Dish Best Served Cold 746-750


Chapter 746


    "You made him captain of your dragon hunting squad?"

    In the hospital room, when Ye Yuyan informed his teacher Lu Tianhe as well as Fang Shaohong and the others about today's situation, these two were almost instantly shocked.

    Ye Yuyan's beautiful eyes were still somewhat red, but at this time, seeing his teacher like this, but whispered, "Teacher, isn't it?"

    "Didn't you invite my cousin here to be the captain and to command our Dragon Hunters special war team?"

    Ye Yuyan's eyes were full of doubt.

    But Lu Tianhe glared, "Who told you we hired him to be a little squad leader?"

    "You silly ninny, no wonder you took a chance."

    "You don't think about the fact that your cousin defeated the head of the Sword God Palace with a single punch or kick."

    "To be so capable is a great talent!"

    "The strongest in the martial world is respected."

    "Even your teacher me, when I see this cousin of yours, I have to respectfully call him sir."

    "Such a person, you invite him to be a captain and be controlled by others, aren't you looking down on him?"

    "How is it different from humiliation?"

    "He's already giving you face by merely being anxious with you.If it were me, I'd have to kick you!"

    "We hired him to be the chief instructor of the three armies, to coach the three armies."

    Lu Tianhe shook his head and sighed, filled with regret and pity.

    Originally, Ye Fan's attitude towards them was not very good, and now that Ye Yuyan was so disturbed, I'm afraid that the chances of being able to invite Ye Fan would be even slimmer.

    "Chief...Chief Instructor?"

    "Ye...Ye Fan?"

    After hearing these words, Ye Yuyan was stunned.

    A pair of beautiful eyes stared huge, she had never dreamed that her teacher and the others had invited Ye Fan in order to let him take on this heavy responsibility.

    "But...But, my cousin he's only in his early twenties."

    "So young, you...You guys are just going to invite him to be the head instructor?"

    Ye Yuyan said in surprise.

    From the time when His Excellency Guangyue, Ye Fan had a show of divine power, Ye Yuyan already knew that with this skill, Ye Fan would be great in the future.

    She even asserted that in thirty years, Ye Fan would be able to be crowned a king and a general.

    She had already thought of Ye Fan as very powerful, but now it seemed that she had underestimated him after all.

    The Chief Instructor of the Three Armies could at worst be made a Major General!

    A young general in his early twenties, I'm afraid there is only one person who has ever done this in the Nodal China, right?

    That was the War God of Huaxia, Ye Qingtian!

    But now, Ye Fan was about to become the second.

    Ye Yuyan naturally felt horrified and frightened.

    Unconsciously, the young man she had once despised was now going to leave her so far behind?

    "Heroes no matter how young they are!"

    "In this world, the strong are supposed to be the strongest."

    "Your cousin, at such a young age, he's so capable."

    "Yuyan, just wait and see, in less than thirty years, your cousin Ye Fan's name is afraid that it will be famous in Huaxia?"

    The low tone of Lu Tianhe's words was inexplicably agitated and expectant, as if he were an old man in the middle of the woodwork looking forward to his offspring becoming a dragon.

    It was as if a dying old man was looking forward to his descendants becoming dragons and winds.

    At Lu Tianhe's age, fame and fortune were no longer of much use to them.

    What they wanted to see most, instead, was the success of their descendants.

    If they could help China to find a great talent again, Ye Fan would become famous in the future, and they would be able to go down in history.

    Therefore, Lu Tianhe and Fang Shaohong and the others didn't give up, but after having learned a lesson this time, they decided to discuss this matter in the long run.

    As for Ye Yuyan, listening to the two old generals' unstinting words of praise, her heart was filled with complicated emotions.

    There was frustration and even more loss.

    Back then, Ye Fan even wrote her a love letter and pursued her, and Ye Yuyan felt insulted because of this.

    But who would have thought that now ten years have passed, the young man she despised back then is now far behind her.

    The once disdainful abandoned son of the Chu family has now finally made her unreachable.

    At this moment, Ye Yuyan only felt that there was a place in her heart that cracked open and sour water flowed out.

    "Alright, Yuyan."

    "This matter of your cousin's, you can leave it alone for now."

    "Go home and rest for a few days."

    "Wait until after the New Year, then go back to the military and train properly."

    "Now you should know how big the gap is compared to the really good peers, right?"

    Although Ye Yuyan had messed up this matter, Lu Tianhe didn't blame her too much, but let her go home, making an exception and giving her a few days off.

    However, to Lu Tianhe's surprise, Ye Yuyan refused to do so.

    "Teacher, I'm not going back."

    "You're right, compared to the truly excellent ones, I'm too far behind."

    "I want to go back to the military."

    "Go back now!"

    "I want to train hard, I want to get stronger."

    "I don't want to, I've been left too far behind by him~"

    Ye Yan's words burned, her palms clenched tightly.

    Her eyebrows were filled with determination.

    Lu Tianhe and Fang Shaohong looked at each other, while they all laughed.


    "It looks like the trip to Jingzhou has roused your fighting spirit, though."

    "In that case, if you want to go back, you can go back, right?"

    "When you get back to the military, get your arm healed first."

    "Don't hurt your body because of the training~"

    Lu Tianhe was pleased.

    Just like that, Ye Yuyan left without being home for the New Year after all.

    Before leaving, Dongmei and other Ye family members tried a hundred times to retain her, but in the end, they were still unable to leave Ye Yuyan behind for the New Year.

    The next day, an army green SUV stopped in front of the Ye family's old house.

    All the Ye family's relatives came out to see her off.

    "Yuyan, how many years has it been since you've been home for New Year's Eve, you ninny."

    "It's soon to be New Year's Eve, why can't you stay when there are only a few days left?"

    "Why don't you ask your leader for permission to stay home for the rest of the year?"

    Ye Fan's second aunt was in love with her and said.

    "Yes, Yuyan.This second aunt is going back to her mother's house for you this year, why is this still gone?"

    "Second Aunt can't leave you behind."

    Ye Xilan also stayed from the side.

    For today's Ye family, Ye Yuyan was the only one who went out of Jingzhou and out of Jiangdong, the greatest honor for the entire Ye family.

    Now that Ye Yuyan was leaving, the crowd naturally came to send her off as much as they could, actively retaining her.

    The words were full of affection and reluctance.

    To these relatives' retention, Ye Yuyan only smiled shallowly, "Second aunt, second aunt, this time there is really something urgent, next time we will meet again."

    "Grandparents, take care of your health."

    "Mom and Dad, goodbye."

    Ye Yuyan waved her hand and said goodbye to the crowd of relatives behind her.

    While saying these words, Ye Yuyan, however, was trying her best to look into the courtyard, even as she got into the car, she was taking three steps back.

    Even when the car was moving, Ye Yuyan was looking behind.

    However, the thin figure she had been looking forward to, waiting for, did not appear after all.

    The countless times she had left home in the past, Ye Fan had never come to see her off.

    At that time, in her eyes, Ye Fan was just an insignificant little person, even if she had come, Ye Yuyan was afraid that she wouldn't care.

    But now, for some reason, without seeing Ye Fan, Ye Yuyan felt so lost and her heart was empty.

    Was that sadness?

    "Brother Ye Fan, you still won't forgive Yuyan after all~"

    A soft sigh, but it was shattered by the icy winter wind!


Outside, there was a bustling crowd with noisy people.

    Knowing that Ye Yuyan was leaving, the Ye family was basically waiting at the door early in the morning ready to bid farewell.

    Ye Fan, however, was sitting on the sofa like a nobody, lazily watching TV while peeling oranges for Nan Chen and Lu Wenjing.

    "Brother Xiaofan, your cousin is leaving, aren't you going to see her off?"

    "I don't know what has happened between you before.But from what I've seen and heard over this period of time, this Miss Ye obviously really wants to improve her relationship with you."

    At this time, Nan Chen looked out the window, and then she turned back, and asked Ye Fan.

    The soft voice was filled with intolerance and sympathy.

    Presumably, there was some pity for that girl.

    After all, the girl who was weeping alone at the shore of Dongchang Lake yesterday had indeed left a shallow impression on Nan Chen.

    Although, she and Ye Yuyan had only known each other for a day.

    However, with a woman's intuition, Nan Chen could sense that that girl was afraid that she was already in love with Ye Fan.

    She could guess that now that Ye Yuyan was about to leave, the person she was most looking forward to was definitely the man in front of her.

    However, faced with what Nan Chen advised, Ye Fan did not reply.

    Instead, he continued to peel the orange, and after peeling it, Ye Fan gave half of it to Lu Wenjing and Chen Nan.

    Lu Wenjing saw the situation, but she glared at Nan Chen with a slightly hostile anger.

    After all, in the past, when Chen Nan didn't come, Ye Fan gave her all the peeled oranges.

    But now, he wanted to share half of them with others.

    This little girl was naturally a little unhappy.

    The feeling was as if her own little brother Fan was going to be snatched away by another woman.

    "Nan Nan, I admit that you're right."

    "Perhaps, her attitude towards me has indeed changed during this time."

    "But is she really sincere?Or for some other reason?"

    "Then His Excellency Nikko Yue, I showed my majesty.His teacher then wanted to invite me into the military."

    "Since then, she has changed her attitude towards me."

    "He treats me well because I, Evan, am her cousin?Or is it because she sees a future in my future?"

    "No one but herself probably knows about this."Ye Fan shook his head and said faintly.

    The low and slow words were extraordinarily calm, as if he was telling a story that had nothing to do with himself.

    As Nan Chen listened, she was puzzled, "Brother Fan, I don't understand."

    "Nan Nan, you don't have to understand."

    "Everyone has their own habits of treating others."

    "As far as I'm concerned, why add flowers to the icing on the cake when the snow has never delivered charcoal?"

    "Back then, when I, Ye Fan, was down and out, how did she, Ye Yuyan, treat me?"

    "Now, when I show my majesty, she comes to show favor and apologize?"

    "Don't you find it, yourself, ironic?"

    Ye Fan said indifferently, an inexplicable smile appearing at the corner of his mouth.

    "There are some people, some things, some relationships that were once missed, that's what they are."

    "Even if we try to salvage it a hundred times today, it's still useless after all."

    "She's just a stranger with blood ties to me."

    "Nan Nan, your brother Xiaofan is not a saint and cannot do anything to embrace all things and help the world.Still less can he do anything to repay grievances with virtue and be generous to others.I'm just an ordinary person like you, so ordinary that I will only protect those family members and friends who are truly good to me."

    "As for those who have harmed me, I will also selfishly let them receive the punishment they deserve."

    In the room, Ye Fan's faint words echoed for a long time.

    When he said these, the person that came to Ye Fan's mind was not only Ye Yuyan.

    It was even more his father, those so-called, clan brothers of his!

    Nan Chen, however, was startled in place, recalling Ye Fan's words just now, and remained silent for a long time.

    At this moment, I don't know why, the once mighty hero in Chen Nan's heart suddenly became more intimate in an instant.

    If one said, the previous Ye Fan, in Chen Nan's eyes, was like a protagonist living in a book, misty and unreal, unattainable.But now, hearing Ye Fan's words, she only felt that the man in front of her had become real, flesh and blood, and also selfish.

    But such a man was more charming, wasn't he?

    Suddenly, this clear and beautiful girl with a pair of beautiful eyes looked at Ye Fan and giggled idiotically.




    The engines roared and the low roar was only like the roar of a wild beast, reverberating the heavens and earth.

    Just like this, under the gaze of the Ye family's crowd, Ye Yuyan gradually drifted away until she completely disappeared at the end of her sight.


    "Brother, you said that everyone here expects their children to become dragons, but I now feel that it's not good to be out of the picture."

    "Just like Yuyan, she doesn't return home from one year to the next, and now that she's come back for a trip, she's been called back before the year is out."

    "Now it seems that although my great nephew has been mediocre all his life and not very capable, he has some advantages.At least he can't be far away and can be seen from time to time, right?"

    After Ye Yuyan left, however, Ye Xilan smiled with emotion.

    In between the words, Ye Xilan looked around.


    "Where's Evan?"

    "Why isn't he here?"

    "This being a brother, how is it.Your own sister is leaving, and you don't even come out to see her off?"

    Ye Yilan looked around, only then did she realize that Ye Fan hadn't even come out to see Ye Yuyan off, and frowned.

    "Hmph, what's the point of him coming or not?"

    "Just something that's not a weapon."Ye Tian snorted coldly, but was unhappy.

    His own daughter left and Ye Fan didn't come out to see her off, this was not only not giving face to Ye Yuyan, it was also not giving face to him as an uncle.

    Of course Ye Tian was not happy.

    Ye Xi Mei saw the situation, and quickly helped Ye Fan to explain, "Xiao Fan he has a friend coming, I guess he was just busy greeting his friend, and forgot about the matter of Yuyan for a while."

    "A friend?What kind of friends can a door-to-door son-in-law have?"

    "I guess it's just a bunch of fox friends."

    "Just like that Shen Yuxiang of the Shen Hai family, he's been working with Ye Fan since he was a kid, what now, he's still an unemployed vagabond, relying on his parents to raise him all day?"Ye Jian, however, scoffed.

    Ye Fan's second aunt also didn't have a good temper, sneering from the side, "That's right."

    "Big sister, it's not that I'm nosy, with this situation of Little Fan, even if he becomes a door-to-door son-in-law, it's still unknown whether people's women will be willing to keep raising him in the future."

    "Nowadays, our Ye family is the most promising with Yuyan, and in the future, when your Little Fan is down and out, we'll all count on Yuyan to lift your family a hand."

    "But your son is good, he's just as happy to ignore Yuyan on a normal day, but now he doesn't even come to send her off."

    "With an attitude like that, when you're a hundred years from now, I'll see who else will be willing to help him."

    "If I were you, I'd persuade Xiaofan properly."

    "It's good to admit that you're not capable, no one is laughing at him.Putting up such a big front all day long, being so proud that he won't obey anyone, isn't that just waiting to be disliked?"


"If he's all polite and respectful to us, we, his relatives, naturally won't ignore him."

    "When, later on, he is swept out of the woman's house and beaten as a bachelor, I, as an aunt, will have to find him another wife, won't I?"

    "Otherwise, with that skill of Little Fan himself, with no money, no ability, and having been a door-to-door son-in-law, with that condition, I'm afraid that even the little flowers in our town won't look down on him,"

    Second Aunt sneered.

    The "Little Flower" she mentioned is a silly girl from Yeyang town.

    When she was young, she had a fever that broke her head, and her intelligence has never been sound.


    When Ye Xi Mei heard this, she was displeased and coldly snorted, "You don't need to worry about this."

    "My Little Fan, even if I divorce in the future, but I will never fall to such a state!"

    "There are plenty of girls willing to follow my little Fan."

    "Heh~" the second aunt heard and snorted, "Really?"

    "Big sister, why are you deceiving yourself and others in front of this family."

    "If Little Fan is really the meat and potatoes, why should he be reduced to a family member."

    "You still dislike people Little Flower?"

    "What able-bodied girl in Fanny's situation would pay any attention to her?"

    "You~"Second aunt's words are really unpleasant to hear, Ye Xie Mei but angry, then her pretty face is livid.

    However, it was at this time, in the old mansion, a pair of men and women, but came out.

    The man, naturally, is Ye Fan.

    And the woman, is Chen Nan.

    Nan Chen was wearing a long silk dress, with blue silk floating.The earrings on her forehead were decorated, and the sapphire necklace in front of her neck was even more brilliant.

    Of course, what attracted the most attention was Chen Nan's outstanding face.

    The moment she walked out, Ye Ya and the others felt that heaven and earth had dimmed a bit.

    Second aunt looked straight then, her eyes rounded up!

    Sink the fish and goose, close the moon and shy the flowers.

    Second aunt had always thought that such poised women only existed in novels.

    But now, when Nan Chen appeared in front of them, only these eight words were left in her mind.

    Exquisite face, delicate body, noble temperament.

    Almost all the beautiful words in the world could be used to describe her.

    The woman in front of her was like a fairy that came out of a painting, and Ye Tian, a citizen of the city, was naturally shocked by it.

    There was astonishment in her eyes and brows!

    "Well...What a pretty girl~"

    "This...This is a fairy, right?"

    Under the shudder, the second aunt lost her voice.

    How insightful could they, the women of the township, be.

    Chen Nan was born in a wealthy family at a young age, the only daughter of the King of Jiangdong, with a golden body and jade body, which was unprecedented in her life.

    Now that she saw it, she was naturally horrified.

    Ignoring the tremors of the crowd, after Nan Chen appeared, he walked towards the direction of Ye Ximei, smiling softly, "Aunt Ximei, I heard brother Xiaofan say that you like to eat cherries the most, I specially brought it from Jianghai, you should come in and try it, right?"

    "Good."Ye Xie Mei readily agreed, so she followed with a smile.

    "Brother Xiaofan, don't just stand there, go and bring some water and wash the cherries ah."

    At this time, Nan Chen was slightly spoiled again, and said to Ye Fan.

    In between the words, Nan Chen even took Ye Fan's arm in front of everyone and pulled Ye Fan along.

    That intimate appearance, but shocked everyone present.

    Just like this, in the second aunt and other people's shocked and violent gaze, but Ye Fan's family has gone back.

    But they were flabbergasted in place, their hearts trembling, silent for a long time.

    "Little...Little brother Fan?"

    "Yuki...Aunt Yubei?"

    "It's...This.What's this?"

    "When did this Ye Fan get such a beautiful sister?"

    "Or is this fairy-like girl the friend that Ye Fan invited today?"

    The second aunt was confused and incredulous.

    When she saw Nan Chen, her pair of eyes were on the verge of staring out.

    Now, like looking at a ghost, she looked at the man and woman walking intimately in front of her, her eyes trembling, her pupils crinkling, and her heart stirring up waves of shock.

    She had just said, just like Ye Fan, there probably wouldn't be an able-bodied girl in the world willing to take care of him.

    But right after that, a stunning woman walked out and called Ye Xie Mei away, and shouted how intimately she was shouting at a little brother Fan.

    At this moment, the second aunt only felt that she had been slapped and pasted on her face, and her old face was hot and painful.

    "But, how is this possible?"

    "Looking at this girl's dressing, as well as her temperament and appearance, she is from a family of scholars."

    "What kind of luck did this Ye Fan, a wimp son-in-law, get to meet such a friend?"

    "My son Jian doesn't even have such a pretty girlfriend."

    "This Ye Fan, what does he have to offer?"

    Second aunt couldn't figure it out.

    Ye Tian and Ye Ya brothers looked also red and jealous.

    Even Ye Fan's sister-in-law, Ye Xi Lan, felt horrified.

    "So it turns out that a toad can really eat swan meat~"



    Chen Nan's sudden arrival had undoubtedly caused quite a stir among the Ye family.

    Second aunt, Ye Xi Lan and the others all wanted to figure out as soon as possible what was the relationship between Ye Fan and this Chen Nan?

    After all, this Nan Chen was simply too stunning.

    If Ye Fan was really close to this Nan Chen, it would undoubtedly be an extremely jealous matter.

    In particular, the second aunt was even more jealous.

    His son was so good, but he couldn't even attract such a stunning girl to follow him around.

    What could he, Ye Fan, do?

    In the end, it was only after side-stepping that the second aunt and the others were able to figure out the relationship between Ye Fan and Nan Chen.

    "So it's just ordinary friends."


    "Scared the hell out of me, I thought this person was the wife that Ye Fan entered to marry?"

    "Thankfully not~"

    Second aunt let out a long sigh of relief.

    "Second Sister-in-Law, I told you you were overreacting, didn't I?"

    "Xiaofan how much skill you do not know, such a beautiful girl, to have a figure, to have a temperament, want to find what kind of husband can not find?Even if you marry into a rich family, this posture is more than enough.How could it be possible to marry Little Fan?"

    "So ah, second sister-in-law, don't worry, your future daughter-in-law will definitely be much more excellent and beautiful than my elder sister's daughter-in-law."

    Ye Xilan shook her head and smiled.

    She knew that her second aunt was so anxious because she was afraid that the daughter-in-law her son would marry would not be as good as Ye Fan.

    Second aunt nodded her head in deep thought, "Well, you're right, with goods like Ye Fan, even if he were to marry into the family, the one he would marry would definitely not be a good girl."

    "It's just Yuilan, this Nan Chen is really pretty, I like her a lot."

    "What do you think, let her be my daughter-in-law, what do you think?"

    The second aunt was suddenly on a whim.


"This~" the corner of Yukiharan's eyes jumped.

    "What, you think my little Jian can't handle her?"Second Aunt glared.

    The words have come to this point, how else can Ye Xilan reply, only to accompany the smile, "Second sister-in-law, you said that.Xiao Jian he is well groomed, no matter how good a girl is, my nephew Xiao Jian ah, he is also worthy."

    "Second sister-in-law, you have a good idea, you can give it a try."

    Ye Xilan smiled hehe.

    But she said that on her lips, her heart didn't think so.

    Although Ye Jian's conditions were much better than Ye Fan, but after all, he hadn't achieved anything yet, if it was an ordinary girl, Ye Jian might still be able to match.

    But this Miss Chen, at a glance, was from a scholarly family, and it was strange that such a beautiful girl could take a fancy to Ye Jian.

    "The one who is worthy of Miss Chen would have to be my Yu Lang."

    Ye Xilan secretly thought to herself, and her heart had already made up her mind about Chen Nan.

    After having the idea in mind, the second aunt also asked her son Ye Jian to take the initiative to accost Nan Chen.

    Not only Ye Jian, Jiang Yulang also followed.

    The brothers tried their best, but Chen Nan didn't even pay any attention to them.

    All along, Chen Nan's eyes were on Ye Fan.

    In the end, the two of them were hot-headed.

    "Mom, stop dreaming, there's no chance."

    "People, Miss Chen doesn't see us at all."

    After returning home, Ye Jian said with a sigh and shook his head.

    When the second aunt heard this, she hated the iron: "Nonsense!"

    "Are you no better than a door-to-door son-in-law?"

    "This Miss Chen can be friends with Ye Fan, can't you just make her your girlfriend?"Second Aunt was furious.

    "Mom, it's not that my son is indiscreet, it's mainly because that Miss Chen doesn't even take care of us ah, let alone ask us out for dinner or a movie.I think, it must be that Ye Fan is messing up over there and talking bad about me, otherwise, with your son's charm, how could that Miss Chen treat me so badly."Ye Jian defended himself from the side.

    After hearing this, the second aunt nodded her head and felt that it made sense.

    "Well, you're right."

    "It must be that Ye Fan who is causing trouble."

    "It seems that I have to personally step in on this matter."

    Second Aunt said slowly.

    After making up her mind, without saying a word, the second aunt ran to the Ye family's old house and headed to Ye Fan's house.

    "Big sister, watching TV ah?"

    "Where's Van, not home?"

    After her second aunt entered the room, she found Ye Ximei sitting alone on the sofa watching TV.

    She looked around and found that apart from Ye Xie Mei, there was no one else in the room, and was confused.

    "Well, not at home."

    Ye Xie Mei faintly returned with a cold tone.

    Obviously still angry about what Second Aunt had said earlier.

    But the second aunt had a thick face and didn't care at all about Ye Xie Mei's cold face.

    Instead, she even continued to ask what Ye Fan and the others had gone to do.

    "Didn't go for anything, it's just that Miss Chen is new to Jingzhou, and Little Fan took her to town for a walk."

    The second aunt listened, but she stared, "What?Went to town to play, why don't you call out to Xiao Jian ah, Xiao Jian is familiar with the town ah."

    Ye Ximei listened and just laughed lightly, ignoring it.

    When her second aunt saw this, she quickly sat over and said with a kind face, "Big sister, Xiao Jian is your nephew, right?"

    "Don't you think you, as an aunt, should be worried about your nephew's lifelong problems?"

    "This Miss Chen is not bad looking, she's very pleasing to me and Xiao Jian is satisfied."

    "It's rare to meet such a nice girl, and she's friends with Xiaofan."

    "This fat water doesn't flow outside, does it?"

    "So ah, big sister, you also help set up Xiao Jian, if this matter comes to fruition, you can be the benefactor of our family for the rest of your life."

    Second Aunt smiled and advised.

    Ye Xi Mei, however, shook her head, "I don't care about the children's matter.If you guys really like Nan Nan, go tell Nan Nan yourselves."

    "Big sister, doesn't that Miss Chen recognize her birth?The few times we've made contact before, people didn't take any notice of us, so that's why we thought to trouble you to set us up."The second aunt was bitter.

    Ye Xi Mei laughed, "Since Nan Nan is not in high spirits, that means she didn't fancy your Xiao Jian.It's useless to dwell on it any longer."


    Seeing this Ye Xie Mei oily, the second aunt was almost dying of anger.

    In the end, she didn't bother to waste time with her here, and with a cold snort, she turned her head and left as well.

    However, the second aunt was obviously not ready to give up just like that, and after leaving from Ye Fan's home, she went to look for the old man Ye.

    Her words were not listened to by Ye Fan's family.

    How could they not listen to the old man's words?

    Sure enough, as soon as Ye Fan and the others returned at noon, they received a call from Old Master Ye, calling for Ye Fan and the others to come over and have lunch together, saying that they wanted to trample on Chen Nan.

    The old man gave the word, and Ye Fan naturally obeyed.

    Thus, Ye Fan and his mother and son, as well as Nan Chen and Lu Wenjing's group, went to the Ye family's main hall.


    "Nan Nan, right?"

    "Come and sit down."

    "There's no need to recognize our nephew, Xiaofan is our own nephew, and you're Xiaofan's friend, which means you're a friend of our Ye family, your guest."

    "I heard that you are leaving this afternoon, that's why we quickly maneuvered a table of wine and food for you to trample."

    "In the future, ah, if you have the chance, come and play often.Just treat this as your home, no need to be formal."

    Seeing Nan Chen, the second aunt hurriedly welcomed him, holding his hand and saying kindly.

    This sudden rise of enthusiasm made Nan Chen a little terrified.

    Finally, the second aunt pulled Nan Chen to sit down next to Ye Jian and specifically instructed, "Son, it's Nan Nan's first time coming to our Ye family, you can entertain her well later."

    "Mom, don't worry."Ye Jian laughed, sitting so close to such a beautiful woman for the first time, Ye Jian was naturally happy.

    And although Nan Chen was reluctant, but the people in front of her were Ye Fan's elders, she was not good enough to disobey, so she sat down next to Ye Jian.

    Soon, the wine and food started to be served.

    During the meal, Ye Jian kept giving Chen Nan food, hushing and asking for warmth, and was extraordinarily attentive.

    But Nan Chen only politely said thank you for this, after which he stopped speaking and remained silent.

    "Dad, hurry up~"

    When the second aunt saw this, she gave a wink at Old Master Ye.

    Master Ye was also in the spirit of giving their old Ye family a good granddaughter-in-law to occupy, so he asked to Chen Nan, "Nan Nan, is the food still tasty?"

    "Mmm, grandma, it's delicious."Nan Chen nodded and smiled.

    Ye Fan had said to Nan Chen that the best thing this family had done for him was the old master.Therefore, Nan Chen naturally had a lot of respect for the old man as well.

    "Haha, good to eat."

    "Right, I haven't asked you where your family is from.Judging from your talk and recuperation, you must be from a remarkable family, right?"Old Master Ye asked curiously.

    "Grandma, I'm from Jianghai, my parents are doing a small business there, barely able to make ends meet.Like brother Fan, I'm just a child from an ordinary family, so I can't talk about being extraordinary."Nan Chen said with a smile on her pretty face and a paragraph.

    Ye Fan, who was on the side, almost didn't spit out the rice that reached his mouth after hearing that.He hurriedly drank water, but then choked and coughed violently.


The only daughter of King Chen Ao of Jiangdong?

    The daughter of the Jianghai Chen family?

    With such a background, you're still an ordinary kid?

    Listen to Chen Nan's mouth full of nonsense, Ye Fan's eyes twitched, but raised his head but fiercely white this girl a glance.

    This nipper, actually learned to tell lies to deceive people?

    "Brother Fanny, what's wrong with you?"

    "Are you coming down with a cold?"

    "I had a minor in clinical medicine in college, do you want me to show you?"

    Seemingly sensing Ye Fan's gaze looking over, Nan Chen's pair of beautiful eyes then looked over as well.

    Those bright eyes were filled with an inexplicable smile.

    But, Chen Nan's tone was full of "threat" to Ye Fan.

    It seems to be a warning to Ye Fan, if he reveals her past, he will also reveal all the things about Ye Fan.

    In this regard, Ye Fan helplessly smiled: "Nothing, just choked on water."

    "Grandma, Nan Nan is right, she's just a girl from an ordinary family, she doesn't have an extraordinary background."

    "Oh, that's right."Old Master Ye nodded slightly and said slowly.

    But after the second aunt and the others heard it, they were slightly disheartened.

    Originally, they thought that Nan Chen came from a wealthy and famous family, and in the future, when her son married such a wife, he would also be able to get into the limelight, so much so that he would be able to rise to prominence.

    But now, it seems that she had extravagant hopes.

    However, even so, the second aunt still didn't give up her interest in Chen Nan.

    After all, such a stunningly beautiful girl was absolutely one in a million.

    Even if her family background wasn't outstanding enough, Nan Chen's beauty was already enough to make up for it.


    "Nan Nan, it's fine, don't mind if you come from an ordinary background."

    "Happiness is something you struggle to earn."

    "In the future, if you can find a self-reliant and ambitious husband like my son Xiao Jian, you two will definitely be able to soar if you work together."

    Second aunt tried her best to set her up, listening to that tone, as if she had already decided that Nan Chen was her daughter-in-law.

    "Mom, what are you talking nonsense?"

    "Miss Chen that's modesty, do you really think he's an ordinary family?"

    "Yesterday at the restaurant, all the leaders of the municipal party committee personally accompanied the meal."

    "With such a face, do you think Miss Chen really comes from an ordinary background?"

    Hearing his own mother's words, Ye Jian, however, rolled his eyes.


    "All the city leaders accompanied the dinner?"

    "I'll go, it's amazing!"

    "What a background this has to be!"

    "What exactly does your house do, Nannie?"

    As soon as Ye Jian's words fell, everyone in the Ye family was shocked, and their gazes towards Nan Chen changed.

    Even Ye Xie Mei was slightly startled.

    She looked at Nan Chen and then at her son, her heart filled with fear.

    Although, this short time together, Ye Xi Mei could also guess that Nan Chen's family background must be extraordinary.

    However, she thought that Nan Chen's parents were probably university teachers, bank executives, and the like.But now, it seemed that Chen Nan's background was far more powerful than she had imagined.

    When she was frightened, Ye Xi Mei was also even more confused.

    How on earth did her son get acquainted with such a luxurious daughter?

    Nan Chen was thinking of muddling through, but didn't expect to be directly stirred up by Ye Jian's words.

    But Chen Nan didn't do much explaining, after all, they are all unrelated people, it's useless to talk too much, but more trouble.So only said that the city party committee leader just happened to be a friend of his parents, so he accompanied himself to dinner.

    Nan Chen muddled through lightly, but the eyes of the Ye family had undoubtedly looked at her differently.

    Especially the second aunt, whose old eyes were filled with fire and joy.

    Even Master Ye, the more satisfied he was with this girl, Nan Chen, the more his heart grew to receive her into the Ye family as his granddaughter-in-law.

    "Nan Nan, I wonder if you can marry?"Master Ye finally stepped into the main topic.

    The second aunt and the others became nervous, and everyone in the Ye family looked at Nan Chen, waiting for her answer.

    Nan Chen shook her head and smiled politely, "Grandma, I just graduated recently, I've been busy with work and have yet to get married."

    "Haha, good, good, what an upwardly mobile child."

    Hearing Nan Chen's words, everyone in the Ye family laughed out loud.

    "Then what do you think, how about our Jingzhou?"

    "Any future plans to develop in Kingston?"

    Master Ye was worthy of being an old master, he didn't ask Chen Nan directly what he thought of Ye Jian, but asked in depth by the side and gradually.

    Nan Chen thought, "Well, I like this place very much, there are mountains and water, it is located in the Central Plains of China, the three provinces meet, and even the Yellow River runs through it.The people are outstanding, and the culture is a great mix."

    "Of course, Jiangdong is big, and there are many cities with mountains and water, but the biggest reason why I clocked Jiangzhou is because there is a person in this city who is enough to keep me attached for a lifetime."

    Nan Chen's gentle voice was like a spring in the mountains, flowing slowly and refreshingly.

    Within the low tone of voice, there was full of tenderness [penchant island] and even more endless affection.

    As she said these words, Nan Chen secretly looked towards Ye Fan's direction.

    Ye Fan remained silent, just bowed his head and drank tea as if unaware.

    Nan Chen's actions did not attract the attention of the crowd.

    Rather, it was her words that made the second aunt and others drift away.

    A lifelong lover?

    Could it be her son, Ye Jian?

    Master Ye was also delighted when he heard this and felt that this marriage might really be in play, so he inquired again, "Then Nan Nan, tell grandfather, what kind of fantasy do you have in your heart for your future partner?"

    "Do you mind that he comes from an ordinary family?"

    "Like, born in our town of Yeyang?"

    Nan Chen shook his head, "A hero doesn't ask where he came from."

    "No matter what his origin is, no matter what kind of experience he once had, I don't care."

    "My mate, as long as I like him, that's enough."

    "Haha, good."The stone hanging in Ye's heart dropped as he asked this, laughing, and then even more so, he lifted his glass of wine and directly drank a glass himself.

    "Nan Nan, with that being said, I won't hide anything from you."

    "You're a girl I like very much."

    "I intend for me to be my Ye family's daughter-in-law, I wonder if you would be willing?"

    Master Ye finally said the final intention.

    Ye Ya and his wife tensed up, and Ye Jian even held his breath, waiting for Chen Nan's reply.

    When Nan Chen heard it, however, he was shocked, "Ah...Ah?"

    She looked at Ye Fan, and then looked at Ye old man, the shell tooth biting red lips, the heart of a million deer touched, the pretty face is even scarlet.

    She lowered her head and said with trepidation: "Old Master, this...This is a bit bad, isn't it?I don't want to interfere with Autumn..."

    "Haha, Nanan, there's nothing wrong with that.Since you don't object, this matter is settled.When we pick a date and both sides meet their parents, we can make arrangements for the marriage."Seeing Nan Nan so blushing with shame, Master Ye instantly became aware of Nan Nan's intentions.


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