The King of Kungfu in school 2361-2365


Chapter 2361

"Run, my teammates, they're searching this area right now, in case they're discovered."

"If they do get discovered, then let's just kill all the members of your Sky Wolf Battle Team, anyway, with my current strength, it's too easy."Tang Zichen said.

Leng Lone Moon asked, "Kill even me?"

Leng Lone Moon seemed to be afraid of hearing answers that he didn't want to hear, after all, it was a matter of his life and death.

Tang Zichen laughed, "What do you think, how could I kill my little baby."

"You, what do you mean."Leng Lone Moon blushed.

"You're my little baby ah."

"Don't be ridiculous."Leng Lone Moon bit her lips and lowered her head.

"Last time, if I hadn't been killed by Nian Qing, then I would have married both you and Ao Ba at the same time.Although I didn't end up marrying you, but you'll always be my little baby, hehehe."

"Fleshy to death."Leng Guolue stared shyly, but she was sweet as hell inside.

Tang Zichen said, "Is there any time now." Remember the website

"Where to?"

"It's certainly a good time to catch up after such a long time."

"But I'm leading a search for you, and I'm afraid my teammates will be returning later."

"You're the team leader, you make the arrangements."

"How about tomorrow then?We've also been searching continuously for hundreds of thousands of years, and we're all grumbling a lot and would love to take a break, so why don't I announce tomorrow that everyone is taking a half month break.Then, we'll make an appointment for a location?"


"So where is it convenient for you to go?"Leng Lone Moon blushed at the question, she felt very shy, taking the initiative to ask people where to go conveniently, engaging in a secret affair like.

"All of them can ah, I can go to all of the world."Tang Zichen said with a wave of his hand.

"Bragging, the whole of the Immortal World is searching for you right now."

"Haha, the question is have they searched for you?"

"Alright, I'm not going to argue with you, so tomorrow, we'll meet up here, and tomorrow I'll announce that after everyone rests for half a month, I'll come back here alone and pretend to search."


At that moment, there was movement in the distance.

"Tang Zichen, go quickly, a team member has returned."

"Still calling me Tang Zichen, I'm not leaving if you call me that."

"Stop it, just go."

"Not going unless you change your name to one that has been called."

"What do you want me to call?"

"Bark a little sweetheart."

"I don't want it."Leng Lone Moon was shy, with her personality to call out a little sweetheart, that was something she could never do.

"Then I won't leave and let them find me."

"Don't make a scene."

"I'm not leaving until I scream."

The movement in the distance was getting closer.

Leng Lone Moon had to summon up the courage to call out in a small voice, "Little heart."

"Hehe, that's my little baby well."

"Hurry up."

"See you tomorrow."

Tang Zichen disappeared.

Not long after, the two Skywolf members returned.

"Hey, Captain, why is your face a little red?"One of the team members asked.

"Red your head."

"Haha."Another team member: "Must be getting my period."

"Scram."Leng Lone Moon's gaze was cold, scaring the two team members into running.

That night, Leng Lone Moon said to the dozens of Wolf Battle Team members, "Brothers and sisters, we've been searching for the traitor Tang Zichen on this trip for hundreds of thousands of years continuously, right?"

"Nonsense, you still know it's been hundreds of thousands of years in a row."


sp;Suddenly, all the team members cursed, seemingly dissatisfied.

"Team leader, we are human beings, we need to rest ah, besides, those big people can't even find it, how can we find it.We're just out for show, and you're really taking it seriously."

"Team leader, almost a year and a half of vacation."

Leng Lone Moon said, "That's fine, starting tomorrow, half a month's vacation."

"What, contact search for hundreds of thousands of years, and you're just taking half a month off?"

"I'm not convinced, it's too little."

"Put it away for at least six months."

"Yeah, at least six months."Everyone yelled.

Leng Lone Moon also wanted to stay longer with Tang Zichen, so he nodded, "Alright then, three months, no more."

Everyone could only reluctantly agree.

Just like that, all the team members ran away that night.

Leng Lone Moon returned alone to an inn in the Earth Immortal Realm.

However, as soon as Leng Lone Moon walked into the door of the room, he saw what appeared to be a person lying on the bed, but covered by a blanket.

"Who."Leng Lonesome Moon shouted.

Tang Zichen lifted the blanket and smiled, "It's me."

"Ah, you."

"I followed you to this town, and when I saw you and those team members having dinner, I returned to your room first, and then I washed my hands and waited for you."

"Don Zichen, how dare you, you're crazy."

"Don't worry, no one will know, why do you still call me Tang Zichen, forget about that little sweetheart this afternoon."

"Tang Zichen, I'm not joking with you, you're really easy to find if you run around like that."

"Alright, I have my pants off, you let me listen to you talk about that?"

"You."Leng Guoliu Yue was shy and angry, really couldn't do anything with him.

That night's elegant affair, needless to say, although this was the second time, but for Leng Lone Moon, it was more like the first time, because the last time was drugged by her grandfather with alcohol, and everyone was non-sober, but this time, it was so sober, so bone-deep.

Late at night, Leng Lone Moon hugged Tang Zichen tightly and slept, she felt that she could no longer leave this person, no matter whether her heart or body has been thoroughly given to the person in front of her, if the future Tang Zichen is destined to be put to death by the Immortal Emperor, he is willing to die together.

Tang Zichen asked, "You're on vacation for three months, what are your arrangements?"


"With your personality, you wouldn't have agreed to take a vacation, but now you've actually agreed to take a vacation, isn't it because of me."

"Knowingly."Leng Lone Moon said petulantly.

"Hehe, then let's have his three-month honeymoon, hahaha."

The three months soon arrived, the sweet time was really spent so quickly.

"Zichen, you should leave, tomorrow at the latest, my team should return."Leng Lone Moon urged, with a strong reluctance in her eyes, these three months had been the happiest time for her.

"Alright, I'm almost ready to move on."

"Where are you planning to go?Now that the heavens are wide open, I don't even know where there is a place for you."Leng Lone Moon cried out.

"Fool, the heavens and the earth are all my home."

"Zichen, you have to promise me that you won't get caught, okay?"

"Ten thousand don't worry, am I that easy to catch, I have a future, and I have to be king and fight against the Immortal Emperor, wait for me, little baby, one day, I'll walk on a colorful rainbow to marry you, hahaha."

"Mmhmm, I'll wait for you."

"Then I'll go, and you be careful."

"I'm not in any danger, nothing more than to keep searching for you until the order to end comes from above."

"Well."Tang Zichen finally kissed Leng Lone Moon, then turned around and flew away, Leng Lone Moon was staring at Tang Zichen's figure, his heart was hard to leave like a knife, he really hated to follow Tang Zichen.


Tang Zichen soon returned to the Ten Thousand Purple Mountains.

However, after returning home, Tang Zichen didn't see his family, and upon asking around, he found out that Mu Qianji had arranged for all of them, Tang Huan, to join the Ten Thousand Violet Mountain Guards to make a small contribution to the mountain, and it was safer to stay with the guards.

Tang Zichen found Mu Qianji, and everyone else came home immediately after learning that Tang Zichen had returned.

The family happily gathered for a meal.

The next day, the Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage sent someone to invite Tang Zichen.

"Pay your respects to the Great Sage."

"Haha, Brother Tang, I heard that you killed Nian Qing, the ninth son of the Old Immortal Emperor."


"Haha, Brother Tang, you've done what I couldn't do."

"Erm, with the Great Sage's strength, you still couldn't kill a Nianqing?"

"Of course I couldn't kill it, the Immortal Emperor had already sensed it before I even made a move, tell me how I did it, otherwise I would have slaughtered the Immortal Emperor."The Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage said. One second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen was busy saying, "Great Sage, you're the one I admire, you all have the heart to slaughter the Immortal Emperor."

The Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage said, "Every power that claims the throne has the heart to slaughter the Immortal Emperor, but unfortunately, the Immortal Emperor has the heart of the Hong Meng and controls the three realms, there is no one who can kill him."


"But you're different, you made the Immortal Emperor can't even sense you, which means that you're the one who has the power to fight with the Immortal Emperor for the rulership of the three realms."

"Ah, is that so."

"Of course, why else would the Immortal Emperor be so afraid of someone he can't sense?Killing all those babies had to be pulled out.He even had to kill his own daughter, Princess Nenshi, just because, his daughter had someone who stole his right to rule."


Tang Zichen saw that the Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage was a bit excited, but he didn't know what he was excited about.

The Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage smiled and said, "Brother Tang, I'm not going to beat around the bush with you, let's cooperate."

"Cooperate?What do you mean?"

"Brother Tang, the Immortal Emperor can't sense you, if you stay with me, then the Immortal Emperor can't sense me either, and my scent will be hidden by you, so that I may kill the Immortal Emperor and take over his rule of the three realms, do you understand what I'm saying?"

"Er."Tang Zichen was startled, and seemed to feel, a little bad inside.

"The cooperation you're talking about?"

"You help me become the ruler of the Three Realms, and once the deed is done, the entire Three Realms will count you as the greatest under one person and above countless others, except for me."The Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage advised.

As Tang Zichen smiled, he knew that the Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage had summoned him, it was definitely not as simple as just chatting.

However, what the Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage said was true ah, if they worked together, it was indeed very likely that they would overturn the Three Realms ah.

However, was this what Tang Zichen wanted?

Tang Zichen hadn't wanted to become the Three Realms Ruler before, mainly because he was currently weak, but that didn't mean that, inside, Tang Zichen didn't want to.If he helped the Ten Thousand Violet Sage become the Three Realms Ruler and replace the Immortal Emperor, then why would he go?

Moreover, since this Ten Thousand Violet Witch Demon had the heart to seize the heavens, that means he wasn't upright and flawless, what if, after the deed was done, he killed Tang Zichen?

After all, Tang Zichen could assist the Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage to seize the heavens, then Tang Zichen could also assist others to seize the heavens that the Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage had obtained.


; "Brother Tang, think about it, it will do you absolutely no harm.Moreover, I'm not afraid to tell you that I'm not the only one who has this thought of mine."

"Uh, yeah?"

"Ever since you killed Nian Qing near the Immortal Court, this incident has shaken the Three Realms, all the giants of the Three Realms have noticed you, and all the giants know that with your assistance, they can seize the heavens.In the entire Three Realms, it's not just Immortal Emperors who want to find you.I dare say that all the great powers, are looking for you."


Tang Zichen sighed, what a reasonable and unexpected thing to do.

He had gotten his revenge, it was cool, but another unexpected thing was born, he, turned into a tool that could seize the heavens like a tool, everyone wanted it, all the great powers of the three realms were looking for him.

The Ten Thousand Purple Great Sage advised, "Brother Tang, you have no way out, really, you can either be found by the Immortal Emperor and exterminate him to stop the trouble, or be found by the other powers and forced to assist them in seizing the heavens.Since sweeping all ends like this, why don't you choose to work with me and assist me in seizing the heavens.You've seen my character, and I definitely won't be able to treat you badly after I become an Immortal Emperor."

Tang Zichen was conflicted.

Had he known earlier, he should not have been in a hurry to kill Nian Qing, now that he was famous.

The point was that he was still weak and couldn't fight against any big power.

Ten Thousand Purple Mountains was only among the top ten in the entire big powers, and among the top ten that were barely ninth, there were seven or eight big powers that were stronger than Ten Thousand Purple Mountains.These great powers were all looking for Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Great Sage, to be honest, what if I don't agree?"

The Great Sage said, "If it's someone else, it would be best if you agree, but if you don't, I'm afraid you'll have to suffer.Because, whether you agree or not, if someone else can keep you around, they can cover up their own scent, cripple you, and bring you with them all the time, the effect is the same."

"Hmm."Tang Zichen didn't know whether it was sadness or grief inside.

"Brother Tang, your daughter-in-law is my closed door disciple, there's no reason for you not to assist me ah, of course, if you don't agree, I'll never force you, but I don't recommend you to leave the Ten Thousand Purple Mountains, because once you leave, you'll be captured by other people, and if you're captured by other forces, I'll be unhappy."

"Understood."This statement from the Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage seemed to be telling Tang Zichen secretly that he couldn't leave the Ten Thousand Violet Mountain, if he didn't agree, he wouldn't force Tang Zichen, but he would have to stay in the Ten Thousand Violet Mountain forever, the Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage didn't want Tang Zichen to be gotten by other forces.It seemed reasonable, Tang Zichen had nothing to blame, but he was just unhappy with himself.

"Brother Tang, you should go back and think about it."

"Okay, then I'll go back first."

"Be sure to think about it."The Vast Violet Sage said expectantly.

"Will do."

Tang Zichen returned home disheartened.

Unknown to Mu Qianji and the others, they were still happy because Tang Zichen had gotten his revenge.

"Tzichen, you're back."

"Hey, why are you not smiling, what's wrong?"Mu Qianji noticed that something was wrong and busily came up.

"It's nothing, I want to be quiet."

Tang Zichen was alone to quietly think about the way forward.

His realm was only too immortal, and although his strength had already reached the Beginning Divine Immortal, but if he hadn't reached the realm, his ability would be limited no matter how strong he was.Moreover, the power of his current Primary Stage Immortal was only the lowest ranked Immortal, and it was easy to imagine how many Immortal ranks there were in the entire Three Realms, after all, Immortals didn't age or die, it would only increase not decrease.


Subsequently, Mu Qianji was also summoned by the Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage.

"Master, you're looking for me?"

"Chichi, do you know what I'm looking for you for?"

"Master, my disciple doesn't know."

"Chichi, how does Master treat you?"

"Master has rebuilt me, if it wasn't for Master, I would never have achieved what I have today."

"Chichi, Master wants to ask you to do one thing for me."

"Please say it, Master, I'll agree to it even if it's ten thousand pieces."

"You only need to help me make just one piece."


"Help me persuade your husband, Tang Zichen." First published at

Mu Qianji finally knew why Tang Zichen didn't have a smile on his face when he went home.

"At this moment, my promise to you is only one sentence: if I am the Qing Emperor in the next year, I will report the peach blossoms to bloom in one place."


"Go back and help me persuade you, if I become an Immortal Emperor, you and your disciples will benefit."

"Don't worry, Master, I will definitely persuade my husband."

"Well, that's good."

"Master, I'll go back first then."


Mu Qianji also went back with a complicated feeling.

When she returned home, she didn't have a smile on her face either, after all, she didn't know how to choose.

That night, Tang Zichen told everyone about the conversation he had with the Ten Thousand Violet Sage.

Tang Zichen said, "What does everyone think I should do?"

Mu Qianji said, "I have also been summoned by Master, who wishes to persuade you."

Tang Zichen nodded, Tang Zichen already knew that Mu Qianji had gone to see the Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage.

Little Fire asked, "Brother Chen, by the look on your face, I already know that you don't want it inside."

"Of course, if I wanted to, I wouldn't need to worry."

"Then you are thinking, to become an Immortal Emperor yourself in the future?"

"Oh, although I'm still weak, it doesn't mean I don't have a chance, a soldier who doesn't want to be a general isn't a qualified soldier, obviously I'm more than qualified, I'm more than just wanting to be a general."

"Understood, once you assist the Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage, if he really has become an Immortal Emperor, cut off your thoughts."

Tang Zichen shook his head, "If that's all it is, then that's fine, the problem is, who hasn't unloaded, who would be willing to add a hidden danger to themselves."

Mu Qianji was busy saying, "But how do you know that when my master is really successful, he will unload his donkey?"

Tang Zichen said, "Thousands of Jie, don't forget that the Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage is very appreciative of my talent and future, and he believes that my future strength will definitely be as good as his.If my future strength once surpasses him, and I am able to shield the senses of the Hong Meng Heart, then wouldn't I be able to easily seize the heavens."

"Seems like it."

"So, I can't believe that the Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage let me live knowing this outcome.Of course, the other powers are looking for me as well, and I can't believe it even more when the other powers are looking for me."

Tang Huan cried, "Why does your fate have to be so rocky, you've died and come back to life so easily, and now you're in this mess, doesn't that mean you'll have to die in the future."

"Huanhuan, don't be so pessimistic, you must know that crisis and opportunity often go hand in hand.I used such a big crisis, but it also means that I have such a big opportunity.It only depends on how I grasp it, if I grasp it, maybe I will become the next Immortal Emperor, if I fail, maybe I will become someone else."

"But now that the Immortal Emperor is looking around for you, and the rest of the major ambitious powers are looking around for you, the world is so big, there's nowhere for you to hide."


bsp; "I have no chance of leaving the Ten Thousand Purple Mountains right now, the Great Sage said that if I don't agree, he won't force me, but I can't leave here either."

"How can the Great Sage be like this, hasn't he always been a good person?Why did it suddenly become like this to imprison you."Little Fire raged.

"Oh, he said that he doesn't want me to be obtained by another power, it's understandable to think that way, but what if it's cheap for nothing."

"Then, how about just agreeing to help the Great Sage take the sky."Yan Xin Yi said.

"But what happens after the deed is done?Who's to say that the Great Sage won't kill Tzu-Chen to prevent future problems."

Everyone said one thing to you and one thing to me, but no one was the one with an idea.

Not even Tang Zichen himself had an idea about this kind of thing.

Tang Zichen really kind of was regretting getting the Overturning Mirror, but without it, he wouldn't even be able to resurrect, and even if he did, the Overturning Mirror would be found in minutes if it didn't merge into his body.

Just like that, Tang Zichen thought for days, but he couldn't think of any good solution, if one couldn't think of a good solution, then Tang Zichen had to choose to assist the Great Sage and trust him for once.

At this moment.

In the depths of the South Sea of the South Zhanbu Continent, which was far away.

A man opened his eyes.

That man smiled slightly, "Almost, it's time."

The man stood up and smiled, "I have waited for countless years for a chance, and now, the chance has finally come."

"My chance, last time, I helped you get your woman back in the hands of the South Sea Divine Nun, now, it's time to repay me."

"Hahaha, hahaha."

In the next moment, that mysterious and powerful man burst out of the South Sea's sea surface.

It just so happened that the South Sea divine Nun's Immortal Mountain was on the surface of that sea, and as soon as the man rushed out of the sea, the divine Nun noticed it.

The divine nun rushed out in a panic, and upon seeing that man, the divine nun's face changed and his mouth shouted, "Blue Emperor."

The man smiled slightly and asked, "Divine Nee, long time no see, back then when I officially secluded myself in the South China Sea, you were still a little girl."

"Pay your respects to the Blue Emperor."

"It's not necessary, divine Nun, come with me."

"Ah, Blue Emperor, where to?"Godni said with some fear.

"Go see your husband."

"Sh, what."The South Sea Godni shuddered.

"What?I really want to keep my body until I die."

"Blue Emperor, don't ever, the poor nun just wants to live forever."

"The person who cheated you of your feelings back then has long since turned to dust, and you're still with put not small.However, it's no longer up to you now."

"Blue Emperor, why is that."

"There's no why, it's just a thought."

"Who does the divine nun want me to follow?"Godni said with tears in his eyes.

"Hahaha, you've seen it before."

The divine nun remembered something and asked, "Millions of years ago, the man who burned my clothes and forced me to release a female disciple, was it your old man?"

"Of course I am, all right, cut the crap and go."

"Yes."Divine Nee had no room for resistance at all, in front of a strong man of this level, she only had to obey.

Godni's real name was 'Ah Jie', she was originally a great beauty as well, but unfortunately, her love affair was not smooth and she was deceived by someone who killed that person in a fit of rage, after which she withdrew from the red world.

This beautiful divine nun, Tang Zichen had also seen it last time and was somewhat surprised.

Only, what Tang Zichen didn't expect was that there would be such an ending.


At the Ten Thousand Violet Mountain.

The Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage personally came.

"Brother Tang, how have you been considering it?"

"Great Sage, are you sure you won't kill me after you're done?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Brother Tang filtered, if I'm like that, why do I need to ask your opinion now, just force you, and of course, you have to promise me that you'll never rebel against me."

"Okay, I believe you, what do you need me to do for you."

"You just need to stay by my side at all times, the rest, I'll do the rest."The Vast Violet Sage said.

"Good."Tang Zichen nodded, it was good that one person was above all others.

However, at this moment, a powerful oppressive force came from the distant sky.

"Ah."Suddenly, both Tang Zichen and the Ten Thousand Violet Saints felt as uncomfortable as a huge stone pressing down on them.

"How did this happen?"Tang Zichen looked at the Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage. Remember the URL

The Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage also looked confused.

"I don't know ah, who is so strong, even Immortal Emperors aren't this strong ah."The Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage looked terrified.

At that moment, a man and a woman instantly appeared in front of Tang Zichen and the Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage.

"Hahaha, hahaha."The man laughed out loud.

In the next second, the tremendous pressure on Tang Zichen and the Ten Thousand Violet Great Saints was instantly lifted.

The Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage looked at that man in fear.

The Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage felt a bit familiar, but he didn't seem to remember much.

However, the woman beside the man was not unfamiliar to the Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage, it was the Nanhai Divine Nun.This South Sea Divine Nun, whose strength was similar to that of the Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage, had once fought against each other and fought dizzyingly, and in the end, no one had won.

As for Tang Zichen, he was even more confused.

Regardless of the circumstances, Tang Zichen bowed, "Senior has met the two seniors."

The Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage was an untamed man, and Ton asked, "Who are you."

"Witch Demon, don't you even know me anymore, back then you were just a small lump, but now, you're even majestic, interesting."

"Uh, you, you're the Blue Emperor?"


"Ah."The Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage was shocked, it was the Blue Emperor, no wonder he was so powerful, stronger than even the Immortal Emperor.

Knowing the other party's identity, the Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage didn't feel strange anymore, after all, when he was still young, people were incredibly powerful.

This Blue Emperor was a figure that had existed since the beginning of the world, ah, nowadays, no one knew how much strength he had reached.

The Blue Emperor gazed at Tang Zichen and smiled, "Kid, you remember me, right?"

"Er, have we met before?"

"I was the one who helped you millions of years ago when Godni tried to keep your woman by force."

"Ah, it was you, no wonder."

"Boy, let's trade one thing."

"What is it?"

"Hahaha, there's no need to worry about this, I'll exchange it for a beautiful woman, this divine nun, who has also accompanied me for countless years in the South China Sea, how about I act as a matchmaker and marry her to you today?"

"Uh, marry me?"


"Ah."Tang Zichen looked incredulously at the divine nun, but the divine nun seemed to look reluctant.

"Senior, this."

"Stop dilly-dallying, let's get married now, and I'll finish the deal with you sooner."


nbsp; After saying that, the Blue Emperor waved his hand, the entire mansion changed into a lighted palace, and a ceremonial hall had already appeared in a large hall in front.

Tang Zichen looked down, and at some point, he was wearing a red groom's uniform.

"This."It must have just been the clothes on Tang Zichen's body that changed between waves of the Blue Emperor's hand.

Looking at the divine nun again, he was somehow wearing a bridal costume with a red lid on his head.

The divine nun wanted to lift the cover, but, didn't dare to do so.

The Ten Thousand Purple Sage on the other side looked speechless, while looking confused, what did the Blue Emperor want to trade with Tang Zichen?Could there be a mistake?There's nothing special about Tang Zichen, is there?Except for a body that for some reason could shield the Immortal Emperor's senses.

The Blue Emperor said to Tang Zichen and Shenni, "Go in, pay your respects, I'll preside over you."



Tang Zichen and Shen Ni both looked unresponsive.

The Blue Emperor waved his hand again, and Tang Zichen suddenly realized that he was somehow standing in the auditorium, with the divine nun standing beside him.

The Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage shouted, "A worship of heaven and earth."

Tang Zichen and the divine nun twisted and worshipped heaven and earth.

"Two bow to the high hall."

Sitting on the high hall was the Blue Emperor.

"Husband and wife worship each other."

"Rites of passage."

"Alright, you're already husband and wife, as for the bridal chamber, you can draw your own lines, now, you come with me, I'm going to exchange with you."


Blue Emperor waved his hand, suddenly, the space shifted, just now it was in the auditorium, but now it became a secret room.

Tang Zichen asked, "I wonder what Senior wants to exchange with me?"

"The exquisite heart."Blue Emperor said.

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, puzzled, "Senior, what is an exquisite heart?"

"Tang Zichen, it's already at this point, so don't sell me any secrets, I've waited for you for so long because of your exquisite heart."

"Senior, I really don't know what Exquisite Heart is, I still hope that senior will express it."

The Blue Emperor said, "Tang Zichen, the Immortal Emperor who controls the Three Realms, is he unable to sense you?"


"That's right, that means that your destiny is higher than the three realms."

Tang Zichen whipped out a cold sweat, the Blue Emperor wanted someone whose destiny was higher than the Three Realms, Tang Zichen wasn't ah, Nian Tides was.Tang Zichen doubted that the Blue Emperor was looking for the wrong person.

"Senior, are you looking for someone whose destiny is higher than the Three Realms?"

"Yes, but, this kind of person is very, very difficult to appear, and since the beginning of the world, it's only the first one.The person whose destiny is higher than the three worlds, he has a characteristic that the Immortal Emperor can't sense him, the Immortal Emperor possesses the heart of the Hong Meng, and the person whose destiny is higher than the three worlds, he possesses the exquisite heart.And what I need to exchange with you is your exquisite heart, of course, I'm being polite and don't want to take it by force, that's why I'm giving you a beautiful woman to trade with you."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Senior, the people that Immortal Emperors can't sense aren't just people who have any exquisite heart, right?"

"That's true if you put it before the unification of the Three Realms, it's true, the people and objects that appeared before the unification, the Immortal Emperor couldn't sense them, for example, me, and this weapon of mine, as well as some divine weapons, the Immortal Emperor couldn't sense them.But after the unification of the three realms, the entire three realms are now under the control of the current Immortal Emperor, and it's impossible for anything to appear that the Immortal Emperor can't sense, unless a person with an exquisite heart is born.And you, obviously, are less than ten thousand years old, for the Immortal Emperor to be unable to sense you, you must have an exquisite heart."The Blue Emperor vowed to do so.

Tang Zichen was speechless.


Tang Zichen said, "Senior, you've really got the wrong person."

"Tang Zichen, don't get involved with me, my patience has a limit."

"Senior, the reason why the Immortal Emperor can't sense me is because, I was killed before and my flesh body was shattered, however, I happened to pick up a divine weapon, the Turning Mirror, which saved me, we entered the Three Nothingness Space, in the Three Nothingness Space, I met the former owner of the Turning Mirror, he fused the shattered Mirror with my flesh body, so the Immortal Emperor can't sense me anymore."

"Ah, no way."The Blue Emperor turned pale and panicked, pouncing on Tang Zichen's head and holding it down.

After a few seconds, the Blue Emperor's face went white.

"Oh my god, it's really not you, I, I've been tricked.Qin Zhong, you son of a bitch, you tricked me, ahhh."

The Blue Emperor suddenly went crazy and disappeared in an instant.

Tang Zichen found himself in the auditorium again.

The Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage and the Divine Nun were both standing in the auditorium, only, the Divine Nun's clothes were no longer red bridal attire, and the clothes on Tang Zichen's body had changed back to the previous ones.

The Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage was busy saying, "Brother Tang, what's going on?All of a sudden it's back, where's senior Blue Emperor?"

Don doesn't know what's going on. A second to remember to read the book

It felt like this Blue Emperor, who had been tricked into saying that Tang Zichen was the one with the Exquisite Heart, wasn't.

The person who truly possessed the Exquisite Heart was Nian Shi.

However, what the Exquisite Heart was, Tang Zichen didn't know, nor did he know what use it had, but it must be something especially precious, something more precious than even the Immortal Emperor's Hong Meng Heart, or, something no worse than the Hong Meng Heart.

"Brother Tang, speak up, where did the Blue Emperor go?"The Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage was busy asking.

Tang Zichen looked at the Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage and the Divine Nun.

Originally, Tang Zichen was coerced by the Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage to assist him in seizing the heavens.

But suddenly a Blue Emperor popped up and interrupted this matter.

Now that the Blue Emperor had disappeared, Tang Zichen must make good use of the Blue Emperor so that the Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage would not dare to hit him.

Tang Zichen said to the Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage, "The Blue Emperor has left."

"Gone?Why did you leave without even saying hello?"

Tang Zichen said, "What kind of status does the Blue Emperor have, how could he greet you."

"Eww."The Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage thought about it.

Tang Zichen said, "Of course, when the Blue Emperor left, he did greet me."

The Divine Nun asked with a cold face, "What did the Blue Emperor trade with you?"

Tang Zichen smiled, "An important thing to him, he used you, a beautiful woman, to trade with me.From now on, you'll be my wife."

"You're dreaming."The divine nun was furious, and only now that the Blue Emperor wasn't here did she dare to get angry.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Anger is useless, Blue Emperor he will come back for me again, then you can talk to Blue Emperor yourself."

"You."At the mention of the Blue Emperor, it also seemed as if the divine Nun's temper had suddenly closed, only to be unwilling inside.

The Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage was currently depressed, but he wanted to seize the heavens ah.

The Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage asked in a low voice, "Brother Tang, since the Blue Emperor is gone, let's not discuss him, let's continue that matter from before."

Tang Zichen said knowingly, "Er, which matter?"

"You assisted me in this matter of seizing the heavens."

"Oh, Great Sage, I'm so sorry, I just made a deal with the Blue Emperor, and he said that I'm his friend now, and he also said that he wants you to assist me in taking the heavens in the future."

"What."The Ten Thousand Violet Sage shouted.

"It's true, I didn't expect it myself, but Blue Emperor would say that it would allow the

You assisted me in taking the words of heaven in the future."

"You."The Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage was annoyed within.

Tang Zichen wasn't afraid of the Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage's anger at the moment, after all, the two words Blue Emperor were sufficient.

"Great Sage, I'm sorry ah, we all have dreams, if I didn't have a choice, I would definitely be assisting you.But now, I have a choice, I certainly choose myself.Don't worry, you assist me in taking the heavens in the future, and once you succeed, you will be one man below and ten thousand above in the future."

"You shut up, I don't want it."The Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage roared.

Tang Zichen comforted, "Great Sage, I know you're feeling bad inside, but you have to understand.Now that Divine Nee is my daughter-in-law, why don't you discuss it with my daughter-in-law."

The divine nun looked at Tang Zichen gritting his teeth, seemingly in pain and torn.

The Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage roared and the roar shook the four directions.

After the roar, the Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage said with red eyes, "Tang Zichen, I will not help you."

"That doesn't matter, in any case, I don't wish to make a grudge against you, I have the Blue Emperor to help me, the probability of me seizing the heavens in the future is far greater than you.Great Sage, if I make Heaven, I'll definitely make you the Great General of the Town."

"Scram, I don't care."After saying that, the Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage flew away with a reluctant heart.

No one was sure if Tang Zichen's words were true or not.

Tang Zichen smiled inwardly, this Blue Emperor was simply here specifically to defuse a crisis for him.

Tang Zichen looked at the divine nun and smiled, "Lady."

"If you dare to call me that again, I'll cut out your tongue."The divine nun was depressed.

Tang Zichen looked at the divine nun, her face was really beautiful, although she was wearing a grey nun's uniform and a dirt-cheap nun's hat on her head, but it couldn't hide her beautiful face, and her stunning figure.

"Gulp."Tang Zichen swallowed his saliva, perhaps, the thought of the divine nun, whose strength was comparable to the Ten Thousand Violet Saints, made him particularly eager to conquer.

"Lady, it's time for us to go to the bridal chamber."Tang Zichen said.

"Scram."In the next second, Tang Zichen's body was suddenly lifted out of thin air by an invisible force.

Shenny looked like he wanted to kill Tang Zichen.

"Lady, are you really going to kill me?Then think about it, the deal between the Blue Emperor and me isn't completely done, are you sure?"

"Bang."Tang Zichen was put down.

The divine nun flung his sleeve and said, "Tang Zichen, remember, I'm not your wife, I advise you to die of this."

After saying that, the divine nun also disappeared from the spot.

With her strength, Tang Zichen couldn't even find her, and it seemed that this daughter-in-law, for the time being, was unavailable.

However, Tang Zichen had at least relieved this crisis of the Ten Thousand Violet Saints, and although the divine nun couldn't get it for the time being, the divine nun didn't dare to really do anything to Tang Zichen.

As soon as the divine nun left, Mu Qianji and the others busily ran out.

"Zichen, is everything alright."

"Brother Chen, what happened, how can we not understand."

Everyone is saying one thing to each other.

Tang Zichen said, "Now that I'm no longer in crisis, the Great Sage doesn't dare ask me to help him seize the heavens anymore."

"What you just said, trading with the Blue Emperor, is it true?"

This was the territory of the Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage, of course Tang Zichen wouldn't say no.

"Yes, it's just a pity that the Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage doesn't seem to be willing to help me, but that's fine, later on when the Blue Emperor comes, let him speak to the Great Sage himself, I don't think the Great Sage would dare to turn away the Blue Emperor."Tang Zichen said this because he was afraid that the Great Sage was watching him at the moment.

As expected, Tang Zichen's feeling was right, the Great Sage of Ten Thousand Violet was really spying on him, and was frustrated to hear Tang Zichen say so at the moment.


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