Dish Best Served Cold 731-735


Chapter 731

Ye Yuyan no longer knew how she had come out of Lu Tianhe's hospital room that night.

    She only felt that her heart was in turmoil within her.

    It was impossible to say what kind of emotions it was.

    The Chief Instructor told her to go talk to her cousin Ye Fan.

    However, what face should Ye Yuyan have to meet Ye Fan nowadays?

    In his ears, he seemed to recall Ye Fan's indignant and angry words in the hall that day.


    "After today, between you and me, even though the bloodline is still there, the love and righteousness should be broken!"

    "I'm not your brother, and you're not my sister."

    "If we meet again, we'll be strangers."

    "The paths are different, and there's no need to plan again."


    At that time when she heard this, Ye Yuyan didn't care at all, it was as if she was just listening to a joke.

    It only felt that people like Ye Fan had no other pride other than to show off their tongue.

    Now, it seemed that which was the low roar of a weak man's displeasure, but just the supreme defiance of a strong man.

    "I was wrong."

    "It's me, Ye Yuyan, big mistake~"

    "After all, it was my dog's eyes that underestimated you ah..."

    Ye Yuyan's words were miserable, and there were nearly tears contained within her brows and eyes.

    There had never been a moment that actually made Ye Yuyan so frustrated.

    Ye Yuyan knew very well that Ye Fan was so capable at such a young age, and still had the two major military instructors personally ordering him.

    In the future, the heights that Ye Fan could reach would surely be beyond her reach!



    That evening, after returning to the ward, Ye Yuyan checked out of the hospital with her own mother.

    Although the injury on her hand was not completely healed, but such things as wounded muscles and bones could just as well recuperate back home.

    Plus, Ye Yuyan now had a mission on her, she had to return home to Ye Yang Town all the more.

    The next day.

    Learning the news that Ye Yuyan was to be discharged from the hospital, Master Ye specially set up a family banquet in the old mansion to pressure his proudest granddaughter.

    Ye Fan didn't want to go, but Old Master Ye specifically came to call out to him.Ye Fan naturally didn't dare to disobey his grandmother's face, so he simply went over there.

    Think of it as eating with his own grandmother.

    Although Old Master Ye was old, he treated the children and grandchildren below him equally and didn't give any face because of Ye Fan's downbeat encounter with his mother and son.

    On the contrary, back then, after Ye Ximei mother and son were expelled by the Chu family, Old Master Ye took them in without saying a word.


    And, all these years, it seems like he pitied Ye Fan and his mother and son, and the old man Ye often helped them.

    This is the reason why it is so important for you to be able to get the best out of the game.

    Because of this, among the Ye family, the one that Ye Fan respects the most is his grandmother, Ye Xukun!

    However, when Ye Fan had just appeared in the old mansion hall, Ye Jianton snorted, "Ye Fan, what are you doing here?"

    "Isn't it bad enough that Sister Yuyan has been hurt by you?"

    "Are you still not happy?"

    "So you ran over here today to see the joke?"

    "Yes, you are very good at fighting?"

    "But so what?"

    "In our eyes, you're still just a door-to-door son-in-law."

    "And I, Sister Yuyan, am high above the world and have a bright future."

    "You and her, from the very beginning, are people from two worlds!"

    Ye Jian said in a cold voice, his words full of contempt and disdain for Ye Fan.

    "Bastard, shut up!"

    "My old man isn't dead yet, and it's your place to talk?"

    "It's all family, Fanny is even more your brother."

    "See what kind of jerk you're talking about, why don't you get over there and apologize to your brother?"

    As soon as Ye Jian's words fell, on top of the high seat, Master Ye slapped the table and shouted angrily.

    "Grandpa, you should stop patronizing him."

    "My sister Yuyan, as well as my uncle and the others suffered this travesty, all thanks to him!"

    "I was curious before, he hadn't returned for three years, so why did he suddenly that back this year."

    "By now, I've finally figured it out."

    "He was out in trouble and offended someone, so he ran back to our Ye family for refuge."

    "As a result, he was so good that he got our family involved instead."

    "Grandpa, my sister Yuyan's arms but they're all broken."

    "My father's ribs are all cracked!"

    "Do you still want to defend him?"

    "This jinx, his father's side doesn't want him, and our Ye family, even more so, shouldn't want him."

    "Otherwise, our family will all be killed by him sooner or later!"

    Ye Jian said fiercely.

    He and Ye Fan have been at odds since he was a child, and now because of Ye Fan, their family has suffered this travesty, Ye Jian naturally hates Ye Fan to the bone.

    At this time, he found the opportunity to expel Ye Fan verbally.

    However, Master Ye didn't believe him, still angry: "Still talking nonsense here?Falsely accuse your cousin."

    "I understand this kid Fan, he's talentless and nothing great, but he knows what's important and would never get into trouble!"

    "You don't believe me, Grandpa?"Ye Jian turned back to Master Ye while saying, "Okay, you don't believe me, but my father, my uncle, you should always believe it, right?"

    "That day, they were all there, you ask my uncle and the others, that scourge, was it Ye Fan who invited it?"

    Ye Jian returned forcefully.

    In a split second, the Ye family all looked at Ye Tian and Ye Ya brothers.

    "Brother, what exactly happened that day?"

    "You've been back for so many days and you haven't even elaborated?"

    "Is this misfortune really related to Little Fan?"Ye Fan's younger aunt, Ye Xi Lan, looked at Ye Tian at this point and asked in confusion.

    "Hmph, if not him, who else could it be?"

    "This beast, I shouldn't have sheltered him in the first place, my Ye family!"

    "My Ye family gave him food and lodging, but he was good enough to raise an uncooked white wolf, causing misfortune to me without saying anything."

    "When we were beaten up, he was even watching."

    "Watching his two uncles get humiliated, watching his cousin almost get killed."

    "It's a strange shame for me, Ye Tian, to have such a nephew!"

    Ye Tian gloated his old face, his voice was like muffled thunder, and he spoke in anger.

    After holding back for so long, the discontent in Ye Tian's heart towards Ye Fan was undoubtedly all vented out at this point.

    "Dad, there is a saying that I have endured for many years.I hadn't said it before for the sake of kinship."

    "But today, I'll say it all."

    "Ye Ximei is my sister, your eldest daughter, and our Ye family has raised her just fine."

    "But this little beast, my Ye family must not keep her?"

    "She was never a member of my Ye family, and he's not qualified to attend my family banquet today!"

    "Tell him to fuck off."

    "Yes, Dad, this under-bred white wolf, let him go!"Ye Ya also then concurred.

    Even Ye Fan's aunt, Ye Xi Lan, was suddenly displeased with Ye Fan after hearing Ye Tian's words.

    "Dad, Ye Fan is indeed less taught."

    "Our Ye family's temple is small, and it does not tolerate such an amoral and unrighteous person!"


"It won't."

    "I know my son's character, there's no way he would do such a thing."

    Seeing her son being accused by a thousand men, Ye Xie Mei's pretty face paled and she was busy defending Ye Fan.

    "Big sister, by now, do you still want to continue to shield this bastard son of yours?"

    "The reason he's fallen to the point of being a son-in-law at the door today is because you've spoiled him!"

    "If you don't believe me, ask him yourself."

    "Just ask him if this calamity of my Ye family is due to him."

    "I, and big brother, as well as Yuyan, were beaten up and he, Ye Fan, wasn't seeing death?"

    Ye Ya gloated his old face and said coldly to Ye Xie Mei.

    For a time, everyone in the hall looked at Ye Fan.

    Even Master Ye, looked over, "Little Fan, you speak, what your two uncles said, but is it true?"

    "When they are being beaten, do you really hide and watch the jokes and see them die?"

    Master Ye's tone of voice had clearly contained some indignation.

    He could tolerate Ye Fan's mediocrity, but he could never tolerate Ye Fan doing something so heartless and senseless.

    "Old man, do you still need to ask?"

    "I've long said that this child is untalented and has not been disciplined since childhood."

    "It's perfectly normal for him to do such a treacherous thing now."

    "If you ask me, today's family banquet should tell him to get lost."

    "My Ye family doesn't have such a cold-hearted offspring!"

    Ye Fan's grandmother was already distressed when she learned that her son and her beloved granddaughter were beaten.

    Now that she knows that all these things are related to Ye Fan, the old lady naturally detests Ye Fan and incites him to do so.

    However, old man Ye did not make a decision right away.

    He still asked to Ye Fan, waiting for Ye Fan's personal answer, "Still not quick enough to say, what is it, and what is not?"


    Outside the window, there was a cold wind.

    It swept in through the doors and windows.

    In the hall, everyone was filled with indignation and dislike, looking at the thin figure in front of them.

    However, Ye Fan remained silent in the face of questioning.

    "Hmph, Ye Fan, what, do you dare to do something?"Ye Jian snorted, while looking at the old man.

    "Grandfather, by now, is there any need to ask?"

    "He doesn't dare to answer, it's clearly a default."

    Ye Jian said coldly.

    At this point, the disappointment on Ye's old face grew more and more intense.

    He raised his head and asked once again, "Little Fan, grandma will ask you one last time."

    "Was it because of you that your uncle and Yuyan were injured?"

    "And when they are humiliated, do you watch from the sidelines as they die?"

    In the hall, Master Ye's deep words rang out.

    Ye Fan, still did not speak.

    Only, no one knew how turbulent it was beneath Ye Fan's calm brows at this time.

    When Master Ye saw this, he finally sighed.

    "You go."

    "Go back to wherever you came from, my Ye family can't tolerate people who don't recognize their six relatives."

    Master Ye said in a low voice, a few words, but it was as if his whole body's strength had been sapped.

    He did not expect that his grandson would turn out to be like this?

    Watching your uncle and cousin get beaten up and doing nothing about it?

    "Grandpa has spoken, why don't you get out of here?"


    "Get out of here, you six-faced bastard!"


    "My Ye family, how did I come up with such a thin-hearted person like you?"


    As Old Master Ye spoke, Ye Jian and the others, came forward.

    All of them spoke ill of each other and told Ye Fan to get out of the Ye family.

    Ye Fan listened and watched.

    His palms clenched, and the look above his eyebrows grew colder.

    At the same time, Ye Fan's heart was even more sneering.


    Good, very good~.

    Calling me heartless [penpal] and unrighteous?

    That I've disowned you?

    Then I, Chu Tian Fan, will show you today what it means to be heartless and unrighteous, and what it means to disown one's kin?


    "Slow down!"

    However, just as the Ye family was preparing to chase Ye Fan away, and the anger spewing within Ye Fan's heart was about to erupt.

    Suddenly a cold voice, from outside the door.

    Only saw the right hand wrapped in bandages Ye Yuyan, under the support of her mother Dongmei, but walked in.

    "Sister Yuyan, you've come?"

    "You're just in time!"

    "Me and my uncle and the others, we're helping you out with that?"

    "Before I said it was Ye Fan who harmed you, my uncle and the others, but grandpa still didn't believe me."

    "You tell grandpa if it was Ye Fan who harmed us?"

    Seeing Ye Yuyan, Ye Jianton was even happier.

    As if he had found a patron, he walked over and pulled Ye Yuyan, saying repeatedly.

    However, Ye Yuyan did not pay any attention to him at all, and directly pushed Ye Jian aside while stepping forward and saying, "Grandpa, the fault for that day lies with me, with my father, and even with my second uncle."

    "With me, Ye Fan..."

    Saying this, Ye Yuyan suddenly paused, and with a final bite, she continued, "It has nothing to do with my brother Ye Fan..."


    Hearing Ye Yuyan's words, the entire audience was horrified.

    Even Ye Fan, was slightly surprised and turned his head to look at the silhouette of the clear and elegant woman at the doorway.

    Ye Jian was even more unimaginable and directly stared at her.

    "Sister Yuyan, what are you calling him?"

    "Brother Evan?"

    "Holy shit, are you kidding me!"

    "You're our Ye family's true dragon ah, Ye Fan is just a wimpy door-to-door son-in-law, how is it worth letting you call him brother?"Ye Jian said in fear.

    Ye Tian also looked over and said incredulously, "Yuyan, are you confused?"

    "What are you calling his brother for?"

    "I am the head of a county, and you will be the commander of a thousand armies in the future, he, Ye Fan, a mediocre person, is not worthy of being your brother!"

    "And, what confusion did you just say?"

    "Your grandfather can be listening, so think of something to say again."

    "Enough!"Ye Tian's words had just fallen, but Ye Yuyan's beautiful eyes were red, but she turned her head and snapped angrily at Ye Tian.

    "Yuyan, you..."Ye Yuyan's drink undoubtedly scared Ye Tian.

    After so many years, how could Ye Tian have never imagined that his daughter, for Ye Fan, the door-to-door son-in-law, would shout at him?

    "Dad, Second Uncle, you guys keep saying that the calamity on that day was caused by Ye Fan."

    "But ask yourselves, is that Hua Yingtian beating you really because of Ye Fan?"

    "Wasn't it because my second uncle was tongue-tied and offensive to others that he was beaten squarely?"

    "What does it have to do with my brother Ye Fan in the slightest?"

    "As for saying that my brother Ye Fan won't be saved if he sees death, it's even more nonsense!"

    "If it wasn't for Brother Ye Fan's hand, I, Ye Yuyan, would have been afraid that I would have been a dead soul under the adult sword."

    "As for Dad, and Second Uncle you guys, you've probably also lost your lives to His Excellency Guang Yue!"

    "We were so mean to Brother Ye Fan before, but Brother Ye Fan still gave up his life to save us."

    "And what about you guys?"

    "You don't know how to be thankful, you don't know how to reciprocate, and you're still here stirring up trouble, paying lip service to brother Ye Fan, and compelling grandpa."

    "Dad, Second Uncle, in your hearts, don't you have any guilt at all?"

    "Even I despise you!"

    Ye Yuyan's words, the words were like swords.

    Every word, every sentence, pierced straight into Ye Tian and Ye Ya's vitality.

    Especially Ye Tian himself, his old face was pale and his body was trembling tremendously.

    A pair of eyes, because of the trembling horror, were almost staring out alive.


These words would not have been so surprising to Ye Fan, Ye Tian and the others.

    However, they had never thought to death that the words from earlier had come from Ye Yuyan's mouth.

    Didn't she despise Ye Fan the most?

    Wasn't the person she hated the most, Ye Fan?

    But now, how affectionately is he shouting one bite at a time, brother Ye Fan?

    And, for the sake of Ye Fan, he disobeyed his own father and offended his own second uncle?

    This attitude change was so great that Ye Tian and the others, were almost confused.

    "Language...Sayan, are you alright?"

    "Why are you suddenly treating Ye Fan..."

    Ye Xilan was equally surprised.

    Even though Ye Xi Lan had married far away from Jiang Hai, she knew that this niece of hers was high-minded and arrogant, and had despised Ye Fan since she was a child.

    But now it was unprecedented to hit her own father's face in public for Ye Fan.

    To Ye Xilan's inquiry, but Ye Yuyan did not pay attention.

    With red eyes, she gathered her courage and walked towards Ye Fan, facing him and bowing, "Brother Ye Fan, I'm sorry."

    "In the past, it was all because I was ignorant."

    "Today, I apologize to you."

    "At the same time, I also thank you, His Excellency, that daylight Yue, for saving my life."

    "Yuyan will remember brother Ye Fan's kindness for the rest of her life."

    Ye Yuyan's voice was a little trembling, but her attitude was sincere.

    At this time, when she faced Ye Fan again, she no longer had the slightest bit of arrogance and coldness from the past.

    It was only as if a little girl who had done something wrong was receiving punishment from her brother.


    Ye Jian and the others looked at such a scene, dumbfounded.

    He couldn't figure out how his once high and mighty sister Yuyan could bow and bend her head and apologize to Ye Fan today?

    Could it be that Ye Fan's domineering move on that day had really seduced Ye Yuyan's soul away?

    "Yuyan, come back here!"

    "He's the one who's no good. What's your fault?"

    "Where is it worth making you apologize to him so lowly?"Ye Tian roared with gritted teeth.

    In the next moment, only a popping sound was heard, but Master Ye slapped Ye Tian's face.

    "Bastard, over forty years old, not as sensible as your daughter!"

    "If it weren't for Yuyan, this old bone of mine would have really wronged my grandson today."

    "And you have the nerve to blame Xiaofan for not honoring you and respecting you?"

    "Don't even look at yourself, do you have the appearance of being an uncle!"

    "All of you get over there and apologize to Fanny!"

    After hearing Ye Yuyan's words, the events of that day were undoubtedly completely clear to Master Ye.

    In anger, he walked over and slapped each of his two sons.

    "Dad, don't be angry, it's all a misunderstanding~"

    Ye Xi Lan came over to muddle things up at this time, helping Ye Tian and the others to say this.

    Seeing this little daughter of his, Master Ye also gave her a direct kick.

    "You still have the face to advise?"

    "You're also responsible for wronging Little Fan just now!"

    "You also go apologize to Little Fan."

    "Old man, you're~" old Mrs. Ye couldn't bear to see this and came over to persuade as well.

    "And you old thing, go apologize to your grandson as well!"Old Master Ye 怼谁谁, roared angrily.

    Although Mrs. Ye had a grudge, but she didn't dare to disobey, and didn't dare to say a word.

    Just now, they made Ye Fan suffer so much, and now after figuring out the original reason, Old Master Ye naturally feels guilty and feels sorry for this great grandson of his.

    Therefore, he asked everyone in the Ye family to go and apologize to Ye Fan.

    Even he himself went.

    "It's not necessary."

    "All the uncles, aunts, and aunts, your apologies, I, Ye Fan, can't afford it!"

    "However, I will remember what happened today."

    "On another day, I will make you understand what it means to be a six-parent family, and what it means to be thin-hearted!"

    Between sneers, Ye Fan walked forward and picked up a wine glass on the table.

    He tilted his head, as if the coldness of the world and the warmth of human emotions were all turned into the turbid wine and drank it up.

    After that, Ye Fan put down the wine cup and left with his sleeves.

    Leaving behind, only a room full of panic!

    Soon after, Ye Xie Mei also walked out of the hall with a blank expression.

    "Hmph, a bunch of beasts."

    "See what you guys did?"

    "You're all satisfied with pushing Fanny into a corner and cutting you off from your relatives?"

    After Ye Fan left, Master Ye was also exceptionally angry.

    He scolded Ye Tian and the others for a while, while also leaving in anger.

    A good family feast, and in the end, it was still not a happy ending!

    "This Ye Fan, he's not very capable, but he's really proud?"

    "The old man has asked us to apologize to him, and he's still not going along with it, but he's holding a stand?You're giving us a hard time?Speak harshly?"

    "He's a door-to-door son-in-law, who's he talking tough to?!"

    "And severing ties of kinship, we beg to differ?"

    "With a nephew like that, why are we afraid of being dragged down by him in the future?"

    After the old man left, the second aunt, however, spoke in a cold voice, not caring in the slightest.

    Ye Xilan, Ye Tian and other Ye family siblings, also felt that the old master made a fuss.

    A son-in-law, just a little aggrieved, to make the old man so angry?

    Besides, he's a son-in-law. How could he be so frustrated with his mother-in-law?

    "What a preposterous thing to say."Ye Xilan shook her head and also said in a cold voice.

    However, at this time, Ye Yuyan, who had been silent, suddenly said, "Little aunt, aunt, you will soon know what kind of existence brother Ye Fan he, really is."

    "I advise you at this time, I know that none of you will listen."

    "But I only hope that you will not regret it in the future."

    Ye Yuyan said in a deep voice, and then left as well.

    "Yuyan, where are you going?"

    "This is a feast for you, and you haven't eaten it yet?"Ye Xilan and her second aunt shouted evenly.

    But Ye Yuyan didn't even look back, she just walked away.

    "Hey, what kind of medicine did you say this Yuyan took today?"

    "Before, she was the one who despised Ye Fan the most."

    "Now how is this helping him speak angrily?"

    "Brother, what's wrong with Yuyan?"The crowd was confused and asked.

    Ye Tian's face was ugly at the moment.

    His own daughter openly demolished him as a father, Ye Tian's heart was as unpleasant as eating flies, so naturally, he would not have a good face.

    Without saying a final word, he also turned his head and walked away.



    Outside, shortly after Ye Fan left the hall, he received a call from Li Er.

    "Mr. Chu, the jade you asked the various giants in Jiangdong to raise earlier is almost ready."

    "See, how about we send it over to you on the first day of the New Year?"

    "It's just as well to wish Mr. Chu a happy New Year!"

    On the other end of the phone, came Li Er's respectful voice.

    Ye Fan nodded, "Good!"

    "Tell them that when the time comes, all the jade stones will be sent to the Ye Yang Town of Jing City, the Ye family's old house!"


That day, apart from officially declaring his supremacy in Jiangdong, Ye Fan's other purpose was to collect jade stones.

    These jade stones are the key if Ye Fan wants to achieve his Cloud Dao Heavenly Dao and further his strength.

    "After the Spring Festival, when the jade stones are gathered, I will close the door and meditate."

    "The day I, Chu Tianfan, leave the closed door, will be the day of the beacon!"

    "Elder Han, it's been ten years."

    "Ten years of life and death, it is the will of God that I, Chu Tianfan, have lived to this day!"

    "It's the will of the heavens to let me trample down the Chu family."

    At night, Ye Fan stood proudly on top of a deserted mountain outside of Ye Yang Town, while talking on the phone with Han Lao.

    The sound of a mundane voice was like the sound of bells and drums.

    In a split second, in this world, all sounds disappeared.

    All that remained was, the domineering words like a flood bell that lasted forever.

    Ye Fan didn't see that the old man on the other end of the phone, his old eyes had also reddened.

    "Yes, Little Lord."

    "It's been ten years!"

    "Ten years of drinking ice, it's hard to cool hot blood."

    "The old slave is here, waiting at all times, the young lord leads the righteous division, the king descends!"


    Between the distant mountains, there is a night wind roaring low.

    The sand and stones trembled, and the withered grass whispered.

    It was as if the generals guarding the borders were waving their flags and shouting to welcome the one belonging to Ye Fan, the king's division!



    It was late at night before Ye Fan returned to the Ye family's old mansion.

    However, before Ye Fan arrived home, he found a silhouette standing in the cold wind at the entrance of the mansion for a long time.

    "Mom, why are you here?"

    "What if you get a cold in the middle of winter?"

    Discovering that it was his mother, Evan was suddenly worried.

    Hurrying forward, he draped his jacket over his mother's body, while he then assisted her to walk to the room.

    Ye Xie Mei smiled lightly and shook her head, "Little Fan, Mom is fine."

    "The little bit of cold on her body, Mom can still stand it."

    "What mom is afraid of is the coldness in your heart."

    Ye Xie Mei said in a heartfelt manner, and her words were filled with intense worry for Ye Fan.

    Ye Fan naturally heard the meaning of his mother's words, and smiled faintly, "Mom, you're trying to say, what happened at the family banquet today."

    "Little Fan, your uncle and the others are just momentarily confused.In fact, in their hearts, they still treat you as family.Don't pay too much attention to those words at today's family banquet.Your grandmother is still here, you know, the old man loves you the most, we are still a family."Ye Xi Mei tried his best to persuade.

    He also said so because he was afraid that his son would get into a corner.

    This son of hers had suffered since he was a child, and when he was in the Chu family, because he came from a humble background, he was therefore ostracized by his father's side of the family until he was later expelled by the Chu family.

    Later on, she followed her to her mother's family, but she was also ostracized by her mother's family.

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    The only thing she could do nowadays was to verbally enlighten him.

    The actual actuality is that you'll be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.Your son has come all this way for so many years.What is this today compared to the humiliation the Chu family has given us?"

    "What's more, I really don't care about what happened today."

    "The Ye family may be big, but in my heart, it's just you and grandma."

    "As for the others, how could I care, and why should I care?"

    "Just ants and beings, what right do they have, for me to care?"

    Ye Fan's cold voice echoed, hearing Ye Xie Mei's ears, it actually felt, even colder than this winter night.

    After today, Ye Xie Mei will already know.In the future, Ye Fan's relationship with his own your group of sisters, I'm afraid it will be difficult to reconcile anymore.

    "It's just that Little Fan, if you're powerful and powerful, we don't want these relatives."

    "But you~"

    There were some words that Ye Xie Mei pressed into her heart that she really wanted to say.

    But after the words reached her mouth, she eventually sighed.


    "It's just that it's not."

    "Children and grandchildren will have their own children and grandchildren."

    "The rest of your life is ultimately up to you~"

    Ye Xie Mei sighed and also went back to rest with the help of Ye Fan.

    "Right, Little Fan.After you left today, Yuyan came looking for you a few times."

    "I guess she had something to look for you."

    "If you're free tomorrow, take the initiative to go there."

    "Don't bother your sister to come find you again."

    After arriving at the room, Ye Xie Mei seemed to have remembered something and said to Ye Fan.

    Ye Fan, however, didn't really care: "What else could she have to do if she came to find me?"

    "I guess it's either an apology or a thank you."

    "That's an interesting person, na."

    "In the past, she was lovingly ignoring me."

    "Ever since I showed my hand at the Guangyue Pavilion, her attitude has turned 180 degrees."

    "Too bad, it's late."

    "After all, she's just a passerby~"

    Ye Fan said softly, and afterwards he also went back to his room to rest.

    There were no words for the night.

    The next morning, Ye Yuyan indeed came back to the Ye family's old mansion to look for Ye Fan.

    The Ye family had three courtyards in Ye Yang Town, one was the old mansion, where Ye lived with Ye Ximei and the others.

    The other two, naturally one belonged to Ye Tian and one belonged to Ye Ya.

    At this time, Ye Yimei was rushing towards the Ye family's old mansion, carrying in her hands the expensive gifts she had brought from Yanjing this time to send to the Ye Fan family.


    Suddenly, a roar of an engine came from the end of the road.

    Only an Audi car, like black lightning, came whistling.

    As soon as it reached the side of Ye Yuyan, it then made a drift, its tires rubbing the ground and emitting a piercing buzz.

    The drifting flail was only like a snapping knife.

    In the end, the entire car drifted directly off the highway, sliding toward the roadside down the gutter.

    With a thud, the entirety of a car wheel hung into the roadside gutter of the sewer.


    "This dude brakes, right?"

    "What's the point of pretending you can't drift?"

    "Drifting down the ditch, are you?"

    The people passing by were almost smiling.

    At this time, the car door opened and Ye Jian Fang walked down from the car with a grey face.

    Seeing Ye Yuyan, Ye Jianton hehehe smiled: "Sister Yuyan, I'm sorry, the technique is not skilful enough, so you are frightened."

    Seeing it was Ye Jian, Ye Yuyan stared at him directly, but did not pay attention, the cool look full of loneliness, lifted her feet and continued to walk to the old mansion.

    In the past, Ye Jian drove a luxury car around town, Ye Yuyan also felt Ye Jian's scenery.

    But now, compared to Ye Fan, this cousin of hers was ultimately too far behind.

    At most, he was just a spoiled dude.

    "Sister Yuyan, don't go."

    "Is there something to tell you?"

    "Yulang and the others are coming and want to invite you to join them for a meal?"

    "It's been years since the four of us sisters have been together."


The "Yulang" in Ye Jian's mouth is actually Ye Fan's sister-in-law, the child of Ye Xi Lan's family.

    Ye Xilan is pregnant with a son and a daughter, the boy's name is Jiang Yulang and the girl's name is Jiang Yuzheng.

    The two siblings can be remarkable, and their academic performance is not much better compared to Ye Yulan.

    Last year's college entrance exam, these two even tied for first in their grade.

    And, with their excellent results in the top ten in the city, they were directly admitted to the top schools in Huaxia.One entered Yanjing University and the other entered Tsinghua University.

    The two top achievers from one door, last year Ye Xi Lan family because of their two children, undoubtedly a complete scenery, once was feted as a good story.

    Due to the fact that several families often come and go, the relationship between Ye Jian, Ye Yuyan and other four sisters is also quite cordial.

    In the past, every time Ye Yuyan returned to her hometown, the four sisters would get together for a meal.

    This had almost all become customary.

    Of course, Ye Fan was definitely excluded.

    Now that Ye Yuyan had returned home, the Jiang Yulang siblings had also returned from winter vacation.Naturally, Ye Jian opened the door to get together for a meal to bond.

    Ye Jian thought that Ye Yuyan would gladly agree to the gathering of brother and sister.

    However, to Ye Jian's surprise, Ye Yuyan shook her head: "You guys go ahead, I don't have time."

    After saying that, she left without looking back.

    Only a surprised Ye Jian was left behind.

    But Ye Jian didn't think much about it, only thinking that Sister Yuyan might not really have the time.

    After all, even Yuyan Ye's teacher had been injured after what had happened in Guangyue Pavilion, I'm afraid that the military side must be shocked and angry.

    Next, Ye Jian managed to drive the car to the road again, after which he also followed Ye Yuyan to the Ye family's old residence.

    In the courtyard, the family was also all present.

    Ye Fan's two aunts surrounded the couple in the middle, constantly shushing and asking concerned questions.

    "Yulang, Yu Qing, is school on holiday?"

    "When does school start?"


    "How's college life?"

    "Our Ye Jian is a scum, and I'm afraid he'll never get into a university campus!"

    "His aunt, your family when really Wenquxing descended, and two of them came out at once."

    "Two from one door!"

    "I'm afraid we're the only ones in the entire Jiangdong region~"


    The second aunt and the others were full of warm and friendly faces, and couldn't stop caring about the recent situation of the two siblings of Jiang Yulang.

    This was also a nephew, but the treatment was very different from how Ye Fan had been treated when he first returned to his hometown.

    "Sister-in-law, you can stop praising the two of them."

    "They na, compared to Yuyan, they are still far from the same."

    "In the future, Yuyan is going to be a general!"

    "If this were in ancient times, then your family, you would have to seal the general's house."

    Ye Xi Lan pretended to be humble, but her heart was undoubtedly blossoming with joy.

    At this time, Ye Yuyan just happened to walk in.

    Today's Ye Yuyan had obviously deliberately groomed and dressed up before coming.

    She who has always been plain, today she unprecedentedly wore light makeup.

    The eyebrow line was more delicate, and the red lips were a little brighter than usual.

    And, also wore a light pink dress, under the skirt of the jade legs slender and symmetrical, especially that unbearable Yingying waist, but also its slender and slender figure, revealed most vividly.

    Ye Yuyan was often in the military, and these many years of training naturally also allowed her to maintain a perfect figure.

    Even Jiang Yulang, who had seen many beauties in school, couldn't help but be amazed when he saw Ye Yuyan.

    After so many years, it was almost the first time that he had seen Ye Yuyan dressed up in such a bright and intoxicating manner.

    "Sister Yuyan~"

    "Sister Yuyan, you're back."

    Between the astonishment, the siblings Jiang Yulang and Jiang Yuzheng also went forward to greet her.

    All along, these siblings had taken Yuyan Ye as an example and naturally respected her.

    Especially Jiang Yulang, Ye Yuyan was born with an enchanting appearance, and since childhood, Jiang Yulang had an inexplicable affection for her.

    The love of beauty, all people have it, it's instinct!

    But of course, Jiang Yulang did not dare to express this kind of thoughts, and even as he grew up he almost forgot about it.

    But now, seeing Ye Yuyan so bright and intoxicating, the still silent heart, but once again throbbed.

    As the saying goes, a woman is pleasing to herself!

    Did Sister Yuyan know she was coming today, so she deliberately dressed up to attract his attention?

    However, soon, Jiang Yulang knew that he was overthinking.

    Faced with their brother's greeting, Ye Yuyan only nodded, still as cool as ever.

    Not to mention grooming and dressing herself, she didn't even take much notice.

    Lost, the Jiang Yulang siblings were also all used to it.

    They understood Ye Yuyan's temperament, she was always arrogant and did not laugh.

    To them, at least Ye Yuyan nodded her head in greeting.

    To Ye Fan, in their siblings' memories, Ye Yuyan didn't even take care of them.

    Soon after, Ye Jian also came in.


    "Master, look at these four children and grandchildren of yours, they're all together today."

    "The third generation, you're in the family of God!"

    "Yulang and Yucheng will come from literature and study academics."

    "Yuyan will join the army and build up her career."

    "As for Ye Jian, although he doesn't like to study, he has a flexible mind and will be rich from business in the future."

    "Master, let's see if your four children and grandchildren will all have great success?"

    "In the future, our Ye family ah, the military, the business world, the academic world, that all have people ah."

    At this time, in the courtyard, someone was laughing to the old man.

    Old Master Ye liked to hear nothing more than this.


    "The next generation of our Ye family will all be capable and successful."

    "Glorifying our ancestors depends on the four of you sisters~"

    Master Ye couldn't stop smiling, and the old lady's eyebrows were narrowed in happiness.

    At this time, siblings Jiang Yulang walked forward and asked to Ye Yuyan, "Sister Yuyan, I heard you're home, we should have come to see you earlier."

    "Today is an opportunity, let's have a meal together at noon, the four of us."

    "It's been a year or two since we've seen each other, catching up."

    Jiang Yulang also brought up the matter of dinner.

    Ye Yuyan still shook her head and directly refused, "I don't have time."


    Jiang Yulang was stunned.

    Dongmei also stared at her own daughter: "Yuyan, the task is no longer busy, the time to eat a meal can be squeezed, it is not easy for you sisters to see each other later."

    "Mom, I really don't have time."Ye Yuyan returned once again, and then asked to the silent Ye Xiemei at the side.

    "Great aunt, where is my brother Ye Fan, hasn't he come back yet?"

    What... what?What? What?

    "Brother Evan?"

    The Jiang Yulang siblings were stunned, while they looked at Ye Jian.

    "Brother Jian, what's the situation, isn't Sister Yuyan not even paying attention to Ye Fan?"

    "Why is this still calling for my brother?"Jiang Yulang was surprised.


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