, he instantly mouthed his words and entered a small stone, which was as small as sand and was momentarily invisible, thinking that it had disappeared.

The Immortal Emperor exerted his hands, and the raging thunderfire surrounded Tang Zichen to death.

"Tang Zichen."Gao Xiaolian and Shenni shouted at the same time, but they couldn't spare a hand to save Tang Zichen at the moment.

So did the Dragon King, and they all thought that Tang Zichen was finished.

The raging fire burned for several minutes.

The Immortal Emperor thought that Tang Zichen should have already been burned to ashes.

So, the Immortal Emperor stopped the thunderfire.

However, the moment he stopped the thunderfire, suddenly, a ray of light struck straight at his head, it was Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen left the dry stone the moment he stopped the thunderfire and then slaughtered it with a fierce slash.

"Ah."The Immortal Emperor tried to dodge, but Tang Zichen's sword was too fast and too quick.

"Puff."Tang Zichen's sword split the Immortal Emperor's head from top to bottom into two pieces.

"Immortal Emperor."Many people shouted at once, Immortal Emperor's body was too weak to be split in half so easily.

Gao Xiaolian and the others also noticed, they thought that Tang Zichen would die, but they didn't expect that Tang Zichen didn't die and even cleaved the Immortal Emperor with a sword.

However, the Immortal Emperor couldn't die so easily, and in the next second, the two halves of the Immortal Emperor's body disappeared, and then in a distant place, the Immortal Emperor stood there intact.

The Immortal Emperor's face was pale as he looked at Tang Zichen.

"Tang Zichen, how is this possible."The Immortal Emperor said incredulously.

Tang Zichen cursed in frustration, "Damn, I thought you'd been struck by me."

At that moment, the Dragon King flew to Tang Zichen's side and said, "It is not advisable to stay here for long, it is better to withdraw first, lest more War Gods join in."

"Grandpa Dragon, I've cleaved him in half with one sword."

"It's useless, he has the Heart of the Hongs, he can't be killed."


"Let's get out of here."


; "I haven't fought enough."

"Don't fight."The Dragon King pulled Tang Zichen to retreat, Gao Xiaolian, and Shenni followed.

"Chase, we can't let them escape."The Immortal Emperor shouted, and the Three Eyed War God and the others immediately went after them.

Tang Zichen asked, "Grandpa Dragon King, what will it take to kill the Immortal Emperor?"

"If you take his Hongmeng heart, you can naturally kill him."

"Where's his Honored Heart?"

"How should I know."

"So now that they're chasing us, are we just going to keep running?"

"The situation is not good for us, and we haven't even tried it, so how do we know it's not good for us."

"Tang Zichen, stop it."

"Grandpa, I want to try, anyway, even if I can't beat it, I'm sure I won't be killed."After saying that, Tang Zichen broke away from the Dragon King at once and looked towards the few people chasing after him.

Tang Zichen struck a sword towards them from afar.

"Ah."Thousands of meters away, the Three-Eyed War God was struck by Tang Zichen's sword and had an extra bloody hole in his body.

"Swoosh."Tang Zichen struck several more swords in succession, and Leng Tianling, the Wind and Fire War God, and the others, were also struck by Tang Zichen on their bodies.

Tang Zichen's Three Unholy Swords simply ignored the spatial distance, and there was no difference between being separated by thousands of meters and one meter.

They, however, couldn't hurt Tang Zichen who was thousands of meters away.

"Tang Zichen, how did you do that?"The Dragon King asked in shock.

"Grandpa, take me with you so that I am always thousands of meters away from them, so that they are at my mercy and they can't hit me."


Just like that, half an hour later, the Three-Eyed War God, the Windfire War God, and the Sky Ling War God were all wounded, especially the Windfire War God, whose scalp had been cut away by Tang Zichen's sword.

"Stop."The Three-Eyed War God stopped.

The Heavenly Ling Battle God asked, "What?No chasing?"

"Damn it, what opportunity did that Tang Zichen kid get, why is his sword technique, almost oblivious to space?If this continues, we have to destroy the flesh.If any of you aren't afraid of having your flesh bodies destroyed, just go after them, I won't do it anyway."

The Wind and Fire War God touched his bloody and bare head and said angrily, "I won't do it either, we're not Immortal Emperors who recover instantly when our flesh bodies are destroyed.If our flesh is destroyed, we'll have to rebuild our bodies or seize them, and our strength will be greatly diminished, and we won't know how many years it will take to succeed."

The Heavenly Ling War God said, "Then let's go, we won't chase after them, we'll go back and tell the Immortal Emperor truthfully."

The few people immediately decided not to chase after it.

Although they served the Immortal Court, it didn't mean that they were willing to give anything for the Immortal Emperor.If it was very dangerous, they wouldn't do it, otherwise the Immortal Emperor would have already cleaned up all the forces of the Earth Immortal Realm.

The Three-Eyed War God returned to the Immortal Court, where the Immortal Emperor was sitting angrily in the Nine Heavens Xuan Hall.

"Why aren't you guys chasing after them."The Immortal Emperor roared.

The Three-Eyed War God said, "Immortal Emperor, you've seen the miserable state we're in."

"You guys."

"I'm sorry, Immortal Emperor, that Tang Zichen, nowadays he really is not what he used to be, he learned such a profound sword technique from somewhere, completely ignoring the spatial distance, and still attacking us as if we were as close as a few thousand meters away, we are completely beaten unilaterally by him, if this continues, our physical bodies will definitely be destroyed by him."

"Bang."The Immortal Emperor was very, very angry, it could be said that he had never been this angry in the history of the world, it was just that he himself was no longer a match for Tang Zichen, otherwise, he could still go himself, once he wasn't even right, then he would have to rely on the war gods under his hands, but these war gods were not going to even risk their own lives to do his job for him.


"Whew, is it, is it really the sky that's going to kill me?"The Immortal Emperor sighed sadly.

"Someone, go and help me investigate why Tang Zichen has prevented me from sensing his presence, I must know."The Immortal Emperor commanded one of the immortals under his hand.

"Yes, Immortal Emperor."

The Immortal Emperor must know why, whether it was because Tang Zichen also possessed an exquisite heart just like his daughter Nian Shi.If it was, then it was really dangerous, and if it wasn't, then there was no need to be afraid, because he couldn't kill him.

"Huh."At this moment, the Immortal Emperor suddenly slapped his head.

"I'm really confused, I've just been cut in half by Tang Zichen, and then, I'm still alive, which means that Tang Zichen doesn't have an exquisite heart at all, otherwise, I wouldn't be able to instantly reorganize my body after Tang Zichen just chopped me in half."

"Haha, that's good, this is truly a blessing in disguise."The Immortal Emperor thought that Tang Zichen would never be able to kill him, and his heart was much more at ease.

The reason why he had been chasing Tang Zichen for the previous centuries was because he was afraid that he couldn't sense if he possessed an exquisite heart.Today, on the contrary, it confirmed the suspicion that Tang Zichen did not have an exquisite heart.

"Hahaha, hahaha."The Immortal Emperor laughed out, although he was green and should be sad, but compared to confirming that Tang Zichen did not have an exquisite heart, he could indeed laugh.

"Alright, there's no need to investigate."

"It's the Immortal Emperor."The Immortal who was about to go investigate returned. One second to remember to read the book

"Immortal Emperor, the Fairy Mother is in a bad mood right now, what should we do?"A female officer asked.

"Hugh it."

"What."The ministers were shocked.

"Never mind, I'll go comfort them."Said the Immortal Emperor and left.

Originally, the Immortal Emperor wanted to say, rest, but, suddenly, he thought of Nian Tides, if he rested the Immortal Mother, if he angered Nian Tides, maybe there would be future disasters, so, the Immortal Emperor endured the humiliation to comfort the Immortal Mother.

In the Earth Immortal Realm, Tang Zichen arrived at the Dragon Realm.

"It should be safe now."Tang Zichen said.

The Dragon King smiled, "Tang Zichen, you're good, I'm now officially informing you that you're ready to become king at any time."


"Now that you're king, the Immortal Emperor wouldn't even dare to come to you, unless, he could convince the entire Immortal Court of a dozen war gods to come together to annihilate you."


Gao Xiaolian laughed, "Tang Zichen, just now you made the Three Eyed War God, Wind and Fire War God, Sky Ling War God, and a few others, they don't dare to chase after you, this means that they have seen how powerful you are, they won't come to you easily, and the Immortal Emperor can't defeat you, so you already have the conditions to call yourself king."

"Erm, this is the condition to call yourself king?"

"Right yes, there is no one in the current Earth Immortal Realm who can claim the title of king who can defeat the Immortal Emperor, and the Immortal Emperor must plead with the war gods under him to annihilate him."

"Then if I claim the title of king, will the Immortal Emperor send dozens of war gods down to annihilate me?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Hard to say, it depends on how many war gods are willing to come, if there are no war gods, it's useless to send a million celestial soldiers.And the dozens of war gods under the Immortal Emperor, they can't be loyal and not afraid of death, they won't annihilate you if the danger is great."

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed.

Yes, Tang Zichen already had the absolute conditions to be king.

The Dragon King said, "Let's go, go to my Dragon Clan and sit down."

Arriving at the Dragon Clan, the Dragon King ordered to go down and be on the alert for the Immortal Realm to send troops down, reporting to inform the entire Dragon Clan that the Dragon Clan was completely independent.

Now that it was quiet, Gao Xiaolian had to examine the relationship between Godni and Tang Zichen.

"Tang Zichen, you and divine Nee, have you really paid your respects?"Gao Xiaolian asked.


"So now me and her,

How do you choose?"Gao Xiaolian asked depressedly.

Shenny was busy saying, "Don't get me involved, although I worshipped him, I didn't really mean it, I was forced to, I am now, and Tang Zichen are just friends."

Tang Zichen smiled, "You two, you are both my daughters-in-law."

"No way."Godni and Gao.

"Hahaha, now, it's no longer up to you to say it's impossible, Godni, come on, if you can defeat me, then you're in charge, if not, then I'm in charge.Likewise, Gao Xiaolian, so are you."

"Uh, is that really necessary?"

"Unless you're confident you can defeat me."

"Well, I'd like to see if you're really that powerful."

"Then let's go, go out and try to compete."

Tang Zichen, Shenni, Gao Xiaolian, and the Dragon King, arrived at the sea.

"Who's first?"

"I'll go first."High.

"Hehe, come on then."

Tang Zichen instantly distanced himself from Gao Xiaolian.

As long as Tang Zichen pulled away from anyone, then he could be almost invincible.

Gao Xiaolian shouted, "Hey, you ran so far away, how can I still fight."

"Haha, I'm sorry, my Three No-God Sword, which ignores distance, has an advantage over me the farther I go."

"You don't count like that."High.

"You're spoiled, fine, for the sake of you being spoiled, I'll fight you at close range."

Tang Zichen flew not far in front of Gao Xiaolian's body.

"Begin."The Dragon King shouted.

Gao Xiaolian's mouth fragmented, and suddenly, the entire space seemed like bees buzzing non-stop.

This was Gao Xiaolian's sound spell, as long as she could hear the sound, it was in her attack range.

After being attacked by his voice, one would completely lose consciousness in that instant.

Tang Zichen was so shocked that he subconsciously one year mouthed and hid in the dry stone.

"Where is the person?"

Gao Xiaolian couldn't see Tang Zichen anymore.

Tang Zichen was in the Qiankun stone, completely unaffected by anything outside.

Just as Gao Xiaolian was stunned, Tang Zichen appeared again in an instant and then placed a sword against Gao Xiaolian's neck.

"You lose."

"Doesn't count, you're completely cheating, if you don't hide, you won't be able to resist my Vault of Heaven Sound attack."High.

"Hey, how am I cheating, can't I use my Divine Weapon for assistance?"

The Dragon King said, "Gao Xiaolian, you did lose, not a match at all, Tang Zichen's sword, I don't think anyone up and down the three realms can match it, he's still only a Beginning Immortal, when he becomes a High Immortal, God knows how powerful he will be."

Gao Xiaolian Yue pursed her lips, "Alright, I admit defeat."

"Little Yue, since you lost to me, then, I'll be in charge from now on."

Gao Xiaolian white eyed Tang Zichen and didn't say anything else.

Tang Zichen said to Shenni, "It's your turn."

However, the divine nun directly shook his head and said, "No need to compete, I'm not your opponent."

"That's what you said."

"I admit defeat."

"Then everything is not up to you, from now on, you and Gao Xiaolian are both my daughters-in-law, do you have a problem with that?"

Shinni hesitated and nodded, "Well, it's about time I married myself off."

"Yay."Don shouted in delight.


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