The King of Kungfu in school 2376-2380


Chapter 2376

That fruit-like thing, Tang Zichen could tell at a glance that it wasn't something ordinary, probably something even better than the Fetal Pill, and needless to say, that sword was definitely a peerless divine weapon.

"Haha."Tang Zichen was in a good mood, having gained two more great items.

Only, Tang Zichen was wondering why no one came in.By all means, can't ah, this Beginning Ancient Ruins, it wasn't a very large ruin, it was just a palace with a radius of more than ten miles, it wasn't like other people hadn't found it here yet.

Tang Zichen didn't want to care about anything, keep looking for anything else.

Right, that stone tablet just now, Tang Zichen also took away a piece of it.

Tang Zichen continued his search.

This palace complex, ninety-nine percent of it, was already very dilapidated, so it was not certain if he could find anything good again.

Tang Zichen searched and searched for several days.

But still, he hadn't met a single person from outside.

"Damn, evil."Where did Tang Zichen know that right now, at the other entrance to the relic, that entrance had already turned black, which meant that the entrance to the relic had already closed.

Every time the relic opened, it wasn't for a long time, and those people, didn't enter the relic within a limited amount of time. Remember the URL

Tang Zichen searched the entire palace complex, every corner, to make sure he couldn't find anything.

Tang Zichen had to lie down and take a break.

Tang Zichen took out a bowl and poured out a night's worth of Hong Meng Qi liquid.

"Knock knock knock."Tang Zichen drank a large bowl down.



Tang Zichen couldn't describe the feeling of drinking the Hong Meng Qi one bowl at a time, it was truly a top-notch experience.

Tang Zichen felt that his body was expanding, but not really, as if his body had entered the clouds.

Tang Zichen's entire body was heating up.

"Ahhhh."Tang Zichen shouted out in comfort, having the pain of a drunken maniac.

Then, Tang Zichen exhaled and fell asleep, Tang Zichen told himself that he couldn't sleep, but he still slept.

Tang Zichen didn't know how long it took, but anyway, when he woke up, he found that he had reached the Golden Immortal, and he had broken through the Golden Immortal barrier.


"Golden Immortal, hehe, I drank a big bowl of Hong Meng Qi liquid, it's risen so much ah, I don't know if I can drink it again."

But Tang Zichen felt that he couldn't drink any more because he was a bit dizzy when he stood up, perhaps, with his physique, he couldn't withstand so much Hong Meng Qi power in a short time.

"There's no hurry, I still have so much Hong Meng Qi, a whole well of it, there must be tens of thousands of bowls of Hong Meng Qi liquid, after I go back, I'm going to make all of my loved ones drink a big bowl of it, after I resurrect all of my loved ones, hahaha."

Tens of thousands of bowls, Tang Zichen had enough to drink all of his dead relatives.

Tang Zichen took out the fruit he had obtained earlier again, it wasn't much, there were only a few dozen grains in total, Tang Zichen didn't eat this fruit right away, or take it later.

"I'm almost ready to withdraw, although I don't know why the people outside didn't come in, but I've searched the place all over, there's nothing left."

Tang Zichen returned along the road to the palace where he came in.

When at the bottom of that palace, Tang Zichen looked up and saw that the entrance that he came in before, disappeared.


Gone?Fuck, I can't get out?"Tang Zichen was shocked.

Having no choice but to wait here, Tang Zichen was sure that it would open again.

At that moment, Tang Zichen saw the statue of the unknown creature that he had touched before.

When he had touched it before, it was electrocution-like and also came with an unknown message, Tang Zichen went up to it again and touched that statue.

It felt like an electric shock and an unknown message came from it.

"Barang and see Hagoron splash wax mo shivers."Don read it out as well.

In the next second, the miracle happened again.

An inexplicable creature suddenly appeared in front of Tang Zichen's eyes.

"Ah."Tang Zichen panicked and backed away, this inexplicable creature, its eyes staring at Tang Zichen, then rushed up towards Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen immediately used the newly obtained Yonder Divine Sword and slashed it.

"Dang."A huge clash sound was made.

The creature looked a bit like a sheep and didn't seem to have any offensive power, more like it was eating something that could greatly tonic.

After being cut down by Tang Zichen, the creature didn't dare to come up here and looked at Tang Zichen vigilantly.

Tang Zichen took out the stone tablet that he had harvested earlier.

Then, the sheep-like creature suddenly disappeared, and Tang Zichen looked down to see that the stone tablet in his hand had, at some point, carved a 'sheep' like creature.

"Ah."Tang Zichen was surprised, this stone tablet was amazing, those who didn't know, thought that a creature was really carved on the stone tablet.

Tang Zichen secretly said, "Could it be that I'm using this thing and even immortals can give it an engraving?For example, I say an incantation to the Immortal Emperor, the Immortal Emperor disappears, and there's an additional Immortal Emperor on the stone tablet."

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed with pleasure, but he knew that it was definitely impossible because that Immortal Emperor at least possessed the Heart of Hongmeng.That Hongmeng's Heart couldn't be worse than this stone tablet, no matter what.

No matter what, this stone tablet was a good thing, and definitely a great weapon, and in the future, whoever dared to mess with Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen would carve him on the stone tablet.

Also, that statue, Tang Zichen also took it away, this statue is also something that can be carved on, the sheep just came out of this statue.

Tang Zichen waited and waited for almost a year, finally, above that palace, once again, a gap appeared, through that gap, Tang Zichen could see the sky outside.

"Good chance, I have to get out quickly."Tang Zichen leapt and climbed out of that gap.

"Phew, finally got out."Tang Zichen let out a deep breath.

At this moment, on the other side of the entrance, there was another fight.

Perhaps every single one of their forces was too eager to get what was inside the ruins, so they all fought to the death.

After all, that well's Hong Meng Qi definitely made any power jealous, and they all seemed to know that this Beginning Ancient Relic must have something good.

Tang Zichen did not circle back to the original spot, quickly detouring from the side and then leaving from afar.

Tang Zichen took the lead all the way back to the French Dynasty, not that he still wanted to continue back to the French Dynasty.

Tang Zichen had obtained so many things, and next, there should be a plan, but he was too late in practicing his Lotus Pillow Body Refining Method, unable to resurrect his loved ones.

Of course, Tang Zichen himself was still weak.

Perhaps, Tang Zichen should make good use of what he had obtained and make himself strong first.


Six months later, Tang Zichen had returned to the French court.

This time, Tang Zichen had been out for a total of more than two years.

However, more than two years had only been all of a sudden for them.

"Light Cloud, you're done with your retreat."The captain of the janitorial team smiled and fawned with Tang Zichen, making it seem as if he knew Tang Zichen well.

"Mm."Tang Zichen nodded, not bothering the captain why he made it seem like he was familiar with him.

"Miss Falan and the others are back yet?"Don Zimmer asked.

"No. No news at all."

"Oh, okay."

Tang Zichen returned to his dormitory room.

The captain said, "I've had your room cleaned for you every day."

"Thanks." One second to remember to read the book

"You're welcome, you're welcome, this is what the captain should do, that's nothing, I'll go to work first, just tell me what you want."


Tang Zichen was alone to think about whether he should stay or go next.

After thinking about it, Tang Zichen decided to stay, and leave whenever he had practiced the Lotus Pellet Body Refining Method.

Tang Zichen took out the dozens of fruit-like things he had obtained earlier.

Then ate one of the grains.

Waiting for a few minutes.

"Hm?What's the matter, no feeling?"

Tang Zichen was a bit confused, could it be that this thing was really just a fruit, right?

Tang Zichen ate another piece, still not feeling it.

As expected, this thing was just fruit.

Tang Zichen ate all of it in one breath and cursed 'damn', causing him to think that it was some kind of heavyweight treasure.

Tang Zichen's eyes went to the pot that contained the fruit, this pot, about the size of a palm, looked like a bowl, but slightly larger than a bowl.

"This thing I originally thought was a basin, it can't be some kind of treasure, right?"Tang Zichen picked up that basin and carefully tended to it.

Unfortunately, when Tang Zichen picked up the basin, he did not feel any electric shock.

Tang Zichen took that basin and chanted a mantra to a puppy on the ground, "Barang and see Hagoron splash wax mo shivers!"

In the next second, a miracle happened.

The puppy's body shrank in a straight line, and as it shrank, it flew towards Tang Zichen's basin.

In the end, that puppy was sucked into the basin and, the puppy became the size of an ant.

However, still alive, the ant-sized puppy ran around the basin, but no matter how much he ran, he couldn't escape the basin in Tang Zichen's hand.

"Ah, as expected, this basin is not an ordinary thing, hehe."Tang Zichen smiled.

Tang Zichen tried to press the puppy to death, but unfortunately, as soon as Tang Zichen's fingers went deeper into the basin, he suddenly felt a strong attraction.

In the next second, Tang Zichen also shrunk and went into the basin.

The puppy was still barking at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen felt himself, like falling into a valley.

"Barang and see Hagoron splash wax mo shivers."Tang Zichen chanted another mantra, and in the next second, Tang Zichen and that puppy appeared in reality again.

It was now quite certain that the pot could take people and things, but as to how strong it could be, there was no telling.

Tang Zichen put it away first, and proceeded to take out a bowl of Hong Meng Qi liquid to drink.

After drinking it, his whole body became hot and he slept again, waking up several days later.

Tang Zichen's realm hadn't grown to the middle Golden Immortal stage.

"Strange?Isn't there enough to drink?


Don Zichen drank another bowl.

The result was still no growth.

"What happened?Was it too short a time since I last drank the Hong Meng Qi for my body to absorb it?Well, I'll just have to wait a little longer before I drink it, wasting my two bowls."Tang Zichen said with some sadness.

After a few more months, Miss Fa Lan and the people who went to the Fa Dynasty returned.

Tang Zichen inquired with the captain, and the captain said, "The supreme predecessors of the Fa Dynasty returned with a dejected look on their faces, seemingly without any success and with some dead geniuses."

The next day, Miss Fa Lan came to see Tang Zichen.

"Wind Light Cloud."

"En, Miss Falan, you're back."

"Hey, Wind Lightning, you've stepped into the Golden Immortal?"

"Yes, during the three years you were away, I closed in for a bit, and then I hit the pre-Golden Immortal stage, how about you?What relics will be gained from this trip?"

"Ugh, forget about it, but bless you ah."Falan was a bit lost, she went there for three years before and after, but ended up not getting a fart, instead it was Tang Zichen, who closed up at home and impacted the Golden Immortal, while she was still a Tai Xian.

"Oh, don't worry Miss Falan, you'll hit the Golden Immortal sooner or later."

"Let's hope so, this time when I went to the Beginning Ancient Ruins, I had high hopes, but as a result, I didn't enter the Beginning Ancient Ruins at all."

"Didn't enter, why?"Tang Zichen asked.

"It's still because the major powers are fighting over it, that entrance is so small, every power wants to have it all to themselves, and as a result, no one has entered."

"Then why are you back now?"

"That entrance is completely gone."

"Eww."Tang Zichen smiled in his heart, so no one had ever gone in at all, but of course, it was fortunate that Tang Zichen came back quickly, or else he was afraid that he would never be able to get out.

"What do you mean by disappearing?"

"That Beginning Ancient Relic has moved places, and no one knows where it's moved to."

"So ah."

"Senior Wind Lightning, for the sake of me being so unlucky, can you stop being a janitor and be my teacher?"Miss Farashi pleaded.

Tang Zichen thought to himself that life was too peaceful and boring to watch the door on this side.

"Alright, I'd like to be your teacher."

"Thank you, Miss Fashion-san."

"You're welcome."

"Then come live at my place, I'll arrange a place for you."

Tang Zichen said, "As you arrange."

Tang Zichen didn't mind sleeping with her, but he was afraid that people wouldn't like such an ugly Tang Zichen.

Then, Tang Zichen followed Miss Falan and entered the interior of the Fa Dynasty for the first time.

Inside the Fa Dynasty, ordinary people couldn't enter, they had to be a guest of the Fa Dynasty, or a core figure of the Fa Dynasty.

"Miss Feng, then let's go see my grandfather first."

"As you wish."

Tang Zichen came to a hall where a middle-aged and elderly man sighed, it was Fa Lan's grandfather, Fa Ji.


"Fa Lan, what is it."

"I've brought Feng Qingyun, he's willing to be my teacher."

"Senior Wind Lightning, I pay my respects to Supreme Senior Fa Ji."

"En, you're welcome, hey, you've stepped into the Golden Immortal?"


"You're still so young to have stepped into the Golden Immortal, that's really impressive."

"Senior don't worry, since I agreed to be Miss Falan's teacher, I will do my best to help her so that she can step into the Golden Immortal as soon as possible."


In fact, all Tang Zichen needed to do was give her a bowl of Hong Meng Qi liquid, but unfortunately, this was something Tang Zichen wouldn't reveal easily unless it was his closest relative.

"Grandpa, since Wind Lightning is my teacher now, let's arrange for him to live in the same courtyard as me."

"Fine, grandpa wants to be quiet, you guys scratch yourselves, but you must make sure that you live in the same courtyard and you must never mess around."Fa Ji looked at Tang Zichen somewhat uneasily.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Don't worry, I'm not that kind of person."

After that, every day, apart from cultivating by himself, Tang Zichen knew Fa Lan.

In the blink of an eye, ten thousand years had passed.

Tang Zichen's Lotus Pellet Body Refining Method was a little bit better, which was a great blessing.

Once he practiced the Lotus Pellet Body Refining Method, coupled with the Hong Meng Qi, Tang Zichen was confident that his dead relatives had even better bodies than the living ones.

Tang Zichen was incomparably longing and looking forward to that day.

At this moment, a voice came from outside, "Brother Luo Qing."It was Fa Lan's voice.

Tang Zichen looked out through the window and saw a tall, handsome man walk into Miss Falan's courtyard. The first website

"Haha, Sister Falan, in a flash, it's been hundreds of thousands of years since we've seen each other again, you've grown pretty again."

"Brother Luo Qing is really good at saying nice things."

"Hahaha, Sister Falan, if my parents hadn't forced me to close the door, I would have wanted to visit you every day."

"Thank you for thinking of Brother Luo Qing, but Brother Luo Qing is now cultivating to the middle Golden Immortal stage, I'm really envious."

"Hahaha, it's because I've made some achievements that my parents allowed me to come, and this time, I plan to live for eight or ten years to properly guide Sister Falan.Like me, Sister Falan practiced the same sword techniques, and now, my sword is even more proficient."

"Er."Falan was startled, coming to guide her?

"What?You don't need my guidance, so I can go?"Luo Qing said.

Fa Lan said, "Brother Luo Heng, actually, I already have a teacher to guide me now, my teacher is a genius with a sword."

Just at this moment, the voice of Tang Zichen came from behind, "Not only with the sword, but with the sword, with the spear, with the halberd, with the stick, I'm just as good at it all."

When Fa Lan turned back, she was busy introducing, "Brother Luo Heng, this is my teacher, Wind Light Cloud."

That Luo Heng's face was very bad, seeing that it was a pre-Golden Immortal, he hummed, "Wind he? chicken hair light cloud, sister Falan, you don't think that I will be inferior to this ugly monster, do you."

"Brother LuoRock, don't say it like that la, after all, Wind Light Cloud is my teacher, he's really a genius."

"Really? Since he's genius, why don't you marry him?"

"What's wrong with you, Brother Rocko?"

"Sister Falan, your grandfather and the others have gone to my Luo Xian Mountain and, want you to marry me and our two families to marry."

"Ah, how is that possible."Fa Lan was shocked.

"Ask your grandfather if you don't believe me, anyway, I see this ugly monster is very unhappy, either continue to marry me, or continue to have this ugly monster as your teacher, you choose yourself."After saying that, that Luo Qing walked away with an unhappy face.

Fa Lan was startled there, not knowing why she wanted to marry Luo Xuan Shan.

Tang Zichen said, "Miss Falan, are you alright."

"I'm fine, I'm going to find my grandfather."

Shortly after Falan Falan left, the newly departed Luo Qing came in, glaring at Tang Zichen.


; Tang Zichen said, "Do you think that I wouldn't know that you're hiding out, trying to get my attention while Miss Falan is away?"

That Luo Heng snorted, "Ugly bastard, I'll destroy you today, and you still dare to be my sister Falan's teacher, which onion are you."

Tang Zichen said, "If I had known, tens of millions of years ago, I would have just shot it on the ground, saving you, an unfilial child, from being born."

"What do you mean?"

"Go back and ask your mother."

"Fuck you, how dare you insult me."

"Oh, insulting you is the smallest thing I've ever done in my life."

"Looking for death."After saying that, that Luo Qing killed Tang Zichen with a sword, he thought that he could take Tang Zichen's life with a single sword, a person who was a teacher in the Fa Dynasty, he didn't have any power at all, killing him would at most be just a few words of blame from Fa Lan.

"Hmph."Tang Zichen's sword cut off that Luo Qing's arm with a single slash.

"Ah."Luo Qing shrieked.

"Trash, what a dirty sword."

Tang Zichen wiped his Ultimate Sword and said inwardly, "This Luo Jiang, looks like he's a bit powerful, but I'm not afraid, looks like I'll have to challenge the big man, otherwise, I'll lose so many of my Ultimate Swords."

At this moment, Fa Lan found her grandfather.

"Grandpa, why do you suddenly want Luo Xian Mountain to marry?"

"Fashi, you're here."

"Grandpa, why?"

"Fashi, wouldn't you?Didn't you used to love to play with Luo Qing quite a bit, and besides, Luo Qing is the perfect genius for you, and his family is also near us.During the last Beginning Ancient Relic, our Fa Dynasty made the Immortal Emperor very unhappy, and I heard that the Immortal Emperor is preparing to send his troops to annihilate us, so we must quickly marry with Luo Xian Mountain."

"Ah, the Celestial Court is coming to annihilate us."


"But, didn't they annihilate us before, but they didn't take advantage of us?"

"Before is before, the situation will change, compared to before, the Immortal Court has many more strong people, such as that Leng Tian Ling, Shan Ru Fei, Gao Xiaolian, and other high ranking Immortal strong people.Our Fa Dynasty, on the other hand, hasn't changed much, so the situation is unknown ah."

"Ah."Fa Lan's face changed dramatically, not expecting such a big thing to come to the Fa Dynasty.

"So, Fa Lan, hurry up and get married to Luo Qing, that way, once the great disaster comes, our Fa Dynasty will have an alliance ah."

"Oh."Fa Lan was scared inside.

"Wouldn't you like that?"

"That's not true, it's just, well, I'm going to go home."Falan was in disarray inside, she didn't know what she was resisting, she shouldn't have anyone she liked inside her ah.That Wind Lightning, even though she had been with him for a hundred thousand years, but Wind Lightning was so ugly, there was no way she would be able to look at him.

When Fa Lan returned to her place, she heard someone in the courtyard let out a pig-killing roar.

"Ah, it's Brother Luo Qing screaming."

Fa Lan was busy running in, and once she entered the courtyard she was stupid.

She saw that one of Luo Qing's arms had been cut off, and he was hanging from a tree with a pressed fairy rope around his neck.

"What's wrong with you, Brother Lokok?Who did it?"

At that moment, there was a deep voice from Tang Zichen, "Me."

"Er."Falan was startled, as if he was a bit skeptical that Tang Zichen, a pre-Golden Immortal, could do this?


"Fa Lan your Fa Dynasty has a good relationship with his family, that's why I kept him alive until now, otherwise he would have already gone to the west.Now that you're also back, give me a word, can this man be killed or not."

Fa Lan's body trembled, feeling Tang Zichen's body emitting a very strong aura, which seemed to be incomparable to even ordinary immortals.

"Why do you want to kill him, ah?"Farashi was busy.

"Because he tried to kill me while you were gone."


Fa Lan looked at Luo Qing and said, "Brother Luo Qing, why did you do that?"

"How about I see that he's upset."

Tang Zichen said, "Then how about I send you to the West."

About to do it, Fa Lan pleaded, "Teacher Wind, please, for my sake, let him go."

"Give me a reason."

"The Immortal Emperor will soon send his troops down to annihilate our Fa Dynasty, and my grandfather and the others want me to marry him, so we can have an extra helper then, so please, I implore you, don't break our Fa Dynasty's plans at such a critical moment, okay?" Remember the URL

Tang Zichen was startled inside, the Immortal Emperor was going to send troops, hehe, Tang Zichen was eager to play with the Immortal Emperor too.

"Alright then."

But that Luo Qing said, "I didn't expect that you French Dynasty was even hitting on this idea, I said how come you suddenly want to marry us, we begged to marry you before, but you were evasive, but this time, you took the initiative to ask for a marriage."

Skip a hundred thousand words here, it's over, in short, the alliance between Luo Xian Mountain and the Fa Dynasty was not formed, and the Fa Dynasty could only face the Immortal Court alone.

In the Immortal Court, the Immortal Emperor had already begun to deploy an operation to annihilate the Fa Dynasty.

"This time, be sure to annihilate the Fa Dynasty."The Immortal Emperor roared and said to the dozens of strong War Gods in the Immortal Court.

The Immortal Emperor was on fire at the thought of how arrogant the Fa was when he was at the Remnants of Heaven's End, this time, no matter what the cost, the Fa Dynasty had to be annihilated.

"Immortal Emperor, 200,000 troops are on standby at all times."The Three-Eyed War God said.

"Good, wait for my orders."


At the moment, in the Fa Dynasty, people were on tenterhooks.

"Wind Lightning, are you really not leaving?"The captain of the janitorial squad said to Don Zimmer.

"Go?Where to?"

"You're silly, now everyone has heard the news, the Immortal Court is going to attack the Fa Dynasty, everyone who can run away has run away, you're still staying here looking for death, we're just hanging around the Fa Dynasty for a chance, we don't plan to die in battle with the Fa Dynasty."Captain Watchman.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Yes, you really don't have to be so righteous, after all, you're not from the Fa Dynasty."

"Then why aren't you leaving?"

"Hahaha, I was just about to participate, playing with the Immortal Court."

"You're really looking for death, you think you're an immortal, no matter how powerful you are, you're just a golden immortal, stop talking, I have to go."The captain of the janitorial team ran away.

The entire Fa Dynasty, all those who could have run away have already run away.

Of course, those who ran away were some of the servants, there were still many true elites in the Fa Dynasty.

Miss Fashion-san came.

"Miss Wind, are you still here?"

"Don't worry, Miss Fa Lan, I will fight with you Fa Dynasty until the end."

"You, why are you doing this?"

"No why."

"Thank you, or you're righteous."

"Oh, I also have a grudge against the Immortal Emperor."

"However, the odds of our French Dynasty winning are low."

"It's not in my consideration."

"I heard that the Immortal Court sends two hundred thousand troops, but I, the Fa Dynasty, can only raise less than fifteen hundred thousand troops, and the army of my Fa Dynasty is definitely not as powerful as the Heavenly Soldiers, whose selection of Heavenly Soldiers is stricter than ours."

"That's not necessarily true, as far as I know, most of the Heavenly Soldiers are afraid of death, and also, Heavenly Soldiers aren't as powerful as you think, many of them are just trying to mix up a fairy position and go through connections to enter the barracks."

"Uh, how do you know?"

"Hahaha."Did she need to be told by Tang Zichen that Tang Zichen had once been a celestial soldier as well?

"Also, the Immortal Court has sent about twenty super war gods, and my family, who can match these war gods, is only eight or nine.All in all, this time the Immortal Emperor seems to want to exterminate our Fa Dynasty at all costs.Wind Lightning, it's not too late for you to leave now."

"Fa Lan's up, I won't leave."

Fa Lan nodded gratefully and asked softly, "You're not leaving because of me?"

"Uh, what did you say?"

"Are you not leaving because of me?"

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed out loud.

Fa Lan would have misunderstood and said, "Wind Lightning, you know full well that I dislike you for being ugly and don't like you, so why would you stay for me."

Tang Zichen said, "You really think I'm ugly?"

"Uh, what do you mean?"

"You really think I'm ugly?"

"Er, Wind Lightning, don't be angry, in fact, you're not that ugly, you're used to seeing it every day, it's actually fine, if this time, my French Dynasty can be safe and sound, I'll definitely consider following you."

Tang Zichen shook his head, "No need."

"Why?Are you thinking you're not good enough for me?"Fashiro was a little lost, the wind should be happy about that.

"No, never mind, Miss Fashion-san, I'll tell you a secret, but you're not allowed to tell."

"You say."

"Actually, the me you see now is not the real me, I'm disguised."

"Ah, why?"

"Because my face caused so much trouble, people love me, flowers bloom between the flowers, bottles of wine see automatic uncapping, this face, if you meet a beautiful woman, you'll like me, I don't want so much trouble, so I'm prone to disguise."

"Oh, you're bragging, there's no such narcissist in the world."

"I really didn't lie to you, my true face, I can't say that I'm the first within the three realms, but the second is definitely fine."

"Pfft."Miss Falan laughed.

"Forget it if you don't believe me, anyway, I'm disguised as I am now, so it's really a lot less troublesome."

"Alright, don't say it, it's alright, it's alright to be ugly, it's alright to get used to seeing it anyway, remember what I said, if Fa Dynasty survives this calamity, I'll definitely consider you."After saying that, Fa Lan ran away with a red face.

Tang Zichen was depressed, "I'm disguised to be so ugly, and you still have to go down?Damn, Miss Falan, your taste is a bit heavy."

Tang Zichen mirrored himself and wanted to vomit, this Fa Lan, actually said that it would be good to get used to looking at her.

Tang Zichen sighed, "It seems that an ugly face can't hinder me from conquering all the girls in the universe at all."

Tang Zichen returned to his room, he also had to prepare for the war.

Ever since his resurrection, Tang Zichen hadn't moved his muscles and bones properly.

It was time for him to unveil so many of his great divine weapons.

Of course, what would happen after the unveiling, Tang Zichen didn't want to know, he just wanted a big battle.


About two months later.

The Immortal Court had finally sent two hundred thousand heavenly soldiers down.

The French Dynasty was also already prepared.

At the French Dynasty's military training ground, a seven-hundred and fifty thousand troops stood there, and Tang Zichen was among them, and they had been standing here for over ten days.

After waiting for more than ten days, the heavenly soldiers were finally brought down.

Everyone held their breath as they watched the sky bombarded with celestial soldiers, seemingly nervous.

Soon, the sky's sky soldiers stood firm.

The Immortal Emperor was not among them, and the leader was a female War God.

"Fa Wu Tian, you have no eyes for the king, I advise you to restrain yourself."That war goddess shouted.

On the ground, the Fa Dynasty's Fa Wu Tian sneered, "I'll capture your grandmother, why don't your grandmother let me capture with both hands."

That war goddess was furious that she dared to molest her. A second to remember to read the book

"Lawless, then don't blame us for being heartless."

"If you're really heartless, get out of here right now and pretend it's charity in my place."

Tang Zichen swept a glance at the Heavenly Soldiers, the Three-Eyed War God wasn't here, perhaps the Three-Eyed War God hadn't fully recovered from his injuries from the last Heavenly Demon Battlefield, but Leng Tianling was even among them.

As for the Heavenly Wolf Battle Team, Tang Zichen unexpectedly found that there was none.

It seemed that the Heavenly Wolf Battle Team was their talent pool, they didn't want to take any risks, and the Heavenly Soldiers they sent were, to put it bluntly, cannon fodder, they didn't care how many died and could be recruited again if they died.

Leng Tian Ling said, "Gao Xiaolian, stop talking nonsense with him, even if he surrenders, he'll die just the same, kill."

"Kill."That female War God named Gao Xiaolian gave an order, and the twenty-five Heavenly Soldiers rushed down to kill.

"Kill."Fa Wu Tian also rallied his arms.

Both sides yelled and rushed up, as if two torrents of water collided instantly.

The war began.

The twenty high-ranking War Gods sent by the Immortal Court were the first to kill the seven or eight similarly ranked powerhouses in Fa Dynasty, and the Immortal Court was almost fighting two against one.

For example, Leng Tian Ling and Gao Xiaolian, the two of them besieged Fa Wu Tian.

No wonder Miss Falan was so pessimistic, indeed, the scene showed that the Immortal Emperor was willing to go all out to destroy the Fa Dynasty.

Tang Zichen could only do a little bit to help, rushing towards a group of heavenly soldiers to kill them.

Tang Zichen took that great weapon and performed his Shadowless Divine Sword.

"Swoosh."Tang Zichen's sword was hundreds of deaths, and no matter if those celestial soldiers were strong or weak, even those that had reached the initial divine Immortal level could not be spared.

"Wow."Tang Zichen was somewhat horrified, he felt that Tang Zichen's combat power had reached the middle-grade Immortal level.

But it wasn't surprising, the sword he used was a divine weapon obtained from the Beginning Ancient Relic, and his Shadowless Divine Sword Technique was also very advanced, so Tang Zichen's strength had increased greatly.

Soon, the people of the Immortal Court noticed Tang Zichen as a reaper.

"Ai Peng, go quickly, whoever from that Fa Dynasty is killing Heavenly Soldiers like numbness, if this continues, the Heavenly Soldiers are losing a lot of money, go quickly and take care of it."Gao Xiaolian instructed her subordinate, Ai Peng, who was a middle-ranked deity.

"Yes, Goddess Gao."The man called Ai Peng came rushing towards Tang Zichen in the distance.

As expected, Tang Zichen's speed in killing the celestial soldiers was like that of a crop and reaper.

"Suffer death."Ai Peng shouted, using his spell to charge towards Tang Zichen, two fiery red arrows breaking through the air towards Tang Zichen's head.

Tang Zichen felt

To the crisis, but, Ai Peng's spells were fast, of course, it could be that Tang Zichen's realm was low and couldn't keep up with the reaction, so, Tang Zichen couldn't dodge, and the two fiery red arrows shot straight at Tang Zichen's head.

It was thought that Tang Zichen would be shot in the head with a single arrow, but what was unexpected was that when those two red arrows hit Tang Zichen's head, they suddenly, turned into pieces, as if Tang Zichen's body, which was far stronger than his arrows, was like an egg hitting a rock.

"Ah, how did this happen?He's just a Golden Immortal ah, why is his body so strong?"Aipeng was shocked.

Tang Zichen was feeling dizzy at the moment, as if he had been hit with a few bricks, and although his brain was hard, it was shockingly painful.

Tang Zichen looked over at that Ai Peng and said angrily, "Son of a bitch, how dare you shoot me."

"Hmph, I'll see how long you can still bounce around."After saying that, Ai Peng killed Tang Zichen again.

Tang Zichen's eyes couldn't seem to keep up with his opponent's movement speed, Tang Zichen's realm was too low, and the realm severely pulled him back.

Tang Zichen didn't have time to think about it, and Ton took out a bowl-like basin.

"Barang and watch Hagoron splash wax mo shivers."

In the next second, a miracle happened, that Epon's body suddenly shrank and flew into Don Zichen's basin.

Tang Zichen looked down at his basin, and that Epen stood at the bottom of the basin like an ant.

Tang Zichen smiled hehe.

Tang Zichen didn't go back to kill the celestial soldiers, but went straight to the Immortal General.

When he saw Immortal generals, those below the mid-tier Immortals, Tang Zichen didn't bother to fight them because his realm was low and hard to fight through, so Tang Zichen just collected them.

Anyway, there were three types of things Tang Zichen used to collect people, pots, steles, and statues.

The incantation for both the basin and the statue is: barang and see hagorun splash wax mo shivering."

Soon, it seemed as if Tang Zichen's basin was filled with a lot of ants, at least thirty or forty of them.

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed, these people who shrunk as small as ants were terrified, they also tried to see if they could smash Tang Zichen's basin, but the result was futile.

That Leng Tianling said, "Gao Xiaolian, the situation isn't right?"

"What's wrong?"

"Have you swept the battlefield with your divine sense and noticed that there don't seem to be many of our Immortal Generals left, and now it's all the Immortals of the Fa Dynasty massacring the Heavenly Soldiers."

"How is that possible."

Leng Tianling and Gao Xiaolian, who were already fighting with Fa from afar, were busy communicating.

Gao Xiaolian's divine sense swept the main battlefield in the distance, and sure enough, all the Immortal-level generals were missing.

"You're fighting Fa Wu Tian alone, I'll go take a look."Gao.


So, Leng Tian Ling was alone to tangle with Fa Wu Tian, while that Gao Xiaolian ran towards the main battlefield.

At that moment, Gao Xiaolian saw an ugly man who just happened to chant something to a middle-ranked Immortal, then that middle-ranked Immortal swooshed and was received into his pot to go.

"Ah, so that's how it is."Gao Xiaolian was furious.

Tang Zichen felt the crisis and was busy looking sideways, but Gao Xiaolian's killing move was already in sight.

Tang Zichen didn't have time to recite the spell, and even if he did, he might not be able to collect an immortal of this level.

This Gao Xiaolian, however, was on the same level as Leng Tianling, and his strength wasn't just at the level of a high level Immortal, but at the level of a high level Battle God, surpassing ordinary high level gods, one of the dozens of Battle Gods in the Immortal World.


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