The King of Kungfu in school 2351-2355


Chapter 2351

"Yang Bing, look, your woman, he is weeping on another man."

"Yang Bing, didn't you swear that this man's woman belonged to you, that you must pursue her, and that you would exterminate the whole clan of anyone who dared to take her from you?Now, people are jumping into another man's arms in front of you."

At one of the cave entrances of the Ten Thousand Purple Mountain, several people seemed as if they were intent on stimulating a certain man.

That stimulated man, named Yang Bing, was the strongest disciple among the five disciples that the Ten Thousand Purple Great Sage sat down.

Mu Qianji was the fifth disciple that the Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage sat down and was also the younger sister of several of them.

That Yang Bing, was originally a martial idiot who didn't know anything about the feelings of men and women, but ever since the Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage accepted a closed disciple, he had changed, because, that closed disciple, Mu Qianji, was so beautiful that it made people forget about breathing, forget about time, forget about everything.It mesmerized even a martial idiot.

After that, this martial idiot, swore that this woman was his, and whoever dared to steal from him, would exterminate his entire clan, which showed how strong his determination was.

Of course, the Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage also knew about this, and the Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage was still very supportive, if you had a dream, you had to persevere, and if you didn't persevere, there would be no day of realization.

At this moment, the Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage also looked into the air, his brows furrowed.

"What's going on?Disciple, why did you jump on that man and cry?What to call Yang Bing."

In mid-air, Tang Zichen let go of Mu Qianji, who was holding him, and they looked at each other. The first website

Tang Zichen reached out to wipe the tears on Mu Qianji's face and said, "I'm still alive and well, so don't cry."

"Husband, I knew that you wouldn't really die."

"Didn't I tell you before that no matter what happens to me in the future, you must firmly believe that one day I will appear again."

"Uh-huh, but it's still going to be so painful inside that it's impossible to act as if you're not really dead."

"Fool."Tang Zichen said, wiping at Mu Qianji's tears.

The way the two of them were loving in mid-air was truly the envy of everyone.

Many people couldn't believe that the iceberg beauty who used to be a very hard to approach, was now acting as good as a lamb in front of another man.

Especially the one called Yang Bing.

No one knew better than Yang Bing heel how difficult it was to approach Mu Qianji, before Yang Bing openly pursued Mu Qianji, but Mu Qianji always rejected him with a cold expression, as if he wasn't allowed to approach her at all.

But now, she was as well-behaved as anything to another man.

Yang Bing had a very unpleasant feeling to burst with anger.

Yang Bing couldn't seem to hold back and burst out.

"Buzz."Before Yang Bing even rushed forward, a large knife in his hand was taken out, and the moment it was shown, trembling tremors occurred.

Many people were busy when they saw it; "Yang Bing has shown his sword, it's finished, everyone in the Ten Thousand Violet Mountain knows that Yang Bing will either not show his sword, once he does, there will be no sword for ten thousand miles."

The meaning of this sentence was that Yang Bing, was a sword genius, if he showed his sword, everyone within a radius of ten thousand miles would not dare to show their swords out in a conspicuous manner, similar to the meaning of a banjo.

On the Ten Thousand Violet Mountain, those disciples of the Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage said, "Big Brother Yang Bing is furious, I'm afraid that this man, is going to be

Yang Bing exterminated his family.Yang Bing never does what he says he will."

Tang Zichen saw a man fly over, his heart was suddenly upset, at the moment is with Mu Qianji thick honey, who is so unenlightened, come over to disturb, no matter what there is, Tang Zichen is also not polite, Tang Zichen tongued, "Roll rough, can't see that I am making out with my daughter-in-law."

"Buzz."Yang Bington picked up the knife and said, "I don't care who you are, if you dare to steal my woman, I will definitely exterminate your entire clan, now, don't say I'm bullying you, I'll give you three breaths to escape."

Tang Zichen saw that this person was a Beginning Immortal.

And Tang Zichen, who was only too immortal, was really a bully, but fortunately, Tang Zichen now possessed the power of a First Order Immortal, and as soon as he swept the light in his hand, any weapon under a First Order Immortal, including people, would surely die.

Mu Qianji was busy saying, "Big Brother Yang Bing, what are you doing?"

"Mu Qianji, I've already said that you are my woman."

"Yang Bing, I also told you long ago that I have a husband, but you're the one who doesn't believe me."

"I don't care."Yang Bing snarled in anger.

Tang Zichen felt sick at the sight of this Yang Bing.

Tang Zichen snorted, "If you want to die, I'll fulfill you."

Mu Qianji was busy saying, "Zichen, go quickly, I'll stop him, you're no match for him, he's a Primordial Immortal, and he's a strong man who is known as a Blade God, and he's unprecedented in the field of swordsmanship."

Tang Zichen grunted, "Thousand Jie, you were brought to the spirit world at a young age, so you are not using martial arts to enter the world, but I, Tang Zichen, am using martial arts to enter the world, I damn well use both sword and saber to the extreme, stepping into the void from a mortal, daring to say in front of me that I have no opponent in the field of saber art?Do I believe I'll give him a knife so that he'll never dare to raise it again?"

Mu Qianji was startled, Tang Zichen was so crazy, this Yang Bing, was a saber wizard that even the Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage incomparably respected, his self-made saber technique was simply not comparable to ordinary people ah.

Tang Zichen went so far as to say that a single slash would make him never dare to raise his sword again, which was too crazy.

Yang Bing said furiously, "Kid, don't force me to chop you up into a million pieces."

Tang Zichen grunted, "Fine, I'll just play with you with a knife and let you see what a real knife is."

Tang Zichen originally wanted to use the ability of the Overturning Mirror inside him to kill him, but actually daring to say in front of him that his sword domain was strong aroused Tang Zichen's anger.

Tang Zichen took out a knife and said, "Kid, I'm going to make a slash now, if you can see the flaw in my saber technique, then count me as losing to you."After saying that, Tang Zichen slashed up with a single slash.

Tang Zichen's blade was the Five Ultimate Blades, but it was many times stronger than the Five Ultimate Blades that he had upgraded at the Dragon Palace.Tang Zichen had a very deep sense of the lack of time and space since he had gone to the Three Nothing Spaces.Thus, Tang Zichen instantly upgraded the Five Ultimate Blades again.

The last time he upgraded the Five Ultimate Knives at the Dragon Palace, it was 390,000 times stronger than the original Five Ultimate Knives.

As of this moment, the Five Ultimate Knives that Tang Zichen used were at least 10 million times stronger than the original Five Ultimate Knives.

"Ah."Yang Bing only had time to ah, his mind completely blank, he himself didn't even know what was going on, as if there was no time, no space, no distance to the knife.

This knife was completely beyond his concept of swordsmanship.It seemed to be just a blink of an eye, Yang Bing's body was bloodied, with countless knife marks.


Yang Bing clearly looked at the knife, Tang Zichen had only made one slash, why did it seem like he had been slashed countless times.

Tang Zichen threw the knife in his hand and snorted, "Trash, still daring to bring up a knife in front of me, I don't even need to use out my Ultimate Divine Weapon, just a Beginning Immortal of your level, I can defeat you with an ordinary knife."

Tang Zichen was full of contempt, he originally thought that this Yang Bing was a Beginning Immortal, Tang Zichen was only at the Tai Xian realm, he would have to use the Overturning Mirror's Avatar to defeat him, but he didn't expect that Tang Zichen would defeat him with a casual knife.

Mu Qianji looked at Tang Zichen incredulously, having the feeling that he didn't believe that this person was Tang Zichen.

"Heavens."Mu Qianji was inwardly shocked.

She felt that Tang Zichen had returned after this death, his entire person had changed, and had the strength of a super-powered person, and the strength of his casual slash was as if he was the Ten Thousand Purple Great Sage using his heart.

At this moment, on the Ten Thousand Violet Mountain, the Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage was stunned.

"So powerful, this person, only at the Tai Xian realm, can easily second a Beginning Stage Immortal, oh my god, when this person reaches High Stage Immortal in the future, that's not bad, he will definitely be a strong person as strong as me."

Yang Bing was drenched in blood as he stood in mid-air, his entire body dumbfounded.

It was true that his saber technique, in front of Tang Zichen, was like an ant versus the firmament, and he really didn't dare to say that his saber technique was powerful anymore.

"Qianji, let's go, let's go back to the Immortal Academy together first." Remember the website

"En, good, but allow me to speak to my master first."

"Thousand Zephyrs, you're amazing, you've become a disciple of the Ten Thousand Zephyrs Great Sage."

"No, you're the most powerful, I feel as if you're a reduced version of the Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage, in time, I'm sure you'll become as powerful as him."

At that moment, the Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage flew out.


Tang Zichen bowed to the Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage, "Senior has met the Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage."

Although Tang Zichen's strength had increased a lot, he was still an ant in front of a level like the Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage, so he didn't dare to be too big.

The Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage sized up Tang Zichen and said, "I'm much offended just now."

"The Great Sage is laughing, it's me who's more than offended."

"You are Thousand Violet's husband?"


"No wonder you can have such a beauty, it really is extraordinary, I'm a person who doesn't like bullshit, in a word, I want to be friends with you, will you?"

"Ah."Tang Zichen was shocked.

The Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage was a very direct person, he didn't like to beat around the bush, he could say whatever his heart desired.

Tang Zichen was a bit surprised, to be friends with him?

"Are you kidding me, Grand Sage?I can be friends with you?"

"Why not, with the strength you've just shown, you may not be worse than me in the future."

"Thank you, Great Sage, I'm very willing to be your friend."Tang Zichen was busy, it turned out that Tang Zichen wanted to, commit to the Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage and be his subordinate, but he took the initiative to be friends with Tang Zichen.

The Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage smiled, "Very good, then we are friends, if there is anything you need as a friend in the future, just ask."

"Thank you, good."

The Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage turned to Yang Bing who was silly in the sky and said, "Yang Bing, give it up, you're only a finger's breadth away from others, since Thousand Absolute is already someone's daughter-in-law, don't have any illusions in the future."

That Yang Bing, picked up the knife in his hand, folded it for a moment, and said, "I, Yang Bing, will never use a knife again."


br /> The Wan Zi Great Sage's eyebrows furrowed, as if he didn't like Yang Bing's appearance.

Tang Zichen said, "Yang Bing, you don't use the sword, you will become completely useless, you use the sword, at least you can become a generation of strong men, you are the Great Sage's prized disciple, don't let the Great Sage down.Since I'm your master's friend, I can also guide you a bit in the future if there's anything to do with swords."

Yang Bing was suffering inside, the woman he liked was gone, and he was also lowered in front of others by an unknown amount of status.

The Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage was busy saying, "Yang Bing, don't thank people yet.In the past, I also felt that your saber attainments were very high, but now I realize that you are far, far behind.If you had such a master to guide you, your future achievements would be countless times greater.How about this, you worship him as your master, he will help you far more than me."The Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage was also a very sensible person and thought that it was in his best interest for Tang Zichen to be his master.

Tang Zichen busily said, "Don't, I won't accept a disciple, just ask me if you need advice in the future, it's not necessary to worship him."Tang Zichen said instructing him, but it was only for the face of the Great Sage, and also accepting him as a disciple, unless Tang Zichen was crazy, what the heck, it would be good if he didn't kill him.

The Great Sage of Ten Thousand Violet sighed with regret.

Mu Qianji said, "Master, I want to go home with my husband."

"Go, go and return early."

"Thank you, Master."

"Thank you, Great Sage."

Tang Zichen flew away with Mu Qianji.

The Grand Sage of Ten Thousand Violet looked at Tang Zichen's departing back and said in his heart, "In the future, I'm afraid there will be another super power rising, haha."

Tang Zichen took Mu Qianji with him, away from the Ten Thousand Violet Mountain, and along the way, Mu Qianji was bouncing around happily like a child.

"Qianji, how did you know that I died?"

"I went back to the Academy of Immortality, Tang Huan and the others said."

"I'm sure they're all sad too."

"It was sad, but all of us told ourselves that you weren't dead and would definitely come back.But, we want to think about it, after all, we're afraid that you really are dead."

"So, we need to hurry back at the moment, so we don't make everyone sad again."

"Husband, the sword technique you just performed is really powerful, I'm kind of worshipping you."

"Hehe, I was also blessed by misfortune, after I died, I appeared in a three no space, no time, no space, no everything, I came back with a deep feeling, so, in the blink of an eye, I integrated a duel I had upgraded before, called the Five Ultimate Blades, into the essence of the three five space, I didn't expect it, so powerful."

"Husband, now that my master is friends with you, you will definitely be strong in the future."

"I'm still a Tai Xian after all, no matter how strong I am, my achievements will be limited."

The two of them said as they returned to the Immortal Academy.

Tang Zichen easily entered the Academy of Immortals.

It was not known whether or not Ding Cangding would know, if he didn't specifically feel it, he usually wouldn't find out, after all, the Academy of Immortality was only managed by him and didn't belong to him.

At the Academy of Immortality, Tang Zichen was the first to find Tang Huan.

Tang Huan was in a two-eyed state, as if she continued to live for some reason, as if her life had lost its meaning.There were a few bottles of wine beside her, and her entire body was slumped on the wall, drunk and dreaming of death.

Tang Zichen was so painful to watch.

Tang Zichen was their spiritual pillar, without him, they would definitely be worse off than dead, the reason they didn't die was because they held the hope that Tang Zichen might not be dead yet, otherwise, they would have been too lazy to live.

They didn't want Mu Qianji to be so powerful, but they knew they couldn't take revenge.


"Tang Huan."Mu Qianji shouted.

Tang Huan slowly raised his head and suddenly saw Tang Zichen.

"Ah."A shudder ran through Tang Huan's body, Tang Zichen was still alive, and Tang Huan pounced incredulously.

One hundred thousand words are skipped here.

One day later.


"Brother Chen, I told you you wouldn't die."

"Haha, Uncle Minister will still have to rule the three realms in the future, death, how could I."Zi Hitomi said with a big mouth.

Tang Zichen laughed, "Zi Hitomi, don't talk nonsense, beware of misfortune coming out of your mouth."

"What are you afraid of, didn't you say that the Immortal Emperor can't sense you now, and because we are with you, our scent has been covered up by you, the Immortal Emperor can't sense anything we say now."

"Alright, even so, don't talk nonsense, just in case it goes down well, in the future I won't be around you guys will also say it in passing, besides, who knows what the future holds." One second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen and their families, celebrated the day and night with great fanfare, everyone was happy.

"Zichen, what's your plan next, Nian Qing will definitely not stop if he knows you're not dead."

Tang Zichen snorted, "Next, I'll only do one thing, poke the sky."

"What do you mean?"

"It's against the heavens, I want to have a power of my own, just like the Ten Thousand Violet Saints, so that even the Immortal Court won't dare do anything about it, I want to be on par with the heavens."Tang Zichen said.

"Wow, that's great, but is your current power up to that standard?"Yun Zi asked.

Tang Zichen smiled, "I haven't reached it yet, but I believe that given me a few hundred million years, I will be able to reach it.I'm only at the realm of Tai Immortal now, and my combat power, if anything, is only on the bias of a Primordial Immortal."

"Brother Minister, then you can't claim the title of king yet, otherwise, the Old Demon of the Heavens will end up with you, and the Immortal Emperor will definitely send his troops down to hang you."

"Don't worry, I have a sense of when to claim the title of king."Tang Zichen nodded his head.

Once the declaration of being king was made, it would be a major event for the Immortal Court, as if some country, some splitting force in the mortal realm had declared independence.

It would be miserable to claim the throne without enough strength beforehand, and Tang Zichen would not risk his own family members.

Tang Zichen clenched his fists secretly, "I will definitely claim the title of king, and I will definitely have a place of my own within the Three Realms."

Tang Zichen's ultimate goal was to have a place that belonged to him, a place that was not regulated by anyone.

As for a higher goal, he didn't dare to set it haphazardly.

"Zichen, come back to the Ten Thousand Purple Mountains with me tomorrow."Mu Qianji invited, as she was going back tomorrow.

"No, I don't want to go to the Ten Thousand Violet Mountains right now."

"Then where do you want to go?There is currently no ability to occupy the mountain as a king ah."

Tang Zichen's gaze chilled and said, "I'm going to sneak into the Immortal Court and kill Prince Nianqing first before considering doing anything else."

"What? You're going to kill Prince Nian Qing?"

"Yes, by God, that would be too risky."

"Even if it's risky, you have to kill, if this revenge is not avenged, how can you still have the ambition to claim the throne if you're unjust inside."

"If Nianqing dies, he will definitely track down that you did it, and if the Immortal Emperor sends someone to investigate your background, then all of us, all of us could be dug out."

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed.

Said, "It seems that the Immortal Academy is no longer a place to stay for long, it's time to leave here."

"Zichen, why don't, first, let all of them, come with me to the Ten Thousand Violet Mountain.The Ten Thousand Violet Mountain is the safest, and there are just as many Immortals, they are perfectly capable of cultivating in the Ten Thousand Violet Mountain."

"Fine, then, I need to go to the Ten Thousand Violet Mountain again."

The next day, Tang Zichen brought all of his family members with him.

Tang Huan, Lu Yuxi, Xia Xiaoxin, Little Fire, Purple Pupil, Mo Yuyan, Yan Xingyi, and others, left the Immortal Academy and headed straight to the Ten Thousand Purple Mountains.

The Ten Thousand Purple Great Sage heard that Tang Zichen was coming, and set up a banquet to invite Tang Zichen and the others.

"Great Sage, excuse me."

"Brother Tang, you're welcome, it's an honor for you to bring your family to my place."

Mu Qianji said, "Master, actually, my grandfather is afraid that the Immortal Emperor will know that he's not dead and do something to our relatives, so."

The Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage waved his hand, "No need to say, my Ten Thousand Violet Mountain is so big, find a place as you wish, I guarantee that within my Ten Thousand Violet Mountain, if that mongrel of an Immortal Emperor dares to set foot in half a step, I will break his dog's legs."

"Haha, thank you, Great Sage, Great Sage's kindness, Tzu-Chen has no teeth to forget."

"There's no need to be so polite, the Old Dragon King is treating you like a granddaughter-in-law, I should help you even if it's for the sake of the Old Dragon King."

"Thank you."

It seemed that the Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage felt guilty for robbing the Dragon Clan of a great weapon, which was why, the Immortal Court didn't dare to touch the Dragon Clan, because the Immortal Emperor definitely knew that if the Immortal Court dared to touch the Dragon Clan, the Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage would definitely help.

Of course, the Dragon Clan did not declare complete independence and still accepted the management of the Immortal Court.

Tang Zichen said, "My insider, Thousand Violet, is expected to be promoted by the Great Sage in the future."

"Brother Tang, don't worry, she is also my apprentice, I will certainly do my best to help her become a strong general of the generation, which will also strengthen the strength of my Ten Thousand Purple Mountains.Although how peaceful it is at the moment, but the waves are raging in the dark, and my Ten Thousand Purple Mountain, is not as glamorous as it appears."

"Er, why did the Great Sage say that."

"The Immortal Emperor is at least in control of the three realms, where there are divine talents, he can be the first to discover them, and in time, he will surely become the strongest in the Immortal Court.In this way, the strength of the Immortal Court will grow stronger and stronger.That Old Demon of Heaven, you should know about it."

Tang Zichen nodded, "Of course I know, I even participated in the annihilation of the Old Demon of Heaven back then."

"The Old Heavenly Demon is also an old and powerful person, once upon a time, the Immortal Court was incapable of annihilating him, but now, doesn't it also annihilate him, because the power of the Old Heavenly Demon hardly changes, while the Immortal Court is getting stronger every day."


"My Ten Thousand Purple Mountains, in the eyes of outsiders, are also standing, just like the Old Demon of Heaven once was, and perhaps one day in the future, my Ten Thousand Purple Mountains will fall just the same.I also want talent, Mu Qianji is good, at least the most talented person I've found within this hundred million years."


Tang Zichen also hoped that Mu Qianji would have some achievements.

In the future, after Tang Zichen really became king, he would still be able to help himself.

Of course, it was also possible to get on good terms with Ten Thousand Ziyama through this.

After three rounds of wine, the Ten Thousand Purple Great Sage said through the wine, "Brother Tang, there is one thing that I really want to ask you, I wonder if I can ask."

"Great Sage, please ask."

"I don't know what your future plans are, if you are willing to join my Ten Thousand Violet Mountain, then the position of the Second Great King of Ten Thousand Violet Mountain is reserved for you."


"Er."Tang Zichen was startled, but to invite him and make him the Second King was too much for Tang Zichen.

"Brother Tang, think about it, you don't have to reply to me tonight yet, you can reply tomorrow.Of course, no matter what your final decision is, I will respect you, and I will always be your friend, your family, and can live in the Ten Thousand Purple Mountains forever."

"Thank you, Great Sage, I will think about it."

"Well, then you guys continue, I'll withdraw first, someone will naturally take you to a place to stay later, and you can, too, go find a place to settle down tonight."

"Thank you, Great Sage."

Mu Qianji said, "Master, don't worry, I'll make the arrangements."

The Great Sage of Ten Thousand Zephyrs left, and he also hoped that Tang Zichen would be willing to be the future Second King of Ten Thousand Zephyrs Mountain.

However, this question was left for Tang Zichen to think about.

Tang Zichen said, "Everyone, let's go as well."

"Where are we going?"

"Of course we are looking for a place to settle down, our big family is here, we definitely need to find a bigger place, didn't the Great Sage say, Ten Thousand Violet Mountain Realm, feel free to find a place." The first website

Mu Qianji said, "Then why don't we go stay at the former Lady Lao's house?"

"Auntie Lao's house has long since turned into a wasteland."

"Auntie Lao's son, Lao Xiaojun, is also an immortal now and has become a patrolling guard of the Ten Thousand Violet Mountains, he has rebuilt his old home, and I have been there many times, he has built his old mansion so magnificent that it is like a small palace."

That night, they arrived at Lao Xiaojun's home.

Of course, Lao Xiaojun was incomparably welcome, he was able to become an immortal in the first place thanks to Mu Qianji's support, otherwise he would probably have already turned into dirt.

So, Tang Zichen's family, temporarily stayed at Lao Xiaojun's home.

It was assumed that they would be living here for a short period of time in the future, after all, Tang Zichen might not be so quick to truly gain a foothold in the Immortal World.

In the second half of the night, Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji sat on the roof, looking at the star-filled sky.

"Zichen, about what my master said, inviting you to join the Ten Thousand Violet Mountain, what do you think?"

"I'm flattered that the Great Sage thinks highly of me, with my current strength, it's a bit of that to be the Second Great King."Tang Zichen smiled, in fact, Tang Zichen misunderstood, the Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage didn't say that he should be the Second Great King now, they just said that the Second Great King's position was reserved for him.That's what Tang Zichen would let him be in the future when he was eligible, just to keep it.

"As far as I know, at the moment, there are no less than thirty Immortal-level powerhouses in the Ten Thousand Violet Mountain, right?"Tang Zichen asked.

Mu Qianji nodded, "Yes, the Ten Thousand Violet Mountain possesses strong Immortals, there are eight high level Immortals, the middle level Immortal level, there are fifteen, and the low level Immortal level, there are twenty-three.In total, the Divine Immortal level, including the Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage, 47 people, that's all the strength of the Ten Thousand Violet Mountain.Of course, the Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage is the core, but the rest of them are just as important."

"And me, I'm only too immortal, let me be the Second Great King, I'm afraid that many people are not convinced."

"My master is such a person, he can do whatever he wants, he definitely sees your potential.However, you may have misunderstood my master's meaning."

"Where have I misunderstood."

"My master just said that the position of Second King is reserved for you, I think, not that he wants you to be the Second King right now, after all, as you said, the others are not convinced."

"Damn."Tang Zichen was embarrassed.

Tang Zichen said, "Since that's the case, allow me to think about it again."

Mu Qianji said, "I think that it's possible to think about it."

"It's testable.

I'm worried, but my dream of owning a place of my own, even though becoming a second king, it still feels like it's not my dream after all.If I agree to join Ten Thousand Violet Mountains now, then in the future, when I'm strong, can I become a king myself again?"

"I don't think it's good, at least it'll be a bad relationship with the Great Sage."

"Then I've still decided that I'm not going to join, I'm going to be my own king and build a home of my own.Even though it may be tough, I'm going to make it happen."

"Well, I support you."

"I'm leaving tomorrow, Chichi, so tell the Great Sage I'm sorry for me."

"Don't worry, it's not good for the Great Sage to blame you, from what I know of him, he will instead appreciate you more because he likes people who dare to do it, rather than those who are comfortable with the status quo."

The next day, Tang Zichen bid farewell to his loved ones and left the Ten Thousand Purple Mountains.

Originally, Tang Zichen also had some relatives, for example, in his previous life, Zhou Mi's parents, but, Tang Zichen thought to himself, when he had the chance in the future, let's go pick them up again, following Tang Zichen might not be more fortunate.

Tang Zichen disguised himself after he left Wan Zi Mountain, so that no one could tell he was Tang Zichen.

Fortunately, Tang Zichen's body made it impossible for the Immortal Emperor to sense it, otherwise, it would have been useless to disguise himself in any way.Tang Zichen's body was as if it was shielded, unless one's eyes saw it with their own eyes, they couldn't discover it, of course, using Immortal Sense could also be discovered, but for goodness sake, the Immortal Emperor couldn't each use Immortal Sense to sweep through it, besides, the Immortal Emperor was used to sensing, then he would still go and use his Immortal Sense to discover things.

The first thing Tang Zichen had to do was to kill Nian Qing.

Tang Zichen must blend into the Immortal Court.

"How do I blend into the Immortal Court?"

Tang Zichen had no idea what to do, so he first entered a restaurant in the Immortal Realm to snoop around and see if there was a good cut through.

In the Immortal Realm's restaurant, everyone was sighing incessantly.

"I don't know why, the Immortal Emperor is doing this."

"Yeah, a newborn baby, what's the point of killing it."

"This month, up and down the Immortal Realm, the number of babies that died is unknown."

"The few newborn babies in my family were also killed by celestial soldiers."

"Damn it, why, exactly why."

"Hush, I heard that the Immortal Emperor found out that a new one was born that he couldn't sense, but he didn't know which one, so he simply killed all the babies born within this month."

"People are Immortal Emperors, what else can they do."

"Let's stop discussing, beware of the misfortune."

Tang Zichen sat in a corner of the restaurant.

The corner of Tang Zichen's mouth lifted slightly as he secretly said, "It seems that the Immortal Emperor found out that another person couldn't sense it, but unfortunately, he didn't even know that the person, that person, was me."

This incident also gave Tang Zichen a reminder that everything had to be careful, the Immortal Emperor at least knew that another person had been added that he couldn't sense.

At that moment, there was some more discussion in his ears.

"Hasn't Princess Nennius been found yet?"


"Killing even your own daughter, what inhumanity."

"Humanity is nothing, if in case the rivers and mountains are not protected, the daughter, dead can live through."

"Also, the entire three realms are his, all the beautiful women, he can want them all."

"Hehehe, speak as if you've been an Immortal Emperor."


Tang Zichen was shocked, "Nianzhi is going to be killed too?"

However, thankfully, Princess Nianxie, who had never been found, was really hard to find, as the Immortal Emperor couldn't sense where she was going.

Tang Zichen left the restaurant in silence.

Right now, in the Immortal Court.

"Ahhh."On a certain palace, the Immortal Emperor roared loudly.

The Immortal Mother said, "Isn't it enough?"

"Why, why."The Immortal Emperor yelled.

"I've killed all the babies born this month, so why haven't I changed Nian Qing's future outcome?"

Yes, the Immortal Emperor had killed all of the newborn babies within range, but he was still in a deadlock when he sensed Nian Qing's future ending, and he couldn't even determine the time when Nian Qing would die because he couldn't sense the person who killed him, so there was an uncertainty that made him unable to determine the exact time.

"Sooooo, my poor Nian Qing."Immortal Mother cried.

At that moment, the Immortal Emperor roared, "It seems that the one who killed Nian Qing was most likely Nian Shi, not just another person that I can't sense." Remember the website

"Ah, Immortal Emperor, no, Nian Tze wouldn't do that, there must be another one that can't be sensed, look for it again, how about killing everyone born within the last 100 years?"The Fairy Mother suggested that she didn't believe that this wouldn't be enough to destroy that who.

But the Immortal Emperor snorted, "Do you think I can do whatever I want just because I'm in charge of the Three Realms?Don't you know the Word of God?This month, killing so many babies has already made everyone in the streets and alleys resent me, if I kill another one born within a hundred years, everyone outside won't know what to talk about."

"You're the Immortal Emperor, the controller of the three realms ah, it's all yours, you can do whatever you want, who dares to say anything."

"What do you know, although it's true that I can do whatever I want, but the heavens have their own way, if I go too far, what if something happens?"

"You're already the Supreme Controller, what else could happen?Your Hongmeng heart was the strongest piece of divine weapon at the beginning of the world, ah.Even if those ones that were more powerful than you ran out back then, they couldn't kill you ah."

"You stupid woman, what do you know about how a divine weapon came to be?How did heaven and earth come to be?Who has given the divine weapon its unparalleled power?Who dares to say that there is no other existence beyond the three realms?Get out."

The Fairy Mother went away in aggravation, and there was only one person within the three realms who dared to call her a stupid woman.

Tang Zichen circled around in the Immortal Realm, but in the end, he still couldn't find any good way to blend into the Immortal Court.

Tang Zichen also didn't dare to look for his former friends, such as Ming Cheng, for fear of getting them into trouble if he did.

"It seems that I must go to the Dragon King and ask him to assist me, perhaps, to find a chance to kill Nian Qing."

Thus, Tang Zichen arrived at the Dragon Palace.

Of course, the process of entering the Dragon Palace was left unsaid, and Tang Zichen did not reveal his identity.

"Tang Zichen, you're here, you didn't let anyone know about you, did you."

"Grandpa, don't worry, no."Tang Zichen said.

When the Dragon King heard Tang Zichen call him grandfather, he couldn't help but think of his granddaughter inside, who had died for him, so naturally she was considered his wife.

The Dragon King also considered Tang Zichen as his granddaughter's son-in-law, because, if his granddaughter was still alive, she would definitely want to protect Tang Zichen.

"Just be careful to keep a low profile if you don't, as long as the Immortal Emperor doesn't pay attention to you and take the initiative to sense you, he won't find you."The Dragon King instructed.

"Grandpa, don't worry, actually, the Immortal Emperor can't sense me at all."


; "What do you mean?How could the Immortal Emperor not sense you?"Just then, the Dragon King suddenly remembered that the Immortal Emperor had recently killed many babies, and I heard that it was another one that he couldn't sense.

"Ah, could it be?"The Dragon King looked at Tang Zichen in shock.

"Yes, grandpa, at this moment our conversation, the Immortal Emperor doesn't know either, because, he can't sense me, and I'm with you, so I'll cover you up."

"Oh my god, that person is you, thanks to the Immortal Emperor, who thought, it was a newborn baby."

"Hehe, so don't worry, truth be told, I just came down from the Immortal Realm."

"Ah, you're so bold, but it's not surprising."The Dragon King smiled.

"Grandpa, I actually went up to the Immortal Realm to kill Nian Qing, but that royal lamb is in the Immortal Court and I can't find the opportunity.I need Grandpa to help me."

"Ah, to kill Nian Qing."

"Yes, doesn't grandpa want him to die."

"No, I want him dead in my dreams."

"That's right, we'll kill him, even, take him alive and skin him."

"Flaying won't relieve me of my hatred, and add another cramp,"The Dragon King said.

Tang Zichen said in his heart, more ruthless than me.

"Grandpa can do whatever he wants, but only if he can be captured alive."

"But the Immortal Emperor?"

"Don't worry, the Immortal Emperor can't sense me, as long as I'm allowed to get close to Nian Qing, I can cover up Nian Qing's scent, and the Immortal Emperor can't sense him anymore, after that, it's not like I can do whatever I want."

"Good, fuck it Fairy Mother, how do I help you?"When the Dragon King scolded, Tang Zichen rolled his eyes, so the Dragon King was trying to fuck him? fairy mother ah.

"Grandpa, do you want to fuck him? Fairy Mother?"

"Er."The Dragon King was startled.

"Grandpa, don't worry, one day, I'll let you realize this dream."

The Dragon King said, "When I was young, the Fairy Mother was the most beautiful woman in the Three Realms, at that time, there were countless people who admired her, and I was just one of them."

"Grandpa, then fuck her."

"Haha, good grandson-in-law, let's put this matter aside for now, how do I help you?"

"All I need is a chance to get close to Nianqing,"Tang Zichen said.

"Well then, in six months, I'll hold an ancestral festival in the Dragon Clan, and all Dragon Clan descendants will have to attend, and the woman who married Nianqing in place of Ao Bao will have to come back as well.However, I'm not sure that Nian Qing will come back with her."The Dragon King said.

"Then, let's think of a way to get him to accompany Fake Ao Scutellaria, and then I'll find a chance to do it halfway."

"However, Fake Ao Bao is nothing more than a tool for Nian Qing to obtain the Long Yin Sword, and Nian Qing will definitely not do such a thing as accompanying her home to her ancestors."

Tang Zichen asked, "Grandpa, what special preferences does Nianqing have?Can we set it up to his liking, so that when he hears about it, he follows."

"That, I still need to find out."

"Grandpa's in no hurry, anyway, I'm only in a hurry for one thing, skinning Nianqing and pumping Nianqing's veins."

"Good, then you stay here with me first, I'll arrange a secret room for you, and we'll slowly plan for such important matters."


Tang Zichen found a secret room for temporary residence in the Dragon King's underground palace.

In order to kill Nian Qing, the Dragon King personally went to find out about Nian Qing's preferences, in short, he must think of a way to capture Nian Qing alive.


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