The King of Kungfu in school 2341-2345


Chapter 2341

In the end, there were less than a hundred people who had successfully passed through the Five Extremities Gate and the Heavenly Dao Gate.

The King of the Dragon Clan sitting in front of him smiled, "Good, I didn't expect that the first level eliminated so many people, next, please walk up to the Quiz Tablet one by one to test how many times the power of your upgraded dharma is the original dharma, and whoever upgraded the dharma with more multiples is the first place."

"Start from this side."

The first person walked up and attacked a quiz stele stone in front of him.

"Boom."The quiz tablet stone trembled, emitting a circular ripple of power.

One of the Dragon Clan's experts who specialized in recording said, "Number one, twenty-five times."

Just like that, one after the other.

By the tenth one, it happened to be the Immortal Emperor's son, Nian Qing.

The Immortal Emperor's son Nianqing said, "I don't want to measure, and I didn't go to upgrade any bullshit magic, one word, record me ten thousand times up."

The Immortal Emperor's son was very tuggy, he didn't even put the Dragon King, the Three-Eyed War God and other judges in his eyes, he had just entered this palace and hadn't broken that protection, he was relying on his identity to come in.

"This."The King of the Dragon Race was very depressed and asked, "Prince Nianqing, just take a random measurement, everyone is like this, don't make it special ah." One Second Remember to Read the Book

"I'm sorry, I said, what a bullshit magic duel, I didn't even bother to upgrade."Nian Qing said.

"Then what did you do in the year before that?"The Dragon Bone War God asked, this Dragon Bone War God, he's also from the Dragon Clan.

Nian Qing said, "While everyone was upgrading some bullshit magic, I went to your dragon tribe to pick up some women, what, have a problem with that?"

"Which dares."The Dragon Bone War God carried displeasure within, if it wasn't with his status, he would have torn this person apart long ago.

"Alright, this prince doesn't have the time to bullshit with you guys, give me ten thousand times more credit as if my upgraded dharma is ten thousand times stronger than the original dharma."

The Dragon King said with embarrassment, "But no one can even upgrade to more than 10,000 times in a year."

"That's why I'm letting you guys keep a record of 10,000 times, so I'm number one, right."

The King of the Dragon Clan had to say to the record keeper, "Record 10,000 times for Prince Nian Qing."


Nian Qing snorted proudly, swept a glance at the others at the scene, and said, "A bunch of silly birds, still foolish enough to come here to participate in the son-in-law selection contest, do you know that the end is already predetermined, hahaha."

After hearing that, the Dragon King and the others were extremely depressed.

The Three-Eyed War God said, "Dragon King, is it still necessary to proceed?"


The Heavenly Ling War God also said, "If the end is already predetermined and you don't dare to offend the Immortal Emperor, then there is indeed no need to continue."

Sure enough, those on the scene who had come to participate in the son-in-law selection contest shouted, "I'll withdraw and take my leave."

"I'm also quitting."

"I'm not playing."

"Is this a play on our faces?A year of my time was wasted for nothing."

The nearly one hundred participants at the scene all walked away.

The King of the Dragon Clan was not good at telling them not to leave because, he did not know what to do either.

Ming Cheng and Tang Zichen were standing there in a silly state.

Ming Cheng said, "Zichen, shall we both go too?Almost all of them have dropped out of the race.This ending is already internalized, what's the point of participating."

Tang Zichen was depressed, "We've worked hard for a year to upgrade that magic duel, and as a result, we don't even have a quiz, so why don't we at least quiz before we leave."

"That's right, I want to see it too.

How many times have I upgraded the Heavenly Dao technique from the original."


Ming Cheng immediately said, "Senior Dragon King, I plan to withdraw from the competition, but before I go, I would like to test how many times my upgraded dharma is, at least let me have an explanation for the year of hard work, is that alright?"

"Be my guest."The King of the Dragon Clan nodded his head.

Ming Cheng walked up and immediately attacked the quiz tablet.

"Eleven times."The person recording next to him said.

"I go, so low."Ming Cheng felt so ashamed, I should have known better than to quiz and just walked away.

"Zichen, it's your turn."

Tang Zichen walked up, at this moment, there were barely a few people left in this hall, and the few remaining participants who hadn't left yet wanted to quiz.

"Drink."Tang Zichen shouted, displaying his upgraded Five Ultimate Blades.

"Buzz."Power ripples were emitted throughout the main hall.

The Three-Eyed War God, Dragon Bone War God, Tian Ling War God, Dragon King and the others who were originally talking were also suddenly shocked by such a powerful power ripple.

The few war gods they had were busy turning their heads to look and saw a handsome young man, but of course, the Three-Eyed War God and the Sky-Ling War God already knew Tang Zichen.

The man who recorded next to the quiz tablet trembled in shock, "Thirty, 390,000 times, heaven, heaven, his upgraded Five Ultimate Blades are 390,000 times more powerful than the original, this, how is this possible."

The man who recorded that, people were stuttering in shock.

At the front judge's table, the Dragon King, Three Eyes, Dragon Bone, Tian Ling, and others immediately stood up.

Tang Zichen smiled when he learned of his multiplier, and was able to give an account of his hard work for the year.

Tang Zichen clapped his hands and said to the shocked Ming Cheng on the side, "Alright, we can also withdraw from the competition, let's go."

Ming Cheng stammered, "Brother Tang, don't you know how many times you are?"

"Oh, just expected, just not sure how much exactly, 390,000 times, hehe, not bad."Tang Zichen walked outside.

At this moment, there was a shout, "Wait."

The one who shouted was the King of the Dragon Clan.

The King of the Dragon Clan was planning to, just like that, end it, because he still didn't want to offend the Immortal Emperor and could only endure the pain of marrying his granddaughter to Nian Qing.Besides, all the participants on the scene had almost left.However, never expected that a person would suddenly appear out of nowhere and upgrade the original ordinary magic duel to 390,000 times a very profound secret.

This person must be an incomparable divine talent.

Since this was such a divine talent, he had to reconsider whether it was worth offending the Immortal Emperor for this divine talent.The result of the consideration was that it was completely worth it.

Tang Zichen turned around and said, "Is Senior Dragon King calling me?"

"Yes, yes, yes, what's your name?"

"Senior Tang Zichen."

"Tang Zichen, that magic duel you just upgraded this year?"

"Yeah, I guess, at the moment, there's no one else in the world but me.Since I've dropped out of the race, I guess there's no need for me to give you dragons my dharma."

"I didn't mean that, I'm asking, did you really upgrade this year?"


At this time, the Tian Ling War God was busy saying, "Dragon King, to tell you the truth, this man is my granddaughter's boyfriend ah."

"Er."The Dragon King was startled, why did the Heavenly Ling War God suddenly intervene, could it be that he also had his eye on Tang Zichen.


At this moment, Tian Ling War God said internally, "I didn't expect that Tang Zichen is beyond my imagination, no, I can't let him become the Dragon King's granddaughter-in-law by saying anything."

The Dragon King said, "Tian Ling, what do you mean by that?"

"Haha, big brother Dragon King, I really didn't lie to you, this kid, he slept with my granddaughter before, I was looking for him to go back and marry my granddaughter, I didn't expect that he came here."

Dragon King snorted, "Tian Ling, if that's the case, why didn't you say it sooner or later,,, you are seeing his potential and want to steal it from me."

"Big Brother Dragon King, how could I do that, the reason why I didn't say it just now is because I thought that he would definitely not become your granddaughter son-in-law, you would definitely choose Prince Nian Qing, so I didn't have to say it in public ah, it's also a way to give Tang Zichen face and not embarrass him in public."

The Dragon Clan snorted, "I don't believe that."

"If you don't believe me, ask Tang Zichen himself if he has slept with my granddaughter before."Tian Ling War God laughed and looked at Tang Zichen, he wouldn't have said anything about this, but today, he said it, which means that this matter will soon spread throughout the Immortal World, and then, everyone will know that his granddaughter, Leng Guolue, did that with Tang Zichen.

Tian Ling War God said to Tang Zichen, "Tang Zichen, tell it like it is."

The Dragon King asked, "Tang Zichen, don't be afraid, this is my Dragon Clan's territory, no one can threaten you, tell me honestly, is there such a thing."

Tang Zichen nodded his head without hesitation, "Tian Ling War God didn't lie, I did have an unwarranted occurrence with his granddaughter Leng Gu Yue.However, it wasn't my will either, it was also caused by him taking it upon himself to drug me and Leng Gu Yue, the above words, every word is true, and I don't want to offend the two seniors, so I can only tell the truth."

Tian Ling War God: "Tang Zichen, words can't be said like this, the wine I invited you to drink that day is a great tonic wine, it was you who couldn't bear it yourself, that's why you took my granddaughter that way, how can this be said that I drugged it." First URL

Tang Zichen said, "I'm just telling the truth, but I don't deny that I did insult Leng Lone Moon's innocence."

"In that case, you should know what to do."

Tang Zichen was about to say something, but the Dragon King was busy saying, "Tian Ling, this is your fault, Tang Zichen doesn't have to take any responsibility in this situation."

"Big Brother Dragon King, what do you mean."

"I mean, Tang Zichen I have already decided that he, is my granddaughter-in-law."

"You're not afraid of offending the Immortal Emperor?"

"Go, offend the Immortal Emperor by not marrying your granddaughter to Nian Qing?Is the Immortal Emperor so petty, this is my freedom, what right does the Immortal Emperor have to interfere, besides, Tang Zichen won by strength, the Immortal Emperor has nothing to say."

Tian Ling War God said, "Tang Zichen, I don't care about you so much, you must come back with me immediately, if you don't go back and marry my granddaughter, her reputation will be ruined."

The Dragon King said, "Tang Zichen, there is no need to pay attention to him, my granddaughter, Ao Bao, is absolutely no worse than his granddaughter, you can have your wedding tonight, and the Dragon Sword, it's yours too."

"Tang Zichen, I'm not joking with you, come back with me and get married."Tian Ling War God said.

The Dragon King and the Tian Ling War God, looked like they were about to fight.

Tang Zichen shouted, "All of you stop, who I, Tang Zichen, want to marry is my business, it's not your turn to tell me what to do."


bsp;Tian Ling War God said, "Well then, what about my granddaughter?You say."

The Dragon King also said, "I've already said that my granddaughter will marry you, so with my words, I've already offended the Immortal Emperor, so you can see what you can do."

Tang Zichen said, "Since you all want me, then I can make conditions, right."

"Yes, apart from giving you a Dragon Sword, what else do you need from my Dragon Clan, feel free to say."The Dragon King said.

The Heavenly Ling War God was also busy saying, "My Leng Clan, there are quite a few that I can give you, so just say so."

Tang Zichen said, "Very well, whoever can give me a hundred drops of Hong Meng Qi, I'll be his granddaughter-in-law."

"What? A hundred drops of Hongmeng Qi?"

"Yeah, is there a problem?"

The Dragon King thought for a moment and said, "I can give you a hundred drops of Hong Meng Qi, but."

"No buts, a minimum of one hundred drops of Hong Meng Qi."

Tian Ling War God immediately took out a large bottle and said, "This contains one hundred drops of Hong Meng Qi, if you come back with me, I'll give it to you now."

"Ah."Tang Zichen was shocked, so crisp.

The Dragon King said anxiously, "Tang Zichen, I didn't say I wouldn't give it, I can also give you a hundred drops of Hong Meng Qi, but, I need to be given a day to prepare for it, in addition, I'll give you the Dragon Gnosis Sword as usual, so you should be able to see at a glance who's terms are generous, it's nothing more than that, my hundred drops of Hong Meng Qi will be postponed for a day.But you can get an extra Dragon Gnosis Sword, and if you choose Tian Ling, he won't be able to give you the Ultimate Divine Weapon.Unless, he's willing to give you the only Extinct Divine Soldier he uses himself, hahaha."The Dragon King laughed, feeling that his advantage was too obvious, let's see how else the Tian Ling War God would fight with him.

At this time, the Sky Ling War God said, "Tang Zichen, although I can't give you the Ultimate Divine Soldier, you did defile my granddaughter's purity, if you were a man, you should be responsible.And the Dragon King's granddaughter, you don't even know what she looks like, why did you choose a woman who doesn't even know what she looks like to be your wife, my granddaughter Lone Moon, she's beautiful now, her figure, you've seen it before."

Just at this moment, a shout came from outside a large door of the palace, "Who said that Tang Zichen doesn't even know what I look like?"

Everyone paused to look at the door and saw a woman of unparalleled beauty walk in.

Tang Zichen was shocked when he saw that woman, "Cheng Yu?"

Tang Zichen would never be able to recognize the mistake, it was just that the outfit was completely different, a very solemn, dignified princess outfit at the moment, whereas before it was a more casual, commoner style outfit.

"Cheng Yu, how come it's you?"Tang Zichen asked.

The Three-Eyed War God was shocked when he saw Cheng Yu, he didn't expect that Cheng Yu of his Sky Wolf Battle Team was the granddaughter of the Dragon King.

Cheng Yu walked up to Tang Zichen and smiled, "Team leader, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hide it, I originally wanted to give you a surprise, and also, I carefully designed the son-in-law selection competition based on your strengths."

"Damn, no wonder why it felt like it was prepared specifically for me."Tang Zichen laughed.

Cheng Yu plucked up the courage to say, "Zichen, you know, I've been in love with you for a long time, and I really hope that I can be your woman, so that I can realize this dream, okay."

"Naru, but."

"Zichen, I will definitely be your good wife and mother, you believe me."


The Dragon King laughed and said, "Tian Ling, hear that, my granddaughter and Tang Zichen, have known each other for a long time, you ah, it's better not to toss."

Tian Ling snorted, "I don't care so much, my granddaughter is already his person, he must be responsible."

"That's your own doing, it has nothing to do with my granddaughter's son-in-law, Tang Zichen."

"Sun your mother's son-in-law, when did Don Zichen promise you that."

"I've already decided anyway."

"Dragon King, don't cause any trouble, I've been putting up with you for a long time."

"Hmph, Leng Tian Ling, don't be arrogant either, don't think that I can't beat you when I'm old, I don't believe I'll let my nephew, Dragon Bone, beat you all over the place."

The Dragon Bone War God on the other side was busy advising, "Uncle, Tian Ling War God, you all don't be like this."

The Dragon King said, "I don't care so much, this matter today, it's clearly his fault, how can anyone snatch someone's granddaughter son-in-law at someone else's son-in-law selection contest, it's really unheard of."

Tian Ling roared, "Dragon King, you're just messing around, don't make me break your Dragon Palace."

"You dare, do you believe that I will exterminate your Leng Clan, what a thing, it's only been a few years since it rose to power, and now you dare to poke around in my Dragon Clan's territory." Remember the URL

"You have the balls to say that again."

"Just say it, whatevs."

"Grass you."

In the next second, a 'boom' sounded and the entire palace exploded like an atomic bomb had been dropped.

Tang Zichen quickly pulled up Cheng Yu and ran.


Everyone hurried to run, and the two War God level people fought.

Tang Zichen himself couldn't believe that the Dragon King actually fought with Leng Tianling because they both wanted to fight for him to be their granddaughter-in-law.

This was good, and there was no telling what the consequences would be, but it was obvious that they were fighting, and I'm afraid that the hundred drops of Hong Meng Qi that Tang Zichen wanted was gone.

"Wow."The entire East China Sea's surface waters were turning over, showing how fiercely the two people at the bottom of the sea were fighting.

The Three-Eyed War God retreated to the surface of the sea at the first opportunity.

The Three-Eyed War God didn't bother with that much, let alone go to persuade the fight in case it set them on fire.Tang Zichen also quickly retreated to the surface of the sea, of course, the people who retreated to the surface of the sea just like Tang Zichen, there were no hundred thousand or ninety-nine thousand, many of them did not know what was happening at all, and were still confused when they retreated to the surface of the sea.

Ming Cheng also withdrew out in a grey face, but he wasn't so relaxed and was left in a mess from the aftermath of the battle at the bottom of the sea.

"Ming Cheng, how are you?"

"It's okay, damn, the underwater fight was so intense, I almost didn't die from the wave."Ming Cheng said as soon as he spat the seawater in his mouth.

Cheng Yu anxiously said: "How can this happen ah, what can't we discuss it properly, my grandfather will not be in trouble ah."

Ming Cheng said, "Don't worry, your grandfather is at least the king of the dragon race, moreover, at the bottom of the sea, your uncle Dragon Bone War God is also there, two people to fight Tian Ling War God alone, even if there is going to be an accident, I am afraid that Tian Ling War God will be the first to have an accident."

"Oh, that's good."Cheng Yu relaxed.

However, Tang Zichen was quite depressed, this matter was entirely caused because of him ah, who let him be so creative, so that they saw the future potential in Tang Zichen, so that's why they fought for him.


;In all fairness, Tian Ling War God's character was still okay, at least never felt sorry for Tang Zichen anything, except for designing the drugged wine, if Tian Ling War God was killed by the two Longwang uncles and nephews, then Tang Zichen's sin would be great.The Leng family is an emerging rising power, so this kind of power has a common disease, that is, the strongest power single, that is, the entire Leng family, all rely on Leng Tianling alone to support, if Leng Tianling died, then the Leng family fell down quickly.And the Dragon Clan was different, even if the King of the Dragon Clan died, there was still his nephew, the Dragon Bone War God, even if the Dragon Bone War God also died, then there were still many strong people who were not too much worse than the Dragon Bone War God.

Tang Zichen suddenly said, "Cheng Yu, Ming Cheng, you guys wait for me here, I want to go into the bottom of the sea."

"You're crazy, now the three great war gods at the bottom of the sea are fighting fiercely, a random battle aftermath will kill many people, at our level, if we're unlucky, we'll die, can't you see that everyone is trying their best to run out?"

"No, this matter started because of me, I must go and persuade them."

Cheng Yu said, "Zichen, it's useless, I'm afraid it's no longer because of you, once the fight starts, things will be complicated, they will fight until the end for the sake of a breath, now you go in, maybe they will kill you in anger, and no one will get it."

"Damn, so I'm just going to sit here and watch?No, I have to go in."

Tang Zichen was about to charge into the ocean floor, when he realized that he couldn't move his body.

The Three-Eyed War God flew up.

"Tang Zichen, you're going in for death."

"Captain, let me go in, I must persuade them to stop."

"Don't be naive, they're fighting, the reason isn't just because of you, you're just the fuse.Tian Ling War God is a new power, he's actually very fragile inside, afraid of being underestimated, the Dragon King's words just now hurt Tian Ling War God's fragile self-esteem, so he went out of his way to demolish the Dragon Palace to maintain his self-esteem, and also to let everyone know that their Leng Clan is not to be bullied.And the Dragon Clan, an old power, can't allow an emerging power to be arrogant in the Eastern Sea, what do you think you have to persuade them?"

"Things started because of me, can't I just choose one at random to be their granddaughter-in-law?"

"Ridiculous, who do you choose?If you choose Tian Ling War God, the Dragon Clan will stop at nothing, and the Dragon King will definitely destroy you, because you caused them such a situation, and in the end you actually chose Leng Tian Ling, it's a wonder the Dragon King didn't destroy you; if you choose the Dragon King, you will die even faster, you slept with Leng Tian Ling's granddaughter and caused him to have a terrible fight with the Dragon King, and in the end you still chose the Dragon King, you will die without a funeral."

"According to you, there's no way I can stop their bad fight?"

"Even I can't do anything about it, let alone you."The Three-Eyed War God snorted.

"So you're just going to let them fight on?The Dragon King and his nephew teamed up, what if the Ling War God is killed one day?"

"Don't worry, at any rate, he's a famous Immortal Realm War God, if it were so easy to die, he would have died long ago and would have been beaten and destroyed in the flesh, and in my opinion, it may not be so easy, Leng Tian Ling's strength, even if I was in my prime, I'm not sure that I would be able to defeat him."

Tang Zichen relaxed a little, at least it wouldn't kill any party.

However, Tang Zichen was depressed again, his Hong Meng Qi was considered to be completely hopeless, and now he didn't even know what would happen after that.

Even if they went on strike behind them, Tang Zichen couldn't choose any of them anymore, picking the Dragon Clan, Leng Tianling wouldn't stop, picking Leng Tianling, the Dragon Clan wouldn't stop.

"Tragedy, I could have used their competition to get a hundred drops of Hong Meng Qi, but now it's good that it's neither."Tang Zichen had no tears to cry.


The Tian Ling War God and the Dragon King fought for hours, but in the end, both sides were exhausted and no one had an advantage.

"Dragon King, I'll settle this score with you later."

The King of the Dragon Race snorted, "Anytime."

The Tian Ling War God rushed out of the sea and saw Tang Zichen at once in the crowd.

"Tang Zichen, return to the Leng family immediately, otherwise, I won't be polite."

The King of the Dragon Clan also rushed out and laughed, "He's already my granddaughter-in-law."

Tian Ling War God raged, "Dragon King, do you still want to find a fight?"

"Come on, who's afraid of who."

At this moment, Tang Zichen shouted, "Two seniors, can we stop arguing?You all want me to be your granddaughter-in-law, may I ask if you have consulted me, am I an object to be fought over and fought over?"

"What do you want, Don Zichen?"Dragon King Dao.

"I, Tang Zichen, am a person, not a thing, and it's my freedom to choose who I want, but if I'm not willing, there's no point in taking me away from you.Now, listen up, both of you, my choice is." A second to remember to read the book at

"Wait."The King of the Dragons shouted.

"What?What else do you have to say before I make my official choice?Go ahead then, I'll take it as you canvassing."

"Tang Zichen, the conditions I promised you before are still valid, you'd better think it over before you decide."

Leng Tian Ling also said, "Tang Zichen, the same goes for me, you'd better think it over before you choose."

Tang Zichen said, "That's good, now it's my turn to speak, Leng Lone Moon, I have indeed defiled her purity, so I will definitely take responsibility.In addition, Cheng Yu, that is, Ao Scarin, we've known each other for so long, and she's also liked me for so long, so I shouldn't fail her either.Therefore, I've decided that whether it's Cheng Yu or Leng Lone Moon, I want it all."

"You're dreaming."The Dragon King and the Heavenly Ling War God almost roared at the same time.

Tang Zichen said, "Well then, which one of you is unwilling, quickly say it.Senior Dragon King, you don't want it, do you?Well then, I'll choose Leng Leng Yue."

The Dragon King snorted, "It's impossible to make me give it up to Leng Leng for nothing."

"Then what you mean is, you agree."

"I disagree, you can only belong to our dragon clan."The Dragon King said.

Tang Zichen said, "I'm sorry, I can't do that, I can have both at the same time, why should I belong alone, who would dislike having more wives ah."

"You."The Dragon King's angry beard was dancing.

Tang Zichen looked at Cheng Yu and asked, "Cheng Yu, are you willing to be my wife together with Leng Lone Moon?"

"I... I'm fine with it, that is."

"It's good that you don't have a problem with it, don't worry about Leng Lone Moon over there, she's fine with it."

"Oh."Cheng Yu rolled her eyes, in fact, the latter half of her sentence wasn't whether Leng Guolue had an opinion, but whether her grandfather had an opinion.

Tang Zichen said to the Dragon King, "Grandfather, I'll call this grandfather first, please command ah the place where I'll be used to stay in the future."

Tang Zichen looked at Leng Tianling again and said, "Grandpa, I'll also call first."

"Hmph."Leng Tianling didn't say another word and flew away, everyone didn't know what he meant.

The Dragon King was busy shouting, "Leng Tianling, what do you mean by flying away without saying a word?Is it that you don't agree with your granddaughter marrying Tang Zichen ah."

Leng Tianling, who was flying in mid-air, snorted, "If I don't agree, you can get Tang Zichen all by yourself, right?You wish. Don't worry, I won't let you have it.

So, I agree."

"Fuck, your granddaughter is such a bitch that she wants to share her husband with another woman."The Dragon King scolded in anger.

Leng Tian Ling ridiculed, "Isn't your granddaughter also, to share a man with my granddaughter, isn't she also bitchy."


"Hahaha."Leng Tian Ling let out a loud laugh, then left a message, "Tang Zichen, I restrict you to speedily return to the Leng family within a month, I'm going to give you and Lone Moon a protracted wedding."

"Yes, grandfather."

Leng Tianling disappeared into the sky.

The Dragon King shouted, "Tang Zichen, come back to the Dragon Palace with me right now, and I'll give you a marriage for the ages right away."

"Oh, good."Tang Zichen smiled.

Leng Tianling and the Dragon King were both depressed inside and were unwilling, but neither of them wanted to cheapen the other, and if anyone was unwilling first, Tang Zichen would completely belong to the other, so, reluctantly, they had to agree.

The person who should be laughing the most at this moment was Tang Zichen, but they all agreed to it.

It was just that since they had all agreed, there was no telling if there was still a chance for the 100 drops of Hong Meng Qi to come.It must be impossible to get it, because they all agreed to it with a suffocated heart.

The Three-Eyed War God said to Tang Zichen, "Tang Zichen, once you embark on this path, it may not be beneficial to you, so you better think it through."

"What do you mean?"

"The meaning is clear, it has something to do with the Immortal Emperor, the Immortal Emperor wants that Dragon Sword and wants his son to marry Ao Beng, if you didn't marry Ao Beng, maybe Nian Qing won't put his revenge on you, if you do and marry two at a time, think for yourself, what Nian Qing will do."


"Tang Zichen, you're on your own, I advise you not to return to the Immortal Realm for now, stay in the Dragon Clan first, even if there's a real emergency, you'll be able to run fast."

"Thank you, Captain."

The Three-Eyed War God left.

Right now in the Immortal Court.

The Immortal Emperor and the Immortal Mother were happily eating fruit and chatting.

Immortal Mother asked, "Immortal Emperor, can Nian Qing marry Princess Ao Bao?"

The Immortal Emperor smiled, "Don't worry, it will work, I already know the ending."

"Are you sure?"

"Nonsense, Nian Qing marrying Ao Yi, there's no doubt at all, although, the process has a little bit of a twist, but the result is just fine."

"What process twist?"

"Hehe, I won't say anything, but it's just a bit of a pity."

As soon as the Three-Eyed War God left, a man flew in furiously, it was the Immortal Emperor's ninth son, Nian Qing.

Nian Qing furiously flew in front of the Dragon King and said, "Dragon King, what do you mean?"

The Dragon King looked at Nian Qing and smiled, "Meet Prince Nian Qing."

"Meet your mother, what do you mean?Isn't it a given that I'll be your grandson-in-law?Where did the trash Tang Zichen come from."

The Dragon King chuckled, "Prince Nianqing, I was just about to tell you about this as well."

"Well, I'd like to see how you explain it to me."

"It's like this, originally, it was indeed almost an internal decision for you, because in the competition, you upgraded the multiplier of your duel and registered 10,000 times, we all thought that you would definitely be number one, after all, it's impossible for anyone to exceed 10,000 times.However, I didn't expect that there was really someone who exceeded 10,000 times, and he was Tang Zichen, who upgraded the Five Ultimate Blades with a multiplier of 390,000 times ah.So, I had no choice ah, I had to choose him."


"But you still had to fight with the Tian Ling War God for him, did you have to?I see that you want it very much."

"Prince Nian Qing ah, it's the Tian Ling War God who wants to take it, of course I can't let him take it, it's a matter of my face ah, it's not because I'm rare that Tang Zichen, really."

"Hmph, where is that Tang Zichen son of a bitch?Let him out."


At that moment, Tang Zichen shouted, "I'm here."

Prince Nian Qing immediately flew up and without saying a word, slapped Tang Zichen first.

Prince Nian Qing was a divine Immortal, specifically a Primordial Immortal.

Since he was on the first stage Immortal, Tang Zichen was naturally no match.

"Slap."Tang Zichen almost broke his neck from the slap.

Moreover, Prince Nian Qing hadn't stopped, instantly grabbing Tang Zichen again and slapping Tang Zichen's chest.

"Bang."Tang Zichen's body broke into two pieces, and the lower half of his body turned directly into powder, leaving only his chest above. First URL

When the Dragon King saw this, he was shocked, "Prince, stop it."

Prince Nianqing grabbed Tang Zichen's head and said, "Dragon King, a dead granddaughter-in-law, do you want one?"

"Prince Nianqing, stop it."The Dragon King shouted in distress, he was not distressed by Tang Zichen, but by this talent, it would be too bad if he died like this.

And right now, Tang Zichen had already fainted to death.

After all, he was a Beginning Immortal, how could he be an opponent.

Nian Qing snorted, "Dragon King, this trash is going to die right away, give me a word right now, who is your granddaughter son-in-law?"


"Are you going to say it?"

"Well, well, I say, you're the one, but will you spare his life."

"Well, does this trash deserve to live?"

"Bang."A palm struck Tang Zichen's skull.

Tang Zichen's entire body turned into pieces.

Tang Zichen was dead.

"This."The Dragon King felt an immense pity inside, this was a talent.

"Tzichen."Not far away, Cheng Yu hissed and rushed up, but unfortunately, he couldn't even see the fragments.

"No."Cheng Yu suddenly tore up the sky and yelled.

Prince Nian Qing looked towards Cheng Yu and said with a smile, "Ao Ba Ba, you sure are pretty, you'll be my princess from now on, you know?"

"Tang Zichen, oooooh."Cheng Yu didn't even bother to listen to what Prince Nian Qing was saying, the whole thing couldn't believe that everything happened so fast, Tang Zichen died just like that.

Prince Nian Qing saw that Cheng Yu ignored him, and rushed up and grabbed her hair, yelling, "Fuck, this prince is talking to you, you're dumb."

Cheng Yu gritted her teeth and said, "You son of a bitch, you killed Tang Zichen, I'm not done with you."

After saying that, Cheng Yu immediately chose Yuan Shen to self-destruct.

"Don't."The Dragon King shouted.

But, it was too late.


It was like a hydrogen bomb exploding.

"Ahhhh."The Dragon King hissed.

However, Cheng Yu's self-destruct death didn't harm Prince Nian Qing, after all, he was the son of an Immortal Emperor, and the protection on his body was too strong, not to mention Cheng Yu's such a weak self-destruct, even the Dragon King was afraid that he wouldn't be able to break the protective armor on Prince Nian Qing's body.

"Grass."Prince Nian Qing angrily spat out the scraps of flesh in his mouth, after Cheng Yu self-destructed, pieces of his corpse shot all over him, even in his mouth.

Cheng Yu died badly enough, but Cheng Yu didn't want to live because Tang Zichen was dead, what a pair of bitter lovebirds.

"Ahhhh."The Dragon King let out a monstrous roar.


Prince Nianqing doesn't care if the Dragon King is in a bad mood or not, he flew up and shouted: "Dragon King, is this your granddaughter?You dragons are not going to rebel, give me a clear explanation, what do you mean?"

The Dragon King's eyes were red, exactly what to say, when the Dragon Bone War God flew up and was busy saying, "Prince Nianqing calm down, what is the matter, I will explain to you, please calm down, let's go, let's go have some tea first."The Dragon Bone War God was busy asking Prince Nianqing to leave, as he was afraid that the Dragon King would lose his mind.

Prince Nianqing said, "Dragon Bone War God, I will not rest until you give me an explanation today.You said that you would marry Princess Ao Scutellaria to me, and now what, the people are dead, and death is nothing but an attempt to harm me."

The Dragon Bone War God said, "Prince Nianqing, don't be angry, the person who just died when the Primordial Spirit blew herself up was not Princess Ao Scutellaria."

"What? She wasn't Princess Ao Bacchanal?"

"Yes, the woman just now, although she is also a member of my Dragon Clan, she is Tang Zichen's woman, that's why she was so angry when you killed Tang Zichen."

"Then, what about Princess Ao Scuttlebutt?"

"Hehe, don't worry, after a month, we promise to marry Princess Ao Scutellaria to you, and at the same time, the accompanying Dragon Sword will also be presented."

"Hahaha, that's more like it, in that case, I won't hold you accountable for the offense you just committed."

"Thank you Prince for your magnanimity."

"Then I'll leave first, you guys prepare for my wedding, I'll come to welcome you in a month."

"Of course of course."

After Prince Nianqing left, a strong dragon asked, "Dragon Bone, why did you lie to him ah?Go first Ao Scuttlebone is dead, what are you going to marry him with."

The Dragon Bone War God said, "Although our Dragon Clan is not weak, it's not even close if we really want to resist the Heavens.So, there's no need to tear your face off, there are so many women in our Dragon Clan, find any one and she is Ao Scutellaria.I don't think it matters who the real Ao Scutellaria is, what matters is that the dowry is real."

"Alas, if the real Ao Bao died, the Old Dragon King's side will be heartbroken."

"I'll go persuade."

At this moment, at the place where Ao Scutellaria had died before, the Old Dragon King cried out, this was his most beloved granddaughter, and so he went with Tang Zichen.

Of course, Tang Zichen's brother, Ming Cheng, was also crying loudly at this moment.

Never expected that today would be Tang Zichen's day of death.

"Sooooo, brother Tang, brother is sorry, I am sorry, if I hadn't taken it upon myself to sign up for you, you wouldn't have died here, sooooo, I am sorry."Ming Cheng cried out full of guilt and self-recrimination.

Tang Zichen's death was just like a grain of dust that had fallen to the ground, except for Ming Cheng who was crying like a man, the rest of the people were just as normal as seeing an ant die.

Ming Cheng could only return home first, report this to his grandfather, and then inform his ex-wife Ding Lan if necessary.

Ming Cheng did not know that Tang Zichen still had those relatives, he only knew Ding Lan.

However, Ming Cheng was afraid that after his sister Ming Yue knew about it, would she also do something stupid like Cheng Yu.

In the Immortal Court, the Immortal Emperor's residence.

"Reporting to the Immortal Emperor, the Ninth Prince has returned."


Not long after, Prince Nian Qing walked in.

"Greetings to Father, Greetings to Mother."

"Nianqing, how are things?"

"Don't worry, everything is in order, and although you encountered a little twist, it turned out well."

Fairy Mother asked, "What kind of twist, your father didn't say just now."

"Oh, it's not a big deal, it's just that it was originally an internal decision, but a rather talented person appeared, Tang Zichen, and the Dragon King loved talent, so he chose him, and he even fought with Leng Tianling.However, I've completely destroyed that Tang Zichen."


The Immortal Emperor said, "That Tang Zichen, he emerged as a talent during the last Sky Wolf Battle God Competition, he was indeed quite talented, but now that he's dead, it's a pity that he's so talented."


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