Dish Best Served Cold 741-745


Chapter 741

Listening to the voices of the crowd, the faces of the Fang family's father and daughter were undoubtedly getting uglier and uglier.

    The old faces were pale, standing there with their heads bowed, cold sweat breaking out on their foreheads.

    "Boss Fang, what exactly is going on?"

    "Don't be honest yet!"

    When Nan Chen saw the situation, many things were naturally clear in her mind.

    A pair of beautiful eyes glared at the Fang family's father and daughter and coldly questioned.

    "Miss Chen, I...We~"

    This hot pot shop owner was swinging all over the place, looking tremendously shaken, but in his guilty conscience, he couldn't even speak.

    "You still won't say it?"

    "The deputy mayor can be right next to it?"

    "If you honestly admit it, my brother Fan is a generous man and may be able to let you off the hook."

    "But if you don't cooperate, then, if you alert the authorities, you'll go to jail!"

    Nan Chen's words undoubtedly scared the courage out of the Fang family's father and daughter.

    In this situation, the father and daughter naturally no longer dared to conceal their feelings and made peace with the crowd.

    "Miss Chen, Mr. Ye, it's not our fault."

    "It's all him, it's all him who made us do this."

    "He's the one who paid us to cooperate with him in putting on a show to falsely accuse Mr. Ye."

    "We were just momentarily confused, and we were compelled by the villain."

    "Miss Chen, Mr. Ye, we know we were wrong, please, just bypass us this once?"

    Fang Yaoyao's father and daughter were filled with fear and worshipped incessantly.

    In the end, they put all the blame on Ye Jian alone.

    Ye Jian's face went white and pointed at Fang Yaoyao's father and daughter and said angrily, "Boss Fang, you...You guys...Son of a bitch~"

    How could Ye Jian have never thought that this father and daughter would confess everything so quickly and put all the blame on him alone, and cursed with an ugly face.

    The rest of the people heard this, but they were filled with righteous indignation.

    "Fuck, it's really a false accusation ah."

    "This person is an animal, ah?"

    "Even to your own cousin?"

    "It's simply treasonous."

    "Just now, you were acting like a righteous person, but now you look like a scum."

    "You still have the face to eat here, so why don't you get out?"


    "That's right, get out!"

    "It's just scum~"




    After the truth was revealed, the situation took a sharp turn for the worse, and the crowd that had just angrily rebuked Ye Fan now cursed at Ye Jian instead.

    As the saying goes, people's words are fearsome!

    Seeing that Ye Jian was almost drowning in spittle, the two siblings, Jiang Yulang and Jiang Yuzheng, also felt humiliated and whispered in a terrified voice, "Brother Jian, a good man doesn't eat immediate loss, we'd better leave quickly, right?"

    "You're committing a public outrage."

    "I'm not leaving, I paid for dinner, why should I?I won't go!"Ye Jian couldn't swallow the anger in his heart, he was thinking of disgracing Ye Fan this time, but who would have thought that the pit he dug in the end would bury him.

    Ye Jian was angry and depressed in his heart.

    At this time, it would be truly humiliating for him to leave like a lost dog.

    "Brother Jian, why are you suffering?"

    "If you keep arguing, your situation will only get worse!"


    "Shit, you want to stay here and embarrass yourself, right?"

    "Yukari, let's go~"

    Jiang Yulang siblings were after all just students who hadn't entered the society and were thin-skinned.

    After advising Ye Jian a few words, they saw that he refused to listen to their advice.

    The siblings were even so angry that they didn't care about Ye Jian anymore and turned around and left on their own.

    "You...You guys..."

    Ye Jian was so angry that his old face was livid, and he stood up to scold Jiang Yulang and the others for being spineless.

    However, who would have thought that as soon as Ye Jian's side spoke in general, a rugged man in the crowd came out with a bang and kicked Ye Jian on the ground.

    "You you you, you peat ah you!"

    "Cao Nima, if I tell you to fuck off, where's all the bullshit?"

    "It's good not to slaughter you for disturbing Miss Chen, but you still dare to pester me here?"

    As this big man cursed, he punched Ye Jian.


    "How dare you hit me, you bastard?"

    "Do you know who I am?"

    "My uncle is the deputy governor of Dongyang County~"

    "My dad's a business owner, my sister's an army officer..."


    Ye Jian shouted angrily as he screamed there.

    After that big man heard it, he was happy.

    "Deputy magistrate?"


    "There I go, what a background!"

    The man sneered, so the movement on his feet stopped.

    Ye Jian originally thought that the man was afraid and climbed up to curse again.

    However, who would have thought that the man snapped and smacked Ye Jian right in the face.

    While hitting it, he cursed angrily.

    "Give back the deputy county..."

    "Return officer..."

    "And threaten me?"

    "I fucking told you to pretend!"

    "I fucking let you threaten me~"

    "You don't even know where I was when I was hanging out in Jingzhou, Wei Wuji?"

    "And you dare to fox me?"

    Wei Wuji was full of sardonic smiles, biting his teeth and cursing.

    With his hands and feet, he straightforwardly hit Ye Jian all over the ground.


    "That hurts!"


    "Don't fight~"

    "Please, don't fight."

    "Master, I'm sorry, please...I'm begging you, please don't hit me."


    As the saying goes, the wicked have their own wickedness to grind, under Wei Wuji's brutal beating, where does Ye Jian still have half of his previous backbone, lying on the ground and begging for mercy.

    A handful of snot and a handful of tears, that appearance is very pitiful.

    In the end, the shopkeeper couldn't bear to see it, and hurriedly stopped: "Brother Wei, Brother Wei, okay, don't fight, if you fight again, there will really be a death~"

    However, it didn't matter if this owner Fang didn't persuade him, as soon as he did, that Wei Wuji backhandedly smacked the shopkeeper's old face again.

    "You fucking still have the face to persuade?"

    "Disturbed Miss Chen, I haven't smacked you yet."

    Wei Wuji was about to get rough again.

    "All right, Boss Wei, stop in moderation."

    "You've beaten them enough, they've also been taught a lesson."

    "If you continue to make trouble, it won't end well."

    At this time, a dignified man who accompanied Chen Nan spoke out to advise him.

    It looked like this man was acquainted with Wei Wuji.

    "Haha, Lin City is also here."

    "Well, since Lin City has spoken, I have to give this face."

    Wei Wuji laughed, while turning his head, he kicked Ye Jian's ass again.

    "Stinky brat, why don't you get lost?"

    "Don't let me see you again, or I'll see you once and beat you!"

    Under Wei Wuji's anger, where did Ye Jian dare to linger, crawling and quickly slipping away.

    After chasing away Ye Jian, Wei Wuji was full of respect and smiled in an inviting manner towards Nan Chen's direction.

    "Miss Chen, that obtrusive scum has already been chased away by me."

    "You continue to eat, and no one will dare disturb Miss Chen's meal next."


Looking at Wei Wuji's respectful appearance, Nan Chen, however, was a little confused, wondering where this person had come from: "You are?"


    "Miss Chen, my name is Wei Wuji."

    "Used to do building materials business in this area.Hanging out with Master Lei San, I have some reputation here in the Jingzhou Development Zone."Wei Wuji introduced himself.

    "Wei Wuji?"Nan Chen was still confused and couldn't remember that he knew this number even after thinking for a while.

    Wei Wuji, however, smiled happily and said, "Haha~"

    "I, Wei Wuji, am just a rough man, naturally worthless in Miss Chen's eyes.It's normal that Miss Chen doesn't know me."

    "Miss Chen is Mr. Chu's woman, it's not an exaggeration to say she is the Empress of Jiangdong."

    "I, Wei Wuji, don't seek Miss Chen's acquaintance, and if I can see Miss Chen's beauty today, I have no regrets in my life."

    "But Miss Chen, you should give Mr. Chu a word when you come to Jingzhou."

    "When the time comes, when Mr. Chu gives the order, I'm afraid that the third Lei of our Jingzhou will have to come out obediently to greet and toast our Empress of Jiangdong, ah."

    Wei Wuji laughed, it was natural for him to feel honored and excited to be able to talk to the Empress of Jiangdong so closely.

    But Ye Fan, who was listening at the side, frowned slightly, "Eh?"

    "You know me?"

    Ye Fan's words caused Wei Wuji to be stunned.

    And then looking back, he saw that it was the door-to-door son-in-law who had just been framed and scolded with a black face.

    "Go go go, stay where it's cool!"

    "I'm talking to Miss Chen here, why are you interrupting, you jerk?"

    "Still I know you?"

    "You're nothing, how do I know you!"

    Wei Wuji rolled his white eyes and looked at Ye Fan like he was an idiot.

    It only felt like this young man wasn't good in the head, was he talking without thinking?

    I was chatting with Miss Chen and he suddenly said, "You know me?

    You're a son-in-law, why the hell do I know you?

    If it wasn't for Miss Chen watching, otherwise, with Wei Wuji's violent temper, he would have already gone up and smacked this guy who didn't have a brain.

    Ye Fan's eye corners twitched at this disgraceful remark, and he was too stunned to say a word.

    As Nan Chen listened, he was naturally puzzled as well.

    From those words of Wei Wuji just now, he should have known his own little brother Fan ah.

    But now how...

    Startled, Nan Chen asked in confusion, "You've never met Mr. Chu?"

    "That's for sure."

    "I'm just a roughneck, helping Master Lei San with some of the chores down there."

    "Even Master Lei San, I don't get to see him a few times a year, let alone Mr. Chu."

    "That's the emperor of Jiangdong, to see Mr. Chu, I'm afraid that it's impossible for me, Wei Wuji, in my lifetime."

    Wei Wuji shook his head and lamented, but his words were full of admiration and respect for Mr. Chu.

    But the more Nan Chen listened, the more confused he became, "Since you've never met Mr. Chu, how did you recognize me?"

    Wei Wuji returned, "My brother recognized him."

    "My brother is the chauffeur of Master Lei San, and on New Year's Day, he had the honor of traveling to Yunzhou with Master Lei San to attend the Sea and Sky Feast."

    "My brother said that on that day at the summit of the Sea Source Pavilion, Miss Chen nestled in Mr. Chu's arms.A cup of wine was offered to the hero of Jiangdong, drinking up the wind!"

    "Drunk at the knee of a beautiful woman, awake at the helm of the world.Such is the life of a great man."

    Wei Wuji was full of emotion, and between this narrative, all of them had lofty feelings.

    If you don't know, you probably thought that the one who nestled next to Mr. Chu that day was Wei Wuji?


    "It's just a pity that I, Wei Wuji, am shallowly blessed, and I'm afraid that in this lifetime, I won't be able to see Mr. Chu's lineup."

    In the end, Wei Wuji was again overcome with emotion.

    Ye Fan watched from the sidelines, feeling intolerant.

    After hesitating a bit, he still felt like coming out and said frankly, "Er...That, Boss Wei, I'm Mr. Chu."

    "You're an ass!"

    "Get out of here~"

    "Get out as far away as you can, don't bother old man."Wei Wuji directly scolded.

    Naturally, he didn't believe that the bratty bastard in front of him was the kingpin of Jiangdong, Mr. Chu?

    Purely thinking that this son of a bitch was teasing him again.

    Ye Fan was stunned, somewhat helpless, and said again, "I'm really Mr. Chu."

    "Really you're paralyzed!"

    "Why don't you get the hell away from me?"Wei Wuji scolded again.

    Ye Fan's old face darkened three times and he said speechlessly, "But I really..."


    "It's never ending, is it?"

    "I've endured you again and again because I'm afraid of disturbing Miss Chen here and don't want to be rough with you."

    "But you're a bastard, and you're still fucking stirring your nose?"

    "With that shabby look of yours, you return Mr. Chu?"

    "If you are Mr. Chu, I, Wei Wuji, am your grandson!"

    Wei Wuji was already anxious.

    But Ye Fan was laughing bitterly at the time.

    He didn't think that one day no one would even believe him when he said he was himself?

    While Ye Fan's side was speechless, Nan Chen on the side was bent over with laughter.

    That demented laughter was only like pearls and jade falling to the ground, it was very beautiful.

    "You're a nipper, you still have the nerve to laugh?"

    "Explain it for me yet!"

    Ye Fan's face darkened then, glaring at Nan Chen.

    For a rough man like Wei Wuji, it was estimated that only Nan Chen could help Ye Fan prove his identity.


    "Explain what?"

    "I don't know anything?"

    "All I know is that Brother Fanny, isn't your last name Ye?"Nan Chen played dumb.

    "You~"Ye Fan was simply going to die of anger.

    He didn't expect that Nan Chen, this ninny, was helping outsiders to tease herself along with him.

    However, how could Ye Fan know that for Nan Chen, it was naturally a rare pleasure in this life to see Mr. Chu, the mighty Jiangdong who commanded the crowd, so defeated.

    Naturally, Nan Chen would not miss it.

    After Wei Wuji heard this, he was naturally more certain of his opinion.

    "Bastard, you damn one surnamed Ye, you dare to call yourself Mr. Chu too?"

    "I see that you really don't want to live."

    Wei Wuji glared at Ye Fan and scolded him with anger.


    This misunderstanding couldn't be resolved.

    When Ye Fan saw the situation, he could only smile helplessly, so he left it at that and didn't prove anything anymore.

    He only slightly angrily reached out and cut a hand on the tip of Nan Chen's nose.

    "You ninny, you still have the face to laugh?"

    "I you also dare to tease, I think it's an itchy ass."

    "Okay, let's go, it's all in Jingzhou, come back home with me."

    Ye Fan's home was on this side after all, and now that Nan Chen was here, Ye Fan would naturally do his best to be a landlord.

    However, who would have thought that before the two Ye Fan had left, Wei Wuji beside them instantly exploded.


    "Bastard, do you fucking want to die?"

    "Mr. Chu's woman, and you dare to belittle and desecrate her?"

    "I damn well have to kill you for Mr. Chu today, you shameless thing!"

    Seeing that Ye Fan dared to touch Nan Chen's face, Wei Wuji's eyes turned red straight away, Jairus!


Who is Miss Chen?

    That's Mr. Chu's woman!

    It was the Empress of Edo.

    One person below, ten thousand above.

    But now, such an honorable woman is being desecrated by a wild boy from the countryside, Wei Wuji is naturally furious and cries out to kick Ye Fan?

    Nan Chen saw the situation and quickly stopped it.

    However, before Nan Chen could speak, Wei Wuji said angrily, "Miss Chen, you don't have to interfere with this matter."

    "Don't worry, I have to slaughter this Dengtu Zi today!"

    "Even Mr. Chu's woman dares to touch, I think he really doesn't want to live."

    Wei Wuji's angry voice echoed, barking one Mr. Chu's woman at a time.

    This caused Nan Chen's pretty face to blush scarlet, and even the gaze towards Ye Fan had been tinged with a few blushes of shame.

    However, even Nan Chen didn't know why, hearing Wei Wuji say this, she actually felt a small tingling of joy and elation in her heart.

    How much she wanted to be misunderstood like this all the time.

    At this time, Wei Wuji, however, had already rushed up towards Ye Fan's direction.

    "Big brother, what are you doing?"

    "Didn't the Third Master tell you to sharpen your temperament, or you'll never be reused."

    "Look at you, I've only been away for how long, and you're bullying me again?"

    "Do you seriously want to end up like that Sun Jianhao, too?"

    However, it was at this moment that an angry word suddenly came from behind him.

    Only a suit-wearing, capable and stable man walked in from outside.

    After seeing that Wei Wuji was going to hit someone again, he was suddenly angry and furious.

    This person, naturally, was the younger brother of Wei Wuji's mouth, Wei Wuyi.

    During this period of time, the landscape of power in Jingzhou was shaken, and Master Lei San was unaware of what kind of madness he had, suddenly purging his forces.

    The people who were bad and bullying were all executed.

    Among them, the one who suffered the worst was naturally Lei's brother-in-law, Sun Jianhao.

    It was said that he was directly sentenced to death and executed immediately!

    Lei's wife knelt outside all night to plead for her brother's mercy, but couldn't salvage the situation.

    What came out was still Sun Jianhao's corpse.

    Sun Jianhao's death shakes Jingzhou, which undoubtedly means that Lei San is about to get real, to clean house and restrain his men!

    Wei Wuji was the one who was jerked off from his high position by Lei Sanji during this period.

    He didn't make any major mistakes, but his temper was too violent, and he hit people at every turn, with no sense of urgency.Lei Sanji removed him from his position in the company, allowing him to reflect for a period of time, to sharpen his temperament.


    Naturally, Wei Wuyou was furious, and went up and raged at Wei Wuyou.

    "Cliffless, I can't be blamed for this!"

    "It's this jerk who doesn't know how to die, defiling Mr. Chu's woman and desecrating our Jiangdong empress."

    "What's worse, this person just impersonated Mr. Chu to trap me."

    "Do you think he deserves a beating?"

    "I'm afraid that even if Third Master were here today, he'd probably have to break this bastard's dog's legs!"Wei Wuyou said in a deep voice.

    Wei Wuyou was shocked when he heard, "What?"

    "Someone desecrates Miss Chen and impersonates Mr. Chu?"

    "What kind of man has such nerve?"

    Wei Wuyi's old face was pale, and he asked anxiously.

    "This is not, is this the jerk?"

    Wei Wuji sneered while pointing at Ye Fan's direction.

    With a sunken face, Wei Wuyoucai followed his brother's gaze and was about to rebuke Ye Fan for his dog's guts.

    However, when Ye Fan's clear and beautiful face appeared in Wei Wufei's eyebrows, Wei Wufei was in a state of shock, only as if he was in a headlock, and at that time, he was so frightened that his eyes were almost staring out.

    "Chu...Chu...Mr. Chu? "

    At that moment, Wei Wuye's entire body was almost as if struck by lightning.

    Three souls and six mortal spirits were nearly shattered.

    A pair of old faces instantly went white, and his entire body directly cried.


    Well, if it isn't Mr. Chu.

    How dare his brother hit him just now?

    Wei Wuyi only felt afraid that this time he wasn't going to be killed by his own brother!

    Horrified, Wei Wuyi bitterly cursed at his older brother.

    "Big brother, what's wrong with you?"

    "Mr. Chu you dare to fight too?"

    "That's no way to play a death wish, is it?"

    "Brother I'm in deep shit this time~"

    Wei Wuye was truly crying from fear.

    He had followed Master Lei for many years, and was fortunate enough to go to the Haitian Feast with Master Lei on New Year's Day this year, so he had naturally seen Mr. Chu's true face.

    Earlier, Wei Wuyou's attention was focused on Chen Nan, but he completely failed to notice that there was an exceptional True Dragon hidden on this side!

    Now that I'm closer, this awe-inspiring presence, this clear face, if it's not Mr. Chu, who else could it be?

    However, it was such a revered Lord of Jiangdong who reigned supreme and commanded the crowd, but he was almost beaten by his own brother.

    Wei Wuyi was naturally terrified, and after scolding Wei Wuyi, he immediately kneeled down and worshiped.

    "Mr. Chu, it's our brother who is blind and doesn't know the real person."

    "The crime deserves death, please punish Mr. Chu!"

    Wei Wuyi worshipped in fear, and that miserable voice echoed endlessly.

    In a split second, the entire audience was horrified.

    The entire hall was actually silent!

    All of them were flabbergasted in place.

    Even those who came with Nan Chen were even more in awe.

    The deputy mayor stared over, incredulous, "He is Mr. Chu?"

    "Inevitably, it's too young."

    Mr. Chu's name was already famous in Jiangdong.

    When the Sea and Sky Feast was first held, it was the Lord of Jiangdong Province who sent people to the venue to present the Jiangdong Honorary Wine.

    As a result, even among the officials of Jingzhou, it was like a thunderclap.

    Now that they saw its true face, they were naturally shocked.

    Of course, in this big hall, the one who lost his temper the most was Wei Wuji.

    After seeing his brother's words and actions, Wei Wuji's entire body was directly confused.

    The brain, all blank.

    The old face was pale, and in his heart, waves of shock swept over him!

    Finally, in a state of panic, Wei Wuji looked at Ye Fan and then at the clear and beautiful woman at the side, and asked shakily.

    "Chen...Miss Chen, he...He...He's really, Chu...Mr. Chu?"

    This time, Nan Chen no longer concealed it.

    The moment Nan Chen nodded, Wei Wuji's entire body directly spread out on the ground, only to feel that, the sky had collapsed.

    In his heart, he wailed.


    He's just fucked up!


"Mr. Chu, I...I'm...I..."

    In the hall, the two Wei brothers fell to their knees.

    Wei Wuji, in particular, had an old face that was terrified white, and lowered his head to apologize to Ye Fan repeatedly.

    Under endless trepidation, but could not even speak properly, with their mouths open like a rooster screaming like a cockerel there.

    Ye Fan saw them like this, but shook his head and smiled, "Don't, I'm not Mr. Chu."

    "No, no, no, you are Mr. Chu~"

    "No, I'm not."Ye Fan continued to shake his head.

    "Mr. Chu, don't be like this~"

    Wei Wuji was almost played to tears by Ye Fan, and at this moment, hearing these words from Ye Fan, he was as terrified as he wanted to be.

    In the end, Wei Wuji was at a loss, afraid that Ye Fan would slaughter him, he even turned to Nan Chen and begged, "Miss Chen, you are Mr. Chu's woman, please plead for me."

    "I really didn't mean to offend just now, I just thought..."

    Wei Wuji was filled with wretchedness and couldn't stop begging.

    Nan Chen, however, smiled broadly and said, "Boss Wei, get up."

    "There's no need to be so terrified."

    "What happened just now, my brother Xiaofan originally didn't care."

    "Otherwise, if he was really mad at you, do you think you would still be here safely now?"

    Nan Chen's gentle words rang out slowly.

    Having known Ye Fan for so long, Nan Chen knew Ye Fan's nature too well.

    Her little brother, Fan, was always generous.

    A small offense like this, he basically wouldn't care.

    What's more, Wei Wuji was well-intentioned earlier, aiming to protect Mr. Chu's reputation.

    It was only that in the end, there was a black dragon and the party made a joke.

    However, Ye Fan did not intend to forgive Wei Wuji so easily just like that.

    He walked over, looked down at Wei Wuji in front of him, and said indifferently, "Seeing that Nan Nan is speaking for you, I won't make things difficult for you."

    "However, you have to keep the promise you just made."

    "What...What promise?"Wei Wuji was stunned, not knowing what Ye Fan meant by that.

    Ye Fan smiled lightly, "Boss Wei is really a nobleman who forgets things."

    "But I do remember, just now someone said that if I am Mr. Chu, then he is my grandson."

    "That, Boss Wei is not going to admit it?"

    Ye Fan asked slowly, that light tone, but the Wei Wuji was terrified as if he was walking on thin ice.


    Wei Wuyou obviously remembered the words as well.

    But he was just saying it casually at the time, but he never thought that Ye Fan really took it seriously.

    However, how could Wei Wuji say it in front of so many people, calling Ye Fan's grandfather?

    Just as Wei Wuji was filled with confusion, Ye Fan shook his head and smiled, and turned to leave without waiting for Wei Wuji's reply.

    "Mr. Chu, please stay."

    However, just as Ye Fan was about to leave, a voice came out from behind him.

    A middle-aged man was seen, taking two steps in three steps, chasing after Ye Fan's direction.

    "Well, you are?"

    The man in front of him, whom Ye Fan did not know, frowned suddenly.

    "Mr. Chu, my name is Lin Pingzhi, I am the deputy mayor of Jingzhou City."

    "I've heard of Mr. Chu's name for a long time, and it's a great honor to finally meet him today!"

    "I just didn't expect that Mr. Chu, who has been famous for a while, would be a young man."

    "Mr. Chu's youth, when I really did not expect it."

    "As expected, a hero is a young man~"

    Lin Pingzhi even lamented and reached out his hand to shake hands with Ye Fan.

    Ye Fan also smiled back politely.

    This was Ye Fan's personality, others respected him a foot and he returned the favor.

    But if someone was ungrateful and provoked him, Ye Fan would naturally not give them a good face.

    No matter what the other person's identity was.

    "It's rare to meet Mr. Chu in Jingzhou."

    "I wonder if Mr. Chu is free tonight, could you give me, Mr. Lin, a chance to get to know Mr. Chu?"

    "Tonight, a banquet will be held at my home, and I hope Mr. Chu will attend."

    Lin Pingzhi's posture was very low, acting as if he was a humble gentleman.

    However, Ye Fan eventually declined with something at home.

    Subsequently, Ye Fan's group left the Chong Jiu Hotpot Restaurant.

    Only Lin Pingzhi and the others remained, dealing with the aftermath in the small shop.

    "Lin City's invitation, I never thought that this Mr. Chu would even refuse?"

    "That's pretty insensitive!"

    "It's an honor for Lin City to personally invite him.I wonder how many people want to eat with Lin City?"

    "He's down and he's refusing?"

    "Do you really think you're the emperor of Jiangdong?"

    "What the heck is this!"

    After Ye Fan left, but someone next to Lin Pingzhi was speaking angrily.

    They only thought that Ye Fan was insensitive and shameless.

    However, Lin Pingzhi shook his head, "Xiao Zhou, no rudeness!"

    "Lin Shi, that Mr. Chu is just a little brat, what's the point of being afraid of him?"The assistant next to him was exasperated and said again.

    "Little brat?"Lin Pingzhi's face was sullen, but he asked rhetorically, "Do you seriously think that a little brat can unify Jiangdong and make the powerful and powerful families like the Lei family in Jingzhou and the Chen family in Jianghai all bow down?"

    "One cannot look like a man, and the sea cannot fight."

    "This Mr. Chu, it's never just as simple as it seems."

    Lin Pingzhi looked at the direction that Ye Fan left, but said indifferently.

    In his heart, he was undoubtedly more interested in this Mr. Chu, and had even more thoughts of befriending him.



    After leaving the hotpot restaurant, Ye Fan and the others were not in a hurry to return to Ye Yang Town.

    Instead, they took a leisurely stroll along the shore of Dongchang Lake.

    Dongchang Lake was the inner lake of Jingzhou City and also a famous scenic area.

    At this time, Ye Fan was walking holding Lu Wenjing's little hand, and Nan Chen was also laughing with Ye Fan.

    Only Ye Yuyan, like an outsider, was walking alone, just as quietly behind Ye Fan.

    There were several times when Ye Yuyan wanted to summon up the courage to say something, but her words came to her lips, but she still held back in the end.

    She was just like that, pacing silently, silently watching Ye Fan and Chen Nan talk and laugh.

    Until now, Ye Yuyan finally understood why she was carefully dressed up today, but Ye Fan didn't care about it.

    Thinking about it, with a clear and beautiful woman like Nan Chen accompanying her, what was that bit of beauty of her Ye Yuyan's that was nothing?

    Thinking of this, Ye Yuyan felt frustrated.

    I only felt that the little bit of pride I had left was also suddenly gone.

    Perhaps, in the eyes of Ye Fan, she, Ye Yuyan, was nothing!

    Funny how she had defied Ye Fan before, saying that he was not worthy of being her cousin.

    Now it seemed that she was nothing more than a self-righteous clown all along.

    "You asked me out, it shouldn't be as simple as just dinner, right?"

    "If you have anything to say, just say it."

    At this time, Ye Fan seemed to have noticed Ye Yuyan's difference, but after hanging her out for a long time, he took the initiative to ask.

    Ye Yuyan hesitated for a moment, but finally said what she wanted to say.


    "You want me to go into the military and soldier for someone?"

    After hearing Ye Yuyan's request, Ye Fan frowned.


"Brother Evan, that's not an ordinary soldier."

    "It's a special soldier."

    "And, teacher they made you the captain of our special war team."

    "Able to hold the rank of Captain."

    "You're good at it, young, and served as captain right off the bat."

    "As long as Brother Ye Fan you have a few years of solid experience at the grassroots level and get your seniority up, you will definitely be on par in the military."

    "Within thirty years, just like my teacher, you may be able to seal the rank of Major General?"

    "Brother Ye Fan, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that my teacher has given you to change your fate, you must grasp it."

    Ye Yuyan couldn't help but advise, it was as if this was a huge favor from his teacher to Ye Fan.

    And as Ye Fan listened, he smiled.

    Seeing Ye Fan's smile, the stone in Ye Yuyan's heart fell to the ground.

    She thought that by smiling, Ye Fan was agreeing.

    Thus, Ye Yuyan continued, "Since brother Ye Fan you also want to go, then come with me now to see my teacher.After that, my teacher will help you deal with the matter, thank you, say it when you meet my teacher."

    However, Ye Yuyan's words were not heeded by Ye Fan.

    Instead, he asked back, "Who do you think, your teacher or me, is more powerful?"

    Ye Yuyan was stunned, not knowing why Ye Fan suddenly asked this.

    But still answered honestly, "At first, Your Excellency Guang Yue, both Teacher and I were defeated by Hua Yingtian, the first disciple of the Sword God Palace.Fortunately, in the end, Brother Ye Fan was able to save me and my teacher from the danger."

    "If you look at it from this aspect, naturally you are more powerful, Brother Ye Fan."

    Ye Fan smiled lightly, turned his back to Ye Yuyan and asked again, "Well then, I'll ask you again, how high up in the military district can you be?"

    Ye Yuyan shook her head, "When I first joined the military area, I was young after all, and thanks to my teacher's care, I became the captain of the dragon hunting squad, but I've only just risen to the rank of major."

    "Yanjing Military District, hidden dragons and tigers."

    "There are several generals, and there are no less than ten lieutenant generals!"

    "I, Ye Yuyan, am insignificant in it, so naturally I can't rank."

    Ye Yuyan said slowly.

    However, as soon as her words fell, Ye Fan then turned around and coldly whispered to the woman in front of her, "In that case, Ye Yuyan, what qualifications do you have to invite me?"

    "I, Ye Fan, rebuke the East River and shake the four corners of the world.Big men from all sides respect me as if I were a god."

    "And you, a little man who can't even rank a number, what do you invite me with?"

    The words resounded, only like a golden stone falling to the ground.

    Under Ye Fan's drink, Ye Yuyan was flabbergasted in place, her small face pale.

    Even Lu Wenjing and Nan Chen were also frightened by Ye Fan's sudden questioning.

    But Ye Fan didn't stop, and the majestic voice, once again, exploded.

    "At the foot of Mount Tai, Wu He Rong is no match for me."

    "At the Battle of Yanqi Lake, Hua Yinglong was defeated by my one punch!"

    "Not to mention the head disciple of the Sword God Palace, even the Sword God of the Sun Country, I don't even care."

    "I, Ye Fan, Lord of Ten Thousand Dragons, have unparalleled majesty."

    "Now, you want me to go serve others, take orders from others, and be the captain to a bunch of you rat ants?"

    "Ye Yuyan, Ye Yuyan, don't you think you think too highly of yourself?"

    "Go back and tell your teacher,"

    "Not to mention a small captain, even if I'm directly named a general, coaching the three armies, and being the chief instructor of the military, I, Ye Fan, don't even care."

    "And a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, it's a joke!"

    Ye Fan spoke furiously.

    The words and sentences were like swords, raging in all directions.

    Suddenly, under Ye Fan's majesty, even the temperature of this heaven and earth dropped a few minutes.

    It was like falling into an ice cellar!

    After saying that, Ye Fan flicked his sleeve and left.

    Behind him, all that was left was the cold wind blowing leaves all over the sky!

    After Ye Fan left, Ye Yuyan, however, stood for a long time.

    Her pretty face was pale, just like that, staying in the same place, startled, looking at that, angrily departing back.

    For a long time, not speaking.

    Only, the pair of beautiful eyes in front of her, quickly red.

    Tears, unknowingly, came out of her eyes and fell unceasingly along her cheeks.

    They fell on the ground, but they fell to pieces.

    Until now, Ye Yuyan still couldn't figure out why Ye Fan was so angry at her just now.


    She was doing him a favor.

    She clearly wanted to give him a chance to change his fate.

    She had thought that Ye Fan should have gladly accepted it.

    However, Ye Yuyan never thought that this would be the end result.

    Ye Fan, did not appreciate her at all.

    The more Ye Yuyan thought about it, the more aggrieved she felt, and her tears were like a dike flooding out.

    Ye Yuyan had never thought that one day, she would shed tears for Ye Fan.


    "Miss Ye, you are a cousin of Brother Fanny's though."

    "But unfortunately, you don't know him at all."

    "Don't you know what Mr. Chu's name represents in this Jiangdong?"

    "You know even less what kind of majesty he has today."

    "Why should he change his fate by your grace?"

    "Because, destiny has always been in his hands!"

    "You, after all, underestimated him~"

    Seeing Ye Yuyan crying so sadly, Nan Chen couldn't bear it in his heart and stepped forward, sighed and said softly.

    Ye Fan was a proud man.

    Ye Yuyan had defied him three times, and now even more so, he was allowed to go to the middle of the military district as a small captain for the Lord of Jiangdong, and he was even paid lip service to give him a chance to change his fate.

    To Ye Fan, this was more than contempt, it was the same as a humiliation.

    How could Ye Fan not be angry?

    After comforting Ye Yuyan for a moment, Nan Chen did not stay long and chased after Ye Fan in the direction of Ye Fan.



    "Brother Fanny, weren't your words just now a bit heavy."

    "I think, Miss Ye she also has good intentions."

    "You might, perhaps, have misunderstood her."

    On the way back to Ye Yang Town, Nan Chen sounded out what had just happened and said softly.

    Ye Fan looked expressionless, shook his head and smiled, saying indifferently, "Nan Nan, you don't understand the things between her and me."

    "After so many years, it's time for her to return the defiance she has shown me."


    Outside the car window, the cold wind was biting.

    The oncoming wind, however, shattered Ye Fan's words.

    The wheels of the car sped, and the low roar was like the howl of a wild beast, echoing above that empty field.

    Just like this, Nan Chen, Lu Wenjing, and the others, took the car and headed towards Ye Fan's hometown.

    On the shore of Dongchang Lake, Ye Yuyan was still standing there lost in thought.

    On the vast lake, there was a cool breeze gusting and creating three thousand ripples.

    "Yuyan, I can find you, are you alright?"

    "When I heard that something had happened to you at dinner, I rushed over immediately."

    Not long after, an anxious call suddenly came from the ears.

    Only after seeing Dongmei running over in a hurry and seeing Ye Yuyan, the stone hanging in her heart was put down.

    However, after seeing her mother, the grievances in Ye Yuyan's heart seemed to find an outlet, and she suddenly threw herself into her mother's arms and wailed.


    "Mom, I hate him~"

    "Why is he doing this to me when I'm doing it for his own good..."


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