The King of Kungfu in school 2276-2280


Chapter 2276

"Come on, don't just read about this one thing every day."

"If I don't recite this one thing, then do I have anything else to recite, everyone and everything else, I already know it inside, so what's there to recite."

"Also, but don't worry, Nian Shi has been very good since she was little, and she never messes up, you don't have to worry about anything happening to her, her destiny is higher than the three realms, even you can't kill her, even if she's broken all over, her soul will never die or be destroyed."

"I'm not worried about her right now, I'm worried about whether she'll find a man."

The Immortal Mother glared at the Immortal Emperor and said, "Nianxi's destiny is higher than the Three Realms, and within the Three Realms, there is no man she can see.Your worries will never exist."

"Words can't be so deadly, you have to know that Nian Tides' destiny is higher than the three realms, once someone is united with Nian Tides, I can't even predict that person anymore, it becomes, I have two unpredictable people."

"All that being said, it's the same words again."

Not knowing how long he had slept, Tang Zichen opened his eyes.

In a daze, the first thing Tang Zichen saw was, a woman dressed as a Xian Py.

"Ah, who are you?"Tang Zichen was busy asking.

That fairy said, "Tang Zichen, how did you find this place?" First web site

Tang Zichen touched his eyes and asked, "What is this place?I don't know ah, I walked and walked in a daze and came here, sister fairy, if I've offended you, I hope you'll forgive me, I'm leaving, I'll never bother you."

"Come on, it's no offense, if you have any questions, let my master talk to you."

"Your home lord is?"

At that moment, a woman whose beauty was deeper than the sky walked in and said, "It's me."

Tang Zichen immediately recognized that it was Princess Niancius.

"Ah, Princess Nian Tides, it's you?"

"Yes, it's me."

"Wuxian pays homage to the princess."Tang Zichen scrambled to pay his respects.

"No need to be polite, get up."

"Thank you, Your Highness."

"Alright, Tang Zichen, how did you end up here?"

"I really don't know, I was drinking while walking, the wine in the Immortal Realm was too strong, I was already drunk and confused, then I fell asleep on the ground and woke up and saw you guys."

Princess Nian Shi sighed inwardly, "I thought that it was impossible for me to run into Tang Zichen since I was hiding so far away, but I never thought that the heavens would arrange for me to be with him, no matter what, I couldn't hide.O Father, you have insight into all the three realms, perhaps, before I was even born, you have already seen what happened here today, and you, you really didn't even show any sign, did you really acquiesce to me and Tang Zichen getting together in the future?It's just a matter of time, since you all have acquiesced, I'll try to consider him, if in time I still can't accept him, then I can only go against the fate of heaven.Oh, what's the point of going against the fate of heaven, perhaps, my future, Father Emperor already knows whether I will be with Tang Zichen in the future or not."

Tang Zichen said, "Princess, I didn't know you were here, I'm really sorry ah, I'll leave right away."

"Wait."Tian Nian Shi shouted.

"Is there anything else Princess?"

Tian Nian Shi asked, "Tang Zichen, talk to me about you."

"Talk about me?"

"Yes, everything about you, from the time you were born."


bsp; "Oh."Tang Zichen was a bit confused, the princess even wanted to know him, was that, a good place to start?

Immediately, Tang Zichen told Tian Nianxi the things he had done since birth, bit by bit.

Although Tian Nianxi's destiny was higher than the Three Realms, she wasn't an Immortal Emperor, so naturally she wouldn't know various things about other people's past and present lives.

Tang Zichen talked about this for a day and a night, after all, Tang Zichen's experience was far more legendary than the average person's, that started from the weakest mortal and rose against the sky creating countless myths along the way.

After hearing Tang Zichen's journey all the way, Princess Tian Nianxi also exclaimed, "Tang Zichen, I didn't expect that you came from a mortal to cultivate against the sky, you can say that you are the first person within the three realms to do so, no wonder, no wonder."

"Er, hard to blame for what?"Don Zimmer asked.


What Princess Nianzhi wanted to say was, no wonder her father would acquiesce to him, his father already knew everything about Tang Zichen, knowing that Tang Zichen's future should be good, right?

"Princess, if there's nothing else, then I'll leave first."

"There's no need to rush, it's not impossible to stay with me for a few days, so I can observe you for a few more days."

"Er, observe me?"Tang Zichen was a little confused and was busy saying, "Princess, you're not planning to be with me, are you?"

"You think too much, and if you ever speak such nonsense again, don't blame me."

"Then why are you observing me?"

"I'm observing you, but I'm just trying to get myself, to make up my mind, to consider the future you, and even if I did consider the future you, that would be a very distant future to be with you."

"Oh, then in case the Immortal Emperor knows?"Tang Zichen frowned, the Immortal Emperor didn't even summon Tang Zichen, he wasn't even interested in bringing in the future Tang Zichen, how could he allow Tang Zichen to be with his daughter, wasn't this bullshit?Therefore, Tang Zichen's heart was not hopeful at all.

Princess Nian Shi said, "Don't worry, every word we say at this moment, and even everything that happens in our future, my father has known about it since before I was even born."

"Oh, also, the Immortal Emperor, that supreme of the three realms, knew what would happen, he already knew.If he really didn't allow it, he would have appeared long ago."Tang Zichen smiled bitterly, Tang Zichen already knew in his heart that the Immortal Emperor must have already known that his future with the princess was simply impossible, so no matter how Tang Zichen and the princess were entangled now, it would be fruitless, that's why the Immortal Emperor was just relieved, besides, Princess Nianzhi was still far more powerful than Tang Zichen.

"Princess, what do you want me to do?"

"No need to do anything, just accompany us and walk around in the Earth Immortal Realm."


Tang Zichen also figured it out now, no matter if his future was ordinary or not, it couldn't change that future anymore, so why be happy and live how he originally wanted to live.The beauties that he had met before and liked him, all of them were taken in and lived happily ever after.

Tang Zichen accompanied Princess Nianzhi and walked around the Earth Immortal Realm for a few months.

After half a year, Tang Zichen said, "Princess, I can't walk with you anymore, I have to go back to the barracks, my vacation is over."

Princess Nian Shi said, "It's okay, I'll have someone go and continue your leave for you, or, I'll transfer you to another place, you can go wherever you like."

Tang Zichen busily asked, "Thank you Princess, then can I be transferred to the Heavenly Division Divine Palace?"

Tang Zichen remembered that Ming Yue was there, Tang Zichen might as well go to the Heavenly Division Shrine and have a round with Ming Yue and enjoy the day.



"By the way, Princess, are you still short of guards around you?"

"What for?You want to be my guard?Unfortunately, you haven't met the requirements yet, and my guards, at least, are above immortal."

"Well then I can be your guard in the future, now, I'll book ahead."

Princess Nianzhi said, "That's still my final decision."

"What decision?"

"As I said before, if I'm going to eventually consider giving you a chance in the future, then I'll consider keeping you with me."

"Uh-oh.So it's been six months now and you still haven't made up your mind?"

"It's still a little ways off, but it's close.Well, I'll think about it another day and give you my answer tomorrow."

The next day.

Princess Nianzhi called Tang Zichen over. Remember the URL

"Tell me, Princess, what is your decision?"

Tian Nian Shi said, "Tang Zichen, in light of everything and various things, I've decided to try to accept you and give you a chance in the future.When you become a high ranking immortal in the future, if I haven't regretted it yet, then I will officially be with you and let you become my immortal son-in-law."

"Princess Xie, then, what about my current wives?"

"I don't like you right now, I'm just resigned to my fate and giving you a chance, so I'm not feeling any jealousy or anything like that, it doesn't matter."

"Oh, even though I know that in the end we're not going to work out at all, I still thank you."

Tang Zichen smiled bitterly, if he really became an Immortal Son-in-law in the future, the Immortal Emperor would not summon him?So, everything was in vain.

"Alright, we can go back to the Immortal Realm now, you go to the Heavenly Division Divine Palace first, someone will naturally make arrangements for you, after that, no matter what you do, everyone will know that you are my person, when you become an Immortal, you can come to me and be my guard first, and finally, when you become a high ranking Immortal, if I haven't changed my mind, then you will be my Immortal Son-in-law.Understood?"

"Oh, thank you Princess, so can I come to you before I become your guard?"

"Yes, but don't bother me too often, it's important occasionally."

"Good.By the way, Princess, there's something else I'd like to say."

"Please go ahead."

"I have a Heavenly Soldier on the same team, called Shen Medicine, that bastard, was sent out to the Heavenly Emotion Shrine, but he relied on his family connections to modify my emotional line, and he even connected my wife Ding Lan with a stranger.After this was found out, I thought that he would at least be killed, but I didn't expect that he was fine at all."

"Don't worry, when you go back, I will send a person to contact you and you will assist him with this matter, don't worry, no one will dare to commit fraud."

"Okay, thank you, Princess."

After that, Tang Zichen returned to the Celestial Realm.

Princess Nixie went straight back to the Immortal Court, and Tang Zichen, Princess Nixie told him to go back to the military camp first, at the latest three days, someone would bring Tang Zichen to report to the Heavenly Division Divine Palace.

Tang Zichen waited in the barracks for a day, and then someone came looking for him.

The captain, Ming Cheng, came running in a panic to find Tang Zichen.

"Brother Tang, Brother Tang."

"Big brother, what is it."

"Quick, go to my army tent, someone is looking for you."

"Who is it?"Tang Zichen already knew inside that it was sent by the princess.

"Yes, the Three-Eyed War God."

"What."Tang Zichen was shocked, Princess Nianzhi had sent the Three-Eyed War God.

Three-Eyed War God what.

Rank, how could Tang Zichen not know that even the highest officer of the camp, General Wuhe, had to worship the Three-Eyed War God, but right now, this Three-Eyed War God had been ordered by the princess to arrange for Tang Zichen.

Captain Ming Cheng said excitedly, "Brother Tang, honestly, what have you done and why did the Three-Eyed War God come looking for you?"

Tang Zichen smiled, "Hehe, didn't I tell you before, I'm a person of Princess Nennius, after I become an Immortal, I'll become Princess Nennius' guard, now, Princess Nennius has sent the Three-Eyed War God to find me, I guess she has some arrangements for me."

"Wow, I'm so jealous, Brother Tang, go quickly, don't make the Three-Eyed War God wait."


Tang Zichen immediately rushed to Captain Mingcheng's military tent, and indeed saw the Three-Eyed War God inside.

"Greetings to the Three-Eyed War God."

The Three-Eyed War God sized up Tang Zichen and said, "You are Tang Zichen?"


"From what Princess Nenshin said, you're one of his?"


Tang Zichen still quite admired the Three-Eyed War God because the Immortal Emperor could see the future, so Tang Zichen knew that he would not be able to reach the height of the Three-Eyed War God.

Tang Zichen was a little unhappy inside, but what could he do, maybe this was fate.

"Alright, Tang Zichen, Princess Nianzhi asked me to arrange for you, I heard that you want to go to some Heavenly Division Divine Palace."

"Yes."Tang Zichen nodded his head.

The Three-Eyed War God said, "However, I am of the opinion that you choosing to go to the Heavenly Division Divine Palace is an unproductive decision, at least for the time being."


"Tang Zichen, I also saw your performance on the Heavenly Demon Battlefield, it's really good, you belong to the War Gods among the War Gods, but you don't stay in the barracks but go to the Heavenly Division Shrine, where is not a place of battle."

Tang Zichen understood what the Three-Eyed War God meant, as a War God, he naturally wanted a place full of battles.

Tang Zichen said, "Then according to you, where would be a better place for me to go?"

"Continue to stay in the barracks."

"Remain here in the barracks?This is not the life I need."

"No, I have a better place for you to go."

"What place?"

"Immortal Court Barracks, there is a special team called the Sky Wolf Battle Team, I am the captain of the Sky Wolf Battle Team, all those who enter the Sky Wolf Battle Team are directly led by me, and the rank of anyone who enters the Sky Wolf Battle Team is directly seventh rank."

"Eh, Skywolf Battle Team."

"Yes. Originally, the Sky Wolf Battle Team wasn't so easy to enter, and I would only invite anyone who I thought had a lot of potential to participate in the assessment.Tang Zichen, I actually don't understand why Princess Nianzhi would take you as one of her people, do you know that in the Sky Wolf Battle Team, all of them are just like you, or even far more powerful than you.I really don't understand what Princess Nian Shio sees in you.However, since she already has her eyes on you, I'll just invite you to go, originally, you're still on my inspection list, so you may not have the chance to go."

"Oh."Tang Zichen felt quite interesting, not expecting that there was a Wolf Squad.

"Tang Zichen, don't worry, I've already made this suggestion to Princess Nianzhi, and Princess Nianzhi thinks it's okay, so whether you accept it or not, I'm actually here to take you directly to the Sky Wolf Battle Team."

Tang Zichen said, "Fine, I'll go, but I don't want to be specially recruited because of the princess, I want to take part in the introductory examination of the Sky Wolf Battle Team, and rely on my own skills to go."

"Good, that means you still have some ambition and didn't make me look down on you."The Three-Eyed War God nodded.


"So when do we go?"Tang Zichen asked.

The Three-Eyed War God said, "I heard from the princess that you have one more thing to do."


"Come back to me when you're done, just ask around and you'll know where I live, alright, I'll be leaving today."

"A respectful farewell to Senior War God."

The Three-Eyed War God walked away.

Captain Ming Cheng busily walked in, patted Tang Zichen on the chest and said, "You kid, you can ah, when have you been friends with the Three-Eyed War God, you are too good at hiding it."

Tang Zichen was speechless, "What's the matter, it's nothing at all, okay."

"You bastard, still pretending to be a comparison."Captain Ming Cheng rolled his eyes.


Captain Ming Cheng said, "You may not feel anything yourself, but actually, as me, it's already a great honor to be able to speak with someone of the level of the Three-Eyed War God.Unfortunately, it's impossible for someone of my level to even say a word to the Three-Eyed War God." One Second Remember to Read the Book

"Uh, is the Three-Eyed War God that powerful."

"Why lie to you, by the way, what did the Three-Eyed War God just call you for?"

"Oh, it wasn't him who came to me, it was Princess Nenshi who told him to come to me."

"Damn."Captain Mingcheng scolded, Tang Zichen pretended to compare again, the Three-Eyed War God coming was already awesome enough, I didn't expect that Princess Nennian sent him.

"Didn't you brag before that Princess Nennius Tides didn't have a friendship with you?Otherwise, why haven't you been sent out."

"Oh, the reason why Princess Nian Tides didn't arrange for me to be sent out before was because, she had a better place to arrange for me to go, that is, the Sky Wolf Battle Team, and the Three-Eyed War God just came to find me."

"Ah, the Sky Wolf Battle Team, how is that possible."Captain Mingcheng was shocked.


"Damn, the Heavenly Wolf Battle Team, that's the top team in the Immortal Realm, it's not just any genius that can't get in ah."

"Oh, since Princess Nianzhi arranged it this way, I can only go."

"Tangdi, it turns out that you're really one of Princess Nianzhi's people."

"That's still false."

Tang Zichen and Ming Cheng chilled a lot, it seemed, Captain Ming Cheng's tone had changed, changed as if Tang Zichen's status was much higher, to the extent that even he had to please, not to mention, just the fact that Tang Zichen was able to enter the Sky Wolf Battle Team was enough to make Captain Ming Cheng worship.

The Sky Wolf Battle Team was a place that Captain Ming Cheng had once greatly desired, but unfortunately, he was not qualified to enter.

Now, their family, went all out to cultivate his sister, Ming Yue, expecting Ming Yue to enter the Sky Wolf Battle Team one day and bring glory to the family.

But to no one's surprise, Tang Zichen had entered the place their entire family longed for so quickly.

Captain Ming Cheng said inwardly, "Grandpa, you still had me as a general friend with Tang Zichen before and snobbishly looked down on Tang Zichen, but now, well, people Tang Zichen have entered your Sky Wolf Battle Team, now, it's their choice to still be brothers with me or not."

Captain Ming Cheng believed that if his grandfather knew the true situation of Tang Zichen, he would definitely regret what he said before.

"Brother Tang, then when are you going to enter the Sky Wolf Battle Team ah."Captain Ming Cheng said full of envy.

"The Three-Eyed War God asked me to finish my personal business."

"Tsk, if there is a connection,

It's different, let the god of war wait for you."Captain Ming Cheng tsked.

"Oh, it's not a big deal, it's just that the last time Shen Medicine heck harmed me, I won't let him off, I told Princess Nianzhi about this, and the princess said that she will send a person to assist me in the next few days to ruthlessly hold that Shen Medicine accountable, the head that should be killed."

"Wow, the princess is so good to you."Captain Ming Cheng's eyes flashed desperately, Tang Zichen these few things, take out any one of them, it is hard for Ming Cheng to fantasize in his whole life ah.

"Oh, very good indeed, I'm waiting for the people sent down by the princess now.I'll wait in the barracks first, Captain, that's fine I'll return to the barracks first."

"Uh-huh, go ahead."Captain Mingcheng said with a cordial nod.

After Tang Zichen left, Captain Ming Cheng also left the barracks and went straight home.

"Grandpa."Ming Cheng came to his grandfather's place.

"Why did you come back again, right, last time you said that Tang Zichen, you shouldn't have any contact with him now, this brat, you don't look at what catty you are, wanting to fight with the Shen family, you really don't know how to be ungrateful.You are not allowed to call him a brother from now on, even if you were to interact, it would only be a general friendship, a mere acquaintance."Ming Cheng's grandfather said.

Captain Ming Cheng said, "Grandpa, I was just about to tell you about him."

"What? You still want to come and beg me, to help catch Shen Pill?"Ming Cheng's grandfather was furious.

Ming Cheng said, "Grandpa, do you know that the Three-Eyed War God just went to the military camp to look for Tang Zichen."

"Er, the Three-Eyed War God looked for him?How is that possible, what level of the Three-Eyed War God, who wouldn't even give me a second glance, would personally go to the barracks to find him?"Ming Cheng's grandfather snorted with disdain, he was aware of how high the Three-Eyed War God said he was, he couldn't even get a second glance from the Three-Eyed War God at this level.

"Grandpa, why should I lie to you, the Three Eyed War God is looking for Tang Zichen to go to the Sky Wolf Battle Team."

"What did you say?Let Tang Zixin go?Do you know that countless geniuses in the Heavenly Realm want to go, but can't get in, and he, in fact, lets Tang Zichen go?"

"Nonsense, you didn't even look at who ordered it, it was Princess Nensui who ordered the Three-Eyed War God to arrange it."

"Erm, Princess Nenesis?"

"Yeah, Tang Zichen is Princess Nennius' man, I heard Tang Zichen say that when he becomes an immortal in the future, he can go to Princess Nennius' side to serve her, right now, Princess Nennius is paving the way for her people."

"Ah."Ming Cheng's grandfather stood up.

"Thinking I'm lying to you again isn't it?I'm in no mood to lie to you."

"But it doesn't make sense, although Tang Zichen did well in the Heavenly Demon Battlefield last time, it's not like he was directly favored by Princess Nian Tides before he was even powerful, besides, Tang Zichen didn't even summon the Immortal Emperor, it shows that Tang Zichen's future must be nothing more than that."

"Grandpa, the fact that the Immortal Emperor didn't summon him doesn't mean anything ah, perhaps, the Immortal Emperor wants to transfer Tang Zichen, a talent, to Princess Nian Tides."

"Damn it, Ming Cheng, hurry up, hurry up, go ahead and invite your brother back as a guest."Ming Cheng's grandfather said.

Ming Cheng snorted, "Didn't you tell me not to call him brother?"

"What?Are you really with him?Aigoo, what are you waiting for, hurry up and apologize to him ah, pull this brother back ah."

"Alright, grandpa, I'm not as snobbish as you are, I'm still good brothers with him."

"That's good, go and invite him back as a guest."

"Oh, I'm on my way then."


Tang Zichen was waiting in the barracks, wondering when the people the princess had sent to help him dispose of Shen Medicine would come.

Just then, the voice of Captain Ming Cheng came from outside, "Brother Tang."

"Big brother, what's wrong?"

"Tangdi, I don't know if you're free, but my grandfather wants to invite you to my house for a meal."

"Your grandfather, how can that be, your grandfather doesn't even look down on me, he even told you to cut me off before not."

"Brother Tang, I'm really very embarrassed to ask, my grandfather is very snobbish, you understand."

Tang Zichen nodded his head, he must have just heard that he had entered the Sky Wolf Battle Team, and then it was nah.

"Brother Tang, give me some face."Captain Ming Cheng said.

"Of course, I didn't even think about your grandfather, for the sake of you and Miss Mingyue, I'll go too."

"Thank you for not thinking about my grandfather in general."

Tang Zichen soon followed Ming Cheng to the Ming family. The first website

However, what neither Tang Zichen nor Ming Cheng knew was that the Ming family had just had a guest, and at this moment, Ming Cheng's grandfather, was receiving that guest in the main hall.

Ming Cheng asked a servant, "Where is my grandfather?"

"Back to Young Master Ming Cheng, the Master is receiving a guest in the main hall."

Ming Cheng Dao: "You quickly go and tell my grandfather to come here, just say, our family's most distinguished guest has arrived, tell grandfather to hurry up."

"Yes, Young Master Ming Cheng."After saying that, that servant went busy.

Ming Cheng apologized to Tang Zichen, "Tang Zichen, I'm sorry, I didn't expect that my family would suddenly have a guest, but it's fine, no matter what kind of guest, it's not as noble as yours, I've asked the servant to invite my grandfather."

Tang Zichen smiled, "It doesn't matter, just let your grandfather entertain that guest first."

"How can this be possible, you are the most noble and most honored guest, how can you slow down."Ming Cheng busily said.

"Hehe."Tang Zichen didn't say anything.

At this moment, in one of the main halls of the Ming Family, Ming Cheng's grandfather was very warmly entertaining a noble guest, this noble guest was really expensive because he was the Palace Master of the Law Enforcement Divine Palace.

Palace Master of the Law Enforcement Divine Palace, what level was this?This was simply not a level that the Ming family dared to offend.It was because he was a First Grade Immortal Official of the Immortal Court, a high ranking official that the Ming family always had to send gifts to make connections with.

If Ming Cheng knew that the guest that had come was so distinguished, he definitely wouldn't have said those words.

However, it was already too late, that servant had already gone to call.

At this time, that servant had already arrived, walked into that main hall and said to Ming Cheng's grandfather, "Master, the guest that Young Master Ming Cheng brought is here and is waiting in the side hall.Young Master Ming Cheng asked me to come and tell you to hurry over."

"This."Ming Cheng's grandfather's face changed, he was busy looking at the Palace Master of the Law Enforcement God Palace sitting across from him, and sure enough, the Palace Master of the Law Enforcement God Palace did not look good.

The Palace Master of the Law Enforcement God Palace smiled and said, "Ming Li, if your family has any distinguished guests, go ahead and ignore me, after all, the distinguished guests are more important, I don't care."

Ming Cheng's grandfather heard the Palace Master of the Law Enforcement Divine Palace say this, his heart was in awe, so not to climb up this high branch, should it be yellow like this?

Ming Cheng's grandfather was really depressed ah, who the hell thought that today was such a coincidence.

However, the two guests were still able to distinguish clearly who was less important and who was more important.

Member.As for Tang Zichen, to put it bluntly, at best, he was a future guard of the princess, and still in the future, so Tang Zichen's status was low and far from the Law Enforcement Palace Master's esteem.If they could both be befriended, then, of course, it was great, but if one had to choose one, then it was obvious without thinking that the Law Enforcement Palace Master was the one to choose.

And right now, the Law Enforcement Palace Master didn't seem to be in a very good mood anymore, the high branch he had climbed so easily was likely to be yellow, so he had to have a choice.

Thus, Ming Li Ton roared, "Insolence, is there a more expensive guest than the Law Enforcement Palace Master?You go and tell Ming Cheng to tell that whoever, while waiting to go, Old Master has no time to care about such a small person."

That servant panicked, "Yes, Master, I will go now."

Ming Li looked at the Palace Master of the Law Enforcement Divine Palace and saw that the Palace Master's face had improved a bit.

Ming Li was busy saying, "Palace Master Si, I'll punish myself with three cups."

"Hahaha, Ming Li, why are you so polite."

"No, I've disturbed your elegant mood, I must punish myself three cups."

After saying that, Ming Cheng's grandfather Ming Li Ton drank three cups in a frenzy.

At this time, in the other main hall, Tang Zichen and Ming Cheng were chatting.

At this time, that servant returned.

"Where is my grandfather?"Ming Cheng was busy asking.

"Young Master Ming Cheng, just now I went to call the Master, but he was angry at me, and he asked me to tell you that he has no time for a little man."

"What."Ming Cheng's face changed and he was busy looking at Tang Zichen.

At this moment, Tang Zichen was quite embarrassed, he didn't expect that he was still a small person in Ming Cheng's grandfather's eyes, he still looked down on Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen smiled, "It doesn't matter, big brother, I don't know your grandfather anyway, it doesn't matter what your grandfather says about me, anyway, the brotherly love between you and me will never change."

When Ming Cheng heard Tang Zichen say this, he was even more ashamed and said angrily, "My grandfather is too really crazy, obviously he told me to invite you here, no, I have to go find him and ask him clearly why the sudden change in attitude."After saying that, Ming Cheng exhaled and walked away.

"This."Tang Zichen also had no choice but to follow him.

At this time, on the other side of the main hall.

Ming Cheng's grandfather finished punishing himself with three cups and drank three more cups.

"Palace Master Si, I've finished six cups in a row, I hope Palace Master Si won't be angry about what just happened ah."

"Haha, come on, I'm not that stingy."The Law Enforcement Divine Palace's Palace Master's mood turned better.

Ming Cheng's grandfather asked, "Palace Master Si, why did you suddenly come today, you didn't give any advance notice so that I could prepare for the reception ah."

"I didn't come on purpose either, I was just passing by, I was originally ordered to go on a matter."

"What's the big deal again."

"It's not a big deal, but the people ordered by the higher-ups are too big, so it became a big deal, and to be honest, it's about someone from the Heavenly Emotions Shrine sabotaging the Heavenly Emotions System."

"Oh, I see."Ming Cheng's grandfather didn't think much about it, much less think about the Shen Pill thing that his grandson had said before going up.

"Palace Master Si, come on, keep drinking."

"No more drinking, I don't want to delay the big event.I'm not going to hide anything from you, this matter is related to Princess Nianxie, I also went there on her orders, she told me to go find someone first and assist him in this matter, I heard Nianxie Palace Master's tone, she is quite important to that person, so I don't dare to slack off."


Just at this moment, Ming Cheng rushed in outside the door.

Ming Cheng was impulsive, busy saying, "Grandpa, why are you doing this to my brother, you yourself told me to invite him, but now that you are here, you are saying that he is just a small person, what do you mean."

Ming Cheng's grandfather immediately shouted, "Ming Cheng, hurry up and get out of here, I'll be the only one who disturbs the Si Palace Master."

At this time, Tang Zichen also came, busy advising, "Big brother, don't be like this, it's not worth having a conflict with your grandfather because of me."

"I'm not having a conflict with him, I just want to seek justice, otherwise this is too unfair to you."

"Big brother, it's really okay, I came to your house as a guest, not because of your grandfather, but for the sake of you and Ming Yue ah."

That Law Enforcement Divine Palace Master smiled and said, "Ming Li ah, I'm sure this, is another noble guest in your family, it really is expensive, expensive purple ah."

Ming Cheng's grandfather was busy saying, "Palace Master Si, I hope you won't be angry, I'll let them go."

Ming Cheng's grandfather turned to look at Tang Zichen and Ming Cheng and said loudly, "You still don't get out of here."

Tang Zichen looked at Ming Cheng's grandfather and coldly snorted, "Senior, I'm leaving, but I've learned your hospitality."

"Hmph, don't you even look at who this one in front of me is, is he someone you can compare with, listen carefully, he is the Palace Master of the Law Enforcement Divine Palace, a first class member of the Immortal Court." Remember the URL

Tang Zichen said, "I don't care what the first or second grade is, it's none of my business, brother, I'm leaving first."Tang Zichen said, turned around and left.

At that moment, that Si Palace Master laughed, "I wonder where you come from, and you're looking down on me as a first-grade member."This Division Palace Master, who was not in the Nine Heavens Divine Hall during the last Heavenly Demon War, all had not seen Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen said, "Senior is just a nameless pawn."

"Since you're a nobody, just be a good nobody, understand?"Palace Master Si said.

Tang Zichen didn't bother to pay attention and turned around to walk out.

However, Ming Cheng's grandfather said, "Tang Zichen, don't you dare be rude to Palace Master Si, or else don't blame me for being rude."After saying that, Ming Cheng's grandfather looked towards Palace Master Si and said, "Palace Master Si, this brat is rude to you, I hope you will not be angry, if needed, I will help you teach him a lesson."

However, that Si Palace Master was busy asking, "What did you just call him?"

"Erm?You mean Tang Zichen?Don't you recognize it?The one that many people saw in the battlefield situation on the Nine Heavens Temple during the last Heavenly Demon War."

"Ah."Palace Master Si's body trembled, wasn't this the Tang Zichen that Princess Nianzhi had asked him to find?

"This!"Palace Master Si was suddenly a little afraid, although Tang Zichen was still just a small man, but Princess Nianzhi seemed to be very protective of him, this time she sent him here to assist Tang Zichen, moreover, Princess Nianzhi also said that Tang Zichen could do whatever she wanted, it was evident that Princess Nianzhi valued Tang Zichen, how could Palace Master Si dare to offend this kind of person.

As Tang Zichen was about to walk out of the door, Palace Master Si shouted in panic, "Wait."

Tang Zichen said, "What?Does Palace Master Si still want to punish me for disrespecting you?"

Palace Master Si looked panicked and said, "You are Tang Zichen?That one, the one Princess Nenshu asked me to find?"

Tang Zichen looked at Palace Master Si in confusion and asked, "Who are you?"


br /> "Hello hello, my name is Simi Si, Princess Nianzhi sent me here, to assist you with a matter, it just so happened that I passed by here, so I came to Ming's house to have a few drinks, what's more, I didn't expect that I would run into you here, I'm really sorry, Tang Zichen, don't take it to heart ah."Palace Master Si said with a chilling face.

But Tang Zichen snorted, "What just happened, I'll tell Princess Nianxie in detail, Princess Nianxie asked you to come and assist me, but you're good, you're drinking here by mistake, and you even spoke out to humiliate me, I only hope now, you spoke out to humiliate me, Princess Nianxie won't have the idea that humiliating me is humiliating her."

"Ah."Palace Master Si was shocked.

Tang Zichen turned around and walked out.

"Brother Tang, don't go."Palace Master Si panicked and chased after him.

At this moment, however, Ming Cheng's grandfather was blinded.

He defended Palace Master Si at the risk of offending Tang Zichen because Palace Master Si's status was far higher than Tang Zichen, a future princess guard, but now, he saw that Palace Master Si was so scared that he almost knelt down in the face of Tang Zichen.

Palace Master Si stopped Tang Zichen and busily said, "Brother Tang, I really didn't mean it, please do me a favor and don't say it in front of Princess Niansei, okay, I've gotten to this point, it's really not easy ah, if I really let Princess Niansei displease me, I might be demoted ah, I'm begging you."

Tang Zichen was ready to let it go when he saw how sincere he was in admitting his mistake.

"Alright, in that case, forget it, the princess will send you to assist me, I'm sure you're one of Princess Nian Tide's people."

The Fourth Princess nodded his head in a cold sweat, but inside he said, "It's only good if you are, but unfortunately, I can't get into Princess Nian Tide's circle of influence."

Palace Master Si was not one of Princess Nian Tides' people, it would be a great honor to become a subordinate of Princess Nian Tides, just how worthy was he to follow Princess Nian Tides, the reason why he was able to work for Princess Nian Tides this time was because a niece of his, who happened to be a servant in Princess Nian Tides' room, had recommended him just that.Master Si Palace was also hoping that through this, he would be able to enter Princess Nian Tides' circle of influence in the future.If Tang Zichen went to say something to Princess Niansei, then not to mention becoming Princess Niansei's person, I'm afraid it would make the princess displeased with him, wouldn't that be the end of the game.

Fortunately, Tang Zichen wasn't the narrow-minded type and forgave him, and Palace Master Si wiped the cold sweat from his forehead incessantly.

At this moment, Tang Zichen also felt that Princess Nianxie was really extraordinary, a Xiantian first class officer didn't even have much weight in front of her.At this moment, Tang Zichen felt that there was indeed a big, big difference between him and Princess Nianxie, and he was simply not worthy of her.

At this moment, Ming Cheng's grandfather woke up from his daze and was busy trembling as he asked, "Palace Master Si, what, what happened here?"

Palace Master Si snorted at Ming Cheng, "You son of a bitch, you almost got me killed, luckily Brother Tang is sensible and didn't follow me."

"Ah, this."

"What this this, I came here this time to assist Tang Zichen in his business, Tang Zichen's Nian Shi Princess's people, you even dare to offend, I see that you, a third grade minor official, don't want to be a minor official either."

"Ah."Ming Cheng's grandfather's body trembled violently.

Tang Zichen didn't even look back and flew away directly.

Seeing this, Palace Master Si had no time to take care of Ming Cheng's grandfather and immediately chased after him, shouting, "Brother Tang, wait for me, let's discuss what you need to do."

As for Ming Cheng's grandfather, he sat on the ground with his buttocks, his face incomparably pale.


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