The King of Kungfu in school 2346-2350


Chapter 2346

"Oh, it's good to die, I don't like it in my heart every time I see a gifted one anyway, and if I could, I'd really like all the gifted ones within the Three Realms to die."Fairy Mother said with her mouth cocked.

Ming Cheng returned home.

With a lost face.

"What's wrong with you?"Mingcheng's grandfather saw the busy question.

"Grandpa, Tang Zichen, he's dead."

"What?Why?"Mingcheng's grandfather was shocked.

"Killed by Nian Qing, the son of the Immortal Emperor, grandpa, it's all my fault, don't let Ming Yue know about this for the time being, I'm afraid that Ming Yue won't be able to think straight and will commit suicide just like the Dragon King's granddaughter, Ao Beng."

But, Ming Yue was right outside and heard everything.

"No."Mingyue cried out at once.

But fortunately, there were people watching, and Ming Yue didn't do anything out of the ordinary, but it was easy to imagine the frustration inside.

The news about Tang Zichen's death spread in the Immortal World within a few months. Remember the website

In the Ding Clan.

Ding Cang Dome was informed and burst out laughing, "Good death, good death, this ungrateful thing, good death, fortunately he withdrew his marriage, otherwise I would have been afraid of being implicated by him."

Ding Lan's entire body collapsed when she found out.

Princess Nian Shi, on the other hand, sat dumbfounded for the entire day, in fact, she had known that this day would come, but never thought that it would come so soon.

All in all, everyone in the Immortal Realm who knew Tang Zichen, all those who were close, felt sorry for Tang Zichen, and of course, there were many who clapped their hands.

Tang Huan also soon learned the news that Tang Zichen was dead from Ting Lan.

Tang Huan cried heavily for days and nights, and she had wanted to go with Tang Zichen.

However, Tang Huan had followed Tang Zichen all the way from the Spirit Realm, and she really didn't quite believe that Tang Zichen had died just like that.

Tang Huan had to send the news back to the Academy of Immortals.

At the Academy of Immortality.

Tang Zichen called all of his family members here.

Little Flame said, "What is it, so serious."

"That's right, say it."

Tang Huanton cried, "Zichen, die."

"Che, I don't believe it."Little Flame trailed off.

Yan Xinyi asked, "Can you be more specific?What happened to Windy?"

Tang Huan told everyone exactly what had happened.

Little Fire said, "I still don't believe that Brother Chen will die so easily, it's definitely a lie."

"Yes, if Brother Chen were to die so easily, I'm afraid he would have died already."

"But, so many people saw, he was beaten by that Nianqing prince, who was in shape, ah, that Nianqing prince is a primordial immortal, there's no room for my subordinate to resist ah.Tang Huan was crying."

Zi Pupil said, "Believe me, my intuition tells me that Uncle Chen won't die so easily, let's not be blindly sad now, let's wait for ten million years, if after ten million years, or even a hundred million years, Chen still doesn't have any news, then we'll wonder if he's dead.How about it?"

"I agree."

Just like that, Tang Zichen's relatives acted as if Tang Zichen wasn't dead and did what they had to do.

At this moment, Tang Zichen felt cold all over.

"What's wrong with me?"

"Where am I?"

"Why can't I feel my body exist?"

"I can't feel time or space either, am I dead?"

Just then, a voice came out, "Come on, don't be so crap."


p; "Ah, who are you?"Tang Zichen was busy asking.

"Are you really that curious?"

"Senior, did you save me?"


"Ah, I'm not dead?"

"Of course not, but you could say it's dead."

"What do you mean."

"It is true that your body has been reduced to pieces, and you are no longer in the Immortal Emperor's perception, that is, in the Three Realms."

"Then it's not dead, so why are you saying I'm not dead."

"Let's keep it simple, the Overturning Mirror has collected all your shattered bodies, and I'm helping you reorganize right now, boy, count yourself lucky."

"Why do you say that."

"After I helped you reorganize, your body is no longer comparable to the original, because, the Overturning Mirror sacrificed itself to save you."


"In short, the Overturning Mirror, has been completely shattered, and there is no possibility of repairing it, in the name of the Overturning Mirror going to such great lengths to save you, I reconstituted the Overturning Mirror and your physical body together, so after you reconstitute, there will be a great change.It's like, your flesh body existed since the beginning of the world, the Immortal Emperor can no longer sense your existence, nor can he foresee your future.Of course, you might still possess some of the strength of the Overturning Mirror."

"Ah, thank you, thank you senior, may I ask you?"Don was busy asking.

"Who am I?Hahahaha, I'm the former owner of the Overturning Mirror."

"Ah, it's you."


"But you're dead, aren't you?"

"Yeah, I'm dead, but I'm dead and not dead, it's the same thing, I've already transcended life and death, being dead is the same as being alive and living is the same as being dead, there's no concept of life and death in me, do you understand."

"I don't understand."

"It's fine if you don't understand, you don't need to understand."

"Senior, is there a higher place than the Three Realms?"Don Zimmer asked.

"Why do you ask."

"Because the Overturning Mirror said before that when the heavens and earth first began, there were ten people in the earliest batch, and the Immortal Emperor was but the dumbest one, so what about the other nine?Where did they all go?So, I doubt it."

"Hahaha, you guessed right, there are indeed spaces beyond the three realms, you can imagine him as God Space.However, God Space isn't a real space, it's a conceptual space, and God Space can be said to be there or not, because, there aren't many people who can sense God Space.You can also interpret it that way, God, there aren't many of them either."

"There is no God Space?"

"No, the three realms are already the highest realms, unless of course, even I don't know where they exist yet, then I don't know, at least with my current knowledge, there is no higher realm."

"Senior, are you a god now?"

"Not quite, count half, I'm permanently confined to this place where there is no time, no space, no distance, and I say I'm dead but I'm still alive."

"Oh, all the dead people show up here?"

"In theory, yes, what, you want to find your relatives?"


"Haha, yes, any living creature in the Three Realms, even if an ant dies, will appear here.You can think of this place as a three-nothing space, or a trash heap."

"Senior, when are you going to reorganize my body, then?How are you going to send me back after the reorganization?"

"It's simple to send them back, tearing apart this space that has no time, no space, no distance, it's the three worlds.Even your dead relatives, if you want, I can help you find them, even help you reorganize their bodies and send them back, everything, it's that simple."



"Of course it's true, there's no time or space here, no matter how long your dead relatives are, it's as if they just died."

"Ah, Senior, then can you do me this favor."

"Hahaha, it's theoretically possible."

"I thought you said it was simple."

"It is simple, but, those dead relatives of yours, they don't have a physical body ah, even if you send them back, they're still an undead spirit, undead spirits can't survive in the three realms for long, and after a long time, they come back here again.Unless, you prepare flesh bodies for them."

"Take away the body?"

"No, taking away the flesh is almost equivalent to replacing another person, besides, taking away requires one's own skills, and those relatives of yours may not have the skills to take away the flesh."

"Then what flesh body are you talking about?

"I can teach you a body refining method, after that, you can use lotus roots to make a lotus root body, so that it can be resurrected, but lotus roots are very fragile, and such a body won't last long, besides, not everyone can do it, I have here, I happen to have a lotus root body refining method, it's up to you to practice it."

"Oh, it's indeed quite troublesome." One second to remember to read the book

"So, you'd better not think about that matter for now, you're still troublesome even if you've practiced the Lotus Pellet Body Refining Method, your flesh is too brittle, so you might as well improve your strength first."

"Mmhmm, thank you senior."

"Alright, your flesh body has been successfully reorganized, fortunately the Overturning Mirror saved you, otherwise, you would have been dead.I don't know, whether this is a good thing or a bad thing."

Tang Zichen wondered, "Why do you say that?"

"The Overturning Mirror is completely shattered, so you've lost a powerful divine weapon, if you want to hang around in the Three Realms, without a powerful divine weapon, it's hard for you to really rise, especially Nian Tian, that idiot, and he often stifles geniuses.However, don't be frustrated, I integrated the Overturning Mirror into your body, and your body, at least, has some of the material from the Mirror, so Nian Tian can no longer sense you, if you hide, he will never be able to find you, and he won't be able to speculate about your future, which means that your future will have infinite possibilities, and your fate will finally no longer be determined by the heavens.In that respect, it's another good thing.There's a gain and a loss, I guess."

Tang Zichen said, "So, when I returned to the Three Realms, I still had my original strength, and I thought that I could at least dominate the world after I returned."

The original owner of the Overturning Mirror laughed, "You're thinking too much, I've only helped you reorganize your body, and your body has only incorporated the pieces of the Overturning Mirror, what happens after that will depend on you, I didn't give you any power, besides, I don't even know if I'm dead or alive myself right now.You, don't think too much about it, after going back, how you were, or how you are, the only difference is that your body is different.How to grasp the future, you'll have to work harder yourself."

"Mmhmm, thank you senior."

At this moment, Tang Zichen couldn't feel his body, couldn't feel time, space, or distance either.

"Alright, I won't say any more nonsense, you can go back right away if you need to."

Tang Zichen asked, "Senior, didn't you say you could find my relatives, I can't bring them back to life yet, but can I talk to them?"

"No problem, who do you want to see, get it in your head and I'll be able to help you find it."


"Remember, up to six or seven at once, beyond that, I'm afraid it's not accurate.



Tang Zichen immediately pictured Liu Xiangyun in his mind, as well as Li Xuan'er, Xu Mei Qian, Song Yu'er, and Shangguan Rou.

"Alright, they appeared, right in front of you, count your luck, they didn't enter the next life, if they do, they won't be found here, you can speak now."Tang Zichen's ears rang.

Tang Zichen tried to call out, "Xiangyun, Xuan'er?May Qian, Zoe?Do you hear me?"

"Ah, Zichen, is that you?"

The first to make a sound was Xu Mei Qian.

"Yes, yes, Mei Chin, how are you?"Tang Zichen said excitedly, only, Tang Zichen couldn't see the other party at all, he could only sense their soul fluctuations.

"Zichen, where are you, how did you appear here as well."Xu Mei Qian cried out.

"I'm right in front of you, but you can't see me, I can't see you either, this is the Three Nothing Space."

Liu Xiangyun also cried, "Honey, are you dead too?Why?You shouldn't have come here with us so early."

Tang Zichen laughed, "No, no, no, this is a three no space, no time, no space, so you all feel like you've just died, but in fact, you've been dead for countless millions of years, and even that world of ours, nowadays, has already died out.Because, I've already spent millions of years in the Immortal World."

"Ah, is that so?I feel like I've only just died, I'm at my big time, I've only lived a hundred and forty years and then I'm gone, and I still feel like you're crying at my bedside."Kaylee Lee said.

"Yes, I was very sad when you died at your big time, I sent you away one by one, you can imagine my pain, until my whole body had broken down after the last one left.But that was an incredibly long time ago for me."

"Has it really been that long, Tzu-Chen?"

"For a really long, long time."

"What happened to you after that, the fairy world you were talking about?Is there really a fairy world?"

"Of course there are, there are three realms of the universe, the mortal realm, the spiritual realm, and the immortal realm.The world that you and I met in was the mortal realm.I used martial arts to enter the world in the mortal realm, and eventually I stepped into the void and entered the spirit realm, and in the spirit realm, I cultivated and refined my body, and eventually I became an immortal again and entered the immortal realm."

"Wow, that feels like so much fun."Li Xuan'er said in shock.

"Zichen, you're really amazing, we adore you so much, you're worthy of being our husband."Xu Mei Qian proudly said, just by listening to Tang Zichen's words, she could imagine what an amazing journey Tang Zichen went through.

"Hehe, now that I'm in the Immortal World, I've become a Tai Xian, only, I was killed by a traitor."

"Who killed you."

"The supreme commander of the three realms, the Immortal Emperor, he had a son named Nian Qing, he's the one who killed me."

"So what now?Are you dead forever, like us?"

Tang Zichen smiled, "Don't you worry, fortunately I'm auspicious, I happened to get a broken mirror before, called the Turning Heaven Mirror, this Turning Heaven Mirror is from the beginning of the world.Nian Qing smashed my body to pieces, the Turning Heaven Mirror was willing to sacrifice itself and collected the fragments of my flesh, and entered the Three Nothingness Space, coincidentally, I met the former owner of the Turning Heaven Mirror, he was a divine powerhouse, he helped me reorganize my flesh and promised to send me back to the Three Realms, so I didn't die."


"Uh-huh, great."

"I didn't think we'd be able to get a message from you after we died, it's really great, it's just that I can't see you, I really want to hug you."Shangguan Rou cried.

"Zoe, don't cry, there will be a chance, I will definitely resurrect all of you."

"How is that possible."

"The former owner of the Overturning Mirror gave me a dharma, called the Lotus Root Body Refining Method, this dharma is used to prepare for the resurrection, I heard that no one within the Three Realms has practiced it yet, I will definitely practice it, and then I can use the Lotus Root to refine human flesh, at that time, your dead souls will be able to return to the Three Realms, and it will be exactly the same as before they died."

"Ah, there really is something so ungodly."

"Hehe, just you wait, I will definitely resurrect you.Of course, we need to be given some time."

"Uh-huh, I trust you, you've never let us down."

"Not only you guys, all of your loved ones, I will also resurrect them, I will make all of my once all loved ones to be reborn in the Immortal World."

Several people cried with excitement, and Liu Xiangyun said, "Zichen, I miss my dad so much, when I die, my greatest wish is to go back and see my dad."

"Xiangyun don't cry, when you died in the mortal world, I took your ashes with me and went back to your hometown.And, after that, I will be the first to resurrect your father, Liu Chenming, I miss him too." First published at


At that moment, the voice of the former owner of the Overturning Mirror was heard, "Alright, Tang Zichen, you should have other relatives to meet."

"There are."

"Then pretty much don't say that much, or you won't be able to talk about it all day and night."


Tang Zichen said to the five of them, "Xiangyun, Mei Qian, Xuan'er, Zoe, and Yu'er, we'll leave it at that ah, when we resurrect you, we'll talk about it all at once."


After that, the former master of the Overturning Mirror, found out Tang Zichen's master, a few of Tang Zichen's brothers, and his little sister Qin Ren.

"Master, big senior brother, second senior brother, third senior sister, fourth senior brother, fifth senior brother, Rei'er, can you hear me?"

"Ah."First came Master's shocked voice.

"Master, it's disciple Windy."

"Windy, it's you?"

"Master."Tang Zichen choked and shouted.

Big Brother was also shocked, "Brother Feng, is it really you?"

"Geez, Brother Wind, I really don't want to run into you here."

"Hey, you're all here, why couldn't I meet you before, what the hell is this place."Came the voice of the sixth senior brother.

They all felt like they had only just died.

The second senior brother said, "Wow, a bunch of us brothers and sisters, we're gathered in the underground world."

"No, there's still a Shisan."The fourth senior brother laughed.

This guy, he was actually laughing.

Tang Zichen said, "Will you guys listen to me?"

Master sighed, "I never thought that you would die so soon, I had high hopes for you, I was wondering if you could reach the legendary Return to Void Stage 4, or even Stage 5."

Tang Zichen was speechless, returning to the Void, how far back was that.

"Master, senior brothers and sisters, and Rei'er, it's not what you think, the world above has been over for countless years."Tang Zichen repeated what he had just said with the last batch of Xu Mei Qian and the others.

"Ah, no way, you've already become immortal."

"By the way, where's Shisun?"Third Senior Sister asked.

Tang Zichen said, "None of you would have guessed it, the person who finally stepped on the void, besides me, there was also a teacher's wife, and of course, Mu Qianji is still alive."


"The teacher's wife is also an immortal now, and she's still alive."


"Don't worry guys, I will resurrect you."

Rei Qin suddenly cried, "Sensei, I miss you so much."

"Rei'er, me too, after so many years, I finally have the chance to resurrect all of you, and our sons, daughters, grandchildren, everyone, I will build a family that truly belongs to me in the Immortal World, and all of my loved ones, will return to the family."Tang Zichen said.

Everyone was excited.

At this time, Master asked, "Feng'er, you guys are outside, since it's been countless years, then I'm afraid your teacher's wife, she has already married several times, alas."

Tang Zichen said, "Master, you have misunderstood my teacher's wife, my teacher's wife is true to you, all these years, my teacher's wife has never married, nor has she ever found any man, she has been a widow."

"Ah, Xinyi her, she's too stupid."

"Master, Shini-san doesn't know yet that you have a chance to come back to life, if she knew, she would be very happy."

"Uh-huh."Master Tang Zichen choked up.

Big Brother Feng smiled, "Brother Feng, Shisuniang has been a widow for Master for countless years, what about you?I don't believe you've also been widowed for countless years for your mortal realm wife, ah."

"This."Tang Zichen said ashamedly, "I'm sorry, Rei'er, my husband was not widowed after your death.After I stepped into the Returning Ancestor Realm in the Mortal Realm, my body regained its youth and I became a young man again, and after me, when I went to the Spirit Realm, at first I wasn't interested in women at all anymore.However, there were a few girls that were in contact for a long time and couldn't be controlled to produce feelings, so after that, I married in the Spirit Realm, as well as in the Immortal Realm, but I didn't have any children."

Qin Ren was busy saying, "Husband, don't listen to Big Brother's nonsense, it's okay, you're a man, not the same as Shishu, besides, such a long time, you should have a good companion, otherwise how can you survive such a long life."


"Silly Husband."

After that, Tang Zichen met with some people separately, including Little Black.

"Brother Chen."Xiao Hei was excited to see Tang Zichen.

"Brother, long time no see."

"Brother Chen, are you okay now?"

"Good, and by the way, your son, Violet Hitomi, he's still alive too, he's already an immortal."

"Uh-huh, thanks."

"Thank you for what."

"I know that if it wasn't for you, he definitely wouldn't still be alive, much less able to become an immortal."

"Dude, don't be polite.Little Fire and I, we'll wait for you."

"Well, when the time comes, we'll never be apart."

"Of course."

Tang Zichen spent most of the day meeting some of his important family members, separately, after all, the secondary ones, let's wait until the resurrection in the future, after all, Tang Zichen didn't know how long it would take to practice the Lotus Pellet Body Refining Law, this Lotus Pellet Body Refining Law, I heard that even Immortal Emperors were practicing it, but unfortunately, they couldn't.

Although the Immortal Emperor was in charge of the three realms, his loved ones would also die, and he wanted to resurrect them as well.

"Senior, I'm almost ready."

"Good, then I can send you back to the Three Realms."

"Thank you, Senior, today is the happiest day of my life."

"You're welcome, you and I are just destined to be together."


In the next second, Tang Zichen discovered that he was standing on the surface of the East Sea.

At this moment, it felt so refreshing, it was so hard to be in the Three Nothing Space before, it was worse than being blind.

"Finally, I'm back again, I just don't know, what year is this night."

"I also don't know if Cheng Yu married that bastard after I died."

Tang Zichen instantly rushed into the bottom of the sea and arrived at the Dragon Palace.


"Hello, I'd like to inquire about where Princess Ao Scutellaria is right now."Tang Zichen asked the two guards.

"Princess Ao Beng?Why are you asking about her?"

"Just asking."

"Now that she is a ninth prince consort, I advise you to be less outspoken about the princess's name and beware of getting into trouble."

"Ah, when did she marry?" Remember the URL

"It's been married for over a million years."

"What? More than a million years, that long."

"Hey, where the hell did you come from, our princess married to the Ninth Prince is such a big deal and you don't even know about it."

"I really don't know, by the way, there was a time when the Leng Tian Ling Battle God and the Dragon King fought, how long ago was that?"

"More than a million years ago, a month after that war, Princess Ao Ba Ba married Nian Qing."

"Understood."Tang Zichen didn't enter the Dragon Palace anymore, there was no need to go in anymore, Cheng Yu was already Nian Qing's woman.

Tang Zichen clenched his fists and gritted his teeth, "I will kill you, I will."

Just at this moment, Tang Zichen saw a ray of reflection appear in his palm.Tang Zichen busily opened his palm and found that his palm would emit a ray of light if he exerted himself.

As soon as Tang Zichen's light swept away, the entire Dragon Palace was cut off by that light.

"Ah, so strong?Could it be that I possess some of the abilities of the Overturning Mirror."

Tang Zichen hurriedly rushed out of the sea and flew away in the direction of the Ten Thousand Purple Mountains.

Not long after Tang Zichen left, a few dragon powerhouses chased out.

"Who dares to touch my Dragon Palace."

"Hmph, and he ran away so fast."

"Elder, the fact that this person was able to cut off a corner of our Dragon Palace's tight protection in one move means that this person's strength is at least that of a Primordial Immortal ah, without the strength of a Primordial Immortal, it would be impossible to do so."

"Nonsense, you have to be the one to know."

"Should we go after him then?That person ran off in the direction of the Ten Thousand Violet Mountains."

"Report to the Dragon King first, the Ten Thousand Purple Mountains must not be entered recklessly, in case something goes wrong, there will be trouble."


Tang Zichen quickly rushed to the Ten Thousand Violet Mountains.

Tang Zichen didn't know that although his realm was only Tai Xian, he had the strength of a Primordial Immortal, otherwise Tang Zichen wouldn't have escaped so quickly.

"Fortunately, it didn't catch up."Tang Zichen celebrated.

"This is already the boundary of the Ten Thousand Violet Mountains, now that we're at the Ten Thousand Violet Mountains, let's go to see Mu Qianji, this time, no matter what, I'm going to see Mu Qianji, or even, join the Ten Thousand Violet Mountains.I won't go back to the Immortal Realm, I'll kill Nian Qing sooner or later, I'm destined to be an enemy of the Immortal Court, and the Ten Thousand Violet Mountain is a forbidden place for the Immortal Court, it's safe for me."

Of course, Tang Zichen also knew that there were many powers in the Earth Immortal Realm that were more powerful than the Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage, and the Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage's possession of the Ultimate Divine Weapon and the Heart and Mind was only ranked in the top twenty, so there were at least about ten more powerful people on the same level as the Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage.

In the Immortal Court.

Immortal Emperor's eyebrows were tightly locked.


"Immortal Emperor, what's wrong?"Fairy Mother asked.

"It's strange why I suddenly deduced that Nian Qing will die soon, but yet, I can't figure out who killed him and when he was killed."

"Ah, Nianqing will die, how can that be."

"I don't know ah, I can't deduce how, could it be, that Nian Qing will kill him?Why else would I not be able to push it out?"

"No, how could Nian Shi kill his own brother."

"That's never possible, another person with a destiny higher than the three realms within the three realms, right?"


The Immortal Emperor's face turned pale, he couldn't stand the thought of his daughter's destiny being higher than the three realms, not to mention another one, if it was an outsider, wouldn't it only be a matter of time before something bad happened?

"Check, you must find out."The Immortal Emperor growled loudly.

"But, how to find out."

"It has to be found out even if it can't be found out, and also, Nenshu must die."


"Anyone who is a threat to me must die, even if it's my daughter.I've been in control of the Three Realms for countless years, and nothing like this has ever happened before, ever since Nian Tides was found to be above the Three Realms more than ten million years ago, it's been chaos, and now, there's another one, and there will be more of this."

The Immortal Mother cried, "Immortal Emperor, it hasn't been confirmed yet, what if it isn't?"

"If not, why can't I deduce who killed Nian Qing?"

"Are you sure that Nennies will be killed?"

"I've speculated ten thousand times, there will never be a mistake, Nian Qing will die, when I speculated before, Nian Qing could still live forever, however, just today, a sudden change occurred, which means that just today, someone with a destiny higher than the three realms was born."

"Could that be Tang Zichen, more than a million years ago, Nian Qing killed Tang Zichen, and Tang Zichen reincarnated with a destiny higher than the three realms to avenge his previous life?"

"Don't rule out the possibility."

The Immortal Emperor immediately commanded, "All generals, listen to the order, regardless of the Immortal Realm or the Earth Immortal Realm, all babies born within this month are to be killed."


The Immortal Mother said, "Can this really be strangled?"

"After all the babies have been shot, I'll speculate if the results have changed, then that means strangulation, and if not, then we'll have to keep trying to figure it out."

"What about the tides?"

"Kill without mercy."The Immortal Emperor's gaze was cold, he used to want to keep her alive, but now that he thought about it, it was too risky, it was safer to kill, and besides, if after killing, Nian Qing's presumed results changed, it could also rule out whether or not a new person with a destiny higher than the Three Realms had appeared.

An order came down from the barracks of the Immortal Realm.

All celestial soldiers were sent out, any baby born within this month, strangle it, even if it was a prince or princess.

Ming Cheng helplessly led a group of heavenly soldiers to kill babies in every household, but he was very resistant inside.

No matter whether it was the heavenly or earthly realm, there was a bloodbath of baby killing.

The Immortal Emperor was also very cruel for the sake of his rule.

However, what the Immortal Emperor didn't expect was that Princess Nian Shi had gotten news from somewhere and escaped, failing to kill successfully.

And Tang Zichen, naturally, didn't know this and was at Ten Thousand Purple Mountains.

Tang Zichen walked step by step towards the Ten Thousand Violet Mountains.

"What people?"Finally, the Ten Thousand Purple Mountains guards that Tang Zichen was expecting appeared and stopped Tang Zichen.

"I, Tang Zichen, have come to pay my respects to the Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage."


"Well, then I'd like to ask about someone I don't know if you recognize."


"Mu Qianji, do you know him?"

"Nonsense, he's one of the five most talented inherited disciples that our Great Sage sits down, and a closed disciple that the Great Sage took."

"Erm, so powerful."Tang Zichen smiled heedlessly, "Can you help me inform her, just say, Tang Zichen wants to see her."

"Kid, I think you want to chase after her, do you know that this disciple of the Great Sage Sitting down, the beauty is unparalleled, every year there are many admirers who want to see her, you think you're the only one who wants to see her, I really want to dream."

"Neither this nor that, what exactly do you want."

"Go to the foot of the Ten Thousand Purple Mountains and wait, maybe one day the Great Sage will be moved to come out to see you."

Just then, a voice came from the sky, "Great Sage of Ten Thousand Purple, why did you send someone to destroy my Dragon Palace."

Tang Zichen looked up and saw that it was the Old Dragon King.

The person who destroyed his Dragon Palace was not the Great Sage, but Tang Zichen ah. One second to remember to read the book

A few seconds later, a man covered in purple scaled armor rushed out and said angrily, "Old Dragon King, you dare to act rashly in my Ten Thousand Purple Mountains, this Great Sage has had his fill and has gone to destroy your Dragon Palace."

The Dragon King said, "But, my people saw the man who destroyed my Dragon Palace and fled to the Ten Thousand Purple Mountains, and dared to say that it wasn't you, and that man, obviously, has the power of a Primordial Immortal."

"Dragon King, don't you dare speak nonsense."

Tang Zichen immediately rushed out and said, "Wait, it was me, I accidentally destroyed a corner of the Dragon Palace, I'm sorry."

The Dragon King and the Ten Thousand Violet Saints suddenly looked at Tang Zichen.

"Who are you?"The Vast Violet Sage was furious.

Tang Zichen said, "I'm a man who worships you."

"Hmph, take a shot from grandpa."The Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage was indiscriminate, a spear suddenly appeared in his hand, then stabbed up at Tang Zichen.

"Wait."The Old Dragon King panicked to stop it.

"Old Dragon King, why are you stopping me?Doesn't this brat deserve to die for destroying your Dragon Palace and then coming to my Ten Thousand Purple Mountains and trying to smear me?"

Old Dragon King was busy saying, "Great Sage, you are still that quick-tempered, even so, ask for clarification.Truth be told, there may be a misunderstanding, I know this person."

"You know him?"

"Exactly, and I hope the Great Sage will let me talk to him."

"Go ahead and chat if you like, this Great Sage has no time for you."After saying that, the Ten Thousand Violet Great Sage rushed back to his Ten Thousand Violet Cave.

Old Dragon King said to Tang Zichen, "You are Tang Zichen?"

"Back to the Dragon King, exactly."

"You, why are you still alive?"The Dragon King asked in shock.

"I was already dead, but I was resurrected, but of course, if I die a second time, I won't have the chance to be resurrected."

"What about my granddaughter?"The Dragon King was busy asking.

"Ah, your granddaughter, which one are you referring to?"

"Nonsense, Ao Ba."

"Senior Dragon King, you didn't already marry her to the Nianqing son of a bitch, but you're still asking me.I've only just awakened, I went to the East Sea as soon as I awoke, but I found out that Cheng Yu had already married Nianqing, then I left, and when I did, I accidentally destroyed a corner of the Dragon Palace."

The Dragon King roared with red eyes, "The person who married Nianqing was not Ao Bao, and after you were shot dead by Nianqing, Ao Bao blew herself up and died.The one who married Nianqing was just a random woman replaced by someone from the Dragon Palace."

"Ah, Cheng Yu is dead?"

"Nonsense, Tang Zichen, it's all your fault

of, you give back my granddaughter."The Dragon King roared in pain.

Tang Zichen was completely stupid.

"Why did she have to be so stupid."

"In short, Tang Zichen, you killed my granddaughter, yet you yourself are still resurrected, are you worthy of my granddaughter."

Tang Zichen said with red eyes, "Don't worry, someday in the future, I will resurrect her, and that Nian Qing, I will kill him too."

"Hmph, the tone isn't small, if Nianqing knows you're still alive, I think you'll have to die too."

"No, it's definitely not me who's going to die this time, I hope Senior Dragon King won't reveal the news that I'm still alive yet, I'll lurk up to the heavens and kill Nian Qing after a little bit of tidying up, I'm going to cut him into pieces."

"Tang Zichen, for the sake of my granddaughter dying for you, I advise you to stay away from the Immortal Court, don't let the Immortal family notice you, otherwise, you will still die, you can't escape the eyes of the Immortal Emperor."

"Thank you, I know what to do."

Only then did the Dragon King suddenly ask, "Was it really you who destroyed my corner of the Dragon Palace?"


"How is this possible, could it be, you now possess Immortal-level strength?But you're only too immortal."

Tang Zichen said, "There's nothing impossible, just think of me as possessing an Exalted Divine Soldier.With an Exalted Divine Soldier, anyone can display immortal-level power."

The Dragon King looked at Tang Zichen for a while and nodded, "You take care of yourself, no matter what, I already consider you as my granddaughter-in-law in my heart, if you need my help, you can come to the Dragon Palace to find me."

"Okay, thank you grandpa."Tang Zichen bowed gratefully.

The Dragon King nodded and walked away with a complicated look.

Tang Zichen's heart was also complicated, Cheng Yu was actually dead, if Tang Zichen had known that she was also dead and was still in the Three Nothing Spaces, Tang Zichen would have definitely met with her.

Tang Zichen didn't meet all of his relatives when he was in the Three Nothing Space, but the more important ones, such as his parents from his previous life, his wife, his brothers and teachers, some of his sons and daughters, as well as his brothers from the mortal realm and so on, Tang Zichen had met them all.

"Cheng Yu, don't worry, I will resurrect you."Tang Zichen said inwardly.

Just at this moment, a shout came from the distance, "Tang Zichen."

Tang Zichen turned his head, and a gorgeous woman, who seemed to be crying, rushed up.

It was precisely Mu Qianji.

Mu Qianji had also already learned the news of Tang Zichen's death, but she didn't believe that Tang Zichen was really dead, she also consoled herself that she must not be dead, but, consolation aside, she had no less pain inside her, it could be said that after learning of Tang Zichen's death, her entire body was soulless, only one breath was left to support her, and that was to take revenge for Tang Zichen, and one day kill Nian Qing.

However, what she didn't expect was that today, she suddenly saw Tang Zichen.

Mu Qianji cried out in excitement, not caring so much, she rushed out from Wan Zi Mountain on the spot.



Tang Zichen flew up as well.

In mid-air, Tang Zichen held Mu Qianji tightly in his arms.

Mu Qianji, not knowing whether it was excitement or grievance, whimpered and cried.

"I'm sorry, I'm the one who made you worry."Tang Zichen stroked Mu Qianji's hair.

At this moment, on the Ten Thousand Violet Mountain, many people were looking into the air.

Especially one of them.

"Damn, what was that?"

"The number one beauty of the Ten Thousand Violet Mountains is crying and jumping into a baffled man."


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