The King of Kungfu in school 2356-2360


Chapter 2356

A few days later.

The Dragon King entered the secret room.

"Grandpa, how is it."

"I've found out Nian Qing's preference, this son of a bitch, he likes beautiful men."


"Yes, you heard right, he likes beautiful men.And I asked about a thing."

"What is it?"

"After Nian Qing killed you last time, when he returned home, he told his servants that it was a pity that you were such a beautiful man, but if you hadn't been against him, he would have taken you."

"What, yah yah."Tang Zichen trembled with anger, especially hearing the words, set to take him in, made Tang Zichen unable to contain his anger.

"In fact, after you died, Nian Qing has always felt pity for you, he likes beautiful men, you are so handsome, it would have been just to his liking."

"Son of a bitch, grandpa, don't say that, disgusting." One second to remember to read the book

"Zichen, this time, we'll use the beautiful man as bait and let Nian Qing follow."

"But, will this implicate the Dragon Clan?"

"Of course I will, but I don't care anymore, as long as I can kill that son of a bitch, even if I resist with the Immortal Court, my Dragon Clan has submitted to the Immortal Court for so many years, it's time to declare independence."

"Mmhmm, the Dragon Clan is independent, the Ten Thousand Purple Mountains will definitely support it, when the time comes, what can the Immortal Court do to you."

"Right, the Ten Thousand Purple Great Sage stole something from my Dragon Clan, he knows he has a loss, once he said that as long as he lives he will protect my Dragon Clan."

"Fuck him Fairy Mother, Grandpa."

"Hahaha, fuck."The Dragon King laughed wildly.

After that, the Dragon King sent a man to the Immortal Court to visit his relatives and told Fake Ao Scuttlebutt that the Dragon Clan would be sacrificing their ancestors in half a year and wanted Ao Scuttlebutt to come back with Nian Qing.At the same time, he also told Fake Ao Scutellaria that one of her cousins, who had come of age this year, was incredibly handsome, simply the most handsome Dragon Clan man ever, and asked Ao Scutellaria to help ask Nianqing if there was a suitable girl in the Immortal Court to introduce him.

Fake Ao Ao of course nodded, whether or not there was actually such a cousin, she didn't know, after all, she was fake herself, besides, it had been over a million years since she had married into the Immortal Court, there were so many new dragon teenagers born.

That night, Nian Qing came back in a drunken air.

"Husband, you're back."

"Fuck off."Nian Qing didn't have a good face to say.

That fake Ao Scuttlebutt looked pained, she had been married to Prince Nian Qing for millions of years and had yet to share a room with him, even though her posture was average, she wasn't ugly.

"Husband, my mother's family came today, she said that in half a year, my dragon clan will offer sacrifices to my ancestors, and she wants me to bring you back to my mother's family to offer sacrifices together."

"Hahaha, stinky bitch, you've got it wrong, I'm going with you to the Bird Clan for ancestor worship?You dragons are worthy of my sacrifice?Aren't you ancestors of the dragon clan afraid of fracturing the fury?"Nian Qing laughed wildly, his words were very disrespectful to the Dragon Clan, not treating them as his mother's family at all.

"Don't be angry with your husband, if you don't go, I'll just go back on my own."

"Hmph, it's your business to go if you like, if your maiden family dares to talk about taking me back again in the future, don't blame me for being rude, it's an insult."

"Yes yes yes."

"Is there anything else?"

"Husband, there is indeed one more thing.My mother's family said that I have a cousin who happens to be an adult this year, and this cousin of mine, who is very handsome, I heard that he is the most handsome man in the history of the Dragon Clan, and my Dragon Clan wants you to help him out and see if you can introduce him to a girl with good conditions."

Nian Qing's eyebrows jumped, seemingly instantly interested.


"Are you serious?"

"There's no need for my mother's family to lie to me."

"Since that's the case, I'll go back with you on the day of your ancestor sacrifice, you've been married to the Immortal Court for so long, I should go to your mother's house as well."

"Mmhmm, thank you, Husband, let me serve you tonight."

"No need, hahaha."Nian Qing gave a loud laugh.

Nian Qing was lying on the bed and seemed to be in a good mood.

"Damn, searching, I finally heard that there is a beautiful man, that Tang Zichen that I killed a million years ago, think about it, it's a pity, I should have known not to be impulsive and take him in, then I would have taught him slowly, after all, it's really hard to find a man with such a beautiful face.This time, the Dragon Clan has born the most beautiful man in history, I hope I won't be disappointed."

If Tang Zichen heard Nian Qing's words at the moment, he would definitely explode with anger, and the idea of slowly disciplining him would dare to arise.

The Immortal Emperor was all this time worrying about that new addition that he couldn't sense, so he didn't have time to think about anything else.

Although the Immortal Emperor sensed that Nianqing would die in the future, he hadn't even thought that he would die so quickly, he thought that that new born person would at least take hundreds of millions of years to grow up, he only thought that he would be able to strangle that person before they grew up.

It was half a year in the blink of an eye.

One day after half a year, Nian Qing left the Immortal Realm for the Dragon Clan with Fake Ao Bao.

However, the Immortal Emperor already knew about this.

The Fairy Mother came early in the morning to report to the Immortal Emperor, asking him to keep an eye on Nian Qing.

The Immortal Emperor said, "Don't worry, no matter what, Nian Qing can't die so soon."

However, the Immortal Mother was not worried, so the Immortal Emperor had to keep an eye on Nian Qing at all times.

Tang Zichen was ambushed not far from the Dragon Clan.

Tang Zichen waited for no more than a few hours and saw a large honor guard coming ahead.

However, what Tang Zichen didn't expect was that it was accompanied by several middle-ranked Immortals.

"Damn."There was no way Tang Zichen could do anything.

Tang Zichen could only improvise.

"Since this son of a bitch likes beautiful men, I'll disguise myself as a beautiful man and try to find an opportunity."

So, Tang Zichen immediately used the disguise technique to disguise himself as a stunningly beautiful man, but of course, he was also a beautiful man before he disguised himself.

Tang Zichen used the low-level disguise technique of the mortal world, which could have been easily seen through, but because of Tang Zichen's body, not even the Immortal Emperor could see Tang Zichen's true face when he scanned him with his Immortal Sense.

Just as Tang Zichen was about to strike, the voice of the Dragon King was suddenly heard, "Stop."

"Grandpa, what's wrong?"

"Tzu-Chen, cancel the operation first."


"The Immortal Emperor is monitoring the entire process right now, if you appear at this moment, the Immortal Emperor will immediately notice that he can't sense Nian Qing's location, so he'll be able to reach here in a few breaths of time."


"The Immortal Emperor controls the three realms, anywhere within the three realms, he can reach it as fast as he can, even if we capture Nian Qing alive, we won't be able to escape for a few kilometers."

"Damn, after working so hard for so long, we're just going to cancel?"

"Our own safety comes first, and I've just learned that the Immortal Emperor is watching the entire time, so we can only do it when the Immortal Emperor isn't watching, so that even if the Immortal Emperor is fast, he won't know which way to chase."

"Damn it."


With no choice, Tang Zichen could only withdraw.

The first plan to kill Nian Qing failed.

When Nian Qing arrived at the Dragon Clan, he immediately went to ask the Dragon King where the most beautiful dragon man was.

The Dragon King had to lie and say, "Just died."

Of course Nian Qing didn't believe him, so the Dragon King took out a pot of ashes, love it or not.

Prince Nianqing was very angry, but had no choice, and immediately left with his entourage.

A few days later, the ancestral festival was over.

The hot and boisterous dragon clan also returned to peace.

However, Tang Zichen was very unhappy.

"Grandpa, don't stop me, I have to go to the heavens, I have to think of a way to sneak into the Immortal Court, I'm sure that within the Immortal Court, the Immortal Emperor won't be watching all the time, so I'll have a chance.Besides, I'm very much put me, after I change my face, even the Immortal Emperor can't see through my real body."Tang Zichen found the Dragon King and said to him.

"Are you sure that even the Immortal Emperor won't be able to see through your true body after you've changed your face?" First web site

"I can't be sure, but I'm ninety percent sure."

"Then how do you want to get into the Immortal Court?"The Dragon King asked.

At that moment, Tang Zichen had a clever idea and said, "Grandpa, Fake Ao Bao, I don't think she has returned to the Immortal Court yet."

"The ancestor sacrifice has just ended, and she still wants to stay at home for a few more days before returning to the Immortal Court in a few days."

Tang Zichen asked, "Did Fake Ao Bacchus bring an attendant with her?"

"Of course I have, but all of her attendants are female maids."

"Haha, grandpa, I've thought of a way, I'll pose as one of the female maids and follow Ao Bao to the Immortal Court, and then, hehe, I'll have more than enough opportunities to do it."Tang Zichen said in surprise.

The Dragon King rolled his eyes, "You're a male, how can you impersonate."

"I can disguise myself as a woman ah, it's not my first time pretending to be a woman, and I can disguise myself exactly the same."

"Come on, isn't this just the divine ability of change, I can also change into a woman, or a flower, bird, insect or fish, but those in higher realms can see through it at a glance."

In the next second, Tang Zichen's body twisted and transformed into a woman's form.

"Grandpa, how do you see me now, are you able to see through my true body?"

"I can't, but just because I can't, doesn't mean that no one else can, there are plenty of strong people in the Immortal Court, and the most important one is the Immortal Emperor."

"Grandpa, I've said it all, I'm ninety percent sure that the Immortal Emperor can't see through my real body."

Tang Zichen's body was integrated into the material of the Flip Mirror, which was a divine weapon at the beginning of the world, so Tang Zichen was confident that no one would be able to see through him after he transformed.

It was a real hassle to kill a Nianqing, but it was normal, after all, he was the son of an Immortal Emperor, it would be abnormal if he was so easy to kill.

"Are you sure you want to risk it?"

"Grandpa, help me make arrangements to find a fake Ao Bao's maid, I want to disguise myself as her and then follow Ao Bao to the Immortal Court."

"But what if the Immortal Emperor can see through your real body?"

"Grandpa, I'm just a maid, the Immortal Emperor is full of food, why are you looking at me."

"Then you must be careful, I don't want to lose you again, you have to live in place of my granddaughter."

Tang Zichen nodded his head in a moved voice, "Grandpa, don't worry, I will."

A few hours later, one of the maids beside the fake Ao Scuttle was brought in.

Tang Zichen smoothly disguised himself as that maid and knew all of that maid's memories.

"Grandpa, I'm going then."

"En, be sure to be careful."

Tang Zichen arrived at a certain part of the Dragon Palace


"Joy, where have you been for so long ."As soon as Tang Zichen reached the front door, a woman's voice was heard from inside, it was that fake Ao Bacchus.

Tang Zichen took a look at that fake Ao Bao, somewhat surprisingly, she was quite pretty, and her beauty wasn't much different from the real Ao Bao.

If the Dragon Clan was going to use someone to fake Ao Scutellation, of course they had to choose a pretty one, after all, everyone knew before that Ao Scutellation was one of the top ten genius beauties in the Immortal Realm, if it was too ugly, they would definitely be suspected.

Tang Zichen immediately said, "Back to my mother, I ran into a cousin of mine who was on duty at the Dragon Palace, so I chatted with him a bit more."

"En, it's fine."That fake Ao Ba did not pursue the matter, nor did she suspect that the maid in front of her was a man disguised.

"Huanxin, go for a walk with me, I'm going back to the Immortal Court tomorrow, I want to walk more."

"Yes, Mother."

Tang Zichen learned through the original maid's memories that this fake Ao Bingsheng married Nianqing and was also miserable.Because Prince Nianqing liked men and had no interest in women, so he hadn't even shared a room after being married to him for so long.

Tang Zichen accompanies that fake Ao Bao to wander around the gardens of the Dragon Palace.

Wandering aimlessly.

One could tell that the fake Ao Bao seemed very reluctant to leave.

"Mother, what are you thinking about?"Don Zimmer asked.

"Oh, what else can I think about, thinking about my past."

Tang Zichen searched his memories and didn't get any content of Fake Ao Bao's previous identity, it seemed that the real maid didn't know what Fake Ao Bao used to do either.

"Mother, where did you used to be."

"Does this matter?"


"Yes, unimportant, I'm already the Dragon King's granddaughter, Ao Bacchus, my old life is gone, and I can only be dedicated to being good Ao Bacchus."

"Isn't the Mother reluctant?How many people dream of serving the Immortal Emperor as a daughter-in-law."

Fake Ao Bacchus looked blankly at Tang Zichen and said, "Are you being sarcastic?"

"I dare not, slave."

"Joy, you know full well that I'm not happy."

"Mother, is it because Prince Nian Qing hasn't been sharing a room with you?"Tang Zichen asked.

Fake Ao Bao stared at Tang Zichen and said, "Huanxin, how do I feel that you have become bolder, before you were very clear about what you should say and what you shouldn't say, but now why do you say everything."

"Your Majesty atone for your sins, the slave servant only saw that Your Majesty was unhappy, so she spoke boldly and straightforwardly, otherwise, everyone would have to be careful about what they say in front of Your Majesty, wouldn't it be that Your Majesty wouldn't even have a person to speak her mind."Tang Zichen.

Fake Ao Bao's eyebrows furrowed, wondering a bit if it was the same Huan Xin from before, why she was so eloquent now.

"Cheerful heart, are you alright."

"Back to Nymphet, I'm fine, if Nymphet doesn't like me like this, I can say what I should say and not say what I shouldn't say, just like before."

"No, I still like you the way you are now, I'm not really a dragon princess anyway, there's no need to be so respectful to me, from now on, you can say whatever you want to say, save me the boredom."

"Yes, Mother."

"Joy, don't you want to know what I used to be?Okay, I'll tell you."

"Mother, please speak."

"I used to, live in the East Sea's Heavenly Wither Cliff, originally, I was just a very ordinary, but with an extraordinary dream, a dragon girl, my talent, in my hometown, was one of the best, I also had a complete home, unfortunately, suddenly one day, the people of the Dragon Palace found me and asked me to impersonate Ao Bao, so I had a home I couldn't return to, I could only force myself, shouting something that wasn'tKnowing my dad, my mom, my brother, my sister, and my grandfather, I don't know how much longer I'm going to last."


"Mother, who isn't in the wrong place, you're lucky enough compared to the vast majority of people in the world."

"Even you think so, it's just that you're just a girl after all, go back and pack your things, and return early tomorrow morning."

"Yes, Mother."

Early the next morning, Tang Zichen followed Fake Ao Bao to the Immortal Court with an apprehensive heart.

Tang Zichen was nervous, after all, he wasn't 100% sure that the Immortal Emperor couldn't see through him.

Fortunately, however, Tang Zichen searched the memories of his real maid and learned that he could barely see the Immortal Emperor, and that Fake Ao Bao had not seen the Immortal Emperor so far, except for the time when he first married up and went to pay a visit to the Immortal Emperor.

As long as the Immortal Emperor didn't see them with his own eyes, even if he could see through Tang Zichen's real body, he had no chance.

At the entrance of the Immortal Court, hundreds of immortal-level powerhouses were guarding around the Immortal Court, and it could be said that if he hadn't disguised himself as a maid, Tang Zichen wouldn't have had a chance to get close to the Immortal Court at all.

Even if the fake Ao Bacchus returned to the Immortal Court, the maids would have to be personally inspected by several Immortal guards to see if they were fake, Tang Zichen and the other maids.

Fortunately, those Immortal guards couldn't see through Tang Zichen's real body.

In the end, they easily entered the Immortal Court. Remember the website

The Immortal Court was huge, but Fake Ao Bao couldn't just wander off.

Tang Zichen followed Fake Ao Bao and returned to her bedchamber.

"Pah."Upon entering her bedchamber, suddenly, a teapot left flying out, as if someone had deliberately dropped it.

False Ao Chen was busy walking in and saw that it was Prince Nian Qing.

Prince Nianqing roared in anger, "Ao Bao, you her?"

Scutellation Ao panicked and knelt down, "Husband, why are you so furious?"

"Pah."Nian Qing slapped the fake Ao Bao's face.

"Ah."Fake Scuttlebutt Ao flew out the door with a slap.

It just happened to fall at Tang Zichen's feet.

Tang Zichen felt quite pitiful seeing such a beautiful woman being beaten up like this.

"Mother."Tang Zichen was busy helping up the fake Ao Bao.

However, Prince Nian Qing rushed back up and strangled Fake Ao Bao.

"Husband, did I do something wrong?"Scuttlebutt was tearful.

"You didn't do anything wrong, but I just want to beat you, what's wrong, can't I beat you."

"It's only natural that your husband should punish me."Fake Scutellation Ao said with anger.

This Fake Ao Scuttlebutt, whose realm was lower than the real Ao Scuttlebutt, was only a Dao Immortal, so where was the opponent of a Primordial Immortal.

"Bang."Prince Nian Qing grabbed Ao Bao's neck and viciously smashed her head into the ground, breaking her head and bleeding.

"Trash."Prince Nian Qing walked away after saying that.

He was so angry because he was in the Dragon Clan and didn't see the most beautiful man in history, so he took his anger out on the fake Ao Scutellaria.

Tang Zichen looked at Nian Qing's back and really wanted to go up and shoot him to death.

However, he hadn't planned his way back yet, so he couldn't be reckless, after all, this was the Tiger's Den.

"Nyonya."A few maids were busy helping Ao Scuttle up.

Tang Zichen looked at this woman and also felt quite pitiful.

Tang Zichen felt that he had to kill Nian Qing quickly and save the fake Ao Bao Scutellaria from suffering so much.

That night.


"Slave servant in."

"You stay and serve me in the bath, and talk with me on the way."Fake Scuttlebutt said.

"Ah, me ah."Tang Zichen was startled, it was fine to talk with her, but was it appropriate to serve her and bathe her?


"No, slave servant will go prepare it."

/> After Tang Zichen prepared the bath water, he shouted, "Mother, the water is ready."

Fake Ao Bao opened her hands and allowed Tang Zichen to undress her.

Tang Zichen secretly swallowed his saliva.

Tang Zichen stripped Fake Ao Scutellaria to the waist, and Ao Scutellaria walked into the pool.

"Joy, what are you waiting for, get down here."Fake Scuttlebutt said.

Tang Zichen was embarrassed, he had changed into a woman and shrunk his body, but he was still a man inside.

"Yes, Nymphet."Tang Zichen could only go behind the Mother Superior and sneak into the water, and after entering the water, he couldn't see what was underneath Tang Zichen in the water.

Fake Ao Bao also didn't go to see Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen easily entered the water and soaked his lower body in the water, but really couldn't see anything.

Tang Zichen swam to the back of the fake Scutellaria and rubbed her, saying to himself, "What tender skin you have.

However, Fake Ao Beng was in a daze.

"Mother, what are you thinking about?"Don Zichen asked.

"Cheerful, do you think I might as well die."

"Mother how could you think like that."

"I'm really suffering, I have a home I can't go back to, I can't realize my dreams, and I'm confined to this place every day, what's the point of living."Fake Ao Bao cried.

Tang Zichen asked, "Mother, do you hate Nianqing?"

"Hate."Fake Ooze said with a bite.

"And you know one thing?"


"The Immortal Emperor massacred babies, do you know why?"

"I don't know."

"That's because the Immortal Emperor sensed that Nian Qing's future would be dead, but he couldn't sense who killed him, so he suspected that there was a newborn baby that he couldn't sense."

"Ah, how can you, a maid, know so much about it?Even I don't know."

"Hey, Nympho, can I trust you?"

"What do you mean, Joy?"

At that moment, Tang Zichen suddenly stood up.

"Ah."When she saw something, she recoiled in shock, was this still something a woman should have?It's scary when women look like that.

"Don't scream."Tang Zichen said.

Then, Tang Zichen twisted for a moment and returned to his original appearance.

Fake Ao Bao even wanted to scream, and Tang Zichen was too busy going up to cover her mouth.

"Shh, you said it yourself, you're a trustworthy person, I'll let go of you, no screaming, you can ask me any questions you have, I promise to answer truthfully."

"Uh-huh."Fake Scuttlebutt was busy nodding her head.

Tang Zichen let go of Fake Ao Bao and said, "If you have anything, just ask."

"Who are you?"

"My name is Tang Zichen, I don't know if you've heard of me."

"Ah, Tang Zichen?Of course I've heard of you, you're that amazing genius Tang Zichen, an ordinary blade technique of our Dragon Clan, the Five Ultimate Blades, and you've upgraded it to be 390,000 times more powerful."

"Yoho, you actually know me."

"Mmhmm, I admired you after I heard about you, but unfortunately, I heard later that you were killed by Nian Qing."

"That's right, but I didn't die, not only did I not die, I'm still changed, the Immortal Emperor can't sense me, and the Immortal Emperor would never know about our conversation at this moment."

"Senior Tang Zichen, what are you doing here?Why do you pose as Joy and no one can find out?Does the Dragon King know about this?"

"Don't worry, I posed as your maid, the Dragon King and I conspired, our goal is simple, find the opportunity to kill Nian Qing."

"Ah."Fake Ao Bao's body trembled.


"What's your real name?"

"Bai Rou."

"Bai Rou, are you willing to help me annihilate Nianqing?"

"But if Nian Qing dies, I'm going to be buried with him,"Fake Ao Bao said.

"Don't worry, I won't let you be buried with me."

"Okay, I'm willing, even if I die, I'm willing to help you, how am I going to help you?"

"I now need a chance for Nian Qing to leave the Immortal Court alone, without any guards, provided, of course, that the Immortal Emperor isn't watching him."

Fake Ao Bao thought for a moment and said, "Nian Qing has a private mountain resort not far outside the Immortal Court, he often stays there, is this okay?"

"A private mountain resort?"

Tang Zichen remembered that Princess Nianzhi also had it before, and they, the princes and princesses, were probably not feeling free within the Immortal Court, and they all liked to have a private place outside.

"Thank you, Bai Rou, this information is very useful, I think, in this situation, the Immortal Emperor shouldn't be spying on Nian Qing.Are you able to take me to his private villa?" One second to remember to read the book

"Well, I'll take you any time, but you'll have to turn into a happy face."

"That's for sure."

The next day, Fake Ao Bao left the Immortal Court with Tang Zichen and headed to Prince Nian Qing's private villa.

"Stop."As soon as they approached the private mountain villa, they were stopped by a middle-ranked Immortal.

It turned out that there were many Immortals guarding outside of Nian Qing's private mountain villa as well.

"Damn."Tang Zichen found that it really wasn't that easy for him to kill Nian Qing.

Did Tang Zichen have to give up again?

Tang Zichen whispered, "Mother, can we go in?"

"Do your best."

Fake Ao Beng said to the guards, "I am Nian Qing's consort, Ao Beng, and I know this is his private villa, don't I have the right to come?"

"Yoho, what a big rack, so are we going to invite you in.I don't care who you are, anyway, Prince Nian Qing has ordered that no one but him is allowed to go in, including us."

Fake Ao Beng said, "What if I have to go in?Are you trying to kill me?"

"If you have to go in there and something happens, don't blame me for not warning you, the prince doesn't want anyone to enter, so you better weigh your options."

"Hmph, I'm not, what the hell is he hiding here."After saying that, Fake Ao Bacchus walked inside, the few Immortal guards didn't stop them, after all, people were indeed married to the prince.

As a maid, Tang Zichen naturally followed suit and went in, those guards didn't even look at Tang Zichen when they saw him as such a lowly maid.

Prince Nianqing's private villa was huge, and at the moment, Nianqing was at one of the octagonal pavilions on the lake in the villa.If you came closer, you could see that in this octagonal pavilion, a handsome looking man was lying down and being pressed down on the stone table in the pavilion, and the one who pressed him down was Prince Nianqing.What was even more incredible was that neither of them had any clothes.

When Tang Zichen and Fake Ao Scuttlebutt approached, viewing this scene, Fake Ao Scuttlebutt burst out in shock, two men in the pavilion, it really made her unable to look directly at them.

Tang Zichen inwardly cursed, "What a pervert."

Nian Qing was interrupted by the screams and looked over, a fury spewing out of her eyes.

"Who told you to come here?"Prince Nian Qing roared.

Fake Ao Beng, "I just want to see what you're hiding here for."

"Hmph, what am I hiding here for, you've already seen it, yes, I like men, how about that."


Nian Qing's face turned cold, as if

Neither was in the mood anymore, slapping the downed man to death and then walking towards the fake Ao Bao.

"You stinking bitch, you're looking for death."

In the next second, Fake Ao Bao was strangled and hung up by Nian Qing.

And Tang Zichen, a maid, Nian Qing didn't even look at him.

Tang Zichen saw that Ao Bao was about to be killed, and made a quick decision to do it.


In the next second, Nian Qing's body remained motionless and a bloodstain cracked open from his back.

Prince Nianqing slowly turned his head and looked at Tang Zichen furiously.

"Swoosh."Tang Zichen quickly repaired his blade, don't let him escape.

Tang Zichen didn't expect to have such a good chance today.

First of all, this was Nian Qing's private villa, the Immortal Emperor wouldn't spy on him, secondly, Nian Qing was doing something disgusting and the guards outside wouldn't dare to sweep the place with their Immortal Sense, thirdly, Nian Qing was naked all over and his protective Immortal Weapon wasn't on him, and fourthly, he completely ignored Tang Zichen's presence and had no defense.

It was the unprecedented opportunity to kill him.

Originally, I wanted to capture him alive, but I couldn't find the opportunity, so I had to kill him.

"Swoosh."Tang Zichen made up the blade again.

"Swoosh."Replenish the sword again.

"Swoosh."And repaired swords.

Tang Zichen didn't know how many swords he repaired until he completely killed Nian Qing.

Fake Ao Scuttlebutt was silly on one side.

Tang Zichen said, "This son of a bitch is finally dead, Bai Rou, we need to get out of here."

"But, the guards outside."

"Don't worry, the guards outside know what Prince Nian Qing is doing, they won't come in, nor will their Immortal Sense sweep in, so we have a chance to escape, don't hesitate, we must be quick."Tang Zichen couldn't guarantee that the Immortal Emperor would find out, so in order to be safe, Tang Zichen had to receive Nianqing's corpse into his spatial ring and dispose of the scene.

By bringing Nian Qing's body with him, he could use Tang Zichen's own scent to cover it up, which was safer.

"Mmhmm."Bai Rou left immediately.

"Wait."Tang Zichen shouted.

"What else?"

Tang Zichen looked at the fake ooze and said, "I'm sorry, but I have to beat you up for a more realistic situation."

"Bang bang."Tang Zichen beat Fake Ao Bao's nose and face.

"Why did you beat me?"

"You'll understand in a moment, let's go."

Immediately after that, Tang Zichen and Fake Ao Bao left, leaving behind a line of inconspicuous words as they left.

While at the gate, they ran into those few Immortal Guards.

Those immortal guards, seeing Ao Scutellaria's nose and face, laughed, "Mother, now you know why you were stopped, look at how badly you were beaten by the prince, you were asking for it."

Fake Ao Ba didn't say anything and left quickly, now she understood why she was beaten up and bruised, as expected, not only would it distract these guards, it would also allow them to see the prince's anger and not wonder if the prince was in danger.

Everything went very smoothly, after leaving the Villa, Tang Zichen said, "Bai Rou, I'll help you disguise yourself now, we'll leave here right away, the farther we can run, the better."

"But, the Immortal Emperor is that fast."

"Don't worry, if the Immortal Emperor doesn't know where we are, it's no use being fast."

"Let's not go back to the Dragon Clan now, just find an empty trench and hide, the Immortal Emperor can't sense me, and we won't be able to find it even if we're looking for death."


Tang Zichen and Ao Bao went straight to the Earth Immortal Realm.

They opened up a cave in a mountain ditch and then temporarily secluded themselves in the cave.

Right now, in the Immortal Realm, the Immortal Emperor felt terrified inside.

Thus, the Immortal Emperor immediately sensed it.

"Ah."The Immortal Emperor's face changed.

"Immortal Emperor, what's wrong?"Fairy Mother was busy asking.

"Nianqing, dead."

"How can that be."

In the next second, the Immortal Emperor appeared at Nian Qing's private mountain estate.

"Pay your respects to the Immortal Emperor."Several guards were busy kneeling down.

"Where's Nian Qing?" First web site

"Back to the Immortal Emperor, the prince has been at the mountain estate."


Entering the mountain villa, Nian Qing had disappeared, when a guard shouted, "Immortal Emperor, look, there's writing engraved on that wall."

The Immortal Emperor was busy looking over, the line of writing was inconspicuous and must have been overlooked before.

It was inscribed, "Immortal Emperor Old Dog, the next to die is you, Tang Zichen."

Yes, Tang Zichen made a few random strokes on the wall before he left, in order not to implicate the Dragon Clan, Tang Zichen moved his name, after all, Ao Scuttlebutt had appeared here before, if he didn't leave his name behind it would definitely be associated with Ao Scuttlebutt.

In fact, Tang Zichen had left a note under Ao Scutellaria's pillow in secret, before he had even left for Nian Qing's private villa, which would be said later.

"Tang Zichen."The Immortal Emperor growled.

Until today, he finally knew who the person who couldn't sense was, and it was really Tang Zichen, who wasn't dead.

Right now, in some mountain ditch in the Earth Immortal Realm.

Tang Zichen had set up two simple beds.

"Bai Rou, from now on, you restore your real name."


"Two beds, one for each of you."

"Thanks.Brother Tang, when the Immortal Emperor finds out, he really won't suspect the Dragon Clan of doing it?"

"Don't worry, I've left my name on the wall."

"Does that make me suspicious?"

"Nor will I. Before I left, I left a note under your pillow that said: I don't want to be buried in a funeral pyre, I'm leaving.I did this just in case, if Nian Qing died, then it is reasonable that you feared martyrdom and ran away.So, people won't suspect you of anything, after all, you don't have the ability to do that, after a while, when the wind has passed, you can go home and be your Bai Rou."

"Thank you, Big Brother Tang, you rescued me."

"Oh, no need to be polite."

At this moment, the Immortal Emperor was shocked and sent all of his heavenly soldiers to search for Tang Zichen.

However, the world was so big and couldn't sense Tang Zichen's location, it wasn't so easy to find Tang Zichen.

"Report to Fairy Mother, the maids in the Ninth Prince's house said that Princess Ao Scarfing left a note and ran away, the note said that she didn't want to be buried and left.Fairy Mother, should we send someone to recapture her?"A servant reported to the Fairy Mother.

The Fairy Mother cried, "This bitch, she doesn't even keep her word, her husband is dead, and she wants to live without going to the funeral."

"Immortal Mother, then the subordinate will go and find her out."

The Fairy Mother didn't say anything and acquiesced.

At the Dragon Palace, the Dragon King was very shocked to learn that Nian Qing was dead and that it was Tang Zichen who killed her.

The Dragon King smiled heedlessly and said in his heart, "This kid, I didn't expect that he would finish off Nian Qing so quickly."

Naturally, the Heavenly Soldiers also went to the East Sea to search for him, but of course they didn't find him.

Tang Zichen and Bai Rou, stayed in the cave for a million years.

A million years was considered a relatively short period of time for them.

During these one million years, Tang Zichen had spent almost all of it in cultivation.

After a million years, the Immortal Emperor sent out to look for Tang Zichen and there was no more news.

After looking for so long without finding anything, everyone was very negative.

"Alright, Bai Rou, now we can go out."

Tang Zichen walked out of the cave, it had been a long time since he got sunlight.

"Brother Tang, where are you going now?"

"I don't know, my enemies have killed them, and I seem to be a little lost,"Tang Zichen said.

"Why don't you go to the Dragon Clan."

"No, I can't go to the Dragon Clan, I don't want the Dragon Clan to confront the Immortal Court, even though Grandpa Dragon said to fuck his Immortal Mother, I know he still doesn't dare inside, and besides, confronting the Immortal Court would mean a lot of deaths and injuries."

"Oh."Bai Rou was a little lost.

"Bai Rou, let's part here, the Immortal Court hasn't found you for so long, so I'm sure it's no longer looking for you, after all, you're just a small person who doesn't want to be martyred, so it's not a big crime.You change back into Bai Rou's identity and return to your hometown."


"Goodbye."Tang Zichen flew forward.

A wave of reluctance inside Bai Rou shouted, "Brother Tang, will we ever meet again?"

"It's fate that we come a thousand miles to meet each other, but it's not fate that we don't meet opposite each other."Tang Zichen said with a slight smile back.

What a nice thing to say, but why not like the answer.

Tang Zichen headed straight to the Ten Thousand Purple Mountains.

Along the way, he didn't encounter any celestial soldiers searching for him.

In the Immortal Realm.

"Why, why can't we find them after so long."The Immortal Emperor roared, a million years and no find right away.

"Immortal Emperor's forgiveness, I am incompetent."The Three-Eyed War God, the Sky Ling War God, and other characters asked for forgiveness, and in order to find Tang Zichen, the Immortal Emperor sent all the war gods out.

As for that Ao Ba, at first there was someone to report about it, but no one mentioned it later, after all, she wasn't important at all, and no one went looking for her.

Of course, some people were happy and some were sad.

Miss Mingyue, as well as Ding Lan, were very happy to learn that Tang Zichen was still alive and had killed all of Nian Qing.

Also very happy was Leng Guoliu Yue who almost became Tang Zichen's daughter-in-law.

It was just that Leng Gu Yue, as a member of the Wolf Team, was also sent out to search for it, and had been searching for a million years.

Right now, somewhere in the Earth Immortal Realm.

Leng Lone Moon was leading dozens of Skywolf squads, searching around on the ground.

"Team leader, we've searched this entire area and found no traces of Tang Zichen."

"Team Leader, that area of the mountain ahead was also searched, and no trace was found."

Many Sky Wolf members reported to Leng Lone Moon.

"Keep searching, we must search out that traitor Tang Zichen."Leng Guolue shouted.

"Yes, team leader."

Although Leng Guoliu Yue shouted against the traitor, she missed Tang Zichen in her heart, and she also kind of worshipped Tang Zichen because Tang Zichen dared to go against the Immortal Emperor and left a message to curse the Immortal Emperor's old dog, this courage had no one else.

All the people from the Sky Wolf Battle Team were searching the area, but at this moment, a person suddenly appeared in front of Leng Lone Moon.

"Ah."Leng Lonesome Moon's body trembled.

Tang Zichen smiled and said, "Looking for me."

"Tang Zichen, you, you're really hiding here?"

"What if I said yes."

"Run, run."Leng Lone Moon was busy.

Tang Zichen laughed, "Just kidding, I was just passing by and saw that my teammates, who were once part of the Sky Wolf Battle Team, were looking for me, so I just came out to say hello.With you people, you can't search me, otherwise, the old dog of the Immortal Emperor would have found me by himself."


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