The King of Kungfu in school 2401-2405


Chapter 2401

"Hey, thanks, my good daughter-in-law."

"Don't be ridiculous, I'm not denying this, but that doesn't mean I accept it."

"Alright, I'm leaving, I'll see you sometime."Tang Zichen turned around and walked away.

"Hey, didn't you say that the Immortal Emperor is after you, and Fa Wu Tian and the Green Man Old King are looking for you, aren't you afraid?"

Tang Zichen laughed, "Godni, I was just teasing you, look at my current realm."

"Erm, late stage of Da Luo Jin Xian?The last time I paid homage to you, you didn't seem to be in this realm."

"That's right, the last time I paid homage to you, I was just a Tai Xian."

"Ah, how did you ascend so much?"

"Of course it's the Hong Meng liquid that made me rise so much, do you think I've been looking for you for millions of years, just looking every day and not drinking the Hong Meng liquid while doing so?In fact, while I was looking for you and drinking the Hong Meng Liquid, at first, I was able to digest it once every ten thousand years, but after that, after stepping into the Great Luo Golden Immortal, I was only able to digest it once every half a million years.So, during the millions of years of looking for you, I relied on the Hongyong Liquid and ascended to the middle stage of the Great Luo Golden Immortal."

"Oh, I forgot that you had so much Hongyong Liquid, indeed, Hongyong Liquid is the best thing.But unfortunately, you'll only be able to rely on the Hong Meng Liquid to ascend to the Immortal level."

"Uh, yeah?" One second to remember to read the book

"It's useless to eat anything when you reach the Divine Immortal level, otherwise, there wouldn't be so few high ranking immortals."

Tang Zichen said, "If I can be allowed to reach the divine Immortal level, I think I'm no longer afraid of any high ranking immortals, at least, it won't be that easy to kill me.I already have the ability to become a king on my own."

The divine nun didn't say anything.

"Farewell."Tang Zichen said no more and flew away.

After leaving, Tang Zichen quickly went ashore.

After landing on shore, Tang Zichen found a place to stop.

"It's been almost half a million years since the last time I drank the Hong Meng liquid, and I'm almost ready to drink it a second time."

Tang Zichen took out two large bowls of the Hongmeng Liquid and then drank them all.

After that, Tang Zichen closed the door for about a year.

After a year, Tang Zichen opened his eyes.

"Hehe, late stage Da Luo Jin Immortal, only one more step before I can step into the divine Immortal level."

"Unfortunately, I'll have to wait half a million years for the next drink.For the next half a million years, I'd better practice the Shadowless Divine Sword, no, upgrade the Shadowless Divine Sword, I want to incorporate the perception of the Three No Space into the Shadowless Divine Sword, although it's difficult, I'm sure I can do it."

Tang Zichen found a cave and began to quietly comprehend, moreover, opened the depth space, in that case, the time Tang Zichen spent was far more than half a million years, even equal to 500 million years was not impossible.

Time flew by.

Half a million years passed in an instant.

In that cave, there sat a clay man that looked as if it was carved out.

Tang Zichen had been sitting here for half a million years, with an unknown amount of mud on his body.

At that moment, Tang Zichen woke up, but he didn't open his eyes.

"Phew, it's done, the Shadowless Divine Sword, upgraded by me, I've renamed it, the Three Shadowless Divine Swords."

"Now the Shadowless Divine Sword that has been upgraded by me, has become more than just shadowless, it has become three nothing, nothing, but, it also means everything.This is, the upgraded Three Nothing Divine Sword."

Tang Zichen's upgraded Three Nothing Divine Sword was more than a hundred million times more powerful than the original Shadowless Divine Sword.

It was the most powerful kind of magic that Tang Zichen had upgraded, and it was more powerful than the original

The Beginning Sword Technique was a hundred million times more powerful ah, and what was even more frightening was that the Shadowless Divine Sword was already very powerful before it was upgraded.

In the past, when the Overturning Mirror had not yet been destroyed, the soul of the Overturning Mirror said that in the future, when Tang Zichen stepped into the Immortal level, he would teach Tang Zichen sword secrets that were even more powerful than the Shadowless Divine Sword.Unfortunately, before that day came, the Overturning Mirror had already been destroyed.

Tang Zichen's body moved, and the dirt on his body disappeared.

Tang Zichen picked up his right palm, his right palm emitted a faint glow, this was an additional ability Tang Zichen had out of thin air after the Overturning Mirror was integrated into his body.

Tang Zichen said, "Turning Mirror, now, I no longer need you to teach me a more powerful sword technique, because, my upgraded Three Nothing Divine Sword is definitely more powerful than what you taught me.I'm confident that after I step into the Immortal level, I can defeat the High Grade Battle Gods using the Three-Without Divine Sword."

Tang Zichen smiled and said, "After half a million years have passed, I can drink the Hong Meng Liquid again."

Thus, Tang Zichen drank three large bowls in a row.

Then, it was closed for nearly three more years.

"Hahaha, hahaha."After three years, Tang Zichen laughed wildly as he felt the realm in him.

This world, at this moment, had added another Immortal.

However, it was a first stage Immortal.

But it didn't matter, Tang Zichen was using the Three No Divine Swords, even a high ranked War God might not be able to defeat him, and Tang Zichen was still using a desperate divine weapon.

If in the future, Tang Zichen stepped into a High Tier God Immortal, then all the High Tier Battle Gods in the world would not be able to be a match for Tang Zichen.

But right now, he was only at the Beginning Divine Immortal level after all.

Tang Zichen's gaze chilled and headed straight for a place.

That was, the Legacy Department of the Fa Dynasty.

Fa Wu Tian had robbed Tang Zichen, and it was time to settle this score.

At this moment, at the Legacy Department of the Fa Dynasty.

"Report to the Acting Supreme."


"Fa Lan has been found."

"Bang."That acting supreme being slammed the table and bellowed, "Bring that bitch up here."


Soon after, Fa Lan was brought up.

"Kneel down."The Acting Supreme Being shouted and exerted pressure at the same time, forcing Fa Lan to kneel down.

Fa Lan crossed his eyebrows.

"Fa Lan, you've made us easy to find, this hiding is millions of years."The Acting Supreme said.

Fa Lan snorted, "What are you looking for me for?Didn't you say that you expelled me from the Fa Dynasty."

"Do you think, at this point of your posture, is it really rare for the Fa Dynasty to find you, the reason why they are looking for you is because, the Great Supreme Being wants to find Wind Lightning, say, where is the Wind Lightning that is with you?"The Acting Supreme Supreme asked with a yell.

Fa Lan sneered, no wonder she was looking for her, she wanted to find Tang Zichen, but also, the Acting Supreme Supreme, Fa Wu Tian, stole Tang Zichen's divine weapon, he had to know how to use it.

"I don't know."

"You say it or not."

"I really don't know where the wind has gone."

"You're talking nonsense."

"How would I know if I can't even find you guys,"Fa Lan said.

All these years, Fa Wu Tian didn't personally go looking for Tang Zichen, Fa Wu Tian spent most of his time in the Green Man family because he was afraid that the Immortal Emperor would kill him.So, Fa Wu Tian ordered the Legacy Department of the Fa Dynasty to look for Tang Zichen, but unfortunately, it had been almost two million years and the hairs hadn't been found, but fortunately, Fa Lan was found.


"Fashi, it seems you're toast to the past."The Acting Supreme Being.

"I really don't know, I separated from him millions of years ago.I wanted him to be a Wind Lightning Cloud again, but unfortunately, he's going to continue to be a Tang Sunchen."

"What Tang Zichen Tang Sunchen, don't bullshit me."The Acting Supreme and the others didn't know about Wind Lightning's relationship with Tang Zichen.

"Hmph, in a word, I don't know."Fa Lan didn't bother to say anything, she didn't want to live very much inside anyway.

Tang Zichen didn't come to her for so long, disappointing her, although she was angry before, but Tang Zichen could come to her ah, maybe say a few sweet words and so on, she agreed, but unfortunately, so long it didn't come, it seems, Tang Zichen has abandoned her, Fa Lan has no desire to live.

"Fa Lan, you're looking for death."

"Kill if you want to, I don't want to live anyway."

The Acting Supreme was at a loss for what to do with Fa Lan.

"What should we do?"Several of the men asked.

"It seems that the only way to notify the Great Supreme Being is to return."

So, the acting supreme immediately informed Fa Wu Tian. The first website

Fa Wu Tian is in the Green Man's family, and when notified, he immediately rushes back to the legacy department of the Fa Dynasty.

Soon, Fa Wu Tian returned, and as soon as he saw Fa Lan, Fa Wu Tian hung her up.

"Fa Lan, say, where is Tang Zichen?"

Fa Lan snorted coldly and gave Fa Wu Tian a look full of contempt.

"You say it or not."Fa Wu Tian was furious, Fa Wu Tian had gotten that divine weapon from Tang Zichen, but he never knew how to use it, depressed to death, if he could use it, then the old king of the blue people would have to obey him, then his great plan would be just around the corner.Unfortunately, only one step was missing.

"Say, where is Tang Zichen, I must find him, you tell me."Fa Wu Tian roared hysterically.

And at this moment, Tang Zichen had already arrived at the remains of the Fa Dynasty.

Tang Zichen stood above the sky and shouted, "Put down my woman and I can spare your life."

The Fa Wu Tian who was in the cave was startled, was he talking to him?

At this moment Fa Lan's eyes flashed, was it the voice of Tang Zichen?Fa Lan was ecstatic inside, cursing: this negative man, finally knows to come to her.

The voice sounded again: "Fa Wu Tian, say you, put down my woman, you can be spared."

Fa Wu Tian heard Tang Zichen's voice this time, threw Fa Lan into the ground, and instantly rushed outside the cave, and saw Tang Zichen in the sky at once.

Tang Zichen was in the sky, standing with his sword in his hands.

"Tang Zichen, is it really you?"Fa Wu Tian doubted if he had heard correctly.

The Acting Supreme and Fa Lan, at this moment, also rushed out.

Fa Lan saw that it really was Tang Zichen and burst into tears of joy.

Fa Wu Tian laughed, "Tang Zichen, you finally dared to appear."

Tang Zichen snorted coldly, "I'm damn well here for you."

"Tang Zichen, tell me how to use the Divine Soldier, or else, both you and Fa Lan will die today."

Tang Zichen sneered, "I'm afraid you don't have the ability to do that anymore."

"Joke, my strength is one of the top ten among all the major powers in the Earth Immortal Realm, do you think you're my opponent now that you've suddenly become a Primordial Immortal?"

"Whether or not it's your opponent, we'll know when we try."

"Looking for death."Fa Wutian suddenly went to kill Tang Zichen, his hand flipped, and the dark clouds in the sky immediately formed a huge black palm, such a huge palm slapped towards Tang Zichen.

This power was definitely the power to break the firmament.

Tang Zichen also instantly felt the might of the

Pressure, worthy of being at the level of high ranking Immortals, Tang Zichen was only a Beginning Immortal, and some aspects were far inferior.

However, Tang Zichen's Three-No Divine Sword was not a vegetarian.

Tang Zichen instantly launched his sword.

His sword was as fast as lightning billions of times faster, meaning that Tang Zichen had hit his target squarely when he shot his sword.

"Swoosh."Tang Zichen's sword slashed at Fa Wu Tian's body, and suddenly, the clothes on Fa Wu Tian's body turned into nothing.

"Ah."Fa Wu Tian was shocked, he didn't even see Tang Zichen's sword, let alone see it clearly, he didn't even think that Tang Zichen's sword was faster than he thought.

It was just that Fa Wu Tian's realm was higher, and Tang Zichen tried his best to sword powerfully, but it couldn't kill his flesh.

And then, the dark cloud hand in the sky had already shot down, Tang Zichen's sword broke open and the smoke dissipated.

Fa Wu Tian retreated several steps in a row and spat out a mouthful of blood, already pale.

"You, how could you be so powerful?"Fa Wu Tian was shocked, he was at the level of a high ranking War God, and there weren't many in the entire Immortal World that were on the same level as him.

Fa Lan was also dumbfounded when she saw how powerful Tang Zichen was.

However, Tang Zichen wasn't satisfied.

It wasn't that his Three Woundless Divine Swords weren't powerful enough, but that Fa Wu Tian's realm was high and his flesh was strong, and Tang Zichen couldn't give him a single sword to kill him with, or even multiple swords to kill him with, because a lower-ranked Immortal couldn't kill a higher-ranked one.

But defeating Fa Wu Tian, it was already obvious that Fa Wu Tian was no match at all in strength, and Fa Wu Tian's spell attack was broken by Tang Zichen with one sword.

Tang Zichen said, "Fa Wu Tian, bring out my divine weapon, or else."

"Otherwise how about it, no matter how powerful your sword skills are, it's a pity you're only at the first stage of Immortal, you can't kill me."

Tang Zichen sneered, "Even if I can't kill you today, won't your grandfather me, won't I become a High Tier Immortal in the future, and when I become a High Tier Immortal, are you fucking an ant in front of me?"

"Ah."Fa Wu Tian's face changed, yes, he couldn't kill him now, but wouldn't he be able to in the future, but Fa Wu Tian, however, would never be able to defeat Tang Zichen.

"Hand it over, you can be spared."

Fa Wu Tian gritted his teeth, very reluctantly, but still, he took out the stone tablet.

"Hmph, give it back to you."Fa Wu Tian unwillingly threw the stone tablet to Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen instantly collected it and hummed, "Count on you to know the time."

Fa Wu Tian held back and asked, "Tang Zichen, why are you so short."

"It's none of your business."Tang Zichen interrupted Fa Wu Tian's question at once.

"You."Fa Wu Tian was depressed, but what could he do.

Tang Zichen said to Fa Lan, "Fa Lan, I am Tang Zichen, if you are willing, come with me, if not, you can stay here."

Fa Lan grievously said, "Can't you just tone it down a bit."

"I can't be gentle with my tone right now, will you go?Become one of my wives."

"Okay."Falan said with a pout.

"Then let's go, go to the Cyan Family and settle the score with the Cyan King."Tang Zichen said.

Fa Wu Tian's body trembled when he heard Tang Zichen say to find the Old King of the Celestials, this kid, he is so strong, and I don't know if the Old King of the Celestials can defeat him.

Tang Zichen flew away with Fa Lan.

Falan wanted to say something, but didn't.

Tang Zichen said, "I know what you want to say, but now I don't have time to talk to you in detail, I have to go clean up the Green Man Old King first.It's just a pity that I can only clean up a bit, but I can't kill it, I didn't expect that the lower-ranked Immortals really can't kill the higher-ranked Immortals."


"Why can't the lower-ranked Gods kill the higher-ranked Gods?"

"Heaven and earth rules it."

"You're already incomparably ungodly to be able to defeat Fa Lan, I didn't expect you to be so powerful."Fa Lan said with an adoring face.

"Alright, here we are."

Saying that, Tang Zichen arrived at the Green Man Family.

"Fa Lan, you go to the side, don't stand with me, in case I hurt you by mistake."


Tang Zichen flew directly into the sky above the Green Man Family, Tang Zichen didn't say a word.

"Boom."Like a bolt of lightning, the sword sliced into the Qingren family.

"Wow."The ground of the Qingren Family was suddenly split open by Tang Zichen, splitting the entire Qingren Family into two land masses.

"Seeking for death, who dares to pander in my Qingren Family."At this time, a furious rage came from afar, needless to say, it was the Green Man Old King. Remember the website

The corner of Tang Zichen's mouth popped open and he snorted lightly.

In the next second, the Green Man Old King flew up.

Tang Zichen said, "Old King of Green Man, your grandfather, Tang Zichen, has come to collect the debt."

"Ah, it's you."The Green Man Old King was surprised to see that it was Tang Zichen.

"It's your grandfather, Tang Zichen."

When the old king of youth heard Tang Zichen's arrogance, his brows furrowed, as if he was wondering why this guy was so arrogant, and in the next moment, the old king of youth discovered that Tang Zichen had actually stepped into the First Stage God Immortal.

"You've actually become a First Order Immortal."

"No, I've become your grandfather."

"Tang Zichen, if you dare to insult me one more time, you're looking for death."The old green king was furious.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Grandson, do not bow to your grandfather yet."

The young man old king bit his teeth and said, "Very well, Tang Zichen, I was about to find you and hand over that divine weapon you have."

Tang Zichen said, "Grandson, today grandpa, I'll make you kneel down and beg for mercy."

"Go to hell."The Green Man Old King couldn't take it anymore, and didn't care about the divine weapon, he went to kill Tang Zichen, he would rather not have the divine weapon than kill Tang Zichen.

The Qing Man Old King clasped his hands together, and suddenly, countless blue lights emitted from the seams of his hands.

In a split second, the entire world turned blue.

Tang Zichen didn't know the strength of the Green Man Old King, everything was random.

This Green Man Old King, he was good at the Green Man Clan's Domain Law, and everywhere the green light went, everything was his domain.

Tang Zichen felt, dizzy all of a sudden.

"Damn it, this Cyan Man Old King has two skills."Tang Zichen cursed in frustration.

At that moment, the Old King of Cyanide had killed Tang Zichen with a palm.

In the domain of the Green Man Old King, he was heaven.

Tang Zichen suddenly swept his sword across.

The sword was as powerful as a rainbow.

The Green Man Old King also felt the power of Tang Zichen's sword and was in awe.Inwardly, he said, "No wonder this kid is so crazy, he has learned such a strong sword from somewhere, if I didn't possess the Cyan Light Domain, I really wouldn't be able to resist this sword of his.Unfortunately, it's in my Cyan Light Domain."

Tang Zichen's sword instantly brushed past the Green Man Old King.

The palm of the Cyan Man Old King, however, hit Tang Zichen.

"Bang."Tang Zichen instantly flew away.

In the Great Thousand Worlds, there were strong people like clouds.

This time, Tang Zichen had missed his plan.

The Green Man Old King was so powerful that Tang Zichen did not expect it.

Tang Zichen's body felt as uncontrollable as a defeated wisp, and he flew away into the distance in no time.


nbsp; Tang Zichen was reluctant inside, "How could my sword fail to hit the Green Man Old King?I'm a Three No-God Sword."

And at this moment, the Green Man Old King was also shocked, "I was so close to being injured by him in my Green Light Realm, gosh, how strong must his sword be."

Tang Zichen landed on the ground with a bang, but Tang Zichen wasn't hurt very strongly, as his body incorporated the material of the divine weapon and wasn't so easily injured.

After Tang Zichen landed on the ground, he flipped over and stood up.

At this time, the Green Man Old King was several thousand meters away from Tang Zichen, and the Green Man Old King's Green Light Field didn't seem to have such a large range.

Thus, Tang Zichen killed up with a sword from thousands of meters away.


Despite being thousands of meters away, Tang Zichen's sword was the Three No Divine Swords, there was already no distance, no matter how far apart, thousands of meters or tens of thousands of meters, it was the same as in front of him.

This sword went up, and sure enough, the old king of the Green Man was miserable.

It struck effortlessly, Tang Zichen couldn't hit it just now in the Cyanide Field, but now, leaving his Cyanide Field was so simple.

"Ah."The Green Man Old King suddenly felt a hole appear in his body and screamed out.

"Swoosh."Tang Zichen was a thousand meters away, continuously swinging his sword to slash, each sword hitting the old green man's body at the same instant.

Within moments, the Cyan Old King was drenched in blood.

Although the Green Man Old King was stronger, his physical strength was weaker than Fa Wu Tian.

Tang Zichen didn't know how many swords he had slashed and stopped.

It had only been a short while, and the Qing Man Old King was already defeated, although he wasn't dead, he was already injured.

"You, how is this possible."The Green Man Old King looked at Tang Zichen from a distance, he couldn't understand why, Tang Zichen was so far away from him, yet he could injure him, and it was completely and utterly impossible to dodge.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Old King Qing Man, what else do you have, make it happen."

"Tang Zichen, what kind of sword have you practiced, why are you so strong."

"It's none of your business."


"What you what you, Green Man Old King, it seems you are nothing more than that."

"Tang Zichen, although I lost, you can't kill me at all."

"That's right, I can't kill you, otherwise, with all those swords just now, I would have cut you to pieces long ago.However, you're still used to drinking my urine last time, aren't you."

"You son of a bitch."The Green Man Old King was furious, remembering the last time he drank Tang Zichen's urine.

"Hahaha, Young Man Old King, one day, you will be proud of having drunk my urine."

After saying that, Tang Zichen didn't bother to talk nonsense with the Green Man Old King anymore.

Tang Zichen looked towards the ground and saw the Green Man's Green Miao, looking at Tang Zichen with burning eyes.

Tang Zichen didn't say anything and said to Fa Lan, "Fa Lan, let's go."


Fa Lan flew to Tang Zichen's side and left in front of everyone's eyes.

Fa Lan asked, "Where are we going now?"

"Back to the Ten Thousand Violet Mountains."

"Ten Thousand Violet Mountains?The Ten Thousand Violet Sage?"

"Right.I think with my current strength, I'm qualified to be king, and I'll set about preparing to be king next, I just don't know where to go."


Tang Zichen took several days to return to the Ten Thousand Violet Mountains.

This time back, Tang Zichen's feeling was completely different.

This time back, Tang Zichen's strength was no longer weaker than the Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage.

In fact, Tang Zichen was looking forward to a duel with the Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage.


However, Tang Zichen and the Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage didn't want to simply find an empty corner, Tang Zichen wanted to open up to the three realms and have a big fight, that way, it would help open up Tang Zichen's reputation and let the Immortal Emperor understand Tang Zichen's current strength.

It was just that this move had the suspicion of using the Ten Thousand Violet Sage, Tang Zichen thought better of it.

"I'm back."Tang Zichen shouted.



Little Fire happened to be at home, Star Luo and Tian Xiang were there, and the rest of the group was absent.

"Hahaha, Brother Minister, you're back, it's been nearly two million years since you've been gone."Little Fire came up happily.

"Tzu-Chen."Tian Xiang and Xing Luo were also filled with blazing eyes.

Little Fire smiled, "I understand, I won't disturb you, I'll go and inform my sister-in-law that they are back."Saying that, Little Fire's smile was ambiguous and left.

Tang Zichen said to Fa Lan, "Fa Lan, let me introduce you, this is Xing Luo, this is Tian Xiang, they are both from the Northern Club Luzhou, they are both my daughters-in-law.Tianxiang, Xing Luo, this is Fa Lan, from the Fa Dynasty, they are also my daughters-in-law."

"Oh."Tianxiang and Xing Luo were not surprised, every time Tang Zichen went somewhere, it was not normal not to bring back a few daughters-in-law. One second to remember to read the book

"Hello guys."Fayashi said in greeting, Fayashi now having figured it out.

"Hello, Fa Lan."

Tang Zichen said to Fa Lan, "Fa Lan, you're going to visit another place."

"Uh, I'm not familiar with it."

"How come you're so ignorant, me and Tianxiang Xing Luo, we have some business to take care of, about two hours."

"Lecherous."Fa Lan glared and walked away with a pout.

Tang Zichen smiled, picked up Tianxiang and Xing Luo and rushed to the distant mountain.

"Hey, what are you doing."

"Tang Zichen, you stop it."Star Luo shouted.

"You two, it's been a long time since I've talked to you alone about my life aspirations, let's talk today."

Tang Zichen came to a nearby mountain, found a mountain, set up a ban, and then began to talk about life ideals.

This chat was three to four hours.

When Tang Zichen returned home, everyone was waiting for him.

"Zichen, you're ridiculous."Mu Qianyi scolded.

"What? I didn't take you to talk about life ideals, you have a problem with that, that's fine, you guys wait, I'll take Qianji out alone."

"Alright, stop it, it's rare to come back, it's not okay to have a good get together, maybe you'll leave again in the middle of the night."Mu Qianji said.

The last time Tang Zichen came back, he gave them the Hong Meng Liquid and then left in a hurry.

"Hahaha, so that's how it is."

"Don't laugh, we're not as dirty as you."

"Alright, everyone sit down, I won't be leaving again this time back."

"Uh, what do you mean?"

"After that, we'll never be apart."


At that moment, Lu Yuxi was the first to notice and said in shock, "Zichen is an immortal."

Everyone observed the momentum and really found that Tang Zichen had a strong Qi, but they couldn't determine the specific realm.

"That's right, I'm a God Immortal now, but unfortunately, it's a Primordial Immortal."Tang Zichen said.

"Zichen, how did you become an Immortal so quickly?"The crowd asked in shock.

"Not so fast, I'm sure you guys can become immortals soon too, remember the liquid from the last time I gave you the Hong Meng?I've got a lot more. Next, I've got two main ones.

The first thing, the first thing, is to find a place to claim the throne and establish a territory of our own, and the second thing, is to make you all immortals."

"Can."Everyone looked at Tang Zichen suspiciously.

"You guys are worried about my strength aren't you?There's no need to worry about that, I dare to call myself king, so I'm naturally somewhat confident."

"By the way, why didn't the Great Sage let me go to him this time?"

Mu Qianji said, "The Great Sage has run into trouble."

"Er, what kind of trouble?"Tang Zichen was busy asking.

"The Great Sage seems to have been very unhappy these past few hundred thousand years."

"Why? Tell me quickly."

"As you know, the Immortal Court is getting stronger and stronger, so perhaps the Immortal Emperor, humiliated by your previous humiliation, has started to strive for strength and cultivate talents at all costs.In the past, the Immortal Emperor was afraid of talent, but now, he is cultivating it at all costs, so the Immortal Court has gained many more strong people in the past million years.About 300,000 years ago, the Three-Eyed War God, openly challenged the Great Sage, and as a result, the Great Sage lost to the Three-Eyed War God.Of course, the Three-Eyed War God also narrowly won, but no matter what, the Great Sage lost.And before, the Three-Eyed War God couldn't beat the Great Sage at all."

"Ah."Tang Zichen was shocked that the Three-Eyed Battle God was able to defeat the Great Sage.

"Why is that?"

"Didn't I tell you that Immortal Emperors don't care to cultivate talent at all costs.In the past, the Immortal Emperor was always afraid that his people were too powerful and always restricted, let alone cultivated.And ever since you took a shit in the Immortal Emperor's bed, the Immortal Emperor felt threatened by it, so he did whatever it took to cultivate talents.The Three-Eyed War God is one of them, and the Three-Eyed War God didn't know what he got from the Immortal Emperor, and his strength increased greatly."

"Damn."Tang Zichen was depressed, he was trying to make a big show of his strength.

"Then where is the Great Sage now?"

"The Great Sage's entire body has become decadent since he lost to the Three-Eyed War God, and he hasn't been seen for three hundred thousand years."

"Where did he go?"

"No one knows, the Ten Thousand Purple Mountain is in an unmanaged situation, if someone came to exterminate the mountain at this time, I'm afraid it would be wiped out in no time, we're on edge every day."

Tang Huan said, "In fact, our worries are not unwarranted, many powers heard that the Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage lost to the Three-Eyed War God, and suddenly they don't have that much respect for the Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage, recently, more and more powerful people are trying to provoke the Ten Thousand Violet Mountain."


"It's understandable, after all, once the Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage was so powerful, the Three-Eyed War God was no match at all, and now, he's been defeated by the Three-Eyed War God.I heard that sooner or later, the Immortal Emperor will send his troops to annihilate the Ten Thousand Purple Mountains, but not so soon, because the last time he annihilated the Fa Dynasty, the Immortal Court also sacrificed over a hundred thousand celestial soldiers, and now the Immortal Court is also saving its strength."

"Alright."Tang Zichen pondered.

"The strength of the Immortal Court has increased, not only the Three-Eyed War God, almost many war gods are stronger, for example, Leng Tian Ling, Gao Xiaolian, Wind and Fire War God, and so on.In addition to that, there's a large reserve of talents."

"Where does the Immortal Emperor get the resources to cultivate?"

"I don't understand this, people are Immortal Emperors after all, there must be quite a lot of Hongshi and other liquids, at least more than you."Tang Huan said.

Tang Zichen possessed a well of Hong Meng Liquid, the Immortal Emperor was afraid that he possessed thousands and thousands of wells, Tang Zichen simply couldn't compare, once the Immortal Emperor was open to cultivation, it was really powerful ah.

This Immortal Emperor was really stimulated.

Had I known, last time Tang Zichen didn't go to stimulate the Immortal Emperor, let him continue to contain the talent and dig his own grave.

"Alright, let's forget about this for now, let's eat first, in a few days, I'll go to the Immortal Realm."

"Are you crazy, what are you going to the Immortal Realm for?"

"Hehe, I also have an inside track in the Immortal Realm."Tang Zichen smiled.

Tang Zichen wanted to go to the Immortal Realm to find Gao Xiaolian, but he just didn't know if Gao Xiaolian would betray him anymore, since Gao Xiaolian was also being trained by the Immortal Emperor.


On that day, Tang Zichen and his family had a joyful meal together.

Tang Zichen planned to stay at home for a month before going to the Immortal Realm, after all, he had to spend time with his loved ones after millions of years away from home.

A month had passed in the blink of an eye.

Tang Zichen immediately departed from the Ten Thousand Purple Mountains.

However, Tang Zichen didn't dare to go to the Immortal Court easily, and even if he did, he had to think of a way to get there.

Tang Zichen came to the East Sea to see if there was anyone who wanted to go to the Immortal Realm, and then Tang Zichen would find a way to hide in it.

"Grandfather."Tang Zichen found the Dragon King of the East Sea.

"Tang Zichen, you're here, where have you been for the last million years, hey, you've become an immortal."

"Yes, grandfather."

The Dragon King seemed surprised.

"Grandpa, I went to the uninhabited area over the South Sea, I almost didn't come back alive, fortunately the South Sea Godni saved me." First URL

"By the way, Tang Zichen, I just came down from the Immortal Realm a few days ago, and I heard the news that the South Sea Divine Nun has married you?"

"Right."Tang Zichen smiled heedlessly, the news really did spread quickly.

"You kid, when did you get married to Godni, it's hard to believe that Godni is even willing to marry you."The King of the Dragon Clan said.

"Grandpa, why can't you marry me, I'm at least the king of men."

"Come on, that South Sea divine nun can't even chase after the Immortal Emperor."

"That son of a bitch, the Immortal Emperor, has actually pursued the divine Nun."

"Nonsense, back then, the divine Nun was also a peerless beauty, and her fame was above the Fairy Mother.That's why the Fairy Mother was so jealous of the Divine Nun.At that time, Divine Nun liked a man, a genius from the Immortal Court, named Jia Ren, who was quite handsome.But the Fairy Mother was jealous of him, so she planned to seduce Jia Ren, and as a result, Jia Ren fell for him.From then on, the divine nun no longer believed in love and left the fairy world.The Fairy Mother repeatedly sent people to kill Godni, but unfortunately, Godni's natural talent exploded and became a generation of strong men, and the Fairy Mother was no longer able to kill her."The Dragon King finished Godni's past in one breath.

"I see, that Fairy Mother is really too small-minded, just because everyone said that Godni is prettier than her, she went to destroy her feelings and kill her."

"Oh, you should be thankful to the Fairy Mother, if the Fairy Mother hadn't done that then, then Godni would have had a bunch of kids with Jaren, and Godni might not have been able to break out of her natural talent, and would probably be an ordinary fairy clerk in the fairy world now."

"Che, I wouldn't want to thank her, grandpa, I'll definitely want you to fuck his fairy mother when I get the chance in the future."

The Dragon King's old face turned red and said, "Tang Zichen, why did you bring it up here again, didn't I tell you, don't say such things in the future."

"Hehe, grandpa, you really are a colored man without guts."


"Grandpa, I can tell that you really want to fuck his fairy mother, and it's probably all become a heart attack for you.If I'm not mistaken, you chased Fairy Mother a lot back then too."

"Ugh."The King of the Dragon Clan sighed.

"Grandpa, tell the truth."

The Dragon King said, "Well, you're right, back then I almost ruined the Dragon Clan to chase after the Fairy Mother, and the Fairy Mother lied to me that she would like me, but in the end, I realized that she was using me, and in the end, she managed to get good with the Fairy Emperor and kicked me out.Poor me, in order to help her, I used all the cherished resources of my dragon clan on her, and in the end, I didn't even hold a finger of her mother.I'm really unhappy inside, I've given so much and gotten nothing, but instead I've harmed my father."

Tang Zichen patted

Dragon King, comforted, "Grandpa, come with me to fuck him Fairy Mother, I'm preparing for a trip to the Immortal World.The Fairy Mother, the bitch, used you back then, used up all the resources of your dragon clan, and in the end, she didn't even let you touch her heel finger, if it was me, I would definitely be unhappy.Grandpa, do it."

The Dragon King laughed bitterly, "But, I'm the King of the Dragon Clan now, how could I do such a thing."

"Grandpa, do whatever you want, fear this or that.Besides, there's no guarantee that anyone will know if you do it."

"I'll be ruined if I do it, how will no one know."

"Grandpa, I'm here to make sure no one knows, I was, at first, able to do it by shitting on the bed of a fairy emperor, helping you fuck his fairy mother, it's not even a thing."

"Oh, even if no one else knows, doesn't the Fairy Mother herself know?"

"Grandpa, I'll put it to you this way, the Immortal Emperor can't do that side of things, and the Immortal Mother has probably been holding it in for billions of years, so think about it.Unless, of course, you can't either."

"Tang Zichen, how do you know?"

"Don't care how I know, I know anyway.In a word, fuck or not?"

The Dragon King thought and thought, inwardly he wanted to do it, but he was afraid that something would happen.

Tang Zichen reassures that with proper planning, it can be done.

Tang Zichen was also ready to go to the Immortal Court and needed someone to work with.

After considering for a long time, the Dragon King still hadn't made up his mind.

"Grandpa, you really have left me unimpressed."Tang Zichen said that the Dragon King's character was really cautious and, to put it bluntly, gutless.

"Tang Zichen, if it was put in the past, I would still have the guts to spell it out, but now, I really don't dare ah.The Immortal Emperor is vigorously cultivating strong people, and now the strength of the Immortal Court is so rapidly increasing that even the Three-Eyed War God has defeated the Ten Thousand Purple Great Sage, I used to think that once something happens to the Dragon Clan, the Ten Thousand Purple Mountain will definitely not ignore it, but now, the Ten Thousand Purple Great Sage himself doesn't even know where to hide.Alas."

"Grandpa, do you really want to miss such an opportunity?"

"Are you sure nothing will happen?"

"I'm one hundred percent sure that the Fairy Mother was naked by you, she definitely won't tell anyone, if she did, where would her face be, the Immortal Emperor might not even want her, so she'll just have to knock her front teeth out of her mouth."

The Dragon King thought about it and said, "Then you'll have to do it with me."

"What do you mean?"

"Just what you think it means."

"Oh shit, Grandpa, I don't think that, I totally want to help you realize your dream."

"What are you doing with me, so I won't be so scared."

"Grandpa, stop it."Tang Zichen rolled his eyes, where was Tang Zichen's interest.

"Alright, then plan first, we'll talk about it then if we do it or not, now tell me your plan."The Dragon King finally agreed.

"Haha, that's my Grandpa Dragon King.If you have a dream, you have to achieve it, otherwise what's the difference with a salted fish."

Tang Zichen told the Dragon King about his plan.

After that, the Dragon King asked, "Is this really okay?"

"Absolutely, now, let's go up to the Immortal Realm and then go to Gao Xiaolian, just like last time, and enter the Immortal Court through Gao Xiaolian's cousin."

"Alright."The Dragon King nodded somewhat worriedly.

After that, the Dragon King took Tang Zichen with him and headed to the Immortal Realm, but of course, Tang Zichen was hiding in the Dragon King's pocket so that he wouldn't be discovered.Even if the Immortal Emperor's Immortal Sense swept over someone so familiar, he wouldn't be able to sense the Dragon King's past and present future, so that he wouldn't find out who the Dragon King was carrying.


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