The King of Kungfu in school 2291-2295


Chapter 2291

It turned out that no matter what realm Tang Zichen was in, the savages he saw were what realm they were in, their clearance had nothing to do with how many realms they were in, it was all about strength, and those who were strong in their realms would see strong savages in their realms as well.

Tang Zichen had to go back and study how to further improve his strength.

"Tang Zichen."Cheng Yu took the initiative to come looking for Tang Zichen.

Now only the two of them were in the Sacred Ancient World.

"Cheng Yu, you're healed."

"En, it's fine."Cheng Yu remembered that her body was being looked at by Tang Zichen, so she couldn't help but give Tang Zichen a glance.

"Why are you looking at me like that."

"It's going to be, you're taking advantage of me but you're still acting like nothing's wrong."

"If you really mind, then just marry me, I don't mind marrying one more anyway."

"You wish."

"Come on, let's all stop being ghetto." First URL

"Tang Zichen, congratulations, you've stepped into the late Dao Immortal stage."Cheng Yu said.

"Thank you, I also stepped in at a critical moment, by the way, I didn't suffer any loss this time when Uluo was in trouble, I was inspired by him and stepped into the late Dao Immortal stage."

"You're lucky, I can be the most disadvantaged, my body was seen naked and injured, and I didn't get anything."

"How come you didn't get anything, you got my heart."

"No decency."

"You took that hit for me, I'm grateful to you, I'll be your man anytime if you don't mind, that's not getting me."

"Nonsense, it's my loss."

"By the way, Cheng Yu, do you have any secrets of the Air Tearing Technique."

"Didn't you already practice two kinds."

"I want to study some more, then, and then incorporate them into my moves li, so that I should be able to make my current Sun and Moon Shura, even stronger."

Without saying a word, Cheng Yu immediately threw out three secrets of the Air Tearing Technique.

"You can see for yourself, these books of Air Tearing Technique, although they are not brilliant, they are still stronger than the Sun and Moon Divine Sword and the Shura Divine Saber."

"Thank you, then I'll start researching, you also hurry up."


The two of them entered the closed door more.

Cheng Yu gave Tang Zichen three books of empty tearing techniques, distinctly called "Yuan Punch", "Heavenly Power" and "Great Sorrowful Hand

After reading it, Tang Zichen said in his heart, "It's really quite strong, but how do I take these three Air Tearing Techniques and then incorporate them into the Sun and Moon Shura?How do you get these three, which can be said to have no connection to the Sun and Moon Shura, all of which have no weapon medium?"

Tang Zichen racked his brains, but he had no ideas.

Strength really wasn't that easy to improve.

However, the emperor was not disappointed, after a thousand years.

"Hahaha, I've finally succeeded."

Yes, it took a thousand years, and that didn't include the time it took to enter Deep Space, Tang Zichen had finally fused the five Air Tearing Techniques, Yuan Punch, Heavenly Power, Great Sorrowful Hand, Sun and Moon Divine Sword, and Shura Divine Saber together.

After the fusion, Tang Zichen created an Air Tearing Technique that was even more powerful than these five combined, called the Heavenly Yuan Great Compassion Sword.

This was Tang Zichen's newest and strongest martial art.

Right now, Tang Zichen was full of confidence.

Although Tang Zichen had spent a thousand years in the Sacred Ancient World, if one included the time spent entering Deep Space, it was estimated to be more than a hundred thousand years, so it was evident that Tang Zichen hadn't spent much experience.

Tang Zichen said, "I think it's time to try and see if I can pass the fifth level."

Tang Zichen arrived at the tribe where the fifth level was located.

"Come on."Tang Zichen shouted.


bsp;Suddenly, more than eight hundred savages rushed towards Tang Zichen.

"Tian Yuan Great Sorrow Sword."Tang Zichen shouted out with a sword.

"Swoosh swoosh."

"Bang bang bang."Tang Zichen's sword was like a madman, striking hundreds of sonic booms in the air, each one blowing a savage's head off, simply unbeatable.

Ten seconds later, all eight hundred savages fell.

"Hahaha, after the fifth one, it only took me twelve minutes, hahaha, hahaha."Tang Zichen let out a loud laugh.

Tang Zichen, who had created the Heavenly Yuan Great Sorrow Sword, had increased his strength much, much more.

According to this level, Tang Zichen could now, in one minute, kill 4,000,000 savages.

Four thousand ah, Tang Zichen himself was a bit incredulous.

Four thousand savages, I don't know how many levels it was.

At this moment, the voice of Cheng Yu could be heard in the ear, "Tang Zichen, you're out of the level?"

"Yes, Cheng Yu, all of a sudden, we haven't seen each other for a thousand years."

"Just a thousand years, by the way, did you get through the fifth level?"Cheng Yu said.

"Yes, after this thousand years of seclusion, my sword, my strength has improved again, how about you?"

"Me too, my Da Luo Galaxy spell has improved a lot, I just came here today to see if I can get through the fifth level, I didn't expect to run into you."

"Oh, I've already passed."

At this moment, the eight hundred savages that had just been killed by Tang Zichen suddenly all rose up from the ground, intact.

"Cheng Yu, it's your turn."Tang Zichen stepped back to one side and said.

"Hmm."Cheng Yu began to kill those savages, all of them were late Dao Immortals when Tang Zichen killed them just now, and now that Cheng Yu had killed them, they had all become mid-Dao Immortals again.

Fifty minutes later, Cheng Yu had killed all eight hundred savages.

"Yay."Cheng Yu shouted excitedly.

"Tang Zichen, I've also passed the fifth level, great."Cheng Yu said excitedly.

"Congrats."Tang Zichen chuckled.

"Same joy, same joy."The two congratulated each other.

Tang Zichen asked, "Cheng Yu, do you know what the sixth level is like?And what about the seventh and eighth levels?"

Cheng Yu said, "Sixth level, kill one thousand savages; seventh level, kill two thousand savages; eighth level, kill three thousand savages; ninth level, kill four thousand savages."

"Wow damn."Tang Zichen said in his heart, wouldn't this be, if he practiced the Heavenly Yuan Great Compassion Sword, he could all directly challenge the ninth level?

"How many levels are there in total?Which level of the ultimate assessment is it?"Tang Zichen asked.

"There's a total of ten levels ah, that's not even clear, the ultimate assessment is the tenth level ah."

"Wow damn."Tang Zichen was shocked again, he fucking would soon be at the ultimate level, if the ultimate level was passed, he would have passed this assessment.

"Tang Zichen, why are you wowing twice in a row ah?"Cheng Yu asked.

"Oh, let's not rush, let me ask you, what's the ultimate level like?"

"The ultimate level is difficult to say the least, killing ten thousand of the same level savages in one minute."

"So this is the ultimate level."

"Ten thousand savages a minute, it's not that easy."

"Hehe."Tang Zichen smiled, although it wasn't that easy, Tang Zichen now had the ability to challenge the ninth level.

"Tang Zichen, you still haven't told me why you wowed twice in a row?"

Tang Zichen said, "Cheng Yu, I just finished killing eight hundred savages in twelve seconds."


"Hey, that means, give me a minute and I can kill almost four thousand savages, do you think I want to wow a little."


"What, four thousand a minute?"


"Gosh, then you can even go straight to the ninth level of the challenge."

"Hahaha, yes, so, I'm going to go straight to the ninth level now, are you hilarious?"

"Yeah, I also want to see how 4,000 a minute is done."

Then, Tang Zichen arrived at the location of the ninth level.

At the location of the ninth level, four thousand savages seemed like they were waiting.

Tang Zichen immediately flew up.

"Kill."Those savages immediately saw their enemies and killed Tang Zichen like an enemy, except for the realm of late Dao Immortal, the rest of these savages were very ordinary, carrying sticks, hoes, and varying weapons, and fortunately, if they were very ordinary peers, it would be impossible for one person to kill 4,000 people.

Tang Zichen's sword went down and hundreds of people died, only all of a sudden, it was as if it was like a human Shura.

A minute was about to end, but Tang Zichen still had more than ten left. Remember the URL

Tang Zichen was in a hurry, he had to kill them all quickly, or else they would all be resurrected right away, and he would get tired if this went on endlessly.

Tang Zichen swept his sword across the room, and the remaining ten or so savages died.

Tang Zichen succeeded in his one-time challenge.

In Tang Zichen's palm, the words Passing the Ninth Level immediately appeared.

Next, Tang Zichen only had one final ultimate level left.

At this time, in the outside world.

The Three-Eyed War God who had been watching Tang Zichen was simply dumbfounded.

"Heavens, Tang Zichen has only entered the Sacred Ancient World for a thousand years and passed the ninth level, you know, when I assessed the Sky Wolf Battle Team back then, when I passed the ninth level, it was already fifteen hundred years ago, which means that Tang Zichen's talent could be stronger than mine?There was no reason for this, if Tang Zichen's talent was so strong, why hadn't the Immortal Emperor summoned him?To think that even I was summoned by the Immortal Emperor back then."

"Just maybe, the Immortal Emperor can see more, for example, Tang Zichen is great now, but he'll be average after that, or Tang Zichen will die before he grows up, it's all possible, it's even possible that the Immortal Emperor knows that Princess Niansei took him and let Princess Niansei have him.But no matter what, I'll immediately go to Princess Nian Shi and report this matter to Princess Nian Shi."

After Nianxiao learned that Tang Zichen had passed the ninth level in one thousand years, she said in her heart, "It seems that my father is really acquiescing to us being together."

Princess Nianxie was already convinced that Tang Zichen had passed the ninth level in one thousand years, and judging by this, the future was undoubtedly likely to be more powerful than even the Three-Eyed War God.

However, inside, Princess Nenyomi hadn't been able to feel anything for Tang Zichen yet, but she had decided to meet Tang Zichen more often in the future, so as to cultivate her feelings.

Of course, Princess Nianxie wouldn't ask the Immortal Emperor if he was setting her up with Tang Zichen, after all, this kind of thing was not easy to ask, as the Immortal Emperor's prowess already knew it by heart.

"Ah."Tang Zichen shouted.

"What are you yelling about."

"I made it through the ninth level, what a surprise, to think that I couldn't even kill a hundred savages in a minute, but now I can kill four thousand, I'm so much stronger."

"What's there to be happy about, you have to know that any member who enters the Wolf Squad has passed the ultimate test, which means that any one of them is capable of killing 10,000 savages a minute.You're still a fraction of those who have already entered the squad."

"Hehe, I'll definitely catch up."

"Then you're under

One step, how do you want to make your swordsmanship stronger?"Cheng Yu asked.

Tang Zichen felt that his current Heavenly Yuan Great Sorrow Sword was already incredibly strong, and he really didn't know how else to diffuse it to make it stronger.

"For now, I don't know, I still need to work on it."

Cheng Yu said, "Didn't you say before that you would help me practice my spells?"

"Good, I've already passed the ninth level, and I should help you, let's go, I'll help you enumerate your Da Luo Galaxy together to see how to practice it more strongly."

After that, Tang Zichen spent hundreds of years helping Cheng Yu to enumerate the Great Luo Galaxy spell.

After enumerating it for so long, Tang Zichen knew some of it.

However, Tang Zichen resolutely gave up on going to learn this spell.

Although it was true that Tang Zichen could practice it, there was really no point in practicing this spell, no matter how much time it took to catch up to the level of the Heavenly Yuan Great Compassion Sword?

Tang Zichen didn't even practice the Star Hidden Great Law now, specializing in one discipline, and there was a very clear direction to specialize in one discipline Tang Zichen also had, which was to improve with creativity.Tang Zichen didn't improve by practicing layers upon layers like before, but rather, he was constantly fusing, changing, and upgrading, using this method to make himself stronger.

This was what Tang Zichen was best at, and he had to grab what he was best at perhaps to succeed, rather than trying to learn a little bit of everything and ending up unable to truly achieve precision in anything.

"Thank you, for helping me reference for so long and giving me so many ideas."Cheng Yu said gratefully, Tang Zichen had given her a lot of ideas and made her think a lot more active.

"Haha, if you really want to thank me, just give me a kiss."

"No, my first kiss is for my future husband."Naru said.

"I am."

"Che, I'm not talking to you, I have to close up soon."

"Okay, I'm almost done."

The two of them went back into the retreat.

Tang Zichen thought hard about how to continue to make his martial arts stronger, the Heavenly Yuan Great Compassion Sword, which had already integrated the essence of the 5 Air Tearing Techniques.

Tang Zichen secretly said, "If, my Heavenly Yuan Great Compassion Sword can continue to fuse more essence of the Air Tearing Technique, it can definitely be stronger.However, I don't have any more secrets right now."

At this moment, the voice of the Three-Eyed War God sounded in Tang Zichen's mind, "You need more secrets of the Air Tearing Technique?"

"Ah, Senior Warlord."

"I can give you a few copies."The Three-Eyed War God said.

"Thank you, Senior War God."

In the next second, six copies of the secrets of the Air Tearing Technique appeared in front of Tang Zichen.

"Wow, so many."

Tang Zichen was overjoyed, these six books were the Starry Sky Strike Chop, Tsunami Divine Fist, Saro Body Refining Technique, Eighteen Transformations, Nine Turns of the Immortal Palm, and the Square Sky Divine Halberd.

"Wow, these six books, how many secrets are in each one."Tang Zichen was overjoyed, of course, the Three Eyed War God's kindness, Tang Zichen remembered it by heart.

These six books were also all of the Three Eyed War God's possessions.However, people were all selfish, and at the moment, these six books were only the first hundred layers.

But that didn't matter, even if it was only the first hundred layers, there were still essences that could be fused.

The Heavenly Yuan Great Compassion Sword, now fused with five, if these six books were to be fused again, it would be a martial art that fused with the essence of the eleven middle air tearing techniques ah.

At that time, Tang Zichen's strength could be increased by a large amount, and getting through the ultimate level would not be a problem at all.


Ten thousand years later.

Tang Zichen let out a heavy breath.

"Finally, I've incorporated the essence of these six secret books into the Heavenly Yuan Great Compassion Sword."

"Now, this Heavenly Yuan Great Compassion Sword of mine has become not a little bit stronger."

Tang Zichen picked up the sword, although he hadn't sent it out yet, but, Tang Zichen had a hidden feeling that he was going to be unable to hold that sword, as if it was filled with violent Qi, of course, only after Tang Zichen's hands were secretly operating the dark energy of the Heavenly Yuan Great Compassion Sword.

"Fine, then I'll try and see if I can get through the tenth, ultimate level."

After saying that, Tang Zichen arrived at the place where the tenth, ultimate level was located.

Ten thousand savages were waiting there.

Tang Zichen rushed down.

"Kill."Ten thousand savages rushed up.

Tang Zichen swung out his sword, from his sword, a purple cold mane was emitted, where the cold mane passed, it was like an icy wind had come, all plants and animals were frozen, this was just the power of the cold mane, it was not yet known how powerful it was on the sword. A second to remember to read the book

"With a "wow" sound, Tang Zichen's sword swept away.

Suddenly, close to a third of the savages, fell to the ground.


In less than ten seconds, Tang Zichen had killed all ten thousand of the savages.

"Phew, so easy."Tang Zichen smiled heedlessly.

The tenth level, the ultimate level, Tang Zichen had already passed.

Tang Zichen's realm, however, had yet to reach Xuanxian.

At this moment, in the outside world.

The Three-Eyed War God said in shock, "This Tang Zichen, is truly extraordinary, the sword he comprehended on his own is actually so powerful, tsk tsk.It's only been a mere ten thousand years, and he's passed the ultimate level."

At this moment, Tang Zichen's ears rang with the voice of the Three-Eyed War God, "Tang Zichen, congratulations, you have passed the assessment."

"Thank you, Senior War God, so can I come out now?"

"You've only made it through the ultimate level, but you haven't reached Xuanxian, and if you want to join the Wolf Squad, you must reach Xuanxian or above, as Xuanxian is the minimum condition for the Wolf Squad.Of course, you can also come out and wait in reality."

"Alright then, I'd rather stay here."Tang Zichen wasn't short of time to stay and help out Cheng Yu, after all, this girl, had blocked moves for Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen immediately went to find Cheng Yu.

The Three-Eyed War God, however, went to report to Princess Nian Tides, greatly praising Tang Zichen, and Princess Nian Tides smiled slightly, as if saying in her heart that the Immortal Emperor had acquiesced to their being together, how much worse could it be.

In the Sacred Ancient World, Cheng Yu was still in seclusion.

"Cheng Yu, how's the seclusion going?"Don Zichen said.

Cheng Yu opened his eyes.

"Tang Zichen, you're finally out of the closed door."

"It's been ten thousand years since this shutdown, how about you?"

"In these ten thousand years, I've already passed the seventh level."

"Wow, only got through the fifth level before, you've improved so fast."

"Not really, there's still the eighth level, the first few levels, the ultimate level, it's going to be a long time after that, how about you?This time out, is it time to challenge the ultimate level?"Cheng Yu asked.

"Haha, I've already passed the ultimate level."

"Ah, passed?"


"Wow, you didn't call me either."

"I'll tell you the same now, how about it, do you have the confidence to pass the eighth hurdle now."

"Where's that, the seventh level has just recently passed, and I'm afraid it'll take thousands of years to get through the eighth level."

"It's fine, let me help you."Tang Zichen said.

"How are you going to help me?"


bsp; "Of course I'm using what I'm good at, your Ouroboros Galaxy spell, the main thing is to create distance between the enemy and you, affecting the enemy's visual nerves right."

"How can it be so simple, the enemy is sending out moves that really can't attack me, it really seems like a galaxy away."

"I understand, but what, I think, something is missing, how about this, I'll help you modify the Ouroboros Galaxy spell and incorporate some other spells into it, maybe, it'll be stronger."

"Uh, really?"


After that, with the help of Tang Zichen, in just a few thousand years, Cheng Yu had passed the ninth hurdle.

"Alright, now there's only one last hurdle left, I've done everything I need to do, I'm ready to withdraw."Tang Zichen said.

"En En, thank you."

"You're welcome."

Tang Zichen contacted the Three-Eyed War God and told the Three-Eyed War God that he wanted to get out.

The Three-Eyed War God didn't say anything, and soon, Tang Zichen returned to the palace where he had entered the Sacred Ancient World.

"Tang Zichen."

"Paying homage to the Three-Eyed War God."

"Not bad, there aren't many in the entire Sky Wolf Battle Team that can be assessed in ten thousand years."

"Hehe."Tang Zichen laughed, but in his heart, it seems that there are still stronger ones than me in the Sky Wolf Battle Team.

However, at this point, the main realm, the same genius, the higher realm is definitely stronger.

"Tang Zichen, let's go, Princess Nianzhi wants to see you."


Tang Zichen was brought to Princess Nianzhi's house.

"Subordinate pays his respects to the princess."

"You're welcome, get up."Princess Nian Tides said indifferently.

Princess Nianzhi looked at the Three-Eyed War God and said, "Uncle Three-Eyed, go back first, I'll have a few words alone with Tang Zichen."

"Okay, I'll go first."The Three-Eyed War God left, but the Three-Eyed War God felt that the princess felt more for Tang Zichen than for the other subordinates.

Only Tang Zichen and the Three-Eyed War God were left.

"Princess, huh."Tang Zichen was a bit embarrassed to see Princess Nianzhi's eyes looking at him all the time.

"Tang Zichen, sit down."

"Thank you Princess for the seat."

Tang Zichen sat down, the princess gave people a sense of authority without anger and a sense of superiority when she stood there, so Tang Zichen was also a bit constrained.

Princess Nian Shi said, "I heard that you did very well in the Sacred Ancient World."

"Fine, it's just a pity that I haven't reached Xuanxian yet and can't enter the Sky Wolf Battle Team yet."Tang Zichen said.

The princess said, "That's simple, I still have a fetal pellet here, it was originally a birthday gift from my mother, since you need it, I'll just pass it on to you."

"Don't don't, I can't afford it."

"This kind of fetal pellet of mine is not easy to obtain, even for me, let alone you, if you have the chance, why don't you hurry up and take it."


Nianzhi Worker handed it to Tang Zichen to follow, Tang Zichen looked at the green onion-like fingers in front of him, squeezing a pills, always felt that the fingers, was so sexy, I really wanted to come with these hands, to cross the fingers, I wonder what kind of feeling that would be.

"Subordinate thank you princess."

"Well, you take it now."

"Ah, take it here?"

"Yes. Then, you'll digest it with me and see how long it will take you to step into Xuanxian."Princess Nian Shi said.

Tang Zichen was full of pressure.

What if he didn't become a Xuan Immortal after taking the Fetal Pill?After all, anyone has a 50 percent chance of not making it.


Or, what if it took a long time to get there?Spend more time than the princess expected?

For some reason, Tang Zichen was afraid of disappointing Princess Nianzhi.

However, Tang Zichen still took it.

"Good, you digest it right where you are, I'll watch from the side."

"Yes."Tang Zichen immediately began to absorb the Fetal Pill.

Tang Zichen inwardly prayed that he would quickly become a Xuanxian and not disappoint the princess.

However, the more anxious he was, the harder it would be to achieve.

So, Tang Zichen instantly entered the depth space to go.

After only a few seconds, Tang Zichen felt that he had stepped into Xuan Xian.

Tang Zichen opened his eyes and busily asked, "Princess, I stepped into Xuan Immortal, how was it, how long did it take?"

The princess smiled slightly, "Not bad, I've only finished half a cup of tea and you've stepped into Xuanxian." The first website

"Yay."Tang Zichen was so happy, it looked like he hadn't disappointed the princess, he was really scared to death.

Tang Zichen didn't know why he was so afraid of disappointing her.

"Right, thank the princess for giving Dan."

"En, you're welcome, you've stepped into Xuanxian now, you can enter the Sky Wolf Battle Team."

"It's all thanks to the princess."

"I just gave you a pill, the fact that you were able to obtain my pills was originally your chance."


Princess Nian Shi sighed.

"Why is Princess sighing?"

"I don't know why, I always feel like, I don't know what to say to you, I would have liked to meet you more often, maybe a few more times, speak more often, and I would have gradually developed a real love for you inside me, but, I feel like, it didn't."


"Right now, I still can't develop the slightest bit of affection for you."

"Oh."Tang Zichen was disappointed inside, he was behaving so well and still didn't like him.

Tang Zichen said, "It's normal that the princess doesn't like me, after all, my subordinate's status is low."

"Shouldn't be the problem of your identity, I never look at identity, can't produce is just can't produce, can't say clearly.Really sorry."

"Princess no need to blame yourself, between you and me, it would have been impossible, besides you are a golden branch, I am a grass folk, that is worthy of a princess."

"No matter how golden I am, I am still a woman, and besides, my father hasn't said anything so far, it's obviously a tacit attitude.Perhaps, you really are the one for me, is must try to get in touch with you more."

"Oh."Tang Zichen said in his heart, sleeping I promise to make you fall in love with me, but it's only in his heart.

"Tang Zichen, you can go back first."

"Yes, my subordinate will take his leave."Tang Zichen quickly left.

Walking out of the princess's immortal palace, he saw the Three-Eyed War God waiting outside.

"Ah, Senior War God, why are you waiting for me here."

"Tang Zichen, why did the princess leave you behind?What did you say?"The Three-Eyed War God asked.

The reason why the Three-Eyed War God asked was also because of the Immortal Emperor's order, because the Immortal Emperor couldn't see through Princess Nennii's destiny, so he was afraid and told the Three-Eyed War God to keep an eye out to see which man the princess would fall in love with.That was why Three-Eyes asked Tang Zichen this way.

"The princess bestowed me with a Fetal Pill, so I'm stepping into Xuanxian now."

"What? Gave you the Fetal Pill again."

"Yes.But don't doubt Senior Three-Eyed, I'm not worthy at all, and there's no way the princess will like me.If you don't believe me, you can ask the princess."

"Also, it seems that I was overly worried."

Tang Zichen felt that the Three-Eyed War God was a bit defensive of him.

"Tang Zichen, you're now a Xuanxian.

, you're ready to join the Wolf Squad, when are you going to report?"

Tang Zichen said, "It's been a long time since I've been home, so let me make a trip home."

"Yes, I'll give you six months then."


Tang Zichen went home happily.

"Dinglan, I'm back."

"Husband, you're back, there's no news at all."

"I've been assessed to the Sky Wolf Battle Team."

"Ah, you've become a Xuan Xian."


"Wow, our Ding family, we have a Sky Wolf, that's amazing."

"Hehe, stop boasting, let's start."Tang Zichen stopped Ding Lan at the waist.

"What are you doing."

"Asking knowingly.By the way, is Tang Huan here?"

"She's at the Academy of Fairies, what do you want."

"You tell me, I don't think two at a time will do."

"Fuck you."Ding Lan rolled her eyes.

But it was a pity that Tang Huan wasn't here, quite a pity.

Then we'll have to go to the Academy of Immortality afterwards.

At that moment, Ding Lan suddenly said, "Right, Tang Zichen, there's one thing I forgot to tell you."


"Tang Huan said that something has happened to your lover named Mu Qianji."

"What? "Tang Zichen rolled over, seemingly not at all interested anymore.

Ding Lan said, "Don't worry, when I say something happened, it's not something, it's, Mu Qianji left the Immortal Academy."

"Where did she go?Why did you leave?"

"I heard that she doesn't want to stay at the Immortal Academy, and she's pretty strong, but you've just been ignoring her for a long time."

"Uh, yeah?Very strong?"

"Yes, I only met those relatives of yours after Tang Huan introduced them last time at the Academy of Immortals.At that time, I thought she must be extraordinary, when she was already a Heavenly Immortal.It's very rare for Immortal Academy to reach Heavenly Immortal so quickly."

"Oh, I don't know about that, indeed, I've seldom even seen her since I left Upper Yama, I don't even know what happened to her."

"I heard that she went to the Eastern Sheng Shenzhou."

"Why did she go to the Eastern Sheng Shenzhou?"

"I think the first one is that she doesn't want to waste her time at the Fairy Academy anymore, and the second one is that she doesn't want to continue living under your aura."

"Well, I'm sure she'll be fine, come on, continue."

"Go on you head, it's all interrupted."

"Haha."Tang Zichen pounced on it.

Tang Zichen's entry into the Wolf Squad was soon known throughout the Ding family, and the face-loving Ding Cang Vault was ready to invite a table of ten thousand, a month later.

Tang Zichen originally disagreed, but when he thought of what he had said before, he agreed to clear Ding Lan's name.

Tang Zichen was prepared to clear Ding Lan's name on the day he invited the guests.

Of course, the matter of saving the Nine Daoist Demon King was not forgotten by Tang Zichen, and it could not be delayed, the Demon King had been imprisoned for so long, and his youth had been wasted for so long.

However, Tang Zichen still didn't know where the Devil King was locked up at the moment, and he would have to investigate afterwards.

Tang Zichen left the Ding family and arrived at the location where he had sensed the Devil King last time.

Tang Zichen stood in the same position he had sensed last time and shouted, "Senior Demon King, do you hear my voice?"

But alas, the Devil didn't respond.

"It's not like it's already been moved, or, it's already dead, right?"Don Zidon was a nervous wreck.


Tang Zichen tried again for a long time, sparing the surrounding area, and the Devil King did not appear again.

In the past, as long as Tang Zichen appeared within a certain range of this area, the Devil King's Immortal Sense was able to discover Tang Zichen and communicate with him.

The Devil King's Immortal Sense was very strong, and the person who captured the Devil King was at least at the Immortal level, but the Devil King, who was just a Daoist Immortal, was able to make it impossible for even Immortals to discover him, so it was clear that the Devil King was originally a non-equal person.

Suddenly, Tang Zichen looked towards an overhanging island in the distance.

The Devil King was held in one of the homes on that island.

Tang Zichen flew up.

"What for."A man asked.

"This hanging island, how many families live there?"

"Why do you ask?"

"If you don't, you'll die."

"Yoho, boy, very tuggy, a Xuan Xian, and you dare to be so arrogant in front of me."The man sneered, he was an Imperial Immortal, one level higher than Tang Zichen. Remember the website

Tang Zichen took out his sword and said, "I'll remind you again, if you don't say it, you'll die."

"Fuck you, a Xuan Xian, daring to be arrogant in front of me."That Tai Xian was furious, but this Tai Xian had no idea who the person in front of him was, this was Tang Zichen.It didn't matter if he didn't know Tang Zichen, as long as he knew that Tang Zichen had entered the Sky Wolf Battle Team.

"Buzz."Tang Zichen struck with his sword.

That Tai Xian's mouth snorted in contempt, he wasn't someone who could fight, just an ordinary Tai Xian, if Tang Zichen was also an ordinary Xian, he would definitely not be a match.

"Ka-cha."Tang Zichen cut off that Tai Xian's head with his sword.

However, Tang Zichen didn't kill his Primordial Spirit.

Tang Zichen placed his sword across the neck of that Tai Immortal's Yuan Shen.

"Ah, good man spare his life."That Tai Immortal was scared.

"Say, this hanging island, who lives here?"

"I said that there are four families living separately, the Leng family, the Hu family, the Gao family, and the Mi family, of which the Leng family occupies two-thirds of the entire Hanging Island, and the other three families together only occupy one-third of the area."

"Why can the Leng Clan take up so much?"

"Originally, the four families shared this Hanging Island area equally, but because of the rise of the Leng Clan, one of the strongest people has emerged, and is now a high ranking immortal.Moreover, this Leng Clan has many very talented offspring, and there is even a scion of one of the ten most talented and beautiful women in the Heavenly Realm, so it can be called a boom."

"Which family are you from?"

"I'm from the Hu Clan, I still hope that Senior will be gracious and not cut off my Yuan Shen."

Tang Zichen let that Yuan Shen go.

The person who captured the Demon King was one of the four families of this Hanging Island, Leng, Hu, Gao and Mi, as for which family, Tang Zichen guessed that ninety percent was the Leng family, because the Leng family had risen and dominated two-thirds of the entire Hanging Island as soon as it rose, which showed that this Leng family was very ambitious.It was because of their ambition that they were so greedy for the Immortal Machine Turing Method, if they had the Immortal Machine Turing Method, they could obviously strengthen the family, although the Immortal Machine Turing Method had a limit, the family would already be strong enough if everyone could become a Dao Immortal.

Tang Zichen had to find a way to blend into the Leng family and find clues to the Demon King.

Of course, Tang Zichen could also go find helpers, but it was not appropriate to make this matter known, because what if there were more people who wanted the Immortal Tathagata Method?

Moreover, if we alert the snake, we are afraid that the Leng family will destroy the evidence, and the devil will be quickly made if he is not dead.


After thinking it over, I still decided to mix into the Leng family and plan how to rescue them after finding the news of the Demon King first.

But how to proceed?

Tang Zichen arrived at the military camp.

"Hey, Brother Tang, what are you doing here, I heard that you have successfully entered the Sky Wolf Battle Team."Ming Cheng saw Tang Zichen and said very enthusiastically.

"Brother, I am here to visit you."

"Haha, Brother Tang has a good heart, but you are now mixed up in the world, big brother is a bit afraid to reach higher."

"Where is big brother talking about, even if I enter the Sky Wolf Battle Team, I'm only a seventh rank official ah, it's not as good as big brother you."

"Don't be modest, you're a person of Princess Nianxie."

"To put it nicely, you are the princess's person, to put it badly, you are the princess's dog, aren't you."

"Haha, you're also really, Tangdi."

"Big brother, I'll buy you a drink."

"Fine, let's go, I'll take you to a place to drink."

Tang Zichen and Ming Cheng came to a very busy and bustling place and found a nice restaurant.

"Do you know why I brought you here for a drink, because the owner of this restaurant is a cousin of the Empress, he, by virtue of his relationship with the Empress, will occasionally get some Jade Territory Qiong Brew, this is a fine wine that is only available in the Immortal Palace."

"Wow, it's so good, I must drink it then."

During the banquet, Tang Zichen asked, "Brother, how much do you know about the Leng family?"

"The Leng family?Which cold house?"

"The one whose family has a top ten genius beauty, the Leng family."

"Haha, the one you're talking about is Leng Lone Moon, right."

"I want to know more about this Leng family."

"I don't know much about the Leng Family, but I do know something about it, the Leng Family has been developing quite well in the last few billion years, it was originally just an ordinary Immortal family, but since the rise of a person from their family named Leng Tianling, who became a high-priced Immortal and was inducted into a key position in the Immortal Pavilion, the Leng Family has risen completely.Moreover, the Leng family had several other very strong descendants since this Leng Tianling, and among them, one of his granddaughters was Leng Guiyue, one of the ten most talented and beautiful women in the Immortal World.That Leng Leng Yue, has already entered the Sky Wolf Battle Team.That's all I know, why are you suddenly asking about this, could it be that you've fallen in love with that Leng Guoliu Yue again?"

"Oh, brother is joking, I was just asking.Right.That Leng Tianling, how strong is he?"

"Leng Tianling, is also an Immortal Legend, very powerful, probably not too far off from the old war gods like the Three-Eyed War God, the Wind and Fire War God, and the Totha War God.By the way, the Totha War God is very close to Leng Tianling, and back then, the Totha War God even married his daughter to Leng Tianling."

"Oh."Tang Zichen was shocked.

Unexpectedly, the Leng family was so powerful, reaching this level, not to mention that they hadn't found the Demon King, even if they did find the Demon King, the Demon King was placed in front of Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen couldn't save it.

Because, someone who could be on par with the Three-Eyed War God, even if Tang Zichen asked Princess Nianxie for help, he might not be able to save the Demon King.

Tang Zichen exhaled deeply, it seemed that the Demon King was not as simple to save as he thought.The person who hit the attention of the Immortal Machine Tumeric Method was someone who had such a position in the Heavenly Realm.

"Brother Tang, come, it's rare to meet, let's drink up."

"Okay, cheers."Tang Zichen drank it all while saying inside, "Senior Demon King, don't worry, even if it's hard, I'll save you."


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