King of Kungfu in school 2366-2370


Chapter 2366

"Zichen, then what are your plans for the next step."

"Work hard to cultivate and become stronger one day sooner, then I'll be able to go and seize the heavens."Tang Zichen smiled.

"But the people outside, they're still looking for you, the Immortal Emperor is also looking for you, they don't know you have a deal with the Blue Emperor."

"It doesn't matter, things can't always go smoothly, the rest, I definitely have to rely on myself."

At this moment, in the Ten Thousand Violet Cave, the Great Sage commanded, "Someone, go and bring in Tang Zichen."

"Yes, Great Sage."

Tang Zichen quickly arrived at the Ten Thousand Violet Cave, wondering what the Great Sage of Ten Thousand Violet suddenly invited him for, had he figured it out?"

"Pay your respects to the Great Sage."

"Brother Tang, you and I needn't be polite."

"Great Sage, I don't know what you've asked me to come here for."

"Brother Tang, did Blue Emperor really say that he wanted me to help you?" First web site


Tang Zichen lied at the moment and was also a bit nervous, if the Blue Emperor showed up in a few days, wouldn't that be the end of it.

"Okay, Tang Zichen, when you defeat me someday in the future, I will willingly help you and help you seize the heavens.I'll never help you before you're my opponent, even if the Blue Emperor is here, I'll say so."

"Thank you, Great Sage."

"Go, go and strengthen your strength, your family is still free to live in the Ten Thousand Purple Mountains."

"Great Sage's great kindness, Tzu-Chen has no teeth to forget."

"Oh."The Great Sage of Ten Thousand Violet smiled bitterly, there was no great kindness for him, it was just a matter of being forced to do something, he also wanted to see what if Tang Zichen could really defeat him someday in the future and help Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen returned home happy.

Everyone was also happy to hear the Great Sage say so.

Tang Zichen didn't stay at the Ten Thousand Violet Mountains for much longer, and the next day, Tang Zichen was ready to leave the mountain.

Tang Zichen was going to find a way to become stronger, staying at the Ten Thousand Violet Mountain would only make the Great Sage look down on him and would think that Tang Zichen was afraid of the people outside and stay at the Ten Thousand Violet Mountain to hide.

Mu Qianji and the others all went to bid Tang Zichen farewell until they were sent to the boundaries of the Ten Thousand Violet Mountain.

"Go back and wait for me to return."Tang Zichen waved his hand.

The crowd was reluctant to leave, because, Tang Zichen might not return here for a short time after leaving this time, or at least not until he had achieved something.

"Zichen, so many people are looking for you outside, you have to be careful."Mu Qianji instructed.

"Don't worry, if you hear in the future, that a person called Wind Lightning has risen, then you will laugh three times, because, that person must be me."

In order to cause unnecessary trouble, Tang Zichen decided to change his face, change his appearance, and then, change his name to Wind Light Cloud, even the Immortal Emperor couldn't see through him, so no one would know that he was Tang Zichen if he only saw, or even saw with his own eyes, but without going to specifically sense him."


Tang Zichen walked away, his disguise changing into a very ordinary looking man.

The three words Tang Zichen would have to disappear for a while.

"I'm originally Windy and Light, Naive Tang Zichen."

Tang Zichen thought inwardly, his name, wasn't a bit unlucky.

Wind Lightning was his real name ah, Tang Zichen was just the name of his replacement after he crossed over in the mortal realm, did he really need to keep using the three words Tang Zichen?

Moreover, son and minister, and son and minister, how can one call a king by that name, and son

Is, that is, someone's son, a minister, a subordinate?

"Am I, henceforth, to change my name?"

Don thought as he walked away.

"Hey, then who, have you seen this guy?"At that moment, a person in front of him shouted.

When Tang Zichen's eyes looked, the portrait that person was holding in his hand was his.

"Who is this person, what are you looking for him for?"

"This is a felon of the Immortal Court, if you see it, please tell me, and anyone who knows anything about it will be treated with the same crime."That celestial soldier said.

"Oh, a felon of the Immortal Court looks so handsome, so worshipful."

"What did you say?You want to die, don't you?"That celestial soldier roared.

"Haha, I'm afraid you don't have the power."Tang Zichen killed that celestial soldier with a sword and flew away.

After Tang Zichen's disguise changed, it was true that no one recognized him, and everyone couldn't see through him.

Tang Zichen also officially walked in the Immortal Realm under the name of Wind Lightning, continuing his unfinished journey.

One million years later.

"Wind Lightning, what are you still standing around for, go look at the gate."A man with a bearded face yelled at Wind Lightning.

"Oh, it's my turn again."Wind Lightning smiled evilly and walked towards the gate.

This Wind Lightcloud was Tang Zichen.

Right now, he was in a place called the 'Fa Dynasty', a force.

This Fa Dynasty was ranked fifth among the ten most powerful forces in the Earth Immortal Realm.

The Ten Thousand Violet Mountain was only ranked ninth.

This Fa Dynasty was ranked above Ten Thousand Violet Mountains.

After Tang Zichen had changed his name, of course, he would not go to the Immortal Realm again and tossed and turned and came to this Fa Dynasty.

As a result, Wind Lightning became an ordinary janitor in the Fa Dynasty.

Tang Zichen didn't need to be so low key, although with his true strength, he could have become an immortal guest of the Fa Dynasty, but Tang Zichen didn't want to spend too much time, so he took the realm of Tai Xian and became a janitor in the Fa Dynasty, leaving the rest of his time to cultivate the Lotus Peng Body Refining Method, he certainly wouldn't forget about resurrecting his loved ones.

The Lotus Pellet Body Refining Method was very, very difficult, and Tang Zichen had been practicing it for almost a million years and he still hadn't achieved anything.

"Alas, with my talent, I've still gotten nothing, no wonder I can't even practice it successfully as an Immortal Emperor."

"If I can cultivate the Lotus Pellet Body Refining Method, then it will surely become a very big advantage.Because, in this world, even Immortal Emperors have people who want to be resurrected, let alone others.If everyone comes to beg me to resurrect, then wouldn't I be able to command the crowd."

Tang Zichen smiled and sat down in the house in front of the city, then closed his eyes as he cultivated the Body Refining Method and watched over the gate.

Along with Tang Zichen watching the gate, there were dozens of Tai Immortals, they saw Tang Zichen sitting down to practice again, and they all grunted, "This Wind Lightning, he's slacking off again, what the hell is he practicing, the Fa Dynasty is inviting him to watch the gate."

"Forget it, seeing how ugly he looks, he's also pitiful."

"In the name of his ugly looks, I would have reported him long ago."

Everyone said one sentence after another, their words fell on Tang Zichen's ears, but unfortunately, Tang Zichen didn't have any psychological fluctuations, as if it didn't have anything to do with him.

Tang Zichen's current disguised appearance was very ordinary looking, with thick lips, a collapsed nose, a high forehead, and thinning hair, it was simply unbearable to look at.

Tang Zichen thought this was good, at least it saved him a lot of trouble from women.


Just like that, Tang Zichen was quietly doing what he wanted to do in the Fa Dynasty.

However, cultivation was not easy, Tang Zichen, who had become a late stage Tai Xian, wanted to move on and become a Golden Immortal, but without any great opportunity, it would be difficult to achieve in a short time.

Until one day.

"Have you heard about it ah."


"Our supreme predecessor of the French Dynasty wants to find a companion for his granddaughter."

"What kind of a chaperone?"

"The one who accompanies his granddaughter in her cultivation."

"Which one is the supreme one's granddaughter that you're talking about, the supreme one has many granddaughters, right?"

"I don't even know that, of course it's the most outstanding one's granddaughter, the granddaughter with poor qualifications, the Supreme Being won't even look at it."

"Wow, it's Fa Lan, then wouldn't many people want to become her escort, after all, Fa Lan is the most favored granddaughter of the Supreme Being, this can also indirectly raise the status of the escort, even, they can get rewards from the Supreme Being." Remember the URL

"More than that, as long as whoever can become the Supreme's escort, and, whoever makes Fa Lan successfully step into the Golden Immortal, will be rewarded with a Second Grade Fetal Pill."

"Holy shit, no way."

"Of course it's true, Miss Fa Lan has been trapped in the late stage of Tai Xian for a long, long time and has taken several birth pills, but she hasn't been able to step into the Golden Immortal.Even Supreme Senior doesn't know what method to use to stimulate her to step into the Golden Immortal.That's why Supreme Senior said to look for a chaperone, the entire Fa Dynasty, and even the entire Southern Corner Region, anyone whose realm is the same as Miss Fa Lan's, has a chance."

"Wow, let's go sign up then."

"Che, do you think anyone can sign up for that?We janitors, let's not think about it, those who can work with Miss Falan as an escort must at least be super geniuses, we're nothing."

Tang Zichen, who was cultivating, opened his eyes.

Tang Zichen heard that there was a Level 2 Fetal Pill, as long as there was a Fetal Pill, Tang Zichen would be interested in participating.

"Hehe."Tang Zichen smiled and stood up.

Tang Zichen's colleague said at once, "Wind Lightning, what are you laughing at, you don't want to sign up too, I see that you're not asking for trouble, just your appearance, Miss Falan sees once and vomits once, what's there to talk about improving."

"That's right, ugly to admit, it's not your fault to be ugly, but it's your fault if you go to disgust Miss Falan."

Tang Zichen looked at the two colleagues, these two, one called Mirror and one called Fatty, often undermined Tang Zichen, saying that Tang Zichen was ugly and so on.

The two of them were the powerful two out of the ten people in the third team of the Gatekeeper Brigade of the French Dynasty.

The Gatekeeping Brigade of the French Dynasty had a total of five teams of ten people each, and Tang Zichen was in the third team of the Gatekeeping Brigade.

Tang Zichen hadn't shown his strength, so he was anonymous in the third team, a bit like a mixed 'salary'.

That Mirror and Fatty, who were the strongest two in the third team, for some reason, always mocked Tang Zichen for being ugly, often with all kinds of sarcasm.

In the past, Tang Zichen didn't even bother to meet with the two little people.

But now, Tang Zichen kind of didn't want to endure.

That Mirror saw Tang Zichen staring at them and bellowed, "Windy, what are you looking at, why don't you get to work and go over to the north wall and take a look."

That fatty said, "Go over to the north wall, and pack a roast duck for me on the way back."

Tang Zichen snorted, "Silly two."

"Er, what did you just say?"Mirror wondered if he'd misheard.

"I say, silly two, is that clear enough?"


p; "I grass, you don't want to live."Mirrorton's anger rushed up.

"Slap."In the next second, Mirror himself didn't even know what was going on, and was slapped down to the ground.

"You."Mirror looked up angrily at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen went up again and stomped on Mirror's head.

"Be careful from now on, otherwise, I don't mind getting you killed, and if I see you guys more handsome than me again, then I'll beat you until you're crippled."After saying that, Tang Zichen walked away.

Fatty was busy saying, "Mirror, what's going on, aren't you the strongest of our three teams?"

"Fuck."Mirror spat out the blood in his mouth and said angrily, "Son of a bitch, I didn't expect that he still had some strength, I just momentarily underestimated the enemy, otherwise, he would have been able to defeat me so easily?Believe it or not, Fathy, if I'm ready, he's never going to beat me down that easily."Mirror seemed like he wanted to wrestle back some face.

"What do you mean, Mirror, it's not that easy, but in the end, you still want to get knocked down?"

"Ah, this, fuck, I don't know why this son of a bitch, why is he suddenly so strong."

"Mirror, what should we do now, if he sees later that we're not uglier than him, he'll have to take care of us."

Tang Zichen came to the janitorial team's captain's office.

The captain of the janitorial team, a person who had reached the pre-Golden Immortal stage, was in charge of arranging and coordinating the janitorial team.

"Knock knock."

"Come in."


"Hey, Wind Lightning, what are you doing here?"

"Captain, I heard that Miss Fa Lan is looking for an escort, and the supreme senior of the Fa Dynasty said that all late Tai Xian people have a chance, right?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Of course, theoretically, but also practically, well, the reality is that our janitorial team, there's only one quota to participate."The captain said.

"Erm, there's only one quota, so let me have that quota."Tang Zichen said directly.

That captain clearly had a 'what are you?' expression.

"Wind Lightning, go back and watch your gate."The captain said straightforwardly.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Captain, I'll ask you one more time, the quota is given to me, otherwise, do you believe it or not, I'll have my knees kneel in front of me and give me a root."

"You."The captain was furious, a janitor under him dared to say such words to him.

"Wind Lightning, do you want to die."The captain yelled.

Tang Zichen sneered, "I'll let you live and die if I want you to, it all depends on my mood, I don't want to cause any trouble, so you'd better play it smart for me."

"Go to hell."The captain couldn't help it and rushed out.

Although this captain was a pre-Golden Immortal, but, Tang Zichen's combat power was to reach the initial stage of Immortal, where was the opponent.

Tang Zichen casually went out with a sword.

"Puff."The captain didn't even know what had happened, and he was hit in the chest with a sword.

"Ah, you."The captain's eyes stared at him, Tang Zichen was obviously a Tai Xian, why did he spike him.

"Pah."Tang Zichen slapped it, there was a loud bang.

"You what you, I told you to play it smart, do you hear me."

"You."The captain was furious again, his face burning with pain.

"Slap."Don Zichen slapped again.

"Try 'you' one more time."

"Windy, you."





Tang Zichen slapped a dozen times in a row.

Finally, honestly, that captain didn't dare to say a word anymore, wanting to cry, he also wanted to resist, but, before he even made a move, the slap came down on his face, and all his attacks went up in smoke, he didn't even know how the wind was blowing.

Tang Zichen took the good news and said, "Captain, is there any doubt about this?Is the spot on our gatekeeper team for me?"

The captain said with anger, "I can give you the only slot, but I'm not good at explaining to you about Medicine Shao."

"What Medicine Shao, if he has a problem with it, just come to me directly, I'll treat him to a root."

The captain was furious inside, just now Tang Zichen also said to invite him to eat, damn, what an insult.

Tang Zichen left first.

A Golden Immortal's janitorial team captain, Tang Zichen didn't need to face him at all. One second to remember to read the book

There was still more than half a year until the selection of Miss Falan's escort.Half a year was considered short because of the need to prepare in advance, and those who participated in the selection were not only people from this dynasty, but also the entire Nanshi region.

Tang Zichen returned to the third team of watchmen.

Tang Zichen immediately saw two people, Mirror and Fatty, sitting at the door and angrily talking about something.

Tang Zichen listened carefully, but it was related to him.

"Niang Xi Pi's wind and light clouds, I respect his old mother, he's such an ugly person, he wants us to become even uglier than him?Doesn't he know he's the ugliest man in the world."

"Dead Ba's wind and light clouds, I, Fatty West, don't listen to him, I'm going to be handsome and walk in front of his door every day."

"This ugly man, so ugly that even we feel a thousand times more handsome than him, what a sad state of affairs in the world of ugly people."

Tang Zichen was at the door, smiling slightly, these two sons of bitches seemed to have a lot of grievances and were scolding Tang Zichen behind his back.

Tang Zichen walked in at once.

"Er."Seeing Tang Zichen, the two men were startled.

Tang Zichen said, "It seems that you guys really want to be crippled by me, I've been out for so long and you guys still look better than me, in that case, I'll be rude."

Mirror said, "Fatty, let's go together, you attack the front and I'll attack the back, I don't believe I can't beat this bastard to vomit blood."


The two of us, Mirror and Fatty, rushed up one behind the other.



As if hitting a mosquito, Tang Zichen snapped twice, knocking the two men to the ground.

"Ah."Mirror and Fatty were both dumbfounded, and together they were both spiked.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Even you guys dare to fight me, normally I just keep a low profile, I don't want to be common with you two little people, I didn't expect you guys to rub your noses in it, I'll give you half a pillar of incense, if after half a pillar of incense, you still look better than me, then, you understand."

After saying that, Tang Zichen took out a cone of incense and burned it.

Mirror and Fatty looked at each other, and in the next moment, they suddenly climbed up and rushed to their respective dormitory rooms.

Mirror cursed inwardly, "What the hell, he's already so ugly, how do I make myself uglier than him?"So Mirror took the scissors and first cut his hair like a chicken nest.

Half a pillar of incense passed, and Tang Zichen shouted, "Time's up."

Two people came out.

Tang Zichen saw at once that both of them had made themselves up like ghosts.

Tang Zichen said, "Remember, keep your ugly looks from now on, once you find out one day that you're better looking than me, I'll beat you once I see you.Do you hear me?"

"Heard that."


/> "Heard that."

"Don't mix it up yet, go out to work, check out the North End, and bring me back a roast duck on the way."


The two men bit their teeth and left.

Tang Zichen nodded his head in satisfaction, what a tiger, when he was a sick cat.

Quiet and Fatty left the dormitory and didn't go to North City, but headed to the captain's office of the janitorial team.

"We must report to the captain."

"Yeah, we'll keep this ugly face now and go see the captain and let the team lighten up on how they forced us to do this."

"If the captain sees us like this, I don't believe he won't do anything."

"When the time comes, if Wind Light Cloud doesn't lose three layers of skin, I'll take his last name."

"We know the captain's character, we can't tolerate a bit of sand in our eyes."

At this moment, in the janitorial team captain's office.

The captain touched his puffy face and slurred his words, cursing, "Son of a bitch."

Having just been slapped so many times by Tang Zichen, it was now swollen, both sides of his face were swollen into a ball, and it couldn't go away using any method.

Just at that moment, there was a knock on the door.

"Knock, knock."

"Captain, it's me, Mirror, open the door."

"Captain, it's me too, Fathy, open the door."

The captain was depressed, "At this time, what are they doing here, I was beaten by Tang Zichen like this, I can't be seen by them, otherwise where will my future prestige be."

So the captain pretended that no one was there and ignored it.

"Bang."At that moment, the door was banged open.

"Who are you and why are you in the captain's room."Mirror yelled when he saw a fat man.

"Where's the dead fatty that's hiding in our captain's room, say, what are your intentions."That fatty yelled as well.

The captain was depressed, "I am the captain, what are you doing here, why are you dressed like this."

"Ah, you're the captain?"


"This?Captain, what's wrong with you?"

The captain, of course, didn't dare to admit it and grunted, "I was attacked by a highly poisonous monster, so my face is swollen."


"Alright, you guys are fine, hurry up and leave."

"Captain, please do us justice."

"Pounce."Mirror and Fatty both kneeled down.

"What the hell do you guys want?"Captain a roar.

"Team Light Cloud, he even hid his strength, not only did he beat us, he also said that we should stay uglier than him every day, otherwise, we'll be beaten once we see each other, and we're now made up to look like this ghost, he's the one who forced us to do it."

"Captain, you have to do it for us."

The two men kowtowed repeatedly in request.

The captain was depressed, he himself was swollen into a pig's head, what's the point of making a decision.

However, the captain didn't dare to say anything, so he had to say, "You guys go back first, you'll talk to Wind Lightning tomorrow."

"Thank you, Captain."

"Captain, we'll go back first then."

"Go go go."

The captain said inwardly, "Tomorrow, I can only go and talk to Wind Lightning, I hope he better be sensible, if he is willing to be honest, I won't make things difficult for him, otherwise, if it gets too big, no one will have a good time."The captain secretly shook a fist.

Right now, Tang Zichen was practicing himself.

Today's incident was just a minor incident, but if you signed up anyway, it would be half a year before you could run for election.


The next day, Tang Zichen was practicing when Mirror and Fatty came over.

Tang Zichen opened his eyes and saw that they were more handsome than Tang Zichen again today.

Moreover, the two of them seemed to have walked up to Tang Zichen on purpose.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Are you two looking for death?And you deliberately walked up to me."

Mirror said coldly, "Wind Lightning, I've already informed the captain of what happened yesterday, do you think, you can still force us to dress up even uglier than you?"

"That's right, Windy, just wait, the captain will be here soon to take care of you."

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed slightly, wondering if they were lying, Tang Zichen had already beaten the captain into a pig's head yesterday, and the captain still dared to come after him?

"If you dare to try lying in front of me again, I believe I'll break your neck."

"Haha, lie, do you need to."

Just at this moment, footsteps came from outside.

"Haha, the captain is here." First URL

Sure enough, Tang Zichen looked up, and the captain of the janitorial team came.

"Haha, captain, you're here, this kid actually dares to be arrogant."Mirror said happily.

At this moment, the captain looked a bit bad, the swelling of yesterday's pig's head had gone down.

The reason why he came today was not really looking for what Tang Zichen was doing, but to make it clear, after all, he was the captain, if Tang Zichen was doing this every day, how else, let's see how Tang Zichen would be willing to behave, don't tear down his stage, everyone's well water does not offend the river.

The captain said, "Mirror, Fatty, you guys go outside and wait, I'll settle this with Wind Lightning behind closed doors."

"Hehe, Captain, I understand."Mirror smiled and seemed to understand, then looked at Tang Zichen with a smug face and said, "Enjoy yourself, kid, hahaha."

That fatty also looked at Tang Zichen's smug face and laughed.

The captain glared at him, making it look as if he was going to shut the door and beat up Tang Zichen's.

He closed the door just because he didn't want to be embarrassed by them seeing him.

Mirror and Fatty walked out and closed the door.

Captain Ton set up a restraining order.

Tang Zichen looked at the captain with cold eyes, just to see what he wanted to do.

After the restraining order is set, Team Light Cloud, I think we need to have a talk."

"Talk about what?Did you think I didn't beat you enough yesterday?"

The captain was a bit angry and said, "Wind Lightning, if you say that, you're a bit disrespectful to me as the captain, no matter what, I'm also the captain of the janitorial team."

"Which so what, is the captain of the janitorial team of high status?You think being a janitor makes you proud, don't you?Do you want me to slap you first."Don said holding up his palm.

"You."The captain recoiled in fright.

Tang Zichen yelled, "You dare to back away?Who told you to back off?Come here."

"Windy, don't bully me too much."

"I told you to come here."Tang Zichen raised his palm and shouted.

The captain was so depressed at the moment, I should have known better than to come to him, hell knows why he's such an unreasonable person.

"Wind Lightning, I advise you not to do anything."The captain slowly moved to Tang Zichen's front.

"Pah."Tang Zichen slapped down hard while his mouth grunted, "Calling you arrogant."

"You."The captain looked angrily at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen said, "This is what you brought to my door, I don't have the heart to waste time with a small character like you, since I'm going to run into the

Here, I'll take it as a pastime to spice things up."

"You're simply a bully."The captain gritted his teeth.

"If you think I'm too much of a bully, then I am, and in the future, I don't want to see you more handsome than me, I'll hit you once if I see you, do you hear me."

"Don't you go too far."

"Pah."A slap.

"Too much?Which do you think is too much, me slapping you or twisting your head off?"

"Yah yah.Wind Lightning, what do you want to do to make peace with me?"The captain asked angrily.

"Why should I make peace with you, if you don't come and mess with me, I don't have time for you, so get out."

"Windy, it won't do anyone any good if you make a scene."The captain threatened.

"Pah."Tang Zichen slapped the captain so hard that he broke through his restraint and then flew out the door.

Outside the door, Mirror hehehe laughed, "I wonder how badly the wind will beat up when we go in later."

"With that cautious heart of the captain, do you think Wind Lightning will be better off?The captain is famous for being a villain, people have some small backgrounds in the French Dynasty, who would normally dare to provoke him, our janitorial team, except for that Pillow who is someone the captain wouldn't dare to offend, the rest of us are all allowed to be ravaged by the captain."

Just at this moment, there was a boom.

A silhouette crashed through the fence and rushed out, falling to the ground before being buried in the ruins of the fence.

Mirror shouted, "Wow shit, the captain is really fierce, he just knocked that kid out of the wall."

Fatty was busy, "Mirror, the time for revenge has come, look at me."

Waste Fatty West saw a pail of urine in the corner not far away, and suddenly picked up that pail of urine to cover the person in the ruins who was struggling to get up.

At this moment, that captain's heart that anger went, Tang Zichen actually did not give any face at all.

The captain was about to climb up, but at this moment, a shadow overhead fiercely covered down.

"Wow."The captain's head suddenly fell backwards into the urine bucket.

"Hahaha."Mirror and Fatty laughed as they watched 'Windy' who had his head stuck in the urine bucket.

"Boy, you've had your day."Fathy said.

The captain was furious and was about to crack open the urine bucket, when there was a roar, "Look at me again."

The words didn't come out of the open-mouthed captain's mouth, and he felt a big pile of something fly into his mouth.

"Hahaha, hahaha."Fatty and Mirror laughed again.

At this moment, at the wrecked gate, Tang Zichen looked speechlessly at the two idiots, Mirror and Fatty.

However, that captain was also really miserable, just now Tang Zichen had used too much force, the captain was not lightly injured, otherwise, at the moment, Mirror and Fatty, it was not so easy to cover his urine bucket and stuff him with animal dung bar.

The captain quickly spit, the mouth of the animal dung by the strong force, suddenly sprayed out.That jet out of the beast dung, swoosh, instantly sprayed into the mouth of the laughing Fatty and Mirror.

"Ah."The laughter stopped abruptly.

The captain crawled out from the ruins, wiped the urine all over his face, and said angrily, "You guys have revolted."

Mirror and Fatty also spat out the beast dung from their mouths for a moment, seeing that the person in the ruins was the captain, they were both stupid.

Tang Zichen, who was now standing in the doorway watching with cold eyes, snorted, "Three fools."Then, Tang Zichen flung his sleeves and turned around to go inside.

"Yah yah."The captain trembled with anger.

Tang Zichen sat down to practice in his quarters, and they didn't come back in to disturb him, but there was a pig-killing roar from outside from Mirror and Fatty.


Tang Zichen's prestige in the janitorial team was established.

No matter if it was the captain, or Mirror, or Fatty, none of them dared to look at Tang Zichen in the eye.

They were obedient, and Tang Zichen didn't bother to pay attention to them.

However, there were plenty of people who were unhappy with Tang Zichen.

Those who rushed to find trouble with Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen took care of them all.

Just like that, half a year had arrived.

The day of the Miss Falan of the French Dynasty's escort contest had arrived.

On this day, Tang Zichen and all the late Tai Xian people came to a square in the Fa Dynasty.

In total, there were as many as thirty thousand people running for the competition.

These thirty thousand people were all at the level of Tai Immortal, and since they had the confidence to come and participate, they must all be very confident in their talent.

Tang Zichen stood among the 30,000 people and looked very small, as he was plainly dressed and even more ordinary in appearance, standing in the crowd, he would almost be overlooked. Remember the URL

Around nine in the morning.

A strong person from the Fa Dynasty flew out, this person was the supreme senior of the Fa Dynasty, named Fa Ji, a high ranking immortal, of course, Fa Ji wasn't the strongest person in the Fa Dynasty, but he was one of the strongest few people in the Fa Dynasty.

"Everyone, thank you very much for coming to participate in my granddaughter's escort contest, I hereby guarantee to you all that whoever can eventually become my granddaughter's escort and successfully help my granddaughter step into the Golden Immortal, then I will reward him with a Second Grade Birth Pill.As you all know, a Second Grade Birth Pill can give those above Xuan Xian and below Golden Immortal a half chance of upgrading one layer; or of course, it can also allow those below Xuan Xian to upgrade two layers, you are all still too immortal and still within the scope of the birth pills, so good luck everyone."

The thirty thousand participants were excited.

"Here, I'll talk about the requirements, after all, my granddaughter Golden Bough, and as her escort, you may need to stay together for a long time, so to be my granddaughter's escort, you need to look a certain way, so if you think you're ugly, you can automatically opt out."

The crowd of 30,000 bustled for a while, but they even asked for face value.

A few minutes later, almost three thousand people, silently chose to quit, these three thousand quitters', all of them knew they were ugly looking, it was better not to be embarrassed, quit.

Tang Zichen stood indifferent to the crowd.

At this time, many people around Tang Zichen looked at Tang Zichen, seemingly wondering why this guy still had the cheek to stand here.

Tang Zichen's disguised appearance was ugly.

"What are you looking at."Tang Zichen snorted.

One of the people behind him said, "Hey, this Immortal Friend, didn't you just hear the supreme Fa Ji say, extremely ugly auto-exit?Because the ugly ones can't be chosen."

Don Zichen said, "If that's the case, then why are you standing here?"

"What did you say?Me?"

"Yeah, you're so ugly, why don't you just quit."

"Fuck you, open your eyes and see who's ugly."

"You're ugly to the soul."

"You mother than."

That man suddenly shouted, "Supreme Senior, here's an ugly guy who doesn't quit."

At this shout, many people looked over.

As expected, everyone felt so ugly when they saw Tang Zichen's face, and they secretly said, "Who gave this ugly monster the courage to continue standing here?

The Supreme Fa Ji looked at Tang Zichen and frowned, inwardly saying, "This kid is too ignorant!

Zhi Ming, grown up like this and still want to continue participating?"

However, Fa Ji could not say anything to his face and said with a smile; "This little friend, may I ask what your name is?"

"My name is Wind Lightning, I am currently a member of the French Dynasty's janitorial team."

"Oh, Wind Lightning, I just said that my granddaughter's chaperone is in need of a certain appearance, did you hear that ah?"

Don nodded, "Of course I hear you, you said that those who think they're ugly can opt out, but I think I'm some of the best looking out of all the contestants here."

"Ow."Fa Ji Supreme almost spat out when he heard Tang Zichen say that he was the more handsome one.

The rest of them also sneered at Tang Zichen, who dared to say he was handsome even though he looked like this.

Fa Ji Supreme said, "If that's the case, then you should continue to participate."

Inwardly, the Fa Ji Supreme thought, "It's useless for you to participate, so ugly don't tell me, my granddaughter would lose her appetite if she saw it."

Fa Ji Supreme shouted, "Next, everyone, let's get into the competition.Let's start with an elimination match."

At that moment, Tang Zichen shouted, "Wait."

"Wind Lightning, what are you doing?"Fa Ji supreme asked with dissatisfaction, he didn't even want to take care of such an ugly person.

Tang Zichen said, "Everyone says I'm ugly, in that case, I'm in no mood to continue the competition.How about this, now if anyone can defeat me, then I'll immediately quit."

"Wind Lightning, who do you think you are?"A man who stood not far from Tang Zichen snorted coldly.

Tang Zichen immediately stood in mid-air and shouted, "Everyone, as long as someone can defeat me, I'll withdraw unconditionally, of course, it's fine to go together, there's no requirement that it has to be one-on-one, you can go together, or even, more than 20,000 people on the scene."

The whole arena was shocked, this man was too crazy.

"Go on, slash him."One of the men who thought he was good in strength got angry and was the first to kill Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen didn't even look and backhanded his sword.

"Wow."The man's face changed, and in the next second, his body was covered in holes, and he fell to the ground weakly.

"How was it?Anyone else on?"

Tang Zichen was so strong when he struck, and indeed, it shocked the people who were just yelling to give Tang Zichen a little bit of a fight.

That Dharma Supreme, who wanted to blow Tang Zichen away, however, seeing that Tang Zichen was so strong, he didn't say anything.

In the scene, a man slowly flew out.

When everyone saw this man, they were shocked.

"He's the genius of the French Dynasty, Kishi Bey."

"I'm dizzy, a very famous genius like Kishi Bey is also participating."

"Of course, although Kishibai is a more famous genius in the Fa Dynasty, he also wants to become Miss Fa Lan's escort ah.Moreover, he might even be able to get Miss Fashiro's favor."

Many people recognized Kishibai.

However, Tang Zichen didn't recognize him, and looking at his attire, he should be a more powerful figure.

"Wind Lightning is it."Kishibai flew up into the air and said.

"Yes, I am Wind Lightcloud."

With a displeased look on his face, Kishibai said, "Wind Light Cloud, you're very pushy."

"Really? Your Excellency seems to have a problem with me ah."

"Wind Lightcloud, today's competition is prepared for everyone, but now, it hasn't even started yet, but you've come out to make a fool of yourself, who do you think you are."


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