The King of Kungfu in school 2281-2285


Chapter 2281

"Brother Tang, Princess Nianxie asked me to assist you, if there is anything you want me to help you with, just tell me."

Tang Zichen said, "I want Shen Pill's head on the ground."

"No problem, don't say one Shen Pill, even if we add his father, we can land heads together."

"Really?"Tang Zichen asked in surprise.

"That's natural, as long as that Shen Pill did destroy the Heavenly Emotion System without permission, then it's a violation of Heaven's rules, it's not a problem to have his entire family's heads on the ground."

"It's not necessary for the whole family's head to fall to the ground, after all, I'm not that ruthless, I just need Shen Pill, his father, and that what's more, Lord Oil, the three of them to behead him."

"Good, I hear you, so let's go find the evidence now, it has to be there."

"But the evidence has been removed."

"Don't worry, as long as they've actually done it, there's no fear of finding evidence."

Tang Zichen and Palace Master Si, immediately arrived at the Heavenly Emotions Divine Palace.

When they arrived at the gate, they did not see Shen Medicine. One second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen said angrily, "Last time Shen Yao was still here watching the gate, it's only been a few days and he's no longer watching the gate, he must have been transferred back."

Palace Master Si asked a gate watcher, "Why isn't Shen Medicine here watching the gate anymore?"

The gate watcher said, "Originally he was punished by Lord Oil for making a mistake and was punished to come out to look at the gate, but after only a few days, Shen Yao was reassigned back, I heard that Shen Yao's father is very close to Lord Oil, so punishing him to come out to look at the gate is just a meaningful thing."

Tang Zichen snorted, "It's so damn dark, but unfortunately, he kicked the iron plate this time, Shen Yao, and his father, and that Lord Oil, you're finished."

Tang Zichen and Si Gongye wanted to go in.

"Stop, not everyone can enter the Heavenly Emotions Divine Palace."That gatekeeper said.

Palace Lord Si said, "Are you seriously going to stop me?"

"Sorry, no outsiders are allowed to enter."

At this moment, a man came out from inside, and that man laughed, "Palace Master Si, you're here."

A man about the same size as Palace Master Si walked out.

Palace Master Si was also busy greeting, "Palace Master Bai, I've come to investigate a case of destroying the Heavenly Emotion System on the orders of Princess Nianxie, and I hope that Palace Master Bai will facilitate it."

That Palace Master Bai was the Palace Master of the Heavenly Emotions Divine Palace, and his status was as good as that of Palace Master Si.Of course, it was not much higher than that Lord Oil, who was, at best, a minor director level.

"Haha, Palace Master Si is polite, to be honest, I've already gotten the information."

"Erm, you already know about it?That's easy to do."

"To tell you the truth, early this morning, Princess Nianzhi sent someone to inform me, so I've been waiting for you for quite some time."That White Palace Master looked towards Tang Zichen and smiled, "This must be Tang Zichen, Brother Tang."

"Senior Tang Zichen, greeting the White Palace Master."

"You're welcome, brother Tang, if you need me to do anything, just say so."The White Palace Master smiled.

Tang Zichen knew that at the moment, they were being so polite to him all because of the princess, if it wasn't for the princess, how would these people take a second look at Tang Zichen.

Now, Tang Zichen was also not polite and said; "Some time ago, someone modified my emotional line without permission, but when they found out, not only was it fine, but they were also very arrogant, this person, is Shen Medicine."


nbsp; "Good, first go to my office hall, I will immediately order someone to call Shen Medicine here."

After waiting in the White Palace Master's office palace for a while, Shen Medicine was called in, and at the same time, along with that Lord Oil came.

They didn't know what had happened, and when they came, their faces were quite happy, and they thought, it was the White Palace Master who had ordered them to do something.

However, when they arrived at the White Palace Master's office hall and saw Tang Zichen, Shen Medicine's face changed.

"Tang, Tang Zichen, you, why are you here."Shen Pill's body trembled.

That Oil Lord also had a straight frown on his brow.

The White Palace Lord slapped the table and said angrily, "Oil Liang, you can know the crime."

That Oil Lord was busy saying, "Palace Master, what crime have I committed?"

"Hmph, Oil Liang, you don't even know how to repent, you disappoint me.And you, Shen Pill, you dared to modify the Heavenly Emotion System without permission, when the Immortal Emperor had already issued a decree that anyone who dared to destroy the Heavenly Emotion System, the entire family would be killed."

Shen Pill was busy cunningly defending, "Palace Master, I didn't, I just came here for an external internship in a regular manner, someone must have framed me, oh, I know, it must be Tang Zichen."Shen Pill pointed at Tang Zichen and yelled.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Shen Medicine, you know very well whether you've done it or not.Do you think we are here to judge you?You're wrong, we're here to arrest you directly, whether you're cunning or not, the result will be the same."

"Tang Zichen, don't bully others too much."

"Mum, you are bullying others too much, and you are still talking about me, a few days ago, who told me that your father is Shen Gang, hmm, today, Shen Gang also has to kill his head."

Shen Medicine looked towards the White Palace Master and shouted, "White Palace Master, don't be deceived by him, I really didn't, he framed me, if I really did it, please ask him to show me the evidence."

The White Palace Master said, "Shen Medicine, what's the use of your cunning, if Tang Zichen says there is, then there is, understand?It doesn't matter anymore if you really have one or not, besides, you do."

"You guys, you're disregarding people's lives, I'm going to denounce you to the Immortal Emperor."

The White Palace Lord looked at Lord Oil and said, "Oil Liang, what else can you say now, if you confess in time, I will apply upwards to give you a light sentence, otherwise, you will only die a miserable death, as well as implicate your whole family."


"Oil Liang, you've followed me for so long, don't say that I didn't help you, you're the one who didn't cherish the opportunity."

That oil lord gave up on the dark and said, "Bai Palace Master, you have to decide for me ah, this matter, it really has nothing to do with me, I have no grievance with Tang Zichen, and I am an administrator, how could I know the law, it was Shen Medicine he? s, who implicated me."

"Tell it like it is."

Next to Shen Yao shouted, "Uncle Oil, you and my father, you are eight bosom friends, you mustn't talk nonsense ah."

Shen Yao thought that as long as Lord Oil didn't say anything, no more evidence could be found, but Lord Oil didn't dare to gamble with his own life.

So, that Lord Oil, he gave an account in full.

After giving an account, Shen Yao sat on the ground with his buttocks, his face was white.

"Shen Pill, what sophistry are you making now, do you still admit it or not."

"Palace Master spare my life, I was momentarily confused."Shen Dao stopped being cunning and started begging for mercy.

However, Palace Master Bai ignored Shen Pill and said to Tang Zichen and Palace Master Si, "Brother Tang, Palace Master Si, now that the case has been investigated, originally Oil Liang was also involved, but he made up for his mistake and confessed, and, his fault is also my fault, can you, for my sake, let Oil Liang off lightly?"


Tang Zichen said, "Bai Palace Master, Oil Liang Ben is not at fault, if he honestly explains how Shen Medicine's father, how he paid a bribe, allowing him to bend the law, I can consider not pursuing it."

"Oil Liang, you heard me, don't hurry up and give an account."Bai Palace Master said to Oil Liang.


Oil Liang also gave a full account of how Shen Medicine's father had found him and asked him to help Shen Medicine erase the evidence, as well as transferring Shen Medicine back from the gatekeeper and such.

Palace Master Si stood up and tied Shen Pill up at once.

"Go, Shen Pill, come with me to the Law Enforcement Divine Palace and await execution."

"No."Shen Medicine shrieked and looked at Tang Zichen and begged for mercy, "Tang Zichen, please spare me, I won't dare again."

Tang Zichen grunted, "Go to hell, you still have the nerve to beg me for mercy, you're breaking the rules of heaven."

Palace Master Si grabbed Shen Pill and walked away.

As for that Oil Liang, Palace Master Si was also giving face to Palace Master Bai, how to deal with it, let Palace Master Bai see for himself.

Along the way, Shen Pill cried out for his father and mother. The first website

Tang Zichen said, "Palace Master Si, are we going to grab Shen Pill and return to the Law Enforcement Divine Palace now?"

"No, go along to the Shen family and arrest his father Shen Gang along with him before returning to the Law Enforcement Divine Palace."

"Yay, Palace Master Si is so crisp in his work."

"Brother Tang is overpraised, since the princess has commanded me, I naturally can't do anything hastily."

Shen Pill cried out, "Tang Zichen, you will die a horrible death."

Tang Zichen snorted, "At this time, still talking tough, I'll see who will not die a good death.Palace Master Si, Shen Yao and Shen Gang, violating the rules of heaven, what should be done?"

"Of course, there's no need to say that, it's a straightforward death sentence.However, the procedure must go a bit, before returning to the Law Enforcement Divine Palace, you must go to the Judicial Divine Palace for approval before you can execute the death sentence."

"Okay, by the way, that Shen Gang, he's from the Judicial Divine Palace."

"Hmph, it's just a little judge from the Judicial Divine Palace."The Judicial Divine Palace Master trailed off.

Soon, he arrived at Shen's house, but Shen Gang wasn't at home, and only when asked did he realize that Shen Gang had gone to work, which meant that Shen Gang was at the Judicial Divine Shrine.

This was even better, going directly to the Judicial Divine Palace to arrest someone.

In a certain office hall of the Judicial Shrine, the Division Palace Master arrested Shen Gang on the spot.

That Shen Gang actually still didn't know what had happened.

"What are you arresting me for?Do you want to rebel?"Shen Gang yells in anger.

After grabbing Shen Gang out of the gate and seeing his son, Shen Medicine, outside, Shen Gang realizes that something big is wrong.

The palace master of the Death Law God Palace, also appeared.

He personally acts as the judge and holds a trial on the spot.

Then, he brought Shen Medicine and his son up.

"Shen Pill, Shen Gang, do you know the crime?"


"Well, it's good that you know the crime."

"Presiding Judge, we're really innocent."

"Fine, since you guys are so cooperative, I won't be long-winded, let's pronounce the sentence now."That presiding judge completely answered the question, not caring at all what Shen Medicine and his son said.

"Presiding Judge, do you have to bow to the evil forces as well?I'm begging you."Shen Gang yelled.

But that presiding judge said, "Shen Gang, I now sentence you, death sentence, to be carried out tomorrow at noon on the Chaoyang Gate Celestial Execution Terrace.Do you have any objections?"

"I'm not convinced, Judge, I'm not convinced."

"Well, very well, you have no objection.

Then sign and draw."

"Ahhhh, Inquisitor, did you hear what I said exactly?"Shen Gang yelled in anger.

The presiding judge said, "You're not comfortable signing it, so fine, I'll sign it for you.Next, Shen Medicine, given that you have committed a really serious crime, I also sentence you to death."

Shen Medicine yelled, "I'll go you?"

The judge said, "You know you're wrong!That's good, and saves me from having to interrogate you again.You tell me yourself, which kind of death you want."

Shen Medicine gritted his teeth and said, "You will be punished."

The Judge said, "You don't know which way of death is better?Requesting out-of-court support?Well, I'll let the people outside the courtroom tell you which death suits you.Do any of you have a good suggestion?"

Tang Zichen said, "Judge, forget it, punish him with a five thunderbolts, let him die a quick and less painful death."Tang Zichen originally thought of executing him in the early hours of the morning, or slowly torturing him to death, but after thinking about it, he had to be spared, so he suggested giving a five thunderbolts and dying in one second, this was the best way to die without any pain.

The Inquisitor said, "In that case, I'll do as you say, five thunderbolts."

Shen Medicine looked at Tang Zichen and gritted his teeth, "Tang Zichen, I will not let you go even if I were a ghost."

Tang Zichen said, "Shen Medicine, you brought everything on yourself."

The presiding judge shouted, "The trial is over, adjourn the court."

When the court was adjourned, the order was immediately given to hand over to the Law Enforcement Divine Palace, after which the two criminals were handed over to the Law Enforcement Divine Palace, and the executions after that would be the responsibility of the Law Enforcement Divine Palace.Of course, if the Law Enforcement Divine Palace raised objections, then a retrial would be required, but unfortunately, the Law Enforcement Divine Palace had no objections to the Judicial Divine Palace's verdict, so it would wait for tomorrow's execution.

Tang Zichen sighed in his heart, finally, making Shen Medicine pay the price.

The next day at noon, Tang Zichen arrived at Xingtai outside the Chaotian Gate.

Starting very early, there was a crowd of onlookers here.

At around noon, Shen Medicine and Shen Gang were escorted here.

A night without seeing, Shen Yao is emaciated, Shen Gang is also full of death, two dying people, really pitiful.

Tang Zichen looked at them and also sighed.

However, Tang Zichen couldn't let them go, besides, things had come to this point, it wasn't something that Tang Zichen could just let go, to this point, they had to be killed, otherwise, others would say that the Heavenly Emotions Divine Palace, the Judicial Divine Palace, and the Law Enforcement Divine Palace were all favoring the law, there was no more room for them.

"The noon hour has arrived."

First, Shen Gang was taken to the stage, and was executed by the executioner with the Death Sword, beheading his head as well as his primordial spirit in one stroke.

"Father."Shen Medicine hissed, at this moment, Shen Medicine actually regretted incomparably inside, really didn't expect that Tang Zichen would have such a deep backstage and actually make the Judicial and Law Enforcement Divine Palace completely favor him.

Next, it was Shen Yao.

Huge thunder the size of a house in the sky blew down, and it was five thunderbolts, one after the other, and by the time the five thunderbolts came down, Shen Medicine was already ashes and smoke.

Just like that, the execution was complete.

Tang Zichen left Xingtai in silence, saying in his heart, "Shen Medicine, I hope you don't blame me, you were the one who first provoked me."

Tang Zichen returned to the barracks, and it was time for Tang Zichen to find the Three-Eyed War God next.

Tang Zichen wanted to use his ability to get into the Wolf Battle Team, it was not sure if it would be difficult, Tang Zichen could only try his best.

However, as soon as Tang Zichen arrived at the barracks, a beautiful woman came looking for him.

"Er, Mingyue, what are you doing here, weren't you sent out to the Heavenly Division Shrine?"

"Tang Zichen, I came back specifically to find you."Akatsuki said.


"Oh, what is it?"

"Tang Zichen, can you, can you forgive my grandfather?"Akatsuki pleaded.

"Ah, for this matter."

"Yeah, my grandfather specifically sent my brother to call me back."

"Honestly, I didn't take it to heart at all, what do you mean by forgiveness."

"That means, you and my family, are still friends?"

"I'm friends with you, and your brother."

"What about with my family?"

"Why does it have to be with your house?"

"Tang Zichen, my grandfather wants to invite you to my house as a guest."

"Damn, still a guest, your grandfather thinks that he hasn't humiliated me enough today, right."" Remember the URL

"It's not that, my grandfather really wants to apologize to you."

"Alright, there's no need, I'm not a big person, there's no need to please me, even if I do, I won't get anything in return.Let's leave it at that, Ming Yue, I'm going to go to the Three-Eyed War God, I'm going to take the assessment and enter the Sky Wolf Battle Team."

"Tang Zichen, you're amazing."

"Oh, I'm just going through the motions, I'm leaving."

"Mm."Ming Yue looked a little lost, leaving after such a hasty meeting.

After taking a few steps, Tang Zichen suddenly turned back and said, "Ming Yue, if you request me, I'm willing to go back to the Three-Eyed War God tomorrow."

"Why should I request you, are you willing to accompany me today?"

"Haha, anything can happen if you want it to, oh."

"Uh-huh, so you stay with me and go back tomorrow."


Tang Zichen decidedly didn't leave again and went with Ming Yue, and they played late.

At night, they stood on the street of an overhanging island.

"Are we going back to the barracks tonight?"Akatsuki asked.

Tang Zichen smiled, "It's a bit too late to go back to the barracks, and we're running a bit far for the day."

"So what do you mean?"

"There's a fairy inn up ahead, why don't you go to the inn and deal with it?"

"Are we together?"

"If there's only one room left, then how about we stay together, and if there's more than one room, then we'll stay separately, depending on God's will?"Don Zichen suggested.

"Well, it's heavenly to see."

Tang Zichen and Ming Yue walked to the inn not far ahead.

"Hello, boss, help me open two upper rooms."Tang Zichen said, at the moment, both Tang Zichen and Ming Yue were a bit nervous, wondering if there were two rooms.

Just as their hearts beat faster, that boss said, "Okay Le, two upper rooms."

Suddenly, Tang Zichen felt a pity inside, it seemed that it was God's will.

Likewise, Ming Yue heard that there were two rooms, and for some reason, she felt a little lost inside, perhaps, she was more looking forward to only one room inside.

However, at that moment, things took a turn for the worse.

That boss said, "Oh my, coincidentally, there are no more two upper rooms, only one room left, I was expecting two more, just now someone has already registered."

"Ah, yeah, great."Tang Zichen was overjoyed.

Akatsuki also visibly blushed as a flash of joy appeared on his face, but immediately covered it up again and blushed.

That boss was depressed that there weren't two rooms, but it was actually too good.

"Boss, one room then, thanks."

Tang Zichen received the Immortal Stone Room Card and said to Ming Yue, "Let's go, there's only one room left, it seems, it's the will of the gods."

"Mm."Ming Yue nodded shyly and followed Tang Zichen upstairs with her head down.

That boss watched them.

The figure of the man, a burst of inner envy: "A stunning beauty, if I were that man, I'd really die of pleasure."

Using the room card, he entered that upper room.

The room here was no ordinary room, once you entered the room, it was like coming to another world.

Ming Yue blushed, "What are we doing tonight?"

"What do you think?"

"I'm asking you."

"Oh, if it's God's will, do you think it's fair to God not to do something about it?"


"What does oh mean, that you're looking forward to doing something, too?"

"But, in case my family finds out, I'm one of the top ten genius beauties in the Immortal Realm."

"I, on the other hand, am the number one genius handsome man in the Heavenly Realm."

"How narcissistic."

"There's an open-air bath there in front, how about we get naked and go swimming?"

"Ah."Akatsuki blushed up to his ears.

"Then I'll go down first."

Presently, Tang Zichen entered the bathing pool naked, while Ming Yue blushed and stood on the shore, not daring to do anything.

"Akatsuki, come down, no one can see you anyway."


"Don't but, come down, since God has arranged for us to share a room, this means that anything can happen."

Ming Yue jumped down with her clothes on, and Tang Zichen swam up, after which Tang Zichen was very aggressive, Ming Yue wanted to resist and return, and finally, with a half-hearted effort, something happened with Tang Zichen that shouldn't have happened.

Two hours later, Tang Zichen and Mingyue were holding each other in the bathing pool.

"Zichen, I think I'm finished, I never dreamed that I would end my career as a young girl tonight.What to do."

"Haha, what can I do, look at it, if it doesn't work, I'll marry."

"But, you already have Ding Lan, and that Ding Huan or something."

Tang Zichen didn't tell her, I have more than two women than them, it's better not to say anything now.

"Mingyue, I'm not to blame, it's God's will."

"I'm not blaming you."

"Then do you regret it?"

"Of course not, in fact, you know, I've liked you for a long time."

"Then there's nothing to be bothered about, we'll hang out sometime."

"Nasty."Ming Yue's pretty face blushed.

Early the next morning, Tang Zichen and Ming Yue left the inn, Ming Yue returned to the Heavenly Division Divine Palace while Tang Zichen headed to the Three Eyed War God's residence.

As for Tang Zichen and Ming Yue's relationship, it could only remain underground for now, and the rest would be discussed later.

Tang Zichen soon arrived at the residence of the Three-Eyed War God, the Three-Eyed War God lived on a small isolated island not far from the Immortal Court, this small hanging island was very beautiful, the entire island was owned by the Three-Eyed War God alone, only someone of his level would be worthy to live in such a good location, and a separate island, of course, all the islands here were immortal islands suspended in the sky, non-sea islands, there was a world of difference between the two.

"Senior War God, I've come."Tang Zichen saw the Three-Eyed War God.

"Tang Zichen, what took you so many days to come, have you finished your business."

"Back to the God of War, it's done."

"Good, then, I'll ask you once more now, are you really going to be tested to enter the Sky Wolf Battle Team?If it's not too late for you to regret it now, I can just arrange for you to enter without having to be assessed."

"Why should I regret, I'm just going to enter the Sky Wolf Battle Team on my own, I won't let anyone look down on me."

"Tang Zichen, I can tell you that originally you are the one who hasn't met the requirements to enter the Sky Wolf Battle Team, so if you conduct the assessment now, I doubt you will die because you can't reach your own ability yet, thus you will die in the assessment, have you really thought about it carefully?"


"Very well, that doesn't disappoint me, so let's go and go for the assessment."

Tang Zichen followed the Three-Eyed War God to a magnificent hall.

The Three-Eyed War God pointed to a doorway in front of him and said, "Go in."

"Oh."Tang Zichen walked into that doorway in the grand hall, which was dark.

At that moment, Tang Zichen's ears rang with the voice of the Three-Eyed War God, "Tang Zichen, you are about to enter the Sacred Ancient World, your assessment is simple, live in the Sacred Ancient World."

"How long do I have to live?How many days?"

"Not a few days, but a long time, when you step into the Xuanxian, you leave the Sacred Ancient World, but of course, you must successfully pass the final assessment, so cheer up."

"Ah, so long."Tang Zichen was dumbfounded, he was now a mid-Dao Immortal, to step into the Xuan Immortal, it wasn't something that could be achieved in a short period of time, and what final assessment was there.

The Three-Eyed War God said, "Everyone who enters the Heavenly Wolf Battle Team has been assessed this way, truth be told, at this moment in the Sacred Ancient World, there are two others like you who have yet to come out of the assessment inside, well, good luck."

After saying that, Tang Zichen felt his surroundings suddenly change, Tang Zichen appeared in a primitive place filled with savages, the kind of ancient tribes.

The savages here were so ugly that they simply couldn't be described as human. A second to remember to read the book

Just then, a wild man saw Tang Zichen, and that wild man immediately whined, not knowing what words he said, and then jumped at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen's eyes looked, and the savages that jumped at him, surprisingly, every single one of them was a mid-Dao Immortal, and even a child savage not far away was also a mid-Dao Immortal.

"This, how is this possible."Tang Zichen was dumbfounded.

Countless wildlings, countless mid-Dao Immortals.

Tang Zichen no longer had time to think too much and immediately made a sword move to kill the savage that jumped on him.

However, no matter how Tang Zichen killed it, in less than a minute, the dead savage came back to life intact, which was just to hell.

With just this nest of savages, Tang Zichen could not finish killing them even after several hours, Tang Zichen seemed to be in an endless killing spree.

However, the savages wouldn't die, while Tang Zichen would die, and the strength in his body gradually diminished.

Tang Zichen had been killing for several hours and could no longer carry it a bit.

"Ahhhh, is it, am I going to die just after I fucking come in?I can't even finish killing them if they die and come back to life like this, no, I have to run first."

Although they were both mid-Dao Immortals, these savages were no match for Tang Zichen, but a swarm of them could bury Tang Zichen with all their blood.

At this moment, in the distance, a man and a woman were standing on top of a tree.

The man said, "Here comes another assessment."

The female nodded, "That man, his fighting strength is not bad, all at the same level, he feels like he's killing weaker ones."

"As strong as he is, he's not as strong as you."

"That's not necessarily true, maybe he's saving a hand."

"It's been hours and he still hasn't finished killing, it's not like he's saving a hand.If he doesn't kill all the savages within a minute, the savages will keep resurrecting all the time, but there are a hundred savages besieging him at the moment, and killing a hundred of the same level in a minute is not something that a normal newcomer can do."

"I don't know what's going on with this kid, when we first entered the Sacred Ancient World assessment, our first encounter was only fifty or so savages, and he, directly a hundred, this appetizer is good."


sp; "Random, anywhere from fifty to a hundred."

"Are we going to go up and help him a bit?"The woman said.

"Or no he can still manage on his own, but if he really can't, let's talk about it."

Tang Zichen tried to run, but he couldn't, because no matter how he ran, he was within range of this nest of savages.

"Shit, do, do I have to kill all the wildlings?"

At this time, Tang Zichen had a clever idea, these savages, usually resurrected in about a minute, if, he killed all the savages in a minute, wouldn't that smooth his escape?But killing a hundred of his peers a minute, Tang Zichen had never done it before, and the savages here were much stronger than the ordinary mid-Dao Immortals outside.

"Looks like I have to kill all the savages in a minute."

Tang Zichen began to work in this direction.

Tang Zichen put out his milk strength, and finally, he killed over fifty within a minute.

"No, it's still halfway there."

"Come again."

Tang Zichen continued again, but unfortunately, his combat power was already at its highest, no matter how much he killed, he still couldn't kill all of them within a minute, and Tang Zichen didn't hide his combat power, so it was useless to try again.

Tang Zichen's Star Hidden Technique couldn't be of much use in this situation.

For the first time, Tang Zichen felt that he was actually quite weak.

Tang Zichen was getting exhausted, if he continued like this, he was really going to die here.

"I must have my fighting power, the power of my Star Hidden Great Law, increase in an instant."

Tang Zichen immediately closed his eyes and entered the depth space.

Unfortunately, when Tang Zichen opened his eyes half a second later, he didn't do it, meaning that Tang Zichen's idea to upgrade the Star Hidden Great Law had failed.

Of course, it could also be that there was too little time.

"It seems that I can only start with the Sun and Moon Divine Sword and the Shura Divine Blade.The Sun and Moon Divine Sword and the Shura Divine Saber, I've trained to more than eighty layers, and the combination of the swords is as powerful as 130 layers, I must now upgrade these two Air Tearing Techniques to at least one hundred layers."

Tang Zichen closed his eyes again.

Half a second later, Tang Zichen failed again.

Half a second was about a few hours after entering the depth space, so short, it wasn't enough time.

Tang Zichen was a bit anxious.

"What to do, they all failed, which means I can't increase my fighting strength, if this continues, I'll be exhausted in a few hours."

At that moment, Tang Zichen had a flash of wisdom.

"The swords are combined, no matter how much they are combined, it's still the Sun and Moon Divine Sword and the Shura Divine Saber, what if, I can make these two air tearing techniques, fuse them together?Has it increased in power?Blade and sword fusion?"

Tang Zichen seemed to have found a way out.

Thus, Tang Zichen closed his eyes seven or eight times in a row, and when he opened them for the ninth time, the corners of Tang Zichen's mouth smiled slightly.

"Blade and sword fusion, I've completed it."

After the blade and sword fusion, Tang Zichen was no longer using the Sun and Moon Divine Sword and the Shura Divine Saber with his two hands separately, but instead, he had fused the two Air Tearing Techniques into one, turning it into a brand new kind of Air Tearing Technique.

Tang Zichen named it 'Sun and Moon Shura'.

The power of the Sun and Moon Shura was made by fusing the strongest power points of the two Air Tearing Techniques, the Sun and Moon Divine Sword and the Shura Divine Saber.


So, the power of the Sun and Moon Shura was no longer ordinary.

Tang Zichen's gaze chilled as he looked at the hundred or so savages in front of him, Tang Zichen held his sword in both hands.


More than twenty of them died in one fell swoop.


More than twenty more.

In five moves, Tang Zichen slashed all of the more than a hundred, and time, it was only thirty seconds.

Before, it was impossible to kill them in a minute, but now, when the Sun and Moon Divine Sword and Shura Divine Blade were evolved into Sun and Moon Shura, it was 30 seconds.

Tang Zichen smiled heedlessly.

Tang Zichen didn't run either, because his strength had increased and he wasn't afraid of the savage resurrection at all.

However, what Tang Zichen didn't expect was that after a minute, the savage didn't resurrect. First URL

Only then did Tang Zichen realize that as long as they killed all the savages within a minute, they wouldn't resurrect, and if they didn't kill all of them, they would keep resurrecting, and they would all be in a full-blooded state after resurrection.

At this moment, in the distance, on top of the tree, the woman said, "Who is this man, so powerful, he seems to have trained his Air Tearing Technique to a higher level, doing it in just a short period of time by entering deep space."

That man, seeing Tang Zichen so powerful, but he was not very comfortable inside.

Originally, here, there were only the two of them to assess, a man and a woman, but now another man had come, two men and a woman, and the man who had just arrived seemed to be very strong, so, uncomfortable.

Unfortunately, the woman was wrong, Tang Zichen wasn't practicing the Air Tearing Technique at a higher level at all, but, rather, a complete qualitative upgrade.

At a glance, Tang Zichen saw in the distance, a man and a woman standing on top of a tree.

Tang Zichen recalled that when he came in, the Three-Eyed War God said that there was already a man and a woman being assessed here.

Tang Zichen immediately flew up.

"Hello, you guys are the two that the Three-Eyed War God said were being assessed here, right?"Tang Zichen took the initiative to ask.

The man and the woman, the man was about 1.7 meters, his skin was a bit dark, his hair was a bit curly, and his lips were red, in short, they belonged to the uglier ones, while the woman, with a beautiful face and a beautiful body, was surprisingly a complete beauty, and had a special attractiveness about her.

That woman said, "Yes, my name is Cheng Yu."

"Cheng Yu?"Tang Zichen felt as if he had heard that name somewhere.

"What? You know me."That woman smiled somewhat proudly, after all, she did have a bit of a reputation, one of the top ten genius beauties of the Immortal Realm.

However, in the next moment, Tang Zichen shook his head and said, "Never heard of it."

"Oh."That Cheng Yu pursed his lips.

The ugly man standing behind Cheng Yu snorted, "Cheng Yu is one of the top ten genius beauties of the Immortal Realm, but you've never heard of it, I think you're just pretending."

"Pretend?Why do I have to pretend, my Tang Zichen Immortal Realm's first genius beautiful boy hasn't even said anything."

"Ah, the first genius beautiful boy of the Immortal Realm?How come I've never heard of it."

These two people, the woman was also a mid Dao Immortal, but the man, was a late Dao Immortal.

Tang Zichen said, "No kidding, my name is Tang Zichen, I hope the two of you will take care of me:"

Cheng Yu said, "You're welcome, by the way, but did you just practice the Sun and Moon Divine Sword and the Shura Divine Blade?"

"Exactly, are you too?"Tang Zichen asked.

"That's not true, what I practice is the Great Luo Galaxy Spell."

Tang Zichen was shocked, the Great Luo Galaxy Spell, this was a more powerful spell than the Star Shifting Great Law, or even the Star Hidden Great Law.

Unfortunately, such powerful spells were usually

It was not outwardly transmitted.

"Tang Zichen, you're amazing, you've just entered Deep Space more than ten times in a row, and you've also, in all that time, trained the Shura Divine Blade and the Sun and Moon Divine Sword in dozens of layers."

"Hehe."Tang Zichen didn't bother to explain.

Tang Zichen asked, "Can you tell me what's going on in the Sacred Ancient World?"

"It's just an assessment place ah, the battle you just experienced is just the first level, then there's the second level, the third level, and it's tougher than ever.For example, for the second level, you need to kill two hundred savages in one minute; for the third level, you need to kill three hundred in one minute; for the fourth level, five hundred in one minute.After that, there's five hundred in ten seconds, a thousand a second, and so on and so forth, harder and harder again and again.And we either improve in one kill, or die."

"I see."Tang Zichen ordered, killing five hundred and one thousand a second, that's not even close to powerful.

It seemed that after Tang Zichen, there were many, many areas of strength to be improved, or else he would definitely not be able to pass the assessment.

Cheng Yu added, "If you can reach Xuan Xian as fast as you can, then you only need to pass an ultimate difficulty, and you'll be considered to have passed the assessment.I don't know how difficult the ultimate difficulty will be.Those of us who haven't reached Xuanxian yet can only improve over and over again with one kill."

"Thank you for informing me, I already understand, until the next time, how long is it?"Tang Zichen asked.

Cheng Yu said, "Actually, you don't have to ask me, you can look at your palm yourself."

Tang Zichen was busy looking at his palm, and at some point, a line of small characters appeared in his palm.

It said, 'First level, pass."

"What does it mean?"

"Oh, you just killed over a hundred savages in a minute, that's your first level, the first level is usually just an appetizer; the second level is to kill two hundred savages a minute.If you think you have the strength, you can go through the second or even the third level right away.If you think you don't have the strength yet, don't be impulsive, study your strength and improve your strength before going."

"Oh, I see, dare I ask, how many levels are you all on now?"

Cheng Yu said, "I'm on the fourth level."

"Wow, one minute, killing five hundred of the same level savages?"

"Yes."Sunggyu nodded.

"Wow damn, so awesome."Tang Zichen was greatly impressed, Tang Zichen could now, based on the combat power of the first level just now, kill over two hundred a minute.

It didn't seem like a big difference.

Cheng Yu said, "This big brother Usui beside me, he's gotten through five levels."


Tang Zichen said, "Then where do I go to get through the second level now that I'm confident that I've passed the second level?"

"Follow me."

Tang Zichen followed that Cheng Yu to a short distance ahead, there was another tribe of savages over there.

"There's the second level there, two hundred savages, killing them all in one minute is considered getting through the second level."

"Hehe, I'm going then."

"Aren't you going to take a break?"

"No need, I have faith."

Tang Zichen immediately charged up.

After that, Tang Zichen cast Sun and Moon Shura, one slash was over twenty, and a minute later, exactly, Tang Zichen had killed off two hundred savages.

Tang Zichen looked at his palm again, showing a few words, the second level passed, and Tang Zichen smiled hehehe.

At this moment, in the main hall outside, the Three-Eyed War God was slightly shocked, "Did I miss it?Judging from Tang Zichen's destiny, it's not extremely outstanding, so how did he get through the second level in such a short time?"


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