The King of Kungfu in school 2371-2375


Chapter 2371

Tang Zichen said, "I'm a janitor, who do you think you are again, how dare you lecture me here, have the guts to defeat me."

"Wind Lightning, that's what you said."

"Yes, I said it, if no one here can defeat me, then I'll just keep making a fool of myself."

"Looking for death."After saying that, that shore shell instantly moved his mouth and cast a mysterious spell.

However, at that moment, Tang Zichen said, "Don't cast it, you've damn well lost."

"What do you mean?"Kishi Bey was furious.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Look at your chest."

Kishibai looked down, his face changed, and saw his chest, where someone had cut a hole in his clothes with a sword.

"Ah, who tampered with my clothes."Kishi Bey was furious.

Tang Zichen raised the piece of cloth in his hand and said, "It was me."

"Ah." One second to remember to read the book

"You're no match for me, my sword is so fast you can't even feel it, and if I were to kill you, you'd probably die without even knowing how you died."

"You."Kishi Bey's face changed, was Tang Zichen's sword really that fast?If he was, he really wasn't an opponent.

Tang Zichen shouted, "Who else is there?"

The square was silent, seeing Tang Zichen defeat Kishi Bey so badly, no one had the confidence to defeat Tang Zichen, this guy, didn't even know why he was so powerful.

Standing in front of the city tower in front of the Fa Ji supreme, was also shocked to see Tang Zichen.Kishi Bei he also knew, was a disciple of a high ranking immortal of the Fa Dynasty, but he was no match at all.

Tang Zichen snorted, "What a disappointment, do, the participants on the scene, all think that they are not my opponent?"

Just then, a woman flew out.

"May I have a word with you?"

Tang Zichen looked at the woman, who was very pretty and wore an aqua blue dress that was particularly proper.

However, the person on the ground was shocked, "It's Miss Falan."

"Damn it, this ugly bastard has drawn Miss Falan out."

"Miss Falan couldn't hold it down either."

But Tang Zichen didn't recognize her, swept a glance at the woman and said, "Don't be silly, Miss, I don't hit women."

The woman said, "What, are you afraid of me?That's right, I'm indeed much stronger than Kishi Bey just now."

Tang Zichen said, "You're thinking too much, I mean, you can't even block one move from me, don't come out and embarrass yourself."

The people on the ground were shocked that Wind Lightning dared to talk to Falanashi like that.

However, that Miss Falan didn't get angry, instead, she smiled and said, "Then I want to learn from you even more, it just so happens that I also practice sword secrets, so I can compete with you."

The corner of Tang Zichen's mouth popped, and it was because this chick also used a sword that Tang Zichen said she was no match for him at all.

"Swoosh."That woman rushed towards Tang Zichen, her sword was indeed strong as well, and had a forceful appearance.

"Buzz."Tang Zichen only produced one sword.

"Ah."The woman's face changed, because, only when Tang Zichen's sword came out did she feel that her own sword skills were the difference between a firefly and the sun compared to the other party.

Everyone didn't get a clear look, and Tang Zichen's sword had already been withdrawn.

When everyone looked towards Miss Falan, they saw that Miss Falan's arm had been cut with the sword in the shape of a rose, bloodied rose of course.

"This."Miss Fallon was shocked.

Everyone was also shocked, this completely overturned everyone's perception was.

At the scene, even that supreme Fa Ji, also looked horrified, this sword technique, too brilliant, even he didn't fully see how Tang Zichen did it.

Miss Fa Lan looked at the rose blood mark on her arm and said, "Admirable, I'm convinced that I lost."

Tang Zichen said, "Miss, I'm sorry to admit it, the rose on my arm, consider it my offering to you, don't worry, the scratch is shallow, it won't leave a scar."

"Thank you."Miss Falan nodded slightly.

Tang Zichen had come out with a little bit of strength today, and had already stunned all the people there.

Tang Zichen didn't ask if there was anyone else, and said to Supreme Lady Fa Lan, "Supreme Elder, I don't want to play anymore either, I'm ugly, I'm quitting, you guys go on."After saying that, Tang Zichen directly flew away.

"Hey, wait a minute."That lady shouted.

Tang Zichen turned back and said, "This lady, is there anything else?"

"You're really not going to participate?"

"Forget it, I do look ugly, so don't let that Miss Falan lose your appetite, I'm going back to continue watching the door."

That lady said, "Wind Lightning, to tell you the truth, the Miss Fa Lan that you are talking about is exactly me."

"What? You are that Miss What's-Her-Name Falan."

"Yes, now, may I invite you to stay and run for office?"


"Wind Lightning, as long as you stay, I will definitely choose you to be my escort."Fa Lan.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Forget it, I'm not the right one for you."


"Accompanying a trainer, you have to be at least as strong as you are, and me, you don't even know how I do it, so why should I train with you."

"Ah, this."Miss Falan looked embarrassed, indeed, if Tang Zichen was her escort, there would be no chance to practice at all.

"Farewell, Miss Falan, I'll be staying at your Fa Dynasty, the dormitory area of the janitorial team, you can come to me for a sparring session when you have time."

Tang Zichen turned around and flew away.

Miss Falan watched Tang Zichen's departing figure.

This person was definitely a divine talent, but unfortunately, it was just that his appearance was a bit ugly, Miss Fa Lan looked a bit regretful, and even felt that why did the heavens tease him so much, why didn't they let him look more handsome.

At this time, that man named Kishi Bei flew up and said with a fawning face, "Miss Fashion-san, we can continue the competition now."

That Kishibai really wanted to become Miss Falanashi's escort, and if he succeeded, he would be with Miss Kishibai often in the future, and he would definitely be able to fall in love with him day after day, hehe.

But, Fashion-san: "No need."

"Ah, why?"

"Grandfather, cancel it."

The supreme Fa Ji asked, "Good granddaughter, why don't you continue?Aren't you looking for a chaperone to irritate you?"

"Grandpa, I don't think I need a chaperone, but a teacher."

"A teacher?"

"Yes, that Wind Lightning just now, he's my teacher.Grandpa, I want to go and ask Wind Lightning to be my teacher."


The Fa Ji Supreme announced on the spot that the escort campaign competition was cancelled.

Everyone cursed under their breath and left in disappointment.

Tang Zichen had just returned to his janitorial team's quarters when a beautiful woman arrived.

"Miss Falan, it's you."

"Wind Lightning, can you be my teacher?"

"Oh, Miss Farashi, you think too highly of me, I'm just the janitor."


"Mr. Wind Lightning, why are you so polite, it's too condescending for a genius like you to work as a janitor here."

"Miss Fa Lan, I came to your Fa Dynasty, I just want to be a janitor in peace and quiet, and you shouldn't try to make me take a higher position."

"Why?Someone as talented as you are could have gone on to something more meaningful."

"I think keeping an eye on the gate and protecting everyone, this makes sense."

"Wind Lightning, you can be my teacher."Falan asked eagerly.

"Sorry, I'm not interested."


"Not interested, I have so many personal things I want to do of my own that I really don't have the energy to spare, though if you'd like some guidance once in a while, I can."

"Well, I'll see you some other time then."

"Suit yourself, just don't door."

Fa Lan sighed, this janitor's breeze was really strange, if someone else was so great at it, where would they be willing to be a janitor. First URL

Lan Fa returned to her home.

His grandfather, Fa Ji, was busy asking, "Lan Lan, is that Wind Lightning willing to be your teacher?"



"He said he just wanted to be a janitor, what a strange man, but of course, he said if I didn't understand something, I could ask him."

"What sense could that make."

"There's nothing I can do if people don't want to,"

Fa Ji said, "Barbra, don't you see the potential in him?"

"Erm, I can certainly see that he is so good at subtraction, he must be a remarkable strong man in the future."

"More than that, today's sword was so fast that even I didn't fully see how it was performed, this wind and light clouds, the future is definitely remarkable, I think it's not even a question of surpassing me."

Fa Lan was shocked, "Grandpa, no way, surpassing you?"


"Wow, so powerful."

"It's just a pity that the looks are a bit too ugly, it would be nice if he could be like a normal person."

"Grandpa, what do you mean?"

"I mean, if he could be your husband, that would be great, and our lineage would have a future to look forward to.Unfortunately, it's too ugly to get off."

"Grandpa, what makes you think that."

"Lan'er, what do you think, what does Wind Lightning look like?"Fa Ji asked, seemingly depressed, why not let Wind Lightning look a little better, not for handsome, ordinary appearance would be fine.

Fa Lan said, "In all fairness, it's true that he's ugly, but his sword skills are also really profound."

"Then if you married a him, would you be willing?"

"Grandpa, I can't judge you by your looks, but, alas, it's always a pity."

"Me too, everything's fine, but it's just too ugly."

Unfortunately, they, grandparents and grandson, had no idea, to death, how handsome Tang Zichen's real face had to be.

If Tang Zichen hadn't made himself so ugly, but instead revealed his current face, I'm afraid that this Fa Lan, would have already become obsessed with Tang Zichen.

This was good, it saved Tang Zichen a lot of trouble with women.

Regarding the janitorial team of the Fa Dynasty, the fact that there was a genius named Wind Lightning quickly spread in the Fa Dynasty.

Many people of the same level came to see if Wind Lightning was really that

It was so powerful.

As a result, all the peers who came to challenge Tang Zichen were beaten by Tang Zichen and didn't even know how they lost.

One day three years later.

Fa Lan came to look for Tang Zichen.

"Wind Light Cloud."

"Miss Falan, you're here, what do you want me to guide you on today?"

"Windy, I have a place, do you want to come with me."

"What place?"

"There is a ruin at the end of the sky, I heard that an Ancient Beginning Vicious Beast has appeared, now many great powers have sent people there, do you want to go?"Fa Lan invited.

Tang Zichen was a bit confused, the Beginning Ancient Relic, that was the relic of the beginning of the world, ah, that Beginning Ancient Vicious Beast, was also a vicious beast that appeared at the beginning of the world, this kind of vicious beast was very precious, I'm afraid the Fetal Pill wasn't even this precious, it was reasonable to say that it wasn't Tang Zichen's turn to catch it yet.

"Miss Falan, are you sure I'm qualified to go?"After all, Tang Zichen was only a janitor.

"Of course, you don't know, that Beginning Ancient Ruins, not everyone can enter, only those whose strength is below the Golden Immortal can pass through the gate of the ruins.Those above the Golden Immortal are too powerful and will be blocked by the gate of the relic, which is so tough that my grandfather couldn't break it, and I've even heard that the Immortal Emperor couldn't break it."


"Now, the Immortal Court has sent the best Tai Xian level Sky Wolf Warriors to go, and the rest of the major powers, too.Our Fa Dynasty, we are also now mobilizing the best and strongest."

Tang Zichen said, "Sorry, I'm not interested."

"Ah, it's not even interesting."

"There's really no interest."

"Alright then."

Fa Lan regretfully left.

However, Tang Zichen immediately perked up.

Tang Zichen muttered to himself, "Right, I'm not interested in going with you guys, but I'm interested in going alone by myself."

If he went with Fa Lan, then Tang Zichen would represent the Fa Dynasty, and anything he gained would belong to the Fa Dynasty, Tang Zichen wouldn't do it, he would go on his own and get anything.

Tang Zichen's realm happened to be too immortal, but Tang Zichen's strength was immortal, so after entering the Beginning Ancient Ruins, everyone in the rest of the forces were still not at the mercy of Tang Zichen's abuse.

However, how to get there, that was a problem.

The fact that this Beginning Ancient Relic was so difficult to enter meant that there must be only one import and export, and Tang Zichen alone, as a single power, didn't know if he could blend in.

No matter what, Tang Zi would have to fight it out, that Beginning Ancient level ferocious beast must be caught, such a tonic, eating it would definitely ascend to heaven.

"Lan'er, how is it?Is Windy going?"Falan's grandfather asked.

"Don't go, he has no interest."

Fa Ji scolded, "Forget it, this kind of person is fortunate that he has such a strong talent, but unfortunately he is too conceited, the Beginning Ancient Relic even said that he has no interest, what a frog in a well, it's a pity that I wanted to promote him to see, so that you can go and invite him to enter with you.But he's good, short-sighted and not at all promising."

"Grandpa, why don't I go and invite him again, I also forgot to tell him just now that the Beginning Ancient Relic might be able to find the divine weapon."

"Don't go and invite him, there's only one chance, he's already missed his chance."

"Alas, if we have him along, with his strength, I'm sure we'll have a great success."

"Come on, although his talent is powerful, it's just our Fa Dynasty, if we put it somewhere else, like the Immortal Court Skywolf Battle Team, it might be ordinary."Fa Ji sneered at him.


The next day, the Fa Dynasty's Immortal-level powerhouse led at least two hundred Tai Immortal-level geniuses in a straight line to their destination, the Beginning Ancient Ruins of the End of Heaven.

The End of Heaven, in the very distant west of the Earth Immortal Realm, where there was almost no human population anymore.

The geographical area of the Earth Immortal Realm was incomparably large, but the only ones that were inhabited by humans were the circle in the center, accounting for less than one tenth of the entire Earth Immortal Realm's area, which meant that the places that were currently inhabited by humans, going in the four directions of southeast, northwest, and northwest, were at least ten times more uninhabited.

The End of Heaven was an uninhabited area heading west, and at the speed of the Immortals, it was estimated that it would take more than half a year to reach it.

If it wasn't for the appearance of the Beginning Ancient Ruins, the Immortals wouldn't have gone this far.

Right now, in the Immortal Court.

"Three Eyes, is everyone ready?"

"Back to the Immortal Emperor, prepare to gather a total of 120 members of the Sky Wolf Battle Team as well as retired Sky Wolf veterans."

"Very well, this time, we must enter the ruins and catch that Beginning Ancient level ferocious beast."

"Immortal Emperor, are you sure there really is a Beginning Ancient Grade ferocious beast?"

"Yes. I can't sense it, but my gut tells me yes."The Immortal Emperor nodded his head. Remember the URL

The Beginning Ancient level ferocious beasts existed before the Immortal Emperor even took control of the Three Realms, so he couldn't sense it.

The so-called sensing, to put it in layman's terms, was 'counting', the counting of fortunes, but this 'counting' was 100% accurate, unless it was disturbed by someone or something that could not be sensed.

And Divine Sense, to put it plainly, is satellite scanning, the limit of Divine Sense is very large, not only is there a distance limit, if you hide in a cave, or disguised, Divine Sense is often times unrecognizable.

Right now, the Immortal Emperor was freaking out inside at the thought of the word 'sense'.

It had been so long, and not a fart of Tang Zichen had been found.He couldn't sense Tang Zichen, he couldn't find it with his divine sense scan, and he couldn't find it even more after sending so many celestial soldiers, as if it had evaporated from the earth.Not only Tang Zichen, even his daughter Nian Shi, he? hadn't found it after so long.

The more this happened, the more afraid the Immortal Emperor felt inside.

The Three-Eyed War God seemed to see what the Immortal Emperor was thinking inside and comforted him, "Immortal Emperor, you will always find it, besides, maybe Tang Zichen, he ran away to the remote uninhabited area of the Earth Immortal Realm."

"How could that be, the uninhabited area is unpopulated, and there are many things left over from the Beginning Ancient Era that even I can't know about, it's so dangerous, Tang Zichen wouldn't go that far."

"Immortal Emperor, this time when we go to that Beginning Ancient Remnant at the End of Heaven, maybe we can try to find if there is a Tang Zichen."

"Of course, this person must be eliminated."The Immortal Emperor's gaze was cold, he would personally lead the team to the Ends of Heaven.

Those uninhabited areas, to put it bluntly, were the ones that no one had opened up since the beginning of the heavens and earth, because the Earth Immortal Realm was too large and the number of people so far away was too small to be inhabited.Although the Immortal Emperor was in control of the three realms, he couldn't sense any people or objects from the Beginning of the Ancient Era and before, so those uninhabited areas, the Immortal Emperor didn't dare to wander into.In the unlikely event that he ran into a Beginning Ancient Grade God Demon that he couldn't even sense, he might not be able to carry it.

"Depart."The Immortal Emperor I

Voice Command.

After that, the Three-Eyed War God led the team, and the Immortal Emperor followed suit, heading straight for the End of Heaven.

Of course, it was at the Ten Thousand Purple Mountains at this time.

"Go."The Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage also personally led the group.

Moreover, Mu Qianji also went.

Although Mu Qianji's strength hadn't reached Tai Immortal yet, she had already reached Tai Immortal's fighting strength, so she went along.

Since entering the Ten Thousand Violet Mountain and becoming the disciple of the Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage, Mu Qianji had made very rapid progress, and the Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage predicted that Mu Qianji would definitely become one of his strongest disciples in the future.

"Master, will this trip really take more than half a year?"

"Of course, that's the end of the heavens, no man's land, and that place is just the edge of no man's land, there are deeper and farther no man's land, not to mention us, Immortal Emperors have never entered."The Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage said as he flew.

"Why?Aren't Immortal Emperors fast within the three realms?"

"Yeah, but he's afraid of dying."

"Er."Mu Qianji seemed unable to understand.

The Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage said, "Let me tell you this, after the formation of the heavens and the earth, it was a long, long time since the Immortal Emperor took control of the three realms, and this intervening era was mainly divided into two parts, the first part, the Hong Meng Era, and the second part, the Beginning Ancient Era, these two eras, to say the least, were tens of trillions of years.After the Beginning of the Ancient Era, we entered the third era, which we call the Beginning of the World Era.Why is this era called the Beginning of the World Era? This is because in the Hong Meng Era and the Beginning of the World Era, the heavens and the earth were not completely separated, and in some places, the heavens and the earth were still stuck together.It wasn't until the third era, the era of the beginning of the heavens and the earth, that the entire world almost stabilized, and the heavens and the earth had completely separated, so it was called the era of the beginning of the heavens and the earth.It was also at this time that ten humans first appeared."

"Then what happened?"

"Among these ten humans, the Immortal Emperor was one of them, they were the first humans in this world, no one knows how and who produced this first group of humans, it's like, they appeared out of thin air.The ten of them humans, all of them kept getting stronger afterwards, they all got a divine weapon from before the beginning of the world, the Immortal Emperor got the Heart of Hong Meng, as a result, this Heart of Hong Meng is able to control the three realms."

Mu Qianji felt that that distant era was so mysterious.

The Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage continued, "After the beginning of the world, the first ten humans appeared, after that, the second, third, fourth, and fifth batches of humans appeared, and so, the humans gradually reproduced more and more.And some humans, moreover, were evolved from the afterlife.However, the number of humans was still on the small side compared to the entire area of the earth to begin with, so the humans only gathered in the center of the world, occupying only about one-tenth of the entire world.The other nine-tenths were all uninhabited areas, but just because these so-called uninhabited areas were just areas without human activity, it didn't mean that there weren't any living creatures in these places.These Beginning Ancient Demon Beasts all existed before the Immortal Emperor took control of the Three Realms, the Immortal Emperor couldn't sense them, so the Immortal Emperor didn't dare to go to the uninhabited areas, he was afraid of death."


"I see, so that's why the Immortal Emperor is afraid of death."

The Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage nodded his head.

The sudden appearance of a Beginning Ancient Relic this time made the Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage all rather speculative.

Mu Qianji said, "Master, the Beginning Ancient Ruins are the ruins of the Beginning Ancient Era, and you just said that the earliest group of humans appeared during the Beginning Era of Heaven and Earth, so wouldn't that mean that the Beginning Ancient Ruins we're going to, appeared even earlier than the history of humans?"

"Yes, the Beginning Ancient Ruins might be able to find divine weapons, I don't think any power would let go of this opportunity."

"Since humans only appeared in the third era, the Beginning Ancient Relic, who left it behind."

"I don't know anymore, in the era before the beginning of the world, the heavens and earth were in great turmoil, perhaps it was an ocean in the morning and turned into a mountain at night, in that era, although there were no humans, but there was something else, who knows.The divine weapon we're using now is what's left over from before the beginning of the heavens and the earth."

"Wow, before the beginning of the heavens and the earth, there must have been some powerful creatures left, otherwise who made these divine weapons?Who left it behind?"

"Alright, everyone knows what's going on, let's not talk so much, let's hurry up."

At this moment, in the Fa Dynasty.

After Tang Zichen saw Fa Lan and the others leave, Tang Zichen was also ready to depart. One second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen said to the captain of the janitorial team, "I'm going to close the door for a few years."

"Hehe, Wind Lightning, you go ahead, don't worry, everything is with me, it doesn't matter if you are closed for ten thousand years, the salary will be paid as usual, this captain still has this right."The janitorial captain said with a fawning face.

Tang Zichen pretended to go to the closed-door, in fact, after Tang Zichen left the French dynasty, he immediately looked for a place to disguise himself into a different appearance.

This time, Tang Zichen didn't disguise himself as an ugly pussy, and of course, he didn't disguise himself as a handsome man, but medium, placed in the crowd, the kind that wouldn't cause a stir at all, Tang Zichen needed to be unnoticed.

Tang Zichen quietly kept up with the former method dynasty's team.

Thanks to Tang Zichen's body incorporated the material of the Overturning Mirror, so it had very strong concealment.Of course, if the strong men at the front unfolded their divine sense to investigate, they would be able to spot Tang Zichen, but the strong men at the front didn't know that there was someone following behind them, so naturally, they wouldn't unfold their divine sense to look behind them.

In the blink of an eye, half a year had passed.

Tang Zichen followed the people of the Fa Dynasty and flew in a certain direction for half a year.

Flying at the speed of an immortal for half a year, one could see how far the journey was.

I heard that the end of the heavens that we went to this time was just the edge of the uninhabited area, but of course, at the moment, Tang Zichen didn't know what uninhabited area was, he only wondered how the Earth Immortal Realm was still such a big place.

"Quick, cheer up, there's the End of Heaven ahead."One day half a year later, the strongest man of the Fa Dynasty, Fa Wu Tian, shouted loudly.

It seemed that everyone was feeling nervous after almost reaching the End of Heaven.

Fa Wu Tian, originally wasn't called Fa Wu Tian, later, he rebelled against the Immortal Court and changed his name to Fa Wu Tian, the meaning was clear, he didn't have heaven in his eyes.

After a few minutes, they finally arrived at the legendary End of Heaven.

Tang Zichen found that this place, the End of Heaven, was desolate and lifeless, there was no vegetation on the ground, and there were ravines and some mountains and canyons on the ground, as if they had been chopped by a knife.Looking at the traces, Tang Zichen felt that it was definitely not the traces that an ordinary Immortal battle could leave behind.

"Could it be that this is an ancient battlefield?"

The former methodist had stopped.

Tang Zichen quietly went around to the other side and hid in a stone crevice.

Tang Zichen saw, in front of a piece of hilly ground, the geological layer revealed a one person high crevice, the crevice was dark, but it gave people a profound feeling, as if looking at the dark night sky with a sense of infinite space.

"That's probably the entrance to the ruins, how do I get in with such a small entrance?"Tang Zichen thought inwardly.

I'm afraid that it wasn't so easy to blend in this time after all, so many immortal powerhouses were staring.

Just at this moment, Tang Zichen saw that there were many more coming one after another in the distance.

At a glance, they were actually Immortal Emperors, as well as the Three-Eyed War God.

"Damn, all the Immortal Emperors are here."Tang Zichen was shocked and quickly hid some better in the stone crack, this see, that would be a catch.

In total, the Immortal Emperors had brought over a hundred people, however, Tang Zichen didn't see anyone he knew among them, except for the leader, the Three Eyed War God, and other powerful people.

Next, Tang Zichen saw the Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage bringing dozens more people.

"Qianji."Tang Zichen didn't expect that Mu Qianji had also come.

Of course, there were people who had come earlier.

It was just that none of the people coming from the major powers had grabbed to enter the ruins and seemed to be waiting.

"Master, why don't you go in?"On the other side, Mu Qianji asked.

"Not yet, the entrance to the ruins is still dark, if you go in now, you will surely die, only when the entrance to the ruins is open, can you go in."

"Oh, what kind of relic is this."

"I don't know, when the entrance to the ruins opens, do your best to go forward and try to enter before anyone else."


The rest of the forces were also explained in the same way.

Tang Zichen said inwardly, "It seems that there is no way I can go in under the noses of so many people, and once the opening opens, so many people, they will definitely fight, I'd better go and find out if there are any other entrances nearby."

Tang Zichen was afraid of being discovered by the Immortal Emperor, but safety still came first.

So, Tang Zichen quietly left to this vicinity, other places to see if there were any entrances.If not, then return again.By the looks of it, the entrance wasn't going to open that quickly, a month or two less, or a year and a half more.

Tang Zichen circled back and searched for more than ten days, when suddenly, Tang Zichen saw a bucket-sized black opening exposed under a rock.

"Ah, that's the entrance."Tang Zichen was delighted, the black passage opening was exactly the same as the large opening from before.

Tang Zichen immediately rushed up and lay down near that black passage opening.

He lay down for almost half a month.

Suddenly one day, that black passageway opening emitted a white light from inside, and through that white light, it seemed to be possible to see the landscape inside.

"The passageway opening."Tang Zichen crawled in through that passage opening.

At this moment, on the other side, at that large entrance, the people from the Immortal Court and other forces were also rushing forward.

However, there were too many of them, and everyone squeezed towards that entrance, and they immediately got into a fight.

This fight was so big that the conflict intensified, and the immortal powerhouses of all the forces were fighting as well.Everyone was trying to get in, you stopped me, I stopped you, and no one was able to successfully enter the relic.

Tang Zichen, on the other hand, had already entered the ruins.


Tang Zichen discovered that the ruins, which seemed to be a palace complex that was tens of kilometers in radius, was wrapped in a black shield.There were only two openings, and for some unknown reason, they cracked.One of the openings was bigger, on the south side of the palace, while the other was only a little bit cracked, and it was Tang Zichen who got in.

After Tang Zichen got into that opening, he jumped down from the roof of the palace, his entrance, which happened to be at the roof of a certain palace.

Tang Zichen stood on the ground of that palace, feeling that the air carried an eternal smell, it was an indescribable feeling, as if no one had come for a long, long time to have this ancient and eternal smell!

Tang Zichen surveyed the palace, and in front of it, there was a statue placed.

"A statue?"

What made Tang Zichen strange was that the statue, carved was not a human, not sure what class it was, Tang Zichen had never seen this kind of creature before.

However, Tang Zichen intuitively felt that this kind of creature would be very strong in battle, because his appearance was very strong.

Tang Zichen didn't find anything strange, there was nothing strange about the world.

Tang Zichen walked up and touched the statue.

Suddenly, Tang Zichen had an electric shock-like feeling.

"Ah."Tang Zichen let go of the statue in a panic. First URL

"What's going on?"Tang Zichen was shocked, could this statue still be alive?

Tang Zichen touched that statue again.

The electric sensation of touching it appeared again, and, in that sensation, there seemed to be a message.

"Barang and look at Hagorian splash wax mooshang."

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, "What does it mean?"

Tang Zichen couldn't understand what the incoming message meant.

Tang Zichen didn't want to waste time and looked elsewhere, he had to get some sort of head start before the others came in.

However, what Tang Zichen didn't know was that people from other forces couldn't enter.

Right now, at the other entrance.

The fight was unstoppable.

"Bill, block the entrance, don't let anyone in."

"Yang Hua, guard it."

"Gu Yue Ming, I'll cover, you must go in first."

"Want to go in, no way."

"This relic belongs to the Immortal Court, you troublemakers, don't even think about it."

But whenever one person was about to go in, there would immediately be seven or eight other forces pulling him down.

In mid-air, the Immortal Emperor saw that no one from the Immortal Court had gone in after so long, and became angry, "You sons of bitches, you dare to go against this Emperor."

A strong man sneered, "What are you, you really think you're heavenly, but just a stupid pig who obtained the King of Immortal Emperors by luck."

"Fayan, don't you dare say that again."The Immortal Emperor raged at the man.

"Sorry, my name isn't Fayan, my name is Fa Wu Tian."

"Looking for death."

"Haha, if you have the guts to fight me without using the Hong Meng Heart, I guarantee I'll tear you into hundreds of pieces."

At this time, the Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage also laughed, "Fa Wu Tian, if you want to fight someone, add me to the list."

"Fine, Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage, it seems like it's been a long time since we taught someone a little lesson."


The Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage and Fa Wu Tian joined hands and charged towards the Immortal Emperor.

However, at that moment, the Three-Eyed War God stopped the front and said, "Trying to insult Immortal

Emperor, it's up to you."

Throughout the entrance, the fight was extremely intense.

No one had been able to enter the relics since the beginning.

Tang Zichen alone could have slept at the ruins first.

Unfortunately, Tang Zichen didn't know that and thought that the others had also entered, but in a different direction.

Tang Zichen left the first palace he entered and arrived in a courtyard.

There was a well in the courtyard.

Right now, there was a layer of faint light at the mouth of that well.

"Huh."Tang Zichen felt that light was somewhat familiar.

Immediately, he approached and looked into the well.

"Wow damn."

Tang Zichen saw that in the bottom of the well, the liquid that resembled water was all Hong Meng Qi liquid, and some of it had vaporized and dispersed to the wellhead.

"Oh my god, so much Hongshen Qi?A whole well?"

Tang Zichen was pleasantly surprised, Hong Meng Qi was not something that could be gotten casually, in the Immortal Court, one could only get a drop by fighting to the death for a hundred thousand years, but right now, a well was all.

Tang Zichen immediately sucked hard, and wow, like a heavenly dragon sucking water, all of the Hong Meng Qi liquid in the well entered Tang Zichen's spatial ring.

"Haha, I didn't expect that I got so much Hongyi, it's worthy of being a Beginning Ancient Relic, it's really trembling."

Tang Zichen didn't know that the Beginning Ancient Relic was the second era ah after the beginning of the universe, at that time, humans hadn't even appeared yet.If it was the Hongmeng Era, these Hongmeng Qi were just water at that time, and the water that the creatures drank was the Hongmeng Qi liquid.

Tang Zichen didn't leave a single drop behind, and then immediately searched elsewhere, must find as much as possible, so as to make the trip worthwhile.

Thanks to Tang Zichen's foresight, he found other entrances, otherwise he would still be blocked at the entrance at the moment.

At this moment, at the entrance, there was still a hot fight.

No one was willing to let anyone in, selfishness was really scary, and they all wanted to keep it all to themselves.

Fortunately, they didn't know that there were already people inside, or else they wouldn't be in the mood to fight here.

In the sky, the Immortal Emperor's flesh was smashed twice by the Ten Thousand Violet Sage.

However, Immortal Emperors with the Heart of the Hong Meng, whose bodies immediately polymerized as soon as they were smashed, seemed to be immortal.

Tang Zichen came back to a large palace.

Above the palace, there was a silver stele, and on top of it, there was a basin engraved with a lot of unknown fruits, and next to the basin, there was a sword, which was very peculiar, and Tang Zichen felt, at first glance, very, very sharp, as if, just looking at it, he felt dazzling.

"Wow, an extremely good sword."Tang Zichen exclaimed.

Tang Zichen slowly walked up, his hand caressing the fast stone tablet.

Tang Zichen's brow furrowed deeply, what the hell does it mean?

However, this time, Tang Zichen subconsciously followed that incoming message and read it once: "瘥瘥瘥瘥瘥瘥瘥瘥瘥瘥瘥瘥瘥銝炳炳炳炳炳炳炳炳."

In the next second, a miracle happened, and the plate of fruit that had just been engraved on the stone tablet, as well as the sword, suddenly appeared in reality.

"Ah."How is this possible, this is something engraved on the stone tablet, how did it suddenly become real?

"Is it?What was that spell I was just saying?Or something powerful?"

Tang Zichen didn't care, he put away that fruit and sword first.


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