The King of Kungfu in school 2286-2290

Chapter 2286

"Tang Zichen, you're amazing, you've only just come in and gotten through the second hurdle."Cheng Yu said admiringly.

"Uh, does that mean it's awesome?"

"Of course ah, like me, when I got through the second level, it was a hundred years since the first level, and there's also big brother Usui, when he got through the second level, it was two thousand years later."

"Damn, that long."Tang Zichen was shocked, Tang Zichen had never planned on staying this long.

The man called Wu-li snorted, "What do you mean so long, are you scorning me?"

"I don't dare, no matter what, big brother Usui, you are now the one who has passed the fifth level."

"Hmph, count you a bit self-conscious."

Cheng Yu smiled, "Tang Zichen, let's go, we've built a house nearby, you can live with us."

"I don't agree."The one called Uluo said.

"Ah, big brother Unyu, why?"Cheng Yu was puzzled.

That Usher was depressed inside, he had thought, a lonely man and woman, to see if there was a chance to ask Cheng Yu for a date, although he knew he was not worthy, Cheng Yu could not possibly look at him, but what if the goddess was lonely?In case the goddess is in need of it, but before it can be realized, a Tang Zichen comes in, and what a damn handsome ball, and now he wants to live in his house, dreaming. Remember the website

Tang Zichen smiled, "It doesn't matter, I'm also going to build a house of my own, right in that valley in front of me."

Cheng Yu nodded and said, "Alright."Cheng Yu couldn't say anything, after all, that house was first built by Usui.

That Ullo was proud of himself and secretly said, "Kid, Chengyu can only live with me, so just get lost, huh."

Tang Zichen saw the complacency in the eyes of the ugly eyes and smiled in his heart, immediately said to Cheng Yu, "Cheng Yu, I'm planning to build two rooms, you don't have to come live on my side."

"Ew."Cheng Yu was stunned, Tang Zichen hadn't even built a house yet and invited her.

That Usher panicked, "Cheng Yu, Tang Zichen's house isn't even built yet, you may not be used to living there, besides, you've been living on our side for so long, changing places easily won't be good for your cultivation."Uluo was depressed and looked at Tang Zichen with anger, this kid, he even came to this trick.

Tang Zichen said, "Cheng Yu, we are at the same level, we live together, we definitely have more topics ah, besides, you are a beautiful woman of the immortal world, I am a handsome man of the immortal world, both are more eye catching, look up and see, between us for a long time will not affect the mood ah."

That Usuo suddenly became angry, "Tang Zichen, what do you mean?What you're saying is that I'm ugly and it affects my mood to let Cheng Yu look at me for a long time, right?"

"Ah, no no, it really didn't mean that, you misunderstood."Tang Zichen said.

Tang Zichen didn't want to overly anger this Uluo, after all, he was a late Dao Immortal and his strength absolutely spiked Tang Zichen, even if he was also a mid Dao Immortal, his strength was still stronger than Tang Zichen because he had passed the fifth level and could kill eight hundred savages in a minute, while Tang Zichen could kill up to two hundred in a minute, and that was the greatest measure of strength.They were all able to participate in the Wolf Battle Team assessment, they were all war gods among war gods.

Tang Zichen went off on his own to a nearby valley and built two wooden houses, the reason why he built two was reserved for Cheng Yu, in case she did move over.

After building the houses, Tang Zichen began to enter into cultivation.

Tang Zichen said, "If I want to get through the third level, I must kill 300 savages a minute, and the fourth level, I must kill 500 savages a minute.This pressure is really

It's too big, I can only kill two hundred at most now no matter how much I kill them.I'm afraid it won't take long for my strength to rise again."

At this moment, Tang Zichen's heart moved, secretly saying, "I had two hands before, each performing an empty tearing technique, but now, I have fused the Sun and Moon Divine Sword and the Shura Divine Saber, into one martial art, Sun and Moon Shura, so I only need one hand now, and the other hand, empty again.So, can I, with both hands, perform the Sun and Moon Shura?"

Tang Zichen immediately began to experiment, using Sun and Moon Shura on both of his hands.

Sure enough, the power was doubled again.

"Haha, the power has doubled, so wouldn't I be able to kill four hundred savages in a minute?I can go through the third level."Tang Zichen was overjoyed.

"However, I'm not in a hurry yet, I'm just a hundred savages short of the fourth level, so I'll see if I can raise my strength a little more and try to get through two levels straight to the fifth.

Tang Zichen entered the spatial tablet, closed his eyes, and opened the depth space.

Next, Tang Zichen must practice the Sun and Moon Divine Sword and the Shura Divine Saber properly before fusing them into the more advanced Sun and Moon Shura.

A day later, Tang Zichen opened his eyes.

"The Shura Divine Saber, I've trained to the 130th level, and the Sun and Moon Divine Sword, I've also trained to the 135th level.Both of these Air Tearing Techniques have improved by a huge amount from before, and now if I fuse the Shura Divine Saber and the Sun and Moon Divine Sword that have improved by a huge amount, I will become an even stronger Sun and Moon Shura."

Soon, Tang Zichen fused into an even stronger Sun and Moon Shura.

Tang Zichen stood up, he now had the confidence to go to the fourth level.

"Tang Zichen, where are you going?"Just out of the valley, I ran into Cheng Yu.

"Cheng Yu, I'm going to go through the fourth level now, right, you take me there, save me the search."

"Ah, no, you only entered the Sacred Ancient World Assessment yesterday, and you're going through the fourth level today?You're not joking."

"Oh, I'm not joking."

"I don't believe it, you're definitely joking with me."Cheng Yu said, after all, very, very few people came in the second day and passed the fourth level.

"Forget it if you don't believe me, I'll go find the location of the fourth level myself."

"Wait, Tang Zichen, if you can defeat me, then I'll believe that you have the strength to get through the fourth level, after all, I'm the one who got through the fourth level."

"Fine, you can do it, or let me see what kind of Da Luo Galaxy spell you have."

"Then be careful, I'm not a savage, and you're not a savage, so maybe, my spell will be deadly enough to restrain you.Being able to kill as many wildlings as you can doesn't make you stronger or weaker."

"Understood."Tang Zichen was immediately ready.

Cheng Yu's eyes suddenly changed and a nebula appeared in her eyes, like a huge galaxy in space.

In the next second, Tang Zichen felt as if a galactic distance separated him and Cheng Yu.

"Ah, this."Tang Zichen was horrified, this was a really powerful spell, separated by a galactic distance, and a hairline, no matter how much Tang Zichen attacked, it was impossible to attack beyond a galaxy ah.

"No, she and I, even though it feels like a galaxy away, we can't really be that far apart, what is the magic of this spell, what is the magic of it?I have to figure this out, or I'm bound to not win against her."Tenzin told himself internally, but time did not give Tenzin a chance to think.


"Boom."Tang Zichen felt his body receive a strong force and violently flew backwards.

However, in the next second, Tang Zichen came to his senses.

Cheng Yu's distance from Tang Zichen returned to reality.

"Tang Zichen, are you considered to have lost?"

"You're the Ouroboros Galaxy, what's going on, why do I feel like I'm a galaxy away from you."

"So, I'm this Great Luo Galaxy, my opponent can't attack me at all."

"Then aren't you invincible, looking at the three realms, even the Three Eyes War God may not be able to attack beyond the galaxy."

Cheng Yu rolled his eyes, "How is that possible, first of all, someone higher than my realm, my Da Luo Galaxy may not be effective against him, and secondly, if there are many people attacking me, I can't make every one of them some.Just like those savages, I can currently, only make five hundred savages at the same time, effective against my Da Luo Galaxy."

"Understood."Tang Zichen nodded his head.

"Then, you lost to me la, which means, do you still have the strength to pass the fourth level oh."Cheng Yu smiled.

Tang Zichen said, "I said I understand, meaning, the principle of your Da Luo Galaxy spell, I understand, nonsense, you're not the one practicing this, how would you understand, you have to understand, at least the practice is more profound than mine, right?" One second to remember to read the book

"No, I've got it, Naru, I dare you to do it again."

"You're a guy who doesn't admit defeat."

"That one just now, I admit to losing, but I want to do it again."

"What if you lose to me again?"

"If I lose to you again, I'm at your disposal, you can do whatever you want me to do, even if you want me to give you a back massage."

"Hmph, I won't take advantage of you if you want to take advantage of me, but since you still want to compete with me, I'll give you a chance, and I don't believe that you've increased your strength just a few minutes before and after."

"Come on."

After saying that, Cheng Yu's eyes suddenly appeared in the nebula again.

However, this time, Tang Zichen didn't feel a galaxy away from her.

Cheng Yu didn't know that Tang Zichen was already immune to kicks, but if it was a battlefield, a sword kill would do.

Before Cheng Yu's kick reached Tang Zichen's chest, Tang Zichen caught it, a counter.

"Bang."Cheng Yu was pinned to the ground by Tang Zichen's neck, unable to move.


Tang Zichen let go of Cheng Yu and smiled, "You lose."

"How is this possible, how did you resist my Da Luo Galaxy spell?"

Tang Zichen laughed, "It's simple, don't think about anything, and your spell will be ineffective against me."

"Don't think about anything?"

"Yes, think of yourself like a wooden man, no matter how strong your spells are, they can't work on a wooden man, can they."

"Hmph, that's easy to say, but the truth is, there's no one who can think of themselves as a wooden man."

"Right, so I'm the only one who can do this, and your Ouroboros Galaxy spell is ineffective in front of me."

"Damn it."Cheng Yu stomped his foot in anger.

"Alright, now take me straight through to the fourth level."

"What about the third level?"

"You can pass the fourth level, is there any need to go to the third level?Those of the Xuanxian class.

Straight through to the ultimate level, they jumped all the previous levels."

"Everyone else went through one level at a time, only you were able to jump, you're awesome.Let's go, I'll take you to the fourth level."

Soon, Tang Zichen came to a tribe, where there were five hundred savages.

"This is it, Tang Zichen, as long as you rush up there and kill all five hundred savages, you'll have passed the fourth level."

"Hehe."Tang Zichen immediately rushed up.

Tang Zichen was quite confident inside, after all, his current strength was much, much stronger than when he first came in, which was yesterday, it seemed that this Sacred Ancient World was really a place to test one's strength.

"Ow."Not long after, a group of savages rushed up and strangled Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen also started killing furiously, and pieces of savages died under Tang Zichen's blade.

In the distance, Cheng Yu secretly said, "This guy, definitely a divine genius, only came in yesterday, and today he's so powerful.Moreover, he must be very good at close combat arts, and those who are strong in close combat are actually the ones who have the best way out, far more powerful than those of us who are strong by spells.Because spells are deadly, once they meet a deadly nemesis, they're almost useless, but close combat arts, however, can be changed at any time according to the situation, and their battleworthiness is far stronger than spells.Who the hell was he?I've never heard of him before, and besides, he's so handsome."

A minute later, when Cheng Yu looked at that tribe again, there were already bodies and rivers of blood everywhere.

Tang Zichen exhaled deeply, although this Saint Ancient World was virtual, but everything was real, killing so many savages was disturbing inside, but these savages, surely they would be resurrected again, they were just tools.

Tang Zichen picked up his palm and looked at it, it was written in his palm, the fourth level passed.

"Hehe."Tang Zichen walked back to Cheng Yu.

"Congratulations, Tang Zichen, you've passed the fourth level, I entered the Sacred Ancient World more than a thousand years before you, yet the progress is the same as the person you are today for a day, should I be sad, or am I sorrowful."Cheng Yu said with a sigh.

"Come on, you're not like me, you're a spell practitioner, as long as your spells improve, your ability to kill enemies improves, while I'm not a spell practitioner, I'm able to kill five hundred people, but I don't know how to improve my strength if I have to kill another eight hundred people.In addition, the Sun and Moon Divine Sword and the Shura Divine Saber that I refined are both just very ordinary air tearing techniques compared to the Heavenly Realm."

"Right, right, I was just about to ask you, how did you become so strong when you practiced such an ordinary Air Tearing Technique?The Sun Moon Divine Sword and the Shura Divine Saber are the last few Air Tearing Techniques ranked in the Heavenly Realm, but you, you're practicing as powerful as the top ten ranked Air Tearing Techniques."

"Haha, you're asking a good question, because, what I've practiced is no longer exactly considered the Sun-Moon Divine Sword and the Shura Divine Saber, I've fused these two, combining the strongest aspects of these two Air Tearing Techniques into a new set of Air Tearing Techniques, named, Sun-Moon Shura.Not only that, I also perform Sun and Moon Shura with both hands at the same time."

"You are truly an absolute genius."

Tang Zichen shook his head, "No, there are too many people who are more talented than me, you were able to enter here, your talent is not inferior to mine at all, it's just that we are not in the same place, perhaps your talent is in spells, while my talent is in, the creation of the Air Tearing Technique."

Right at this moment, Tang Zichen suddenly seemed to come to a realization.

Yes, Tang Zichen had always been gifted in this area, starting from the mortal realm, and the secret of martial arts was something as simple as a villain's book to Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen said inwardly, "I should, focus on this aspect, I don't have to demand every aspect to be powerful, focus on one thing, one direction, I will be able to succeed ah.I want to learn alchemy, and I want to learn magic, and so on.I must make a choice, give up the others and specialize in one."


"Hey, hey, what are you thinking?"Naru shouted several times before the tang came to his senses.

"No, it's nothing."

"Tang Zichen, let's go back then, I want to move in with you and go live with you."Cheng Yu said.

Tang Zichen was speechless, "Why do you want to move in with me, you're not afraid of that Usher getting angry."

"Che, I'm not his who, why would I be afraid of him getting angry, I think it's more fun for me to live with you, also, you're smarter, maybe, you can help me practice my magic."

"Isn't that Uzo good?He was able to enter the assessment here, so his talent naturally goes without saying."

"I didn't say that his talent isn't good, but he's definitely much inferior to you in comparison.Also, that crow, I don't know how to describe it, he's always fond of fawning over me, boiling water for my feet and baking me meat and stuff, I don't feel like that."

"Oh, he must want to touch you and make you his girlfriend."

"No way, we're not even on the same page, okay."

"That's why you don't like him."

"Indeed, I don't fancy him." First URL

Tang Zichen asked, "Then I'm not afraid, I'll be fawning over you too?"

"You?Haha, would you?"Cheng Yu smiled, it seemed a little embarrassed.

Tang Zichen said, "I will ah, you are so beautiful, isn't it good to chase after her as a girlfriend, the ten beauties of the Heavenly Realm yay, the entire Heavenly Realm, even the immortals like, I am a Daoist immortal, there is no need to say."

Tang Zichen said in his heart, "Top ten genius beauties in the heavenly realm, I've already soaked up two of them, hehehe."

Tang Zichen was still quite accomplished, but it was just Ding Lan who couldn't get away, that Ming Yue, Tang Zichen and her were at best an underground relationship, if people knew, they might not get Ming Yue's family's consent.Although Ming Cheng's grandfather, was now very pleasing to Tang Zichen, but, Ming Yue was one of the ten most beautiful geniuses, she could marry someone far better than Tang Zichen, even, the high ranking immortal level could marry, Tang Zichen was not a single star worse than the high ranking immortal level.

Cheng Yu's heart hummed with pride, "It's not that easy to chase me."

Tang Zichen said, "As soon as I was born, the fortune teller said that all the beautiful women in the world would end up liking me, do you believe it."

"Narcissist, you think you're meat and potatoes ah, everyone has to like you."

"Hahaha, just kidding."When Tang Zichen thought of his future, but that was all, he couldn't lift his spirits a bit inside.

At this moment outside, the Three-Eyed War God was shocked, "Only two days after entering the Sacred Ancient World, he passed the fourth level, gosh, it seems like I need to go and speak to Princess Nianzhi.Before, I thought that this guy wasn't super outstanding, but unexpectedly."

Tang Zichen arrived at Princess Nian Tide's residence.

"Pay your respects to Princess Nian Tides."

"Uncle Three Eyes, what is it?"

"That, to report something to you, didn't I ask Tang Zichen to join the Sky Wolf Battle Team earlier."

"Oh, right, I was just about to ask you, how is Tang Zichen doing in Team Skywolf?"

"Princess, Tang Zichen didn't accept that I directly let him into the Sky Wolf Battle Team, he had to rely on his own skills to assess to get in, so I had to arrange for him to go to the Sacred Ancient World, but I didn't expect that Tang Zichen wasn't simple!


"What's wrong?"

"The Tang Zichen I deduced before wasn't very outstanding, but he only entered the Sacred Ancient World two days ago and passed the fourth level.You know, back then, you also only entered the second day, and passed the fifth level, Tang Zichen hasn't caught up with you yet, but he's already close to you, and is in the very top category of which of the people who have entered the assessment so."

"Er."Princess Nianzhi was startled, in fact, Princess Nianzhi's assumption of Tang Zichen was also average after all, but wouldn't stand out very much.

"Really fake, how did he do that?"

"Princess, speaking of that, I'm even more impressed, that Tang Zichen, who used to come up from the Immortal Academy, he only practiced the Sun and Moon Divine Sword and the Shura Divine Saber, you have to know that these two Air Tearing Techniques are just at the bottom of the rankings in the Heavenly Realm, they're just ordinary.Tang Zichen, on the other hand, relied on these two Air Tearing Techniques to reach this level."

"No way."

"I'm telling the truth, of course, Tang Zichen also practiced the Star Shifting Technique at the Immortal Academy, but the Star Shifting Technique is only a medium to low ranked spell in the Heavenly Realm.Last time in the Heavenly Demon Battlefield, Tang Zichen relied on this Star Shift Great Law to kill the Xuanxian Demon King, which surprised many immortals in the Immortal Court.However, that Xuanxian Demon King, after all, was just a very ordinary Xuanxian Demon, not one that could be fought, so it only blew a gust of wind, and no one talked about it after that.Also, all the various Immortals must have deduced that Tang Zichen was ordinary, even I thought so."

Princess Nianzhi said, "Well, last time in the Heavenly Demon Battlefield, Tang Zichen, in a life and death situation, created and reformed the Star Shifting Technique into the even stronger Star Hidden Technique, which shows that he is a person who is good at creating."

"That's right, this time, in the Sacred Ancient World, he also modified the Shura Divine Sword and the Sun and Moon Divine Sword into an even stronger Air Tearing Technique before he was able to pass the four levels in two days."

"Well, I know, you go back, and if there's anything else about him, come tell me at the first time."


The Three-Eyed War God left, but inside, the Three-Eyed War God said, "Something's wrong, why does the princess care so much about Tang Zichen?Still reporting to him in the first place, it's reasonable to say that no matter what, Tang Zichen is just her future guard."

"Alas, perhaps, I'm overthinking it, the princess is just concerned about a subordinate."

In the Sacred Ancient World, Tang Zichen returned to the valley where he lived.

Now the fourth hurdle was passed.

Then, the fifth level, when will it be passed.

The fifth level, killing eight hundred savages in a minute, this really wasn't something that an ordinary person could do, these eight hundred savages, although they were of the same level, fortunately, these savages were all just belonging to ordinary Dao Immortals of the same level, not the kind that every single one of them was very capable of fighting, otherwise, it would be impossible to kill them.

Tang Zichen secretly said, "It's really hard to take my martial arts skills to the next level, I've already spared my mind, even if I train the Sun and Moon Divine Sword and the Shura Divine Saber to the top level, 200 levels, and then merge them into the Sun and Moon Shura, it's still not much stronger than now, after all, it's not a qualitative change."

Just at this moment, Cheng Yu's voice came from outside, "Tang Zichen, I've moved over."

Tang Zichen walked out of the wooden house.

"Haha, Tang Zichen, I've moved over to live with you oh, I didn't expect that you've already built two houses, it seems that you've already prepared it for me."Cheng Yu said with a laugh.

"Alright, I did prepare it for you, just go ahead and be proud."


"Hey, mouth-breathers."

"When have I ever been tongue-tied, I've made it clear that I want to chase you.What, do you think, in your heart, that I've only built one house, ah, and I'm ready to come over and live in the same house?"

"Che, you wish."

"I don't mind, it's nice to have a bed warmer in this desolate Sacred Ancient World, maybe we can take a few kids out when we go out."

"Get lost, am I Cheng Yu such a person, my criteria for choosing a spouse isn't just handsome."

"Haha, just kidding with you, I can tell at a glance that you're still a nestling."

Cheng Yu pouted, "I'm not even married yet, of course I am, you think I'm that Ding Lan ah."

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed as he said, "Don't let me hear you talk about Dinglan in the future."

"Er, what's wrong?Ding Lan hasn't even gotten married yet, so she's having a child with an ordinary immortal of the Earth Immortal Realm, I've heard this from someone ah."

"Nonsense, Ding Lan has never had a child before, but she was just a moment of goodwill and picked up a child that someone threw away, and then she was hacked into like this."

"How do you know that?" Remember the URL

"Because, I'm her husband."

"Ah."Cheng Yu incredulously covered his mouth, Tang Zichen was Ding Lan's husband?

However, Cheng Yu remembered that back then, before she entered the Sacred Ancient World for assessment, she had indeed heard that Ding Lan had married a very ordinary man.

"You, you're the very ordinary man who married Ding Lan?"

"Am I normal?"


Tang Zichen didn't say anything else and returned to the house.

Tang Zichen said inwardly, "It seems that when I go out, when I'm free, I need to wash my hands of Ding Lan, heck, it's really unpleasant to be used as a negative example so often."

Just now Cheng Yu said Ding Lan, Tang Zichen wasn't mad at her, after all, she couldn't be blamed, the entire Heaven Realm thought so.

It's just that it's not that easy to clear Ding Lan's name, I don't know how it will be.

In addition, there was another person that it was time for Tang Zichen to save him, and that was the Nine Dao Demon King.

With Tang Zichen's current abilities, he might have enough strength to save the Nine Daoist Demon King.

The person who tied up the Nine Dao Demon King was just a family with ulterior motives in the Heavenly Realm, and it probably wouldn't be too powerful, because that Immortal Machine Spitting Method wasn't infinite, it had a limit.If the Immortal Machine Spitting Method was really incomparably powerful, try to ask the Supreme Immortal Emperor of the Three Realms, how could he not know.

Cheng Yu said, "Tang Zichen, I'm sorry ah, I didn't know Ding Lan was your wife."

"Alright, I didn't blame you."

"Thanks."Cheng Yu was a bit moody at the moment, maybe it was because he knew that Tang Zichen had a wife.

Cheng Yu snorted under his breath, "Just now, he said he was chasing after me, he has a wife, hmm, a flowery heart."

"What are you talking about?"

"No, nothing."

"I heard you call me a philanderer, didn't I, haha."Don Zichen laughed.

"I'm glad you know."

"In the Immortal World, it's not normal for a man to marry ten or twenty."

"It's normal, but those men who marry are just very ordinary people's women, any woman with a bit of ability, which one would be willing to be a ten-bedroom and twenty-bedroom for someone."

"So, you're not willing to be someone's mistress."

"Nonsense, would you be willing to be one of the other men."


; "Come on, make it sound like I'm marrying you."

"You, that's boring."

At this moment, a man flew in front with anger.

"Tang Zichen, what do you mean."The man who flew in with great anger was the man called Wu-li.

"Wu-liu, what's the matter, so much fire."

"Tang Zichen, was it you who asked Cheng Yu to move in with you?"Wuyou said with anger.

Tang Zichen despised this kind of man and snorted, "Cheng Yu is not your woman, she can live wherever she wants, what do you care.She's here now, just ask her yourself.Alright, I'm going to cultivate, don't disturb me."After saying that, Tang Zichen went into the room and set up a boundary.

Outside, Cheng Yu said, "Big Brother Unyu, it wasn't Tang Zichen who invited me, it was me who wanted to come here."


"There's no why, alright, you go back."

"Naru, where did I do wrong?"

Cheng Yu was distraught: "What does it matter to me if you're doing well or not, neurotic ah."Chengyu was very depressed by the way Usui was making it seem like they were in love.

"Chengyu, come back with me, okay?"

"No good, this is the Sacred Ancient World, anything you do Senior Three Eyes knows, if you have the guts, kill me."

"Cheng Yu, Tang Zichen, you've gone too far."Usui gritted his teeth.

"Ahhhh, I'm going to be driven crazy by you."Cheng Yu shouted and didn't bother to pay attention to him, entering another room and setting up a boundary.

Ukyou's nostrils were smoking with anger, thinking it was disrespectful.

It was like this kind of person had some kind of mental defect.

"Tang Zichen, you've gone so far with me, don't blame me for being rude."Wu Li's eyes turned red, and he slapped Tang Zichen's room with a sudden slap.

"Boom."Wood chips shot everywhere, and Tang Zichen's boundary, which couldn't stop the power of Wu Siao, broke in no time at all.

Tang Zichen's body recoiled violently, almost being killed by Wu Siao.

"Wu Siao, you're crazy."Tang Zichen yelled.

Cheng Yu's wooden house was also blown apart.

Cheng Yu was also angry, "Usuo, what do you mean."

Usuo gritted his teeth and said, "Tang Zichen, you've gone too far."

Tang Zichen raged, "I'm overdoing it your mother, what have I done me?"

"Tang Zichen, since you've done such an outrageous thing, then don't blame me, I fought hard not to enter Team Skywolf, I can't bear this bad breath."Usher Eyes said with red eyes.

Tang Zichen was so angry that he wanted to kill someone, but this Wu Siao was a late Dao Immortal, everyone was a genius who could enter the assessment, by one realm, Tang Zichen couldn't kill him, being killed by him was more like it.

"Go to hell."Wu Siao furiously rushed towards Tang Zichen, and a blazing fire appeared on his hands.

"Boom."A blaze of fire slammed into Tang Zichen, the speed was so fast that it was almost rare.

Despite dodging as fast as he could, Tang Zichen still couldn't completely dodge it, Tang Zichen felt a heat in his body, the clothes on his body, had been completely burned, revealing his naked body, fortunately Tang Zichen had taken precautions early, or else he would have been burned to death at once.

This was still just a very ordinary move from Usui, if he had waited for him to come out with a stronger power, Tang Zichen really didn't know if he would have died here.

Cheng Yu shouted anxiously, "Tang Zichen, how are you."Cheng Yu was relieved to see that Tang Zichen wasn't dead, but in the next second, Cheng Yu immediately blushed, she had seen what she shouldn't have seen.

"Ah."Cheng Yu suddenly covered her eyes, her brain was completely stupid, she was impure.


Tang Zichen was on fire and suddenly opened the Star Hidden Great Law.

However, at that moment, another punch with blazing flames came from Uluo.

Tang Zichen's Star Hidden Great Law was useless in the face of this kind of flame attack, the Star Hidden Great Law could work mainly non-sharp attacks, mainly power attacks, and in the face of flames, the Star Hidden Great Law was like a show.

Tang Zichen didn't have time to think about it and panicked to retreat, but it was too late, Tang Zichen was burned red and almost died.

Although Tang Zichen had killed the Xuanxian Demon King before, that Xuanxian Demon King was an ordinary demon, and that Demon King's attacks were just able to be diverted and absorbed by Tang Zichen's Star Hidden Great Law.And right now, this Wu Luo, who was not only a War God, but also a War God among War Gods, was not comparable to that Xuan Xian Demon King at all, and he mainly attacked flame spells, and Tang Zichen's Star Hidden Great Law was ineffective against such spells.In short, Tang Zichen, who was one realm below him, was no match for Wu Li.

Cheng Yu shouted, "Uslow, you stop."

Wu Shuo's eyes were red, "You guys are bullying people too much, so don't blame me."

"Wu Shuo, you stop, I'll just go with you."Cheng Yu loudly so.

But, that Wu Shu said, "I don't need you to pity me, a soldier can be killed, but not insulted, Tang Zichen he did this to me, I will never forgive."

Tang Zichen was also angry: "Usui, you fucking, what have I done to you, one mouthful so to you."

"I know what you think of me in your heart, Tang Zichen, go die."Once again, Wu Yao came up for the kill. A second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen had been injured by his flames twice in a row, and if it continued, I'm afraid that if it continued, Tang Zichen wouldn't be able to handle even a few more times.

"Ahhhh."Tang Zichen was furious.

If Tang Zichen wanted to defeat Wu Siao, for now, was there only one possibility, and that was to be on the same level as Wu Siao.

Tang Zichen didn't even dodge in the face of the flames that were killing Wu Siao, and looked as if he was left to die.

Cheng Yu shouted, "Dodge, you're crazy."

Cheng Yu subconsciously rushed up and helped Tang Zichen block.

"Boom!"The sound, Cheng Yu was no match for Wu Lu, and after blocking a move for Tang Zichen, his entire body flew away, and the clothes on Cheng Yu's body were also incinerated.

"Cheng Yu."

Tang Zichen let out a monstrous rage and immediately shouted, "Give me a break in place."

Tang Zichen didn't know why he shouted this, it seemed to be shouted completely unconsciously.

In the next second, a brilliant light flashed on Tang Zichen's body.

Suddenly, Tang Zichen broke through in place and became a late stage Dao Immortal.

The Tang Zichen who became a late stage Dao Immortal felt all different when his eyes looked at Uluo again, as if Uluo's strength had dropped all of a sudden.

At this time, the flying away Cheng Yu was already alive or dead.

Tang Zichen roared in anger, "Go to hell, son of a bitch."

Tang Zichen cut down with a fierce slash, which was a slash of the Sun and Moon Shura.

"Boom."A fiery collision erupted on the scene, and a radius of tens of miles instantly turned into black charcoal, showing how intense this one collision was.

Wu Siao was now also greatly horrified, Tang Zichen actually broke through in place and instantly became a late Dao Immortal, Wu Siao no longer had the strength to oppress Tang Zichen in his realm.

Just that, though, Wu Siao and Tang Zichen were on the same level, we were both geniuses at the same level, and Tang Zichen was only touching even with a single slash.

However, Tang Zichen was one hundred percent confident of killing him now, and only needed to wait for the second collision.

"I'll kill you.

" Wu Li didn't know if it was jealousy or what, maybe he was just jealous to begin with, after all, the goddess he coveted so much came to live with Tang Zichen of her own accord, and he was like a spurned loser, that's why Wu Li lost his mind.



Another duel of the strongest moves.

The entire ground, as if an atomic bomb had exploded, raised a cloud of dust similar to a mushroom cloud.

And in the midst of the dust, Tang Zichen and Wu Siao were stationary in the air.

It was only when the dust drifted down that they saw that Tang Zichen's knife, which had been inserted through Wu Siao's eye socket and then pierced through the back of his head, was still there.

Naru, who was seriously injured, fell to the ground and saw the scene.

"Ah."Cheng Yu was stunned, she thought that Tang Zichen would definitely die, after all, it was a late Dao Immortal, Usuo.

But she didn't expect that Tang Zichen had killed Usui.

"Puff."Tang Zichen pulled his knife out and made a puffing sound, blood sprayed from the mouth of the knife, and Wu Siao's body fell to the ground.

"Phew."Tang Zichen exhaled, this Wu Siao was really hard to kill, to be precise, it really wasn't that easy to kill a genius of this level.

"Tang Zichen, how are you?"Chengyu asked weakly.

Tang Zichen flew up and leaned Chengyu up.

"Chengyu, why are you so stupid, why are you blocking his moves for me."

"I thought you were too stupid to dodge."Cheng Yu stared.

But no matter what, in this situation, it was enough for Cheng Yu to block moves for Tang Zichen, after all, no one knew if blocking the moves of a late Dao Immortal's great genius would kill him.

"I'm fine, what about you?"Don Zichen said.

"I can't move, but I'm not dead."Cheng Yu sighed, Cheng Yu was also a mid-Dao Immortal, but he was beaten like this by a single move from Wu Yao, compared to how much stronger Tang Zichen was before, at least Tang Zichen was only lightly injured after being attacked by Wu Yao several times in a row.

"Ah."Just at this moment, Cheng Yu suddenly screamed.

"What are you screaming for."

Cheng Yu hadn't realized that she, until this moment, was naked, so wouldn't it be if Tang Zichen had just helped her up.

"Ah."Cheng Yu hissed again.

"Hey, hey, hey, what are you shouting for."

"Hurry up, get me something to cover up."

Only then did Tang Zichen take out a set of man's clothes for her.

"There are no women's clothes, you can put them on first."

"Oooh, I can't move."Cheng Yu was extremely depressed.

"I can help you put it on if you can't move."

"I don't want it, you leave right now and don't come near me."

Tang Zichen snorted, "You think I'll look at you, think too much, I've seen every structure of a woman's body, I've long since lost that heart."

"Shameless, go away."

"Then I'm leaving."

Tang Zichen left, and after two days, Cheng Yu recovered, which is why he dressed himself.

In another place, Tang Zichen rebuilt a wooden house.

Tang Zichen thought in his heart, now that he had broken through to the late Dao Immortal stage, could he go through the fifth level?

So, Tang Zichen went to the tribe where the fifth level was located.

At this time.Tang Zichen discovered that everyone in the entire tribe where the fifth level was located had become late Dao Immortals.


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