Dish Best Served Cold 726-730


Chapter 726

"This bastard thing is really treacherous!"

    "We were beaten and he didn't even ask questions, he just walked away?"

    "And call 120?"

    "Hit your sister!"

    "120 with you to call ah, it's not like we won't."

    Ye Fan threw them far away, but angry Ye Ya near spitting blood, an old face to how ugly it is.

    In the end, it was Ye Jian who ran over and picked them up from the ground and sat them down on a chair.


    "This nephew is just not as good as his own nephew."

    Ye Tian sat back in his chair, his face ugly as he snorted coldly.

    It was obvious that he was also angry at Ye Fan for leaving them behind, but didn't want at all why Ye Fan was so cold to their uncles.

    "Brother, aren't you talking nonsense?"

    "Even if he changes his last name to Ye Fan, he's still not a member of our Ye family after all.He won't share an ancestral grave with us after death."

    "Nephew is the real family."Next to him, Ye Ya echoed.

    "And, brother, our nephew is really not a thing."

    "He's so good at it, yet he didn't make his move early enough to watch us uncle's get beaten up?"

    "That's obviously intentional!"

    "It's to see us laugh."

    "This beast, what a heart of his!"

    "Fortunately, this Ye Fan is only a door-to-door son-in-law, with no name."

    "Otherwise, if this punk kid gets his way, he might be able to tell what kind of poisonous hand he's going to do to us Ye family members."

    Ye Ya said coldly.

    Today, Ye Fan also counted as saving them, but not only did it not make Ye Ya feel any gratitude in his heart, but he was even more disgusted and dissatisfied with Ye Fan.

    Listening to his father's words, Ye Jian who was on the side also felt lucky.

    Yes, even if Ye Fan is a great fighter, so what, it still doesn't change his incompetent superfluous son-in-law's identity.

    Nowadays, this is a technological society, no matter how good the fists and kicks are, it's of no use.

    At most, he's just a bodyguard for someone.

    In today's society, the fancy is power, status and wealth.

    But Ye Fan didn't have any of these, he was still a waste.

    Thinking of this, Ye Jian's previous scruples and fears towards Ye Fan disappeared.

    "Dad, uncle, just a door-to-door son-in-law, what's the point of getting angry with this kind of person."

    "Let's go, nephew will drive you to the hospital."

    Ye Jian said with a smile, and then he hurriedly assisted the two of them, Ye Tian Ye Ya, and got into the car.



    On the other hand, after leaving the restaurant, Ye Fan went to a nearby park to stroll.

    Lei Ao Ting had gone to send Dongmei's mother and daughter to the hospital, and Ye Fan made an appointment with him to wait for him in this park.

    As for his two uncles, Ye Fan wasn't worried.

    They were nothing more than kicked and did not have a life to worry about.

    Ye Fan's disregard for them was obviously to teach them a lesson.

    Hopefully, after this incident, they would grow a better memory and treat their mother better in the future.

    "Mr. Chu?"

    Just as Ye Fan and Lu Wenjing were walking along the park, a call suddenly came from behind them.

    Ye Fan followed the call and saw a scarred old man, actually dragging his broken body along with him.

    Lu Wenjing was shocked, and Ye Fan also raised his eyebrows.

    This old man, Ye Fan had seen it before.

    Heck, it was Lu Tianhe who had been severely injured by Hua Yingtian in the Guang Yue Pavilion earlier.

    After all, Lu Tianhe was a martial daoist, and even though he was hit by several swords, his body was tough, and he was now holding on with a strong breath and froze up to catch up.

    "Looks like I guessed right."

    "You are the Mr. Chu who, on that day, turned the tide at Yanqi Lake, exterminated Hua Yinglong, and integrated a group of heroes in Yanjing!"

    Seeing Ye Fan turn back, Lu Tianhe's pale old face, smiled.

    Only until this moment did Lu Tianhe truly confirm Ye Fan's identity.

    However, as soon as Lu Tianhe's words fell, the sudden cold wind rose, and the old man's old eyes trembled tremendously as he immediately shouted, "Mister, be careful!"

    Amidst Lu Tianhe's alarmed cry, a blinding light then lit up behind Ye Fan.

    Only a sharp long sword, reflecting the cold light of the blazing sun, struck down towards Ye Fan's head with lightning speed.


    The long sword entered the body.

    A smear of ardent red, sprinkling the long whistle.

    Scarlet blood, staining the earth red.

    The longsword, finally slipped.

    Behind Ye Fan, Hua Yingtian's broken body crashed to the ground.

    At his throat, there was a shining longsword sticking out!

    "Grylls and rats want to take my life too?"

    "Dang it, you're really delusional."

    Ye Fan turned around and blocked Lu Wenjing behind himself, while looking down condescendingly at Hua Yingtian at his feet.

    Just a moment ago, Hua Yingtian was unwilling to fail and vainly tried to sneak attack.

    However, Ye Fan was already aware of it, so how could Hua Yingtian have succeeded?

    Just as his sword had fallen, Ye Fan backhanded it, striking the blade into Hua Yingtian's throat above.

    "Heaven's own sins are still forgivable."

    "Self-inflicted sins are not to be lived!"

    "If you can't beat them head-on, you attack them from behind?"

    "Not a single martial spirit at all."

    "I never thought that the generation of the Sword God of the Sun Country would end up accepting such a deplorable disciple like you?"

    Ye Fan laughed softly, and his faint words were full of contempt.

    Where was Hua Yingtian, who had his throat sealed by a sword, able to say a single word.

    Faced with Ye Fan's words, he opened his mouth, and what gushed out, was all blood.

    In the end, he collapsed to the ground with a crash.

    Since then, on the eve of the Spring Festival, Ye Fan beheaded Sword Divine Palace's first apprentice Hua Yingtian, in Jingzhou City.

    Lu Tianhe, looking horrified!

    After a long time, the party drew a breath of cold air and exclaimed, "Dang it, a hero is a young man."

    "Back then, when the battle of Yanqi Lake was fought, I, Mr. Lu, had great respect for Mr. Chu."

    "Now that Mr. Chu's prowess is once again evident, I, Mr. Lu, am even more impressed!"

    "I humbly ask Mr. Chu to be gracious enough to invite me, Lu Tianhe, to invite Mr. Chu for a gathering on the other day, to thank him for saving my life today."

    "No need.Ye Yuyan's invitation is too much for me, I, Ye Fan, to bear, not to mention you as a teacher."Before Lu Tianhe could finish his sentence, Ye Fan sneered and directly refused.

    "Mr. Chu, please reconsider, I really did invite you sincerely."Lu Tianhe was still advising.

    But how could Ye Fan pay attention.

    "To be able to teach an arrogant and rude disciple like Ye Yuyan, I'm afraid that you, who is a teacher, also have a worrying character."

    "In my ordinary life, I, Ye Fan, have never dealt with people of unkindness and bad character."

    "You can go."

    "However, if you really want to thank me, help me dispose of his corpse."

    At this point, Ye Fan was already far away.

    In the front, only Ye Fan's low words echoed.

    Filled with regret, Lu Tianhe looked up from afar, and in the end, the thousand words in his heart only turned into a sigh.


    "What did that silly ninny, Yuyan, do to offend Mr. Chu?"

    "That's really bad for me."


That night, Ye Fan and Lu Wenjing returned to the Ye family's old house in Dongyang Town.

    But Ye Tian, Ye Ya and the others, were admitted to the hospital.

    The old man was shocked when he learned about it.


    "You said you and your big brother were both beaten up?"

    "Is Yuyan also in the hospital?"

    "Bastards, what have you done?"

    "People Fanny also went to Jingzhou City, why did they return home safely."

    "And all of you brutes got beaten up?"

    "It must be you two bastards out there stirring up trouble for me again!"

    The old man is anxious and angry, the iron face of the old face on the phone, the second Ye Ya is a split head and face a burst of scold, and then shouted people to drive the car, night into the city, go to the hospital to visit their own children and grandchildren.

    When Ye Ximei learned of this, the old man Ye, however, was already gone.

    "Xiaoyun, what's going on?"

    "How did I hear something happened to your uncle?"

    Having no choice, Ye Xie Mei could only ask Ye Fan, who stayed at home, with a bit of anxiety in her words.

    Ye Fan, however, wasn't anxious and slowly returned, "Mom, there's no need to worry, they're nothing serious."

    "It's nothing more than a bit of a scare."

    "My uncle and the others are used to smooth sailing, and it's good that they're suffering a bit of a setback now."

    "So, you na, don't think too much about it."

    "Here, eat some fruit."

    In between the words, Ye Fan brought the plate of fruit cut up to his mother.

    It was given to Ye Fan by Lei Ao Ting today, and put it down and left, not allowing Ye Fan to excuse herself.


    "Fanny, what kind of fruit is this?"

    "Rarely seen, though."

    Looking at the fruit that was as muddy as a watermelon, the skin pattern on it was extraordinarily even, and the melon tip was t-shaped, there was a strange beauty from a distance.

    For this kind of fruit, even Ye Xi Mei is rarely seen, and can't help but wonder.

    The actual actual actuality is that you'll be able to get a lot more than just a few of them.It looks like it has a good quality, I just don't know how it tastes."


    "It's delicious."

    "Little brother Fan, you should try it."

    While Ye Fan's mother and son were talking, the little girl, Lu Wenjing, however, had been unable to resist eating a piece of it, full of flavor, and was then surprised.

    Ye Xi Mei also then tasted a mouthful, while nodding and smiling, "Little Fan, don't tell me, this fruit is not only good in appearance, but also tastes good."

    "It melts in the mouth and leaves a fragrant taste on the lips."

    "However, we can't just eat this fruit by ourselves, I'll keep half a plate and send it over to your grandmother at night, the remaining half plate, you two can eat it."

    After Ye Xi Mei tasted a piece, she was reluctant to eat it as well.

    Half of it was left for Ye Fan and Lu Wenjing, while the other half was going to be reserved for her own father.

    Ye Fan shook his head and smiled, "Mom, just eat openly.My friend gave me several of them."

    In between words, Ye Fan pointed at the red box at the door, only to see that there were three more of the same fruits inside.

    Ye Xi eyebrows were happy, and then she thought of giving one to Ye Fan's uncles, and one to the family as well.

    "Little Fan, your uncle and the others have gone to the hospital, it's reasonable for us to go there."

    "Just tomorrow."

    Naturally, Ye Fan didn't want to go, but couldn't resist his mother's insistence.

    "Alright, I'll go with you tomorrow."

    Ye Fan had no choice but to nod his head, and he went back to his room to rest.

    Looking at Ye Fan's departing back, but Ye Xie Mei sighed and whispered to herself, "Little Fan, I know that you have some preconceptions about these uncles of yours."

    "But, if you are in trouble in the future, there is no one on your father's side to help you, the only ones who can support you are these uncles of yours, Auntie."|

    "I hope you can understand mother's pain."

    All these years, as a married woman, yet still living in the Ye family, Ye Xie Mei naturally didn't suffer a few white eyes.

    However, no matter how many grievances, for the sake of her son, Ye Xie Mei endured them all.

    Just like the old man Ye said, the other day Ye Fan's life is in distress, the only one who can help him is still Ye Tian, Ye Ya and their uncle.

    This is why, even though Ye Tian and the others treated Ye Fan badly, Ye Ximei still tried to maintain the relationship between them.

    In order to hope that the humility of their mother and son could be exchanged for the goodwill of Ye Tian and others.

    Harmony in the family will make everything prosper!

    However, did Ye Fan really not know this?

    Of course not.

    Naturally, Ye Fan knew that what his mother was doing was all for herself.

    "But mother, how would you know that your son is so powerful that he doesn't need the support of others?"

    "Very soon."

    "Wait until after New Year's Eve, on the first day of the new year, when your son is congratulated by the ten thousand states, and you will know what a height your son, however, has now stood on!"

    In the room, Ye Fan stood with his hands in the negative, quietly looking at his mother who was walking alone outside in the night, the deep and majestic pupils in his eyes.

    After experiencing so much, Ye Fan had come to know that there were some things that could only be convinced by seeing with one's own eyes.

    The next day, Ye Fan and his mother and son carried fruit as well as milk and went to the hospital to visit Ye Tian and the others.

    "Ye Tian, I've brought Little Fan to see you."

    "Is everything alright?"

    "How did this good-for-nothing get hurt."

    After entering the house, there were many people in the ward who came to visit.

    Ye Tian was the leader of the county, and there were naturally quite a few people who stammered on a regular basis.

    After seeing Ye Fan mother and son come in, Ye Tian, however, snorted coldly and didn't even pay attention.

    Ye Ximei was a little embarrassed at the sight of the situation.

    But still holding on to a smile, "Little Fan, quick, peel a fruit for your uncle."

    "No need, I can't afford the fruit given by this great nephew of mine!"Ye Tian snorted coldly, but he was full of displeasure.

    Obviously still angry about yesterday's incident.

    To think about it, yesterday, whether it was the car chase or the restaurant being beaten up, all of it was related to Ye Fan.

    Especially the storm at the restaurant, it was an unmitigated disaster!

    Ye Tian didn't even know that Hua Yingtian.

    Somehow the family was beaten up.

    Now Ye Tian naturally vented this full of anger on Ye Fan.

    However, now that there were quite a few guests in the ward, Ye Tian was only giving Ye Fan and his son a face, and many words were not said.

    But even so, Ye Fan still felt his uncle's raging anger towards him.

    Ye Fan wasn't angry at this, anyway, it wasn't just a day or two that these uncles of his didn't treat him, Ye Fan was used to it.

    Besides, Ye Tian and the others were beaten, to a certain extent, it is also true that they were implicated by themselves, and now they are blaming themselves for it.

    After staying for a while longer, seeing a steady stream of guests on Ye Tian's side, Ye Fan and his son left.

    And then went to visit the hospital room where Ye Yuyan was.

    "Mom, I won't go over there on her side."

    "You can go over there by yourself."

    "I'll wait for you at the hospital entrance."

    After saying that, Ye Fan turned his head and walked away.

    Ye Xie Mei sighed helplessly and also went to the ward where Ye Yuyan was.


Compared to Ye Tian's hospital room, the room where Ye Yuyan was was quite clean.

    Only Dongmei was accompanying from the side.

    Yesterday's storm, Ye Yuyan was the most heavily injured, not only several wounds on her body, her right hand bone was even fractured by Hua Yingtian.

    However, compared to the physical trauma, yesterday's battle was undoubtedly a more serious blow to Ye Yuyan's spirit.

    It was as if all the pride she had had for many years had been completely shattered yesterday.

    For so many years, Ye Yuyan, who had been high and mighty, finally let a group of relatives see her most wretched side.

    Ever since she had been in the hospital, Ye Yuyan had remained silent and was in a very low mood.

    When she closed her eyes, it seemed that she would see the sight of His Excellency Guang Yue yesterday.

    Ye Yuyan also does not know why, after that day, in her mind, almost all of her mind is that man's thin back.

    A tangled emotion, always lingering in Ye Yuyan's heart.

    Next to her, Dongmei saw it in her eyes and ached in her heart.

    She walked over and stroked her own daughter's hair: "Yuyan, after so many years, you should also apologize to your cousin."

    "All these years, you and your father, did a lot of things that hurt Little Fan."

    "Yesterday, Little Fan went out of his way to save you."

    "In all fairness and reason, you should give your cousin, Little Fan, a big thank you.At the same time, you should also apologize for your former ignorance."

    "Although Xiaofan is stubborn and arrogant, he is by no means an unreasonable person."

    Dongmei said softly.

    At this time, however, Ye Ximei pushed the door in.

    "Big sister, what are you doing here?"

    "You said that Yuyan this out of the blue, but also bother you to run, I'm really sorry."Dongmei even stepped forward and smiled politely.

    Ye Xi Mei returned: "It should be.Yuyan is my niece, out of this kind of thing, I this when the aunt's rightfully should come to see."

    "Yuyan, is it still painful?"Ye Xi Mei spoke out and asked.

    Ye Yimei did not speak, and when Dongmei saw the situation, she hurriedly urged, "Yimei, what is your great aunt asking you?"

    At this time, Ye Yuyan turned her head, her eyebrows somewhat red as she said, "Aunt, niece is fine."

    Ye Xi Mei was slightly stunned then.

    She had forgotten when the last time Ye Yuyan had called her aunt.

    A moment later, Ye Ximei also left.

    Looking at that departing back, however, Dongmei sighed.

    Ye Xie Mei came alone, and it looked like Ye Fan was still mad at her own daughter.



    "Hey, it's clear at last."

    Only after sending away the last wave of guests who came to visit did Ye Tian Fang let out a sigh of relief.

    "Haha, it's still big brother who is well-connected."

    "This injury, all the respectable people from ten miles and eight villages have come."

    "What ginseng and bird's nest, I'm afraid they've all collected several boxes, right?"

    Ye Ya was lying on the hospital bed next to him, laughing suddenly.

    Ye Tian grinned, "What kind of bullshit human connection.These people came to see me, it's not like they really care about my well-being, they're all just interested in the power in my hands."

    "If I were a straw man, who would take care of me?"

    "There's also this ginseng and bird's nest, they sound good, but they're just sub-par boxes that cost a few hundred dollars a box.If you want it, I'll ask your sister-in-law to send you a few boxes over some other day."

    Ye Tian said without a care in the world.

    But beneath the light-hearted words, there was pride and complacency.

    "Big brother, just don't take advantage of the situation."

    "Even if someone else sends something inferior, it's still better than the junk that our great nephew sent, right?"

    "After causing us so much trouble, coming over to make amends, you're sending us some broken fruit?"

    "Go, Ye Jian, throw away the crap that Ye Fan sent me."

    Ye Ya commanded.

    Ye Jian then agreed, and also took the gift that Ye Fan gave to Ye Tian along with him.

    It was ready to be thrown into the trash cans outside.

    However, as soon as Ye Jian went out, he just happened to see Ye Fan standing at the door.

    He was waiting for his mother.

    "Yo, isn't this Ye Fan?"

    "Still not leaving?"

    "Murphy is waiting to make amends with my dad and the others?"

    "Okay, don't be a hypocrite here, take your stuff and go back."

    Without waiting for Ye Fan to reply, Ye Jian threw those fruits back at Ye Fan.

    "This bit of crap, you have the nerve to go outside?Not enough to kowtow."

    Ye Jian grunted coldly and also went back.

    After that, Ye Tian and the others stayed in the hospital for a few more days, so they all went home to recuperate.

    In a few days, it would be the Spring Festival, and they didn't want to spend the New Year in the hospital.

    After returning home, the left and right neighbors of the town came to visit.

    One of them, however, noticed a fruit that was casually placed on the table and called out in shock.

    "I go, Old Ye, where did you get this melon?"The visitor asked in surprise.

    Ye Tian was first stunned, but then followed his gaze and then laughed, "I thought it was nothing, just a broken melon.It's probably given to his grandmother by my untalented nephew."

    "He also gave me one before, but I was too busy taking up space, so I let my nephew throw it away."

    "A few dollars a pound of fruit, it's not a good thing, look at what you old Li is fussing about."

    "What?You had one too and threw it away?"When Old Li heard this, he widened his eyes and shook his head, "Old Ye, you're confused!"

    "Do you know what kind of fruit this is?"

    "It's called "Yuki Zhang honeydew melon", it's an imported fruit, and it's not even available in China."

    "Even in foreign countries, this kind of honeydew melon is given away as expensive gifts, and they don't even bother to eat it."

    "The worst ones cost thousands of dollars each."

    "Like this one in front of me, the shape is perfectly round, the ring pattern on the skin is even and beautiful, and there's a T-shaped melon tip on top."

    "Such a quality eve Zhang honeydew melon is an excellent product."

    "If this were placed at auction, I'm afraid it would have to fetch tens of thousands of dollars!"

    "This is a treasure that can't be found, and it's only an old thing like you who doesn't know how to throw the treasure away as trash."

    Old Li shook his head and sighed repeatedly, only feeling that his old friend was simply stupid.

    As for Ye Tian and Ye Ya brothers, they were confused.

    "You said, this...This melon, it's worth tens of thousands?"Ye Tian stared at him, his words trembling.

    "Or what?"

    "I've been in the fruit business all my life, is it hard to believe that you still think I'm looking the other way?"Old Li asked rhetorically.

    And Ye Tian and Ye Ya brothers were suddenly silent.

    The two of them looked at me, I looked at you, and that expression was as wonderful as it needed to be.


    "Second brother, you stupid bastard."

    "What are you waiting for?"

    "Go find me one yet!"

    Tens of thousands of pieces of fruit, how precious that must be, Ye Tian naturally meat pain.

    At this time, thinking of that scene, he even wanted to kick this bastard brother of his to death.

    "Brother, what are you scolding me for?"Ye Ya Dun was aggrieved.

    "You're the one scolding!If you don't want to eat it, just let your son throw away your own, why should you throw away mine too?"


After the two brothers finished arguing, they finally called Ye Jian to the front.

    "I'm asking you, where did you throw that honeydew melon the other day?"

    "Go get it back for me now!"

    When Ye Tian saw this nephew of his, he was so angry that he wanted to kick him.

    That day chase tailing Lei Ao Ting's sports car, is because this Ye Jian from the side to encourage.

    Now this tens of thousands of eve Zhang honeydew melon, and was thrown by him.Ye Tian is naturally angry!


    "Honeydew melon?"

    "What honeydew melon?"

    Ye Jian, however, was a bit confused, he had just come in and didn't understand the situation.

    "Just that day at the hospital, those two melons that Ye Fan gave away."Ye weather had to bite his teeth and reminded him again.

    "Oh, just those two melons, it's been a few days, I've forgotten where I threw them?"It was just an insignificant little thing, and Ye Jian naturally didn't take it to heart.

    Ye weather had to slap him on the head: "Pig brain?"

    "Drop the claw and forget?"

    "Think carefully for me!"

    Ye Tian urged again.

    Just at this time, Ye Fan led the fatty family to come as well.

    After all, the neighbors and townspeople, Ye Tian and the others were injured and hospitalized, so the fat family naturally came to visit as well.

    After seeing Ye Fan, Ye Tian's head snapped up, "Uncle, I remember."

    "Those two broken melons, I threw them to Ye Fan again."


    "Did you give it to him again?"

    Ye Tian stared at it, and Ye Ya also screamed out in shock.

    However, after the surprise, Ye Tian and the two of them were glad.

    In Ye Fan's hands, they still had a chance to be able to ask for it.If they really threw it in the trash can, it would probably be completely hopeless.

    Thinking of this, Ye Ya looked at Ye Fan and said with a fake smile, "Great nephew, where are those two honeydew melons you gave your two uncles before?"

    "Your uncle and I asked Ye Jian to send you to bring it home, and now that we're out of the hospital, isn't it time you sent it back to honor us?"

    "Dad, I'm afraid you're confused.And didn't you ask me to throw away those two broken melons that Evan gave you?When do you want me to ask Evan to bring it back?"Before waiting for Ye Fan to reply, Ye Jian's side was confused.

    At that time, Ye Ya was so angry that he almost fainted directly, and slapped Ye Jian's face with a backhand.

    "Dad, what are you doing?"Ye Jianton was aggravated.

    "What? Fuck Nima!"

    "What the fuck are you interrupting when I'm talking?"Ye Ya was so angry that his body was shaking.

    Originally, they just had to bite the bullet and let Ye Fan bring it back, it was still possible to return it intact.Even if they didn't want it back, it was still Ye Fan's fault.But now, as soon as their own son interjected, they were undoubtedly sitting on the fact that they were the ones who committed stupidity in the first place.

    Even if Ye Fan doesn't return it, it's not a loss in reason!

    "What an idiot!"Ye Fan also had to help his forehead for a while, thinking to himself how he had such a stupid nephew.

    Ye Fan saw the situation as if he was looking at a joke, shaking his head and smiling, "What, two uncles, you didn't like the melons and fruits I gave you at first, but now you regret it?"

    "Don't worry, it's proper to be a nephew's filial uncle."

    "If a few uncles want it, I'll just send it again."

    "Seriously?"Ye Ya was suddenly happy, and Ye Tian's eyebrows lit up.

    Seriously, they really wanted to taste the fruit that was worth more than gold.

    Just, when had this Ye Fan been so filial?

    Ye Fan nodded, "What I said, is naturally true."

    "But ah, you guys were late."

    "Those two honeydew melons, we ate one and sent the other one to the fatty's family."


    "Tens of thousands of dollars worth of stuff that you gave away to an outsider?"

    "You're a bastard, and you're not going to get it back!"When Ye Ya heard this, his original joyful mood was gone, and he was so angry.

    "Second Uncle, if you want it, go find it in the fatty's toilet."

    "I reckon that Fatty has already pulled it into the toilet."

    Ye Fan said this, causing Fatty and the others to endure, but still biting their teeth to hold back from laughing.

    "You~" Ye Ya was trembling with anger.

    In the end, but released to laugh.


    "It's just a broken melon, don't think we really care."

    "We're just looking at your filial piety and can't bear to spoil it, that's why we asked you."

    "Your uncle and I, what kind of mountains and seafood haven't been eaten, and we still care about your few melons and fruits?"

    "Is it Big Brother?"Ye Ya seemed to be trying to save face and said in a dignified manner.

    Ye Tian also nodded his head in agreement, "That's right."

    "We asked you about the whereabouts of this melon, but we were also afraid of wasting your painstaking efforts."

    "That's all."

    "As for that honeydew melon, my friend abroad sent a box of it the other day, and we're tired of eating it."

    The smile on Ye Fan's lips became even more intense as he listened to this, "Really?"

    "If that's the case, I'll take this last Yuubang honeydew melon left over and eat it with my grandmother, so I won't give it to my two uncles.You're all tired of eating it anyway."

    In between the words, Ye Fan joined Lu Wenjing and carried the honeydew melon away with him.

    Behind them, the two Ye Tian brothers twitched at the corners of their eyes and their hearts were almost bleeding.

    But what could be done?

    The two of them could only grimace and break their teeth to swallow even if they wanted to taste this heavenly melon and fruit again, even though they had said their big words, now they were still in front of outsiders.

    Especially Ye Ya, he was so angry that he wanted to incite his own foul mouth.


    This was good, not even a bite could be eaten.

    But because of this, the two uncle's, their dissatisfaction with Ye Fan grew stronger and stronger.



    The other side.

    Jingzhou People's Hospital.

    Outside, a number of military off-road vehicles drove in.

    Afterwards, a number of people, dressed in military uniforms, entered the hospital and went to the ward where Lu Tianhe was.

    "Tianhe, what's wrong with you?"

    The leader, seeing Lu Tianhe's body covered in bruises, had old eyes that turned red with worry.

    This person was, indeed, the truly heavy-handed, chief instructor of the Yanjing Military District, Fang Shaohong.

    Compared to him, Lu Tianhe's reputation in the military was also lesser.

    Otherwise, it wouldn't have made Lu Tianhe the Deputy Chief Instructor and him the Chief Instructor.

    "Chief Instructor Fang, you've come."

    "I'm fine, just a little injured, my life is still alive."

    "It's just that in the future, I'm afraid I won't be able to return to the military area and take on a great responsibility."Lu Tianhe shook his head and smiled, there was a sadness of an old general in his twilight.

    Lu Tianhe was old after all, and had been traumatized by this, and even if he was discharged in the future, it would be difficult to fully recover at all.

    It was feared that the martial journey would be interrupted!

    Fang Shaohong sighed, "Tianhe, over there in Yanjing, you can't be left without you ah."

    "If you can't go back, who will be in charge of the situation and who will teach those future generations?"

    "As you know, I'm the chief instructor, but I don't know martial arts."

    "No you can't do anything about training the martial special forces!"

    Fang Shaohong's old eyes were red, breaking an arm, of course he was heartbroken.

    Lu Tianhe smiled and comforted, "Old fellow, don't worry."

    "Since I am determined to retire, I have naturally thought of a successor."

    "If he takes over my position, my Yanjing Military District Martial Special Warfare Team will definitely dominate Huaxia in the future!"


    Fang Shaohong was immediately shocked and asked in a deep voice, "Who is it?"


In the ward, there was silence.

    Only Fang Shaohong's solemn voice echoed!

    After a long silence, Lu Tianhe Fang returned in a deep voice.

    "This person, surnamed Ye, is named Fan!"

    "Rebuking Yanjing and shaking the crowd."

    "On the Yanqi Lake, he had forcefully slayed Hua Yinglong above the vastness of the wild sea."

    "His Excellency Yue Yang, he was so mighty that he physically fought against the might of the Looking Moon Sword."

    "Fist defeated the first disciple of the Sword God Palace, Hua Yingtian."

    "The world calls him, Mr. Chu!"

    Lu Tianhe's deep voice echoed.

    Dead silence, a long dead silence.

    In the split second that Lu Tianhe's words rang out, the entire ward was silent once again.

    Only, the horror and trembling in Fang Shaohong's brows and eyes remained.

    "Rebuke Yanjing?"

    "Flesh hardened against the power of the Looking Moon Sword?"

    "This...This Mr. Chu, is he really this strong?"

    Fang Shaohong was frightened for a long time before he asked in alarm.

    Lu Tianhe nodded his head heavily, "I was present at both battles."

    "His strength is tested out by actual battle."

    "Judging from my experience, this person will be a strong bearer of my Huaxia in the future."

    "If he can enter my Yanjing Military District, it will be a blessing for my military district!"

    "Maybe, fifty years from now, he'll be the next War God, Ye Qingtian!"


    Hearing that Lu Tianhe actually had such a high opinion of this Mr. Chu, Fang Shaohong trembled, and a pair of old eyes widened openly, his heart even more stirred up waves of shock.

    War God Ye Qingtian, that was a military myth, and even the number one ranked Pillar God of Huaxia!

    If they were able to discover a strong person like this, it would be an absolute honor and blessing to people like Fang Shaohong.

    Thinking of this, even the long-suffering Fang Shaohong was no longer calm.

    He said in a deep voice, "Good, Tianhe."

    "I believe in you!"

    "You will now, at once, tell me all the information you have about him."

    "I'll arrange this and meet with him."

    "This future War God, I, Yanjing Military Region, will take possession of it first."


    Back then, the Jiangbei Military Region became the head of the four major military regions of China just because of the emergence of Ye Qingtian.

    Even Yanjing was not as powerful as the Jiangbei Military Region.

    Especially the Jiangbei Army Lord, because of his kindness to Ye Qingtian.

    Relying on Ye Qingtian's prestige, he had the highest prestige among the four great military lords.

    If their Yanjing Military Region, also came out with a strong man comparable to Ye Qingtian.Then in the future, their Yanjing Military Region's prestige would naturally rise.

    However, in response to Fang Shaohong's words, Lu Tianhe shook his head, "This matter should not be rushed."

    "I've been in contact with him before, and he seems to be hostile towards us."

    "If you go there rashly, you have the greatest chance of being rejected."

    "Then what do you mean?"Fang Shaohong was confused.

    Lu Tianhe continued, "I have already considered this matter.First, let one of my students, make contact with him."

    "That student of mine and this Mr. Chu are brother and sister."

    "An acquaintance is good for business."

    "Let her go first, to find out this Mr. Chu's intentions, and as a prelude to our meeting in person."

    Lu Tianhe said slowly, and Fang Shaohong on the side nodded repeatedly, "Well, Tianhe, what you say makes sense, let's do as you say first."

    Then, Lu Tianhe summoned Ye Yuyan over.

    Ye Yuyan had only injured her arm, and she was still moving freely.

    Soon, she arrived at Lu Tianhe's hospital room.

    "Chief Instructor, how did you get here?"

    Seeing Fang Shaohong, Ye Yuyan was surprised and terrified, and then she was about to salute Fang Shaohong.

    Fang Shaohong was a top three ranked figure in the Yanjing Military District.

    Even his own teacher respect him three points, let alone her a small person.

    She almost rarely saw Fang Shaohong in normal days.

    "Hey, no need to be polite."

    "You are a student of Tianhe, in terms of seniority, just call me Uncle Fang."

    "Outside, there's no need to be so formal."

    Fang Shaohong laughed softly, appearing to be very amiable.

    Completely devoid of the half of authority he had in the military district before.

    The Chief Instructor's enthusiasm naturally made Ye Yuyan very terrified, she had been in the military area for so many years, when had she ever seen Fang Shaohong so friendly?

    After a brief exchange of pleasantries, Fang Shaohong began to talk about business.

    "I heard from your teacher that you have an older brother, called Ye Fan, right?"

    "Huh?"Ye Yuyan was stunned, she didn't expect that their chief instructor, all knew Ye Fan's name.

    Surprised, Ye Yuyan still nodded her head.

    "Well, his mother, is my great aunt."

    "Haha, is the relationship that close?Then things will be better."Fang Shaohong was delighted, he thought that Ye Fan and Ye Yuyan were only distant relatives, but now it seemed that they were very close to each other.

    Hearing Fang Shaohong's words, Ye Yuyan became even more confused, "Chief Instructor, are you looking for him, yes?"

    Fang Shaohong nodded and continued, "To be more precise, I want to take your brother under my wing and use him for my purposes."

    "However, your teacher is worried that it would be too awkward for us to talk directly.Therefore, we are going to put you in contact with him first."

    "Ask him if he has any revenge to build up his career, and if he is interested in, joining my Yanjing Military District."

    "As long as he's willing, any conditions are easy to say!"

    "I heard your teacher say that your brother, Ye Fan, is a great talent."

    "What our military district is lacking is such a great talent."

    "In the future, if you let him lead your martial arts special battle team, your teacher and I will be able to rest assured."

    Fang Shaohong said slowly, but Ye Yuyan, however, had been startled.

    In her mind, there were mixed feelings.

    In her heart, she was filled with inexplicable sorrows.

    Only now did Ye Yuyan Fang completely understand that the reason why the Chief Instructor had treated her so courteously was because of Ye Fan.

    To have the Chief Instructor and Deputy Chief Instructor of the military region personally ordering the general, this face, this honor, is something that Ye Yuyan has never had before!

    Ye Yuyan knew that from this moment onwards, she had been completely surpassed by Ye Fan in terms of status.

    They just said that they would let Ye Fan command their special battle team, Ye Yuyan guessed that they should let Ye Fan be the captain of their dragon hunting squad.

    When she thought that in the future, she would probably become Ye Fan's subordinate, Ye Yuyan only felt ironic.

    Thinking about the time when Ye Fan wrote herself love letters and pursued her, she only felt shame and anger, as if she had been blasphemed.

    But now looking back, all the arrogance she had shown to Ye Fan in the past had become a joke.

    Ye Yuyan had never thought that the person she despised the most in the entire Ye family in the beginning, but now she had already stepped on her feet.


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