The King of Kungfu in school 2411-2415


Chapter 2411

Don walked up and kissed Shinni on the cheek.

"Hey, what are you doing."The divine nun glared.

"You know, let's go, back to the Ten Thousand Purple Mountains."Tang Zichen said.

"Leaving now?"The Dragon King was busy asking.

"Yes, leave now, Grandpa Dragon, I won't bother you anymore, I know you have a lot of things to do now, if you have anything to do, let me know immediately, this is very close to the Ten Thousand Purple Mountains."

"Alright, then be careful."The Dragon King instructed.

"I will, goodbye."

Tang Zichen pulled Gao Xiaolian and Divine Nun to fly in the direction of the Ten Thousand Purple Mountains.

"Divine Nee, what's your real name?"On the way back, Don asked.

"Ah Jie."

"Uh, Ah Jie?" First web site


"Okay, Kit, how about we go back and reschedule the wedding?"

"Suit yourself, by the way, who else is in your family?"Kit asked.

"Uh, this."Don had a hard time answering.

"What, you're not going to tell me?The last time I was caught by the Blue Emperor at the Ten Thousand Purple Mountains, I seemed to see a lot of people, who were they to you?"Shenny asked after her.

Gao Xiaolian was also curious and asked, "Yes, Tang Zichen, who are all your parents still in your family?A little nervous about meeting your parents."

"This."Tang Zichen said inwardly, "I can't tell them now that I have so many wives at home, in case they find out, they won't want to go back with me, especially Shenni, she and I have only worshipped, it's best to cook the raw rice with Shenni before going back, so that they won't run away even more."

Tang Zichen said, "How about this, I'll take you to meet my parents first."


So, Tang Zichen took Ah Jie and Gao Xiaolian to the Yunluo Immortal Kingdom in the Northern Clubs.

Tang Zichen arrived in front of a mansion.

"I'm back."Tang Zichen pushed the door and entered.

However, the residence was empty and no one lived there.

"Hey, what's going on?Where are the people?"Tang Zichen came to the Zhou family to meet his former parents as well, where Tang Zichen was going to get the wedding done.

Tang Zichen asked a passerby.

"Where did this family go?"

"Hello, senior, no one has lived here for a long, long time."

"No one has lived here for a long, long time?"

"But the royal family often sends people out to clean this mansion."

"The royal family?"


Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, could it be that all of Zhou Tie's family had been silenced by the royal family?

"Jie, Xiao Yue, let's enter the palace and take a look."

Entering the palace, just as the palace was on its way to court.

"My Emperor is rising high and rising high."Tang Zichen heard the mountain shouts of many ministers.

"Level body."

"Thank you Gao Sheng."

Tang Zichen stood at the entrance of the palace and saw at a glance that the man sitting on the emperor's seat was his former father, Zhou Mi.

"Ah."Tang Zichen was surprised.

At that moment, Zhou Tie also saw Tang Zichen.

Zhou Tie immediately announced to the ministers, "Alright, there is an urgent matter today, adjourn the court first."

The ministerial doors were discussing, but they still withdrew from the court.

Zhou Tie was busy coming out.

"Mi'er, why have you come back."

"Father, shouldn't I come back, what's going on?How did you become emperor?"

"Myr, please speak inside, by the way, they are?"

Tang Zichen introduced, "Father, this is Gao Xiaoyue and this is Ah Jie, they are both my daughters-in-law, I'm coming back this time to prepare for my big wedding with them, and I expect Father to help me make arrangements."

"Of course."Zhou Tie Da

Joy, it's hard to believe that Tang Zichen would still come here for the wedding.

Shenni and Gao Xiaolian, both thought that this was Tang Zichen's home and were busy greeting Zhou Tie.

"You're not welcome, you're not welcome, it's me who wants to pay tribute to you."

Tang Zichen smiled heedlessly, "You guys can call yourselves father too."

"Ah, this."

"Call ah."



"Eh."Zhou Tie nodded uncomfortably all over, it was a bit of a life loss for such a powerful person to call him father.

Tang Zichen said, "Dad, now you can tell us what's going on, right?"

"Mi'er, the last time you came back, you gave me a bowl of some kind of Hong Meng liquid, and after that I broke through to this realm and easily became the ruler of a country, and now, I've been an emperor for nearly two million years."

"Wow."Tang Zichen thought about it, it had indeed been so long since that time.

Tang Zichen asked, "By the way, where is that Zhou Zhou sister of mine?"

"Ah, Choo Choo, she's going to the Academy of Immortality."


"Hehe, she got accepted to the Academy of Immortality."

"Oh, really bless her."

"But she got expelled again."

"Uh, what do you mean?One admission and one expulsion."

"I don't know exactly why I was expelled, Choo Choo isn't even back yet."

"Don't worry, she's sure to be fine."Tang Zichen still remembered that this sister Zhou Zhou was quite cute.

After that, Tang Zichen and the three of them stayed in the palace.

Although it had been tens of millions of years, the palace was still the same as it once was, but this palace had changed three owners in the past ten million years.

A few days later, Tang Zichen and Gao Xiaolian, Ah Jie, formally held their wedding.

However, the bridal chamber was separate, the first half of the night to Gao Xiaolian's new room, the second half of the night to Ah Jie's new room.

In this way, the generation of divine nun, became Tang Zichen's woman.

Early in the morning, Tang Zichen hehely smiled, "Ah Jie, are you now especially regretful, once deserted for countless years."

The divine nun blushed and said, "Nonsense."

"Were you happy just now?"

"Don't ask."Godni was full of shame.

"Are you still willing to leave me now?"

"Nonsense, definitely, no, not relenting."

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed out loud in great satisfaction.

After that, Tang Zichen lived in the Yunluo Immortal Country for almost a year.

Shenny and Gao Xiaolian had also completely accepted each other and became best friends.

Unfortunately, the reality was cruel and Tang Zichen should have told them the truth.

One day, Tang Zichen called the two of them over.

"Husband, what is it?"Jie was confused.

Tang Zichen said, "We've lived here, and it's been a year, and it's been a happy time, so, we've forgotten the time, right."

Gao Xiaolian and Shenny both blushed, as if saying inwardly, "It's been a year so soon."

"Now, it's almost time for us to go."

"Leave?Where to?"The two men asked.

"Home, of course."

"Go home?Isn't this your home?"

"This is a former home, and I have a present life home, or rather, a present life home, which is the real home, where I have the loved ones I care about the most."


"If that's the case, why don't you just take us to your home in this life?What former home have you come to?"Godni was depressed.

"Oh, there's a reason why I'm not taking you guys straight to this life's home, and what exactly is that reason, you'll know when you get there, so let's go."


Tang Zichen was about to set off with Gao Xiaolian and Jie when Zhou Tie hurriedly arrived.

"Just in time, dad, I'm leaving."Tang Zichen said.

However, Zhou Tie cried, "Mi'er, please save Zhou Zhou."

"Er, what do you mean?Didn't you say before that she was expelled from the Immortal Academy, and I haven't heard you mention her since."Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed deeply.

"Before you came back, Zhou Zhou sent someone back with a letter, she said she was expelled, she was in a bad mood and wanted to go for a walk, but it's been so long and she hasn't come back yet, I thought she would come back sooner or later.However, just now a friend of Zhou Zhou's from Sanshenshu came with a letter saying that Zhou Zhou wasn't expelled at all, but that something had happened."

"What has happened?There's no need to rush, speak slowly."

"Zhou Zhou was pursued by a person she didn't like at the Immortal Academy, that person was so powerful that we couldn't afford to offend her, and Zhou Zhou didn't want to harm her family, so she ran away on her own.I heard that Zhou Zhou is now cornered."

Tang Zichen sneered, "Which son of a bitch would dare to bully my sister like this."

"Mi'er, please save her."

"Don't worry, it's just a show of hands, after I bring the two of them back to the Ten Thousand Purple Mountains first, I'll go save her."

"Mi'er, can you go save her first ah, I'm afraid that the longer we delay, the cauliflower will be cold, that person dares to be so blatant, he must be capable of doing anything, in case Zhou Zhou is defiled."Zhou Tie said in tears. Remember the website

"Alright."Tang Zichen to Gao: "How about you two, go back to the Ten Thousand Purple Mountains by yourselves?"

"Which part of the Ten Thousand Purple Mountains is your home in this life?"Gao Xiaolian asked.

"Didn't Jie go there last time and pay her respects to me there."

Shenny nodded.

After that, Tang Zichen went north and the two of them went east.

On the way, Divine Nun Ah Jie to Gao: "I was in the Immortal Realm before, and I heard that Tang Zichen had split up with his former wife, named Ding What Lan, right?"

"Seems like, never heard him mention the Ding family before."

"So then, Tang Zichen should currently have no other wives besides the two of us."

Gao Xiaolian said, "Definitely not."

"Then why doesn't he dare to take us straight back to Ten Thousand Purple Mountains?What is he so afraid of?"Godni said.

"I don't know about that, I'll know when I go to the Ten Thousand Purple Mountains."

Tang Zichen soon arrived at the Academy of Immortality.

Tang Zichen stood at the entrance of the Academy of Immortality, the place still hadn't changed at all, even the fairy gatekeepers were still the same.

"Stand still."The two janitors shouted.

However, in the next second, they rolled their eyes because, just now, a person had walked in at the entrance, but in the next second, where was someone.

"Strange?Blurred eyes?"The two gatekeeper Immortals couldn't fathom it.

And Tang Zichen had already entered the Academy of Immortals.

Tang Zichen heard from Zhou Tie that Zhou Zhou had chosen the Air Tearing Department and was still learning the Sword Technique, so Tang Zichen went straight to the Air Tearing Department's Sun and Moon Divine Sword class.

"Hello, I want to ask you about someone."Tang Zichen said to a student.

"Senior, who do you want to inquire about?"

"Do you recognize, a girl named Choo Choo?"

"Ah, Choo Choo?"

"You know?"

"Of course I know her, but she's a very famous swordsman in our Sun Moon Excalibur class

Genius, and also, the most beautiful girl in our entire Air Tearing Department, and the most renowned beauty in the entire Immortal Academy, and even more so, voted her as the most beautiful student in the history of the Immortal Academy.This is something that I heard has alarmed the Immortal Realm, and I've heard that some people in the Immortal Realm heard about her beauty and wanted to come down and take a look at her."That student said.

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, when Tang Zichen saw her last time, he didn't go to pay too much attention to her looks, he only thought that at first glance she was cute, with big eyes, and a little baby fat cheeks, as well as two very cute dimples when she smiled, she was a very friendly, sort of a child face giant what type of girl.

Tang Zichen did not feel so counted beauty, look at the face always feel not grown up like a girl.

"Alright, don't pull these useless things with me, where is she now?"

"Haha, how was I supposed to know that, there are so many people who want to pick her up, even the immortal world has people coming down to see her.Last I heard, I don't know who came down from the fairy world and wanted to chase her too.After that, I'm not sure, if you want to know better, you can go to her best friend, she has a very good friend in the Academy of Immortals."

"Take me there."

"Yes."That classmate didn't dare to resist when he saw how strong Tang Zichen was, and took Tang Zichen to a place.

"This is her best friend's cave."

Tang Zichen walked into the cave and saw a girl squatting in the corner not knowing what she was doing, the girl's face was red, her breath was deep panting, and her attention didn't seem to be at the door at all.

"Hello."Don Zichen fed.

"Ah."The girl was startled and scrambled to lift her pants.

Tang Zichen thought she was peeing, so he walked out of the cave and said, "Come out and meet me."

That female classmate was shy and angry, walked out of the cave and was about to lose her temper when she saw that it was such a powerful person.

"Senior, who are you and why are you looking for me?"The girl said with some grumbling.

"I just didn't notice what you were doing and came straight in, sorry."

"I clearly set up a restraining system."

"Oh, I'm sorry, your restraint is so weak that I can't feel the presence."Tang Zichen said.

That female student looked at Tang Zichen in shock, so weak that she couldn't feel existence, so how strong should he be.

"You're not an immortal, are you?"


"Wow."The girl was shocked and seemed to have no complaints, it was an honor to be bumped into by such a handsome immortal.

"Let me ask you, do you know Zhou Zhou?"

"Of course, why Choo Choo is the best friend of millions of years of deep friendship, just a pity."

"Pity about what?"

"Unfortunately, she's too beautiful, so we can't be together like we used to be."

"Where did she go?"

"She was captured by a strong man who came down from the Immortal Realm, and that man chased Zhou Zhou for a long time, and originally wanted Zhou Zhou to go with him of her own accord, but Zhou Zhou just didn't see it that way, even if it was from the Immortal Realm.So, Zhou Zhou ran away and left the Academy of Immortals.It's been a few years since we left, but, some time ago, I heard that the man came down again, and he seemed angry when he found out that Zhou Zhou had run away, so he went to arrest him."

"Who is that person?"

"I don't know, maybe, you should ask the tutor of the Immortal Academy, or the dean, it will be more clear with you, because I heard that person doesn't even dare to offend the dean."

"Thank you, you continue."Tang Zichen turned around and flew away.

That female student blushed, pursed her lips and said, "Rascal Immortal."


Tang Zichen arrived at the dean's residence.

The distant abode was isolated by a layer of restriction that ordinary people couldn't see him, so the previous Tang Zichen had no idea where the dean's abode was.

Now, however, Tang Zichen could see it at a glance.

Tang Zichen easily walked into the restriction, seemingly like a spider, without the slightest defense in front of Tang Zichen.

And now, in one of the houses in the restriction, a man shook, "Someone is coming in, who can enter my restriction so easily."

The man flew out of the house and saw Tang Zichen at once.

Tang Zichen also saw him.

They looked at each other, and in that instant, they both seemed to have recalled much of the past.

"Tang Zichen, it's you."Yard said softly, his heart was quite complicated, Yard had also heard about what had happened in the Immortal Court, Tang Zichen was able to split even the Immortal Emperor in half, and he, still the same dean, was still stopping at the same place.

Tang Zichen looked at the dean and sighed, once at least father-in-law, there was no deep hatred with him, but with his son Ding Hao, there was hatred.

Tang Zichen said, "Yes, it's me." One second to remember to read the book

"Oh, how have you been lately."

"Not too bad, just chopped up your Immortal Emperor in the Immortal Realm a year ago."

"Yeah, I know about that too, Tang Zichen, you're amazing."

"Not bad."

"You've come here today to visit me,"Ding Cangding said.

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed.

Ding Cang Dong smiled, "I didn't expect that you still have my former father-in-law in your eyes, but in fact, you will always be my son-in-law in my heart."

"Is that so."Tang Zichen didn't say anything to spoil the mood, although Ding Cangding was narcissistic and a bit disliked.

"Of course I am, Tang Zichen, come in and sit down, it's warm in the house.Since you've come to visit me, I must buy you a proper drink."

"It's not necessary."

"Tang Zichen, I know that you have forgiven me inside, haven't you."Ding Cang Dome said happily, thinking that the fact that Tang Zichen had come to visit him meant that he had forgiven him, and perhaps, Tang Zichen had come in to ask for a reunion.

Tang Zichen said, "You're thinking too much."

"Don't be obstinate, I still understand your character, it's obvious, and you still want to deny it in order to save face, like now, hehe."

Tang Zichen didn't bother to listen to his nonsense and asked, "Is Ding Lan okay?"

"Lan is fine, do you want me to send someone to invite her?"

"She wants the Academy of Immortality too?"

"That's not true, she wanted the Immortal Realm, and after leaving you, she entered the Immortal Command Shrine to work."

"Oh, that's good, it's better than being a tutor at the Academy of Immortals before."

"Yeah, a mentor at the Academy of Immortality is too poorly ranked, a dream position for many immortals in the Earth Immortal Realm, but she used to do it for interest."

"Alright, since everything is fine with her, send her my regards for me."

"Aren't you going to greet her yourself?"

"It's not ready yet, but sooner or later it will be."

"You didn't come to visit me today?"Ding CangDong asked.

Tang Zichen shook his head and said, "I'm sorry to have misunderstood you, but I only came today to ask you about a person."

"Oh."Ding Cang Vault was full of disappointment.

Tang Zichen asked, "Some time ago, a person came down from the Immortal Realm and wanted to chase a girl named Zhou Zhou, who is that person?"

"Ah, how do you know such trivial things."


nbsp; "You think it's trivial?"

"Of course, that Zhou Zhou is nothing more than a very common bottom-tier immortal in the Earth Immortal Realm."

"I asked you to answer."Tang Zichen interrupted the dean's words.

"Fine, fine, that person is called Zhang Li Turtle, and he is the grandson of Lord Zhang of the Immortal Realm.Zhang Li Turtle's talent is average, his strength is only a very ordinary Tai Xian, and he is lustful by nature and likes to collect beautiful women.Only, he couldn't collect the beauties of the Immortal World, so he would often come to the Earth Immortal World to collect the beauties with low strength and no background in the Earth Immortal World, and take them to the sky for his pleasure.His personality was a bit strange, sometimes he was directly strong when he saw a beautiful woman, but sometimes, he acted like a lover to do all kinds of things that felt like a woman, and sometimes, he suddenly acted like an incompetent and got annoyed when he saw a woman.However, he's a man who's been tossing women around all his life, and I've heard that he's played with more than a hundred thousand women of all kinds in the Earth Immortal World."

"Damn, this kind of person, coming to the Academy of Immortals to pick up girls, why don't you stop him?"

"Oh, that Zhang Li turtle, although he is despicable himself, his family is not weak, and his grandfather, Zhang Bing, is at any rate an immortal, and still a positive six of the Immortal Court, why should I offend because of an ordinary Earth Immortal Realm woman."

Tang Zichen said angrily, "That Zhou Zhou is my sister."

"How is that possible, you used to be my son-in-law, we still know your past, when did you get an extra sister."

"It's a sister's from a previous life, no?"

"That's someone who has nothing to do with you now."

"Since I've regained my past life memories, how can I not have any relationship."

"Don't be angry, I'm referring to the blood relation.Since it's your sister, it shouldn't be too late for you to go to his house right now."

"What do you mean?"

"I heard that just half a day ago, Zhang Li Turtle caught the girl who escaped and has headed to the fairy world.If nothing else, he'll take the girl and head straight home."

Tang Zichen suddenly disappeared.

Tang Zichen had left the Immortal Academy and headed straight to the Immortal World.

If that Zhang Li turtle, had already defiled Zhou Zhou, then Tang Zichen would surely exterminate his entire family.

Even if he hadn't defiled it, Tang Zichen would still consider exterminating his entire family.

Right now, in the Immortal Realm, on a certain Immortal Mansion.

In a room, a cute looking little beauty shouted, "Let me go."

Unfortunately, she couldn't get out because there was a restriction.

"Ooooh, let me go."That little beauty cried out, she had already left the Immortal Academy, she thought she wouldn't run into this person again, but she didn't expect that this person was so powerful, so she could still find him.

Just then, a man walked in the doorway, that man was nasty looking and had a tuft of hair by his lips, so disgusting.

"Hehehe, Choo Choo."

"Let me go."

"Zhou Zhou, this is already the immortal world, a place you can't come to in your whole life, aren't you, aren't you happy?"

"Please, Senior, let me go, I don't want to go to any immortal world, I just want to go home."

"Zhou Zhou, don't say such silly things anymore, from now on, you will be my wife, how about it?"

"I don't want to, whimper."

"Why are you crying, am I bad?"

"I don't want it, I'd rather die than not."

"Zhou Zhou, death is not going to solve the problem, you, an earth immortal who has no influence, it's useless for you to scream your throat out, you might as well serve me well, maybe even one person can be able to rise to heaven.So many years, I've also played no less than 100,000 girls, I'm also quite tired, I want to stop and rest, Zhou Zhou, you are the most beautiful of all the girls I've played with, the most beautiful, your beauty, not that kind of mature beauty, but that kind of young and tender beauty, all the time like the feeling of first love it."


"Get the hell away from me."

"Hey, hey, Choo Choo, you're really beautiful."

"If you don't fuck off, I'll die for you to see."

"Die?There's no chance you'll die with my restraints here, hehehe!"A series of wicked laughs from the Chapter Li turtle.

"Oooooh."Zhou Zhou cried loudly.

At this moment, Tang Zichen had arrived at Zhang Li Turtle's house.

With a sweep of Tang Zichen's Immortal Sense, he saw Zhou Zhou in a house in the distance.

Tang Zichen rushed up without even thinking about it.

"Bang."Tang Zichen kicked the door open.

Zhang Li turtle who was about to pounce on him was busy turning back and said angrily, "That bastard dared to ruin my good fortune."

"Pah."Tang Zichen slapped down Zhang Li turtle. The first website

"Ooooh."The helpless Zhou Zhou curled up in a corner and looked at Tang Zichen gratefully.

Zhou Zhou didn't know who Tang Zichen was, because Tang Zichen was now the real face, and millions of years ago, when Tang Zichen had first met Zhou Zhou, Tang Zichen had appeared with that ugly man's face.

"You."Zhang Li turtle was furious and touched the blood at the corner of his mouth.

Tang Zichen's eyes looked at Zhou Zhou.

"Zhou Zhou, it's okay."Tang Zichen walked up and said.

Zhang Li Turtle felt Tang Zichen's strength and panicked and slipped away.

Tang Zichen knew he slipped away, but didn't try to stop him because he couldn't escape.

"Thank you, thank you Senior for saving me, Senior's great kindness, Little Lady has no teeth to forget."Zhou Zhou even kowtowed and said.

"Er."Tang Zichen was stunned, then remembered that Zhou Zhou hadn't seen his true face yet.

"Zhou Zhou, there's no need for that."

"Senior you are?How do you know my name?"

Tang Zichen said gently, "I was your brother in a previous life, Zhou Mi."

"What, this."

"No need to doubt, when I met you before, that was my disguise, extra ugly right, you also asked to see my real face, I refused, I said, no matter what face, it was Zhou Mi in my previous life."

"It's really you, brother."

"Yes, it's me, all right."

"Ooooh, brother."Zhou Zhou threw herself into Tang Zichen's arms and cried.

"It's okay."Tang Zichen touched her hair to comfort her.

"Brother, you came just in time, if you had come a little later, I would have."

"I'm sorry, I should have come to find you, in fact, I returned to the Yunluo Immortal Kingdom a year ago, I didn't expect that you had such a big accident."

"Brother, this Zhang Li turtle, he has a lot of power, will I get you into trouble ah?"Zhou Zhou said in fear.

Tang Zichen sneered and said, "Yeah, the forces are huge, brother I'm scared."

"Ah, brother, I'm sorry, I'm the one who got you into this."

"It's fine, hehe."Tang Zichen was just saying the opposite, I didn't think that the naive Zhou Zhou couldn't hear it.

Only then did Tang Zichen let Zhou Zhou go.

Zhou Zhou was busy looking up at Tang Zichen for a few seconds.

"Zhou Zhou, why are you looking at brother like that."

Zhou Zhou smiled happily, "Brother, I can finally see your real face now, you're so handsome."

"Oh, it's okay, just the number one in the three realms."

"Brother."Zhou Zhou pursed his lips and smiled, brother was too rude.

Tang Zichen also took a few more glances at Zhou Zhou, although her face was quite straight, a very beautiful baby face, and her skin was as tender as that of a baby.


Yes, Tang Zichen didn't quite like this kind of beauty inside, didn't grow as mature, so he didn't feel pretty.

"Zhou Zhou, the people of Immortal Academy said that you are the most beautiful girl in the history of Immortal Academy?"

Zhou Zhou lowered his head shyly and said, "Brother, you've heard about it too, they're all just talking nonsense."

"I think so."

"Ah, brother."Zhou Zhouton was petulant, she was just being polite, but she didn't expect Tang Zichen to say it too.

"Haha, all right, all right, brother is joking with you, you're the most beautiful in the whole world."

"Thank you brother."

"Let's go, it's time to go take care of the rest."

Zhou Zhouton came back to his senses.

"Brother, even if I have to die, I'm willing to die with you."

"Death, how is that possible."

As soon as Tang Zichen walked out the door, he saw Zhang Li Turtle coming with a group of people, including a Primordial Immortal.

That First Order Immortal was Zhang Li Turtle's grandfather, Zhang Bing, who was also a Sixth Grade Immortal Officer.

"Just in time."

"Grandpa, that's him."Zhang Li Turtle said as he pointed at Tang Zichen.

The group of people stopped a few dozen meters ahead.

When Zhang Bing saw Tang Zichen, he immediately recognized him.

"It's you, Tang Zichen."

"Yoho, recognize me.That's fine, I'll give you 2 choices, first, you personally peel off Zhang Li Turtle's skin and shoot him to death; second, I'll exterminate your entire family.You choose."Tang Zichen said without any long-windedness.

Zhang Li Turtle didn't know who Tang Zichen was, he was busy saying, "Grandpa, this person is riding on your head, so why don't you make your move, if word gets out, how can you still hang around in the Immortal Court."

"You shut up."

Zhang Bing said to Tang Zichen, "Tang Zichen, you are an enemy of the Immortal Emperor, so you shouldn't run yet."

"Hmph, you haven't made a choice after my tens and tens of blows, so let me give you the choice, one."

"Tang Zichen, all I have to do now is shout at the Immortal Emperor, and the Immortal Emperor will absolutely immediately arrive with a large number of war gods, do you really want to die?How about I make a deal with you now, I don't shout, let you go, and any grudge between us people is removed?"Zhang Bing said.

Tang Zichen directly said, "Ten.Alright, I've already counted to ten, you've missed the best opportunity, now, come help you choose.My choice is to exterminate your whole family."

After saying that, Tang Zichen went out with a sword.

Everyone didn't react, that Zhang Li turtle, his body split into more than ten pieces, as if he was cutting potato shreds.

"Ah."Many of the servants screamed at once.

Tang Zichen waved his hand and set up a ban, saying, "Other than the servants, any Zhang family member, regardless of gender or age, will be killed."

Zhang Bing shouted, "Tang Zichen, don't go too far, this is the Immortal World, how can you condone this."

Tang Zichen sneered, "Until now, you still haven't figured out the reality, fine, then I'll kill you last, I'll let you see your family die before your eyes."

"Immortal Emperor, Immortal Emperor, Tang Zichen is here, Immortal Emperor, Immortal Emperor."That Zhang Bing hissed, as if he wanted to inform the Immortal Emperor, shrieking like that, the Immortal Emperor was sure to find out.

Tang Zichen, however, didn't bother with him in the slightest and went to kill.

At this moment in the Nine Heavens Xuan Hall, the Immortal Emperor sensed someone calling out to him, a primordial immortal named Zhang Bing.

Tang Zichen didn't stay close to Zhang Bing, so it was impossible for Tang Zichen to conceal Zhang Bing's scent, the Immortal Emperor could sense it right away.

"Ah, Tang Zichen is in the Immortal Realm."The Immortal Emperor roared, he had already lost face last time, but he actually dared to come to the Immortal Realm, really he had a feeling of completely ignoring him ah.


The Immortal Emperor immediately informed the Three-Eyed War God, "Three-Eyed."

"Immortal Emperor, what is it?"The Three-Eyed War God who was on the residence replied remotely.

"Hurry up and follow me."

"Uh, where to?"

"Damn, that Tang Zichen is coming to the Immortal World again, hurry up."

"Ouch, ouch, ouch."The Three-Eyed War God made three painful ouching sounds in a row.

"Three-Eyes, what are you doing?"

"Aigoo, Immortal Emperor, that Yang Ling Shui that I took last time, I don't know what it is, lately it's causing my stomach to hurt a lot, no, no, no, I have to go deal with it first, I'm sorry ah, go call someone else, Leng Tian Ling has nothing to do lately."

The Three-Eyed War God hurriedly cut off his connection with the Immortal Emperor.

"Shit."The Immortal Emperor cursed angrily and hurriedly contacted Leng Tianling again.

"Immortal Emperor, if there's anything you want, please say it quickly, I, Leng Tianling, will definitely go to the fire."Leng Tian Ling said heartily. Remember the URL

The Immortal Emperor was busy saying, "Tian Ling, speedily come with me to Zhang Bing's house, that son of a bitch Tang Zichen has come to the Immortal World again, he simply doesn't take me seriously."

"Hey, Immortal Emperor, talk to me?"

"Leng Tian Ling, didn't you hear me?"

"Hey, Immortal Emperor, why aren't you talking?Immortal Emperor?Are you okay? - Yeah.You speak."

The Immortal Emperor raged, "Leng Tian Ling, what the hell are you doing."

"Immortal Emperor, Immortal Emperor?Are you there?Strange, why is there no sound, it seems that the Immortal Emperor was just saying hello to me."After saying that, Leng Tianling quickly severed his connection with the Immortal Emperor and set up a restriction to not communicate with the outside world.

"Leng Tian Ling, you still go to the fire, I'll fuck you."The Immortal Emperor cursed angrily, but the Immortal Emperor had no choice but to contact the War God of Wind and Fire again.

"Windfire."The Immortal Emperor shouted.

On a certain suspended island, the Windfire War God, who was cultivating, immediately opened his eyes.

"I am here, Immortal Emperor, what can I do for you?Is that Tang Zichen here again?If he dares to come to the Immortal Court again, I will definitely capture him."

"Haha, finally a loyal servant."The Immortal Emperor was delighted and laughed, "Yes, the Wind and Fire War God is under orders to speedily go to Zhang Bing's house, Tang Zichen is on a killing spree in Zhang Bing's house, completely ignoring this Emperor."

"Ah, really here."Windfire War God's scalp tightened up, he was still depressed from the last time he was scalped by Tang Zichen.

"Windflame, did you hear that?"

"Immortal Emperor, that, can you give me some time, I've only been injured for a year or so last time, I haven't recovered at all, I think that in a million years, I should have recovered 30%, by then, I will definitely go up to the mountains and down to the seas of fire, I won't hesitate."

"Fuck you, a million years, you won't die ah."The Immortal Emperor cursed angrily, taking the initiative but breaking the connection.

The Immortal Emperor contacted another War God called 'Luo Tian'.

"Luo Tian, hurry up and come with me to Zhang Bing's house to besiege Tang Zichen."

"Hello, the master you're calling is in seclusion, I'm master Luo Tian's immortal weapon, if you have anything to say to me, I'll be sure to relay it for you when master Luo Tian comes out of seclusion."

The Immortal Emperor gritted his teeth and said, "Good you Luo Tian, deliberately you."The Immortal Emperor's Immortal Sense swept away and did see that Luo Tian was in seclusion, but it was impossible for him not to know that the Immortal Emperor called out to him.

"Long-haired War God."

"Free Fairy."

"Purple Slit War God."

The Immortal Emperor called out three more War Gods in a row, and this time, he finally found someone.

"Please speed to Zhang Bing's home."

"Yes, Immortal Emperor."


p;Long Hair War God, Free Fairy, and Purple Slit War God, the three strong men immediately ran to Zhang Bing's house.

Tang Zichen was currently on a killing spree at the moment.

Tang Zichen didn't even bother with any kindness, after all, at his level, there shouldn't be any thoughts of life being honored anymore, after closing the door for tens of thousands of years, there was no telling how many people died, already numb, even if Tang Zichen didn't kill them, they would die sooner or later.

Soon, the killing was done, leaving only Zhang Bing alone.

"You, you, Tang Zichen, you."Zhang Bing's face was livid with anger.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Zhang Bing, I've given you the chance to choose, but unfortunately, you don't take it seriously, now, it's your turn."

"Stop."At this moment, roars came from the distance, Tang Zichen looked and saw that the Immortal Emperor was coming with three war gods.

Zhang Bing panicked and shouted, "Immortal Emperor, save Lao, Immortal Emperor, save Lao."The last word could never be said because, he had turned into potato shreds.

Tang Zichen saw the Immortal Emperor flying in and retreated back, after all, Tang Zichen was only one person, if he was besieged at close range, it would be hard for Tang Zichen to keep himself alive, while Tang Zichen couldn't kill them, but they could kill Tang Zichen, the situation was unfavorable.

"Swoosh."Tang Zichen toned his sword, first sweeping it towards that war goddess flying in the distance, that war goddess was called the Free Fairy.

"Ah."The Free Fairy screamed as Tang Zichen tore all of her clothes off and turned naked.

Tang Zichen retreated as he used the Three Unholy Swords from a distance.


"Pfftch, pfftch."

The Immortal Emperor and the others were constantly being attacked by Tang Zichen, but they couldn't hurt him.

The Immortal Emperor roared with rage, "Tang Zichen, don't run if you have the guts."

Tang Zichen said, "Don't worry, sooner or later, I won't run, when I step into a high class Immortal, or even, a middle class Immortal."

After chasing for some distance, that long-haired war god, the purple slit war god, had already been wounded, and as for that Free Fairy, she had already stopped catching up.

The Long-Haired War God said, "Immortal Emperor, I suddenly remembered that I have things to do at home, so I'll go first."So, the Long-Haired War God ran off, saying in his heart, "Damn, a fool would only do it if he was beaten unilaterally like this."

Only one Purple Pitch War God remained.

The Purple Slit War God was also busy saying, "Ouch, Immortal Emperor, that crane I raised, I forgot to feed him, oh no, I can't, I have to rush back, I'll withdraw first, I must be the first to be informed of any future battles."

The Purple Pitch War God also ran away.

So, only the Immortal Emperor was left.

"You guys."The Immortal Emperor was so angry that he wanted to jump over the wall.

At that moment, Tang Zichen suddenly rushed up and struck the Immortal Emperor with a sword.

"Ah."The Immortal Emperor was struck by Tang Zichen.

However, the Immortal Emperor instantly disappeared into the distant sky.

Tang Zichen couldn't catch up.

"Tang Zichen, just wait for me, I'll still be looking for you."The sound of the Immortal Emperor's roar came from the far reaches of the sky.

Tang Zichen snorted, "You'll still come looking for me?Wrong, I'll find you when I'm free."

Tang Zichen didn't chase after him, he was after all a low ranked Immortal now, his bottom line was lacking, after Tang Zichen became a middle ranked Immortal, or even stronger, Tang Zichen could go live there for as long as he wanted.

Tang Zichen left the Immortal Realm quickly with Zhou Zhou.

"Zhou Zhou, shall I take you home now?"

"Ah, back to the Yunluo Immortal Kingdom?"


"What about you?"

"I'm going back to Ten Thousand Purple Mountains, my home in this life."


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