The King of Kungfu in school 2336-2340


Chapter 2336

Tang Zichen held Dinglan in his arms, and Tang Zichen was sure that Dinglan would still be his woman, but she would need some time to settle down.

Ding Cangdun arrived at his son, Ding Cap's residence.

"Dad, how's it going?Does that stupid hang of a man like Don Zichen agree?"

"Dad, speak up, if he agrees and promises to give me a second-grade fetal pellet in the future, then let's just forget about this incident, we're all still family and my sister is still his wife."

"Pah."Ding Cangdun slapped over.

"Dad, why are you hitting me?"

"Ding Hat, you're a no-good thing, you're the cause of all this."

"Father, what have I harmed me."

"Tang Zichen didn't agree to what you proposed, and Tang Zichen made it clear that he withdrew the marriage."

"What? He dared."

"What did he dare, the Immortal Realm wanted to marry him, lined up to the Pilgrim Gate.I, on the other hand, was compelled by you to make a big mistake." First URL

"Dad, have you forgotten that Tang Zichen doesn't even consider us as family in his heart."

"So what, at least he gave our family glory and aura, and increased our family's prestige and power.I'm also really stupid, still thinking about how he's going to treat me like his own father, but ignoring that what he invariably brings me, hahaha, hahaha."

"Dad, you're crazy."

"You bastard, in the future, when Tang Zichen leaves the Ding family, look at how far our Ding family will regress.You are now in the immortal world, majestic, the friends who used to respect you and associate with you, the immortals who used to flatter you, will no longer treat you as a human being, you'll see if you don't believe me."

"Ah."Ding Hat's body trembled.

He had also forgotten that Tang Zichen's fame had given him those intangibles.

"Dad, then go persuade Tang Zichen, at worst, I don't want the Fetal Pill anymore."Ding Cap said.

"Tang Zichen said that if he shoots you progeny to death, he's willing to stay on, otherwise, no deal."

"Grass, that stupid hang, that Tang Zichen, really said that?"

"And you call him names."

"Dad, that's what I usually call him behind his back, too. I'm used to it."

"Hmph, Ding Cap, if you don't believe me, just wait and see, you'll regret it."After saying that, Ding Cangcao walked away.

Ding Cang Dao didn't try to persuade Tang Zichen again, because Tang Zichen was very determined, he couldn't let Ding Cap die.

Tang Zichen hugged Ding Lan for a long time.

"Fool, don't cry, even if I leave the Ding Clan and am no longer your husband, I'm still your man, your forever man, you can come to me anytime."

"Ooooh."Ding Lan cried non-stop.

Just at this moment, a loud shout came from outside, "Tang Xiaoyou."

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, hearing the voice seemed very powerful.

Tang Zichen immediately ran out and took a look, but it was Leng Tianling.

Besides Leng Tianling, there were also Li Jiudao, Leng Cui, and dozens of other Leng family members.

"Ah, Tian Ling War God, what are you doing here?"Tang Zichen asked in shock.

In the distance, Ding Cang Vault also heard the shout, and Ding Cang Vault flew up into the sky in a panic to greet Leng Tian Ling.

"Cang Vault pays homage to the Tian Ling War God."Ding Cang Vault paid a polite bow.

Leng Tian Ling smiled, "Ding Cang Vault, there's no need to be polite, I'm here today, it has nothing to do with you, I'm picking up Tang Zichen to be a guest at my house."

"Oh."Ding Cang Vault was embarrassed.

Leng Tian Ling smiled at Tang Zichen and said, "Tang, you're ready to leave the Ding family and withdraw your marriage from the Ding family?"

"Er, this."Tang Zichen looked at Li Jiu Dao, how did this matter get known so quickly.

Li Jiu Dao smiled, "Brother, don't be angry, I'm also afraid that Ding Cang Dao will be bad for you, so I let my father-in-law come.Come on, let's get out of here, from now on, you're free."

On the other hand, Ding Cangding was very depressed, even Leng Tian Ling had personally come to pick him up, he was, so unappreciative, I really don't know if he had water in his head, but it was too late to regret it.

Unless, he agreed to let Tang Zichen shoot Ding Cap to death.

"This."Tang Zichen was startled in place and looked back at the house, but Ding Lan didn't show up.

Although Tang Zichen had decided to withdraw from the marriage, he was still very reluctant inside.

Leng Tianling laughed, "Tang Zichen, I was so happy to learn that you withdrew your marriage that I couldn't sleep for days and nights."

"Senior's words are too harsh."

"It's not heavy-handed, it's true, and I'm ready to make preparations at any time."

"What preparations?"

"The preparations for the big wedding, ah."

"What do you mean?"

"Tang Zichen, what do you think of my granddaughter, Lone Moon?She's also one of the top ten genius beauties in the Immortal Realm, and she's a top five ranked genius beauty, not something that Ding Lan, the bottom ranked one, can compare to.As long as you're willing, you can get married in a big way anytime."

"Ah."Tang Zichen was shocked.

Tang Zichen was ready to marry Ming Yue, who knew that Leng Tianling had thoughts about him.

"Of course, everything is up to you, if you don't like Lone Moon, it's fine for us to be friends."

"Thank you, Senior."

"You're welcome, so now go to my house, I've prepared a beautiful big house for you, you can stay as long as you want."

"Er, thanks."

At this time, Ding Cangding seemed to be stimulated, and was busy saying, "Zichen, I agree to your previous proposal."

"What proposal?"

"You said you'd stay as long as you were allowed to kill the Din Hat, and I agreed.Someone, go and get the Din Hat."


It wasn't long before Tin Hat was captured.

"Father, what are you doing."

Ding Cang Dome was busy saying, "Zichen, Ding Cap is here, you can shoot him as much as you want, I don't want this bastard son anymore, but you must stay."

Tang Zichen shook his head: "Sorry, I don't want to, things are already at this point, there is no point, really kill Ding Cap, we all have a knot in our hearts, why bother.Goodbye, father-in-law, I'll call you father-in-law for the last time."After saying that, Tang Zichen bowed deeply.

Tang Zichen looked at Ding Lan's house and shouted, "Ding Lan, no matter where I am, you must remember that you will always be my woman, you can come to me at any time."

After saying that, Tang Zichen flew away with Leng Tianling.

Tang Zichen arrived at the Leng family, who treated Tang Zichen very warmly.

Moreover, Leng Tianling called Leng Lone Moon over to drink with Tang Zichen.

"Lone Moon, why are you still cold, pour wine for Zichen ah."Leng Tian Ling glared at Leng Lone Moon who was dazed at the wine table.

"Oh."Leng Lone Moon was busy getting up and pouring wine for Tang Zichen.

Leng Lone Moon also said that if Tang Zichen was willing to marry her, she was willing to marry as well.

"Thank you, you're welcome."Tang Zichen was busy.

"You drink."Leng Guolue blushed shyly and said.


Leng Cui smiled, "Brother Zichen, you and my husband Jiu Dao are brothers, so I'll call you a brother too."

"Sister-in-law is polite."

"Come, sister-in-law toast to you, I hope you can become a member of our Leng family soon, our Leng family will never treat you like the Ding family."

"Er, haha, cheers."Tang Zichen awkwardly drank it all down, so enthusiastic towards him, he didn't even know how to refuse, but he had promised to marry Ming Yue.


After the banquet, Leng Tianling said to Tang Zichen, "Little friend Tang, an upper room has been prepared for you, I'll take you there."

"No no no, I have a place to stay."

"Where can you go to stay at this time of night, what, what's wrong with staying at my Leng's house?"

"No no, that's fine."Tang Zichen had no choice but to stay, people were so polite, if they were still preposterous, it would make them upset, after all, with Leng Tianling's power, he was already sincere enough to take the initiative to befriend Tang Zichen.

"Lone Moon, you take Tang Zichen to the VIP compound."

"Yes, grandfather."

Tang Zichen sighed, he knew that Leng Tianling would definitely send Leng Lone Moon to take him there, deliberately allowing Leng Lone Moon to have more contact with Tang Zichen.

A set pattern, it's all a set pattern ah.

"Tang Zichen, come with me."Leng Lone Moon said respectfully.

"Oh, good."

Tang Zichen had no choice but to follow Leng Lonesome Moon. Remember the URL

Along the way, there were only the two of them.

Tang Zichen followed behind, and the two of them didn't speak, Leng Lone Moon's personality wasn't outgoing.

Tang Zichen asked, "Where is it?"

"It'll be here soon."


Truthfully, Leng Lone Moon was first-rate no matter her looks, figure, or talent, and under the moonlight, Leng Lone Moon's graceful figure irradiated on the ground, which had a different flavor, and there was a faint fragrance coming from her body, which made people fantasize.

At this moment, in Leng Tian Ling's study.

"Father, is this really necessary?"

"What, are you against it?Would I, as a grandfather, be less concerned about my granddaughter than you, as a father?"Leng Tian Ling said majestically.

One of the two people talking was Leng Tianling, and the other was Leng Leng Leng Yue's father, Leng Feng.

"But, father, with Lone Moon's excellence, I don't believe that he still can't attract Tang Zichen, and our family lineage is many times stronger than the Ding family."

"Leng Feng, you don't understand Tang Zichen too well, Tang Zichen is not at all the kind of person who is greedy for influence, otherwise, why did he reject Monta in the first place and chose Ding Cangding instead?"


"Monta is my man, at first Monta really wanted Don Zichen to be with him, but unfortunately, it didn't work out.It's also true that Tang Zichen has been fighting for his life, and now there are too many people who want to get him.Without using a little method, I'm afraid of becoming someone else's person."

"But what if Tang Zichen doesn't like this method?"

"Hahaha, I'm not harming him, instead, the medicinal wine I gave him still has the effect of helping him cultivate, it's just that, the medicine is a little too strong and needs a little bit of venting."

"Ugh."Leng Feng sighed.

Leng Tian Ling said, "In the first place, he should have chosen Monta and come into our Leng Department's power."

"I hope so."

Tang Zichen and Leng Lonesome Moon, however, knew nothing.

Tang Zichen walked behind Leng Lonesome Moon, only to find that Leng Lonesome Moon was becoming more and more attractive, and even, Tang Zichen had the urge to pounce on her.

"Pah."Tang Zichen gave himself a slap, secretly saying, "How could I give birth to such thoughts, I'm too dirty."

"But, Leng Lone Moon is so damn sexy, it's like she pulled her clothes off."

"No, I can't do that."

At that moment, Leng Lonesome Moon said, "Tang Zichen has arrived."

"Oh, good."

Tang Zichen walked into a large, luxurious courtyard in front.

"Such a big courtyard, and I'm the only one living there?"

"Yes, this is the VIP compound, it's for guests, and it's the best compound."

"Oh, your grandfather was really attentive."

"Mm."Leng Lone Moon nodded, while feeling a little dizzy.

"Leng Lone Moon, what's wrong with you?"

"I, I'm fine, alright, since you're already here, I'll leave first."

Leng Lonesome Moon felt something strange in her body and wanted to leave quickly.

"Lone Moon."Suddenly, a person behind her hugged her tightly.

This hug felt like an instantaneous ignition of flame.

At the moment, Tang Zichen felt so hot.

"What's going on?"

"Why is that?"

Tang Zichen was in no mood to think about that at the moment, panicking and pressing Leng Lone Moon against the wall, desperate to kiss her.

"Tang Zichen, what are you doing, don't, don't."Leng Guolue's 'don't' also seemed so fake because she couldn't control herself, otherwise, with her Golden Immortal strength, what else could Tang Zichen, a Tai Xian, do to her drop, it was completely half-hearted.

After that, Tang Zichen completely lost control, and of course, Leng Leng Yue as well.

After it was over, they both fainted, and several maids were busy coming in and moving them to their rooms.

The next day, Tang Zichen opened his eyes.

Tang Zichen saw that there was a naked woman lying in her arms.

"Ah."Tang Zichen was shocked, and when he looked, it was Leng Lone Moon.

"What's going on?"

At that moment, Leng Lone Moon also woke up.

"Ah."Leng Lonesome Moon let out a scream of hundreds of decibels.

"Shh, don't scream."

"Tang Zichen, what did you do to me."

"What do you mean what did I do to you, it should be what did you do to me."

"Yesterday."At that moment, Leng Lone Moon's brain ached, and a sudden scene about last night's events, and the crazy things that Tang Zichen did in the courtyard, made her blush and unbelievable, and there was also a burst of pain somewhere in her body.

Don Zichen also had a flashback rushing into his head.

"Ah, how did this happen."Tang Zichen was stupid, last night, he gave Leng Lone Moon.

"Tang Zichen, what did you do to me?"

Tang Zichen snorted, "It should be your grandfather who has done something to us."

"No way, my grandfather loves me the most, he couldn't have drugged me."

"What's drugging in order for me to marry you."

"No."Leng Lone Moon shouted.

Tang Zichen sighed, I never thought that it was designed.Tang Zichen checked his body and suddenly realized that he had stepped into the late stage of Tai Xian.

"Hey, what's going on, I've become a late stage Tai Xian?"Tang Zichen was shocked, he had only become a mid Tai Immortal a few days ago.

Leng Gu Yue, on the other hand, hadn't and was still in the pre-Golden Immortal stage.

Reaching Golden Immortal, it wasn't so easy to get on, because above Golden Immortal, one had to be approved by the Immortal Emperor to break through.Although, those who could enter the depth space could avoid cultivating in the depth space, the effectiveness was too low and the depth space wasn't always there, so it caused difficulty.

Tang Zichen inspected his body and immediately understood why he had suddenly risen a realm.

It was the wine that he drank last night, and that wine, although there was an aphrodisiac drug, there was also a fetal pellet in it, and it was even a little stronger than the fetal pellet.

Leng Tian Ling was also really down to earth, and when designing Tang Zichen, he didn't forget to add a little benefit, which made Tang Zichen not know whether to hate or forgive.

"Ahhhh."Tang Zichen hissed in frustration.

Leng Guolue snorted, "Don't yell, the one who has suffered the most is me, my grandfather, definitely gave you and me, the Heavenly Love Potion Wine, and the wine also added Hong Meng Qi, the roots of the Tai Chu Tree, and so on."


Just at this moment, a maid outside shouted, "Miss Lone Moon, the Imperial Master asked you to take Senior Tang over there."

Tang Zichen hummed, "Just right, I also want to go and ask him what he means and why he drugged me."

Tang Zichen and Leng Lone Moon arrived at Leng Tianling's residence.

"You guys are here."Leng Tian Ling smiled, seemingly satisfied, he had heard from his subordinates that Tang Zichen and Leng Lone Moon had done everything last night.

Tang Zichen was busy saying, "Why did you do that."

"What? You don't like this way?"

"Don't like it."

"Oh, I was just trying to give you a tonic, but you ended up being too weak to digest in time, which is why you needed to vent, and I had good intentions.However, at this moment, seeing you step into the late stage of Tai Xian, it's finally not in vain."Leng Tianling actually refused to admit it.

Tang Zichen said, "It doesn't matter if you don't admit it, anyway, I can't take this responsibility."

"What, is my granddaughter that much for you to dislike?It's all raw rice."

Tang Zichen had to lie and say, "Truth be told, I've signed up for the Dragon King's son-in-law selection contest, so..." One second to remember to read the book

"What? You signed up?"

"Yeah, I fit the criteria anyway, under a thousand years old, Team Wolf, don't I just fit the bill."

Leng Tian Ling was in no mood to tease.

"So, I'm really sorry, Senior Tian Ling, you really shouldn't have taken matters into your own hands."

Leng Tianling said, "Just as well, this matter is indeed my own doing, you don't want to be responsible, I won't force you."

"Thank you, Senior, that's nothing, I'll leave first."

"Let's go."

Tang Zichen really left, Tang Zichen thought that Leng Tianling wouldn't let him go so easily, he lied to Leng Tianling that it was useless at all to sign up for the Dragon Clan Son-in-Law Choosing Competition, but he didn't expect it to work.

After Tang Zichen left, Leng Guiyue said, "Grandpa, you miscalculated and harmed me."

Leng Tian Ling smiled, "Leng Gu Yue, you don't have to worry, Tang Zichen will still marry you after all, because, even if he signed up for the King of the Dragon Clan's Son-in-Law Choosing Competition, he won't be able to become the King of the Dragon Clan's granddaughter-in-law."


"Immortal Emperor's ninth son, Nian Qing has also signed up, the King of the Dragon Clan, he will definitely choose Nian Qing."

"Alright, go down, about last night's incident, except for the two maids, only your father and I know about it, no one else knows about it, don't go out and say anything, in case Tang Zichen really didn't marry you, it won't damage your reputation."

Leng Guiyue turned her head and ran away crying.

After Tang Zichen left the Leng family, he went to Mingcheng's house.

Tang Zichen could only join him now.

"Zichen, I heard that you were taken away by the Leng family after you withdrew your marriage yesterday?Are you okay?"Mingcheng was concerned.

"I'm fine, but I'm depressed."

"What's wrong?"

"Ugh, never mind, I don't know what to do now, that's why I came to talk to you."

"Go ahead."

"Leng Tianling has been trying to get me to marry his granddaughter Leng Guolue, yesterday I really thought he was treating me so well, but I didn't think he had put some drugs in the wine he gave me to drink, so..."

"You won't give Leng Leng Yue?"

"Hmm."Tang Zichen nodded his head.

Ming Cheng was busy saying, "What about my sister?She's still waiting to marry you."

"Ugh, I don't know, but I just lied to Leng Tian Ling, I said that I signed up for the Dragon King's Son-in-Law Choosing Competition beforehand, so forgive me for not being able to marry Leng Lone Moon

.Surprisingly, Leng Tian Ling didn't make it difficult for me and let me go.I'm now worried that if Leng Tianling finds out later that I faked my registration, I don't know what he'll do to me.Of course, this isn't the most important thing, the most important thing is that I promised to marry Ming Yue before ah, I've already given Leng Lone Moon that, will Leng Tian Ling just let it go like this?"

Ming Cheng was depressed, "Tang Zichen, do you know that I have already reported to my grandfather about you and Ming Yue, and I also told my grandfather that you will marry my sister after you withdraw from the Ding family.Now you're telling me that you and Leng Leng Yue, you."

"What? You told your grandfather?"Tang Zichen was startled.

"Yes, my grandfather is bringing you here to propose marriage, perhaps, when you just arrived, a servant has already gone to report to my grandfather."


"Ah Tangdi, you're really causing me so much pain."

"It's Leng Tianling."

"What should we do now."

Tang Zichen clenched his teeth, "Since that's the case, I'll have to marry Ming Yue, let's go, I'm going to propose marriage to your grandfather now."

"Are you sure?"


"But what about Leng Tianling's side?"

"Cool, you designed it yourself anyway."

"Let's go then."

Tang Zichen immediately went to meet Ming Cheng's grandfather.

Ming Cheng's grandfather had already heard his servant report that Tang Zichen was here, so he had already guessed that Tang Zichen was here to propose marriage.

"Hello, senior Ming, I have come to formally propose marriage to you, I want to marry Ming Yue, I wonder if you are willing?"

Mingcheng's grandfather laughed, "Willing, willing, ten thousand willing, hahaha."Ming Cheng's grandfather laughed incessantly.

At this time, Ming Cheng said, "Before proposing marriage, I think, it is necessary to explain the situation.Grandpa, Tang Zichen was designed by Leng Tianling yesterday."Ming Cheng told his grandfather about the matter.

"What."Ming Cheng's grandfather's face changed.

"Grandpa, in this situation, can we still marry Ming Yue to Tang Zichen?"Ming Cheng asked.

Ming Cheng's grandfather immediately shook his head and said, "No, it's obvious that Leng Tian Ling wants Tang Zichen, if we marry Ming Yue to Tang Zichen, whether Tang Zichen wants it or not, I'm afraid we will offend the Leng family."

Tang Zichen was busy saying, "Not so much."

"The Leng family's power is not comparable to our Ming family, so, Tang Zichen, forgive me for not being able to marry Ming Yue to you."

"But, Ming Yue and I have already made a private agreement for life."

"Which so what, it's better than going against the Leng family.Tang Zichen, you son of a bitch, my granddaughter Ming Yue has been ruined by you for nothing, and I am, however, helpless."Mingcheng's grandfather smashed the teapot in anger.

Tang Zichen was lost, and because of this, couldn't marry Ming Yue.

Tang Zichen walked away disappointed.

Ming Cheng chased after him.

"Tang Zichen, where are you going?"

"I don't know."

"Tang Zichen, I'm sorry, but the Leng family is too powerful and my grandfather doesn't want to take any chances."

"No, you don't need to be sorry, I'm sorry."

"About you and Ming Yue, forget about it, you're consensual, there's no one right or wrong."

Tang Zichen said, "No wonder Leng Tianling, is not anxious at all, it turns out, he expected that not many people would dare to marry their daughter or granddaughter, to me."

"Yes, there are only dozens of powers that can compete with Leng Tianling, but those dozens may not have women that are suitable with you, and people may not be interested in you either.So, Leng Tianling isn't worried that someone will snatch you away."


"So I tricked him into signing up for the Dragon Clan's son-in-law selection contest before?"

"Haha, you didn't lie to him."Ming Cheng laughed.

"What do you mean?"

"Tanti, I'm going to tell you the truth now that it's over, but actually, I secretly signed up for you that day."


"Don't blame me, when I signed up for you, I didn't know you were screwing your sister, or I definitely wouldn't have signed up for you."

"I'll go."

"Since my sister can't marry you now, I'd rather you go to the Dragon King's son-in-law selection contest, if you really can become the Dragon King's granddaughter-in-law, then Leng Tian Ling definitely wouldn't dare to force you, he'll have to suffer a dumb loss."

"Why? Is the King of the Dragon Clan stronger?"

"That's for sure, people are at least a species that existed since the beginning of the world, the Leng family doesn't dare to be an emerging power that has risen in the recent billions of years, how can they compete with an old power like the Dragon Clan."

"I see, then I'll go to the Dragon Clan's son-in-law selection contest, as for your sister's side, you help me persuade her." Premiere URL

"Ugh, I don't know how to persuade you anymore, do I persuade you to continue as an underground couple, or do we separate?Now that my grandfather has learned, it's impossible for you to have any more dealings."

"In short, tell Ming Yue that no matter how much your grandfather tries to stop it, please ask her to believe that one day, I will come to marry her openly."

"Unless you're more powerful than Leng Tian Ling, or even the King of the Dragon Clan, it's impossible."

"Haha, I'll definitely surpass them."Tang Zichen said with full confidence.

"Good, we'll wait for you."

Tang Zichen possessed the Overturning Mirror, surpassing Leng Tianling and the Dragon King in the future might not be out of the question, or at least, surpassing Leng Tianling was certain.

Tang Zichen left the Ming family and immediately returned to the Sky Wolf World.

Back at the Sky Wolf World, there was also a lot of excitement there.

"Tang Zichen, congratulations."

"Tang Zichen, congratulations."

Everyone came to congratulate Tang Zichen for winning the first place in the pre-Xuanxian stage of the Sky Wolf Battle God.

Everyone was stunned when they found out that Tang Zichen had become a late stage Tai Immortal.

In the blink of an eye, another hundred years had passed.

During these last hundred years, Tang Zichen did not leave the Sky Wolf World once and stayed in the Sky Wolf World every day to cultivate, the first was that he had withdrawn from the Ding family and Tang Zichen no longer had a home in the Immortal World; the second was that Tang Zichen was afraid of Leng Tianling forcing him to marry.

One day, more than a hundred years later, Cheng Yu suddenly said to Tang Zichen, "Tang Zichen, this month's mission is over, in a few months, the East Sea Dragon King's Son-in-Law Choosing Competition will begin, you, I heard, many people are going to watch, I also want to go watch."

"Eww."Tang Zichen was startled.

Cheng Yu smiled, "Then I'll leave first, remember to ask the captain for leave before you go, oh."

Cheng Yu was mainly informing Tang Zichen, so that he wouldn't miss it.After that, Cheng Yu hurried back home to prepare for the upcoming son-in-law selection contest.

After thinking for a long time, Tang Zichen finally decided to go to the East Sea Dragon Clan to have some fun, even if it was for show, he had to show Leng Tianling to prove that he wasn't lying to him.

After Tang Zichen left Wolf World, he took a leave of absence from the captain, and then after about the same time, he went to the East Sea with Ming Cheng.

Along the way, Ming Cheng was very excited.

"Haha, excited, I wonder if the heavens can drape me and let me marry the Dragon Princess, haha."Ming Cheng said excitedly.

Tang Zichen, however, had a flat face.

"Don't get your hopes up, we're just going to have a good time."Tang Zichen said.

"That's not necessarily true, although the chances are slim, who would dare to

There's no chance of a fix, hehehe."

A day later, Tang Zichen arrived at the East Sea.

At the gate of the East Sea, two crab soldiers were in charge of registration.

"What's the name?Did you sign up?"One of the crab soldiers asked.

"Of course, my name is Ming Cheng and his name is Tang Zichen, we both have signed up, just look it up."

The crab soldier looked it up and indeed found the names of Tang Zichen and Ming Cheng.

"Let's go in."

Entering the Dragon Clan's main hall, many, many people had already come, all of them young talents.

However, all the young talents were sitting quietly in the main hall, closing their eyes.

"What is this situation?"Tang Zichen and Ming Cheng were puzzled.

A shrimp soldier said, "Hello, are you guys here for the son-in-law selection contest?"


"Okay, here are the instructions for the son-in-law selection contest, take a look."That shrimp soldier gave Tang Zichen and Ming Cheng a piece of paper.

Tang Zichen took a look at it, and it read, "Description of the Dragon Clan's King Ao Scullery's Son-in-Law Choosing Competition.The first part of the contest: each person, choose a topic of his own choice and within one year, give the Dragon Clan a secret to an upgrade created by him.If you pass this level, only then will you have a chance to continue to the next level of the competition."

"Is that all?"

"Yes, all of them who came early are already scrambling to start creating in the closed door."

Ming Cheng asked, "What will it take to pass?"

"It depends on your level, the dragon clan will have a special strong person to judge and score the secrets of self-created upgrades, there are two types to choose from, the first, is our dragon clan's spell, the Heavenly Dao technique; the second person, is also our dragon clan's method of controlling death, called the Five Ultimate Blades.You guys choose one according to your abilities and upgrade it, and after a year, the more powerful the spell or blade you upgrade, the higher your score will be."

Tang Zichen said, "I'll choose the Five Ultimate Knives, where is the secret of your original Five Ultimate Knives?"

"Here, please look."That shrimp soldier sent Tang Zichen a copy of the secret of the Five Ultimate Blades.

The secret of the Five Ultimate Blades was simple, it was the most basic secret of the Dragon Clan.

Everyone upgraded based on it, the time to test your abilities had come.

After one glance, Tang Zichen memorized the Five Ultimate Knives and immediately sat down in place to begin the upgrade.

Upgrading martial arts secrets was what Tang Zichen was best at, but he didn't expect that the first round of the Dragon Clan's Son-in-Law Choosing Competition would be the one he was best at.

I don't know who had the proposition, it was like it was tailor-made for Tang Zichen.

Ming Cheng said, "I'll choose the spell."

"Okay, this is the secret of the Heavenly Dao Technique, you should practice it quickly before you can make any upgrades."

"I know."Ming Cheng also stopped talking nonsense, when he sat down beside Tang Zichen, he began to upgrade that spell.

At this moment, in the back garden of the Dragon Clan.

A maid said, "Miss, all the people who came to participate, they all started to upgrade the secret la in the main hall."

"Well, right, I asked you to find out about a man named Tang Zichen, is he here yet?"

"Back to the lady, just arrived, and I'm on lockdown now too."

"Hehe."Cheng Yu smiled.

"Miss, this son-in-law selection contest, how did you come up with such an idea to let them use a year to upgrade their secrets ah, the Dragon Prince said that this idea, great, he likes it very much."

"That."Cheng Yu smiled hehely, this was what she had carefully prepared for Tang Zichen, and the other competitions that followed were set up specifically to address Tang Zichen's strengths.

Cheng Yu didn't believe that all the competitions were set up based on Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen couldn't be the first place yet.


Tang Zichen felt very smooth, he took the essence of the Heavenly Yuan Great Sorrow Sword and completely integrated it into the Five Ultimate Blades.

Originally, the Five Ultimate Daggers was just an ordinary, uncommon duel, but after Tang Zichen upgraded it, it was almost not the original Five Ultimate Daggers anymore, it was a complete makeover, more than a thousand times stronger than the original.

Tang Zichen regretted offering such a good duel to the Dragon Clan, but if he didn't choose it in the end, it would be too much of a loss.The Five Ultimate Blades that Tang Zichen had upgraded were completely as powerful as his previous Heavenly Yuan Great Compassion Sword, which had been a first-rate martial art.

In the end, Tang Zichen had figured out that he already had the Shadowless Divine Sword anyway, it didn't matter, and that he could still practice the true Ultimate Sword after the Overturning Mirror was completely restored in the future.

"Phew, it should be almost time."Tang Zichen opened his eyes.

When Tang Zichen looked, the number of people sitting in place in the main hall was more than ten times greater than before.

Everyone was closing their eyes, and the entire palace was incredibly quiet.

Tang Zichen should have been the first to open his eyes.

Tang Zichen didn't know until he asked around that it had only been half a year since the time had passed.

There were still half a year left until the end of this level, and everyone else was scrambling for time, but Tang Zichen was like a student who handed in his papers early, waiting for the end of time.

"No, waiting like this isn't an option, I'll simply use the remaining time to see if I can upgrade a bit more powerfully, so I'll be more confident." Remember the URL

So, Tang Zichen upgraded for the second time.

This time, Tang Zichen came up with a bold idea.

"Why can't I incorporate a little bit of the essence of the Shadowless Divine Sword into it?If I incorporate the essence of the Shadowless Divine Sword, then the power of the Five Ultimate Blades that have been upgraded by me can at least increase again, and it's possible that they're hundreds of thousands of times stronger than the original Five Ultimate Blades."

"However, it's too cheap for the Dragon Clan for me to make out such a strong duel, and the Five Ultimate Blades that are integrated into the Shadowless Divine Sword, I dare say that although it's not as powerful as the real Shadowless Divine Sword, it's up to a tenth of the real Shadowless Divine Sword."

"Do I need to fight so hard?"

For some reason, Tang Zichen's never-failing personality told him that it was needed.

Thus, Tang Zichen decisively upgraded again.

Tang Zichen took some of the essence of the Shadowless Divine Sword and incorporated it into the Five Ultimate Blades.

Finally, Tang Zichen opened his eyes just as a voice sounded in his ears, "The one-year period has come to an end, please everyone, stop and sort out your dharma, the fairest test will be held later."

Tang Zichen took out a memory stone and memorized his upgraded Five Ultimate Blades into the stone.

Ming Cheng came over and asked, "Brother Tang, how are you doing?"

"Me?That's good."

"I'm probably miserable, my upgraded heavenly arts don't seem so good."

"Why are you so unconfident."

"You know, I haven't even created or upgraded any of my own techniques before ah."

"It's fine, it's heavy participation."

"I've heard that there are a few truly superb geniuses among the participants in the son-in-law selection contest this time, and two of them, moreover, were rated by the Immortal Court as one of the top twenty geniuses."

"Oh, judged by the Immortal Court ah."

"To be judged by the Immortal Court, that's by no means ordinary, that monetary content is hundreds or thousands of times more than the title of Heavenly Wolf War God."

"Oh, so terrifying."Tang Zichen was also looking forward to it, he also wanted to see who was stronger and weaker between the Five Ultimate Blades that others had upgraded and the Five Ultimate Blades that he had upgraded.


sp;At this moment, a strong dragon shouted, "Everyone, in front of you, there are two doors, one of them is called the Heavenly Dao Door, and the other one is called the Five Ultimate Blades Door.Now, each of you, use your upgraded Heavenly Dao technique, or the Five Ultimate Blades, to attack the corresponding door, if you can open it, it means that your upgraded dharma is eligible to be scored, if you can't open it, it means that your upgraded dharma is so bad that it's not even eligible to be scored, and you don't have to enter the next hall to be scored, so hurry up and leave."

"One by one, start."

All the people in the main hall walked to the two doors in front of them and used their upgraded Heavenly Dao techniques, or the Five Ultimate Blades, to attack the protection brought on that door.

This protection wasn't strong, but not everyone could break it either.

Out of ten people, almost only one, or even zero, could break the protection on that door.

Those who couldn't break the protection, suddenly felt very ashamed, indicating that their upgraded magic duel was too poor, and left quickly, not daring to stay longer to avoid being conspicuous.

Soon, it was Ming Cheng's turn.

"Heaven's blessing, I must be allowed to pass through this gate, otherwise, so humiliating."

Ming Cheng came up and used his upgraded Heavenly Dao technique to attack.


The first strike didn't break.


Ming Cheng immediately made a second attack.

Each person only had three attacks to make.


The second time, it still didn't break.

Ming Cheng felt a bit humiliated, there were still many people watching him from behind.

At this time, Tang Zichen transmitted: "Concentrate on attacking the very center of the protection, don't think about it, so as not to bring in distractions and affect the power."

Ming Cheng seemed to have comprehended.

Ming Cheng closed his eyes and didn't think about anything, concentrating his attack on the most central point.


"Pop."The protection of the Heaven's Path Gate broke.

"Yay."Ming Cheng was so happy that he happily walked in through that door.

After passing through that door, he entered another majestic palace.

Soon it also reached Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen didn't put it in his eyes at all, Tang Zichen chose of course the Five Ultimate Gates, this kind of protection of the Five Ultimate Gates, it was estimated that as long as it was upgraded to be more than ten times more powerful than the original, it would be possible to pass through, and Tang Zichen, the upgraded Five Ultimate Blades were at least hundreds of thousands of times stronger than the original.

Tang Zichen casually used a bit of the Five Ultimate Blades, without even using his strength.

"Pah."The protection broke.

"Wow."The few Dragon Race experts responsible for guarding the scene were shocked, Tang Zichen didn't even use his strength to break the protection of the Five Ultimate Blades ah, even they didn't know when the Five Ultimate Blades had been so powerful.Of course, what Tang Zichen used was indeed an upgrade of the Five Ultimate Blades, they could testify to that, otherwise it would be considered cheating.

Tang Zichen passed through that door and entered the next great hall.

As soon as he entered the next palace, Tang Zichen immediately felt that there were many powerful impositions coming from the front of the palace.

Tang Zichen's eyes lifted, and he actually saw the Three-Eyed War God, the Wind and Fire War God, the Dragon Bone War God, and even the Heavenly Ling War God sitting in a similar place in front of him at a judge's table.

These powerful War Gods were all invited by the King of the Dragon Clan to be judges, they were certainly happy to sell the King of the Dragon Clan this face, so they all came.

Tang Zichen was a little embarrassed when he saw the Tian Ling War God, but of course, at the moment, the Tian Ling War God was smiling and looking at Tang Zichen meaningfully.


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