Dish Best Served Cold 736-740


Chapter 736

Ye Jian paralyzed his hands, indicating that he didn't know either.

    "Back, he's in the house, I'll call him out."

    In between the words, Ye Xie Mei called out to Ye Fan to come out.

    "Mom, what's wrong?"

    Ye Fan seemed to have just woken up, as he stretched his lazy waist and asked lazily.

    Seeing Ye Fan's appearance, his second aunt snorted in disgust, "Lazy, just this thing, it's strange that you can become a man?"

    "No wonder this generation, just this Ye Fan is the most useless."

    This side of the second aunt and the others were still muttering in low voices.

    But Ye Yuyan walked over.

    Now facing Ye Fan again, Ye Yuyan was still a bit guilty, her eyes didn't even dare to meet Ye Fan's and lowered her head.

    The long skirt was swinging in the wind, and the freshly combed green silk was even more faintly fragrant.

    A moment later, she finally summoned up her courage and said in a guilt-apologetic tone, "Brother Ye Fan, do you have time at noon, I want to...", Ye Yuyan paused and continued, "I would like to invite you for a meal."


    Are you taking him out to dinner?

    Hearing Ye Yuyan's words, Ye Jian and the others stared then, only to feel like they were being slapped in the face.

    How much more depressed they had to be in their hearts.

    They now finally knew why Ye Yuyan was unavailable, and dared to say it was to invite him for dinner?

    The Jiang Yulang siblings were also quite surprised.

    I thought, "Did the sun come out from the west?

    While Ye Jian and the others were surprised, Ye Fan's subsequent reply was even more shocking to their hearts.

    "Invite me to dinner?"Evan grinned, "Sorry, I'm not available."


    No time?

    "I can go to Nima Bar!"

    At that time Ye Jian's face turned black, and his heart was furiously cursing.

    Think he just kindly invited Ye Yuyan to eat together, Ye Yuyan said no time, and refused.

    Okay, you're a busy man, no time, fine.

    But you turned around and invited Ye Fan to dinner, what the hell does this mean?

    What made it even more unbearable for Ye Jian was that that guy Ye Fan had even refused!

    What I begged for, this Ye Fan, a humble son-in-law on the doorstep, even refused?

    The more Ye Jian thought about this matter, the more lame he felt.

    The Jiang Yulang siblings also looked a little unpleasant.

    I thought to myself, are they worse than a wimp son-in-law in Ye Yuyan's eyes?

    "Little Fan, it's good that your sister Yuyan invited you to dinner, so go."Ye Ximei advised from the side.

    Master Ye likewise advised, "That's right, Little Fan, listen to your mother."

    "You siblings, you're the oldest, you're the eldest brother."

    "Since ancient times, the eldest brother is the father, your belly should be bigger."

    "I see, today, you siblings five, don't eat alone, have a good meal together."

    "It's good to go to the city, have a hotpot and get in touch with your feelings."

    For a while, both Ye Ximei and Master Ye did their best to advise Ye Fan.

    Even Lu Wenjing, after hearing that they were going to eat hotpot, a pair of beautiful eyes lit up.

    Running over and pulling Ye Fan's arm, "Brother Fan, let's just go."

    "I want hotpot~"

    "It's been a long time since I've eaten hotpot."

    Looking at Lu Wenjing's almost pleading gaze, Ye Fan smiled helplessly.

    "It's just that, for the sake of this little guy of yours, let's go for a hotpot."

    Ye Fan said as he spoiled Lu Wenjing's lovely nose.

    Throughout all of this, Ye Fan's eyes were on Lu Wenjing, and even though today's Ye Yuyan was groomed and dressed up, no matter how bright and touching she was, she didn't even let Ye Fan look at her.

    Ye Yuyan's heart only felt extra bitter about this.

    She didn't expect that this cousin of hers, in the end, was inferior to an outsider, inferior to a child?

    With this feeling of frustration, Ye Yuyan and the others were ready to go into the city for dinner.

    Of course, Ye Fan also went along with them.

    Even though Ye Jian and the others were disgusted with Ye Fan's heart, they couldn't help it, the old man had spoken, they didn't dare to disobey?

    What's more, Ye Yuyan was also determined to invite Ye Fan for dinner.

    In this situation, even if Ye Jian and Jiang Yulang siblings had a thousand or ten thousand reluctance in their hearts, there was nothing they could do about it.

    "Brother Jian, are you really taking Ye Fan with you?"

    "It's not like you don't know that Ye Fan has not been able to play with us since we were kids."

    "I'm afraid I won't be able to swallow my food if I eat at the same table as him?"

    Before leaving, but Jiang Yulang was complaining.

    Ye Jian also sighed, "The old man has spoken, so we can only listen."

    "But that's good."

    "Let's take this opportunity to fix this Ye Fan as well."

    "Yulang, do you not know how much trouble this son of a bitch has caused just a few days back?"

    "Yuyan's broken arm is also thanks to it!"


    "And this?"The Jiang Yulang siblings were shocked and whirled around to listen to Ye Jian speak.


    When it was close to noon, Ye Yuyan and the others, then they officially departed.

    "Sister Yuyan, you guys shouldn't have a chance to eat hotpot in the army, right?"

    "Today, brother will take you to a nice place."

    "In terms of luxury, it may not be as good as Guangyue Pavilion.But if we're talking about the taste of this hotpot, it's definitely one of our best in Jingzhou!"

    "I usually go there a lot."

    "Last summer vacation, I even took Yulang and Yu Qing to eat there together."

    "If you don't believe me, you can ask Yulang how their hotpot there tastes."

    On the road, Ye Jian laughed as he drove the car.

    Jiang Yulang also nodded his head in agreement.

    Ye Yuyan didn't say anything to this, but just nodded her head.

    Anyway, she didn't come out today to eat.

    Whether the hotpot was good or bad, she naturally didn't care.

    After that, Ye Jian and the others were also chatting without a hitch.

    On this journey, naturally, no one paid attention to Ye Fan.

    Even, Ye Jian was still smiling caricature in his heart, not knowing what was in his mind.

    Soon, they entered the city and parked their car outside a restaurant.

    The restaurant was small, but the decoration was extremely unique and quaint, with a different charm.

    When Ye Fan looked up, he saw four words written on the storefront: heavy nine hot pot.

    At noon, it was the time when business was booming.

    There were quite a few customers in the hotpot shop, and half of the seats were already full.

    "Young Master Ye has arrived?"

    "Come on in, places are reserved for you?"

    The owner of this hotpot restaurant obviously knew Ye Jian and rushed to greet him after seeing him.


    "Boss Fang, this business of yours, it's getting better and better."

    "That's thanks to Young Master Ye taking care of it.These are all Young Master Ye's friends, right? Just order the food and drinks later, all prices are 10% off.Young Master Ye is a valued customer of my shop, he brings people here to eat, all 10% off!"

    This hot pot shop owner is very smooth, some words said down, but will Ye Jian's face to the full.

    Ye Jian was also almost comfortable listening: "Boss Fang is really good at business ah."

    "Sister Yuyan, you guys sit first, I'll go out with Boss Fang for a while."


"Boss Fang, I have a sure-fire business here, do you want to do it?"

    Ye Jian led Boss Fang to find an empty place, while asking in a low voice.


    "And this kind of business?"

    Hearing about making money, this shopkeeper then came to be interested.

    Ye Jian didn't rush to answer, but lit a cigarette and looked back, and after seeing no one around, he whispered something to the shopkeeper.

    "This..."The shopkeeper showed a difficult look, "Ye Shao, this is not good, right?"

    "It's something that offends people."

    Ye Jian sneered, "A door-to-door son-in-law, you're afraid of nothing.Besides, if something happens, Young Master Ben will take care of you."

    "Okay, stop talking nonsense, just say do it or don't do it, right?"

    While saying this, Ye Jian, however, first took out a wad of money and slammed it on the table.

    The shopkeeper saw this, and only then did he smile and respond.

    "But Young Master Ye, are you sure that person is a door-to-door son-in-law?"

    "You'll have to check it out."

    "It would be bad if we sin against a hard target."

    This shopkeeper was obviously someone who had been through the storm and wasn't just seeing money, and now confirmed to Ye Jian once again.

    Ye Jian smiled and said, "Don't worry, right?"

    "He and I are considered cousins, and we know each other very well."

    "If he's a tough guy, this young master won't deal with him yet?"


    After a short conversation, Ye Jian also returned to the restaurant.

    As he took his seat, Ye Jian even looked at Jiang Yulang with a smug look, as if he was telling Jiang Yulang to wait and watch a good show later.

    Soon, the hot pot was also brought up, the waiter adjusted the temperature to heat it up, and soon the hot pot base soup began to boil.

    "Sister Yuyan, don't just watch ah?"

    "Shabu-shabu first!"

    Ye Jian was there to warmly greet the siblings as they ate and chatted.

    But Ye Yuyan was always silent, looking at Ye Fan from time to time, trying to summon up the courage to take the initiative to talk to Ye Fan.

    As for Ye Fan, he was just self-consciously dipping the pot there, occasionally helping Lu Wenjing with some food.

    Other than Jing Jing, Ye Fan didn't care about anyone the whole time.

    This aloof appearance of his undoubtedly made Jiang Yulang, Ye Jian and the others more and more unhappy.

    "A superfluous son-in-law, still acting high and cold here?"

    "I don't know where he got the courage!"

    Jiang Yulang and the others gave Ye Fan a blank look and a cold snort, but they were filled with disgust and disdain.

    And at this moment, the entrance of the small shop was noisy.

    "Give way, all of you give way~"

    Amidst the noise, only a few people, under the security guards, walked in as if they were all stars.

    When Ye Jian and the others heard the commotion, they naturally looked over.

    Only to see those few men and women, each with an extraordinary aura.

    Between their eyebrows [New Pens Interest Pavilion], there was no lack of the aura and majesty of a long-held high position.

    In particular, the young woman at the forefront was wearing a chiffon dress with a high-grade white trench coat on the outside.

    The long burgundy hair was casually disheveled, and the high heels beneath her feet were even more sexy and charming.

    This woman, almost all over her body was written with nobility and grace.

    The kind of nobility that emanates from her bones makes people can't help but worship her.

    Of course, compared to her temperament, what is even more heartwarming is her exquisite and stunning face.

    It was Ye Jian and Jiang Yulang, whose eyes looked straight the moment they saw this woman.

    "What a beautiful young lady~"

    "Even the flower of our school, I'm afraid it's inferior compared to it!"

    "Simply gorgeous."

    "Brother Jian, when did our Jingzhou produce such a beautiful woman?"

    Jiang Yulang lost his voice.

    The surrounding guests also sighed with regret, all of them amazed by this woman's face.

    "This row, this temperament, I'm afraid it's not some star powerhouse, right?"

    Many people were sighing.

    As for Ye Fan, his face, which had always been ancient and unruffled, was also rippling at this moment.


    "Why is she here?"

    At the time of Ye Fan's surprise, these people had already walked from here.

    They are in the shop owner's lead, but sat in the center of the big table.

    The heavy nine hot pot restaurant is not a big hotel, can only be said to be a characteristic small restaurant, so there is no private room, everyone is basically sitting in a hall to eat.

    Although it was a little noisy, but it was exceptionally lively.

    Plus, the hotpot here was also really well made, so there were also quite a few rich and powerful people who came here to eat.

    Perhaps it was because of the woman, but after the table sat down, it kept drawing the attention of the surrounding crowd.

    Many people looked a few times from time to time, filled with curiosity.

    "I go, what's the origin of this table?"

    "There are several bodyguards standing around for a meal."

    "The owner of the shop is personally toasting them all."

    "I was wondering why no one was sitting at that big table in the middle, but now it looks like it's reserved for them."

    Jiang Yulang was trembling with emotion.

    Not only was Jiang Yulang curious, Ye Jian was naturally curious as well.

    He turned his head and beckoned to a certain young woman on the front stage, "Yao Yao, come here."

    "Young Master Ye, come over here."

    "I was just about to come over to give you a toast, and you called out to me."In the middle of the conversation, a fragrant breeze came over, only to see a feminine looking woman carrying a wine jug and laughing.

    "Yes?I thought you were so busy just making money that you forgot about my old friend."Ye Jian shook his head and smiled, "Right, Yulang, let me introduce you, Fang Yaoyao."

    "Don't you look at her young and pretty, this sister of mine is now not only the young head of the hotpot restaurant, but also the sign of this shop?"

    "That owner Fang would definitely not be as popular as he is now if it wasn't for this flowery daughter of his, this hot pot restaurant."

    Ye Jian smiled and introduced it to Jiang Yulang and the others.

    However, his words were not false, when Ye Jian came to this hotpot restaurant, it was for Fang Yaoyao's good name.

    "Alright, I'm not teasing you anymore, let me ask you something."

    "That table over there, who are they?"

    "Such a big row, I'm afraid it's not an ordinary person, right?"After exchanging pleasantries, Ye Jian asked in a low voice.

    Fang Yaoyao nodded, "Isn't that right?"

    "Especially the noble lady sitting at the guest of honor, who is said to be a luxurious lady from Jiang Hai."

    "Not only is she a lady of thousands of dollars, but she also manages a company of ten billion dollars!"

    "This time, when you come to Jingzhou, you should be here to invest."

    "The leader of the municipal party committee personally came to receive it!"

    "That middle-aged man on the left, but what about our Vice Mayor of Jingzhou?"


    The deputy mayor himself?

    My God, they Kingston, who are they today?

    Ye Jian and the others were shocked when they heard it.


In between their surprise, Jiang Yulang and the others also turned their heads, once again sizing up the group of people sitting in the middle of the hall.

    Even Ye Yuyan, who took a rare glance back, was clearly curious about the noble woman who was surrounded by the crowd.

    As for Ye Jian, he even couldn't help but, go over and give that woman a toast.

    Even if he didn't have the ability to pick up such a stunning beauty, getting to know her was something that had a hundred benefits and no harm.


    "What are you doing?"


    Just when the attention of Ye Yuyan and the others were drawn to the group of big names, a sudden shriek of shame and anger, but the Jiang Yulang and the others were shocked.

    Ye Yuyan and the others turned back, only to see Fang Yaoyao, with a face full of shame and anger, roaring at Ye Fan.

    In annoyance, she even raised her hand towards Ye Fan's face.

    "You pervert, how dare you molest me?"

    "Dead rascal~"

    Fang Yaoyao's sharp, angry voice sounded.

    But then, the original shy and angry voice turned into a painful moan.

    The palm that Fang Yaoyao was hitting at Ye Fan was actually grabbed by Ye Fan.

    Ye Fan's tremendous strength, but the squeezing of Fang Yaoyao's jade hand was painful!



    "Bastard, you rascal, let go of me~"

    Fang Yaoyao cried out in pain, and because of the severe pain, her beautiful eyes had all turned red, almost chocolaty.

    "Ye Fan, what are you doing?"

    "Let her go!"

    "A grown man, bullying a woman, what do you think you are?"

    Ye Jian saw the situation and got up to rebuke.

    Jiang Yulang was equally furious, "That's right, men and women can't be trusted!"

    "You're holding on to Miss Fang's hand, I think you're just saving it to take advantage, right?"

    Ignoring the rebuke from Ye Jian and the others, Ye Fan raised his head and looked coldly at Fang Yao Yao, "If you weren't a woman, this hand of yours would be broken right now!"

    Ye Fan snorted coldly, but it was a direct push.

    With her palm released, Fang Yaoyao squatted on the ground with her ass, tears of pain streaming out.

    "Yaoyao, what's wrong?"

    "What happened?"

    At this time, Boss Fang also rushed over after hearing the commotion, so he asked anxiously.

    Fang Yaoyao's pair of beautiful eyes were teary, and when she pointed at Ye Fan, she said viciously, "Dad, it's this rascal, he took advantage of people's inattention to touch my buttocks and lightly molested me."

    "When I found out, he got annoyed and wanted to beat me!"


    "And this?"

    "Is this true?"

    "In broad daylight, is someone really so bold as to belittle someone's girl?"

    Hearing Fang Yaoyao's words, many people were shocked.

    In a split second, the gazes around them all brushed and fell on Ye Fan.

    Even Ye Yuyan, who was filled with amazement, looked over.

    However, faced with the questioning and angry gazes of the crowd, Ye Fan was expressionless and coldly returned, "What is the harm of a presumptuous crime?"

    "If I were willing, I don't know how many gorgeous women would throw themselves at me with a single word."

    "Don't you think it's too much of an exaltation of yourself to say that I slighted you?"

    Ye Fan's words were so domineering.

    When the crowd heard it, they just exploded.

    "Hungry to cut the grass!"

    "Who's this dude, with all this talk?"

    "One word and you get a thousand beautiful women to throw themselves at you?"

    "Could this not be Prince Lei of the Lei family?"

    Everyone is thinking, only the prince of the Lei family in the whole of Jingzhou is capable of such a power, and he is the only one with such a "charm", right?

    However, looking at how Ye Fan was dressed, ordinary, it didn't seem like a rich family from a noble family ah.

    While everyone was exclaiming, Ye Jian was the one who clapped his hands and said with righteous indignation, "Cousin, have you made enough noise!"

    "You've been like this since you were a kid, you've never accomplished anything, but you're always babbling and spouting nonsense!"

    "You wake up and stop dreaming of your empire."

    "You're just a door-to-door son-in-law."

    "You can't even handle that wife of yours, and you still want countless beautiful women to throw themselves at you, don't you think it's ridiculous yourself?"

    "Don't you think it's ridiculous?"

    "You've done such nasty things today, and you still refuse to admit it, and you don't know how to repent, and even your brother and I are embarrassed!"

    Ye Jian's eyes were red, and his words were filled with righteous indignation.

    Standing on the side of justice and accusing Ye Fan, he looked like he was righteous and just.


    "After all that fiddling, it's a son-in-law at the door!"


    "No wonder he can't control his hands, I guess he's been bullied too much at home by his wife and mother-in-law, so he's frustrated and comes out to vent."

    "I guess his wife also thinks he's a wimp and doesn't even want him to touch it!"

    "Now that I see a beautiful woman and think about women, I naturally can't help it."


    "But to molest a woman in public and not admit it, what a scum of a person!"

    "It's simply the work of an animal~"

    "Call the police."

    "Lock him up for a few years, he'll be honest when he comes out."

    After hearing those words from Ye Jian, the surrounding customers were also suddenly filled with righteous indignation, and they raged against Ye Fan.

    For a time, Ye Fan had justifiably been pushed into the limelight and was accused by a thousand men.

    The father and daughter of the house felt a little guilty.

    But there was nothing they could do, they could only blame the son-in-law for offending the wrong person.

    As for Jiang Yulang, he probably also guessed that it was his cousin Ye Jian's hand than, and suddenly revealed a gloating smile.

    On the other hand, Jiang Yuzheng, who didn't know the situation, was even more disgusted with Ye Fan in her heart.

    Only to be deeply humiliated that he actually had such a shameless cousin!

    But Ye Jian looked on, but he was laughing inwardly.

    Ye Fan, aren't you fucking crazy?Pride?

    This time, I'll make you lose face and reputation in front of Sister Yuyan!

    Then, Ye Jian looked at Fang Yaoyao's father and daughter with a shameful face: "Boss Fang, Miss Fang, I'm really sorry."

    "Just now, I saw that it was indeed my cousin who offended Miss Fang by taking advantage of the opportunity to woo her when he saw how beautiful she was."

    "For that, I feel guilty."

    "On his behalf, I hereby apologize to you all."

    "But please understand him as well, you guys.My cousin he is a door-to-door son-in-law.As you know, door-to-door sons-in-law have no status at all, and are always bullied and disliked at home."

    "He's also too frustrated at home, and now he's impulsive and wants to vent his anger, and that's why he made a big mistake!"

    "Don't worry, what's done is done, I know an apology alone is too pale."

    "I'll pay a sum of money as compensation for Miss Fang's mental loss."

    Over there, Ye Fan hadn't said anything yet, but over here, Ye Jian had already helped Ye Fan to confess the crime.

    He even put on a reasonable appearance to help Ye Fan apologize to set the misfortune right.


"Well, for Young Master Ye's sake, we won't call the police this time."

    "But Young Master Ye, I hope you can properly discipline your bastard cousin."

    "Otherwise, I don't know which girl will be poisoned by him again next time."

    Fang Yao Yao said slowly to Ye Jian with anger.

    Ye Jian nodded repeatedly, "Yes yes yes, I will definitely guide my cousin into the right path in the future."

    In between the words, Ye Jian glared at Ye Fan again, "Cousin, well, Miss Fang has already said that she won't pursue you."

    "However, you did something so degrading to Miss Fang's reputation, even if you don't have the money to pay for it, you should come out and apologize to Miss Fang."

    "That's right, you've done something shameless, and Brother Jian has already blocked it for you, so you should come out and apologize, right?"Jiang Yulang chimed in.

    "You guys are lying!"

    "My brother Xiaofan would never do such a thing, it must have been you guys who teamed up to frame my brother Xiaofan."

    At this time, Lu Wenjing, who had been listening and watching from the side, with a pair of beautiful red eyes, tearfully yelled at them.

    "A little fart, what do you know?"

    "Don't shut up yet!"

    Ye Jian roared, scaring Lu Wenzheng's pretty face white.

    Ye Yuyan, who was on the side, saw the situation, but pulled Lu Wenjing back and comforted her, "Jing Jing, it's fine, trust your brother Xiaofan, he'll handle it himself."

    "Your brother Xiaofan, he's no ordinary person."

    As she said this, Ye Yuyan looked up at the lean figure.

    Throughout all of this, he was as calm as ever.

    Even though he was facing a thousand men at the moment, he was still sitting there, calmly sipping tea.

    Ordinary, harmless, like a little sheep at the mercy of others.

    Since childhood, he has always been like this.

    Always showing off his most ordinary appearance.

    Back then, she was deceived by Ye Fan's appearance.

    Thinking that Ye Fan was a mediocre and incompetent person!

    However, when one truly knows what he is capable of, it will become clear what kind of existence is standing before them today.




    "What happened?"

    "What's all the racket over there?"

    The commotion here naturally drew the attention of the guests at the central round table.

    One of them, a middle-aged man, raised his eyebrows and asked unpleasantly.

    The assistant beside him hurriedly replied, "It seems that someone has been caught frivolously taking advantage of women."

    "What? There's such a thing?"The old man was shocked and burst into anger, "You go over there, this matter must be dealt with seriously!The person who started it, hand it over to the police department and punish him severely and severely!"

    "My land of Jingzhou, the people's reputation is pure, and it cannot tolerate the existence of such scum."

    When this middle-aged man ordered, the graceful woman beside him heard it, and then she also looked back curiously.

    However, it was this look that caused the woman in question to tremble, her beautiful eyes, and her pupils to shrink suddenly.




    "Still no apology for Miss Fang?"

    "Don't you know how to repent by now?"

    On the other side, seeing that Ye Fan was slow to act, Ye Jian was once again angry.

    The father and daughter of the Fang family also looked at Ye Fan angrily, "Bastard, apologize to my daughter!"

    It was only then that Ye Fan Fang put down his teacup, raised his head, and said coldly, "I said, what's the harm in a rash crime!"

    "I didn't do what I did, so why should I apologize?"

    I'll go!

    "This scum is so deadly."

    "And you still won't admit it by now?"

    "Could it be that Miss Fang is still falsely accusing you?"

    "Besides, your cousin saw it all!"

    "What a scum."

    "Get him out of here!"


    "Yeah, just beat it and throw it out."

    "And have the nerve to sit here and eat?"

    "Get out of here yet!"


    "Get out!"

    In a split second, the crowd was furious, and everyone present was furiously angry.

    They all cursed harshly and told Ye Fan to get out of this restaurant.

    "I'll see who dares to tell him to get out?!!!"

    However, just as the crowd was forcing Ye Fan to get out of the restaurant, a cold, clear voice was quietly heard.

    The words contained authority and carried an icy cold fury.

    And then, everyone only saw the stunning woman in the middle of the hall, quietly stepping out and coming forward.

    Red lips like fire, eyebrows and eyes like ink.

    She wore three thousand green silk and a seven-foot long skirt.

    Ice skin and jade skin, deceiving frost and snow.

    It's not just a matter of time, it's also a matter of time.

    And what kind of noble, graceful temperament, just like a fairy banished to the mortal world, people are ashamed of themselves!

    In the split second that this woman appeared, the entire hall, was silent.

    Seeing that even she was alarmed, the owner of the hotpot restaurant felt numb and hurried forward, fearfully accompanying the smile, "Miss Chen, I'm sorry, I'm really sorry."

    "There's been a small incident here, and I've disturbed you."

    "Don't worry, I'll set things right."

    While Boss Fang was making amends in fear, there was one person in the crowd, however, who seemed to recognize the beautiful woman in front of him, and lost his voice and called out.

    "Miss Chen?"

    "Could she be, Miss Nan Chen Chen!"

    "Well?Who is Nan Chen, some big star?"Some were puzzled.

    "Big Star?Ridiculous, how can a mere playboy be compared to Miss Chen?"

    "You bunch of turds, naturally you don't know Miss Chen's might!"The man sneered.

    "Fuck, Old Wei, don't sell out, quickly say it~" the crowd was even more curious.

    Even a big star couldn't compare to her, what was this woman's origin?

    "You haven't heard of it, Miss Chen, but you should have heard of the other day's, the Sea and Sky Feast, right?"

    "On that day of the feast, His Eminence Mr. Chu of Jiangdong roused his arms and made all nations come to congratulate him!"

    "At the banquet, the leading leaders of the cities around the world bowed down to Mr. Chu and made toasts."

    "And on that day, at the banquet, the woman who accompanied Mr. Chu and drank with him in the affair was this Chen Nan, Miss Chen!"

    "If anything, Mr. Chu is the Emperor of Jiangdong."

    "Then Miss Chen, is the Empress of Jiangdong."

    "Jiangdong Mr. Chu's woman, you say, who can compare in this Nodong Jiangdong?"

    Silence, a long silence.

    After hearing the identity of this Miss Chen, many people present were all horrified and lost their voices.

    Although, they had previously guessed that this Miss Chen was by no means an ordinary person.

    However, how could they have never imagined that her background was so powerful?

    The Empress of Jiangdong?

    Thinking about it, such a beautiful woman, who else could there be in this great Jiangdong except Mr. Chu who could conquer her?

    However, where did they know that the relationship between Ye Fan and Nan Chen was nothing more than that of brother and sister.

    The real Empress of Jiangdong was actually someone else!


While everyone was trembling at Chen Nan's powerful background, the owner of the hotpot restaurant was undoubtedly terrified, and after apologizing to Chen Nan, he quickly called out for someone to prepare to drive Ye Fan out.

    These could be big personalities, if they were disturbed, this was a consequence the father and daughter of the Fang family couldn't afford.

    "I said, who dares to tell him to get lost?!"

    At this time, Nan Chen once again coldly snapped.

    The Fang family's father and daughter immediately trembled, even Ye Jian was full of astonishment.

    Hearing this tone, this Miss Chen, could it be that she wanted to help Ye Fan?Fighting for Ye Fan?


    For a moment, the Fang family father and daughter naturally didn't dare to make any more moves, their hearts filled with guilt and suspicion.

    In the end, it was Ye Jian who stepped forward and smiled politely at Nan Chen, "Miss Chen, do I think you've misunderstood?"

    "It's all well and good to fight injustice, but we have to distinguish between the good guys and the bad guys, don't we?"

    "This sister of mine, Fang Yaoyao, was belittled and humiliated, and the culprit was my unworthy cousin."

    "He took advantage of the situation before and went so far as to touch Miss Fang's buttocks.I find it extremely disgraceful to do such a nasty thing."

    "If this kind of person is not driven out, it would simply be a disgrace to Miss Chen's esteemed status."

    However, in the face of Ye Jian's words, Nan Chen was furious, "Shut up!"

    "Full of nonsense."

    "How can you insult my little brother Fan?"

    Chen Nan's cold drink, but it scared Ye Jian's body, full of doubts.

    "Little...Little Brother Van?"

    "Who's that?"

    "Could it be..."

    Ye Jian suddenly stirred, and in his mind, the name of a person quietly surfaced.

    And at this time, a faint laughter was already heard.

    "Nan Nan, it's only been a few days since Yunzhou parted, but you're chasing me to Jingzhou again."

    Ye Fan shook his head and laughed, and his almost joking words sounded out.


    "You've got the nerve of a dog!"

    "What kind of status is Miss Chen, how can you, a wimpy son-in-law, be able to take it lightly?"

    "Why don't you kneel down and apologize to Miss Chen?"

    As soon as Ye Fan's words fell, the owner of the hotpot shop was immediately furious.He cursed angrily at Ye Fan.

    However, who would have thought that the owner of Fang had just finished saying that.

    One could only hear a joyful call, "Brother Fan~"

    In a low and gentle call, the crowd only saw that the cold and majestic noble woman actually ran over with joy, and then in the shocked and violent eyes of the crowd, she jumped into Ye Fan's arms.

    The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

    On top of the stunningly beautiful face, it was filled with joy.

    Dead silence!

    The audience was dead silent.

    In a split second, everyone was horrified and silent.

    Even the leader of the Jingzhou Municipal Party Committee, who was traveling with Nan Chen, was stunned.

    The Fang family's father and daughter, even more so, were struck by lightning and their old eyes were huge.The heart was close to setting off a monstrous wave of horror.


    "Little...Little Brother Fan?"

    Oh, God.

    What kind of person is this?

    As the Fang parents howled in terror, Ye Jian and Jiang Yulang and the others had red eyes and were horribly frightened!

    Especially Ye Jian, he had never thought to death that the little brother Fan in front of him, the one the noble lady was talking about, was really Ye Fan?

    But he's a son-in-law. What can he do?

    How could you let such a graceful beauty into your arms?

    Thinking of this, Ye Jian's heart was undoubtedly jealous and jealous.



    "Well, what about all these people watching?"

    "You're not afraid of being laughed at."

    Soft jade and warm fragrance, in the eyes of the crowd, I guess Ye Fan was already proud of himself.

    However, who knows, in fact, Ye Fan that was like sitting on pins and needles at this point.

    Although he and Nan Chen were already familiar with each other from the time of Jianghai.Chen Nan even intimately called him brother Xiaofan.

    But after all, men and women are not intimate, fortunately, Qiu Mu Orange is not here, otherwise, there would probably be Ye Fan to suffer when he goes home at night.


    "So brother Fanny would be embarrassed too?"

    "They say that a big man doesn't care about small things, but now it seems that it's not so ah."

    Seeing Ye Fan's somewhat embarrassed appearance, Nan Chen only found it funny and teased Ye Fan even more.

    It was naturally extremely interesting for Chen Nan to see the embarrassed appearance of the all-powerful Jiangdong kingpin.

    But jokes aside, Nan Chen was not someone who didn't know the importance of a joke, and soon also walked out of Ye Fan's embrace.


    "Damn brother Fanny, doing this behind my back with another girl?"

    Looking at the two of them laughing and talking, but Lu Wenjing, who was on the side, wrinkled up her Qiong nose in anger and complained angrily.

    As for the others, but they looked stunned, not daring to speak at all.

    Especially the father and daughter of the Fang family who had previously designed Ye Fan, their stomachs were now rubbing against the cold air and their hearts were half cold.

    "Ye...Young Master Ye, didn't you say that he's a useless superfluous son-in-law, this...What's going on here?"

    Boss Fang was terrified and looked down at Ye Jian, grumbling bitterly.

    "How should I know?"Ye Jian's face was even uglier than his, and his heart was lost.

    However, Ye Jian still instructed the Fang family's father and daughter, "As long as you bite the bullet on that matter, you'll be fine."

    "Anyway, as long as you guys don't admit this kind of thing yourselves, no one can say anything about it."

    Ye Jian said in a low voice.

    At this time, however, Ye Fan's gaze had looked over.

    When that deep gaze fell on the father and daughter of the Fang family, an invisible pressure enveloped their hearts.

    "Boss Fang, should we make things clear about what happened just now?"

    "This..."Ye Fan's icy words frightened the Fang family's father and daughter, whose faces were white and filled with a guilty conscience.

    "Ye Fan, what are you doing?"

    "You've done something wrong yourself, could it be that you want to fox and overpower others with your power?"

    "I'm telling you, even if Miss Chen backs you up, it won't change the fact that you're belittling Miss Fang."

    Until now, Ye Jian still clenched his teeth and insisted.

    When Ye Fan heard it, he sneered, "Lighten her?"

    "Do you think, does she deserve it?"

    "I..."This dislike of Ye Fan's words left Ye Jian speechless, and his entire body was directly flabbergasted there.

    To think about it, compared to Nan Chen, Fang Yaoyao was a world apart, whether it was her temperament or her face.

    If Nan Chen was a noble snow lotus on the Heavenly Mountain, then Fang Yaoyao was at most a weed.

    With a beautiful woman like Nan Chen throwing herself at him, unless Ye Fan was blind, how could he have slighted Fang Yaoyao, who was a lowly woman?

    "That's right, too."

    "Once vicissitudes of the sea were hard to come by, except that Mount Witch is not a cloud."

    "This young brother has a beautiful woman like Miss Chen in his arms and a beautiful woman in his home, so how could he covet the dog's tail grass by the roadside?"

    "That logic doesn't make sense!"


    "But this shopkeeper's daughter, why did she identify this little brother as the one who touched her ass?"

    "Is it, like, the wrong person?"

    "Or are they framing this little brother?"

    While Ye Jian was speechless, the surrounding onlookers clearly sensed something wrong.

    You and I were speculating one after another.


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